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1S82, aged 57 years. Buried at St. P-aul's Cemetery, Burlington, N. I.

On April 20th Commander Simpson received the following: —

Birli.n<;ton, N. J., .\pril 20, 1SS2.
To Commaiii/cr SiMPSdN .VND Comrades G,-o. G. McaJe Post, No. /, G. A. K.

Gentlemen: — For the brothers and sisters of the late General Henry S. Lansing, I thank you for your
sympathy for themselves and respect paid their brother. Rest assured that my family and myself heartily
concur in these e.\pressions of appreciation. Kespeclfully yours, V.v. S. I,.\nsinc;.

On May loth a circular was issued by Commander Simpson call-
ing upon comrades to report on or before June 5th their intention to
accompany the Post to Baltimore, Md., on June 21st, to participate
in the parade and reception of the National Encampment to be con-
vened there on that date, and recpiesting them to meet on Thursday,
June iSth, at Hart's Hall, Broad street above Mount \'ernon, for drill.

General Orders No. 6, from Post Head-Ouarters, dated May 23d,
announced that the Post would attend divine service on .Sunday even-
ing, May 28th, at the Eleventh Baptist Church. 12th street abo\e Race.
Rev. I. Newton Ritner, pastor, had e.xtended a very pressing invita-
tion for the Post to attend, but when the time came he was very ill and
Rev. Henry L. \\'a\lanil. another comrade o\ the Post preached the


sermon. Sixty comrades attended, under Commander Simpson, form-
ing at the Post rooms and marching in a body to tiie church.

The above order also gave full instructions for the services on
Memorial Day. The committee to whom was assigned charge of these
duties were Past Commander A. J. Sellers, chairman ; and Comrades
Jos. R. C. Ward, Benoni F"rishmuth, W. W. Ledyard, Colin M. Beale,
Thomas Thompson, James Thompson, August T. Clark and James T.
Stewart. Subsequently the following were appointed a special commit-
tee to assist them in their labor : Comrades James C. Wray, Wm. H.
Brown, Geo. W. Devinny, Lewis \V. Moore, Alexander Reed and John
A. Weidersheim.

What has been said of previous committees can be said of this
one : its members performed their duties well and to the entire satis-
faction of the Commander and the Post.

In compliance with General Order No. 6 the comrades assembled
at headquarters about i o'clock on May 30th, and at 1:45 ^'- ^^- ^'^^
line was formed on Girard street, with 145 comrades in line, under
Commander .Simpson, with the Washington Grays Band, and paraded
up Chestnut to Broad, to Spring Garden, to Twenty-first, to Green, to
Fairmount Park, thence to Lincoln Monument, where the usual ser-
vices were held, including an atldress by the Rev. I. Newton Ritner,
dirge by the band and anthem by the choristers.

The steamer Lafayette was then taken to Laurel Hill, where the
line was re-formed and marched through the Cemeter\- to the Chapel,
the choristers from St. Mark's P. E. Church singing a processional
hymn, accompanied by the band, which was very impressive. Upon
arriving at the chapel the Post was massed in front of the stand. The


services were opened by an address l)y Past Commander A. J. Sellers,
chairman of the committee, followed by prayer by Post Chaplain Rev.
Clarion H. Kimball.

General J. Warren Kiefer, Past Department Commander of Ohio,
who was selected to deliver the oration, was unable to attend at the last
moment, owing to the pressure of jniblic business as .S])eaker of the
United States House of Representatives at Washington, D. C, a de-
spatch being received from him that morning ; so that brief addresses
from Comrade G. Harry Davis and Chaplain C. H. Kimball took the
place of the regular oration, and were very effective and gave entire
satisfaction and overcame the disappointment that was keenly felt by
the absence of Comrade Kieter; they being called upon at very short
notice, without any preparation. These addresses were foll()W(>d h\' the
choristers singing the hymn —

•• ( )iir Mnrtyreii,"

composed and dedicated to the Post by J. A. Gardiner, Esq. Com-
mander Simpson made a short address and the comrades adjourned to
the grave of General Meade, where the (irand .Army services were per-
formed by Comrades James C. \Wa\-, John A. .Ste\enson, John A. Wei-
dersheim, and Chaplain C. H. Kimball. The choiristers then sang that
olil, l)ut beautiful hymn —

" Saviour again to Thy dear name we raise
Our parting liymn of praise,"

and the services closed with " Rest " on the bugle by Post Bugler
Henry Keen.

