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vember 17, 18S4, Comrade Ward reported that Comrade Benj. W.
Richards, Secretary and Treasurer of Lainxd Hill CcmeteryCompany,
had presented the Post with two hnt- lots 22\i6, in Section "O,"
Central Laurel Hill,

On Wednesda)', October 24th, the Post paraded to take |)art in
the services of Grand Army Day. The members assembled at head-
quarters in pursuance to General Orders No. 14, from Commantler
Wray, at 1:15 P. M. Soon after the line was formeti with 78 comrades
under Commander Wray, and headed In- the " KvKNrNc C.Ai.i." Band,
kindly donated to the Post without e.xpensc by Roljcrt S. IXavis, fisq.,
the proprietor of the " EvENi.xt; Call" inarched down Chestnut to Slh, to
Market, to 7th, passing the publication office of the "Evkmnc Call" and
paying a marching salute to Mr. Davis, to Walnut, to Inroad, to Chris-
tian, the ]ioint of formation. .Soon after, the cohimn moved antl pro-
ceeded up Broail street to Chestnut, to 5th, to Market, to Broad, to
Columbia avenue, and countermarched to .Spring Ganlen street and

At a subsequent meeting the following was adopted: —

Jlcsolucft, 'Ihat the thanks of lliis Tost be lendereil to Rol.ert S. Davis, Ks.)., for his unselfish
anil unsoliciled lilierality in furiii-liiiij; without cost to tlie Tost the •• IAkmxc; C'ai 1." Hand for its use on
(^ranil Army Day, ( )ctiil)er 24, iSS^.

ncsolttcb. That tlie iiaiiu- of the said Robert S. Davis be placed among those of the contributing
members of the Post, and that tlie full and free use of the ciuarlers be tendered him ; ami that he have the
same rights and privileges as any and all of the said contributing luembers.

The annual benefit of the Post was given at the Chestnut Street
Theatre on Friday evening, November 9th, when the Madison Square
Company placed "Young Mrs. W'inthrop," and was under the man-
agement of the following committee: Past Commander A. |. Sellers,
chairman, and Comrades Hofifliger. Wartl, Moore, Price, Sweisfort,
Glading, Dobleman ami Hinl. They oft'ered two prizes to the comrades
selling the most tickets. The bcneht was a decided success in every
way, and the Committee tunned o\cr to tlie Post $530.60. as the net
proht. Comrades Win. McGonigle, |ames Thompson, and Jacob K.
Swoyer, sold about the same amount of tickets, amounting, in the ag-
gregate, to $490.75, and they were each presented with a gold Post

On November 2 2tl the Post attended in a body the I'air of die
State Fencibles, at Industrial Hall, Hnnul and \'ine streets, [parading
forty-one comrades, uiuler Ct)mmandi'r Wray, with the (ieo. (]. Meade
Fife and Drum Corps.

The annual election of officers took place on Monthly cxcning, De-
cember 3d, resulting in the election of Comrade John .\. .Slexc-nson as
Commander. Two hundred ;uid fifty-four votes were cast, and divulged
a very spiritcil contest for Junior \'ice-Comniander between Comrades


Lewis W. Moore and Isaiah Price, Comrade IMoore receiving- 128 and
Comrade Price 122 votes.

The muster of December 17th was devoted to a memorial service
of the deceased comrades of the Post ; sixteen having died since the re-
organization of the Post in 1869. A complete record of the services
of each in the army, as well as in the Post, was prepared and read by
the Adjutant.

After this followed responsive reading and chanting b)' Post Chap-
lain Rev. I. Newton Ritner and the choir, and finally a memorial address
by Comrade G. Harry Da\is. The rooms were admirably draped and
the service was very impressive. The music was admirably and effec-
tively rendered by the Corinthian Quartette of Messrs. i^riscoe. Graft,
Roden and P'ord.

The following are the deceased comrades in whose honor tlie ser-
vices were held : Past Commanders [ames Heslet and Thomas J. .\sh-
ton ; Ofificer-of-the-Day Wilbur F. Geer ; Ouartermaster Morris Briggs ;
and Comrades H. ¥. Pirnbaum, Jos. Hond, Louis J. Boos, Joseph P.
Dinan, Geo. S. Duncan, Jesper 11. Holman, James M. Linnartl, Henr)-
.S. Lansing, James Mcbadtlen, Jacob .Stein, James .Starr and .\llred

The Committee having the arrangements in charge consistc-il of
Comrade G. Harry Davis, chairman, Comrades C. Irvine Wright, I' rank
Glading, B. Frishmuth, Wm. McGonigle and Geo. W. Devinny.

