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Axminster, co.
Devon, aged 15,
19 March, bur.
at Pitminster 22
March 1754. M.I.

Elizabeth, dau.=
of John Locke
of Howleigh
in the parish
of Pitminster ;
marr. 19 July
1785; died,
aged 21, 16
March, bur. at
Pitminster 28
March 1788.
I St wife. M.I.

=ThomasWelman of Pounds-=
ford Park; born 14 June

1746, and bapt. privately
at Poundsford Park; died,
aged 83, 28 Jan., bur. at Pit-
minster 1 1 Feb. 1829. M.I.
Will dated 20 Sept. 1814
with two codicils dated res-
pectively 18 May 1824 and
2 1 May in the same year ;
proved (P.C.C. 188 Liver-
pool') 6 March 1829, by the
Hon"= Charlotte Marga-
retta Welman, the relict,
Rebecca Welman, the sister,
and Rev. Henry WiUiam
Gardiner, the Exors named
in the will, and Richard
Ash, Thomas Kingsbury
and Rev. William Rooker,
the Exors named in the ist


=Hon*'i"= Charlotte Margaretta,
3rd surviving dau. of Sir Gerard
Noel-Noel of Exton Park, co.
Rutland, Bart., by his ist wife
Diana, Baroness Barham in her
own right; born at Betchworth
CO. Surrey, 6 May, bapt. there
4 June 1792 ; marr. at Brigh-
ton Parish Church, co. Sussex,
22 January 1813. She re-marr.
at Taunton, i January 1839,
Thomas Thompson of Van-
brugh House, Blackheath, co.
Kent. She died at Prior Park,
Bath, 19 August, bur. at Locks-
brook Cemetery, near Bath, 26
August 1869. Memorial Brass
at Pitminster. 2nd wife.

/^^^^t,,'*:^;^^ (^^ /^*«/iJto*^

Elizabeth, born in 1786, and bapt. privately at Poundsford Park;
marr. at Teignmouth, co. Devon, 3 July 1809, as his first wife,
Charles Noel-Noel, 3rd Baron Barham, created ist Earl of Gains-
borough 16 August 1841 (son of Sir Gerard Noel-Noel of Exton Park,
Bart., by his ist wife Diana, Baroness Barham); born 2 October 1781;
died 10 June 1866. She died at Andover, co. Hants, aged 26, i
December, bur. at Exton 14 December 181 1. Her remains were
afterwards removed to Barham Court, near Maidstone, co. Kent.

Isaac Locke Welman,
born at Poundsford Park
25 February, bapt. pri-
vately there 31 March
1788; died, aged 5
months, 19 July, bur. at
Pitminster 26 July
1788. M.I.


Rebecca, born at Pounds-
ford Park, CO. Somerset,

5 April, bapt. there 19
April 1 748 ; died,aged83,

6 September, bur. at Pit-
minster, CO. Somerset, 20
September 1831. M.I.

Elizabeth, born 13 June 1743, and bapt. privately;
marr. in London 21 June 1769, John Meech of
Bridehead, Dorchester (son of Thomas Meech,
M.D., of Dorchester); died at Reading 11 March,
bur. at St. Giles' there 18 March 1803. She
died at Poundsford, aged 52, 6 February, bur. at
Pitniinster 20 February 1795. M.I.

Seal of John Meech of Bridehead.

Arms, Meech and Weare quarterly,
impaling Welman.

Charles Noel Welman of Poundsford=[=Annette Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Cornelius Henry

Park and Norton Manor, co. Somerset,
born at Poundsford 4 December 1814,
and bapt. there privately ; J. P. and D.L.
for CO. Somerset; late Captain in the
West Somerset Yeomanry Cavalry.


Bolton of Maidenhead, Queen's County, Ireland, by
Alicia his wife, dau. of Rev. William Sutton of Long-
grage, near Wexford, born at Faithlegg, co. Waterford,
2 January 181 7; marr. at Campden, co. Gloucester, i
May 1835; died at Clevedon, co. Somerset, i May,
bur. at Taunton Cemetery, co. Somerset, 6 May 1887.
Memorial Brass at Pitminster.

Thomas Edward Welman,
born at 5 1 Baker Street, Lon-
don, 12 July 1837, and bapt.
there privately; died at Pit-
minster 7 May, bur. there 18
May 1841. M.L

Alice Rebecca, born at Pau
21 January, bapt. there 10
February 1839. A nun.

