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appointed to take the matter into consideration, and, if deemed advis-
able, to make the necessary arrangements. They addressed the follow-
ing circular to all the Posts in the city, asking for the appointment of a
committee to co-operate with them : —


IlKAD-QfAR IF.RS ('.K<1. (). MkAIiK I'lisl, .\'(i. I, DkI-'t OF PkNNA.,

(iKANi) Akmv (U- ink l\F.nii;ijc, S. K. Cok. IOi.kakntii and Chk.stnut Sts.

rilllADKLI'IllA, Septc-nilifi- 28, l8Sl.
7'a Cominamkr Post Xo. — , Drpiirtm.ii/ of I\iiiuyh(iiiia, G. A. A'.

Dear Sir iiiiil Ci>iny<ule : — The undersigned having been appointed a committee to make arrangements,
in conjunction with a similar committee from other Posts, for a memorial service in lionor of our lamented
President and Comrade, James A. Garfield, at the Academy of Music, as soon as practicable, we respectfully
request yom- earnest co-operation in successfully consummating this worthy object by the appointment of a
committee of five (5"), with power to act, to meet in convention on Saturday evening, Sth prox., ai these

The result of your action please communicate at once to —

\'ours in F., C. and 1,.,

Ai.iKKii J. Ski.i.ers, Chairman,

No. 031 Creen Street.

Jos. R. C. Ward,
Henry H. Bingha.m,
Edwin N. Henson,
John A. Stevenson.

In compliance with the above circular the joint Committee met on
.Saturday evening, Octoljer Sth, at the headtjuarters of this Post.
Twenty-three Posts were represented by eighty comrades from Posts
Nos. I, 6, 7, 8, lo, 12, 14, 19, 24, 27, 35, 46, 51, 56, 63, 71, So, 103,
I 14, 115, 160 and iQi, also Post No. 5, of Camden, N. J.

Past Commander Jos. R. C. Ward, of diis Post, called the meeting
to order, and in a brief address, in which lie alluded feelingly to the
death of President Garfield and the desire of his comrades to testify
their appreciation of his worth as a soldier and a statesman, stated that
he was glad to welcome so many comrades to this preliminary meeting.
He recited the objects for which the meeting was called, ami then an-
nounced that the first order of business would be an election ot a Chair-
man, Secretary and Treasurer. This resulted in the selection of Com-
rade Louis Wagner, of Post No. 6, as chairman, |os. R. C. Ward, of

Post No. I, secretary, and Chas. B. Styer. of Tost Xo. 8, treasurer, and
the lollowinu- resolution was adopted : —

Itcsolucd, That we deem it atlvisaMe to hold a memorial service at the Academy of Music, eulo-
gistic of the life and character of General James A. Carfield, late Prcsidenl of the United States, and that
a committee of one comrade from each Post he appointed to make tlu- necessary arrangements.

Comrade John A. Stevenson was appointed to represent this Post.

The committee decided that the Hon. James G. Blaine was the one
who should deliver the oration, and a sub-committee consisting of Com-
rade Geo. L. Robb, of Post 6, Win. P). Rose, Post 94, anil (os. R. C.
Ward, of this Post, were appointed to visit Washington and see Mr.
Blaine. They had a very pleasant interview with him and he said he
would consider the matter and communicate with the committee his de-
cision. In due time he informed the committee he would i)e unalile to
discharge that important trust. The committee, when informed of Mr.
Blaine's decision, felt that no one but him could do justice to so worthy
a man. and as he could not act they decided to abandon the project.

On July 9th another of our comrades responded to the last roll
call and was "mustered out " here. Comrade James M. Linnard. The
family desiring that the funeral should be conducted as quietly as pos-
sible, the Post did not attend. A few of his personal friends in the Post
attended the services at the house and the P'uneral Committee sent an
appropriate design.

