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Frank Clarke of=Mary, dau. of Other
Green Bank, Thomas Stock- issue.
Kedleston Road, ham of New-
Derby; born 20 port, co. Mon.;
August, bapt. at marr. at St.
St. Alkmund's Helen's, St.
1 2 September Helier's, Jersey,
1855. 16 April 1882.

I I i
Thomas Henry Cathrow Clarke, born 16
October, bapt. at St. Werburgh's, Derby,
II November 1878.

Reginald Clarke, born at Derby 17 February
1882; died 5 March, bur. in the new
cemetery, Derby, 9 March 1882.

Frederica Muriel, born 26 January, bapt. at
St. Alkmund's 21 February 1883.

Winifred Houghton,
born 28 November,
bapt. at St. Paul's,
Derby, 23 December

Enid Ethel Fuller,
born 9 February, bapt.
at St. Alkmund's 15
March 1886.

Emily Gwendoline, born
26 August, bapt. at St.
Alkmund's 21 September

Frederick Fitzroy Clarke,
born 2 November, bapt.
at Holy Trinity, Matlock
Bath, 7 December 1889.

Scarlett of ^arfe|)urst, to. ^urrep.


Arms on record in the College of 23 May 1843;

^/•^..-Chequy or and gules, a hon ,■ , / ^J^^

rampant ermine, on a canton azure a "Jf" ^1 •^^P' -

castle triple-towered argent. I°49j Dur. at

Crest. — A Tuscan column, chequy, Porta Pinti

or and gules, supported on either side Cemetery Flo-

by a lion's jambe ermines, erased gules. _„„_. Ttilv

Motto.— S^as Stat veribus. r&XiZt, Italy.
I St mfe.

on'''' Peter Campbell Scarlett,=
C.B. (3rd son of Sir James

ScarIett,^Lord Abinger, by his
I St wife, Louise Henrietta, dau.
of Peter Campbell of Kilmory,
CO. Argyle) ; born at New
Street, Spring Gardens, Lon-
don, 27 Nov. 1804; Envoy
Extraordinary and Minister
Plenipotentiary to Brazil
1855-58, British Minister at
Florence 1858-60, Envoy Ex-
traordinary and Minister Pleni-
potentiary to the King of
Greece 1862-64, ^nd to Mexico
1865-67, D.L. for CO. Surrey;
died 15 July, bur. at Abinger,
21 July 1 88 1. Will dated 27
Dec. 1873, with codicil dated
6 Aug. 1877, proved (Prin.
Reg., 628, 81) 15 Aug. 1881,
by Leopold James Yorke
Campbell Scarlett of Park-
hurst, CO. Surrey, a Lieut-
Colonel in Her Majesty's
Regiment of Scots Guards, the
son, the sole Exor.

=Louisa Anne, dau.
of James Wolfe
Murray, Lord Crin-
gletie, of Cringletie,
CO. Peebles, Sena-
tor of the College
of Justice, Scot-
land, by Isabella
Katherine his wife,
dau. of James
Charles Edward
Stuart Strange, of
the Hon'"'' East
India Co.'s Service
(God-son of Prince
Charles Edward
Stuart); marr. 27
Dec. 1873. She
marr. istly at
Kingston Church,
Portsmouth, and
also at the Roman
Catholic Chapel
there Edmond

Jeannin. 2nd wife.


Florence, born at York Terrace,
Regent's Park, London, 20 March
1844; marr. at St. Mary Abbott's,
Kensington, 5 March 1867, Sir John
Walsham, Bart., K.C.M.G., of. Knill
Court, CO. Hereford (son of Sir John
James Walsham, Bart., of Knill
Court, by Sarah Frances his ^\'ife,
dau. of Matthew Bell of Woolsing-
ton House, Northumberland); born
29 October 1830; of Trinity Col-
lege, Cambridge, B.A. 1854, M.A.
1857, D.L. for CO. Hereford, Secre-
tary of Legation at Pekin 1873-75,
at Madrid 1875-78, at Berlin
1878-83, Envoy Extraordinary fand
Minister Plenipotentiary to the Em-
peror of China 1885-92, and to the
King of Roumania from 1892, some
time chargd d'affaires at Mexico
and at Madrid.