Charles Csesar Welman,=
born at Puddington, co.
Devon, 5 March, bapt.
there 29 March 1840;
J. P. for CO. Somerset;
late of the 49th Regi-
ment of Foot, Major
West Somerset Yeo-
manry Cavalry 1880-83.

=Eugenia Mary, dau. of Charles Henry
Stonor of Lostock, co. Lancaster
(brother of Thomas, 3rd Baron
Camoys), by Sophia his wife, dau. of
John Cary of Torre Abbey, co. Devon ;
born at Holmwood, near Reading, 6
October, bapt. there 7 October 1838;
marr. at the Church of the Assumption,
Torquay, co. Devon, 26 November


Alice Mary, born at Torre Abbey
19 December, bapt. 21 Decem-
ber 1863, baptism registered at
the Church of the Assumption,
Torquay. A nun.

Edward Charles Welman, born
at Torre Abbey 3 March, bapt.
5 March 1865, baptism regis-
tered at the Church of the
Assumption, Torquay ; matricu-
lated at London University 1882,
aged 1 7 ; died at Roorkee, India,
1 4 July 1893, and was bur. there.


Una Mary, born at Nor-
ton Manor, co. Somerset,
I October, bapt. 3 Octo-
ber 1866, baptism regis-
tered at St. George's,

Mary Monica, born at
Down's House, Taunton,
23 October, bapt. 25
October 1868, baptism
registered at St. George's,


Arthur Joseph Welman, born at
Down's House,Taunton, 1 6 February,
bapt. 18 February 1870, baptism
registered at St. George's, Taunton ;
matriculated at London University
1887, aged 17.

Blanche Frances, born at Down's
House, Taunton, 25 July, bapt. 27
July 1871, baptism registered at St.
George's, Taunton ; died at Down's
House 18 September, bpr. in Taunton
Cemetery 22 September 187 1.

Sheriff's Seal of Isaac Welman of Poundsford
Park, CO. Somerset, High Sheriff for co.
Somerset 1710, father of Lieut. -Colonel Simon
Welman of Poundsford Park.




Augusta Charlotte,
born at Pitminster, co.
Somerset, 2 1 March
1 84 1, and bapt. pri-
vately the same day.

Emily Georgiana, born
at Norton Manor, co.
Somerset, 14 April,
bapt. at Norton Fitz-
warren, co. Somerset,
4 June 1844; died at
Norton 11 May, bur.
at Pitminster 19 May
1845. M.I.

Arthur Nelson=
Welman, born at
Norton Manor
26 November
1845; bapt. at
Norton Fitzwar-
ren 8 January
1846 ; late of the
66th Regiment,
and of the West
Somerset Yeo-
manry Cavalry.

=Katherine Fearing,
only dau. of Charles
Strong of New
York, U.S.A.; born
at New York 28
February 185 1, and
bapt. at Trinity
Church there ; marr.
at the Oratory,
Brompton, London,
I August 1878.

Mary Maude, born at Norton
Manor 27 Nov. 1846; bapt. at
Norton Fitzwarren 16 Jan. 1847;
marr. at St. George's, Taunton,
3 Oct. 1865, Charles Joseph
Stonor of Anderton Hall, Chor-
ley, CO. Lane, (son of Charles
Henry Stonor of Lostock, co.
Lane, by Sophia his wife, dau.
of John Cary of Torre Abbey,
CO. Devon); born at Foxcote,
Ilmington, co. Warwick, 4 Aug.,
bapt. there 5 Aug. 1837; J.P.
for CO. Lancaster.

Edith Mary, born at 50 Elgin Crescent, London,
21 January, bapt. 23 January 1873, baptism regis-
tered at St. Francis, Netting Hill, London. A nun.

Gertrude Mary, born at Norton Manor 18 August,
bapt. 20 August 1874, baptism registered at St.
George's, Taunton, died 31 August in the same
year, and was bur. at Taunton Cemetery 2 Sept.

Veronica Mary, born at Fitzroy House,
Taunton, 14 April, bapt. 17 April 1876,
baptism registered at St. George's, Taunton.

Cyril John Welman, born at Fitzroy House,
Taunton, 24 November, bapt. in the Oratory
at Norton Manor 26 November 1878.

