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from this I'ost ; therefore, be it

llcSOtue&t That Ceo. (;. iMea<le I'ost, No. I, present to the Department Kncampment the name
of I'ast Senior Vice-Department Coinnianiler .\. J. Sellers for tlie honored position of Department Com-
mander, and that the Delegates nse their intluence to secure his election.

On Wednesday. November 5th, the Post attended the funeral of
Comrade Jacob H. Beattis, from his late residence, 1S32 .South Seventh
street, who died on November 2d, and proceeded to I'nion Vault, .Sixth
and F'ederal streets. Twenty-eight comrades ])articii)ated, under Com-
mander Stevenson.

Jacob H. Beattis wa- bom in l'hda.lel|)liin. State of Pennsylvania; enlisted as Captain Co. K, iStli
Keg't, Penna. Vols., on the eighteenth day of .Vpril, 1861 ; also Captain Co. I), 95lh Reg't, I'enn.a. Vols.;
wa.s discharged ( )ctober 14, 1S62. I le was mustered into Geo. G. Meade Post, No. I , I )e|).artment of Penn-
sylvania, October lb, I.SS2, and died .Novemlier 2, 1884, .aged 6b years, liuriecl at Union Cemetery,

At mustt^r of Xo\eniber 17th Past Commander Jos. R. C. Ward,
Chairman ol the ISiirial Lot Committee, presented resolutions of thanks


to Comrade Benj. W. Richards, for his kindness in presenting to the
Post two fine burial lots in Laurel Hill Cemetery. They were unani-
mously adopted and the Committee authorized to have them suitai^ly
engrossed. This was done in the form of a handsome album of Russia
leather, stamped in gold, and included the following letter of trans-
mittal : —

I'lin.AiiKi.niiA, J.imi.iry 5, iSSi;.
Colonel Benj. W. Richards, 524 Walnut Street.

Dear Sir ami Comrade : We have the pleasure to transmit to you (lie f<ilIowing Resolu-
tions, unanimously .adoptetl liy the I'( )ST, in consideration of your lilvral response to the needs of the IVst, in



Fraternally yours in F. t'. and L., Jos. R, C. Ward, C/iairman, ~\ Committee on

Geo. W. Devinny, Lewis W. Mocike, Jhirial Lot of

Frank Glading, Tho.mas Tikimi'son, ( Geo. G. Meade

Isaiah Price, Secretary. I Post, No. t.

Head -QrARTERS Geo. G. Meade Post, No. i.

Department of Penna., G. A. R.,

Philadei.i'hia, November 17, 1884.
At a regular muster of the Post, held this evening, ihc followinfj Resolulions were unanimously
adopted : —

Stesolneft, That the thanks of this Post are due and are hereby tendered to
for his generous donalinn (n the Post nf

JtcSoltlcO. That a copy of these Resolutions, duly signed by Ihe (.Mnniander ami Adjulant of the
Post, be forwarde<l by the liurial Lot Committee to COMRADE R1CII.\RDS.

[seal.] David P. Weaver, buiN .\. Stevenson,

.■lilJKtuiit. I 'ommander.

On Monday, November 17th, Comrade loiui W. Priichard, who
died on November 13th, was buried at Fernwooti Cemetery. .As the
family retpiested that the interment should be private, the Post did not
turn out.

John W. Pritchard was Ixirn in Kent County, Stale of Maryland: enlisled as iirivatc in Company I,
5th Reg't Del. Vols., on the sixth day of November, 1S62; also, private Co. II, 7lh Reg't, Del. Vols.; was
discharged August 12, 1S64. He was mustered into Geo. G. Meade Pest, No. I, Department of Pennsyl-
vania, February 17, 1879, and died November 12, 1SS4, ageil 45 years. Buried at Fernwood Cemetery,
Delaware County, Pa.

On Friday evening, November 21st, the annual benefit of the Post
was given at the Chestnut Street Theatre, when Miss Minnie Pahiier
appeared in " My Sweetheart." Comrade James Thompson was chair-
man of the committee, and realized $332.38, to be used towards refurn-
ishing the Post Rooms.

On Friday evening, November 28th, a large delegation of the Post
attended the Fair and Bazaar of the First Regiment, N. G. P., upon
the invitation of Comrade Theo. E. Weidersheim, the Colonel Com-

On Monday, December ist, the annual election of officers took
place and Comrade Alexander Reed was elected Commander, 1 64 votes
being cast. The usual contest centered on the Junior Vice-Commander,
between Comrades John A. Weidersheim and W. Wayne Vogdes, and
the first ballot resulted in a tie, both receiving 82 votes. On the second
ballot Comrade Weidersheim was elected by a majority of nine votes.

On Tuesday afternoon, December 30th, the annual children's fes-
tival, known as the " Children's Hour," was held at the Post Room, and,
as usual, was crowded with the children of our comrades and their
families. An interesting entertainment was given, and each child was
presented with candy and fruit.