James M, Linnard was i.oni iu i'liiladelphia. State of IVnnsylvania. Enlisted in Co. K, 23.! Rcy't
Penna. Vols, on the 2d day of .August, 1861 ; held the office of Lieutenant, Captain and .\. A. C, U. S.
Vols. : was discharged July — , 1S65. He mustered into George G. Meade Post, No. I, Department
of Pennsylvania, Janu.ary 9. lS7.S, and died July 9. I.S,Si, aged 40 year-, liuried .at Woodland Cenielery,
Philadelphia, F'a. ^^^^

On July 2Sih tin- Post made an excursion to Coney Ishuul, th(! ar-
rangements for which were placed in the hands of a lari^a? committee,
of which Comrade John W. Ward was chairman ; A. J. Sellers secretary,
and John A.Stevenson treasurer. A special train k^ft gth and Creen
streets via [Sound P)rook, at 6:30 A. M., carryino; 534 of the comrades,
their families and friends. At Jersey City a lartje stcamlioat was taken
and proceeded up the East River to afford all an opportunity to see
Castle Garden, Brooklyn Bridge and Governor's Island, returning-
passed out into the bay through "The Narrows." passing Forts Lafay-
ette and Hamilton, thence to Coney Island, where a day of unusual
pleasure was enjoyed at that cosmopolitan resort, with its many at-
tractions and novelties, leaving there about 8 o'clock by boat to Jersey
City, thence by train for Philadelphia, which was reached after midnight.
The financial result of this excursion was a net profit to the Post of

On Thursday, .September ist. Comrade [arnes Starr died, and
another faithful comrade was laid to rest. It was the desire of the family
that the funeral should be strictly private and that the usual lloral offer-
ing be omitted, so that the Post could take no action whatever, though
man)- of the comrades were warm personal friends of the deceased. At
the muster of September 5th the following resolution was adopted: —

Whereas, IlLit in the death of Comrmlo James .Starr the Post h,is lost a good and faithful com-
rade and his family a generous father and a kning husband. Therefore, be it

Bc5alT>e&. That the heartfelt symp.athy of the comr.ades of this Tost be Iraiismitlcd lo the family
and that the h.all and fl.ags of thi- Post be drajicd in mournin!^ for ihirlv .l.i\-.

James Starr was born in Philadelphia, State of Pennsylvania. He enlisted in Co. F, I7lh Reg't
Penna. \ ols. on the 25ih day of .April, I.S61, .afterward in 6th Reg't Penna. Cav.; held the oftice of Major,

and was clischar^'t-ct ()etol)er 14, 1864. He was niusttTcd into George (;. Meade PosI, No. i, I )e|Kiitnicnt
of Petmsylvania, April 24, 1S7S, and died I, iSSi, aged 43 years. Kuric.l in North l.anrel
Hill Cemetery, I'liiladelphia, Pa.

On September 26th Coinradi; Louis E. i'teitter resioncd as Ouar-
terniaster-Sergcant and Comrade Clias. C. Lister was appointed as his
successor and duly installed.

In compliance with General Orders No. 3, from Commander Ash-
ton, the comrades of the Post assembled at headc|uarters on Monday,
October loth, at 9 o'clock A. M., to take part in the parade of (irand
Army Day, and soon after, headed by the \\'ashinq;ton Gra\s Hand,
marched to place of formation. Broad and Oxford streets, and after the
review by Department Commander marched to I'"airmount I'ark via
Broad and Green streets, and through the Bark to ^Llin Exhibition
Building. After passing in review the Post was tlismissed, th(.' rest of
the day and evening being spent as each comrade desired. 35 members
of the Post paraded, under Commander Ashton, and 18 joined at the
building, making 73 comrades present in uniform.

The annual election of officers was held on Monday evening, De-
cember 5th, resulting in the election of Comrade W'm. J. Simpson as
Commander, i 13 votes being cast.

Thursday afternoon, December 29th, between 4 and 5 o'clock, was
set apart as " Children's Hour," and the comrades were notified to bring
their children down to the Post room, where an entertainment was .ar-
ranged for their amusement. This was the inauguration ot that Christ-
mas entertainment for the benefit of the little ones of our comrades
that has each year with varied changes given so much pleasure to the
children and gladdened the hearts of the parents. Two Christmas

trees were set up and decorated in handsome style, principally by Com-
rade. Todd. Over fifty children were present, and each received a pack-
age of confectionery, and fruit. .\11 left well pleased, and to Comrade
Philip J. Hofllicrer and James C. Wray were they indebted for this happy
thouoht and the pleasure enjoyed.

