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hotel, both the driver and footman being members of one of the Posts of the G. A. R. While waiting for
the honored guest to appear the crowd frequently evinced its enthusiasm by loud cheering and other noisy
demonstrations. .\t twenty minutes before eight o'clock General CJrant left the hotel and was escorted to
his carriage by Comrade E. De C. Loud. His appearance was the signal for renewed cheering, and the
crowd became so demonstrative and so clamorous for a near view of the General, that the efforts of the Reserve
force had to be called into requisition. The Cleneral, with bared head, bowed his acknowledgments for
several moments and was then driven to his place in the line, his E.vcellency Ciovernor Hoyt, and Comrades
Loud and Kester, occupying seats in the can'iage with him. I'oUowing came another carriage, in which
were seated -Adjutant-General Latta and Colonels J. I). Walker and E. .\. Hancock, of the Governor's
slaflT. A numlier of the battle-flags were clustered about the carriages, and the Post delegations with the
remainder of the colors brought up the rear of the line. .\ detachment of Reserves, all of them members
of the G. A. R., and wearing its badge on their l)rea.sts, umler Chief ( liven, marched at the head of the i)ro-
cession, opening a way through the dense mass of people.


Tin- route lay out Chestnut street to Broad and thence to the Academy. Many houses on the way were
liiilliantly illuminated, greatly enhancing the effect of the decorations, and a large number of colored lights
were carried in the line, making the streets almost as bright as day. As the carriage containing General
(Irant pa.ssed the Union Republican Clulj the General wa.s greeted with loud bursts of cheers. It was much
the same thing at the Union League, the steps, windows and porches of which were crowded. The Gen-
eral and gue.sts were escorted to the stage entrance on Locust street and were inside the building before the
crowd had time to collect.

Inside tile Academy of Mu'.ic even- seat was occupied long before the arrival of the hoiu- at which the
exercises of the evening were to commence, and on all sides the good humor and jollity prevailed.
Two buglers stationed in the dress circle elicited frequent bursts of applause as they rang out old familiar
camp calls, and when " Come get yoin- i|uinine " c.une clear and loud, the boys in lilue cheered again and
again. The boxes rapidly tilled with the invited guests. .Mrs. Grant, accompanied l>y Mrs. (leorge W.
Childs and Mrs. Philip H. Sheridan, entering the lower one on the right hand side of the stage. The gen-
tlemen of the party consisted of Mr. (leorge \V. Childs, U. S. (Jrant, Jr., and Rev. Dr. ( >. II. TifTany. In
the left hand box sat the Presidents of Select and Common Councils and other members of the City Gov-
ernment. I'hc upper boxes contained the City Councils, Committee on Reception, and the families of the
members of the Posts. The boxes were all handsomely decorated with the National flags and bunting, re-
gimental colors and evergreens, with banners representing the Second, Fifth, Sixth and Eleventh .\rmy
Corjjs badges.

Shortly after S o'clock Meade Post, No. I, and the other members of the escort slowly filed into the
orchestra seats, their appearance denoting the arrival of Comrade U. S. (irant, the honored guest of the
evening, and the band struck up with a potpouri i beginning with the " Battle Cry of Freedom " and ending
with " The Star Spangled Banner." The music paved the way with enthusiasm which it created, for the
cheering which greeted the beautiful scene on the stage as the curtain rolled up. Set with a forest scene,
on either side of the front of the stage were placed lo-pouiid Parrott guns, against each was a Unitc<l
.States regimental flag, and flanked by stacks of muskets, from which hung drums. Hanging from the
flies was a large G. A. R. badge. On the left was a fac-simile of the cabin occupied as the headquarters
of the army by (ieneral Grant at City Point. Three cheers greeted the arrival of nearly forty old bullet-
riddled and torn war flags, after which the Flute and Drum Corps of Post No. 2 rattled the reveille in true
old style. As the last tap was heard 4,000 veterans of the war raised in their seats as one man and wel-
comed their comrade as only old soldiers can. Leaning upon the arm of Comrade Loud, of Post I, came
Comrade Grant, followed by Comrade John F. llartranft and Mayor Stokley and Comrade Henry M. Hoyt
and General Robert Patterson. As the distinguished couples advanced 10 the seats prepared for them the
cheering was intensely enlhusia.stic. Round after roimd of cheers went up. Caps were waved and Grant,
Grant, resounded from all parts of the building, ami seemed as though it would never cease, breaking out
again and again as the comrade bowed his acknovvleilgments. Then followed the exercises of the

