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May 23d, were published in book form by Past Commander fos. R. C.
Ward, then Post Adjutant, by direction of the Post, including copies
of all the letters sent and received b\- the Post in connection with the
said services. Copies of the book were sent to all the guests, and
Irom letters acknowledging receipt of same they were greatly ap-

The committee collected this year for the expenses of Memorial
Day ^940.50, of which Commander .Sellers collected the largest amount,

Comrade Joshua L. Chamberlain, of Maine, paid a visit to the
Post at the muster of Ma)- 31, and was duly received by Senior \'ice-
Commander Ashton, who was in command, who, in a i'cw appropriate
remarks, introduced him to the Post. Comrade Chamberlain made a
short address and thanked the Post for the honor conferred upon him
in electing him an honorary member. Comrade ]. William Hofmann
rei)lied and welcomed Comrade Chamberlain, and called up the cir-
cumstance that si.xteen years ago he was on his right, as at the moment
of speaking, each commanding a brigade in front of Petersburg, and



EiiU'ied ihe service as Surgeon, 3rd Reg't Penna. Reserves, June 21, 1S61

Appointed Assistant Surgeon L'.S.V., February 10, 1S64

Kinal di.scliarge as Surgeon and llrevet Lieutenant-Colonel August 20, 1S65

Taken ])risoner January, 1862 ; released August 17, 1S6/

Ex.aniining Surgeon lioard of Pensions from January 29, 187 1 to August S, 1S85

Mustered into Geo. G. Meade Post No. i, March 13, 1S78

Klected Surgeon Ueceniber 2, 1S78; re-elected December I, 1S79

their orders were " to move together." So he was glad to welcome
him to our Post. An impromptu reception was then held, each of
our comrades being personally introduced to Comrade Chamberlain
and shaking hands with him.

At the muster ot June 14th, Comrade \Vm. H. Lambert, of Post
Xo. 2, was present, and being called upon responded in a very appro-
priate speech, presenting to the Post as a gift from Past Commander
Jos. R. C. Ward, a large, handsome frame containing the portraits of
all the Past Commanders up to that time, and having space for some
of those that may follow, the center being a large red velvet diamond
representing the corps mark of the I'irst Division of the Third Corps,
in which the first Commander and organizer of the Post, Comrade Clay-
ton McMichael, served, and in consideration of that fact, and the serv-
ices rendered the Post b)- him, that design was selected by Comrade
Ward. Senior \'ice-Commander Thomas J. Ashton, in his usual elo-
quent manner, received it on behalf of the Post, paying a just tribute
to the valuable services rendered the Post by Past Commander Ward
in many ways and finally his generosity in presenting so useful and
handsome a gift, that would become more \aluable as the years go
by and each space is filled with the likenesses of those whom the Post
have honored. The following resolution presented by Comrade J.
Davis Duffield was unanimously adopted : —

Xtcsaltte&, That a .-pecial vole of thanks of this Post be returned to .\djutant Jos. R. C, Ward
for his beautiful contriljution to the effects of this Post.

On the evening of June 21st, the muster was brought to an ab-
rupt end by the arrival of Beatty Post, No. yT„ of Bristol, Pa. They
were first taken to a neighboring restaurant and well entertained by

the Entertainment Committee, and, greatly refreshed, were brought back
to the Post room, where Carl Sentz's full band, in their new scarlet
uniforms, were waiting to serenade them. A Camp Fire was lit with
Commander Garwood, of Post No. 73, in the chair, and the usual re-
marks from the representatives of both Posts entertained those present
— and the band contributed very much by their excellent music. At a
late hour the Camp Fire was extinguished and all the guests taken up
to the fourth floor and again refreshed with ice cream before they
were allowed to depart. This was certainly a very pleasant evenino-
for all who were fortunate enough to have been present and the visitors
were profuse in their expressions of gratitude and pleasure.

