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of the Middle Temple, and
of Auberies, Bulmer, co.
Essex; born at Lisbon 20
December 1804; gazetted
Q.C. 28 November 1863;
died in London 25 February,
bur. at Bulmer 4 March
1881. M.I. Will dated 11
October 1880, proved in the
Principal Registry 2 April
1 88 1, by Robert Samuel
Grubbe and Edward Walter
Grubbe, both of 5 Chepstow
Place, London, and Arthur
Horsenden Henry of 73
Redcliffe Gardens, three of
the Exors. Portrait at

Grubb of Horsendon House,
CO. Bucks, J.P. and D.L., by
Sarah Anne his wife, dau. of
the Rev. William Henry
Carrington, Rector of Holy
Trinity, Exeter, and Per-
petual Curate of Ide, co.
Devon ; born at Ide 20 Au-
gust, bapt. there 9 November
1 8 ri ; marr. at Horsendon
3 December 1835; died at
London 16 November, bur.
at Kensal Green Cemetery 21
November 1855. Her re-
mains were subsequently
removed to Bulmer. Portrait
at Auberies.

(See Grubbe Pedigree, Vol. I.,
page 27.)

died an
10 days

Edmund St. George Burke, born 3 October 1836 ;
died in London 19 May 1842, bur. at Horsendon.

Hubert Plunkett Burke of Auberies, Bulmer,
CO. Essex; born 15 November 1837; of the
91st Highlanders, served in the Indian Mutiny,
exchanged into 8th King's Royal Irish Hus-
sars, and served with that regiment in the
Afghan War, retired as Lieut.-Colonel in 1881;
died at Auberies 28 September, bur. at Bulmer 3
October 1881. Will dated 10 April i88r, proved
in the Principal Registry 14 November 1881, by
Walter St. George Burke of Auberies, Captain
Royal Engineers, and Francis Eustace Burke of
Members' Mansions, Westminster, the brothers,
the Exors.



Anna Rosa, born 12 February 1839; died
at Auberies 2 November, bur. at Kensal
Green Cemetery 8 November 1865 ;
remains removed to Bulmer in August 1881.

Frances Constance, born 9 September 1840 ;
marr. at St. Mary Abbott's, Kensington,
London, 12 December 1882, as his 2nd wife,
Walter Johnson Weller-Poley of Edward-
stone House, CO. Suffolk (son of George
Weller-Poley of Boxted Hall, co. Suffolk,
by Helen Sophia his wife, dau. of James
Fisher of Browston Hall, co. Suffolk) ; born
at Boxted 24 June 1827 ; J.P. for co. Suffolk.
She died at Edwardstone 17 December,
bur. at Bulmer 22 December 1888.


Walter St. George=
Burke, of Au-
beries, Bulmer, co.
Essex, born 27
April 1842; Lieut.-
Colonel (retired
1882) Royal En-
gineers, J. P. for
counties of Suf-
folk and Essex.

=Mary Ann Amy Macrae, dau.

of George Fergusson Cockburn
of the Indian Civil Ser\'ice, and
grand-dau. of Lord Cockburn,
Lord of Session, Edinburgh;
born at Calcutta 29 August
1855, bapt. there; marr. at
Holy Trinity, Richmond, co.
Surrey, 6 June 1877.



Ulick John Burke of=
Broxhead Warren,
Alton, CO. Hants ;
born 29 July 1843,
and bapt. at Redhill,
CO. Surrey ; of Christ
Church, Oxford, ma-
triculated 16 Octo-
ber 1 86 1, aged 18,
B.A. 1865, a Student
of the Inner Temple
22 April 1864, called
to the Bar 30 April
1867, J. P. for counties
of Essex and Hants.

=Edith Charlotte,
dau. of Nathaniel
Clarke Barnardis-
ton of The Ryes,
Sudbury, co. Suf-
folk, by Sophia
his mfe, dau. of
George Robert
Eyres of Caven-
ham House, co.
Norfolk; born 25
October 1845;
marr. at Little
Henny, co. Essex,
5 August 1869.

Violet, born at Chester Square,
London, 31 July, bapt. at Long
Melford, co. Suffolk, 4 Sep-
tember 1870.

Ulick Roland Burke, born at
Chester Square 23 January
1872, bapt. at St. Michael's,
Chester Square.