Maurice Noel
Welman, born at
Norton Manor,
CO. Somerset, 7
Nov. 1847; bapt.
at Norton Fitz-
warren, co. Som-
erset, 2 1 Jan.
1848 ; matricu-
lated at London
University 1865,
aged 18 ; died in
London 30 Jan.,
bur. at Oscott
College, near Bir-
mingham, 3 Feb.

Frederick Tristram=
Welman, born at Nor-
ton Manor ig Feb-
ruary, bapt. at Norton
Fitzwarren 21 March
1849 ; served with
the Papal Zouaves

=Mary, dau. of
Brisco Ray of Tor-
quay, CO. Devon;
born at Sydney,
New South Wales,
9 June 1859 ;
marr. at Torquay
28 August 1883.

Agnes Mary Stella,
born 22 January,
bapt. at Torquay
2 February 1886.

BlancheKatherine,bornat Norton
Manor 18 June 1851, and bapt. at
the Franciscan Convent, Taunton;
died at Bournemouth, 30 Nov.,
bur. there 3 Dec. 1887.

Frances Agnes, born at Norton
Manor 27 Sept., bapt. in the
Oratory there 3 Oct. 1852; marr.
at Taunton 9 June 1874, Cyril
James Wilson (son of Robert
Wilson of Clapham, co. Surrey);
born at Westminster 21 Aug.,
bapt. at Christ Church, West-
minster, 19 Sept. 1850.

Gerard Wilfrid=
Welman, born
at Norton

Manor 4 July,
bapt. in the
Oratory there
8 July 1854;
late Govern-
ment Secre-
tary at Se-
langor. Straits

=Katherine Maud Mor-
wenna, 4th dau. of Rev.
Sir Paul William Moles-
worth of Pencarrow, co.
Cornwall, Bart., by Jane
Frances his wife, dau. of
Gordon William Francis
Gregor of Trewarthe-
nick, CO. Cornwall, Cap-
tain in the Welsh
Fusiliers; born at Tre-
warthenick 30 July, bapt.
at Cornelly, co. Corn-
wall, 3 Sept. i860; marr.
at Lanherne Chapel, St.
Mawgan, co. Cornwall,
5 Sept. 1888.

Henry Acton=
at Norton
Manor 1 1
April, bapt.
in the Oratory
there 15 April
1856; matri-
culated at
London Uni-
versity 1873,
aged 17.^

Blanche Mary, born at
Krian Perak, Straits Settle-
ments, 25 June 1889, and
bapt. there privately.

Hilda Katherine, born at
New Quay, co. Cornwall,
26 October, bapt. there
30 October 1890.

Mary Laetitia, 3rd Annette Josephine,

dau. of Rev. Sir born at Norton

Paul William Moles- Manor 8 March

worth of Pencar- 1858, and bapt. in

row, Bart., by Jane the Oratory there.

Frances his wife,

dau. of Gordon

William Francis

Gregor of Trewar-

thenick ; born at

Clapham 17 Nov.,

bapt. at St. James'

Church there 23

Dec. 1858 ; marr.

at Penzance, co.

Cornwall, 15 June


Frances Morwenna, born in London
31 May, bapt. at St. James', Spanish
Place, London, 4 June 1883.

Irene Genevieve, born in London 3
Jan., bapt. 10 Jan. 1887, baptism
registered at the Church of Our Lady
of the Rosary, Marylebone Road, Lon-
don ; died at New Quay 2 June, bur.
at Lanherne Chapel, St. Mawgan, 6
June 1894.


Gilbert Molesworth Wei- Adela Mary, born at Surbiton,

man, born at New Quay co. Surrey, 7 April, bapt. 1 1 April

16 Sept., bapt. there 17 1891, baptism registered at St.

Sept. 1888. Raphael's, Kingston.

Paul Arundell Welman,
born at New Quay 22
Jan., bapt. there 24 Jan.

Henry Bolton Welman, born at
Surbiton 20 May, bapt. 24 May
1893, baptism registered at St.
Raphael's, Kingston.

iUuLuf, CCyi^J^^^^-'^-^UA^.


used at the Funeral of Isaac Welman, who died
g February, 1782.

Arms. — Quarterly: i and 4, Welman; 2 and 3, Hawkins;
and on an escutcheon of pretence, Tristram and Hanmer

used at the Funeral of Elizabeth, wife of Thomas
Welman, and daughter of John Locke, who died

i6 March 1788.

W;-OTj.— Quarterly, I and 4, Welman ; 2 and 3, Tristram ;
and on an escutcheon of pretence, Locke.