The enormous increase of memhersliip durino; this year Hfted die
Post far up among the most prominent Posts of the Order, and made
the year 1 879 one of its most successful and eventful years in its history.

The following are those who were mustered in during the year: —

RoB'T J.Young, Samuel D. Miller, William Prior. Chas.W. West, Wm. Wallace Goodwin, Henry
S. Lansing, Jeremiah McCarty, Jas. W. Sherer. Edwin Nelson, Wm. W. Wallace, John F. Clark,
Jacob Ebner, Wm. McGonigle, Hugh Kennedy, Richard Enoch, James McCann, Chas. F. Simmons,
Jas. F. Cassidy, Philip J. Hoffliger. John L. Luckenbach, John W. Pritchard, David P. Weaver, John
A. Stevenson, Christian Kneass, Jos. R. McElroy, Wallace B. Todd, Albert T. Young. Geo, G.
Pierrie, Peter D. Keyser, Geo. P. Word. Rob't Stewart, Walter Scott, John W. Ward, Frank
Glading. Thos. F. G. Cooper, Ellis Stokes. Edwin B. Whitaker. Henry Levi, Henry Keen, Wm. H.
Tracy, Chas. D. Harris, A. E. Brady, Chas. B. MacNeal, Chas. A. Hale, Theo. H. McCalla, Rich-d
T, McCarter, David L. Seip, Rob't Black, Chas. L. Atlee, Cornelius C. Widdis, Lilburn Harwood,
Jr., Sam'l C. Perkins, Wm. K. MacFerran. Wm. K. Colburn, Thos. M. Moran, Geo. W. West, Jesper
H.Holman, A. M. Appel, Alexander Reed, Richard W, McKnight, Wm. J. Macpherson, H, D. McLean,
M.D., Jacob K. Swoyer, Wm. W. Ker, Jacob P. Wolfe, David S. Foley, B. F. Shantz, Louis E. Pfeif-
FER. Henry S. Schell, M.D., Wm. H. Given, Henry F. Bonfield, Wm. Bartley, Joseph Steiner, Jos.
S.Albright, Henry C. Brooks, John McCormack,E. J.Edwards, Robert Paschall, JohnShallcross,
Pryer C, Williams, William H. Nagle, Eugene Allman, Peter N. Krider, Geo. W. Dally, Horace M.
Marquet, Isaac W. Ranck (he-electec), Wm, P, Parker, A. J. Whittier, Lewis W. Moore, Arthur M.
Green, E, F. Centner, John Connelly, L. E. C. Moore, Robert S. Wharton, M.D., Jas. M. Bennett,
James T. Stewart, Wm. A. Backus, Chas. C. Lister, Henry Blair, Geo. W. Smith. Horace Evans
(be-elected), Pennock, Huey. Chas. F. Folger, Samuel Bell. E. W. Mathews, Peter B .Yoder, R. Dale
Benson, Edwin N. Benson, Gabriel Middleton, Albert W. Taylor, Henry C. Ellis John L. Hammer,
H. H. Weierbach, a. V. Hartleban, D.D.S.. Geo. Stevenson, Edwin H. Nevins, James C.Wilson,
Paul H. Barnes.