=r . ■ ■


Leopold James Yorke Campbell=
Scarlett of Parkhurst ; born at
Florence 9 Sept. 1847, and bapt.
in the British Legation there;
Captain and Lieut.-Colonel 2nd
Battalion Scots Guards 1879-86
(retired 1886), inherited the
Parkhurst Estate on the death
of his mother; died at Lau-
saune 21 Oct., bur. in the
Cemetery of Montoie, Lau-
sanne, 23 Oct. 1888. Will
dated 15 July 18S4, proved
(Prin. Reg., 258, 89) 7 March
1889, by Sir Percy Florence
Shelley of Boscombe Manor,
Bournemouth, co. Southants,
Bart., and Eliott Scarlett
Currey of Brynmair, Ruthin, co.
Denbigh, the Exors.

=Bessie Florence, dau. of
Edward Gibson of Spring
Vale, Isle of \\'ight, by Eliza-
beth his wife, only dau. and
heiress of Captain Thomas
Rylance, 43rd Light Infantry,
niece of Lady Shelley, and
adopted dau. of Sir Percy
Florence Shelley, 3rd Bart.,
of Boscombe Manor, co.
Hants ; born at Endon
House, BoUington, co. Ches-
ter, 6 Dec. 1 85 1, bapt. at
Prestbury, co. Chester, 12
Jan. 1852; marr. at Christ-
church Priory Church, co.
Hants, 16 Feb. 1871.

Shelley Leopold Laurence Scarlett, born i April,
bapt. at Christchurch Priory Church, co. Hants, 4
May 1872; Lieut. 3rd Battalion Bedfordshire
Regiment, Honorary Attach^ to British Legation,

Robert Brooke Campbell Scarlett, born
8 January, bapt. at St. George's-in-the-
Wood, Boscombe, co. Hants, 17 March

Laurence James Peter Scarlett, born 27
April, bapt. at Holy Trinity, Brompton,
London, i July 1877; Midshipman
R.N. ; drowned in the foundering of
H.M.S. "Victoria," Flagship on the
Mediterranean Station, 22 June 1893.


Hugh Richard Scarlett, born 25 November Percy Gerald Scarlett, born 10 April, bapt. at

1878, bapt. at Holy Trinity, Brompton, 9 St. Peter's, Cranley Gardens, London, 22 June

March 1879. 1885.

Ruth Hester Frances, born 25 September Leopold Florence' Scarlett, born 17 March,

1882, bapt. at St. James', Abinger, co. Surrey, bapt. at St. James', Pokesdown, co. Hants, 24

I January 1883. April 1889.



^rms.—Gxiles, two bars or, over all a bend argent, charged with three talbots' heads erased sable.
Crest. — On a garb lying fessways a bird close, in the beak an ear of wheat, all or.

Henry Godden (son of Robert Godden of Finchden in the parish of=
Tenterden, co. Kent, by Henrietta his wife, dau. of Rev. William Worces-
ter Wilson, D.D., Vicar of St. Nicholas', Deptford, co. Kent); born 14
December 1796, bapt. at Tenterden 11 January 1797 ; died, aged 65, at
Brighton, co. Sussex, 13 October, bur. at Allington, co. Kent, 18 October
1861. M.I. at the north wall of St. Mildred's, Tenderden. Will dated
10 December 1859, with two codicils dated respectively 3 May i860 and
7 December i860, proved(Prin. Reg.) 31 December 1861, by Rev. Williain
Worcester Godden of Brighton, and Frederick Mares Godden of Ash-
next-Sandwich, the sons, John Case of Maidstone, and Joseph Tootell of
the same place, the Exors.