Kathleen Laura, born at Wimble-
don, CO. Surrey, 28 May, bapt. at
Wimbledon 29 June 1873.

Dorothy, born at Clarendon Road,
Kensington, London, 21 March,
bapt. at St. Mary Abbott's, Ken-
sington, 27 April 1877.

I I f
Norah Rachel, born at
Southampton 10 April,
bapt. at Richmond 2 1 May

Redmond St. George B urke,
born at Southampton 21
July, bapt. at Bulmer 7
September 1879.

Hubert Francis Burke,
born at Woolwich, co.
Kent, 8 October, bapt.
there 12 November 1880.

Ill I I II

Charles Dominick Burke, Edmund Plunkett Burke, born at

born at Woolwich 24 Jan- Auberies 13 June, bapt. at Sudbury,

uary 1882, and bapt. there, co. Suffolk, 16 July 1885.

Michael Laurence Burke, born at
Auberies 5 June, bapt. at Sudbury,
I August 1888.

Harold French Burke,
born at Auberies 28
February, bapt. at Bulmer
8 April 1883.

Amy Evelyn, born at
Auberies 24 June, bapt.
at Groton, co. Suffolk, 2
August 1884.

Geraldine Margaret, born at Au-
beries 16 January, bapt. at Bulmer
8 March 1891.

Constance Audrey, born at Auberies
20 May, bapt. at Bulmer 16 July

I 1 I

Rowland Henry Burke, born at
Barnet, co. Herts, 24 August
1844; died at Auberies, Bulmer,
CO. Essex, 28 June, bur. at Kensal
Green Cemetery 3 July 1861 ;
remains removed to Bulmer in
August 1 88 1.

Rachel Edith, born at Park Street,
Westminster, 19 November 1845.

Mary Alice, born at Woolmer
Lodge, CO. Hants, 12 August 1847.

I .
Francis Eustace Burke=
of' Terriers, High Wy-
combe, CO. Bucks ; born
at Porchester Terrace,
Bayswater, London, 8
November 1 848, bapt.
at Holy Trinity, Bays-
water, 5 May 1849;
Civil Engineer, J. P. for
CO. Bucks.

=Mary Alice, dau. of Charles Green-
street Addison of the Inner
Temple, Barrister-at-Law, by Fran-
ces Octavia his wife, dau. of James
Wolfe Murray, Lord Cringletie,
of Cringletie, co. Peebles, Sena-
tor of the College of Justice,
Scotland ; born in London 13
July 1861 ; marr. at Brompton
Parish Church, London, 16 April

John Addison Burke, born at Ashburn Place,
Kensington, London, 23 June 1885, bapt. at
St. Peter's, Cranley Gardens, London.

Harold Arthur Burke of 7 Vic-
toria Road, Kensington; born
at Porchester Terrace, Bays-
water, 28 Jan., bapt. at Holy
Trinity, Bayswater, 12 June
1852 ; Artist, a Freeman of the
City of London, and Livery-
man of the Skinners' Company;
marr. at Rochester Cathedral 1 2
Jan. 1893, Beatrix Mary Clifford,
dau. of Stephen Thomas Aveling
of The Restoration House,
Rochester, by Mary Phoebe his
wife, dau. of the Rev. Richard
Samuel Clifford, M.A., of Trinity
College, Dublin, and Vicar
of St. Mary's, Norton, Folgate,
London ; born at Rochester
28 Sept., bapt. at Rochester
Cathedral 25 Nov. 1874.

Charles Carrington,
Burke of Michen-
hall, Godalming, co.
Surrey, born at Por-
chester Terrace,
Bayswater, 8 July
1853, bapt. at Holy
Trinity, Bayswater,
19 January 1854;
of Trinity College,
Cambridge, B.A.
1876, M.A. 1879.

.Frances, dau. of Charles
Greenstreet Addison of
the Inner Temple,
Barrister-at-Law, by
Frances Octavia his
wife, dau. of James
Wolfe Murray, Lord
Cringletie, of Cringletie ;
born 29 July 1852 ;
marr. at St. Peter's,
Cranley Gardens, Lon-
don, 7 December 1882.

Anne Eliza (Amy),
born at Porches-
ter Terrace i o
November, bapt.
privately 2 1 No-
vember 185s, bap-
tism registered at
Holy Trinity, Bays-
water ; died at
Auberies 3 June,
bur. at Bulmer 8
June 1876.

