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During iSSo, gained by muster, .......... I'O

by reinstatement, ......... 2 121

Aggregate, ............ 35'

Lost by death, ... 2

*' transfer, ............ 3

" dropped, ........... 4

" suspension, ......... '3 ^-

Leaving a membership, January 1,1881, 3-9

The net gain of membership e.ach year is as follows, liegiimini; with 1S75, as the loss of the years pre-
vious was greater than the gain : —

Membership, January I, I S75, .... 26

Net gain during 1S75, ....•■ 3

1876, 9

1S77 ■ ^f

1S7S 46

1S79, 'O^

" " i8So, -99

Total membership, .... 329

Of the 27 original members, January I, 1S70, but 19 .are members of the rest at this date ; of them 17
are 1 e mem lers. CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS.

At the close of my List annual report we had a roll of 22 contribuiing members, and have elected dur-
ing the past year 1 3 new members. If the comrades would only take pains to bring this properly before their
friends who are not eligible to active member.shii>, but who take a deep interest in our organization, there
would lie no trouble in having the roll increased to one hundred, the number limited by our By-Laws.


There have been held during the year fifty three musters, one special muster being held on Thiu-sday

evening, September 30th, for the puqwse of n>ustering recruits. The attendance of comr.ades at musters

wa.s unexceptionably good, the largest attend.ance at any one muster being 254, on December 6th, annual

election of officers, and the smallest 28, on July 5th, the average being 74.32-5°, and the total attendance



(Then fiilUnvs a taluilntn statement showing the attendance at eacli muster and the numlicr of musters

each comrade attended.)


The minutes of the Post or the Adjutant's reports of the proceedings of the musters have been regularly
kept and are duly entered in the minute book of the Post complete to date, illuminated and with marginal notes,
containing all the reports of the officers and committees submitted in writing during the year, including all
amendments to the By-Laws and the new By-Laws complete, all orders, resolutions, and all matters of im-
Ijortance brought before the Post for its action during the year, embracing 270 pages of the minute-book or
9,971 lines, closely written, thus making a complete history of the Post and its committees.


There have lieen received during the year 6 rejmrts from tlie Adjutant, I j; fiom the (Quartermasters, and

39 from the diHerent committees, a total of 5S reports submitted in writing dining lire year, all of which are

entered in full upon the minutes.


The liy-Laws of the Post were amended 12 times during the year, and by a subsequent resolution a
committee was appointed to revise them, and submit such amendments as they should deem necessary.
They submitted their final report on Monday evening, December 13th, and they were adopted at that and
the succee<ling muster and aie s|Mead in full on the minutes of those musters.

In accordance with your instiuctions I have written and sent out 145 letters and notes, copies of wliich

are in the letter-book of the Post; 131 notices of election to members elect ; 3,514 lists of candidates for

member.ship; 1,597 notices of amendment to By-Laws ; 1,631 notices for election ; 2,763 orders; special

orders 334, making a total of g.781 notices and letters sent out during the year, or an average of 27 for

each and every day ol the year.


The Post made 8 parades (hiring the year, as follows : On March 15th, to visit R. M. K. Lee, Jr., Post,

No. 5. Dept. of New Jersey, at Camden, par.ading 65 men ; on Sunday, May 23, to attend divine service at

the Central Congregational Church, iSth and Green streets, 41 men; on May 29, Decoration Day, parading

104 men ; on August 20, to visit the Department of New Jersey encamped at Bonaparte Park, Bordentown,

N. ].. 85 men ; on September 29th, obsequies of Cen. A. T. A. 'IV.rliet, 47 men; on Sunday, October lOth,

to attend divine service at the Memorial Baptist Church, Hioad and Master streets, 45 men ; on October

Orand Army Day, parading ; and on December loth, to visit the Fair of the First Regiment In-

fantrv N. ( • of Pa., parading 92 men.


I have to report that volume 2 of the Minute- Book, that has been in use for the last two years, is now

about full, and bv vour direction ordered a new one for the use of my successor, and tinned it over to him.

and will sec that the one usctl by me is in complete order lieforc turning it over to him. The new Roll-
Book purchased by direction of the Post at the commencement of my term of office one year ago is now in
complete order, showing the name and address of every comrade who has been a member of this Post since
its re-organization in 1S69, and his number on the Descriptive-Book, and what has become of those who are
not members at this date. The Attendance Roll-Book, also purchased at the beginning of the past year, at
the suggestion made in my last annual report, has been used exclusively during the past year and shows the
attendance of each and every comrade at all the musters of the Post throughout the year, and I have re-
entered the names of all the comrades and it is therefore ready for my successor. The preparation of these
two books involved an unusual amount of lal)or, requii'ing me to go over the records of the Post from Sep-
tember 30th, 1869, to January 1st, 1880. They are now in complete order. The De.scriptive-Book, re-
bound by direction of the Post, had to be again rebound, owing to the bad quality of the paper of the new
part, which necessitated tlie re-entering of the descriptive lists of about forty comrades and to get their sig-
natures again. Some of these I have not been able to obtain up to this date, I therefore call the attention
of my successor thereto, and I will aid him in obtaining them. The Black-Ilook is complete according to
the orders received from Department Head-Quarters.