Kathrine, eldest=
dau. of Paul
Treby-Treby of
Plympton, co.
Devon, by Letitia
Anne his wife,
dau. of Sir Wil-
liam Trelawny,
6th Bart., Gover-
nor of Jamaica;
bapt. at Plymp-
ton St. Mary 26
August 1789;
marr. there 6
November 1 8 1 7 ;
died, aged 33,
26 May, bur. at
St. Breoke, co.

Arms onrtcord in the College Cornwall, 3 Tune
of Arms. — Gules, an escutcheon - '''-'..

vair, between eight crosses
crosslet argent.

Crest. — An arm in armour em-
bowed proper, holding a cross
crosslet or.

Motto. — Sic fidem teneo.


I St wife.

^Rev. William Molesworth=f=Frances Susanna, 3rd

(2nd son of Sir William
Molesworth, 6th Bart., by
Caroline Treby his wife,
dau. of Paul Henry Ourry);
bapt. at Egloshayle, co.
Cornwall, 5 Nov. 1792;
of St. John's College, Cam-
bridge, B.A. 18 14, M.A.
181 7, Rector of Bea-
worthy, co. Devon, and St.
Breoke 18 16, and of St.
Ervan, co. Cornwall,
1817 ; died, aged 58, 28
March, bur. at St. Breoke
4 April 1 85 1. Will da-
ted 31 Jan. 1849, proved
(Prin. Reg. 404, 51) 20
May 185 1, by Frances
Susanna Molesworth, the
relict, the Rev. Hugh
Henry Molesworth and
the Rev. Paul William
Molesworth, the sons, and
James Wentworth Buller,
the Exors.

dau. of James BuIIer of
Downes, co. Devon, by
Anne his wife, dau. of the
Rt. Rev. William Buller,
Bishop of Exeter; born
at Downes, and bapt. at
Crediton, co. Devon, 16
July 1796; marr. at
Crediton 10 February
1829; died, aged 72,
9 December, bur. at
St. Breoke 18 December

1868. Will dated 7
July 1868, proved (Prin.
Reg. 44, 69) 22 January

1869, by Frances Crau-
furd (wife of Edward
Henry John Craufurd)
of 89 Belgrave Road,
London, the dau., and
Edward Henry John
Craufurd of 89 Belgrave
Road aforesaid, the

C^/cJ^^ ^X^^,;..^

Rev. Sir Hugh Henry Molesworth (succeeded^
as 9th Bart, on the death of his cousin, the Rt.
Honi'i^ Sir William Molesworth, the 8th Bart.) ;
born 13 October 1818, and bapt. at St. Breoke
the same day; of St John's College, Cam-
bridge, B.A. 1840, Rector of St. Petrock
Minor, co. Cornwall; died at St. Petrock
Minor, aged 43, 6 January, bur. there n
January 1862. M.I. Will dated i6 May

1861, proved Prin. Reg., 105, 62) 15 February

1862, by Caroline Molesworth of Cobham, co.
Surrey, the aunt, Rev. Sir Paul William
Molesworth of Clapham, co. Surrey, Bart.,
and Walter Hele Molesworth of Compton, co.
Devon, the brothers, the Exors.

■^ f0/Lfi^/7'^~~'

=Beatrice Anne, dau. of Charles
Prideaux-Brune of Prideaux
Place, Padstow, co. Cornwall,
by Frances Mary his wife, dau.
and coheir of Edmund John
Glynn of Glynn, co. Cornwall ;
born at Cheltenham, co. Glou-
cester 4 June 1 83 1, and bapt.
there; marr. at St. George's,
Hanover Square, London, 15
July 1856.

(See Prideaux-Brune Pedigree,
Vol. II., page 100.)

Montague Treby
Molesworth, Lieut.
R.N. ; bapt. at
Egloshayle, co.

Cornwall, 30 Octo-
ber 181 9; killed by
the natives off the
coast of Mada-
gascar 25 March
1844, while serving
on board H.M.S.
" Cleopatra."


Hugh Prideaux Molesworth,
born 17 June 1857; died
and bur. at Little Petherick,
CO. Cornwall, the same day.


