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Coleridge on the Greek Classics, 15 —

quot^i, 17.
Cooper, The Brayo, a Tale, 146.
Coronal ; a Collection of Miscellany

ous Pieces, 221.
Cotton Gin, invention of, 327.
CtM y Soler, editor of Reyista Bimes-

tre Cubana, 1761.
CtUler, President of Tale College, 3.


Dagget, President of Tale College, 7.

Danes and Normans, History ol, 245
et seq.

DanU, first commentary on, rare edi-
tion of, 344.

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ments, and Office and Duty of
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Ikty, President of Tale College, 9.

Days of Childhood, 260.

Dume, History of Scituate, 72.

Delectus Senlentiarum Grsc., 339.

Demonology, Ghosts, and ApparitionS|

D'Homergue and Duponceau, Essays
on American Silk, 230.

Dictionary, English, Webster's Com-
pendious, 93 — by an American
gentleman, 94 — by J. £. Worces-
ter, 95, 100, 101.

Doane, A. Sidney, translation of
Scouttetten's work on the Cholera,

Domestic Chemist, 430.

Dndghl, President of Tale College, 8.

jDvmocA, Abridgment of Ains worth's
Dictionary, 7U.

jDlmep^ Forestalled, or Lectures on
Diet, Regimen, and Employment,

EgUcHc Raviewy 83.

Farmer, John, Edition of Belknap's
History of New Hampshire, 437.

Feather stonhaugh, Monthly American
Journal of Geology and Natural
Science, 407.

FeUtham, Owen, Resolyes, Ac., re-
viewed, 451.

Fenehn, Treatise on Education of
Daughters, translated from the
French, 857 — Dialogues on £lo>
quence, 423.

Field, American School Geoffraphy.
340. B y jf

Fisk, Grammar of the Greek Lan-
guage and Greek Exercises, 238.

Fitzgerald, Lord Edward, Life and
Death of, by Thomas Moore, 50.

FoUen, Inaugural Discourse, 104.

FowU, Wm. B., French First Claa».
Book, 513.

Fox, T. B., Oration at the Centennial
Celebration of the Birth-day of
Washington, 392.

Freeholder, Appeal to the People of
the United States, 256.

Frost, History of Ancient and Mod-
ern Greece, 189.

Fuller, Holy and Profane Stote, 27.

G. *

Gannett, Address before the Boston
Sunday School Society, 171.

Gettgrapky, American School, 340.

Ge^ogy and Mineralogy of Noya Sco-
tia, 398 — Geology and Natural
Science, Journal of, 407.

German language and literature, 104
— German literature and English
compared, 107 et seq.

Gesture, Practical Treatise on, 372.

Qibbs*s Hebrew Lexicon, mUwad,
12, 256.

Digitized by



Lidex to Volume L

Oodmany J. D., Ameriean Nataral
History, 317.

Gospel History, Extracts from, with
Reflections, &c., 425.

Graeter, German and English Phra-
se*, 340. , _^

Grmtiinar, Hebrew, 12 — Greek, 238
— English, 376.

GranvUU, A. B., Catechism of Facts,
&c. respecting the Nature, &c. of
Cholera, 382.

Grayt F. C, Oration on the Hun-
dredth Anniversary of the Birth-
day of Washington, 392.

Greece, History of. Ancient and Mod-
ern, 189.

Greek Classics, Introduction to, 14.

Greanoood, Liturgy for the Use of
King's Chapel, 78.

Griffins Remains, reviewed, 19 — his
poems, 19— his tour through Italy
and Switzerland, 19 et seq. — tour
through France, England, and Scotr
land, 22— lectures at Columbia
College, 23.

GrigithjEi. E., Edition of Ryan's Med-
ical Jurisprudence, with Motes and
Additions, 440.

GrimlU, Address at Sunday School
Jubilee, 77.


Ball, Child's Instructer, 261.

Harvard University Library, 263, 433.

Uerschdl, John J. F., Discourse on
the Study of Natural Philosophy,
54 — Dr., description of, 416.

Hildreth, View of the United States,
342— Abridged History of the Uni-
ted States- Sequel to the View, 342.

HisUnieal Society , Maine, Collections
of, 223.

History, United States, abridged, 342.