A laro-e detail of the Post, under Commander .Simpson, then went
over to Mount Peace Cemetery and decorated the grave of Past Com-
mander Thos. J. Ashton, Comrade Wendell P. Bowman making an

address, paying a higli tribute to the worth and services of our de-
ceased comrade.

This year the committee adopted a beautiful bronze desi_<,rn as a
permanent marker for the graves of the deceased comrades of Uiis
Post, being a large star, same design as the G. A. I\.
badge, with the name and number of the Post. This
was attached to a gaKanized iron rod and one placed
upon the graves of each of the following comrades of
this Post, those outside of the city being e.xpn^ssetl to
the Post of the (j.A.R. located there, to wit: Comrades
John W. Geary, Harrisburg, Pa.; [ames Heslet, Port
Carbon. Pa. ; Morris Priggs. Peljanon, I\. ^'. ; Henry
.S. Lansing. Burlington. X. |.. antl Comrades Wilber V.
Geer. Jacob Stein. George .S. Duncan. Jos. P. Dinan,
[asper H. Hohnan, |ames ^P Linnard. Henry I. ISirnliaum, Thos. J.
Ashton, lames H. McFadden, Josejjh lioml, James .Starr and Altred
\'ezin, in the Philadel])hia cemeteries.

The committee collected this year the sum of $265.00, the largest
amount by Comrade .A. J. Sellers, of $60.00. Received from the Post
$371.00: total, $636.00. PLxpenditures. $498.56, and returned to tiie
Post $137.44.

General Order No. 7, dated June 14th, was issued by Commander
Simpson, giving full instructions for i)arade of the Post to Ikiltimore,
Md., on June 21st. to participate in the reception of the National b.n-
campment Grand .Army of the Republic during its annual session, antl
contained the following paragraph : —


" The amimnnilcT hopes Uiat as many rnimadf-, ;is posMlly can, will aoconipniiy the Post to lialli-
niorc, and that each and every comrade will feel an.l act as ihough the honor of the I'ost and the C.rand
Army were in his keeping; thus doing honor to the citizens of Baltimore whose i;uesls we will he."

The arranLCcments \vt>rc entrusted to a committee consisting,'- of
Comrade C. W. Houghton, M. I)., Cliairman ; G. Harry Davis, .Secre-
tary; Philip J. Hofflio-er, Treasurer ; C. Irwine W'rioht, Colin M. Beale,
A. J. .Sellers and James Reale. They chartered one of the steamers of
the Erricson Line to convey the Post aiul be its hea(](|uarters while in

The Post left I^hiladelphia about 7 o'clock on Tuesday evening-,
June 20th, with 91 comrades umler comniand of Commander Sim|)son
(Adjutant David P. Weaver was unable to accompan\' the i'ost ami
Comrade Wendell P. Bownian was appointed Adjutant for the trip),
steaming down the Delaware River and passing- through the canal,
and up the Chesapeake Bay to Baltimore, arrixin^- there about 9
o'clock Wednesday morniuL;", taking breakfast on the boat. The line
was soon fornied and marched to place ol lormatioi-i and in tlue time
particii)atetl in that graml street parade, that included about 20,000 old
veterans, who were generously received by the citizens of Baltimore.

The fine appearance of the menibers of this Post, their excellent
marching and soldierly bearing, won for them api>lause all along the
line, and as the section bearing the nineteen bulU-t-riddlfd arid tattered
battle flags passed along they receivetl a jjcrfect ovation from the tliou-
.sands of spectators that throngetl the sidewalks and fllletl the houses.
In passing the reviewing stand, u])on which were Chester .A. .Arthur,
Presitlent of the Cnitetl States, and his caliinet, Ceneral Sherman and
other distinguished guests, tin- aiJjjlause and cheers were continuous.


After the parade was dismissed the Post returned to the boat for
dinner and then the members strolled around town until about lo
o'clock that niq;ht, when the steamer started on its return trip, and
arrived in Philadelphia about lo o'clock Thursday mornini^.