On Saturday, December 29th, was given the entertainment to the
children of the members of the Post, and it was a grand success. About
250 children were present, and as many adults. The programme con-
sisted of music, sini'ini'-, legerdemain tricks, and the Marionettes, all

under the management of Comrade Frank Glading. Fruit and mixtures
were presented to each child : and the Committee to whom the arrange-
ments were committed — Comrades Wray, l-"rishmulli, (blading and
HofBiger — were so convinced of the success and popularity of the occa-
sion, that they recommended it be one of the permanent entertainments
and placed in the hands of the Entertainment Committee each year.

Forty-two comrades were mustered into the Post during the year,
as follows : —

John G. Johnston, James Le Sage, Theodore Rue, Leidy Bilger, John F. Hassett, Wm. J. Gran-
LESS, James Patterson, Thomas Lynch, Joseph Friebus, Harry K. Reakirt, James H. F. Milton, John
Van Kirk, Chas. E. Nock, Francis A. Davies, Ernest Schligel, Wm. A. Delaney, James Dunseith,
Herman Fellman, Chas. R. Sallade, James D. Nevins, E. M. Keeley, A. D. Mackey, Wm. F. Leifried,
Robert C. Ogden, Francis H Snyder, Chas. F. Crane, Christian Klein, Joseph McDonnell, Francis
H. Pepper, Louis P. Langer, Lester Neiler, J. K. Tyson, Harry K. Riehle, Peletiah Fitch, M.D.,
Nathan Rosenfelt, Philip D. Fowler, Harry H. Roth, Robert G. Black, John Blair, Marks Weil,
Alvin B. Felt and L B- Stoughton.

On January 7th the officers for the year 18S4 were duly installed
by Senior \'ice Department Commander A. J. Sellers. Past Commander
of this Post, who was detailetl for that purpose by the Department

Before commencing the installation ceremonies Comrade C. 1 larr\-
Davis, on behalf of the comrades of the Post, ]:)resented the retiring
Commander. James C. Wray. with a handsome gold Grantl Army I^adge.
with his monogram on it. set with diamonds, in consideration of his
services as Commander for the past year. Past Commander Wray
recei\ed the same in a short address, giving a resume of his adminis-
tration. The following officers were then duly installed : —

Commander John A. Stevenson.

Senior Vice Commander Alexander Reed.

Junior Vice Commander Lewis W. Moore.

Adjutant U.wiD P. We.wer.

Quarterma.stcr U, M. M.AKguET.

Surgeon Jones, M.D.

Chaplain t!. 1 Larry Davis.

Officer-of-the-Uay \V. Wayne Vuodes.

Ofticer-of-the-Ciuard John G. Johnson.

Sergeant-Major \Vm. IL Howard.

Quanermasler-Sergeant - ■ • ■ A. NL .\rri;i .

The Post was then turned over to Commander .Stevenson, wlio
thanked the comrades for electing him as Commander and asked their
hearty co-operation for the ensuing year, and then phtcetl the meeting
under the charge of Past Commander Jos. R. C. Ward, Chairman of the
Committee on Installation.

After a musical selection on the piano, by Comrade I'rank Glading,
followed a recitation by Miss Julia Tibbals, ••'["he Jiner," and soprano
solo by Miss Kate .Sheain. P)Oth were so well received as to necessi-
tate an encore.

Past Commander Ward then presented, on behalf of the comrades
of the Post, gold badges to the retiring Officer-of-the-Guard, Samuel
R. Kent ; Quartermaster-Sergeant, PVed'k V. Holt, and Outside .Sen-
tinel John E. Mann, in recognition of their faithful services, in the tlis-
charge of their respective duties, each bearing the insignia ot their
respective offices. Adjutant David P. Weaver then presented the
retiring .Sergeant-Major, Comrade W. Wayne Vogdes, with a diamond
stud, in consideration of the able assistance rendered to him as Adju-
tant. I^ev. Waldo Messaros recited Longfellow's " King Robert of
Sicily," and, later in the evening, "Little Bridges" anil "Rose of
Eden." Mr. Newton gave some excellent music on the piano, includ-


ino- an imitation of the fife and drum : and at 10.45 ''-^I- t-he entertain-
ment closed, all present being well pleased.