=Mary, dau. of John
Mares of Maidstone,
CO. Kent ; marr. at

Maidstone 27 March
1821 ; died, aged
79, at Brighton, co.
Sussex, 21 October,
bur. at Allington,
CO. Kent, 26 October

Henrietta, born i April, bapt. privately
1 7 April, and received into the Church
at All Saints', Maidstone, 8 May 1822;
Godfather, Mr. John Mares; God-
mothers, Miss Mares and Martha
Godden; died, aged 7 months, 31
Oct., bur. at All Saints', Maidstone, 4
Nov. 1822.

RobertWilsonGodden,born I Dec. 1 824,
bapt. privately 5 Jan., and received into
the Church at All Saints', Maidstone,
II Feb. 1825; Sponsors, John Argles,
John Wise, and Martha Godden ; died,
aged II weeks, 18 Feb., bur. at All
Saints', Maidstone, 22 Feb. 1825.

Henry Godden, born 23 Oct., bapt.
privately 31 Oct., and received into the
Church at All Saints', Maidstone, 5
Dec. 1823; Godfathers, J. Mares
and Thomas B. Charlton ; God-
mother, Frances Godden ; died, aged
27, 27 April, bur. at All Saints',
Maidstone, 3 May 1850.

Rev. William Worcester Godden,=
born 3 November, bapt. pri-
vately 10 November, and
received into the Church 3
November 1826; Sponsors,
William Browne, William
Beale, and Anne Mares ; of
Worcester College, Oxford, ma-
triculated 26 October 1843,
aged 17, B.A. 1847, M-A.
1850, Vicar of Elmstead, co.
Essex, 1873; died, aged 68,
4 June, bur. at Elmstead, 8
June 1893. ^^'i" dated 23
December 1892, proved (Prin.
Reg.) 6 July 1893, by William
James Bull and Emma Maude
Godden, spinster, the Eicors.

=Emma Whitbread
Juliana, dau. of
Charles Battye of The
Gore, in the parish of
Kensington, London,
by Jane Laetitia his
wife, dau. of Robert
Crispin of Enfield and
of Lincoln's Inn, co.
Middlesex ; born 5
Feb. 1819, bapt. at
St. Mary Abbott's,
Kensington, 15 June
1820, marr. at St.
Paul's, Brighton, 10
June 185 1 ; died 27
Oct., bur. at Elmstead
I Nov. 1883.

(See Battye-Trevor Pedigree, Vol. II., page 158.)


Emma Maude, born 4
Aug., bapt. at Petworth,
CO. Sussex, 26Aug. 1852.

Bertha, born 12 Nov.,
bapt. at Petworth 1 5 Dec.
1853; marr. at Elmstead
28 April 1881, John
Rooper King of Wood-
bridge, CO. Suffolk; born
at Kirk Ella, near Hull,
31 Jan., bapt. there 23
March 1853 ; Major (re-
tired pay), formerly Cap-
tain 76th Regiment.

Elfrida, born 12 Feb., bapt. at Petworth
25 March 1 85 5; marr. istlyat Elmstead
9 Sept. 1879, Thomas Beynon of Farn-
ham, CO. Surrey; born 26 April 18 14;
died 31 Jan., bur. at Scale, co. Surrey,
5 Feb. 1879. Window to his memory.
She marr. 2ndly at Elmstead 28 Aug.
1884, Walter Francis Morley of Hever,
CO. Kent (son of Rev. George Morley of
Bexley Heath, co. Kent); born 16 Jan.,
bapt. at Bexley Heath 13 July 1859;
of Oxford University, Non Coll., matri-
culated i30ct. 1876, aged 17, B.A. from
Wadham College, Oxford, 1882, M.A.
1883. ^


Henrietta Mildred, born 29
Sept., bapt. at Petworth 3
Nov. 1857; marr. at Elmstead
I July 1880, Rev. Howard
Beech (son of WiUiam Philip
Beech of Stifford, co. Esse.x,
J. P., by Eliza Catherine Prince
his \vife,dau. of PeterHoward);
born 1 5 May, bapt. at Becken-
ham, CO. Kent, 30 June 1855;
of Worcester College, Oxford,
matriculated 21 Nov. 1873,
aged 18, B.A. 1877, M.A.
1880, Rector of Gt. Bealings,
CO. Suffolk, 1886.

