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Rev. Joseph M. Finotti,

Jlemler of tJie JTevj Migland Historic- Genealogical- Society,
fim&rican Jfuviismatic Society, Sj'c,


Early American Kewspapers; Local Histories ; Indians and
Indian Languages ; Early Catholic Imprints ; Jesuit
Relations ; Catholic Almanacs ; Early Bibles ;
Brownson's Eevibw ; Encyclopedia Britan-
nic a ; Appleton's Encyclopedia, New
Edition; Charlevoix's "New France;
Martin's Louisiana; Robin's Travels ; Large
number of Pamphlkts ; Works relatiig to America
and especially to the Catholic Cliurch in the U. S., many
of them with Autograph Letters and Newspaper Cuttings.


Silyer MM of CHARLES:CARROLL, ot Carrollloii.



OCTOBER 16th, 17th and 18th, 1879,


739 & 741 BROADWAY, In'EW YORK.



1879 ■ • '


Beins an "- Executor s Sale" the books will be sold
with all faults^ errors, etc. Where defects have been
fo2md, they have been stated.

Gentlemen unable to attend the Sale may have

their orders to purchase attended to., by the Auctioneers ;

Dr. J. G. Shea, 53 Park Place ; or by E. W. Nash, 80
Nassau Street.

E, W. Nash will undertake the Cataloguing and
Sale of Libraries attd Parcels of Books.




'Rev. Joseph M. 'Finotti,

Member of the New England Historic-Genealogical
Society, American Numismatic Society, &c.

On THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16th, 1879,


BA.NaS & CO.

739 & 741 BROADWAY,




The Rev. Joseph M. FiNOTTi,whose library is here catalogued,
was a native of Italy, born on the 21st of Sept., 1818. His
family was a distinguished one, his father being a Judge, stern
and severe, not over indulgent to the youthful sallies of his son.
He was placed in a Jesuit College in the northern part of the
Papal States, and almost from the first evinced a desire to enter
the Order. At the age of fifteen, while in the class of Rhetoric,
he applied to the Provincial of the Jesuits, at Rome, for admis-
sion, his father consenting to the step. He was received Oct.
26, 1833. While still a scholastic he was sent to the United
States, and attached to Georgetown College. He was ordained
priest in August, 1847, in the chapel of the Visitation Convent,
Georgetown, by Archbishpp Eccleston, and was stationed at
Frederick, Md., where, besides his duties in the Academy, he
attended on Sundays, Liberty, Maryland Tract, and another
mission. After a second period of college life he was sent to
Alexandria in 1849, and for three years had charge of a mission
comprising Prince George's Co., Md., and a tract of a hundred
miles in Virginia. In the former part he erected a little church
dedicated to St. Ignatius.

He left Virginia in 1852, intending to return to Italy, but at
Boston, was induced to remain by Bishop Fitzpatrick, as one of
the curates of the Cathedral, a position which he occupied till
Dec. 6, 1856. During this period he contracted a paralytic
affection, caused by bad drainage, which made much of his
remaining life a long agony. He felt the first symptoms as he
was leaving the Cholera Hospital, Fort William, in July, 1854.

His energy was not damped however. With the opening of
the. year 1855, he assumed also the administration of Brookline
and Brighton, there being a church at the former place just
erected, and a hay loft at the latter as the only available room
for chapel purposes. But he erected a church there, and when
it was destroyed by fire, rebuilt it and left to his successor in
July, 1870, a flock of iioo people.

His health had failed so that he resigned, but recovering to
some extent took charge of the parish of Arlington, extending
his labors to Lexington.

Being a man of literary tastes, he for many years wrote the

reviews and book notices of the " Boston Pilot," showing ability
and strict impartiality. He also translated a Month of Mary,
the Spirit of St. Francis de Sales, and other works. Having a
taste for numismatics he made a very fine collection of coins and
medals which was subsequently disposed of by Mr. Woodward.
He then began to collect a library of works relating to the
history of the Catholic Church in the United States, and
especially the earliest Catholic imprints. Collecting notes
as to such books and their authors, he gathered a large amount
of material which he embodied in his " Bibliotheca Catholica
Americana" (New York, 1872), in which he gives titles of all
known books and pamphlets by members of his communion,
printed in this country down to 1820.