On August 20th the Post attended the semi-annual encampment
of the Department of New Jersey, at Bonaparte Park, Bordentown,
N. J. The comrades assembled at headquarters at 8:30 A. M., and
shortly after 9, with 31 comrades, headed by the Washington Grays
Band, marched to Market street ferry and took boat to Camden, then
by special train via Pennsylvania R. R. to Bordentown, arriving there
at 11:20. Marched to the Park and took part in the grand review of
all the Posts there assembled. They were then assigned tents near the
Department Head-Quarters and dismissed. T. M. K. Lee Post, No. 5,
Department of New Jersey, kindly furnished subsistence to the mem-
bers, our numbers being increased with every train. At 2:30 the line
was formed for the sham batde, and this Post was assigned the extreme
right, supporting Captain Bailey's Independent Battery. .Soon after
the engagement opened, and for over an hour a continuous fire was
kept up by the batteries on shore and responded to by the gunboats in
the river. The occasion was such as to bring back to the comrades the

memory of like scenes during the war, and was very realistic. In the
evening the Post serenaded the relatives and friends of Comrade Isaac
C. Price, who resided In the handsome mansion of the Park formerly
occupied by Prince Jerome Bonaparte. At 9:30 o'clock they marched
to the depot, but were kept waiting until 1 1:45 before the train arrived,
so that it was 1 130 A. M. when the Post reached Philadelphia. There
were 77 comrades who participated with the Post in uniform and S not
uniformed, making a total of 85, under Commander Sellers.

On Tuesda)', September 21st, Comrade Joseph P. Dinan died,
and was buried in Cathedral Cemetery. The Post was therefore pre-
vented from attending his funeral, although quite a number of the com-
rades were present at the house. At the next muster of the Post re.s-
olutions appreciative of his taithtul services during the war were

Joseph p. Dinan was liorn in IrelaTid, Kingdom of Great liriiain. Enlisted as piivalc ill Co. F,
191I1 Keg't Penna. \'ol.s., on tlie 27lh day of April, 1861, afterwards Co. F, 90th Key't I'enna. Vols., Sej)-
tember 24, 1861, held the office of Sergeant, and was discharged .Se])teml)er 27, 1S64. He w.-ls mustered
in Geo. G. Meade Post, No. I, Departmtnt of Pennsylvania, May 24, i.S.So, and died Septemler 24, 1880,
aged 47 years. lUtried in Catliedral Cemetery, Philadelphia. Pa.

On Wednesday, September 29th, in compliance with General Or-
ders No. I I, from Post Head-Quarters, the members assembled at Post
rooms at 3 P. !\I. to participate in the obsequies of Major-General A.
T. A. Torbet, U. S. A., and headed by the Washington Grays Band
marched to the Pennsylvania R. R. station, 320! and Market streets, and
at 4 o'clock received the remains with due honors in conjunction with
the rest of the escort, consisting of a detachment of the United States
Marines, 4th Regiment N. G. of N. J., 2d Regiment N. G. of Penna.,

First Troop Philadelijhia City Cavalry, and in the above order took up
the line of march. I'ollowing the above came a caisson of the Key-
stone Battery, upon which were placed the remains. Then followed the
Old Guard of New York, officers of the 9th Rei^nment, N. G. of N. Y.,
officers of the late war, carriage containing Major-General Daniel E.
Sickles, then Meade Post, No. i, with 45 comrades, under commander
Sellers, and i 7 comrades of other Philadelphia Posts, and marched to
32d street, to Chestnut, to Broad, to Walnut, to 21st, to armory of the
City Troop, where the column was dismissed. The Post then marched
down Chestnut street to headquarters and dismissed.

On Sunday evening, October loth, Chaplain-in-Chief Rev. Jos. F.
Lovering, of Massachusetts, preached a sermon to the Grand Army of
the Republic at the Memorial Baptist Church, corner of Broad and Ox-
ford streets. . This Post attended with 45 comrades, under Commander
Sellers. Comrade Lovering took for his te.xt "God and our Country,"
and delivered in an earnest manner an eloquent, patriotic and impres-
sive sermon, during which he made some very strong political points
that seemed to impress some of the comrades with the fear that he was
bringing politics too close into the Grand Army of the Republic, and
at the next muster of the Post resolutions were adopted deprecating
any such attempts as antagonistic to the principles and prosperity of
the Order.