Hugh St. George Melville
Addison Burke, born at
Folkestone, co. Kent, 15
June 1884, and bapt.

Eufetn of 3|mton iHartel, to. Borset.

James Lukin of Teddington, co. Middlesex=i=Mary Kemp,

Arms on record in the College
of Arfns. — Argent, a lion rampant
gules, debruised by a bend gobony
or and azure.

Motto. — Inspice.

(eldest son of William
Lukin of Little Dun-
mow, CO. Essex, by Ann
his wife, dau. of James
Stokes of Great Dun-
mow, CO. Essex); born
at Little Dunmow lo
September 1736; died
II October, bur. in the
Old Parish Church of
Teddington I7 October
1823. Will dated 14
September 1823, with
codicil of same date, proved in London 22
October 1823, by James William Lukin,
the son, one of the Exors (Middlesex, 584
Richards). Portrait at Hinton Martel.

Seal used by William
Lukin of Little Dun-
mow, CO. Essex.

died, aged
24 September,
bur. at the Old
Parish Church
of Teddington
30 September
1 8 14. Portrait
by Sir Thomas
Laurence at
Hinton Martel.

Elizabeth Ann,
born in 1766,
marr. at Tedding-
ton, William Dale
Farr of Iford, co.
Hants (son of
William Farr,
M.D., F.R.S., of
Iford); bom at
Iford2 Jan. 1772;
died there, aged
93, 2 Jan. bur. at
Christchurch Ab-
bey, CO. Hants, 6
Jan. 1865. M.L
She died at Iford,
aged 77, 19 Sept.
bur. at Christ-
church Abbey,
25 Sept. 1843.
His will dated 29
June 1859, was
proved (Prin.
Reg., 22, 65) 20
Jan. 1865, by
William Wind-
ham Farrof Iford,
the son and sole

Mary Amelia,=
eldest dau. of
William Merry
of St. George's,
London, Deputy
Secretary at War,
by Elizabeth his
wife, dau. of
Charles Walker
of Huntingdon ;
marr. 15 June
1815 ; died,
aged 27, 14
May, bur. at
the Old Parish
Church of Ted-
dington 21 May
1 816. I St wife.

=James William Lukin=
of Fordingbridge, co.
Hants, and Sydling,
CO. Dorset ; born 30
July, bapt. at Christ
Church, Southwark,
CO. Surrey, 19 Au-
gust 1774; J. P. for
Hants and Dorset,
Sergeant-Majorin the
Light Horse Volun-
teers ; died at Ly-
mington, co. Hants,
aged 82, 29 July,
bur. there i August
1856. Will dated 21
April 1856, proved
(Prin. Reg., 637, 56)
7 August 1856, by
Rev. James Lukin,
the son, and Edward
Thomas Whitaker,
the Exors.

=Joanna Bryan, eldest dau. of Thomas
Byrdall Hugo of Great Canford, co.
Dorset, a Surgeon in the Coldstream
Guards, by Paulina Byrdall his wife,
dau. of Bryan McKenzie of Parker's
Estate in the parish of Vere, Jamaica,
West Indies ; born 25 December
1797; marr. at Kinson, co. Dorset,
27 April 1824 (marr. settlement dated
21 April 1824); died at Crofton, co.
Hants, 24 September, bur. at Hook,
CO. Hants, 27 September 1889. Will
dated 14 September 1878, with six
codicils dated respectively 10 March
1881, 3 November 1882, 29 May
1883, 3 December 1883, 9 March
1 885, and 10 November 1885, proved
(Prin. Reg., 926, 89) 27 November
1 889, by Rev. James Lukin of Hinton
Martel, near Wimborne, co. Dorset,
the son, and Francis Henry Candy
of 71 High Street, Southampton,
Solicitor, the Exors. 2nd wife.


y^ ,5^i^ft^^

Rev. Edward Banks (son of the Rev. Jabez Banks of Bridlington,=j=Anna, born at Kinson, co.
CO. York); born in 1830; of Christchurch College, O.xford, Dorset, i p.m. 28 June, bapt.
matriculated 15 June 1848, aged 18, B.A. of New Inn Hall, there 10 July 1825; marr. at
Oxford, 1853, Vicar of Coleshill, co. Berks, 1874. | Lymington 13 January 1857.