1 again call the attention of the Post to the necessity of providing the necessary books in which to file
and properly preserve the Orders from National, Department and Post Head Quarters, as required by the
rules and regulations. I also called the attention of the Council of Administration to this need when I sub-
mitted my books to them for their inspection, and if desired will cheerfully assist them or any one the Post
may elect to select those most suited for this purpose. This ought to receive the immediate action of the
Post, as the loose maimer in which the Orders are kept renders them unfit for ready reference, and the lia-
bility of being lost, when it would be impossible to replace them, especially those relating to the early his-
tory of our organization during the years 1866 and 1867.

I regret to be compelled to announce to the Post the decease of two of our comrades dming the past
year, viz., Comrade Geo. S. Duncan, late a private of Company C, 91st Reg't Penn. Vols., who was mus-
tered into this Post May 8, 1878, and died April 26, l88o, aged 62 years, and Comrade Joseph P. Dinan,
late a sergeant of Company F, 90th Reg't Penn. Vols., who was mustered into this Post May 24, 1880, and
died September 21, 1S80, aged 47 years. Vet, when we consider our large membership, and that they are
advancing in years and many inheriting disease from the privations and exposures necessary in our army life,
we ought to feel grateful to a kind Providence that He has cared so tenderly for us all and spared the lives
of so many throughout the year; for upon refeiring to a previous table it will be seen that during the years
1874, 1S75, 1876 and 1S78 we lost one comrade each year in a nicmber.ship of 24, 29, 38 and 122, and
during the year 1878 we lost two in a membership of 76, while during the past year we only lost two in a
memlieiship of about 350. Let us therefore be thankful for this mercy.

I have received from the Quartermaster the sum of JS65 for postage and have expended $65.78, leaving
a balance of 78 cents due nic. 1 abo received the amoimt of 550 as a comiieusali.m f,.r my services as Ad-

jutant, ami as llii^. cannot be considered as anjlhinp near a suitaMe compensation for the amount of lalior the
duties of the office require I earnestly recommend that my successor be more lilierally rewarded.

The Post has expended for charity during the year, including the amount of S25 each to the Milton
sufferers and the fund for the relief of the family of Wni. G, Cooper, the suin of S125, to which may be
properly added the sum of S16.75 dues remitted to those comrades, making a total of $141.75 expended for

In conclusion. Commander, let me return to you my sincere thanks for your generous confidence con-
fided in me tliroughout the whole year, and to again congratulate you u|)on the very successful termination
of your term of otifice, leaving the Post in a most prosperous condition; and to your succe.s.sor, Comrade Thos.
J. Ashton, I return my thanks for the re-appointment tendered me, which I was compelled to decline for
reasons made known to him, and to wish him all success throughout his administration, and if I can be of
any service to him in the management of the aflairs of the Post I will cheerfully grant it ; and to my succes-
sor, Comrade David P. Weaver, I also extend cheerfully my best wishes and my desire to render him any
service I can until he is perfectly familiar with the duties and requirements of his ofifice; and to the comrades
of the Post I return my .-incere and hearty thanks for the many favors I have received al their hands in vari-
oiLs ways and for their many words of encouragement .and approbation, and the patience with which they
have borne my shortcomings and disappointments caused to many of them ; and now, a.s I retire from office after
thirteen years unbroken service in the ofifice of Post Commander, Quartermaster and Adjutant, if I can carry
with me your of my official service I can seek that rest I so badly need with the assurance that my
labors have not Ijeen in vain. To Comrades \Vm. J. Macpherson and James T. Stewart, who have rendered
me such valuable service as Sergeant-Major, I return my hearty thanks, especially to Comrade Stewart, serv-
ing the greater part of the year, whom I found most proficient, and am thankful the Post has recognized
and promoted him to the position of Officer of-the-Day. Finally, Comrades, I sincerely ask the pardon of
each and any comrade who may have felt himself aggrieved by anything that I may have done during my
term of office or for any neglect of any duty, and ask that due allowance be made lor the amount
of labor my duties for the past year required of me. .And now, G>mmander Ashton, although I retire from
office, I shall pay strict attention to my duties as a comrade, and if my service can be of any further use to
the Post in its now prosperous condition you have only to command them.