Thursday, October 14th, being set apart this year as Grand Army
Day, this Post, in compliance with General Order No. 12, from Com-
mander Sellers, dated October 6th, assembled at their head(]uarters at
8:30 A. M., and with McClurg's Military Band marched to Main Ex-
hibition Building, Fairmount Park, and established our headquarters

in the German Pavilion. About 2 o'clock the members sat clown with
their invited guests to a most excellent dinner, served in his usual fine
style by Mr. Jacob Weiner. The usual entertainment and speeches
followed during the afternoon and evening and the comrades of all the
Posts enjoyed another day with their families and friends in that large

General Orders No. 9, from National Head-Quarters, dated No-
vember 1 6th, announced the appointment of Comrade Edward De C.
Loud, of this Post, as Aid to the Commander-in-Chief

General Orders No. 15, from Department Head-Quarters, dated
December 2 2d, announced the appointment of Past Commander Jos.
R. C. Ward as assistant mustering- officer and detailed him to install
the officers of Posts Nos. 2, 51 and 94.

On December 6th the annual election of officers took place and
Comrade Thomas J. Ashton was elected Commander.

There was unusual interest taken in this election, owing to a de-
sire of some of the comrades to introduce liquors into the Post rooms
upon all occasions. This was opposed by the Council of Administra-
tions, and the Post sustained them by vote. And at this election an
effort was made to prevent their re-election, and, at the same time, de-
feat all the other candidates for the other offices who in any manner
sustained the Council in their efforts. This called out the largest vote
ever polled in the Post up to that time, 254 votes being polled out of
a membership of 325 ; and the "wets" were so badly beaten as to for-
ever settle the liquor question in the Post, and to eventually break up
the "Pickets," as they termed themselves. It was ten minutes after
one o'clock when the election was over and the Post closed.

At that same muster Comrade Edwin N. Benson presented a reso-
lution announcing that at the fair of the First Regiment, N. G. of Penna.,
now being held at Industrial Hall, Broad street, above Vine, was a very
handsome stand of colors to be presented to the Grand Army Post re-
ceiving the highest number of votes, and inviting all the comrades of
this Post to assemble at our headquarters on Friday evening, December
loth, and proceed in a body to the fair and vote on the said stand of
colors. The resolution was unanimously adopted, and on that evenino-
ninety-two comrades reported for duty, and, under Commander Sellers,
with the Washington Grays' Band, proceeded to the fair. We were
met at the entrance by Colonel Theodore E. Weidersheim and staff and
escorted all around the building and then dismissed, and soon fell into
the hands of the fair and beautiful ladies, who were very assiduous in
their efforts to make sales and have chances taken in the many beauti-
ful, ornamental and useful articles ; and, after satisfying them in a sub-
stantial manner, the comrades devoted themselves to voting and secur-
ing votes in our name for the colors ; and when the fair closed it was
found that our Post had received the highest number of votes, and
therefore secured the flags, receiving 824 votes. .Silver plates were
placed on the staff of each and engraved as follows : —




This was another very successful year for the Post in the increase
of membership — in fact, the most successful year since its organization.
One hundred and nineteen new members were mustered, the largest
number ever admitted in any one year, as follows : —

James Chambers, Jos. P. Elliott, Arthur B.Cook, Carl H.Sentz, JohnO. Foering, J. Davis Duf-

FRED JONES, M.D, Thomas Fair, Washington L.Atlee. IVI.D.,Theo. Burkhardt, Isaac C. Price, James

A. Laws, Horace Fritz, Isaiah Price, Dan'l W. Howard, Benj.W. Richards. I. M Hager, J.Fletcher
Conrad, Wm. W. Howard, James D. Keyser, Wm. W. Allen, Bowen M. Cave, Wm. G. Cooper, John
H. Colton, John H. Mitchell, W. Wayne Vogdes, M. A. Golden, Ansel Hamberg (he-elected), James