Hitchcock, Lectures on Diet, Regi-
men, and Employment. 198.

Holbrook, J. and Others, Scientific
Tracts, 310.

Hospital, Lunatic, at Worcester, 395.

Hunt, Address before Societies of the
University of Nashville, 77.

Jackson, C. T., and Alger Fr., Winer-
aloffy and Geology of Nova Scotia,

John, Biblical Archaeology, English
translation of, by Thomas C. Up-
ham, 482.

Johnson, Method of Acquiring a Full
Knowledge of the English Lan-
guage, 172.

Jones, .\ew Conversations on Chem-
istry, 65.

Junius, Letters on, by Isaac Newhall
— Essay on, by B. Waterhouse*
reviewed, 33.

Juvenal, Satires of, 304 — Note to the
same, 343.

Kater and Lardner, Treatise on Me>
chanics, 55.

Kent, Address before the Phi Beta
Kappa Society, New Haven, 1, 11.

Kitchener, Directions for Invigorating
and Prolonging Life, &c., 286.

Knapp, Lectures of Christian Theol-
ogy, 212.

Kmght, H. C, Lectures and Sermonsj

Knowledge for the People, or Why
and Because, 142 et seq.

Lee, Polyglot Bible, 83.
Lab, Lecture on Scientific Educa-
tion, 258.
LeighUm, Archbishop, Works, edited

by G. B. Cheever, with a Life, dws.

of the same, 360.
Lempriere^ Bibliotheca Classica, 475.
Lezerett, edition of Juvenal and Per-

sius, 304 — Note on the same, 343.
Lewis's Poems, reviewed, 42.
Lexicography, English, in the United

States, 93 et seq.
Lexicon, Hebrew, 12, 256.
Library of Old English Prose Writen,

24, 227, 451.
Ubrary of Select Novels, 459.
Library of Usefiil Knowledge, the

American, Vols. I, II, III, 53.
Ubrary of Harvard University —

books pertaining to America in —

need of a new building for, 263 —

additions to, 433.
Lieber, Encyclopsedia Americana, 322.
Lindley, John, Introduction to the

Natural System of Botany, 512.
Literary Intelligence, 83, 176, 263,

344, 430.
Lunatic Hospital at Worcester, 396.


MackadOi Theory of RMemblanoM,

Digitized by


Index to Volume L


Maine Historical Society, CollectioiiB
of, 223.

Malta, account of, 119 et seq.

Muhanicsy 1 reatiae on, by Kater and
Lardner. 55.

Medical Juriepradence, Ryan's Man-
ual of, 446.

Mineralogy and Geology of Nova Sco-
tia, 3Uti.

Moore, Thomas, Life and Death of
Lord Edward Fitzgerald, 50.

Morris, Gouverneur, Life, Correspon-
dence, and Miscellaneous Papers
of, 487.

MitUcr. Universal History, ^5.

MVickar, Memoir of the Rev. £. D.
Griffin, 19.

JVoteroZ Theologv, Catechism of, 114.
Natural Philosophy, Introduction to,

J^atural History of the Globe, 3 1 2.
Ktgris, Modern Greek Proverbs, B4.
JfewhaU, Letters on Junius, reviewed,

JV«to Hanmshire, Belknap's History

of, by John Farmer, with Correc«

tions and Additions, 437.
JiichoU, Catechism of Natural The-
ology, 114.
Northmen, or the Danes and Normans,

History of, 245 et seq.
JVbiMt Seotiaf Mineralogy and Geology

of, 396.
Novels, Select. Library of, 459.
Jfoyes's Translation of the Psalms, 31.
JitUl^ation, State, discussed, review

of, 168.
JiuttaU, Ornithology of the United

Steles and Canada, 320.


OberUnf John F., Memoirs of^ with an
Introduction by the Amencan Edi-
tor, 469.

Ogilby, J. D., and L. L. Da Ponte.
edition of Lempriere's Classical
Dictionary, 475.

Old English Prose Writers, Library
of, reviewed, Vols. I and II, 24 —
Vol. 111,227— Vol. IV. 451.

Olmsted f Introduction to Natural Phi-
losophy, 162.

Memoir of the Life of Eli

Whitney, 327.