Sarah Mary, dau.=
of William Jef-
of Faversham,
CO. Kent, by
Sarah Mary his
wife (nde Smith);
born at Faver-
sham, and bapt.
there 27 Sept.
1833 ; marr. at
Holy Tj-inity,
don, 24 April
1856; died, aged
30, at West-
bournePark, Lon-
don, 10 March,
bur. at Faver-
sham 17 March
1864. ist wife.

Frederick Mares^Frances,dau.of

Godden of Ash- George Gipps

next-Sandwich, co. of Howletts,

Kent, and of Rams- in the parish

gate, CO. Kent ; of Bekes-

born at Maidstone, bourne, Can-

co. Kent, 10 March, terbury, co.

bapt. privately 28 Kent, by Jane

March 1827, and (Bowdler) his

received into the wife ; born at

Church at All Bekesbourne ;

Saints', Maidstone, marr. there 27

13 June 1828 ; Sept. 1865 ;

Sponsors, W. H. died, aged 60,

Golding, Henry 10 Aug., bur.

Argles, and Mrs. at Ramsgate,

W. H. Golding; 13 Aug. 1884.

died, aged 56, 21 2nd wife.
March, Rams-
gate Cemetery 24
March 1883.

Mary, born 14 April, bapt. privately 18
April, and received into the Church at
All Saints', Maidstone, 13 June 1828;
Sponsors, Miss Frances Curties, Martha
Godden and R. P. Vaile ; marr. at St.
Nicholas', Brighton, co. Sussex, 12 Oct.
1870, George Neve of Sissinghurst,
Cranbrook, co. Kent; born 12 Feb.,
bapt. at Benenden, co. Kent, 22 March

Martha, born 22 Aug., bapt. privately
15 Sept. 1829, and received into the
Church at All Saints', Maidstone, 17
Aug. 1830; Sponsors, Mrs. Barron of
Champion Hill, Camberwell, Martha
Godden of Tenterden, and JamesWhat-
man, Surgeon, of Maidstone; marr. at
All Saints', Maidstone, 9 Sept. 1851,
Rev. Frank Walter (son of John Walter
of Borden, co. Kent) ; born at Borden
29 Oct., bapt. there 30 Dec. 1824; of
Worcester Coll., Oxford, matriculated 1 6
March 1843, aged 18, B.A. 1847, M.A.
1849, Curate of Sutton Valence, co.
Kent, until his death 19 June, aged 40,
bur. at Sutton Valence 23 June 1865.

William Jefferies Godden of St.
Petersburgh, Florida, U.S.A. ; born
26 January 1857, bapt. at Ash-
next-Sandwich, co. Kent, the same
day, according to an entry in the
Registers of Ash-next-Sandwich.

Henry Tufton Godden,
born 6 December 1858,
bapt. at St. Stephen's,
Westbourne Park, 23
January 1859; Captain
2nd Battalion Bedford-
shire Regiment.

Ethel Mary, born in
London in December

Frederick Ernest Godden, born
at Paddington 26 February,
bapt. at St. Stephen's, West
bourne Park, 11 March 1864;
of St. Catherine's College,
Cambridge, B.A. 1887.

Isabella Beatrice, born 1 7 May, bapt. at Petworth,
CO. Sussex, 26 July 1859; marr. at the Church
of the Redeemer, Calgary, Canada, 16 June
1888, Henry Norman Sheppard (son of Rev.
Henry Fleetwood Sheppard, M.A., Rector of
Thurnscoe, co. York, by Eliza Mary his wife) ;
born at Kilnhurst Vicarage, Rotherham, co.
York, 9 May, bapt. at Kilnhurst 30 June 1861.