B. Cochran, Amos L. Carver, W. H. Underkofler, W. W. H. Davis, H. A. B. Brown, Jos F. Stokes,
J. Wm. Hofmann, Wm. H. Taber, John E. Mann, Horace B. Hough, James C. Wray, Chas. B. Devlin,
Robert McBride, Augustus B. Haury, Wm. M. Runkle. James S. Morrow, Thomas P. Dillon, Chas.
W. Keen, John Story Jenks, Wm. Cox, Albert S. Haesler, Frank C. Benson, Joseph P. Dinan, Wm.
Van Hook, Sam'l Harkness, Jr , Geo.T. Harvey, Henry L. Chamberlain, Henry C, Butcher, C- Stuart
Patterson, Thos. Kilby Smith, William Arthur ire-elected), Emlen N. Carpenter, Adolph Bercken-
hauer, Thomas Brown, Chas. W. Houghton, M.D., Washington Stotz, James W. Hayes, David
Gordon, Chas. W. Carr, Jr., E. H. Miles, Edgar W. Earl, Edmund A. Mars, Chas- B. Duncan, D. F.
Nichols, Chas. Boyer, John W. Garvin, John Culin, J. Tatnall Lea, Conrad Kohlas C. E. Morgan,
Jr., Theo. E. Weidersheim, Thos. C. Stellwagen, M.D., D.D, S., Wm. W. Ledyard, Shreve Ackley,
Fred'k V. Holt, Edwin W. Reed, John T. Bird, Charles A. Abel. Whitwell W. Coxe, Edward K.
Paris, J«mes E.Audenrieo, Charles H. Heath, William T. Ladner, James H. Jacoby, G. Harry Davis,
Thos, E. Huffington, Wendell P. Bowman, H, L. Townsend, Washington M. Worrall, Oliver P.
Rex, M.D. , James Thompson, Benj. B. Wilson, M.D,, Clement R. See. David C. Smith, George F.
Smith, Rev. Clarion H. Kimball, Wm, H, Brown, Thomas Massey, F.V. Hayden, John C Soby, Andrew
J. Slack, Martin A, Power, Joseph Miles, H. L. Reinhold, Wm, G.Matthews, D D.S., John Bradford.

This was also the most successful year since the organization of the
Post from a financial standpoint, a total amount of ;^6, 243.44 being re-
ceived irom all sources.

The muster of Monday, January 3, 1881, was the night of installa-
tion of the officers of this Post, by Past Department Commander O. C.
Bosbyshell, of Post No. 2, but, upon opening of the Post, Commander
Sellers announced that the officers would be installed by Past Com-
mander Jos. R. C. Ward, he having been detailed by Comrade Bosby-
shell, who was prevented by sickness from attending in person. Com-
rade Ward took charge of the Post and duly installed the following
officers : —



Enlcrcd the service as First Lieutenant Co. A, 71st Reg't Penna. \'olunteers, January 23, 1S62.

Final muster out as Captain Co. li, 44tli Reg't IVnua. Volunteer Militia, August 27, 1S63.

Mustered into Geo. O. Meade I'ost No. 1, September 12, 1877.

Elected Junior Vice-Commander December 2, 1878.

Elected Senior Vice-Commander December I. 1879.

Elected Commander December 6, 18S0.

DIED FEBRUARY 22nd, 1882.

rommmider - - ... j. .\mi niN.

Senior Vice Cominamlcr \Vm. I, Simpson.

lunior Vice Conimaiuler |a.mi> ( '. Wk.w.

Adjutant ... - |i\Mi, ]'. Wkavkr.

Quartermaster ('ii\-. 1.. A i lle.

^"rseon Wamiinlimn I,. Aii,i:r,, M. 1).

Chaplain .... J. Tihhals.

Officcr-oftlie Day .... Jamis T. Stkwart.

()fficcr-of-thc-( luanl CuAKi Is .\. Ar.ici,.

Sergeant-Major Fkiu'k V. ll..i.r.