Ormikohgffi^ the United States and

Canada, Manual of,390— Omitbo-
logical Biography, or an Account
of the Habits, &c. of the Birds of
the United Stetes, 349 et seq.


Parsons, Directions for making Ana-
tomical Preparations, reviewed, 63.

Pearl, an Annual for 1832, 157.

Perry, M. S., First Book of the Fine
and Useful Arts. 407.

Persius, Satires of, 304.

Ponte, L. L. Da, and J. D. Ogilby.
edition of Lempriere's Classical
Dictionary, 475.

Power y Thomas, Secrecy, a Poem,413.

Prose Writers, Library of the Old
English, reviewed. Vols. I and 11,
24 — VoL III, 227 — VoL IV, 451.

Psalms, Translation of, by G. R.
Noyes, 31.

nalegh, Sir Walter, account of, 122 et

Reinhard, Plan of the Founder of

Christianity, 291.
Revista Bimestre Cubana, 176.
Reniew Encyclop^dique, 176 et seq.
Ripley, H. J., Edition of Campbell's

Lectures, and Fenelon's Dialogues

on Eloquence, 423.
Ripperda, Monument in honor of, at

Harlem, 86.
Rose, Translation of Sallust, 181.
Rossi^ on the defect called Squinting,

Rotteek, Universal History, 177.
Ryan, Michael, Manual of Medical

Jurisprudence, 446.


SaUust, Anthon's edition, 181 — trans-
lation of, by William Rose, 188.

Sartori, Historical and Ethnographi-
cal View of Scientific Cultivation,
&c. in Austria, 84.

Sdtuate, History of, by S. Deane, 72.

Selden, Table Talk, ^.

Scott, Sir Walter, Autobiofiraphy of,
2(i9. ^ '

ScouUetten, Proressor, Medical and
Topographical History of Cholera,

Sidney, Sir Philip, Defence of Poesy,
character of it and of the aathor,

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iidex to Volume L

MiOmim, Elements of Chemistry, 199

— Life of Eli Whitney, from the
Scientific Journal of, 3»S.

9Uk^ culture of, 230 et eeq.

SmUh, Elements of Algebra, 159.

SnelUng, W. J., Truth, a Gift for
Scribblers, 408.

SeciUiffoT Promotinff Useful Know-
ledge, Boston, publications of, 54.

Spar/tM, Jared, Life, Correspondence,
&c. of Gouverneur. Morris, 487.

SUamM, Summary of the Law and
Practice of Real Actions, 164.

Sterling, J. W., translation of the Re-
port of the French Royal Academy
of Medicine upon the Cholera, 381.

Stiles, President of Yale College, 7 —
Holmes's Life of, 8.

Stitkj Mrs., Thoughts on Female Ed-
ucation, 256.

Story, iudge, Discourse before the
Boston Mechanic's Institution, 54

— Address at the Dedication of the
Cemetry at Mount Auburn, 73 —
Commentaries on the Law of Bail-
ments, 3S9.

Stuart, Hebrew Gramxmur and Chre»-
tomathy, 12.

SulUvan, Political Class Book, and
Moral Class Book, reyiewed, 58 —
Disooune before the Boston Mer-
cantile Association, 839.

Sumner, General, Address to Charlee-
town Artillery Company, 259.

Swedenborgf Li& and Writings of, 134


Tbyler, O. A., Translation ef Rein-
hard on Christianity, 291.

Tkackerf J., Demonology, Ghosts,
and Apparitions, dbc., 140.

l%acker, Judge, Charge to the Grand
Jury ofSuSblk, 336.

Thomeon, Memoirs of the Life of
Sir Walter Ralegh, 128.

limbs, Knowledge for the People, 142.

Token, aa Annual for 1832, 154.

Torrey, John, edition of Lindley's
Botany, with an Appendix, 512.

TriaU of a School Girl, 260.

Truth, a Gift for Scribblers, 408.

IVyon County, Annals of, 282 et seq.

Tucker, Light of Nature Pursued, 102.

Tuekennanj Ei^kth Report of his Ser-
yices as Minister at iiurge, in Bos-
ton, 170.


United States, View of, 342-^ Alrndg-
ed History of, 342.

Uphamy C. W., Lectures on Witch-
craft, 140.