Frances, born and bapt. at St. Breoke, co. Cornwall, 23 January
1830; marr. at St. Dunstan's, Fleet Street, London, 6 October
1863, Edward Henry John Craufurd of Auchenames and Crosbie,
CO. Ayr (eldest son of John Craufurd of Auchenames by Sophia
Marianna his wife, dau. of Major-General Horace Churchill, and
great granddaughter of Sir Robert Walpole, K.G.) ; born 9 De-
cember 1816; of Trinity College, Cambridge, B.A. 1841, M.A.
1844, Barrister of the Inner Temple 1845, J. P. and D.L. for
counties of Ayr and Bute, M.P. for Ayr 1852-75 ; died at Porten-
cross, CO. Ayr, 29 August, bur. at the cemetery at Largs, co. Ayr,
3 September 1887. Confirmation at the Principal Registry, dated
17 November 1887, of the Commisariat of co. Ayr, dated 31
October 1887, of Frances Molesworth or Craufurd, the widow,
John Philip Martineau of 36 Theobald's Road, Gray's Inn,
London, and William John Dundas, Clerk to the Signet,
Edinburgh, as surviving Exors nominated in his will.

James Molesworth, Lieut.
■ Royal Fusiliers; bapt. at
St. Breoke 29 June 1832 ;
died at Malta 5 October
1854, and bur. there.
Will dated 18 March
1854, proved (Prin. Reg.,
529. 55). 18 June 1855,
by Caroline Molesworth,
spinster, the aunt, James
Wentworth BuUer, the
uncle, and the Rev. Hugh
Henry Molesworth, the
brother, the Exors.

Rev. Sir Paul William Molesworth, loth Bart., born at St.=
Breocke 13 January 182 1, bapt. there privately the same day;
of St. John's College, Cambridge, B.A. 1843, M.A. 1846, Rector
of Tetcott, CO. Devon ; died 23 December, bur. at the Lanherne
Convent Cemetery, St. Mawgan, co. Cornwall, 27 December 1889.
Will dated 18 August 1882, proved (Prin. Reg., 160, 90) 11 Feb-
ruary 1890, by Dame Jane Frances Molesworth of The Tower,
New Quay, co. Cornwall, the relict, and Sir Lewis William
Molesworth of Poyle Manor, Colnbrook, co. Bucks, Bart, the
son, the Exors.

=Jane Frances, eldest dau. of
Gordon William Francis
Gregor of Trewarthenick, co.
Cornwall, who assumed that
name in lieu of his patro-
nymic Booker, when his wife
Loveday Sarah, dau. of
Francis Glanville of Catch-
french, co. Cornwall, was
left that property by Charlotte
Ann Gregor; born at Daw-
lish, CO. Devon, 25 January,
bapt. there 23 February 1818 ;
marr. at Cornelly, co. Corn-
wall, 25 September 1849.

Loveday Barbara,
born 2 1 March,

at Lanherne Con
vent, St. Mawgan,

Sir Lewis William Molesworth,=Jean Graham, 2nd dau. of General Daniel
nth Bart., born 31 October, Marsh Frost, late of the United States
t. at Tetcott 18 bapt. at Cornelly, 4 December Army, and now of St. Louis, Mo., U.S.A.,
April 1852. A nun 1853 ; educated at Beaumont by Eliza his wife, dau. of Colonel Richard
and Stonyhurst Colleges. Graham, United States Army ; born at

Hazelwood, near St. Louis, Mo., 24 Dec.
1858; marr. at St. Louis, Mo., 3 June 1875.

oU,^^ UrL./tU^,^',^^^^ ..^^'Zi-^.r.*,^^.^^ JC.£c^ .,^C//Z^ /^^^VV^

Walter Hele Molesworth, born 26 May,=
bapt. at St. Breoke, co. Cornwall, 27
May 1823; died at Roehampton, co.
Surrey, 12 January, bur. at Plympton St.
Mary, co. Devon, 16 January 1885. Will
dated 11 November 1S68, proved (Prin.
Reg., 149, 85) 19 February 1885 by Sir
Paul William Molesworth of Kenegie, Pen-
zance, CO. Cornwall, Bart., the brother and
surviving Exor.

=Frances Mary, only dau. of Rear-Admiral Henry
Duncan Twysden, R.N., by Mary his wife, dau. of
Sir William Jervis Twysden, 7th Bart. ; born 15 June,
bapt. at Townstal, co. Devon, i July 182 1; marr.
at Stonehouse, Plymouth, co. Devon, 10 March
1 849, died 17 July, bur. at Horwood, near Bideford, co.
Devon, 20 July 1892. Admon was granted at the Prin-
cipal Registry 17 September 1892, to Blanche Mary
Twysden Myers (wife of Arthur Bowen Richards
Myers) of 43 Gloucester Street, Belgrave Road,
Pimlico, London, the dau. and next of kin.