On January 14th Commander Stevenson issued General Order,
No. I, announcing the officers elected and appointed, as stated above,
also the standing conmiittees, and the election of Comrade James
Thompson to the Council of Administration, and closed as follows : —

III assuming; command of this Post, I am sensible of the iinporlant trust conluk-d to my care, and I ac-
ce]it it only with the expeciation of rect-ivini; a cordial and energetic support, not only from my ofticers and
commitlees, but from each individual connailc. Willi this Mippml, grncrously and willingly extended, there
can be no doubt as to the result.

(Jn Februar\- 7th the Post was called ujjon to pay the last sad
trilnite of respect to another comrade who had gone to his long rest.
Comrade W'm. K. Macferran. who died on I-\-l)ruar)- 3d. The Post
turned out torty~si.\ comratles, under the command of Past Commantler
L. [). C. IVler, lea\ing headquarters about halt-past one o'clock, with
Beck's Band, and marched to 12th and .Sanscjin streets antl took the
cars to the late residence of the comrade*, iQlh and Columl)ia avenue,
being joined there Ijy the old guard of the 2d Regiment, X. (i. of Pa.,
under Captain [acob G. Might, and Companx' (i, ol the 2d Regiment,
X. G. of Pa., under Captain G. T. Hughes, acting as esct)rl. The re-
mains were conducted to Middle Laurel Hill Ceineter\", where the)'
were interred with full (irand .Arm)- ceremonies, the escort firing the

WiUiam K. Macferran was born iu riiiladelphia, Slalc ..f I'rnnsvban.a. Ijilisi,.! as Captain, Co.
C;, 19tli Reg't, Pcniia. \\>ls., on .April 19, lS6l ; again, in $2d Kcg't, I'enna. \'ol. Militia, held office <>f
Lieutenant- Colonel ; was discharged therefrom Sei>lenibcr I, l<S(i3. He was mustered into (ico. O. Meade
Post, No. I, l)e]ianinent of Pennsylvania, Uiiic 16, 1879, and ilied Feliruary 4, 1S84, aged 52 years.
Buried in Central l.auivl Hill Cemetcrv. I'liiladeh.hia.

At the Department Encampment, licld at Lancaster, Past Com-
mander A. J. Sellers was elected Delegate to the National Kncam])ment,
and, shortly afterward, the new Department Commander, 1\ II. Dyer,
appointed Comrade Wendell P. Bowman, of this Post, ludge Advocate
of the Department.

At muster of February i ith, on motion of Past Commander (ieo.
W. Devinny, a committee of three was appointeil to co-operate with the
committees of other Posts or organizations in the obsequies of Mr.
CJeo. \V. Boyd, one of the crew of the wrecked Arctic steamer " |ean-
nette," whose remains were expected to arrive in the city soon. Com-
mittee — Comrades Devinny, Reed and Moore. At the same muster the
Post, by resolution, decided to parade as a Post, at the funeral, which
took place on Friday, Pebruary 22d, Washington's Birthday, and turned
out 5 1 comrades under Commander Stevenson, with Washington Grays

On Monday, March 17th, Post No. 2 paid a fraternal visit to our
Post, bringing nearly 100 comrades, under Commander M. E. Pagan.
Business was hurried through and a Camj) b'ire o])eneil with
Comrade Glading, Chairman of the Entertainment Committee, in
the chair. A very pleasant evening was enjoyed by all, enlivened by
recitations and army st<jries by the comrades of each Post. Shortly
after 10 o'clock a recess was taken anil all hands repaired to the|)arlor
where refreshments were served, after which the good time continued
until a late hour.