( )n the evening of January 5th the ofticers-elect were duly installed
b\- Comraele Chas. F. Kennedy, Past Commander of Post Xo. 2, and,
being conducted to their respective stations, the Post was turned over
to Commander .Sellers, who thanked the installing officer for the efficient
manner in which he discharged his duties, and the comrades of the Post
for the honor confered on him in electing him Commander, and called
upon the Adjutant to read the following orders: —



Entered the service as Captain, Co. B, 19th Reg't Penna. Volunteers, April 18, 1861

And a.s Major, 90th Reg't Penna. Volunteers, September 3, 1S61

Final muster out .is Major, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel and Colonel U. S. Volunteers, October 31, 1865

Wounded in foot at South Mountain, Md., September 14, 1862

Wounded in leg at Fredericksburg, Va., December 13, 1862

Mustered into Geo. G. Meade Post No. I, June 28, 1876

Elected Junior Vice-Commander, December 17, 1S77

Elected Senior Vice-Commander, December 2, 1S78

Elected Commander, December i, 1S79

National A. D .C, 1881

Elected member of Department Council of Administration, 1882

Elected Department Senior Vice-Commander, January 31, 1883

Elected Delegate to National Encampment, 1884; re-elected 1885, 1886

(Seneral ©rftcr. Ho. t. PiuLADELrHiA, January 5, 1880.

I. The undersigned having lieen elected Commander for the present year, hereby assumes conmiand,
and announces headquarters at S. E, Cor. Eleventh and Chestnut streets. .Ml connnunications should be
addressed to No. 921 Green street.

II. The following comrades were also elected officers of the : —

Thus. J. Ashton - . . . Senior Vice-Commander.

Colin M. Beale . . . . Junior Vice-Commander.

Chas. L. Atlee .... Quartennaster.

James Collins, M.D., . . - Siu-geon.

Halsey J. Tibkals .... Chaplain.

CH.'iS. A. Hale .... Officer-of-the-Day.

Edwin Nelson ( )H'icer-of-the-Guard.

III. The following duly elected comrades constitute the Council of .A.dministration : —

E. DeC. Lmii, C/iairmiiii, - Term expires December, 18S0.

\V.\I. J. Sl.Ml'.SON ... " .. i88i.

RoiiERT H. EoRl) ... " " 1882.

W. Russell Smith - . " " 1883.

Chas. W. West ... " .< ,88^.

IV. Past Post Commander Jos. R. C. Ward is hereby appointed Post .\djutant ; he will be obeyed and
respected accordingly.

V. In assuming command of the Post, after ,so successful a year as has just passed, which has brought
the Post to its present high position, your Commander asks your hearty co-operation and support, individually
and collectively, realizing fully that a concert of action and unanimity of feeling in the proper direction will
result in great good, without which our efforts will be fruitless.

We now have a bright future before us ; peace and hannony reign su]jreme, and witli the noble precepts
of our Order — Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty — as our beacon light, we can safely ride through the trials and
tribulations of life's eventful journey, bestowing good on every hand.

For the high honor you have conferred upon me, coming as it does from .so distinguished an organiza-
tion, upon whose roll are the names of many illustrious soldiers, accept the assurance of my heart-felt thanks,
trusting that the esteem and confidence reposed in me shall not have been misplaced.

A. J. Sellers, Pos/ Commatuin-.

Also, General Order, No. 2, same date, announced the appoint-
ment of Comrade Geo. W. West as Sergeant-Major, and Comrade John
W. Ward Quartermaster-Sergeant, Comrade S. W. Arbuckle, Inside
Sentinel, and Comrade E. W. Shurtz, Outside Sentinel; also the stand-
ing committees for the year.


Comrade E. D. C. Loud then presented the retiring' Commander,
Comrade L. I ). C. Tyler, on behalf of the comrades of the Post, with a
handsome gold l)adge, in recognition of his services as Commander.