Finding that his strength was unequal to parish duties he
resolved to retire to some ecclesiastical institution, and in the
Spring of 1876 proceeded to the Seminary of Mount St. Mary's
of the West, near Cincinnati, but soon accepted an invitation to
Omaha, where a new college was about to be organized. He
did not remain long, however, as in a few months he joined
Bishop Macheboeuf at Denver, Colorado. The climate there
proved invigorating, and he resumed mission duty with such
renewed zeal that in a few months he accepted the pastoral
charge of Central City. He labored here zealously, employing
his leisure in literary works, till December, 1878, when while
returning from a station where he had said mass, he slipped and
fell on the ice, receiving a shock from which his body, weakened
by infirmities and labor, had not vital force to rally. He sank
gradually and died January nth, 1879.

His library as a collection is a peculiar one. The part bear-
ing on the Church of which he was a zealous clergyman,
especially the works printed in the last and early in the present
century, as well as his collection of newspapers and periodicals,
it would be almost impossible to get together again, certainly not
without great patience, time and expense; yet to form any ade-
quate idea of the progress of that element in this country, many
are invaluable. Up to this time, however, such books have
been so generally disregarded that few can be found in any of|
our public libraries or even the collections of scholars, and
opportunities like the present will rarely occur.

A curious work on Wizard Clip, Va., going through the press
at the time of his death, has since appeared. J. G. S.


BKIDGMENT of the Christian Doctrine. Print-
ed for the Use of the Blind. Oblong 4to, paper

PUla. 1866

1* Academy of Design, National. Ceremonies on Laying
the Corner-Stone, and Inauguration. Royal 8vo,
uncut N. Y. 1865

2 AcHiLLi, G. Dealings with the Inquisition. 12mo,

cloth Lond. 1851

3 The same. 12mo, cloth N. Y. 1851

4 Acta et Decreta Sacrosancti et CEcumenici Concilii

Yaticani, 8 Dec, 1869. 8vo, morocco

Friburgi Bri^gomcB, 1871

5 Acta Sanctse Sedis in Compendium Opportune Redac-

ta et Ulustrata. Yols 1 to 5 in half roan ; 6, 7 and
8 unbound. 8 vols, 8vo BomcB^ 1865-'74

6 Adams, J. Q. Oration on Laying the Corner Stone of

Astronomical Observatory, 10th Nov., 1843. 8vo,
morocco Cin. 1843

Autograph of Louisa Catherine Adams.

7 Dermot MacMorrogh ; or, the Conquest of Ire-
land. 8vo, paper Bost. 1832

Jubilee of the Constitution ; or, Oration on

50th Anniversary of Inauguration of Washington.
Yiew of City Hall, 1789. 8vo, paper N. Y. 1839
9 Adams, W. Flowers of Modern Yoyages and Travels.
1806-'20. Africa, Asia, America and Europe.
Maps. 4 vols, 12mo, half morocco Lond. 1820


10 Address from the Roman Catholics of America to

George Washington, 1790 (with his reply in fac-
simile). Notes, etc., by J. G. Shea. Fine Portraits
ot Washington and Bishop Carroll. Folio, paper,
nncnt Prwately printed

11 Adler, G.J. Dictionary of German and English Lan-

guages. Royal 8vo, half morocco H. Y. 1873

12 AsHMUN, J., Colonial Agent in Liberia. Life. By R.

R. Gurley. Portrait. Svo, cloth N. Y. 1835

13 Agnew, E. C. Geraldine. 12mo, cloth N. Y. 1872

14 Albeetus Magnus. Summa in Tractatnhim Encaristic.

Folio, hogskin, clasp, and 5 brass knobs on eacii
cover Ulm, Zeiner, 1474

A very fine specimen of early tj'pography.