Comrade Ward then turned the Post over to Commander Ashton,
and, in a few appropriate remarks, presented the retirinor Commander,
A. J. Sellers, with his commission as Aiil-de-Camp on the statT of the
Commander-in-Chief, Louis Wagner.

Comrade Chas. C. Lister then took the lloor, and, in a short but
elociuent speech, presented Past Commantler .Sellers with a \er)- hand-
some gold badge, in consideration of the valuable services rendered the
Post during his term of office just closed, as a token of esteem from the
comrades of the Post. Past Commander .Sellers received the same,
returning his thanks to the Post for their handsome present, and to
Comrade Lister for the kind words in which he had presented the o;\k.
Commander .Ashton then tlirected the Adjutant to pulilish the orders.

General Order, No. i. dated January 3d, was dien read, announc-
ing the officers elected and appointed ; and, in addition to those installed,
were the following: —

Comrade IIko. E. Tai,'!., Term expiring I)cccnil)er, 1S82.

W. RissF.l.l. Smith. ■■ ■• •• 1883.

" George Q. WiiiTK, 1SS4.

" .Alfred J. Skli.frs, • 18^5.

Also, Quarterma.«ter Sergeant, Louis E. rfeitTer; Inside Sentinel, .Sam'l W. .Arhuckle; Outside Senti-
nel, Jolni E. Mann; Post Collector, Phillip J. llofilinger; Huglcr, Mcnry Keen; and closed with the fol-
lowing : —


"The Commander thanks ihe comrades for the higli lienor conferred on him by electing; him Com-
mander of Post I, and assures them that lie will endeavor to perform the duties of the office in such a
manner as to deserve their confidence and respect. He congratulates the comrades on the extraordinary
prosperity of the Post, and asks for their liearty and united actum in the efibrt to place Post I in the forefront
of the Grand Army of the RepuMic."

The Post was then turned over to the Entertainment Committee,
Comrade John A. Stevenson, chairman, who furnished a very pleasing
programme of a musical and literary character, which was well enjoyed
by the large audience present, especially the recitation by Miss |ulia
Tibbals and the singing of Mr. Frank Brunner.

At the next muster the annual report of Adjutant Jos. R. C. Ward
for the term ending December 31, 1S80, was presented and read, and
listened to with great interest. Upon its conclusion Comrade John A.
Stevenson moved that the report be received and carefully filed, with
our hearty appreciation of the valuable services rendered b)- Adjutant

Commander Ashton, before putting the motion, spoke at length
in its favor, eulogizing the services of the late Adjutant, and the valua-
ble information contained in the report ; thanking Comrade Ward for
the care and labor displayed in its preparation and the great interest he
has always shown in Ijchalf of the Post.

The motion was unanimously adopted by a rising vote.

The following is the report: —

Piiii.AriF.i.i'HiA, December 31, 1S80.
Com. A. J. Seli.KRS, Commatul.-r Geo. G. Mfode Post One, Depl. of Peiiii,!., G. .-1. P.

Commander : — I have the honor to submit herewith my annual report, as Adjutant, for the year ending
December 31, 18S0.

When I accepted, at your hands, one year ago, the appointment of Adjutant, I did so reluctantly and
with many misgivings that our association and intercourse would not be harmonious after so long a period
uf defiant opjiosition, and it is therefore a source of extreme pleasure to me, at the close of our oflicial terms

of ulhce, to thus publicly nnnounce in my annual report thai everything has been pleasant in our inlercourse
with each other, and the friendship and confidence that should exist between two ofticers so closely allied
has been all that either could desire, and has remained unbroken, to the great benefit of the Post.