The followino- comrades were mustered into the Post during- the
year : —

Dennis McGowan, John L. Fry, Sr., Thomas Keen, Theo. IVi. Etting. Thos. J. Worrell, E. M.
SUPPLEE, Adam Trau, M. D., Wm, H. Pace, A. K. Kepner, Henry F. Birnbaum, Jacob E. Hyneman,
H. B. Geissinger, Frank W, Murphy, Joseph F. Archer, Geo. H. Gripping, U. S. N., John McAnaspie,
Henry M. Dechert, James A. Filley, Thos. Early, Robt. Munnie, Wm. K. Kepner, Thos. Thompson,
Rev. a. Judson Rowland, H. S. Huidekoper, Thos. Chamberlain, Augustus T. Clark, Jacob P. Gil-
man, Saml. D. Marshall, M. D., Chas. Hawkins, John S. Potter, S. Morris Adams, Edward H. Reed,
Geo, 8. Bailey, Leslie Stones, Benoni Frishmuth, Geo. Baskins, C. Irvine Wright, James Beale,
Rev. I, Newton Ritner, Wm. Candidus, Wm. E. Coster, Jacob H, Gilmore, H. W. B. Hervey, Wm. B.
Allen, U.S. N., Rudolph M.Schick, Henry A. Borell, Joseph Moitz, John Leary, John M.Carroll,
Sylvester Byrne, Wm. H. Oakford, Chas. H. Hayes, A. H. Hubbard, E, D, Eshleman, Wm. Delp,
Thos. F. B. Tapper (re-elected). Total, 56.




Entered the service as Second Lieutenant Co. E, 71st Reg't Tenna. Volunteers, May, 186 1.

Final muster out as Captain Co. A, 44th Reg't Penna. Volunleer Militia, August 29, 1863.

Mustered into Geo. G. Meade Post No. i, March 14, 1877.

Elected Senior Vice-Commander December 6, 18S0.

Elected Commander December 5, 1 881.

Another public installation of the officers elect took place on Mon-
da)- evening;, januan\- 9th, at the Post rooms, and Comrade Chas B.
St\er, M. D., Fast Commander of E. D. Baker Post, No. 8, officiated
as installing officer. As soon as his duties were discharged he turned
the Post over to the new commander, W'm. J. .Simpson, who, in assum-
ing command, thanked the comrades for the confidence reposed in him,
and asked their hearty co-operation to enable him to discharge his re-
sponsible duties. He then directed the Adjutant to publish the orders.

General Order Xo. i, dated Januar\- 9th, announcing the election
of the following officers of the Post : —

Commander Wm. J. Sjmpson.

Senior Vice-Commander ...... J.ames C. Wr.w.

Junior \'ice-Coniniander ...... JoH.\ A. Stf.vf.xson.

Quartermaster .Ai.k.n.vnder Reed.

Chaplain Rkv. Clarion II. Kimball.

Surgeon Cn.\s. W. Houghton, M. U.

Officer-ofthe-Day Lewis W. Moore.

Officerof ihcGuaid - • S.\MUEI. R. Kent.

Council of .Xdmini^tiation ...... John W. W.VRO.

And the following appointments : —

Adjutant Uavid I'. Weaver.

Sergeant- Major - W. Wayne Vogdes.

Quartermaster-.Scrgeant - - - - - - - II. M. .Maroui^t.

Inside Sentinel - - Sam'i. W. Arbuckle.

Outside Sentinel John E. .Mann.

Collector Philu' J. Hofkliger.

Bucfler - - - Henry Keen.

Closing with the following paragraph ; —

The Commander thanks the comrades for the high honor conferred on him liv electing him Com-
mander of Post I, and a.'-sure-. them that he will endeavorto perform the duties of the oflice in such a man-
ner as to deserve their confidence and respect. The past year heen one of progress for Post i ; many
comrades have been musiered in during the past year — a few "good men .and true " have been mustered
out. Comrades Vezin, Holman, Linnard and Starr were mustered out l.y the C.rim Sergeant — Death.


The death of our comrade's is not only a loss to our Post, but it is a loss lo tlie communiiy at large. Such
men do not live and die in vain, llicy kave to us a legacy we may well be proud of. Comr.ades, let us see
to it that Post I takes no backward step ; let us each and every one use our best efforts to keep our Post in
the position it has attained, the forefront of the Crand Army of the Republic.