Commander Sellers then tiu'ned the meeting over to Comrade John
W. Ward, chairman of the Entertainment Committee, who presented a
programme very interesting- to the many ladies and gentlemen present ;
including instrumental music by an orchestra, solos by Miss Tillie .Sum-
mers, Mrs. Mills, Mr. I'rank jiruner, Mr. Mansfield, Comrade H. .S.
Thomas, of Post No. 2, and Thomas Kay, of Post No. 7 ; recitations by
Comrade ). Spencer .Smith, of Post No. 2, and .S. L. Adams, of Post
No. <S ; and a zither solo by Mr. Chas. .Schmidt; thus entertaining our
visitors until nearly ele\'en o'clock.

On January 29th Comrade \Vm. J. McPherson was appointed Ser-
geant-Major, vice Geo. W. West resigned. At the same muster the
different committees reporteil to the Post their organization and the
officers they had elected.

During the months of January and February many amendments to
the By-Laws were submitted and acted upon, creating, at times, very
lively discussions. Among those adopted was one requiring the list
of all candidates, with army service and present occupation, to be printed
and a copy sent to each comrade of the Post, stating when they would
be balloted for; and also one fixing the amount to be paid by sus])ended
and dropped members.

The muster of March 15th was closed after being opened in due
form, in order to accept the invitation to pay a fraternal visit to R. M.
K. Lee Post, No. 5, Department of N. J., at Camden. The tine was
formed at 8.25 P. M., and, headed by the Athletic Band, proceeded down

Chestnut to Second, to Market, to ferrw taking- the 8.43 P. M. boat.
On arriving- in Camden the members were met by a committee of Post
No. 5 and escorted to their Hall, Fifth and Market streets. After an
evening- of more than (ordinary pleasure. Commander .Sellers being called
to the chair, ami, jiartaking of a fine collation, we started for the ferry,
taking the 1 1.30 boat for Phikulelphia, and were then dismissed for our
homes. .Sixty-two comrades participated under Comniander .Sellers.

On April 26th, Post Xo. 5 returned this visit, bringing 160 com-
rades under Comniander Hartshorne, escorting Department Commander
of New Jersey Geo. W. Gile and staf^". They were equally well enter-
tained by us, including a collation served on the fourth floor of our

At muster ot March 29th Commander Sellers gave the comrades
a very agreeable surprise when he read the following: —

riilLAiii.i liii A, Marcli 29, 1880.

COMMANIIKR .A. |. Sl.l.LERS, OtV. G. J/f.;</,' /'os! I, G.A. A'.

Coiiiiiiniii/er : 1 beg to contribute —

To Meade Memorial (as coming from Post 1 1 - - S500 00

To Permanent Fund, the interest to be used in cliarity 300 00

To Post I, G.A. R., for use of the Post - - . 200 00

< )ne Thciusuml HolUirv. hi all - Si 000 00

\'oui-^ fraitrnally. Comrade Edwin X. Bf.ns(in.

Commander .Sellers called upon .Senior Vice-Commander Thos. J.
Ashton to receive this most generous donation on behalf of the Post.
Comrade Ashton responded in a very appropriate manner, returning
the thanks of the Post to Comrade Benson, who was present, and Ad-
jutant Ward moved that a special resolution of thanks be properl)-
engrossed and sent Comrade Benson, which was unaniniously adopted
by a rising vote.

On April 6tli Comrade Georg'e S. Duncan died, and was buried on
the 9th at Frankford. The Post took full charge of the funeral, bearing
the whole expense. A committee of the Post, under Past Commander
Jos. R. C. Ward, accompanied the remains to the cemeter)' and per-
formed the Cirantl Arm\- services at the trrave.

George S. Duncan was bom in I'liiladelphia, Penna. ; enlisted as private in Co. C', 91st Reg't I'enna.
Vols,, on .Septemlier iS, 1861 ; was discharged January 31, 1862. He wa.s mustered into Geo. G. Meade
Post, No. 1, Department of Penna., May 8, 187S, and died .\pril 6, 18S0, aged sixty. one years. Buried at
North Cedai- Hill Cemetery. Frankford, Pliiladelpliia. I'.i.