So well were the members pleased with their visit and the warm
reception accorded them by the citizens of P)allimore that a committee,
consisting- of Comrades Wendell P. Piowman, (i. Harry Davis. \], PVish-
muth. A. J. Sellers and j. C. Dobleman. was ap])ointed by the Com-
mander to prepare a set of resolutions expressive of our warmest thanks
and due appreciation ot their kindness and <j;-enerosity, to have them
engrossed and presented to the cityof Baltimore. They were prepared
and adopted as follows : — ' ■

Wf|crc<l5. This Post, al its recent visit to the cily of Baltimore during the sessions of the Na-
tiiinnl Encampment of the (Jrand .Army of ihc Ki-i)ul>lic, was llic recipient of such kindness and courtesies
as IJalliiiiore liiiows so well how lo sjive and extend, and

TOIlcrcaS, Such kindnesses and courtesies, we believe, were the frank and spontaneous outcome
of true and honest hearts, and were l)y this I'ost as truly and honealy receive 1. aiul

Vlf)CrcaS. Such kindnesses and courtesies demand of the Tost a manly and ^oldierly .acknowl-
edgement and recognition. Therefore, he it and it is herehy

IteSo(lie&. By the Ceorgc (i. Meade I'osl. .No. 1, of the Crand .\rmy of the Republic of the De-
parlmenl of Pennsylvania, in regular muster assembled: That the tlianks of this I'ost lie extended to his
Honor the Mayor of the (.'ily of IS.allimoie. and through him lo the citizens of that goodly city, for his am!
their kind and careful tlmughl and raienlion of ami to, the necessities, comfort and ]densure of the Post
during its visit.

Trusting that the (Jod of nations and Kuler of cities shall guard her present and guhle her future des-
tinies for her truest good and permanent a<lvanccment. aiul tliat soun, very smin, our whcde country shall
rejoice because her children once more dwell together in unity.

That a committee of five comrades be appointed by the Commander to do the bidding of the Post in
the premises and convey these lesohitions to (heir ])ro|xr destination. Taken Irom the mlnute^ of the Post
at the muster held the third day cjf July, A.D. 1SS2.

Commander Simpson, Comrades C. Harr\- Davis ant! Wendell
P. Bowman carried the same to Baltimore and i)resented them to the

Again this year did a number of the comrades of this Post attend
the semi-annual encampment of the Department of Pennsylvania at
Gettysburg, from July zul to 29th inclusive, a special muster of die
Post being held on July iSth to make the necessary arrangements.

Department Commander [ohn M. \'anderslice and staff ])aid an
official visit to this Post on Monda\' evening, October 9th. Quite a
large nimiber ot the comrades turned out to welcome them. .X camp
fire was lighted as soon as the routine business was disposed of A
number of appropriate and humorous speeches were made by the vis-
itors and comrades of the Post, after which a lunch was served on the
fourth floor. At that same muster Comrade Washington L. Atlee, M.
D., was elected a member of the Council of Administration, vice Horace
Evans, resigned.

On October 27th the Post participated in die Bi-CenKninial cele-
bration of the founding of the city of Philadelphia and the landing of
William Penn on our shores. (leneral Order No. <S. dated October
20th, gave full instructions antl announced the tollowing comrades as
the Committee of Arrangements : P)enoni iM-ishmuth. Chairman :
Lewis W. Moore, James Thomijson, Colin M. Beale, David H. Gar-
rett, Rol)t. .S. Wharton, M. D.. and Thomas Thompson : and contained
the following ; —

" The occavon of ^hU i.arn.le bein- extr.>onli„:,rv. tlu- ( •.nnnK.ncl.T hopes IIkU .in.l every cnnir.-ide
will m.ike special elTorl to be in line, ll.eieby conlributin- his pnrl lo«ar,l niakinj; Crnncl .\.my Day the
feature of the ISi-CVntennial celebration, and the appearance of I'ost .Vo. I ^ceon.l to none in numl ers as
well as in .soUlierly bearing."


The Post paraded 132 comrades, under Commander Simpson,
having as their guests Wilson Post, \o. i, of Baltimore, Md., who
brought with them 78 comrades. Adjutant David P. Weaver was un-
able to parade with the Post and Commander Simpson appointed Past
Commander Jos. R. C. Ward atljutant for the |)aratle. As a full tlc-
scription of the appearance of the I'ost, and the part it took, and the
names of all the comrades who partici|)atcd, are contained in the re])ort
submitted 1)\- .\cting .Adjutant Ward, the same is published in full as
follows : —

1 iF\i> Qi\KTi-Ks Ci.i. (). Mkadi: I'i>,~i', No. I. DEPr. of Penna., G. A. R.

rim.AiiEl.iMiiA, Octolier 30, 1S82.