Upkam, Th. C, translation of Jahn's
Biblical Archieology, 482.


Vernon^ Treatise on the Mulberry
Tree and Silk Worms, abridged
from De la Brousse, 230.


Wakefield, Facts on Punishment of
Death, 84.

Water house, Essay on Junius, review-
ed, 33 — Note on tlie same, 175.

Waverleu Autograph MSS., 84.

Webber, Introduction to English Gram-
mar, 376.

Webster, Daniel, Speeches and Foren-
sic Arguments oi, 67 — Remarks on
Life and Writings of, 68.

Webster, Noah, Compendious Diction-
ary, 93 — larsre quarto Dictionary,
96 et seq. — his abridgment of the
same, lUO.

Wheaton, History of the NorthmenJM5.

Whitnewy Eli, Memoir of the Utt of,

WUlis's Poem before the United Broth-
ers at Brown Uniyersity, &e. 216.

Wirt, Wm., Letters of the British Spy,
463 — Bioflrraphical Sketch of, ibtd.

Woodruff l\>ur to Malta, Greece,
Asia Minor, &c., Il6.

Woods f L. J., translation of Knapp'a
Lectures on Christian Theology,

Worcester f 1. £., Dictionary of the
English Language, 93, 101 -;- edi-
tion of Todd's Johnson as abridged
by Chalmers, 95 — Abridgment of
Webster's Dictionary, 100.

Worcester, Samuel, lliird Book for
Reading and Spelling, dtc., 425.

Worcester, 8. T., Sequel to the Spel-
fing Book, 426.

WorA of Truth, 259.

Wright, Natural History of the Globe,
from Bufibn and others, 312.


YaU College, Annala of, 1.


Zeuner, Church Music, lA

Digitized by






Sto&t, LL. D., Dane Professor of Law in Harvard University.

" This work was prepared by the author, in the discharge of his duties as Daoe
Professor of Law in Harvard University. It is a systematic treatise upon the whole
law of Baiimeots, comprising the law of Deposits, of Mandates, of Gratuitous Loans,
of Pawns and Pledges, of Letting to Hire, and of Carriage for Hire. Under the last
head, there is a full exposition of the rights and duties of Common Carriers by land
and water, of Coach Proprietors, and of Passenger Packet Ships. Each subject
ilbrms a distinct and independent treatise. The whole of the Roman Civil Law and
the law of the principal Slates of Continental Europe, upon the same sutject, is also
presented in the text, as well where they differ from, as where they agree with
the Common Law } so that each forms a perpetual commentary illustrative of the
other. The substance of all the beautiful treatises of Poihier and Domat on the
same topics is incorporated ; so as in a great measure, if not altogether, to supersede
the necessity of consulting the originals. The Scottah Law, as it stands in the
works of Erskine and Bell, and the modem Law of France in the Napoleon Code,
are brought under review j and thus will supply to the American Law- Student a
ready means of comparing the principles and practice of most of the commercial
natioDfl in the present timei."




By Thomas Nuttall, A. M., F. L. S., &c. '

The Land Birds.

By J. R0WBOTJIA.M. First American EUlition, with Alterations and
Additions, by F. M. J. Surault, Teacher of French in Harvard


Tbe present Grammar has been selected from many in use both in England .and
Ibis conniry, and prepared to meet the wants of such young persons as are studying
French in our schools and colleges. The grammars most frequently used in such
institutions, it may be safely said, have been found very imperfectly fitted for those

Digitized by

Google —

Books Lately PubUshed by HiUiard 4* Brown,

to whom they were giv«n j ^— L^vizac's, for iiwtance, being crowded with phQosophi-
cal and metaphysical discussions, which are embarrassing in themselves, and have
little or no practical value ; and Waiiostrocht's being confused, awkward, and ill-
arranged. The merits, which led to the selection of the present work for the stu-
dents of Harvard College, are its clearness, simplicity, and accuracy ; its excellent
divisions and disposition ; and its practical character throughout. The separation oi
the Accidence from the Syntax ; the shortness and plainness of the rules } the abun-
dance and aptness of the examples ; the clear manner in which the verbs, and espe-
cially the irregular verbs, are exhibited j the large amount of the exercises, with their
obvious application } and the direct tendency of the whole to produce a habit of
speaking the language, will, it is believed, recommend it for general use before any
one now given to the same class of pupils.