Respectfully submitted in F. C. and I,., Jos. R. C. W.mui, Adjutaiil.

At the muster of [anuary 17th an election was held for a member
of the Council of Administration and for two Trustees, which resulted
in the selection of Comrade John \V. Ward to the Council of Admin-
istration and Comrades R. Dale Benson and Jos. R. C. Ward, Trustees.
At the same muster Commamler Ashton presented, on behalf of Past

Commander A. J. Sellfrs, a beautiful gold Post haduc to Past Com-
mander Jos. R. C. W'artl, in appreciation of his valual)lc services as Ad-
jutant during the year 1880.

General Orders No. 2, from Department Head-Ouarters, dated
January — , 1S81, announced the appointment of Comrade John A.
Stevenson, of this Post, as Assistant Quartermaster-General of the

On February 17th a circular was issued by Commander Ashton
announcing that the annual dues had been changed to six dollars, of
which one dollar was for the expenses of Memorial Day — and prohib-
iting comrades of the Post from soliciting or collecting any money from
the comrades of the Post for any purpose whatever unless authorized
by the Post — and that copies of the book containing all the proceed-
ings of this Post on Memorial Day, 1880, at Laurel Hill and in the
evening at the Academy of Music in aid of the Meade monument, in-
cluding all the speeches, letters, and a full list of the members, com-
piled b\ Past Commander Jos. R. C W^ard, could be obtained from the
superintendent of the Post rooms.

Commander-in-Chief Louis Wagner and Department Commander
John Ta)lor, and their respective staffs, paid an official visit to this Post
on Monday evening, March 28th, and after the muster in of recruits
Commander Ashton turned the Post over to the Entertainment Com-
mittee. Addresses were made by the Commander-in-Chief Depart-
ment Commander, Comrade Wm. H. Lambert, of Post No. 2, and Jas.
A. lunior, of Post 103, recitations by Comrades Maas, Hewes and
W'hittier, of this Post, and singing by the Glee Club of Post 103, Com-
rade Murphy, of Post No. 71, and Mr. P^rank Brunner. Comrade Wm.

Lcmljreclit was presented with a silver cup on behalf of the Post b)-
Comrade J no. A. Stevenson, for liis youny daughter, but recently i)orn
to him. Representatives were present from Posts 2, 10, 19, 21. 24, 46,
71, 103, and Post 68, Department of Massachusetts, and Post 24. De-
partment of New Jersey, and the evening was enjoyed by all present.

On April 4th Comrade George O. White resigned as a member of
the Council of Administration. This brought a number of comrades
to their feet, who spoke in reference to the very efficient services of
Comrade White as a member of the Council, and regretting the neces-
sity which compelled his resignation ; and on April i ith Comrade W.
Russell Smith resigned also, caused much regret among the comrades,
who realized the efficiency of Comrade Smith and his labors in behalf
of the Post during his membership in the Council. On April i8th
Comrades Colin M. Lieale and Horace Evans were elected to fill the

Special Order No. 125, from Department Head-Quarters, dated
April 6th, convened a general court-martial for the trial of a comrade of
]£llis Post, No. 6, and detailed Past Commander Jos. R. C. Ward, of this
Post, as Judge Advocate.

On April i8th Comrade Alfred \"ezin, of this Post, died, and at the
muster of that evening Commander Ashton presented the iollowing
resolution, which was adopted : —

V)h<M'<^><S. Alfred Vf/iii. a member of I'osl Xo. I, G. A. K.. clieil on April iS, iSSl.

XtCSoIaeA^ this I'osl heaid with regret the death rif our Comrade, Alfred \'e/iii, and that
a minute 1 e made on our record. A delegation of the Post attend the funeral in citizen's dress in deference
to the wishes of the family, who desire no dis])ln\-.

Alfred Vezin was horn in Philadelphia, St.ite of Pennsylvania, enlisted in .\nderson Troop, 15th
Pennsylv.ania Cavalry, on the 5th day of ( ictolier, 1S61, afterward in 17th Regt. 111. Cavaliy, held the office


i>f AiljiitanI, was discliargcd Mny 22(1, 1S65. Uc- was miistorod in I'ost No. i, I)q>arlTiK-iit of I'cnnsyl-
vaiiia, Novenilier 15, 1S66, and ilicil A|iril iS, iSSl, aged 42 years. Buried in Ndrtli Laurel llill Ceme-
ter)-, Philadelphia, Fa.