Emily, born at Sydling, co. Dorset,
4 a.m. 30 November, bapt. there
I December 1826; marr. at For-
dingbridge, co. Hants, 8 May
1849, William Anthony Lukin of
Babbicombe, co. Devon, Captain
in H.M. Indian Army (Madras
retired); died at Babbicombe 5
July, bur. at St. Mary's, Torquay,
CO. Devon, 8 July 1880. His will
dated 14 June 1880, was proved
at Exeter 12 August 1880, by
Emily Lukin of Babbicombe, the
relict and sole Executrix.

Rev. James Lukin,=j=Maria, dau. of
Robert Sharpe by
Maria his wife,
dau. of Herbert
Peel ; born at
Keynsham, co.
Somerset, 30
September, bapt.
there 25 Decem-
ber 1836; marr.
at Hewelsfield,
CO. Gloucester,
5 February 1856.

born at 7.30 p.m. 5
November, bapt. at
Sydling 8 Novem-
ber 1827; of Brase-
nose College, Ox-
ford, matriculated
26 March 1846,
aged 18, B.A.
1849, Rector of
Hinton Martel, co.

Augustus Stephen
Lukin, born at Al-
derholt Park, co.
Dorset, 2.15 a.m.
12 August 1834,
bapt. there privately
the same day.

Mary Pauline of
Sarisbury, South-
ampton ; born at
Alderholt Park i
p.m. 2 March, bapt.
there privately 3
March 18^0.

James Robert Sharpe
Lukin, born at Hewels-
field 1 3 November, bapt.
there 2 5 December 1856;
died at Hewelsfield 26
May, bur. there 29 May

Lionel William Lukin
of Cape Town, South
Africa ; born at Hewels-
field 25 March, bapt.
there 25 April 1858.

Charles James=
Augustus Lukin
of San Antonio,
Texas, U.S.A.;
born at Hewels-
field 23 June,
bapt. there 31
July 1859.


:Angiolina Henrietta Louisa
Mary, dau. of Moses Vera
Cumins of San Antonio, for-
merly of Bombay, by Theodora
his wife (n^e Romanini) ; born
at Kurachee, India, 17 Sep-
tember 1869, and bapt. there;
marr. at St. Mark's, San
Antonio, 10 July 1892.

Dora Kathleen, born at San An-
tonio 24 May 1893, bapt. at St.
Mark's there 5 October 1894.

James William
Robert Geoffrey
Lukin, born at
Hewelsfield 27
October i860,
bapt. there 20
January i86r.

Harry Albert Lu-
kin, born at
Hewelsfield 4
Jan., bapt. there
16 Feb. 1862.

Fred Edward Lukin, born at-
Bradfield Combust, co. Suffolk,
28 July, bapt. there 30 August
1863; died at PwUcrochan, co.
Pembroke, aged 3, 24 February
1867, bur. there the same day.

Maria Annie, born at Bradfield
Combust 13 August, bapt. there
privately 14 August 1865.

Emily Mary, born at PwUcrochan
18 November 1866, bapt. there
28 January 1867; Hinton
Martel 17 October 1889, Walter
Bell of Effingham Lodge, Ring-
wood, CO. Hants (son of Thomas
Bell of The Beeches, Wickford,
CO. Essex, by Harriet his wife,
dau. of Henry Aubrey of Chelms-
ford, CO. Essex) ; born at Wickford
8 Jan., bapt. there 24 March 1856.


Alice Beatrice, born at
PwUcrochan 30 December
1867, bapt. there i March
1868; marr. at Hinton
Martel 17 July 1894, Rev.
Charles Edward Curtis
(son of Charles Edward
Curtis, by Elizabeth Mary
his wife, dau. of John Rees);
born at O tago, New Zealand,
14 April 1868, bapt. at Toko
Marairo; of Selwyn Col-
lege, Cambridge, B.A.
1893, Curate of St. Paul's,
Haggerston,co. Middlesex.

Dora Kathleen, born at
Stetchworth, co. Cam-
bridge, 20 August, bapt.
there 26 September 1869.

Maggie, born at Stetch-
worth 11 June, bapt. there
9 July 187 1.


Walter Hugo Lukin, born at
Stetchworth 14 January, bapt.
there 20 April 1873, died at
Stetchworth 14 November, bur.
there 17 November 1873.