15 Album. U. S. Prelates. Yol 1, containing Photo-

graphs of many Bishops. With several Autograph

10 Photographs of many Catholic Clergymen.

With several Autograph Signatures

17 Photographs of Clergymen, and others

IS Alexandria Controversy. A series of Letters between

M. B. and Qusero on Tenets of Catholicity. With

Notes. Svo, sheep Georgetown, 1817

An E'lrly Catholic Controversy. See Finotti's Bibliotbcca, p.

18. Contains Autograph Letter of Peter Kroes.

19 The Controversy between M. B. and Qu^ro

which appeared in the Alexandria newspapers in
1817, on some points of Roman Catholicism by a
Protestant. Svo, boards, uncut Alexandria, ISIS
Autograph of Bishop Onderdonk. See Finotti, p. 18.

20 Alger, W. R. Critical History of the Doctrine of a

Future Life. Svo, cloth Fhila. 1864

2 Autograph Letters of Alger.

21 Alice Harmon, and the Mother and her Dying Bo}'.

By an Exile of Erin. 16mo, cloth JV. Y. 1875

22 Alig, Mathias. Die Sieben Beitalter der Kirche Jesu

Christi. (Seven Ages of Church of Jesus Clirist.)
Portrait. Svo, cloth Wa.s/i. 1SG5


23 Allen, Paul. History of the Expedition under the

Command of Captains Lewis and Clark, to the
Sources of the Missouri, thence across the Kocky
Mountains, &c. Maps. 2 vols, 8vo, sheep

Fhila. 1814

24 Allibone, S. a. Critical Dictionary of English Litera-

ture and British and American Authors. . 3 vols,
royal Svo, cloth Phila. 1858-71

25 Almanacs. United States Catholic Almanac or Laity's

Directory, 1833 to 18T8. (Not issued in 1862 and 63.)
30 vols, 18mo and 12nio, half bound ; 3 in cloth and
3 in paper covers. Bait. 1833.— i\^. Y. 1878

A complete set. Of high value as showing the progress of the
Catholic Cliurch.

26 Haverty's, 1 to 5 (1871-75) ; half roan. Irish

American, 1875-76 in paper. Catholic Directory for

1872-73. 3 vols and 2 numbers.

27 and Directory ; London, 1877. Metropolitan ;

London, 1854, and L-ish Catholic Directory, 1877.
3 vols, 12mo

28 Catholic Family Almanac for the U. S., 1869 to

1875. (1 to 7.) 12mo, half roan iT. Y. 1869-75

29 Alsop, G. Character of the Province of Maryland in

1666. New edition, with notes by J. G. Shea.
Map and portrait. 8vo, cloth -ZT. Y. 1869

30 Alton Paek. Conversations, &c.; Phila. n. d. Faber's

Tales of the Angels. Mignon ; a Tale. Father
Drummond, by Edgar. Epistle of Jesus Christ.
Life of Guendaline ; Tears on the Diadem, and others.
10 vols, 12mo and 18mo, cloth v. d.

31 Alzog, Jean. Histoire LTniverselle de I'Eglise, traduite

par J. Goschler et C. F. Audley. 3 vols, 8vo, paper

Paris, 1849

32 Alzog, John. Manual of Universal Church History.

Translated by F. J. Pabisch and T. S. Byrne. Yol
3. (Two copies.) 8vo, cloth Gin. 1878


33 Amasis. Voyages of. By B. de St. Pierre. In French

and English. Curious. 12mo, sheep

Boston, L Thomas, 1795

34 American Catholic Quarterly Review. (Lacks April,

1S77.) 3 vols, 8vo, in Nos. Phila. 1876-78

35 American Cyclops, the Hero of New Orleans and

Spoiler of Silver Spoons, dubbed LL. D. By Pas-
quino. 12 Etchings. 12mo, cloth Bait. 1868

36 American Register. A Summary Review of History,

Politics and Literature. 2 vols, 8vo, boards

Phila. 1S17
Edited by Robert Walsh. See Finotti, p. 255.