On Ma\' T,d Comrade Louis E. Pieifter was appointed Quarter-
master-sergeant, vice |ohn W. Ward resigned.

At same muster Commander .Sellers announced another very liberal
donation to the Post trom Comrade Kdwin N. Benson of one thousand
dollars for the Charity bund, which was also received with a rising vote
of thanks.

At same muster Comrade Lansing presented a resolution inviting
the Military Order of Loyal Legion to co-operate with the Post in the
Meade Memorial services at the Academy of Music on >hiy 29th.

Also one of a vote of thanks to Comrade Joshua L. Chamberlaifi,
ot iNLiine, tor his ready acceptance to deliver the oration on that occa-
sion, and directing the Commander to have prepared and present to
Comrade Chamberlain a gold I'ost l)adge. P)Oth were unanimously
adopted ; and at muster of May 24th Comrade Cliamberlain was elected
an honorary member of the Post.

On March 31st the Memorial Day Committee issued a circular
urgin"- the comrades to make extra exertions to collect funds for Memo-

rial Day expenses, and another one on April blh, impressing- upon all
the necessity of uniforming'.

The following were appointed a Special Committee on Divine Ser-
vice : Jos. R. C. Ward, chairman; Geo. \V. Devinny and Louis E.

The committee subsef]uentU' submitted the following report to the
Post, which was accepted, and the committee was discharged with the
dianks of the Post : —

\ our Cumiiiiltee nn Divine Service respcctl\illy sulniiit llie fullowini; report ; Tliat, h.iving received a
special invitation to attend divine service at the Central Congregational Church at Eighteenth and Green
streets, where the pastor would preach a sermon appropriate to the occasion, your committee accepted the
invitation, and so informed the Commander, who issued General Order, No. 6, notifying the comrades and
directing them to assemble at the Post Room, for that purpose, on Sunday evening. May 23, 1S80, at 7 P.M.

The line was formed and left the Post Rcom at P.M., and proceeded up Eleventh street to Ridge
avenue, to Green street, to Flighteenth, to the chureli, where the comrades occupied seats together in the
Ixidy of the chnnh.

Rev. James R. Llanforlh, pastor, preached an eloiiiient and ap|)nipri.ale >ermom, and the choir sang
hymns suitable to the occasion, closing with the National Hymn, •■ .My Country, 'tis of Thee." At the
close of the .services the Post was dismissed, and the members were individually introduced to the pastor.

Owing to the rain storm, which commenced about an hour (ireviuus to tlie time to assemble and con
tinned all the evining. but few comrades were present, as follows: Commander Sellers, .Senior Vice-Coin
mander Asliton, Adjutant Ward, Oiiartcrmaster Atlee, Chaplain Tiblials, OlT-Guard Nelson, Past Post Com
mander Tyler, Comrades \V. L. Atlee, liond, lirooks, lilair, E. N. Benson, Brown, Cook, J. M. Evans
Krazer, Howser, llotiliger, W. H. Howard, H.ieseler, Johnston, Kent, Ivrider, McKnight, L. W. Moore
J. E. Mann, Paul, I. C. Price, Reed, Simpson, Strobel, W. R. .Smith, .Super, .Simmons, Ellis Stokes, Swoyer
J. T. Stewart. W . W, Wallace, Wood, Wray, and K. J. \'oung. Total, 41. And Comrade W. K. Rudolph
Post 35. Jos. R. C. Warh, Chaiiman,

(iKO. W. Dkvin.n'y,

1,01 is E. PtKIF[''KK.

The services on Memorial Day were confided to the following com-
mittee : Comrade VVm. J. Simpson, chairman ; [os. R. C. Ward, secre-
tary; Geo. Stevenson, treasurer ; Geo. O. White, Jos. P. Elliott, W. L.