I congratulate you on the successful termination of your term of office as Commander of this Post dur-
ing one of the most successful years of its history, as will be seen by the following facts which are hereby


Since the reorganization of the Pest, September 30, 1869, which then left a membership of 27, there
have been 41S members proposed; of these, S did not sign their applications and their names were dropped.
9 were withdrawn, including 4 during the past year; 2 w^ere proposed twice; 6 were not eligible, three of
whom liave sincebecome eligil)le and have been mustered into this Post ; 5 were rejected, including 2 during
the past year, and 13 in the hands of the Committee, who have failed to report, including 6 during the past
year; leaving 375 who were elected members of the Post; of tliese, 2 joined another Post after being elected,
the election of I was reconsidered, and 22 have faded to report for muster, including 6 during the past year ;
leaving 350 who were mustered comrades of this Post, or a total of 377 as per Desciiptive liook, inchiding
ilg during the past

( )f the comrades mustered. Comrade .\. J. .Sellers proposed 60; Jos. R. C. Ward, 35; Jno. C. Doble-
inan, 24; Ede. C. Loud, 15 ; R. \V. P. .Mien and Geo. W. Devinny, 14 each; Ceo. Q. White, n; Thos.
J. Ashton, 12 ; Theo. I.eidig, II; E. N. P.enson and G. E. P.iul, 6 each ; C. I. Wickersham, 5 ; W. L). Duns-
ford and H. Kennedy, 4 e.ich — total, 223. Comrades Cook, lUuang, Given, Hale, Lazarus, Ranck, Rover,
Worthington and Whitlier, 3 each — total, 27. 27 comrades, 2 each — total, 54 ; and 46 comrades, I each —
total, 46.

Of the total numlier mustered comrades of the Post, 6 h.ave died, 3 have been honorably discharged, (>
have been granted transfer cards, and 14 have been dropped for non-payment of dues, three of these have
been reinstated and are now comrades in good standing. This makes a total loss, for over 11 years, of only
26 in a membership of 377, and there are 17 remaining suspended for non-payment of dues at this date.

M the commencement of your term of office, or when you assumed command of the Post, there were

230 comrades in good stamling; 121 applications were received, including 15 on transfer card from other

Posts and I reinstated from those dropped for non-payment of dues; of these. 4 were withdrawn, 2 were

rejected, and 8 remain in the hands of the Committee, who have failed to report, and 116 have been electeil,

including 6 held over from the previous year, and 119 were mustered comrades of the Post, including 15

from the year previous.


Number of comrades in good standing, January i, 1.S80, ..... 230

** mustered during year, ........ iio

" " reinstated from susijcuded list, ...... 2 121

.\ggregate, ..... -?r i


Number of t'onirades lost by dealh,

'* " " transfer card,

•' " " being dropped for

" " " " suspended,

i-payment of dues,

abcr of cnmrades in i;ood standing at this date,
'* remaining suspended.

Total memliership,

Number of comrades upon reorgnni?alion of Post, September 30, 1S69,
subsequenily joined, .....

Total membership, January I, 1S70,
During the years 1S70 and 1871 no changes were made, except to drop one member.
In 1872 an effort was made to recruit the membership. This was found very difl'icull
work, owing to the irregularity of meeting, difficulty of getting a quorum, and,
really, no inducements to offer. Therefore, during the next three years — 1872,
1873 and 1874 — but 9 comrades were fountl wlio had the courage to unite them
selves with the Post.


Reinstated from those suspended

Total gain for 3 years, 1 1 ; aggregate,

While we lost during that time by death, .....
by suspension and dropped, .

Leaving a membership, Jan'y 1, 1875. one less than we started with ov
During 1875 we had a gain of 7 ; aggregate, ....
Lost by death, .....••••
" discharge, ......••■

Leaving a membership, January I, 1876,
During 1876 we gained 12; aggregate.

Lost liy death,

'' dropped, ....

Leaving a membership, January I, 1S77,
During 1877, gained by muster.

by reinstatement.

Lost by death,

" transfer, ....
'* dropped, ....

Leaving a membership, January I, 1878,
During I S78, gained by muster, .

by reinstatement.


5 years before



Losl by death, .....,- i

" transfer, . . i

" discharge, . . ■ 3

" suspension, . . 6 1 1

Leaving a membership, January I, 1879, 122

During 1879, gained by muster, ........ ii<>

by reinstatement, ........ 4 120

Aggregate, ............ 242

Lost by transfer, ............. 2

" suspension, ............ 10 12

Leaving a membersliip, January l,l8So, ......... 2jo

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