37 American Remembrancer. Collection of Essays, Re-

solves, Speeches, tfec. Relating to Jay's Treaty with
Great Britain. 3 vols in 2, 8vo, sheep Phila. 1795-96

38 Another. 3 vols in 1, 8vo, sheep Phila. 1795-96

39 Anderson's Constitutions of the Free Masons ; the His-

tory, Charges, Regulations, &c., London, 1723. A
fac-simile reprint. 4to, cloth N. Y. 1855

40 Andreis, Rev. Felix de ; Sketches of the Life of. Por-

trait. 12mo, cloth Bait. 1861

41 Andres, D. Giovanni. Dell' Origine, Progressi E Stato

Attuale D'Ogni Litteratura. 6 vols, 4to, calf, neat

Parma, 1782

42 Andrew, Gov. John A. Addresses and Messages at

various times. Thick 8vo, morocco Bost. 1861-'67
Autograph of Gov. Andrew.

43 Annals of the Army of the Cumberland. Portraits.

8vo, cloth Phila. 1863

44 of the Astronomical Observatory of Georgetown

College, D. C. No. 1, 4to, boards N. Y. 1852

45 Annals of the Propagation of the Faith ; a Periodical

Collection of Letters from the Bishops and Mission-
aries, &c. 28 vols, 8vo, halt calf Paris, 1838

DuUin, 1865

46 Appleton's American Cyclopedia. Edited by George

Ripley and C. A. Dana. New edition. 1 to 15.
15 vols, royal 8vo, cloth N. Y. 1873-76



47 Aquinatis, Thomae, Sumraa Totius Theologise, in tres

partes ab aiictore sue disti'ibuta. Editio nonissima.
Folio, old calf Colonim Agrippince^ 1622

48 Akdoino, Antonio. Examen Apologetico de la Historica

Narracion de los Nanfragios, Peregrinaciones, i
Milagros de Alvar Nnnez Cabeza de Baca, en las
Tierras de la Florida, i Nnevo Mexico. Thin folio,
half morocco Madrid^ 1736

49 Aeispk:, M. Ramos de. Cura de Borbon, y diputado en

las presentes Cortes Generales .y extraordinarias de
Espana por la provincia de Coahnila, &c. Memo-
ria sobre Coahuila, Leon, Santander ylos Texas. 8vo,
sewed Cadiz ^ 1812

50 Artaud, The Chevalier D'. Lives and Times of the

Roman Pontiffs, from St. Peter to Pius IX. Trans-
lated from the French. Edited by Rev. Dr. Neligan.
2 vols, royal Svo, half morocco " J^. T. 1865-'66
50*AsTOR Place Riot, in New York, May, 1849 ; with the
Quarrels of Forrest and Macready. Yiew (2). 8vo,
paper 1849

51 Athanasius, S. Liber Contra Hoereticos. Folio, vellum

Yioenza, 1482

52 Atwater, Caleb. Indians of the North-West ; their

Manners, Customs, &c. 12mo, boards

Columbus^ 1850

53 AvANciNDs, N. Yita et Doctrina Jesu Christi ex

quatuor Evangelistis collecta. 2 vols, 24mo, vellum

BononicB, 1705

• ADIN, S. T. Real Principles of Poman Catholics in
Keference to God and the Country. ISmo, half
roan Bardstown, Ky. 1805

See Finotti's Bibliotheca, p. 24.

55 Bagshawe, J. B. Catechism. Illustrated. 12mo,

cloth Bost. 1871

56 Baink, a. C. Divine Faith and Natural Reason :

Seven Great Hymns ; Reasons for Returning to the
Church of England, and others. 5 vols, 12mo, cloth



57 Baker, F. A. Sermons ; with Memoir. By A. F.

Hewit. Portrait. 12mo, cloth N. Y. 1SG6

58 Ballerini, Ant. Vindicise Alphonsianse sea Doetoris

Ecclesise S. Alphonsi M. de Lio-orio Doctrina Moralis
Vindicata a phiriiais oppngnationibus. Ov^er 1000
pages. 8vo, paper, nneut liomcBy 1873

59 Baltimore. Concilia Provincialia Baltimori habita ab

anno 1829 usque ad annum 1840. 8vo, cloth

Bait. 1842

60 Baraga, Bishop Frederick. Dictionary of the Otchipwe

Language, explained in English ; spoken by the Chip-
pewa Indians, as also by the Otawas, Potawatamis
and Algonquins. 8vo, cloth Cin. 1853

Extremely rare: copies command $30.