Atlee, M.I),, Cha.s. .\. Male, Lcniis E. Pll-iftcr and I Irnry C. l^lair.
I hey were ably assisted hy the followini^r special committee ; Comrades
Colin M. Heale, [as. T. .Stewart, P. J. Hoffli^^er, (^eo. E. Paul. Geo. W.
l)e\ir: and .Alherf .Super, l-'or an accoimt of the results of their
I'll""'^ 'iiii' ^i'-\ices of tlie Post on that day the- report of the .'\d-

jutant is ^ixen in full : —

I'ilir ADM I'lIlA, luiK- 7. liSSo.

Ci'.-v./nr., A. J. .Sellers, (V,/ • v . ••,/,., ,y- (/,.„. (,■ j/,.,,/, /.„,/_ .y,, ^^ yj,.^ ,^- /,,„„^, _ ,; j j^. .

Co,.na,U-: I havr ihf honor i„ -ul mi il 1 lu- ;,,lh,win.^. irpori ..f llu- ,,f tlii. To,,! on .Mcnioiial
Day, .S.-,lui-day, M.; _ , , s'So : Pursuant lo ( „„ :, , )nlcr.. Nov 7 Mn,l .S ln,,n llR■^,■ luadqumlcis, Hk- com-
rades as.sembled at lii^ ' room,, in full I irii, . \imy uniform, on ,S.->Uird.iy, M.ay .'9. iSSo, .at 9 .\. .M ; the
line was formed at 9:45 X. .M.. in thrL->- c, p ,,■, ; Senior Vice-Commander Thomas J. .\shton connnand-
ini; the first company, :issisted by Comrade.- e. IC. Beale and W. Russell .Smith ; I )riker .jf-thel iuard ICdwin
Nelson commanding the second company, assisted by Comrades P. H. |acol>u> and |ohn D. ICisc ■ an.l |u
nior Vice-Commander e.ilin .M. Heale commandin<j the third company, assi,ted bv Comraile- [ohn \ Ste-
venson .and John T. Duranj;. Comrades David P. Weaver, |ohn \V. Ward. Ir,. and fas. C. Wrav were de-
tailed to assist the commander. Comrade 1 lemy Keen as Po,t bu-ler. and Comra.le Jacob K Swoyer to carry
Post flag.

left hea,l,|uarters at 10 o'clock, and proceeded down Klevenlh to Walnut, to Thirteenth, to l.ocuM. to
liroad. to Chestnut, stopjjing at St, (Jeorge's Hotel to receive ..ur guests, among wh,,Tn were Hon. Wm. .\.
.\shman, (^en. W. T. Sherman, and Comra.le Silas W. Peltit. orator,; Comra.le II. Clay Trumbull, chap
lain; and (ienerals IC. M. I'oe, Stewart 1.. Woodford and Th..m;i, Kilby Smith, guests; c.mtinuing .lown
Chestnut to Kifth, to M.arl.-t. t.i Kighth. t<. Willow, where we t....k the cars of the Phila.lelphia and Rea.l
ing Railroad to Fairmomit Park.

The formation of the line being as follows :

Detachment of Reserve Officers, Lieutenant Crout commanding; (.ommittee ..u Dccorati.jn Hay; Com
rade Wm. J. Simpson, chairman : Ringgold Band, of Reading, Pa. (26 pieces 1 ; P..-1 Flag. Post liu'der ;
Coimnander and .Adjutant ; Officers of the Post and Past Post Com maitders ; Post, marching in sections of
eights, divided into three companies, officered as above state.l, the centre comjjany carrying the colors of the
late Twenty-eighth, Fifty sixth, and Ninety-fifth Regiments Pemi. Vol , Uriga.le Head.|uarters flags of the
First Brigade, First Division, Fir-t Coips; Thir.l Brig.ade, Thir.l l)ivi-,i..n. Fiflli Corp-; an.l Third Biiga.le.
Second Division, Fifth Corps; an.l the r.-gimental guidons of th.- FiUy-i.\lh K.giuunl IVnn. \'..l