Evelyn Maria Campbell, born in Brighton 17
December i860, bapt. at St. Nicholas' there
2 April 1861 ; marr. at Elmstead, co. Essex,
19 September 1889, Rev. Henry Sockett (son
of Rev. Thomas Sockett of Petworth); born
18 June, bapt. at Petworth 19 July 18 18; of
Exeter College, Oxford, matriculated 1 7 No-
vember 1836, aged 18, B.A. 1840, Rector of
Sutton, CO. Sussex, and of Bignor, co. Sussex,

(S^lajebroofe of SiberpooL

Rev. James Glazebrook, born at=i=Dorothy, dau. of Thomas

Madeley, co. Salop, 1 1 October,
bapt. there 2 1 October 1 744 ;
Vicar of Belton, co. Leicester,
and Minister of St. James', Latch-
ford, CO. Chester, Chaplain to
Lord Hill; died at Belton i
July, bur. there 4 July 1803.
Will dated 21 October 1802,
proved at Leicester i6 September

Kirkland, M.D., of Ashby-
de-la-Zouch, co. Leicester,
born I May 1748; marr. by
licence at St. Michael's,
Coventry, 8 August 1779
died at Warrington, co
Lane, 22 September, bur.
in Old St. James' Church-
yard, Latchford, 25 Sep-
tember 1834.

^onroJUii (^KiyrjiCo/)^

Thomas Kirkland Glazebrook of Orford=
Lodge, Warrington, sometime of The

Arms on record in the College of pj^g Claughton, CO. Chester, and lastly of
Arms. — Ermine, an eade displayed „, , t -r^Tr^i t

gules, beaked, legged, and holding in Southport, CO. Lane, F.L.S. ; born 4 June,
the beak a fleur-de-lis or, on a chief 1 780; Captain in the Warrmgton Regl-
sable two bezants, each charged with ment of Local Militia, and Captain in the
a fleur-de-lis azure. ^ ^ , , , Loyal Warrington Volunteers; died at

Crest. — In front of a bears head ^ ^1 ^ o t i_ ^ iir n

erased or, muzzled azure, an eagle's Southport 18 January, bur. at Wallasey, CO.
leg erased at the thigh fesswise of Chester, 23 January 1855.
the last.

Motto. — Dum spiro spero.

^Elizabeth, dau,
and coheir ol
Thomas Twan-
brook of Apple-
ton, CO. Chester
born 16 Apri;
1778; marr. at
Great Budworth,
CO. Chester, 23
May i8oi;diedat
The Firs, Claugh-
ton, 24 April, bur.
at Wallasey 29
April 1844.

Rev. James Kirkland Glazebrook, born 14 July, bapt. at St. James', =j=Mary, dau. of
Latchford, 11 November 1802; of Magdalen Hall, Oxford, matriculated
13 December 1827, aged 25, B.A. 1831, M.A. 1836, Vicar of Lower
Darwen, co. Lane. ; died at Lancing, co. Susse.x, 25 December, bur.
bur. at Lower Darwen 30 December 1890. Will dated 26 Feb-
ruary 1883, proved (Prin. Reg., 150, 91) 28 February 1891, by John
Knowles Glazebrook of 8 Market Place, Manchester, the son, and
Herbert Shepherd Cross of Mortfield Halliwell, near Bolton, the Exors.


Hargreaves of Har(
Common, Westhough
ton, CO. Lane. ; marr. at
Hindley, near Wigan, co.
Lane, 3 Jan. 1838 ; died
18 Oct., bur. at Lower
Darwen 23 Oct. 1867.

John Knowles Glaze-'
brook, of Lymm Hall,
CO. Chester; born 19
October 1840.

Cecilia Anne Esther, dau. of Robert
Watson of the Riddings, Oswaldtwis-
tle, CO. Lane. ; marr. at Emmanuel
Church, Oswaldtwistle, 3 April 1873.