Addressed to those who are seekiBg to lead a Religious Life. By

Henrt Ware, jun., Professor of Eloquence aod the Pestoral Care

in Harvard University. Seventh Edition.

" It is one of the most difficult offices of the teachers of religion to make mterestin^
and forcible its simplest and most frequently repeated instructions; or, as an Apostle
expresses it, * to make manifeslaiion of the truth.' He that does this, is wise to win
souls. It is done, we think, with great felicity in this little book } and for the success^
with which we hope it may be followed, we heartily commend it the blessing of God,
and to the hearts of all for whom it may be designed." — Christian ExAnbitr far
July, 1831.

<< This is, m no sense, a polemical work \ it eaters into no discossion of doctrinal
points, but assuming that those for whom it is intended are disciples of Christ by pro-
fession, and strive to be so in practice, it sets forth, in a series of well arranged and
well connected argumenU, the motives for, and the means of, religious improvement.
No one reading these chapters in the spirit and purpose in which Abey . seem to be
written, can ^, we should think, to be edified by their earnest and eloquent admo-
nitions and suggestions." — New York American,

** This a very good practical book. It comes to the pomt at once. There is
nothing metaphysical or unintelligible about it. It is common sense, and strong
sense throughout.'' — CvncimuUti American,

Esq. ; with a Life of the Author, by Sir H. P. St. John Mlldmat,
Bart M. P. Prom the Second London Edition.

Priee, neatly bound in full cloth $10. The two last copte. of the London edition soU by

anction in Bwton, brought, the one $35, and the other e43-50.

«« Whoever is desirous of studying the science of morals thoroughly, will do well
to consult Tucker's Liglit of Nature, a work which, after much consideration, I think
myself authorized to call the most original and profound that has ever appeared on
Moral PhUoiophy," — Sir James MackUUash on ths St^tdy of the Law of Nature and

Nations, .m. . i.

« I hear with concern that the woyks df this admiiabte writer [Tucker] are.yeiy
scarce, and therefore I shall not apologiae for uf\e and freqaaot quoiaUoni" —
Dr Parr, Notes on SpUal Sermon, ,

«» We welcome the first American edition of thU cunous, entertaining, and, m
many respects, valuable work, [Tucker's Light of Nature.]. The author's acknowl-
edged abiUty, the wide range given to his thoughts, the ^^^^resung and pi^Ucai
character of many of his topics, and the sprighlhness and broad *»«»?' J2J«*»,J^™
his speculations even on topics the driest and most abstruse, make »t^f«»t toij^-
count for the fact, that he has not been more generally known and rewl. -^Um^
tian Examiner for January , 1882. ,

Digitized by






Biblia S»ora Polygklta Bsgateiisna. folio.

Biblia JSebraica. R. Stepheoo Editore. 6 vols. .'18mo.

Biblia Sacra Polyglotta. Piantini. «« The Antwerp Polyglot*^ S vela.

Yetus Te8taaMntum,iiitVentone Septnaguaita Iot0rpi6tuiDy.aiiBMBacnca

edidit J. J. Broitingerus. 4 vols. 4to.
Vetus Testamentum. Edidit D. Millius. 2 vols. 12mo.
Novum Testamentum. Ed. Koppiane. 10 vola. 8vo.
Bibiia Hebraica. Ed. Yander Hooght. 8vo.

Do. Do. Ed. Hahn. 1831. 8vo.
Calmet*8 Dictionary of the Bible. 5 yola. 4to.
Robinson's Theological Dictionary. 8va
Burnet's Hbtory of the Reformation. Dr. Nare's edition; with 29

Tucker's Light of Nature. Cpniplete in 4 vols. 8vo.
ShafUbury's Characteristics. 3 vols.
Bishop Berkeley's Works. 3 vols. 8vo.
Hume's Essays. 2 vols. 8yo.
RosenmQller Scholia in Vet Test 20 vols. 8wk

Do. Do. Nov. Test ^vols. 8vo.

Eichknn's EinleituBg in das.Alte Testament 5 vols. 890.