On April 26th the Post was again called upon to mourn the loss of
another comrade, Jasper H. Holman, who died on April 26th. Me was
buried on April 30th with full military and Grand Army services. The
Post turned out 59 comrades, under Commander Ashton, with the W(x-
acoe Band, leaving headquarters about 3 o'clock, and marched to his
late residence. No. 1724 Green street, via Chestnut, Broad and Green
streets, being joined at Broad and Race streets by a militar)- escort
from the First Regiment N. G. of Pa., under Captain \\"m. .S. Poulterer.
After receiving the remains with due ceremony, took up the line ol march
to Mount Vernon Cemetery, where, after the Episcopal service by the
officiating clergyman, the Grand Army services were performed by
Comrades Wm. J. .Simpson, A. J. Sellers, Jos. R. C. Ward and Chaplains
H. |. Tibbals and Clarion H. Kemball, during which Miss Tillie L). Sum-
mers sang "We Shall Sleep, but not P'orever," and the Corinthian
Quartette sang " Resurrection Day " and " Farewell, dear Comrade,"
" Rest," on the bugle, by Post Bugler Henry Keen, and a salute fired
by the military, all of which was very impressive and long remembered
by those who attended.

Jasper H. Holmau was Lorn in Pliiladelphia, State of I'enn.sylv.inia. Enlisted in Co. D, I2Ist Kegl.
Penna. \ols., on the nth day of .'kugust, 1S62, afterward in Battery (;, 112th Ret;t. Penn Vols., held the
office of First Lieutenant and Brevet Major, was discharged Decemher 12, 1S65. lie was mustered into
George G. Meade Post, No. i, Uepartment of Pennsylvania, September i. lS7q. and died April 26, 1881,
aged 43 years. Buried at Mount Venion Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pa.

At the muster of May 2d the followinor resolution was adopted: —

Itcsolucd. That Ihe thanks of the I'ost aie due and are herel.y tendered to Captain \Vm. S. I'oul-
terer, commanding the Battalion of First Regiment Infantiy, N. C. of Pa., constituting escort and firing party
at the funeral service of our late comrade, Jasper II. Ilolman, and to Captain Samuel G. Collins and Lieu-
tenant Chas. T. Kcnsil, commanding companies, and to the non-commissioned officers and men tlierc-of, for
their kind and generous services and excellent performance of duty on said occasion.

Commander Ashton, in General Orders No. 2, dated May 24th,
announced that the Post would attend divine service on Sunday even-
ing, May 29di, at the Grace Baptist Church, Eleventh and Berks streets,
Rev. Clarion H. Kimball, pastor ; also gave full instructions for Memo-
rial Day. The committee to whose care was committed the arrange-
ments for Memorial Day were as follows : —

Past Commander L. D. C. Tyler, chairman ; Comrades Wendell P.
Bowman, John \V. Ward, Edwin Nelson, E. De C. Loud, Chas. W.
Houghton, M. D., Alexander Reed, Wm. C. Bird and Louis W. Moore,
and the following special committee, which was subsequently appointed
to assist them : Past Commanders Jos. R. C. Ward and Geo. W. I)e-
vinny, and Comrades W^ash. L. Atlee, M. D., Colin M. Beale, Wm. H.
Brown and Thomas Thompson.

In compliance with General Orders No. 2, above referred to, the
comrades assembled at headquarters on .Sunday evening. May 29th,
and took the cars to Eleventh and Berks streets. The line was formed
under Commander Ashton and marched to the Grace Baptist Church,
and listened to a very impressive sermon by the pastor. Rev. Clarion
H. Kiml)all, a member of the Post, 70 comrades being present. On
May 30th again assembled at headquarters at i P. M. The line was
formed at i .30 as follows : .Squad of police, Wecacoe Band, Co. F, First
Regiment Infantr)-, N. G. of Pa., Cajitain Thos. E. Huffington, the

Post, 140 strong, under Commander Ashton, and shortly afterward
took up the Hne of march to Fairmount Park, via Eleventh street to
Arch, to Broad, to Green, thence to Lincoln Monument, where the
usual services were held, Comrade G. Harry Davis making- the address,
thence by boat to Laurel Hill, where the line was re-formed and marched
through the cemetery, the choristers of St. Mark's P. E. Church chant-
ing the processional hymn, accompanied by the band, to the chapel, in
front of which the ser\ices were held, opened b)- Comrade Rev. Clarion
H. Kimball with a very impressive prayer. Commander Ashton made
a short address, and alter the singing of a hymn by the choristers Com-
rade Henr)' H. Bingham delivered an eloquent oration in his most ef-
fective manner.