The Post was then turned oxer to the tuitertainnient Committee,
Comrade \V. B. Todd acting as chairman. Comrade R. I)ah;> Benson
took the lloor and called Past Commander Thos. ). Ashton to the front
and in a very comi)limentar)- and appropriate manner presented him
with a gold Past Commander's badge from the comrades of the Post, as
a token of their appreciation of the very efficient manner in which he
discharged his duties as Commander during the past year. Comrade
Ashton accepted the same in his usual happy manner, thanking the
comrades for their beautiful testimonial and for their uniform courtesy
to him during his term of office.

Commander Simpson then addressed the I'ost, alluding in very
complimentary terms to the services ot the retiring Commander.

Past Commamler |os. R. C. Ward was then called u])on, and after
a few pleasant remarks, referred to the outgoing officers and the very
satisfactory manner in which each had discharged his important duties.
He especially commended retiring Quartermaster, Chas. L. Atlee, and
presented him with a gold corps l)adge and insignia of his past office.
Then followed a short programme of singing by Mrs. Wevill, Mr. E. A.
Murphy, Comrade Kay, of Post 7, and Comrade Lembrecht, of this
Post, also a recitation by Comrade K. A. Mass, of this Post.

On P^ebruar)- 9th the Post attended the funeral of Comrade Menry
F. Birnbaum, who died on February 6th. The Post took full charge of
the funeral, bearing all the expenses. Thirl)- comrades paraded, under


Commander Simpson, taking coaches from the residence, No. 401 Pine
street, to Monument Cemetery, where the remains were placed in
the vault. Subsequently the Post purchased a lot and he was buried

Henry P. Birnbaum was born in Phil.idelphia, State of Pennsylvania. Enlisted as Private in Co.
H, 5,h Penn.r Cavalry on the 23d day of September, .861, held the office of Hospital .Steward, and
discharged June 25, .865. He was mustered in George G. Meade Post. No, ,, Department of Pennsylvania,
Feb. 7, 188., and died Feb. 17, ,882, aged 73 years. Buried at Monument Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pa.

At the muster of February 20th the following resolution presented
by Past Commander A. J. Sellers was voted upon : —

'Qlltercas, Many comrades are debarred from attending or remaining at musters of the Post be-
cause of the excessive smoking, which is delrimenial to health and a proprr enjoyment of the meetings,
and in view of the fact that a smoking and clul> room is provide.! for such enjoyment, therefore be it

itcsottlC&,. the opinion and desire of the members be obtained through a secret ballot, to be
held on the third Mond.ay in Februa.y (201h inst.), under the direction of the Commander, the result of
which shall be a rule governing the Post rooms.

A copy of this resolution was sent to each comrade with two tick-
ets, one "against smoking" antl one " for smoking," and wh(Mi the
result of the ballot was announced it was found that a large majority
were "against smoking."

Commander Simpson had hardly assumetl command of the Post
when it was called upon to mourn the loss of still another comrade, his
predecessor, Past Commander Thomas J. Ashton, who had only just
turned over to his successor the office he .so ably filled when he was
suddenly called away from earth. He died February 21st, very sud-
denly. " Mustered out here to be enrolled into that Grand Army


As soon as the arrangements for the funeral were announced Com-
mander Simpson issued the followino- order:

Head-Qi'artkrs Geo. G. Meade Post, No. i,

Department of Pennsylvania, G. A. R.,

S. E. Cor. Iilh and Chestnut streets,
Philadelphia, Feb. 22, 1S82.

<Sciicral Orders
Ho. 2.

I. Comrades, it is with deep and heartfelt sorrow I announce the death of

Gliomas 3. .^sliton.

Past Commander of thi.s Post.

II. Tlie death of our comrade was sudden and unexpected, mustered out
without a moment's warning, casting a gloom over our Post at the loss of one
so much beloved.

III. The comrades will assemble at the Post room on Kriday, 24th inst.,
at 2 o'clock, P. M., sharp, to attend the funeral. Interment at Mt. Peace Cem-

By order of

\V. J. Simpson, Commander.
David P. Weaver, Adjulani.