Cnlll. WllITAM J. SlMI'SON, Cfll>im:Tlh/i-r :

I h.ivo llie honor lo submit my report as .Acting Adjulanl of the p.irailc of this Post on I'rid.iy, Ocioher
27lh, participating in the liemonstration celebrating the I!i Centennial celeljralioiiof tlie lan(!in:.;of Williiim
Penn and founding of the city of Philadelphia.

In compliance with General Order, No. S, dated October 20ih, 1S82, the comr.ades assembled at head-
quarters on Friday morning, October 27th, at 9 o'clock. ,\t 9.30 the line was formed on (Jirard street and
was soon joined by Wilson Post, No. I, of Baltimore, Md., who arrived in this city by steamer .about S
o'clock, and was met at the wharf by the Reception Committee of this, consisting of Comrades 1). H.
Garrett, Thos. Thomp.son, E. ]. Edwards, and escorted to the Hall, Broad and Vine streets, for
breakfxst, and then lo place of formation, on Girard street. Immediately upon their airival the column
proceeded down Eleventh to Chestnut, to Fifteenth, Fifteenth to Sovuh, thence exst to Broad street: here
the line was reformed and divided into platoons of sixteen each, and the following comrades placed
in command of the platoons to assist the Senior and Junior Vice-Commanders ; Chas. \. .-Vble, Wni. K
McFerran, Colin M. Bcale, G. Harry Davis, Wm. H. Given and E. .\. M.ass; and W. Rus-ell Smith in
charge of the platoon of color and battle (lags. Fred'k V. Holt was appointed .Acting Sergeant-Major.
.At 10.30 moved 011 to Broad street in sections of eight, and massed in clo-e colunm on first section and
I'aced 10 the left. The column began pa-sing shortly after II o'clock and at 11.45 we began 1" i"'>ve,
breaking from the right and marching to the lel't in sections of eight, passing up Broad street to Chestim',
to Third, to Market ; here i)laloons of sixteen were formed and proceede<l up Market to Broad, ))a.ssing the
reviewing stand at liroid and tlirari avenue, where we were reviewed by Governor lloyt, Generals Halt
ranft, Seigfried, Beaver and Snowdcn.and the Bi Centennial Committee; and then countermarched to Vine
street, breaking into sections of eight ,at Girard avenue. .A halt was made above Vine street 10 salute W ilsoii


Post as ihcy were escorted into Industrial Hall for dinner; we then proceeded to Post Ileadiiuarters.
Commander thanked llie comrades for their attendance, fine appearance and good conduct ; issued tickets
of invitation for the reception at the Academy of Fine Arts and Camp Fire at Industrial Hall.

The following officers and comrades ]iaradcd with the Post :

Commander Wra. J- Simpson, Senior Vice-Cominander Jas. C. Wray, Junior ViceCoinmandcr Jno. A.
Stevenson, (Quartermaster Alex, Reed, Surgeon ('has. \V. Hougluon, (Jfficer-ol-theDay Lewis \V. Moore,
Ofificer-of-the-Guard Sam'l R. Kent, Scrgeant-Major \V. \V,aync Vogdcs, Quariermasier-Seigiani 11. M.
Marquet, Bugler Henr)' Keen ; P;ist Commanders los. R. C. Ward, Geo. \V. Dcvinny and I.. D. (,'. Tyler,
and Comrades Allman, \V. L. Atlee, Abel, Archer, \V. 1!. Allen, C. M. Heale, W. C. Hird, J. T. liinl,
Itridger, Boos, Brooks, Blair, Boyer, Burr, Bailey, Baskins, Borcll, Boring, Cook, \V. G. Cooper, Chamlier-
lain, Coster, Cochran, Dunsford, Dohleman, Dally, Devlin, Duncan, G. Harry Davis, Drake, Flmer. Ed-
wards, Frazer, Fry, Flake, Fri.shmuth, Grugan, Goodwin, Glading, Given, Geissiriger, Garrett, Hutchinson,
Hewes, Hoffliger, Hammer, Hartleben, D. \V. Howard, Hough, Haesclcr, Holl, Hayes, Hamilton, Her-
vey, Johnston, Chas. W. Keen, Krider, J. D. Keyser, Kohlas, I.ambrecht, Leidy, Leary, Mayer, Munder,
W. H. Miller, McGonigle, McCalla, M.acfernan, J. II. Mitchell, Jno. E. Mann, Mass, \\m. C. Matthews,
Munnie, Martel, Nelson, Nichols, Nice, Paul, Prior, PfeilTer, J. C. Price, Isaiah Price, J, S, Potter, .Stroebel,
Swei>fort, W. Russell Smith, Geo. F. Smith, \V. M. .Smith, Sm-per, J. Scott, Simmons, Ellis Stokes, Swoyer
Steiner, Geo. Stevenson, Snyder, Stones, W. \V. Tucker, Tibbals, Todd, Thoiniison, 'I'lios. Thompson,
John C. Thompson, Win. Thomjison, W. II. F, W.ard, John W. Ward, W. W, WalKace, Wood, Whitaker,
Williams, Wolfe, W. M. Worrall, John Weidersheim, Willard, Rob't Wilson, Wright, R. T. Voung, and
Yoder — total, 131 ; Past Commander Sellers on Department Staff — total, 132.