Do. Do. Neoe Testament 3 vds. %^<k

Griesbachii Simbole Critics. 2 vols. 12mo.
Schleusneri Thesaurus in N. T. 5 vols. 8vo»

Do. Do. N. T. 2 vols. 8vo.

Wakefield on St Matthew. 4to.
Buder's Horn Biblics. 2 vols. 8vo.
Locke's Common-Place Book of the Bible. 8vo.
Mosheim's Ecclesiastical History. 6 vols. 8vo. London.
Priestley's Church History. 6 vols. 8vo.
Lowth's Isaiah. 8vo.
Blaney's Jeremiah. 8vo.
Newcome's Ezekiel. 4to.
Dr. Parr's Sermons. 6 vol 8vo.

Do. Life, by Johnson. 2 vols. 8vo.
Bibliotheca Parriana. 8vo.
The Complete Works of Lardner. 10 vols. 8va

Do. Do. Locke. 10 vols. 8va

Do. Do. Bacon. 10 vols. 8vo.

Do. Do. Dr. Johnson. 12 vols. Svo.

Do. Do. Du^ald Stuart 7 vols. 8vo.

Do. Do. Bishop Butler. 2 vols. 8va

Do. Do. Barrow. 7 vols. 8vo.

Do. Do. Sherlock. 5 vols. 8vo.

Do. Do. Toplady. 6 vols. 8vo.

Do. Do. Burke. 7 vols. 8vo.


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Google ^

Vnluabk Books for Sale hy Hilliard 4* Brinon.

16 vols. 8vo-





13 vols.' 8^0.

aSvok. 8va

R^puA Aistory of England. 16 vols. 8vo.
Huxne'9, Smollett's, and BIssett's History, of England.
Lingard'6 History of England. 12'vo]b. 8vo.
Edifibturffh Review, from the commencement 51 vols.
Quarter^ Review, * ** ** 42 vols.

Westminster Review, ***** ISvois.

Retrospective Review, «« . « 32 vols.

Edinburgh Annual Register, from the eommencement
North ^orican Review, ** **

Chnstian J)isciple. Complete. 11 vols. 8vo. '
Theological Repository. Complete. 4 vols. 8va.
MassAGhusettff 'Historical Society's Collections. Ist and 2d Series,

Paris Editions ofihe CompUie Works of
Pascal. 5- vols. 8vo. — Marmontel. 7 vols. 8vo. — Racine. 7 vols. 8vo.
Moliere. 8 vols. 8vo. — Boileau. 2 vols. 8vo. — Voltaire. 72 vols. 8va
Rosseau. 20 vols. — Montesquieu. 6 vols. — De StaeL J4 vols.
La Harpe, Cours de Litt^rature. 16 vols. — &o.
German EdUums of

Schiller's Works. 12 vols. 8vo. — Tiek's. 15 vols.
Herder's. 60 vols. 24mo. — Goethe's. 40 vols. 24mo. — &e

Rdlian EdUians of
Dante. — also Bia^oli's do.

Boccaccia — also lioadon ed., 1757, with numerous plates. 5 vols.
Da da Ugo Foscolo's edition, printed bv Pickering.. Plates.
Tasso. 2 vols. — Petrarca. 2 vols. — Do. Biagoli^ 2 vols. 8vo.
Ariosto. 6 vols. — MontL — Majchiavelli. 2 vols. 4to. — Da 3 vols.
24mo. — &c.

SpamM Editions qf

Don Quixole, Pellicer's. 5 vols.—- Gil Bias. 4 vols.

La Araucana* 4 vols.

Garcilaso de la Vega, Historia de la Florida. 4 vols.— Lope de Vega.

Qoevedo. — Melendez. — Luis de Leon. — Carpio. — &c

H. ds B. have for sale a collection of Books in the various depart-
ments of learning, compirsing from 10,000 to 15,000 volumes, selected
within the last twenty years, almost wholly with reference to the
wants of the students and residents in Harvard University. Among them
may be fbund many of the Standard Works in Theology and Law ; the
best editions of the Greek and Latin authors; Standard Works in the
modern languages of the Continent of Europe ; and a better collection
of works in English literature than can be 'found elsewhere in America.
Orders from gentlemen who may b^ forming libraries are respectfully

.^nH, 1^2. ' . : '< '

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