After the oration, and music by the band, the services at the chapel
closed with the benediction by Comrade Kimball. The details of com-
rades then proceeded to decorate the graves of all deceased soldiers
and sailors in the three cemeteries; and, at the call of the bugle, reas-
sembled and proceeded to the grave of General Meade, where the Grand
Arm)' service was pertormed b)' Comrades W^m. [. Simpson, [ames C.
Wray, Chas. C. Lister and Chaplain H. J. Tibbals, and included the firing
of a salute by Co. F, First Regiment Infantry, N. G. of Pa., and " Rest "
on bugle by Post Bugler Henry Keen. The boat was then taken back
to Fairmount Park, where the line was re-formed, and marched to head-
quarters and dismissed.

This year the committee collected #3<S4.5o, and received from the
Post $225.00; total, $609.50; expended $466.28 and returned to Post
$267.72. The largest amount was collected by Comrade Jos. R. C.
Ward, being $77.25.

When the assassin's hand struck down that o-allant soldier and
President of the United States. James A. Garfield, this Post, in common
with all comrades of the Grand Army of the Republic and all citizens
ot the United States, without regard to political creed, was shocked at
the calamity that plung-ed the nation into grrief and it entertained the
deepest sympathy for this patient sufferer throughout his painful illness.
A special muster of the Post was called for Thursday evening, |ul)- jth,
to take action on the following resolution of sympathy, prepared by a
committee consisting of the Commander, Senior \'ice ami junior \'ice-
Commanders : —

That this Post expresses its dee|) synip.ithy for Comrade James A. (larfield, President of the United
States, shot down by a fanatic and woul<l-l.e assassin, and that we hereby most earnestly assure him that that
traitorous act has only increased the fraternal regard and great respect that his comrades in arms have always
had for liis purity of character and lofty patriotism, and we most earnestly hope that he will soon be restored
to perfect health and to the performance of the duties of his high office, when we are sure he will maintain
the principles for which he fought— " One country and one flag."

That we hereby also express our sy.npathy for Mr>. Garfield and the family of tlie President.

This was unanimously- ailopted and a copy forwarded to Hon. |ames
G. Blaine, Secretary of .State.

And when, at last, he succumbed to death's inexorable demand,
this Post joined in the grief and sorrow felt by all who loved their coun-
tr\- and admired a noble man.

Comrade Chas. C. Lister presented the following at the muster of
September 26th : —

In the midst of sorrow so universal, extending to the remotest l>orders of the civilized world, when
countless thousands mom-n the great loss which a murderous hand inflicted upon the nation in striking down
our illustrious head, whose blameless life, distinguished career, .and patient suffering with Christian fortitude
attest his virtues, leaving in death a rich legacy in an example worthy of e.nulation, we, too. in the shadow


of this appalling calamity, sorrow with the sorrowing, and feel, in common with our follow countrymen, the
profound grief which has overwhelmed this people, intensified by our recollection of his valor as a soldier.

But " at rest," after his heroic straggle, to live in the hearts we leave behind, is not to die. His life
was gentle, and the elements so mixed in him that nature might stand up and say to all the world, '• This

a man.

Kcsolaca. .as comrades of the Cr.and Army of the Republic, sincerely mourning his great and
untimely loss, we express our admiration for the womanly devotion .and noble deportment of the beloved wife
during those weary days of trial, and tender our heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved widow and mother and
afihcted family.

Itcsolacd. That the Post be appropri.iteIy draped and that the officers the usual badge of
mourning for the sptice of sixty days; that this memorial be entered upon the minutes; that a copy be sent
to Mrs. flarfield; and that we do now adjourn.

This was adopted by a unanimous standing- vote and ordered to he
published in the daily papers, and Comrades Chas. C. Lister, H. M.
Marquet, Alexander Reed and James T. .Stewart were appointed a com-
mittee to carry out its provisions.

The following letter, addressed to Commander /Xshton, was received
in acknowledgment : —

Menhir, Oiiki, Nov. 2, 1S81.
Dear Sir .— ..\t the request of .Mrs. ( ;artield, I tender you her sincere thanks for resolutions of sympathy
received from your Post. Ver>- truly yours, ( ;. ( ). R, ,ck\vei,i,.

-Shortly afterwards the Post deemed it advisable to hold a Garfield
memorial service at the Academy of Music, and a committee, consisting
of Past Commanders A. j. Sellers, Jos. R. C. Ward, Henry H. Bing-
ham, and Comrades Edwin N. Benson and John A. Stevenson, were

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