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1894. Will dated 24 June 1889, and
proved at Bristol 23 October 1894.

QUAYLE. Vol. II., page 41.— Edith,
daughter of Mark Hildesley and Mary
Jane Hamilton Quayle, was married at
Trimley St. Martin, co. Suffolk, 4 July
1894, to Latham Tomlin of Dane
Court, Isle of Thanet, co. Kent, and
has issue.

RICKETTS. Vol. I., page 274.— Freder-
ick William Rodney and Alice Eve
Grace Ricketts have further issue a
son, Rodney Bernard Ricketts, born
at Eastbourne 3 November, baptized
at St. Saviour's there 9 December

Pages 274 and 276. — WilHam
Ricketts, Commander R.N., married
at St. Clement's, Bournemouth, 8 May
1894, his cousin Susan Hotljam,
daughter of Rev. Vincent Fitzhardinge
Lennox and Susan Arabella Henrietta

ROPE. Vol. II., page 91.— Emma, ist
wife of Frederick George Cook of Sax-
tead Lodge, Framlingham, died 17 May
\not 7 May] 1868.

Page 92. — Ellen, widow of Samuel
Edward Rope of Hadleigh, co. Suffolk,
was married at St. Matthew's, Ipswich,
4 September 1894, to the Rev. Francis
Hazlewood, Rector of St. Matthew's,

Lucy Mary Ann, daughter of Samuel
and Eliza Rope, was born 11 December
1849 \iiot 1848I and was baptized 10
February 1850 \iiot 1849].

Page 94. — Margaret Agnes, daughter
of Henry John and Agnes Maud Rope,
was baptized 20 July \not 7 July]

Arthur Mingay and Alice Maud Rope
have further issue a son, Geoffrey Austen
Rope, born at Leiston, co. Suffolk, 27
August, baptized there 21 September

Page 95. — Emma Elizabeth, wife of
Edward Rope of Orford, died at Orford,
aged 76, 26 March, and was buried
there 29 March 1895.

Edward Mingay and Emma Morley
Rope have further issue a son, John
Alfred, born at Te Kopuru, New
Zealand, 19 April 1895.

Alfred Ernest Rope was born 9 De-
cember 1857 \_not 1858], and was
baptized 21 March 1858 \710t 1859].

Walter Henry Rope married at St.
Matthew's, Bayswater, London, 29
January 1895, Celia Mary, daughter
of William Gobbitt of Chippenham, co.
Cambridge, by Jane Elizabeth his wife,
daughter of Robert Garrard of Athling-
ton Hall, CO. Suffolk. She was born at
Sudbourne, co. Suffolk, 29 August 1868,
and was baptized at Athlington.

Page 96. — Celia, first wife of George
William Mingay, was married 3 October
1844 \iwt 1845].


RYLANDS. Vol. I, page 17.— Rachel
Dorothea, daughter of Thomas Glaze-
brook and Elizabeth Rylands, was
married at Thelwall, co. Chester, 19
January 1895, to George Percival Mason
of Liverpool.

SWANN. Vol. I., page 95.— Rev. Henry
Aldersey and Margaret Swann have
further issue a daughter, Winifred Mabel
Aldersey, born at Bury St. Edmunds, co.
Suffolk, on Monday, 2 September 1895.

TADDY. Vol. III., page 103.— Alfred
Taddy Thomson died at 142 Gloucester
Terrace, Hyde Park, aged 77, 12 October

TEMPEST. Vol. II., page 141.— Miles
Stapleton, loth Baron Beaumont, was
killed by the accidental discharge of his
gun at Carlton Towers, co. York, 16
September, and was buried at Carlton
19 September 1895.

TUKE. Vol. II., page 85.— Frances
Priscilla, daughter of James Hack and
Elizabeth Tuke, died at Mentone,
France, 14 April 1895.

TUKE, contimied.

Page 86. — William Faviil Tuke mar-
ried at Saffron Walden 30 April 1895,
Eva Marion, second daughter of Martin
Nockolds of Saffron Walden.

WILLIAMS. Vol. I., page 41.— Mary
Christian, widow of Sir Frederick Martin
Williams, Bart., died at Bath 22 May

Page 42. — Colonel James Hornby
Buller of Down Hall, Epsom, died 7
August 1895.

WOODROOFFE. Vol. II., page n.—
William Erskine Woodrooffe married
Amelia Maria \twt Mary] Pile.

Page 12. — Rev. Henry Reade Wood-
rooffe married Elizabeth Marion Sjiot
Marion Elizabeth] Oak.

Charlotte Mary, daughter of Rev.
Henry Reade and Elizabeth Marion
Woodrooffe, was married at St. George's
Cathedral, Grahamstown, Cape Colony,
19 June 1895, to Percy Edward Ould,
youngest son of Charles Ould of 28
Lansdowne Gardens, London.


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