F.illowing the P.»t was a Large express-w.agon, dr.iwn by lour large gray lior-.', (kindly lo;uie.l bv the
Phila.lelphia and Reading Express Company), containing a large m.iuument .)f natiual ll.)wer-, surmounte.l

by a large eagle of immortelles, tile liase and column of the monument made up of two hundred and fifty
bouquets, — the whole being aliout eleven feet high.

Then followed caniages containing orators, invited guests, reporters, and Conu'ades of the Post unable
to march.

Arriving at Fairmount I'ark, left the cars, and marched to the steambiat landing, and embai-ked on the
steamer Lafayette, chartered especially for use of the Post, and proceeded to Laurel Hill ; a number of the
comrades met us on the boat, together with the Choristers of the St. Mark's P. E. Church. Arriving at
Laurel Hill the line was re-formed, and marched through the cemeteries to the chapel in North Laurel Hill,
the choristers, led by Professor K. W. Mills, organLst and choir master, singing a processional hymn, accom-
panied by the band. After the services at the chapel, as per programme, the Post marched off in details
and decorated all the graves of deceased soldiers and sailors of the war buried in N'orth, .Middle and .South
Laurel Hill cemeteries, returning to General Meade's grave, where the concluding services were held;
after which returned to the boat, the Choristers singing a recessional hymn. As the boat steamed slowly
down the river, the members of the Post and gue>ts partoo'.c of a lunch prepared by the committee.

.■\rri\ing at ]"airniount Park the line was reformed and marched to Lincoln Monument, forming a
hollow square around it ; the services, as arranged, were held ; then marched through the Park to Green
street, to Sixteenth, to Fairmount avenue, countermarching to Green street, paying the tribute of a nntrch-
ing salute to Comrade Robert H. Ford, of this Post, confmed to his room with paralysis ; thence to liroad
.street, to Chestnut, passing through the Public Buildings, to Eleventh, to heailquarters, and dismissed to
re-assemble at the Academy of Music at 7.45 P. M.

The following comrades participating : Commander A. J. .Sellers, Senior Vice Commander Tl'.onias |,
Ashton, Junior Vice-Commander Colin M. Beale, Adjutant Jos. R. C. Ward, Quartermaster Charles L.
Atlee, Chaplain Halsey J. Tibbals, Officer-of-the-Day Charles A. Hale, Officer-of-the-Guard Edwin Nel-
son, Sergeant-Major James T. Stewart, Quarternia^er-Sergeant L. E Pfeifler, Past Post Commanders Geo.
\V. Devinny, R. \V. P. Allen and L. I). C. Tyler, Comrades Atkinson, S. \V. Arduckle, Appel, Allman.
W. L. Atlee, C. E. Beale, I'.ond, lilair, Colliourn, Cook, \V. G. Cooper, Collon, Dunsford, Dubleman, J.
E. Davis, Durang, Dally, Edwards, Frazier, Folger, Goodwin, Glading, Hewes, Hutchinson, Howser,
Hoffliger, D. W. Howard, W. H. Howard, Hamberg. Hough, Haury, Hae.seler, James, Jacobus, Kise, H
Keen, Krider, C. \V, Keen, Leidig, Munder, Macferran, Moran, McKnighl, Maniuet, I.. \V. Moore, Mit-
chell, J. E. Mann, Pettit, Paul, Prior, Perkins, Pauley, Rorer, Reed, Runkle, Simpson, Stroljel, Sweisfort,
W. R. Smith, Super, J. Scott, .Shurtz, Simmons, J. A. Stevenson, R. Stewart, E. Stokes, Swoyer, Shaiuz,

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