On 'Puesday, May 13th. the Post attended the funeral, in carriages,
of Comrade Audle\- W. (iazzam, who died on May loth, escorting
the remains to Broad .Street Station, I'ennsvlvania Railroad, to be con-

veyed to Washing^ton, Pa., for cremation. Twenty-one comrades were

Audley W. Gazzam in Allegheny, State of Pennsylvania. F.nlisted as Major, I03<1 Kegt.,
Penna. Vols., on the 2a day of March, 1862 ; also. Major 5tli Regt., U. S. V. R. Corps. Wa.s discharged
April 22d, 1865. Was mustered into Geo. G. Meade Post, No. i, Department of Pennsylvania, November
6. 18S2, and died .May to, 1SS4, aged 4S years, liuried at L'tica, New \'ork.

On May ist the Committee on Memorial Da_\- issued the follow-
ingf circular : —


IlK.\ij-Qr.A.RTERS Geo. G. Mk.\i>k Pust, Nd. i,

DEi''r "K Pknn.-^., G. a. R.,

N(l. IlOg CUKSlStt SlKKKT,

Puii..miki.fhi.\, .M.ay i, 1884.
Comrade: — The 30th of tlte present month is the day set apart by the Grand
.■\rniy of the Repulilic, the National and State authorities, for the services of the
memorial to the dead. Surely no day luis, or should have, a greater hold on the affec-
tions of the comrades of our Post, tiian this on which we arc called to rememfier those who died in the
great strife of '6l-"5, and who so willingly yielded up their lives for the land they loveii.

We keep green and sirew with Howers ihe graves of our loved ones, and hold memorhils on each an-
niversary of their death ; how much then does it become the duly of e.ach and every comr.ide to help in
the same memorial of our country s dead. The committee appeals to you, your patriotism, your love to our
I'ost ; by the memorirs of past ilanger and sacrifices, and by the duty left to the living by the dead, that you
meet with the other comrades and assist in the duties of Memorial Day. Will you do so ? We ask from
you a prompt and willing afjirmative resjonse. It is our desire that I'ost (Jne shall on that day turn out at
least three hundred comrade^, and thus reflect credit and honor on the dead, on our Order, and on our-
selves. Pet no weak or frivolous excuse prevent you, but remembering the s.acrilices you once so willingly
made, devote the day, if it need he, to the dtuies of the solemn occasion.

On the Sunday afternoon previous (25th inst.), at 4 o'clock, the Rev. Wm. N. McVickar. Rector of
Holy Trinity Church, Nineteenth and Walnut streets, will, by invitation, deliver the Memorial sermon and
conduct ihe services thai precede .Memorial Day. The Post will meet, as per General Order, at the Post
room at 3 o'clock P. M., ami proceed in a l>ody to the church, in full < ;. .-V. K. uniform.

The committee earnesily leiiucst^ lliat each and every comrade wdl allend bolh ihis service at the




churcli an.l Ur- ceremonies of Memorial Dny. Do yo,,r .luly, comrades, as you understand it, and there

need be no fear for ihe roult. ^■ours in ]•". C. and I,

Jamks C. Wray, Chainiiau.

Isaiah Price, Secretary ; I!. iMislimiitli, Treasurer ; Thomas Thompson, Harry K. Richie,] ,,^
David C. Garrett, Ceoriie \V. Devinny, Ceorge E. Paul, John A. Weiiicrslieim, Colin
M. Bcale, Frank Cl.adinf,', James Thompson, AUiert Super, William C". P.ird, \V. H.
Drown, Paul P.. Parnes, \V. II. Nice, J

General Order No. 3, of same date, made the usual announce-
ments for Memorial Day.

The committee, with the usual care and much labor, made all the
arrangements necessary to enable the Post to do credit to itself and
fittingly observe the day.

In accordance with the above ordcT the Post attended divine ser-
vice at the Holy Trinity P. 1:. Church, corner of 19th and Walnut
streets, on Sunday afternoon. May 25th. at 4 o'clock, 80 comrades at-
tending under Commander Stevenson, and listened to a veiy eloquent
sermon by the Rev. W'ni. Neilson McX'ickar, D.i).. the rector.

On Memorial Day the Post formed on (iirard street, and about
I o'clock, with 165 comrades in line under Commander Stevenson
ha\'ing the Evciiiuo- Call IJand, took up llu.' line of march down
1 2th to Walnut, to Broad, to Spring Garden, to 21st, to Park, to Lin-
coln Monument, where a halt was made and the usual services held,
including an address b\- Comrade Chas. C. Lister.