Reginald Hugo Lukin, born at
Stetchworth 19 January 1874,
and bapt. there privately the
same day; died at Stetchworth
20 January, bur. there 22
January 1874.

Frank Edward Lukin, born at
Stetchworth 7 May, bapt. there
6 June 1875.

Edith Geraldine Mary, born at
Stetchworth 22 March, bapt.
there 20 May 1877.

Mary Herbert, dau.=
of Captain George
Henry Mason, Go-
vernor of Glouces-
ter Gaol and Captain
of South Gloucester
Militia, by Mary
his wife, dau. of
Henry Apperley of
Hereford; born 12
February, bapt. at
Gloucester 24 Feb-
ruary 1839; marr.
at Newnham Parish
Church, CO. Glou-
cester, 3 June 1856;
died 19 April, bur.
at Wickford, co.
Essex, 24 April

=Rev. William Hugo Lukin, born at Sydling, co. Dorset,=
8.30 a.m. 20 April, bapt. there 31 May 1829; of Brase-
nose College, Oxford, matriculated 3 February 1848,
aged 18, Rector of Downham, co. Essex; died at
Downham 26 October, bur. at Wickford i November
1889. Will dated 26 May 1887, with two codicils dated
respectively 13 February 1888, and 2 March 1889,
proved (Prin. Reg., 1012, 89) by Rev. Edward Banks of
Coleshill Vicarage, co. Berks, John James Unwin Clarke
of 44 Philbeach Gardens, Kensington, London, and
Charles Francis Abdy Williams of 11 Cathcart Road,
Kensington, the Exors.


Louisa Mary, born at Ogbourne
St. Andrew, co. Wilts, 6 May,
bapt. there 12 July 1857.

James William Hugo Lukin,
born at Spalding, co. Lincoln,
5 April, bapt. at Friskney, co.
Lincoln, 29 June 1859; died
23 September, bur. at Wickford
26 September 1868.

Herbert Windham Lukin, born
at Friskney 9 April, bapt. there
10 June i860.


Emily Beatrice, born at Fnskney
23 August, bapt. there 8 Oc-
tober 1862.

Dora Pauline, born at Wickford
15 November, bapt. there 21
December 1864; marr. at Down-
ham, CO. Essex, I October 1889,
Rev. Tom Ainsworth Erode (son
of Thomas Erode of Tewin, co.
Herts); bom i January 1865.


Ethel Annie, born at Wickford
II February, bapt. there 29
June 1866.
Walter Roynon Lukin, born at —

Friskney 15 July, bapt. there Roynon Charles Lukin, born at
22 September 1861 ; died at Cambridge Street, London, 7
Winchester 6 February, bur. April, bapt. at Wickford 18
there 12 February 1862. April 1867.

=Alice Gertrude,
dau. of John
Windsor by

Ellen his wife,
dau. of William
Webster of Ash-
bourne, J. P. for
CO. Derby; bom
at Doveridge, co.
Derby, 7 Decem-
ber 1832, and
bapt. there pri-
vately the same
day, bapt. pub-
licly at Doveridge
31 October 1834;
marr. at Lyming-
ton, CO. Hants,
16 November

Gertrude Joanna, born at
Weymouth Street, London,
30 November 1870, bapt.
at Wickford 22 January
187 1 ; died at Boume-
mouth, CO. Hants, 14
December, bur. there 17
December 1876. M.I.

Adeline, born at Wickford
16 April, bapt. there 19
April 1873; died at Wick-
ford 22 April, bur. there
24 April 1873.

Blanche Lilian Hugo, bom
at Wickford 16 April,
bapt. there 30 May 1875.

^!^-^^*^^ ]

JFatr of ISaelloto. to. Hants.

Arms. — Gules, a cross moline argent, over all a bend az
Crest. — Out of a ducal crown or, a falcon rising proper.

Thomas Fair of St. Mary's, Rotherithe, co. Surrey (eldest son of=
Richard Fair of Cree Aberstrowry, co. Cork, Lieut. R.N., by Ellen his
wife, dau. of James Creech of Baltimore) ; born at Skibbereen, co.
Cork, 6 January 1764; as a Cadet in the Royal Navy he sailed with
Captain Portlock, R.N., on his voyage of discovery 1785-88. Fair's
Island on the north-west coast of America was named after him. He
died at Demerara, in British Guiana, 25 August 1801, while in com-
mand of the "Ermalinda," West Indiaman. Will dated 22 April
1794, proved P.C.C. 12 March 1802.