Cecilia Mary,
born 27 Oct.

Philip Kirkland
Glazebrook, born
24 June 1S80.

Hannah Gertrude, marr. at Lower
Darwen 7 August 1880, Rev. Ed-
mund Peel (son of William Peel of
Swinton Park, co. Lane.) ; born 7
February 1850; of Trinity Col-
lege, Cambridge, B.A. 1873, M.A.
1876, Vicar of Lancing 1883.

Mary Hannah Twanbrook, born 25
August, died 3 September, and
bur. at Wallasey 7 September 1844.


Jane, born 17 Sep-
tember, bapt. at
Grappenhall, co.
Chester, i Novem-
ber 1781 ; marr. 21
December 1835,
John Brimelow of
Warrington, co.
Lane. ; she died
s.p. 3 March 1837.

Martha, born 9 October 1782 ; niarr. at St. Paul's, Liverpool, 13 September
1808, as his 2nd wife, John Rylands of Bewsey House and The Summer
House, both in the town of Warrington (son of John Rylands of Warrington
by Martha his wife, dau. of Nathaniel Booth of Warrington); born 21
January, bapt. at Cairo Street Nonconformist Chapel, Warrington, 22
February 1771 ; died at The Summer House 23 August, bur. at Hill Cliffe,
CO. Chester, 26 August 1848. She died at The Summer House iz
February, bur. at Hill Cliffe 17 February 1870.

(See Rylands Pedigree, Vol. I., page ij.)



Thomas TwanbrookGlazebrook,=
sometime of New Brighton, co.
Chester, afterwards of Plymp-
ton, CO. Devon, and lastly of
Surbiton, co. Surrey; born 27
March, bapt. at St. James',
Latchford, co. Chester, 6 May
1804; died at Surbiton 21
February, bur. at St. Mark's
there 25 February 1890.

:Katherine, dau. of William
Hall of Grappenhall Hall, co.
Chester, J. P., by Hannah his
wife, dau. of Joseph Goodwin ;
born at Warrington 28 May
1807; marr. at Grappenhall
29 April 1830; died at Sur-
biton 19 March, bur. at St.
Mark's there 23 March 1889.

I i
Mary, of Southport, co. Lane,
born 7 January, bapt. at St.
James', Latchford, 19 July 1806;
died unmarr. at Southport 15
February, bur. in the cemetery
there 19 February 1885.

Henry Glazebrook, born 1 1 May, St. James', Latchford, 1 7
May, and died 19 Sept. 1807.

Martha, born 12 October, bapt. at
Grappenhall 24 December 1832 ; marr.
at Streatham, co.Surrey, 27 March 1856,
Rev. Philip Hankinson Newnham (son
of William Newnham of Farnham, co.
Surrey) ; born at Farnham 24 May
1832; of Wadham College, Oxford,
matriculated 24 January 1850, aged
17, B.A. 1854, M.A. 1857, sometime
Rector of Frome Vauchurch cum
Batcombe, co. Dorset, and afterwards
Vicar of Stonehouse and Maker, co.
Devon ; died at Teignmouth co.
Devon, 6 November, bur. at Farnham
10 November 1888.


Isaac Knowles Glaze-
brook, born 15 March,
bapt. at Grappenhall 20
June 1834; died unmarr.
12 November 1863, bur.
at Beechworth, Australia.

Elizabeth, bapt.

Mary Hall.


Catharine Hall, marr. at
Wallasey, co. Chester, 19
April 1866, Tertius Joynson
of Longview, Liscard, co.
Chester (son of Thomas
Joynson of Longview, Lis-
card, by Isabella his wife,
dau. of Samuel Mead of
Liverpool) ; born at Liverpool
I May 1843, bapt. at Walla-
sey 16 July 1870; J. P. for
CO. Chester. =7=

(See Joy nso7i Pedigree, Vol.11.,
page 55-)

Henry George Twanbrook Glazebrook of Simcoe,=
Norfolk, Ontario, Canada; born 16 October 1845;
of Magdalen Hall, Oxford, matriculated 23 May
1866, aged 20, B.A. of Hertford College 1874.