I I.
Katherine Twysden, born at Plympton, co.
Devon, 29 Jan., bapt. at Plympton St. Maurice
I March 185 1 ; marr. at the Parish Church,
Kensington, London, 3 July 1S71, Rev. John
Dene of Horwood (eldest son of Rev. Arthur
Dene of Horwood by Frances Carew, dau. of
John Were Clarke of Bridwell, co. Devon) ;
born at Bridwell House, in the parish of
Halberton, co. Devon, 29 Dec. 1845, bapt.
there privately 3 Jan. 1846 ; of St. John's
College, Oxford, matriculated 8 Feb. 1866,
aged 20, B.A. 1868, Rector of Horwood
and Newton Tracey, co. Devon.


Blanche Mary Twysden, born 18 Feb., bapt.
at Egg Buckland, co. Devon, 24 April 1853;
marr. at St. Peter's, Eaton Square, London, 1 5
Jan. 1878, Arthur Bowen Richards Myers,
Brigade Surgeon Lieut. -Colonel late Scots
Guards (son of John Powell Matthew and
Mary Anna Myers of Ivy Tower, near Tenby,
CO. Pembroke) ; born at Ivy Tower 16 Aug.,
bapt. at St. Florence, near Tenby, 4 Sept.

Cordelia Twysden, bom 7 Jan., bapt. at Egg Buck-
land 25 Feb. 1855; marr. at Plympton St. Mary
15 Jan. 1873, 'he Hon'''^ Edward Henry Legge,
Lieut.-Colonel late Coldstream Guards (son of
William, 4th Earl of Dartmouth, by Frances his
wife, 2nd dau. of George, 5th Viscount Barrington) ;
born at Sandwell Park, Birmingham, 23 April, bapt.
at All Saints', West Bromwich, co. Stafford, 14 Oct.
1834; of Christ Church, Oxford, matriculated 12
June 1851, aged 17, B.A. 1855, ^.A. 1861 ; Assis-
tant Sergeant-at-Arms to the House of Commons
since 1885. =t=

Imogen Isabella Twysden, bom 14 Sept., bapt. at
Plympton St. Mary 25 Oct. 1857 ; marr. at Instow,
CO. Devon, 26 July 1881, Rev. Richard Johnstone
(son of James Johnstone, M.D., F.R.C.P., by Maria
Mary Payne his wife, eldest dau. of Joseph Webster
of Penn, co. Stafford) ; born at Edgbaston Hall, co.
Warwick, 4 Feb., bapt. at Edgbaston Parish Church
21 June 1845 ; ^f Trinity College, Cambridge, B.A.
1867, M. A. 1870, Rector of Yoxall, Burton-on-Trent,
CO. Stafford; died at Birmingham 27 June, bur. at
St. Michael's Churchyard, Stone, co. Stafford, 30
June 1894. =r=


Paul Francis Moles-
worth, born 23 Jan.,
bapt. at Cornelly, co.
Cornwall, 8 March
1855 ; died ir Dec,
bur. in the Catholic
Cemetery, Mortlake,
CO. Surrey, 18 Dec.

Margaret Dorothea,
born 18 Oct., bapt.
at St. Ewe, co. Corn-
wall, 18 Nov. 1856.
A nun of The Good

Mary Letltia, born 1 7 November,
bapt. at St. James', Clapham, co.
Surrey, 23 December 1S58; marr.
at Penzance 15 June 1882, Henry
Acton Welman (son of Charles
Noel Welman of Norton Manor,
CO. Somerset, by Annette Elizabeth
his wife, eldest dau. of Cornehus
Henry Bolton of Maidenhead,
Queen's County, Ireland) ; born
at Norton Manor 1 1 April, bapt.
in the Oratory there 15 April 1856.

Katharine Maud Morwenna, bom 30
July, bapt. at Cornelly 3 Sept. i860;
marr. at Lanherne Chapel, St. Mawgan,
CO. Cornwall, 5 Sept. 1888, Gerard
Wilfrid Welman (son of Charles Noel
Welman of Norton Manor by Annette
Elizabeth his wife, eldest dau. of Cor-
nelius Henry Bolton of Maidenhead,
Queen's County) ; born at Norton
Manor 4 July, bapt. in the Oratory there
8 July 1854; late Government Secre-
tary at Selangor, Straits Settlements.