There also paraded with Post— Comrade Lindsay, of Post 24, Dept. of Pa., and Comrades Decker,
Jones, Johnson, Ledell and Wrighlington, of Post No. 7, and Jos. Smith, of Post No. 3, Dept. of Delaware,
and Past Commander Gile, of Post No. 40, Dept. of New Jersey. Total, S — 140.

During the evening many of the comrades availed themselves of the opirartunily to attend the reception
at the Academy of Fine Arts and the large Camp Fire at Industrial Hall, Comrade E. A. representing
this Post at the latter, with German recitations. Shortly after eleven o'clock quite a ni.mber of the com-
rades a-ssembled at the Post Rooms to assist in the Camp Fire for the entertainment of our guests, Wilson
Post, of Baltimore. Commander Simpson occupied the chair. Commander Geo B. Creamer, of Wilson
Post, was introduced and presented our Post on behalf of Wibson Post with a verv- handsome piece of shell
work, representing an eagle with .scroll containing the words, " Wilson Post to Post No. 1," worked in
shell, nicely framed. After an hour's entertainment of songs and speeches. Commander Simpson invited the
guests up stairs, where ample provisions were made to supply the inner man ; and shortly after 12 o'clock,
in a very heavy rain storm, the following comra<lcs escorted Wilson Post, No. I, to Chestnut Street wharf,
where they look the steamer for liome : Commander Simpson, Senior \ice-Commaiider Wr.iy, Acting
Adjut-int Ward, Past Commanders Deviniiy and Tyler, Sergeant -M.ajor Vodges, and Comrades Cook, Frish-


nnitl,, llol,. Macfernan. In.,. C. Mann., S,,,,,-, \Vm \I S,„;,l Ti •,-,

.|._l^l ^_ •'•■"'"-'• ^^"' •"■ ^""ili. 111.,.. Ilmmpson, and Wright.

In clcsin, ,l,i. repo,-,, Commander, permit me to thank you for ,he hnnor and con.l.lcncc vou placed
u,.on me, and ,o tru.t ,ha, I have discharged ,he duties .satisfactorily to you and the comrades of , hi ' I-ost •
nnd, ,f I may be allowed ,o give expression to my opinion. I would say that the I'os, never n.adc a f.ner
appearance, marched better, or gave our friends better satisfaction than they did on Kridav las,, or were
Ihey at any time tlie recipient of more compliments.

Fraternally, your obedient servant, J„s. R. C. \V\Ri,

Pus/ C,:mm, :»,/,>■ an,/ A,/iiii^ AJjulant.

As stated in the report, during the evening of that day the De-
partment of Pennsxlvania Head-Quarters gave a reception at the
Academy of Fine Arts. Broad and Cherry streets, at which all the in-
vited guests and visitors were present, and thousands of our comrades
came there to greet them, and many to shake hands with their old com-
manders that they had not seen for years. Handsome engraved tickets
of admission were issued and furnished each comrade.

At the same time ; that is, wliile the reception was l)einij held at the
Academy of Fine Arts, a monster camp hre was being held at the In-
dustrial Hall, Broad street, above Vine, which was crowded to over-
flowing, comrades passing from one to the other making a continuous
throng at each place.

On Monday, December 4th, the annual election of oHlcers took
place, resulting in the election of Comrade [ames C. W'ray as Com-
mander, 146 votes being polled.