=Louisa Russel, only child of Ehzabeth Har-

Commander Russel Patey, greaves, died

R.N., of Great Canford, unmarr. in Sep-

Wimborne, co. Dorset. tember 1862.


George Russel Glazebrook, born 19 Harold Patey Glazebrook, born 30 Ethel Mary, died in

October 1878. December 1885. infancy.

Constance Patey born 20 June Louisa Gertrude, died in infancy. Beatrice, died in

1882. infancy.

John Kirkland Glazebrook, born 15 July,=Marie Allen
bapt. at St. James', Latchford, co. Chester, of Chiches-
5 September 1784; a Lieut, in the Local ter, marr. 13
Militia, and afterwards a Lieut, in the April 1807.
Army; died s.p. 6 December 1808.

Elizabeth, born 11 February, bapt.
at St. James', Latchford 12 March
1786; died 22 May, bur. in Old St.
James' Churchyard 24 May 1788.

Henry Glaze-=
of Liverpool
and Birkdale,
CO. Lane, after-
wards of Oxton,
CO. Chester ;
bom 18 June,
bapt. at St.
James', Latch-
ford, 27 June
1808: died at
Oxton 18 April,
bur. at Walla-
sey, CO. Chester,
22 April 1881.

=Amelia, 2nd
dau. ofihomas
Forbes Wal-
misley of West-
minster ; born
25 July, bapt.
at St. Mary
Newington, co.
Surrey, 23 Au-
gust 1816 ;
marr. at St.
John's, West-
minster 23
April 1847.

Sarah Barlow, dau. of=pEdvvard Glaze-=j=Ann, 3rd dau. of

Rev. John Collins, M.A.
Vicar of Frodsham, co.
Chester, and widow of
Henry Fawcett, Barrister-
at-Law ; marr. at Bebing-
ton, CO. Chester, 3 Oct.
1848; died, aged 35, 8
Feb., bur. at Wallasey 14
Feb. 1S54. ist wife.

brook ofOxton,
born 24 Oct.
1809 ; bapt.
at St. James",
Latchford, 23
July 1 81 2; died
25 Jan., bur.
at Llanrydd,
North Wales,
29 Jan. i88c.


Captain Henry
Farrer of Scaleby
Hall, near Car-
lisle; born 8 June,
bapt. at Kirklin-
ton, CO. Cumber-
land, 21 Sept.
1 830 ; marr. 1 2
Sept. 1855. 2nd

Edward Collins Glazebrook of Australia, born 30 Oct., bapt
at St. Mary's, Birkenhead, co. Chester, 3 Dec. 1849.

Thomas Kirkland Glazebrook, born 19 Nov. 1851, bapt. at
Seaforth, co. Lane, 31 May 1852 ; died 29 Oct., bur. at
Knotty Ash, co. Lane, 31 Oct. 1862.

Mary Twanbrook, born 25 Oct. 1852, bapt. at Seaforth 30
August 1853.


Henry Newton Glazebrook,
born I March 1852 ; died
14 September, bur. at St.
Mary's, Bootle, co. Lane, 18
September 1873.

Amelia Elizabeth, bapt. at St.
Jamas', Birkdale, co. Lane,
23 May 1859.

Dorothy Mary, bapt. at St.
James', Birkdale, 23 May

i . . .