61 Baraga, Bishop F. Katolik Anamie-Masinaigan ; a

Catholic Prayer-Book and Catechism in the Otchipwe
Indian Language. 12mo, cloth n. d.

62 Barbelijst, Rev. Felix J The Sincere Man; a Dis-

course on the Death of Hon. J. R. Chandler.
Portrait. 18mo, cloth Phila. 1869

Autograph Letter of F. J. Barbelin.

63 Barber, Rev. Daniel. History of My Own Times. 2

Parts. 8vo, boards Washington City, 1827-'28

64 Barlow. The Young Converts ; or, Memoirs of the

Three Sisters, Debbie, Helen and Anna Barlow.
Edited by Rev. I. T. Hecker. 12mo, cloth

]V. Y. 1861

65 Barkuel, Abbe. History of the Clergy during the

French Revolution, linio, sheep Bu7'lington, 1794
See Finotti's Bibliotlieca.

66 Memoirs Illnstrating the Histor}' of Jacobinism.

3 vols, 8vo, sheep Hartford, 1799

67 Anti-christian and Anti-social Conspiracy. To

which is prefixed Jachin and Boaz. 8vo, boards,
uncut Lancaster, 1812

68 Barthe, L'Abbe E. Litanies de la Tres-Sainte Yierge,

Illustrees, accompagnies de Meditfitions. 58 Plates.
8vo, half roan Paris, 1851


69 Baktlett, J. R. Catalogue of Books and Pamphlets

relating to the Civil War in the United States, &c.
Royal 8vo, half morocco, large paper, uncut

Bost. 1866

70 Baxticr, R. Most Important Tenets of the R, C.

Church Explained. 12mo, boards ' Wash. 1820

See Finotti's Bibliotheca, p. 29.

71 Baylet, Most Rev. J. R. Brief Sketch of the Early

History of the Catholic Church on the Island of New
York. Portraits. 12mo, cloth N. Y. 1870

72 Beach, W. W. Indian Miscellany, Papers on the His-

tory, Antiquities, Arts, Languages, Religions, &c., of
the American Aborigines, Travels, &c. 8vo, cloth

Albany, 1877

73 Beadle, J. H. Life in Utah; or, Mysteries and Crimes

of Mornionism. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth Phila. 1870
Newspaper cuttings.

74 Beaedsley, E. E. History of the Episcopal Church in

Connecticut from the Settlement of the Colony. 2
vols, 8vo, cloth iT. Y. 1874

75 Beattie, Wm. Journal of a Residence in Germany.

8vo, boards Lond. 1831

76 Beechee, E. Papal Conspiracy Exposed, &c. 12mo,

cloth Bost 1855

77 Bellecio, Aloysio. Medulla Asceseos sur Exercitia

Spiritualia S. P. Ignatii de Loyola. 8vo, sheep

Paris, 1827

78 Bellenger, J. M. Grammar of the Mikmaque Lan-

guage of -Nova Scotia. Royal 8vo, paper, uncut

iT. Y. 1864

79 Benedicti XIV. Index Librorum Prohibitorum. Atque

editus. 4to, calf Eomce, 1758

80 Casus Conscientise, 1762-09 (first part imperfect).

12mo, half morocco Louvanii, 1775

81 Benton, T. H. Historical and Legal Examination of

the Dred Scott Case. Svo, cloth ]Sf. Y. I860


82 Berchmansi, J. Bartholomiiei Provii Balearici de Vita

et Moribus. Portrait. 8vo, half sheep

Fulginice, 1788

83 Bergen, T. G. Genealogy of the Lefferts Family, 1650

to 1878. 8vo, paper 1878

84 Berkeley, Bishop. Adventures of Signor Gandentio

Di Lucca. 12mo, boards Dublin, 1821

85 Bernal Dias del Castillo. True History of the Con-

quest of Mexico. Translated by M. Keatinge.
Map. 2 vols, 8vo, sheep Salem, 1-^03

86 Bernard, Father ; Life of. By P. Claessens. Portrait.

12mo, cloth N. Y. 1875

87 BiARD, Pierre. Kelation de la Nouvelle France, de ses

terres, Naturel du Pais, et de ses Habitans. 12mo,
folded uncut. Lyooi, 1616

One of 35 copies, reprinted by Dr. O'Callaghan.