'Esther, dau. of John
Woollis by Catherine
his wife, dau. of John
Mallet of the Isle of
Jersey ; born 2 Feb.
1768; marr. by licence
at St. George's in the
East, London, i Dec.
1792; died at Walworth,
CO. Surrey, 20 April 1849,
and bur. in the parish of
St. Mary Newington, co.
Surrey. M.I. Will dated
21 June 1843, proved
P.C.C. II Feb. 1854, by
Esther Buckler (wife of
John Chessell Buckler),
the dau., one of the

Esther, bom 26 June, bapt.
at St. Mary Magdalene, Ber-
mondsey, London, 19 Aug.
1797; marr. there by licence
12 May 18 18, John Chessell
Buckler of Melbury, Cowley
St. John, Oxford, Architect
(son of John Buckler, F.S. A.,
Architect, by Ann his wife,
eldest dau. and coheir of
John Chessell of Brading,
Isle of Wight) ; born 8 Dec,
bapt. at St. Mary Magdalene,
Bermondsey, 23 Dec. 1793;
died 5 Jan., bur. at Oxford
9 Jan. 1894. M.I. She died,
aged 85, 9 Sept., and was
bur. at All Saints' Cemetery,
Nunhead, co. Surrey, 13
Sept. 1882. M.I. His will
dated 7 Nov. 1881, was
proved in the Principal
Registry 25 Sept. 1894, by
Charles Alban Buckler of 6
Hereford Square, London,
the son, and sole Exor.

Charles James Fair of
De Kop, Vaalkrantz,
and Bonavista, in the
district of Uitenhage,
Cape Colony ; born
28 October, bapt. at
St. Mary Magdalene,
Bermondsey, 12 De-
cember 1799; edu-
cated at Christ's
Hospital, London,
and settled at the
Cape in 1844; died
at Cape Town 15
October, bur. at St.
Saviour's, Claremont,
near Cape Town, 17
October 1875. M.I.


=Mary, dau. of Coakley
Leevis of Bantry, co.
Cork, Lieut, ist West
India Regiment 1806,
and subsequently of the
3rd Garrison Battalion
1809, by Mary his wife,
dau. of Richard Fair of
Cree Aberstrowry, Lieut.
R.N..; born at Skib-
bereen 5 April, bapt. 7
April 181 1, baptism
registered at Creagh
Parish Church, co. Cork;
marr. by licence at Bally-
moden Bandon, co. Cork,
17 July 1832 ; died at
Rosebank, near Cape
Town, 20 October, bur.
at St. Saviour's, Clare-
mont, 21 October 1890.

Thomas Morgan
Fair, born 4 July
1801 ; educated
at Westminster
School, of Lin-
coln's Inn, Attor-
ney-at-Law; died
2 2 March, bur.
at Holy Trinity,
Islington, Lon-
don, 29 March

(See Buckler Pedigree,
Vol. II., page 163.)


Ellen, born 4 December
1834, bapt. at Holy Trinity,
Islington, London, 18 Jan-
uary 1835.

Thomas Fair, born 30 Sep-
tember, bapt. at Holy Trinity,
Islington, 3 October 1836;
bur. there 8 October 1836.

Thomas Warden Fair,
born 19 September,
bapt. at Holy Trinity,
Islington, 15 October
1837 ; died at Algoa
Bay, Cape Colony,
15 June, bur. at St.
Mary's Cemetery there
17 June 1862.

Charles Bass Fair of Rose- Mary, born
bank, near Cape Town ; atHighbury,
born 20 May, bapt. at near George-
Holy Trinity, Islington, 1 7 town. Cape
June 1840; a Member of Colony, 31
the Cape Colonial Civil Oct.,
Service. " Erica Fairii '
was named after him.


at St. Mark's,
16 Dec.


Rev. Robert Herbert Fair,=
born at Westford, District
of Knysna, Cape Colony,
I June, bapt. at St. George's,
Knysna, i November 1849;
Gold Medallist of the South
African College, and First
Porter Scholar of Univer-
sity of Cape of Good
Hope, of St. Peter's Col-
lege, Cambridge, B.A.
1873, M.A. 1878, Vicar of
Wellow, CO. Hants.