Dress — Dark clothes, white gloves. Grand -Xnny cap and badge.


The Post was stricken with grief at this sudden death of its re-
cent Commander. He had endeared himself to us all by his manly
virtues, his anxiety for the welfare of the Post and its members, and
his courteous treatment of all the comrades. The Post took full charge
of the funeral services, and in compliance with General Orders No. 2,
as above, assembled at headquarters on PVitlay, February 24, at 2
o'clock, and proceeded to the residence of his brother-in-law, 449 \'ork
avenue, where the remains were received with ajjpropriate honors and
escorted to the Fifth Street Methodist Church, where the funeral ser-
vices were held. Department Chaplain John W. Sayers, Post Chaplain
Clarion H. Kimball, and the Rev. Mr. Gray, pastor of the church, offi-
ciated, and Miss Tillie D. .Summers sang very feelingly " Mee as a
Bird." The remains were then escorted to Mount Peace Cemetery,
via Fifth and Brown streets and Ridge avenue; Post No. 2, under Com-
mander Frank Lynch, with the Post Guard, kindly acting as escort to
this Post with the VVecacoe Band. Post No. i paraded 154 comrades
under Commander .Simpson, with the Washington Grays Band, also
representatives of the Militar\- Order of Loyal Legion and Montgom-
ery Lodge, A. Y. M. At the cemetery the Masonic and Grand Army
services were performed and the Guard of Post No. 2 iired the salute.

The muster of February 27 was devoted almost exclusively to
paying tributes to the deceased comrade. Comrade Chas. C. Lister,
after a brief eulog)-, presented the following: —

This Post is stricken witli grief at the suiiden death of Comrade and P.ost Commander Thomas J.
Ashton, a loss which cannot lie repaired. Time may l>ind u\< ilie wounds and heal the sorrows which the
affliction brings us, but his vacant place in our riinks will not l>e filled— a brave soldier, a true friend— a
trusted guide in times of doubt— devoted to our inlerests, the virtues of true manhood which adorned his
character made his presence felt in our midst— his an.\iely for our welfare— sacred regard for the principles

of our Order — his pergonal labor for individual comrades— all these will be treasured and cherished by us
until our last comrade is mustered into the Graiui Army whose ranks are hourly recruited in the undiscov-
ered country.

" The feeble pulse hath throblied its last.
The manly form is laid at rent.
Another from our ranks has passed.
Our bravest, true;,!, best!"

Comrades G. Harry Davis, Wendell P. Bowman, J. Davis Duf-
field, Jos. R. C. Ward, E. De C. Loud, Isaiah Price and Commander
Simpson, all spoke in appropriate and impressive manner of the life
and services of the deceased. The minute was unanimously adopted,
all further business suspended, and the Post closed in respect to his

Thomas J. Ashton was horn in riiiladelpliin, Stali' uf IVnnsylvania. Enlisted as IM Lieutenant in
Company A, Rey't I'enna. Vols, on the 1st ihay <if Janu.iry, 1862, afterwards in Company li.44th Reg't
Fenna. Vol. M. Held the office of Captain, and was discharged August 27, 1863. lie was mustered
into Geo. G. Meade Post, No. 1, Department of Pennsylvania, .Sepleniher 12, 1877. He served as Junior
Vice-Commander, Senior Vice-Commander and Commander, and died I'ehruary 22, 1SS2, aged 50 years.
Buried at Mount Peace Cemetery. Philadelphia, Pa

At the muster of March 6th the following was adopted : —

Stesolttcd, That CJeorge ij. Meade Post, No. I, G. .\. R., in view of the courtesy and sympathy
sho\s li at the recent burial of Past Commander Ashton hy Post No. 2 tendering and furnishing llie tiring
party on that occasion, also turning out as a Post, tender to Post No. 2 its most hearty and appreciative

ItesalncA. That the .Adjutam he instructed lo olticially communicate the alxjve resolution to
Pom No. 2.

The muster of March 20th was devoted to a memorial service to
the memory of Past Commander Ashton. Judi^e Wm. N. Ashman, tor
a long time intimately associated with him, was selected as the orator
of the evening and delivered an exhaustive eulog^y upon the life of our
deceased comrade.