James Francis Walmisley=pLeila Mary, dau. of Alexander Geddes
of Liverpool, and Elizabeth (Welsh)
his wife ; born at Bootle 6 November
1864, bapt. at Trinity Presbyterian
Church, Claughton, Birkenhead, 3
February 1882 ; marr. there 25 March

Glazebrook, born 23 Sep-
tember 1855, bapt. at St.
James', Birkdale, 23 May
1859 ; a Captain in the
Merchant Service.

i I

Dorothy May, born at Winder- Francis Henry Glazebrook,

mere, co. Westmoreland, i May, born 2 October, bapt. at

bapt. at the English Church, Rue St. John's, Windermere, 10

de Mexico, Havre, 12 June 1892. December 1893.

Dorothy Kirkland.

Thomas Twan-
brook Glazebrook
of New Brighton,
CO. Chester, born
I October 1843,
bapt. at Grappen-
hall, CO. Chester,
7 January 1844.

William Hall Glazebrook=
of Liverpool, born 18
September 1846, bapt.
at Wallasey 19 Novem-
ber 1847.

:Charlotte Carnegy, dau. of
JohnSpence, M.D.,ofEdin-
burgh, and widow of Grove
Rowson Berry ofNewBrigh-
ton ; marr. at St. Mary's,
Plympton, co. Devon, 13
July 1876.

William Twanbrook Glazebrook,
bom I May, bapt. at St. John's,
Tue Brook, co. Lane, 4 July


Hannah Byrth, marr.
at St. Mary's, Plymp-
ton, CO. Devon, 13
July 1876, Rev.
Edward Warwick
Jelinger Symons,
born 29 Nov. 1848;
B.A. 1868, L. Th.
Durham 1869, Vicar
of Doddington, co.

Ill I

John Kirkland Glazebrook, born 7 Dec. Nicholas Smith=

1 8 10, and bapt. privately the same day; Glazebrook of

died 23 March 181 1. Hayman's Green,

— West Derby, co.

Francis Kirkland Glazebrook of Oporto, Lane, Surgeon,

Portugal; born 17 Jan., bapt. at St. born 12 August,

James', Latchford, co. Chester, 23 July bapt. at St.

181 2 ; died unmarr. at Oporto 12 Jan. James', Latch-

1846, bur. in the Protestant burial ford, i November

ground there. 1814.

Elizabeth, of Southport, co. Lane. ; born
3 Feb. 18 1 3, bapt. privately the next
day; died unmarr. at Southport 4 June,
bur. in the cemetery there 7 June 1889.

=Sarah Anne,
dau. of Richard
Tetley of Free-
mont. West
Derby ; born
18 June 1826,
marr. at West
Derby 21 Sep-
tember 1853.

William Glazebrook,
sometime of South-
port, afterwards of
Portmadoc, North
Wales; born 31
August 18 1 5, bapt.
at St. James',
Latchford, 4 June
181 7; died unmarr.
at Portmadoc 30
December 1893,
bur. there 4 Jan-
uary 1894.

Richard Tetley=
Glazebrook of Cam-
bridge, F.R.S. ; born
at West Derby 18
Sept., bapt. at the
Parish Church there
24 Oct. 1854; Fel-
low of Trinity Col-
lege, Cambridge,
B.A. 1876, M.A.

=Frances Gertrude, Sarah Elizabeth, marr. at West Derby Parish Church
3rd dau. of John i July 1885, Rev. James Butterwick of The Hermitage,
William Atkinson Welbeck, co. Nottingham ; bom at Wiggenhall St. Mary
of St. John's, Ilkley, Magdalen, co. Norfolk, 9 Sept. 1849, bapt. there pri-
co. York ; born 30 vately the next day ; of Clare College, Cambridge,
May, bapt. at St. B.A. 1877, M.A. 1881 ; Domestic Chaplain to the
George's, Leeds, 2 7 Duke of Portland at Welbeck, and Vicar of Carburton,
June 1858; marr. at co. Nottingham. =p

St. Margaret's, Ilk- /|^

ley, 28 June 1883.

Francis Kirkland Glazebrook of Liverpool; bom at
West Derby 9 June, bapt. there 30 July 1857.

Gertrude Ethel, born 14 May, bapt.
at All Saints', Cambridge, 11 June

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