88 Bible. Quid in hac editione prsestitum sit, vide in ea

quam operi prasposuimus, ad lectorem epistola. Thick
8vo, calf Lutetim, Robert Stephani, 1545

A beautiful first edition of Stephani. Rare.

89 The Breeches Bible. 4to, half bound

London, C. Earlier, 1599
Old binding, title mended. Clean and perfect copy.

90 The Genevan Yersion, revised by I. Thomson,

with Scripture Genealogies (L. W. 108.) With Con-
temporary MS. Notes, by an English Divine. 4to,
calf. Fine clean copy. London, Robt. Barker, 1610
This is the edition known as " The Judas Bible," from an error

in John vi., 67, " Then said Judas," instead of " Jesus."

91 Biblia Sacra. (Vulgate.) Sixti V, Pont. M., lussu. re-

cognita, et dementis VIII. 8vo Lugduni, 1648

92 Bible. La Sacro-Santa Biblia in Lingua Italiana. Folio,

calf Norimbergo, 1712

93 Holy. From the Latin Vulgate. First Ameri-
can from the Fifth Dublin Edition. Plates. 4to,
sheep Phila. M. Carey, 1805
Sefond Catholic Rible printed in the United Stales.


94 Bible, La. Mutilee par les Protestants. 12ino, calf

Toulouse, 1847

95 From the Latin Vulgate. Annotations by Dr.

Challoner, &c. Plates. 4to, morocco, gilt

i\^. r., Sadlier, 1851

96 According to the Doiiaj and Rheimish Versions,

with the complete notes of Pev. Geo. Leo Haydock.
Plates. Thick 4to, sheep Dunigan, N. Y., 1858

97 Holy. Wood Engravings, with approbation of

Arch'p McCloskey. 4to, morocco JV. Y., O'Shea, 1868
Original form of a Bible, since curiouslj- aliened.

98 In the Public Schools. Case of the Cincinnati

Board of Education. 8vo, cloth Cin. 1870

99 • History of the Holy Bible, chiefly taken from

the Holy Fathers. 2 vols in 1, 12mo, sheep

iV. Y. 1814

See Finotti's Bibliotheca.

100 Oxford, 1750. Catholic Companion. Vade

Mecum. Visits ; and others. 14 vols, 18mo and

24mo V. d.

101 Bibliotheca Americana. Catalogue Raisonne. Col-

lection des Livres anciennes et modernes sur I'Amer-
ique et les Philippines. Redige par Ch. Leclerc.
8vo, paper, uncut Paris, 1867

102 Bibliotheca Mejicana. Catalogue of an extraordi-

nary Collection of Books and Manuscripts relating
to the History and Literature of North and South
America, particularly Mexico. Sold by Puttick &
Simpson, London, 1869. Svo, cloth, uncut

Lond. 1869

103 Bigot, Jacques. Copie d'une Lettre escrite par, en

1684. Pour accompagner un collier de pourcelaine
envoiee par les Abnaquis de la Mission de Sainct
Francois de Sales, etc. 12mo, sheets N. Y. 1858
Shea's Cramoisy Series.

104 Bigot, Vincent. Relation de ce qui s'est passe de plus

remarquable dans la Mission des Abnaquis a I'Aca-
die, 1701. 8vo, cloth N. Y. 1858

Shea's Cramoisy Series.