Comrade I. Newton Ritncr made an impressive prayer, and Miss
Tillie D. Summers sany "We shall meet to part no more." Comrade
Frank Glading played a Requiem on the piano, and Chaplain Kimball,
Comrade Bowman, Commander Simpson and Fast Commander-in-
Chief Louis Wa<,mer spoke feelint,dy of the deceased, and the evening
was one that will be long remembered for its impressive service.

On March 13th Comrade James McFadden, M. D., died. He was
buried on the morning of March i6th, by the Post, in Mount Vernon
Cemetery ; 22 comrades attended, under Commander Simpson, ac-
companied by the Washington Grays Band. The morning service pre-
vented manv comrades from attendine-

James McFadden, M. D., was lioni in Pliil.idelpliia, Slate of IVnnsylvania. Enlisted in 63d Reg't
Penna. \'ols. on the 8th day of October, 1S61. Held the nftice of .Assistant Surgeon, and was discharged
June 17, 1S62. He was mustered into Geo. (i. Meade I'ost, No. I, Department of Pennsylvania, October
21, 1S7S, and died Marcli 13, 1SS2, aged 50 years. lUiricd at Mount Vernon (Vmetery, Philadelphia, Pa.

Again, on March 26th, another comrade answered the last roll
call and was relieved from further duty — Comrade Joseph Bond. He
was buried by the Post on Wednesday, March 29th, atFernwood Cem-
eter)', Fernwood, Delaware Co., Pa., with Grand Army services, 32
comrades participating, under Commander Sim|json, with the Wash-
ington Grays Band. The Post marched from Post Head-Quarters
about 1:30 P. M., to his late residence, 22d and Wallace streets, thence
to 25th and Spring Garden, where coaches were taken to the ceme-
tery, returning to headquarters about 6 I\ M.

Joseph Bond was born in Philadclphin, State of Pt-nnsylvaiiia. Enlisteil as Serfjcant in C'nmnany
M, igth Reg't Penna. Cavalry on the 1st day of September, 1.S63. Held the office of Sergeant- Major and
2d Lieutenant, and was discharged May 14, 1866. He was mustered into George G. Meade Post, No. I,
Department of Pennsylvania, May S, 187S, and died March 26, i<S,S2, aged 41 years. Buried al I'ernwood
Cemetery, Delaware Co., Pa.

On March 27th the Post accepted an invitation from Post No. 2
to pay a fraternal visit on Thursday evening, March 30th, and learning
that the Department Commander, John M. Vanderslice, and staff were
to pay Post No. 2 an official visit at the same time. Commander
Simpson tendered the services of this Post as an escort. The offer
was accepted, and on Thursday evening 95 comrades, under Com-
mander Simpson, with the Washington Grays Band, received the De-
partment Commander and staff and escorted them to the headcpiarters
of Post No. 2, Thirteenth and Spring Garden streets, where all were
very agreeably entertained until after 1 1 o'clock in true .soldierly man-
ner, especially by the excellent music furnished by the orchestra of Post
No. 2 and the addresses of many of the comrades.

"The march of another comrade is ended." Comrade Henry S.
Lansing, at rest. Died at Burlington, N. J., April 14th, after a long
illness. His readiness to obey the last order was manifested a few days
before received, when he said : " I await the coming of death as I would
the coming of a friend." He was buried on Monday, April 17th, at
Burlington. A large delegation of the Post, under Commander Simp-
son, attended the funeral, going by boat from Market street wharf at
1:45 P- M. Company A, 6th Regiment, N. G. of N. J., Captain Phil-
lips, acted as escort. Tlu; full Grand Army services were perfornu^d

at the grave in a very impressive manner, and so impressed a gentle-
man present that he spoke to Commander Simpson a few days after-
ward and said : —

" The services that you old soldiers hold at the graves of your comrades is very touching, and cannot fail
to impress those who witness them with the deep feelings of friendship of one comrade toward another."

Henry S. Lansing was Lorn in Utica, State of New York. Enlisted in 17th Reg't New York Vols.
Held the office of Colonel and Brevet Brigadier-Ceneral.and was discharged June 2, 1863. He was mus-
tered into Geo. G. Meade Post, No. I, Department of Pennsylvania, lanuary 20, 1.S79, and died April 13,

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