On Friday evening, December 15th, a large delegation of the Post,
with band, attended a fair at the Grace Baptist Church, Berks street
above ]£leventh, where the chaplain of the Post, Rev. C. II. Kimball,
is pastor.

The Post decided not to have a public installation of officers for
the year 1S83, but to have a banquet instead, and Comrades Philip J.
Hoffliger, D. H. Garrett and A. J. Sellers were appointed a committee
to make the necessary arrangements. As a result ol their labors a
fine banquet was served at the American Hotel, and reported hereafter.

It was decided to urge upon the Department Encampment the
claims ot this Post to recognition, and present the name of Past Com-
mander A. J. Sellers for the position of Senior Vice-Department Com-
mander. A circular was prepared by the delegates elected, and a copy
sent to all the Posts of the Department, and on December 4th the Post
adopted a resolution of instructions to its delegates to use all then-
efforts to secure his election.

During the year forty-se^•en comrades were mustered into the Post
as follows : —

W,lSo ROBERT ZT r""p 1"°'"' *■ ^^°*'- °"^^ "■ '''"°"' "^'^-^^ H-'^™^. G.O. T.
WM^D ALLEN, Wm. B. Havwood, James F. Morrison, John A. Weidersheim, Edward M Boring Henrv
W. ROBERTSON^ W. M,EEUN Sm,th, Abram Heul,nos, John C. Martel, James M. Cox j! M Qak y
S. A.. Samuel Roberts. David H. Garrett, E. P. Holman, Wm. Flake, Wm. B Anderson WmThom^'

US Tz mT' "'""' '■ °''°'^^"^' ^"- "■ ^'"' ^ - ^- ^-"-. A^rDETE dra:

U. S. A James McEwen, Richard Burr, M. D„ Henrv Barr, Charles F. Ruff U S A John Hav


W. A. ATwooD, Wm. H. Neiler, Wm. C. Thiell, Lindlev G. Smith. Jonathan G, Halloweu '

On January 2, 1SS3, a postal card was sent to each comrade of the
Post by the Committee on Installation Supper, Comrades P. [. Hofflicrer.
A. J. Sellers and D. H. Garrett, announcing that the supper would take
place on Monday, January 8th, immediately after the installation of offi-
cers, at the American Hotel, Chestnut street above Fifth, about 9 P. M.
A large number of comrades were present at the muster of |anuar>-
8th. to witness the installation of officers, and then to partake of the
supper. The Post was opened promptl\- at S o'clock, and, soon after.
Comrade Frank Lynch, Past Commander of Post No. 2, detailed to in-
stall the officers-elect, was announced, received in due form, and at once
installed the following officers for 1S8; :

Commander ■

Senior Vice Commancler

Junior \'ice Commaiuler

Adjutant -






Jamf.s C. Wray.
John A. Stevknson.

1)A\II) 1'. Wea\er.
II. M. Marqi F.T.
KOD'r S. WlIARTO.N, M.l).

Rev. I. Newton Ritnek.
Kdml'nd A. M.MS.
.Samuel R. Kent.

.Sergeant-Major W. Wayne \()i:i)f:s.

(Juarlermasler-Sergcarit ■ Kked'k V. Hdi.t.

He then turned the Post over to Commander Wray, who directed
the Adjutant to pubhsh General Order, No. i, which announced the
election and appointment of the officers named, the standing committee

inchulinL;" —

Council of Adminisiration B. Krishmuth.

Inside .Sentinel - .-... John Scott.

Outside Sentinel John E. M..\NN.

Collector riiiiip J. Hoffi.ioer.

Bugler HenkyKf.en.

Closing with —

" The Commander tluinks the comrades for electing him to the honorable position of Commander, and
asks their aid and counsel in the discharge of his duties. Comrades, let us see to it thai Tost One takes no
backward step, and use our best efforts to keep our I'ost in the position it has attained — the torefroiit of the
Grand .-^rmy of ihe Republic."

The Post was then closed and the comrades fell in line, and, headed
by the Geo. G. Meade Fife and Drum Corps, marched to the American
Hotel, to partake of the supper prepared by the Committee. One
hundred and twelve sat down to the feast about 9.30 o'clock. Chaplain
I. Newton Ritner invoked the Divine blessing, and all hands set to work
to do justice to the prepared menu, that pleasure being enhanced by
excellent music furnished by the orchestra.

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