=Frances Jane, dau. of Rev. James Connell of Balliol Arthur Oliver
College, Oxford, B.A. 1836, M.A. 1838, Rector of Fair of Rose-
Monks Eleigh, CO. Suffolk, 187 1 until his death 4 bank, near
March 1879, by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of John Cape Town ;
Pearson of Tanbridge Hall, co. Surrey ; born at born 8 Nov.,
Ashe, CO. Hants, 21 June, bapt. there 25 July 1849; bapt. at St.
marr. at All Saints', St. John's Wood, London, 1 1 George's, Ca-
September 1884; she marr. istly at St. Paul's, thedral. Cape
Hammersmith, London, 7 July 1869, Ven. Edmund Town, 16 Dec.
Henry Fisher of Trinity College, Cambridge, B.A. 1856.
1858, M.A. 1861, Archdeacon of Southwark, who
died 6 May, and was bur. at Barnes Cemetery, co.
Surrey, 10 May 1879. M.I.

Charles Herbert Fair, born at
Bexley, co. Kent, 20 June,
bapt. at St. John the Evangelist,
Bexley, 16 July 1885.

Helen Mary, born 22
February, bapt. at St. John
the Evangelist, Bexley, 25
March 1887.


Arms of Phaire.

Arms of Phaire, impaling Herbert
of Tinterne, co. Monmouth.

Seals and autographs attached to the Wills of Robert Phaire and Elizabeth
his wife, from the originals in tlie Record Office, Dublin.

Robert Phaire of Rostillon, co. Cork (will dated 13 September 1682),
married Elizabeth, 2nd daughter of Sir Thomas Herbert of Tinterne, Bart,
(her will proved 7 November 1698); and by her had issue John Phaire
(whose will was dated 8 July 1761, and proved 18 December following).
He married Margaret Courtenay, and by her had issue Richard Phaire
(or Fair), R.N., born in 1739, and buried at Creagh, Skibbereen, co. Cork,
in 1805, and who, by Ellen his wife, daughter of James Creech of
Baltimore, co. Cork (died at Skibbereen in 1820, and bur. at Creagh), had,
with other issue, Thomas Fair of St. Mary's, Rotherhithe, co. Surrey.

Clarke of Berbp.

Thomas Clarke of the parish of=f=Mary,
St. Alkmund, co. Derby (son of
John Clarke of Martin, co. Lin-
coln, by Rebecca his wife, dau.
of Edward Blow of Sutton-on-
Trent, co. Nottingham); born 17
April, bapt. at Martin 21 April
1783; died 19 April, bur. at St.
Alkmund's 22 April 1832.

dau. of Henry
Moore of Ripley, co.
Derby; bapt. at Pentrick,
CO. Derby, 23 February
1794; marr. there 28
October 181 3; died 24
December, bur. at the
new cemetery, Derby, 29
December i860.

Thomas Clarke of The Elms, co.=
Derby ; born at Heanor, co.
Derby, 11 May 181 7; Mayor of
Derby 1863; died 26 December,
bur. at the new cemetery, Derby,
31 December 1879. ^^^^^ dated

Arms on record in the College of 3° January 1879, with Codicil

^ >■»«.— Gules, a saltire engrailed dated 13 February 1879, proved

erminois between two fleur-de-lis in at Derby 12 April 1 880, by

Fn 'fessTl'^enr"^ ''°'''''' ''^^'^'"""^"^ Thomas Clarke, Robert Clarke,
'"c«l-ln"front of an heraldic tyger's and William Clarke, all of Derby,

head erased sable, maned or, gorged the SOnS, and James William
with a collar gemel argent, two fleur- Newbold of The Wardwick,

'''"ir »''° v?""'/ • .> Derby, the E5ors.

Motto. — Vincit qui patitur. '

Sarah Elizabeth,
only child of
Edward Rams-
bottom of Liver-
pool ; marr. at
Heanor 11 May


Thomas Clarke of=
Masson House,
Matlock Bath, co.
Derby ; born 5
May, bapt. at St.
Alkmund's, 29
May 1S45.

Frederica Eliza, only dau. of
Henry Cathrow Disney, and
granddau. of James Cathrow
Disney (formerly James Cath-
row), Somerset Herald; born
13 July, bapt. at St. Mark's,
Kennington, co. Surrey, 19
August 1857 ; marr. at St.
George's, Leeds, 10 May 1876.

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