Thomas Weldon of Bramley Hall,=
Handsworth, West Riding, co. York
(only surviving child of William Weldon
and Mary his wife, dau. of Thomas
Ford); born 25 December 1770, bapt.
at the Parish Church, Sheffield, 27
January 1771; died 4 December, bur.
at Handsworth 10 December 1846.

^Elizabeth, dau. of John and
Mary Stacey of Sheffield ;
born 18 August, bapt. at
the Parish Church, Shef-
field 25 September 1774;
marr. there 5 February
1801 ; died 5 September,
bur. at Handsworth 11
September 1863.

record in the College

Mary, born 24
December 1804,
bapt. at Hands-
worth 13 March
[805; marr. there

Per fess argent and 25 April 1827,
Robert Dymond,
M.D., of Bolton
Hall, Bolton-on-
Dearn, West

A/oe/o.—Bien fait.


gules, on a pale a demi
couped in chief, and a cinque-
foil in base, all counter-changed.
Cre:t. — A demi-lion couped
argent gutte de sang, resting
the sinister paw on two links of Riding, CO. York
a collar of SS. (son of John

Dymond, M.D.,
of Bolton Hall) ;
born in August
1799; died 22
November 1858.
She died 2 Feb-
ruary, bur. at Bol-
ton-on-Dearn 6
February 1869.

William Weldon,=
only son, born
28 June, bapt.
at Handsworth
1 1 September
1806; died 29
March, bur. at
Handsworth 4
April 1838.

=Hannah, dau. and coheir of
John Wright of Litherland
House, CO. Lancaster; born
9 May 1813 ; marr. at St.
Anne's, Liverpool, 15 June
1836; died at Windsor, co.
Berks, aged 61, 16 January,
bur. in the cemetery there 20
January 1875.

Arms of Wright on record in the
College of Arms. — Azure, two bars
invected or, in chief three leopards'
faces jessant de lis of the last.

William Henry Weldon of the College of Arms, London,=
only child ; born at Wath-upon-Dearn, co. York, 8 April,
bapt. at Handsworth 9 June 1837 ; late of the InniskiUing
Dragoons and i8th Hussars. Appointed Rouge Dragon
27 January 1870, Windsor Herald 20 April 1880,
Registrar of the College of Arms 1886, Norroy King of
Arms 10 March 1894.

=Georgina, dau. of Morgan Thomas
(afterwards Treherne) of the Gate
House, Mayfield, co. Sussex, J. P.
and D.L., sometime M.P. for Coven-
try, CO. Warwick ; born 24 May 1837;
marr. at the Parish Church, Aldershot,
CO. Hants, 21 April i860.




iSurfee of auberte0,
iSulmer, to. Cssey.

Arms on record in the College of Arms. —
Or, a cross gules, in the dexter canton a
lion rampant, sable.

Crest. — A cat-a-mountain sejantj guardant
proper, collared and chained or.

Motto. — Ung toy, ung foy, ung loy.

John French Burke (son of Joseph=
Burke of London, by Jane his wife,
dau. of Simon Arthur Hyacinth
French of Frenchbrook, co. Ros-
common, Ireland) ; born at Dublin 19
March 1776; died at Regent's Park,
London, aged 77, 9 July, bur. at St.
Pancras Catholic Cemetery 7 July
1854. Portrait at Auberies.

'Katharine Sarah
Thome, marr. 18
January 1799;
died at Green-
wich, CO. Kent,
aged 51, 25 July


John French Burke,
born at Lisbon 15 Oct.
1802; died 8 June,
bur. at Croydon Ceme-
tery, CO. Surrey, 14 June

Edmund Plunkett Burke,
born at Lisbon 16 Dec.
1803 ; of Caius College,
Cambridge, and of the
Inner Temple, Barrister-
at-La\v, first puisne judge
of the Island of St. Lucia,
British West Indies ;
died on the Island of
Dominica in the West
Indies, from injuries re-
ceived in a hurricane,
20 Sept. 1834, aged 30,
and was bur. in the
Cemetery of Roseau,

James St. George Burke, Q.C.=j=Anne Eliza, dau. of John Faiiny,

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