105 Black Crook (The). A Most Wonderful History.

Colored Plates. 8vo, half roan Pldla. 1867

106 Blanche Carey ; or, Scenes in Many Lands, By

Patricia. 12mo, cloth N. Y. 1877

107 Bleecker, Ann Eliza. Posthumons Works. In Prose

and Verse. (Incidents previous to and durino^ the
Kevolution.) Portrait by Tiebout, 12mo, half calf

N. Y. 1793

108 Blennerhasset, H. ; Papers of. Private Journal ;

Correspondence of Burr, Alston and others ; Wilkin-
son and Burr Revolution ; and a Memoir by W. H.
Satford. Portraits. 8vo, cloth Gin. 1864

109 Blox, J. Justo Ucundono, Prince of Japan. 12nio,

cloth Bait 1854

110 Blyth, S. C. ; Letter to. Occasioned by the recent

publication of the Narrative of his Conversion to the
Romish Faith. 8vo, paper, uncut Montreal^ 1822

111 BoBiJN, Isaac; Letters of. Private Secretary to Hon.

George Clarke, Secretary of the Province of N. Y.
1718-'30. Edited by Dr. O'Callighan. 8vo, boards

Albany, 1872

112 Bonaparte, Lucien. Charlemagne ; or, the Church

Delivered. Translated by Butler and Hodgson. 2
vols, l8mo, boards Phila. 1815

113 BoNDUEL, Fl. J. Tp.bleau Cumparatif entre la condi-

tion morale des Tribus Indiennes de I'Etat du Wis-
consin, &c. 2 Plates. 8vo, pp. 27 Towniai, 1S55

114 Souvenir d'nne Mission Indienne. Nakam et

son Fils Nigabianong, ou I'Enfant Perdu, &c. Por-
trait, Map and 3 Plates. 8vo, paper

Tournai, 1855

115 Souvenir Religieux d'une Missione Indienne,

Recueil de Prieres le premier qui fut jamais ecrit
dans celte langue, pour I'usage des Neophytes de la
Mission des Indiens. 12mo, paper Tournai, 1855

116 Boniface VIII. Decretals. iSlacfe ILettet* 4to, half

sheep Veniee, 1484

In line clean condition.


117 BoNNYCASTLE, R. H. x\ccount of Spanish Anierieti-
Map. Svo, boards Phila. 1810

lis BooNE, Anna B. Increase of Crime and its Cause.
Portrait. 12mo, cloth JSost. 1871

119 BoRLASE, Ed. Reduction of Ireland to the Crown of

England, &c. 8vo, calf Lond. \Q1b

120 Borrow, G. The Bible in, and Gypsies of Spain.

With Gjpsie Vocabulary. 8vo, cloth W. Y. 1851

121 BossuET. OEuvres Completes. Portrait. 12 vols,

royal Svo, half russia Paris, 1836

122 Boston, Courier De. Affiches, Annonces, et Avis.

From No. 1, April, 1789 to No. 26, Oct., 1789. 4to,
boards. (In fine clean condition)

Bost , Smmiel Hall, 17S9

123 Boston Massacre. Additional Observations to a Short

Narrative of the Horrid Massacre in Boston, Perpe-
trated in the Evening of the 5th of March,' 1770.
Svo, half morocco

Printed hy order of the Town of Boston, 1770

12i Boston Massacre, 1770; Narrative of the. Plate.
Svo, cloth N. J. 1849

125 Boston Quarterly Review. Vol. 1, 3 Nos. ; Vol. 2,

3Nos. ; Vol, 3, complete; Vol. 4, 1 No. ; Vol.5,
complete. (Edited by Dr. O. A. Brownson). Vols.
3 and 5 half bound. 4 vols, Svo Bost. 1838-'42

126 Boston. Sketches of the Past and Present. Maps

and Engravings. ISmo, cloth Bost. 1851

127 Boston Slave Riot and Trial of Anthony Burns. Por-

trait. Svo, paper Bost. 1854

128 Botta, Carlo. Storia Delia Guerra dell' Independenza

degli Stati Uniti d'America. 4 vols, Svo, calf, gilt

Parigi, 1809

129 Botta, Charles. History of the War of the Independ-

ence of the U. S. Translated by G. A. Otis. 3
vols, Svo, sheep Phila. 1820

130 BoTTALLA, Paul. Infallibility of the Pope. 12mo,

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