The boat was then taken to Laurel Hill, thence through the Cem-
etery, with the choristers of St. Mark's P. E. Church singing, with band
accompaniment, as a processional hymn —

'■ ( hue .More we March with Solemn,"

dedicated to the G. A. R. by Mr. J. A. Gardiner, to the Chapel, where
the usual services were held, consisting of praver bv Rev. I. Newton

Ritner, Acting Post Chaplain ; oration by Comrade W. W. H. Davis ;
the choristers singing ■• The night is far spent, the clay is at hand ;" and
a short address by Commander Stevenson.

After the decorating of the graves of all deceased soldiers and
sailors in Xorth, Central and South Laurcd Hill Cemeteries, the Post
re-assembled and proceeded to the grave of General Meade, which was
elaborately decorated, and performed the Grand Army services. Com-
rades Alexander Reed, Lewis W. Moore, Isaiah Price, and Chaplain I.
Newton Ritner officiating. The Post then returned by boat to Pair-
mount Park, and thence to headquarters and dismissed.

On June 2d Adjutant David P. \\'eaver was granted a leav(> of
absence until September, and Sergeant- .Major \Vm. II. Howard was
appointed Adjutant //-^ /rw.. and Comrade Isaiah Price Sergeant-Major.

George G. Meade Post. \o. i, at Denver. Colorado, being desirous
of having a good picture; of (leneral Meade, wroK; to this Post for one.
A committee was ap])ointc;d to get one: and in due season forwarded it
to them, together with a picture of " Old Paldy," from Comrade A. C.
Johnston : and. under date of July 4th, they acknowledged receijn of
same, returning their thanks to this Post and to Comraile Johnston.

On August 2,Sth Comratle Robert H. P'ord died, having for five
years been a heljiless invalid from paralysis. The Post took charge of
the funeral and buried him at Central Laurel Hill Cemetery, with
full Grand Army services — 5 i comratles, under Conuiiander Stevenson,
with an escort of 14 men from the 2d Regiment. .\. G. of Pa., under
Lieutenant Shober, the Association of the io6th Regiment, Pcnns\lvania
Volunteers, and the Xational Cornet P)and of I'rankford, Pa.

Comrade P'ord. until stricken down with the tlisease that finally

terminated his life, was one of the most active members of this Post,
participating- in all of its work and contriI)uting liberally towards its
success, in time, labor and means, and durino- his long sickness never
lost interest: on two occasions he was brought to the musters in a carriage
and carried up into the Post Room, where he sat through the muster ;
and the comrades gathered around him, expressing their joy at his
presence. Each year, on Memorial Day, he accompanied the Post in
a carriage and attended the services at the Cemetery; and nothing
gave him more pleasure than to have the comrades to visit him at his

Robert H. Ford »a> l.i.rn in I' .State cif ^elUl^ylvallia. F.iili.>tea as Captain Co. I, Io6tli
Reg't, Penna. Vols., on the 241)1 day of .\iiL;ust, 1S61 : also Captain Co. Ci, 214th Reg't, Peiina. Vols.; dis-
charged March 21, 1S66. Ho was mustered into Ceo. (1. Meade Post. No. I, DcpartmonI of I'ennsylvania,
March 28, 1S77, and died .Avii^nst 2S, 1SS4, .igod 70 years. Ilnried in Central Laurel Hill Cemetery,

On .Septeml)cr ist the Council ot .Xdministraiion announced that
the Superintendent of the Post Rooms, Comrade Philip J. Hotlliger,
had resigned, as he had received an a])pointnient umler the National
Government which required him to remove to Xew \ ork City. The
Council paid a well deserved tribute to his character and cpialifications
for that responsible position ; certifying that his financial accounts with
the Post and the many soci(;ties that occupied th(! rooms, were correct
and in perfect order, and that they regretted very much parting with so
faithful an officer.

A committee was appointed to express, in writing, the best wishes
of the Post to Comrade I lofBiger, and, at muster of .September 15th,
presented the following : —


Pnil.ll' J. UOFFI.IGER, Eso.

Comrade .-—h^ ihe name of Ceo. C. Meado Posl, \o. i, Department of Pemi.ylvania, G. A. R., we
desire to express our great sjialification at your appointment to a position under llie U. S. (iovernment, and
wi.sli tliat you may enjoy the same for many years to come.

\'ou will leave us for other scenes, but we asU you to take with you our regret at the separation and llie
endorsement of the Post tliat your faithful services to us, and good companionship witli all, have been and
ever will be appreciated. Yours, in K., C. & 1..,

John A.,]

\Vm. T- SiMI'SON, j. Cmmitlef.

j.\MKS C. WkaV, I

These were suitabl)- engrossed and hantlsomely Ijound in album
form and presented to Comrade Hoffliger.

On September i2tli a circular was sent by Commander Stevenson
to all the comrades, containing, among other notices, the following : —

The Post has been informed tliat a fr.iteriial visit may be expected next Monday evening, the 15th inst.,
from a prominent and vigorous (j. A. R. organization, containing many elonuent speakers, representing the
bench, the bar, the pulpit and the stage. Within its ranks will be found justly celebrated vocalists,
eminent musicians, comedians and tragedians, all of whom will contribute to tin- enjoyment of the evening-
A Camp Fire is suggested after the regular IusIirss has brrn disponed of. .Ml comrades are requested to
appear in uniform, if possilile.

This awakened the curiosit)- of the; comrades, who were anxious
to know who the mysterious visitors were to be, and the Post Room
was crowded. Early in the evening the business was interrupted by
the announcement that the visitors had arrived. The Officcr-of-the-Day
was directed to repair to the ante-room to receive them, to conduct
them to the Post Room and to introduce th(;m. All eyes were turned
to the door as the Sentinel announced tlu' " C)fficer-of-the-I)ay and the
guests," and in marched the " wetcrans " of Post I'j in full uniform,
the officers fairly ablaze with medals and gold lace, their stand of rid-
dled colors testifying to \\\v. heroic services of that noble band of " wet-
erans." Thev were received with full lionors ; tin; i'ost remaincul

standing until the Icing line of " wetcrans " filed in and were formed in
front of the altar. Commander Stevenson welcomed them in an ad-
dress overilowino- with eulogies of their heroic services, and the pleasure
Post No. I enjoyed by their presence. This was responded to hy the
Commander of the Corps, General Geo. W. Dcvinny, who thought Post
No. I would ieel proud of the honor paiti them hy the visit of so tlis-
tinguished an organization, who were on their way to celebrate their
"once anniwer.sary " at Dooner's favorite retreat, and stopped over to
pay this visit to Post No. i.

All business had to be suspended and Commander Dcvinny was
called to the chair. Then followed a number of witty speeches, music
and amusement, antl the presentation to this I'ost of a framed portrait
of General Hancock, from Comrade A. T. Clark ; a sword from the
battlefield of Bull Run, from Comrade Francis H. Pepper; a cuj) to
Comrade L. W. Moore; and, finally, the " weterans " presented their
riddled flag, under whose shadows their valuai)le services were ren-
dered during their long term of service.

At a late hour the "weterans" took their departure lor the still
more pleasant active service, of an assault on the cuisini; fortifications
of Dooner's. It is perhaps i)ro|)er to state that all the members of
this Inirlesque organization are mendiers of Meade Post No. i, organ-
ized to contribute towards the entertainment of the Post in addition to
their own amusement, each year paying a fraternal visit to the Post.

General Orders No. 4, from Post lleadipiarters, assendded the
Post on Thursday, .Se])tember iS, Grand Army Day, and to take part
in the ceremonies of the unveiling of the ecpiestrian statue of Major-
General lohn Pulton Revnolds, on the northern front of the I'ublic

Buildings, Broad and Filbert streets. In compliance with same, sixty-five
comrades reported for duty, and, shortly after 9 o'clock, untler Com-
mander .Stevenson, marchetl to point of formation, P)road and Walnut

Soon after, the column started, passing around the l'ul)Iic I'.uildings,
paying a marching salute to the Reynolds Statue and continuing up
Broad street to the State Agricultural Fair, Broad and Lehigh avenue,
and then dismissed ; the rest of the day being spent in viewing the
many objects of interest there exhibited.

At muster of October 13th, the following, presented b)- Past Com-
mander Wray, was unanimously adopted : —

WItcrcaS, If it lie possible to secure thehonor of liavini; the lU'xt Deparlment Commander emanate

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