Entered llie service as Private, Co. II, IQth Reg't Penna. Volunteers, April 27, 1861

.•\nil as Private Co. A, gotli Reg't Penna. Volunteers, Septemlier 24, 1S61

Promoted to .Sergeant and transferred to V. R. Corps

Final Muster out as Sergeant Co. A, 14th Reg't V. R. C, September 20, 1864

Wounded in breast at Antietam, Md., September 17, 1S62

Mustered into Geo. G. Meade Post No. i, September 15, 1S79

Elected Ouartermaster, December 5, iSSi

Elected Junior Vice-Commander, December 4, 1SS2

Elected Senior Vice-Commander, December 3, 1883

Elected Commander, Decemlier i, 1S84
Elected Delegate to National Encampment for 1SS7

The following are the thirty-two comrades who were mustered in
the Post during the year 1884: —

Wm. H. Bristow, G. W. Frederick, a. J. Doty, William Bessonett, H. D. Straw, William H.Lind-
say, John L. Luckenbach're-eiectedi, James W. Pennington, John Fox, Louis Weiner, Edward N. Rue,
Melachon L. Frink, Henry Simmons, Chas. L. Cooper, Thomas J. Thompson, Isaac R. Oakford,
Albert Armstrong, C. S. Magrath, Henry C. Sinex, Wm. L. Gaul, Charles A. Brick, Frederick
GUYER, John R. Shreve, M.D., Eugene C. Koerner, Wm. H. Tyrrell, H. B. Butcher. M.D., Geo. H.
S Uhler, E. Resse Moore, Wm. J. Kelly, John P. Stambaugh, Joseph Kehin, U.S.A., Anthony W.
Vogdes, U.S.A.

The officers-elect conceived the idea of giving a New Year's recep-
tion to the comrades of the Post, and invitations were sent out inviting
them and their ladies to be present at the Post Rooms on Thursday,
January i, 1885, from 2 to 6 P. M. This was generally accepted, and
the Post Rooms were crowdetl all the afternoon with the comratles and
friends. The wives and daughters of the officers were present, assist-
ing in serving refreshments, and Comrade Glading furnished music to
add to the enjoyment. This was the inauguration of the custom that
has ever since been kept up each year by the incoming officers.

On Monday, January 5th, a public installation of the officers took
place, Comrade E. F. .Saxton, Past Commander of I'ost No. 51, offici-
ating as mustering officer, and duly installed the following otticers : —

Commander _ - . Ai.e.xanijkr Rekd.

Senior Vice Commander Lewis W. Moore.

Jmiior Vice Commander JmiN A. Weidersheim.

Adjutant D.vvirj P. Weaver.

Quartenna.ster Horace M. Mar<>i;et.

Surgeon Chas. W. lIoiioirroN, M.D.

ChapLiin C. Irvine Wright.

Officer-of-the-Day Albert C. Johnston.

Officer-of the-Guard Alexander M. Ai-pei..

Scrgeant-Major Wii.uam II. Howard.

Quarlcrmaslcr Sergeant llENRV E. HoREI.E.

The Post was them turned over to Commander Reed, who expressed
his gratitude to the ccmirades for the honor conferred upon him; real-
izing the many responsibilities and the arduous duties of the office, he
would endeavor to discharge his duties, to the best of his ability, for the
best interest of the Post. He then turned the meeting over to Com
rade Prank Glading. Chairman of the Entertainment Committee, who
presented a fine \-ocal and instrumental concert for the entertainment
of those present, during which Comrade Wendell P. Bowman presented
the retiring Commander, John A. Stevenson, with a handsome gold
badge on behalf of the comrades of the Post, in recognition of his serv-
ices as Commander during the year just past. Past Commander Stev-
enson received the same in one of his humorous speeches, returning
his thanks tor same and exjjressing his gratitude to the comrades for
their kind sup|)ort iluring his term of office, and eulogized the new
Commander, urging a continuance of the same generous sui^port
given him.

Junior \'ice Commander Weidersheim then presented Comrade
Frank Glading with a beautiful gold badge, as a token of esteem from
his comrades, for his faithful services as Chairman of the Entertainment
Committee, which was received by Comrade Glading, returning his
thanks to the comrades of the Post for their kind rememiirance and
beautiful sou\x'nir.

At muster of January 12th, Comrade Henry E. Porell resigned as
Quartermaster-Sergeant and Comrade John (i. Johnston was appointed
his successor and dul)- installed.

At the same muster Commander Reed issued (Jeneral Order No.


I, announcinor the officers elected and appointed, inclndino- the follow-
ing as

Past Commander A. J. Sellers, Chairma>i, t'omracie I!. Frisiimith,

Comrade John W. Ward, .. j,\„Ks Thompson,

Past Commander I.. D. C. Tyler.

Also the standing committees for the year.

At the same time a circular was issued announcing that on January
19th, and each muster thereafter, the new By-Laws would be taken up
and acted ujjon until disposed of.

At muster of January 26th resolutions were adopted urging upon
the Meade Memorial Association the advantage of erecting the Meade
Statue in the city, and, if possible, at the northern entrance of the Public
Buildings, Broad and Filbert streets, to correspond with that of General
Reynolds. ALso a re.solution approving of the bill passed by the United
States Senate providing for the reappointment of our comrade, Ulysses
S. Grant, as a General in the United States Army. Copies of the same
were sent, with a letter, to our Congressmen, Gen. Henry H. Bingham,
Charles O'Neill, Samuel J. Randall, William D. Kelley, and Alfred C.
Harmer, asking them to use their influence to secure its passage
through the House of Representatives. Replies were received from
each, expressing their willingness to cheerfully support the bill, which
was subsequently passed almost unanimously. Letters of thanks were
then sent to each of the above Congressmen for their support of the
bill, and the replies received were entered in full upon the Minutes.

At muster of February 2d, the sudden death on that day of our
comrade, Thos. F". B. Tapper, late Colonel 4th Regiment Pennsylvania
Reserves, was announced to the Post. .\])i)ropriate r(-marks were

made by Past Commanders Simpson, Ward and Stevenson, Comrade
Isaiah Price and Commander Reed. Comrade Tapper was one of tiie
oldest members of the Post, always takin.<,r an active part in its welfare
and contributing liberally towards its support, and his sudden death
deeply affected his many friends. Commander Reed issued General
Order No. 2, dated Februarj- 4, announcing his death as follows:—

"That the death of our comrade w.i,s sudden and unexpectL-d ; mustered out without a URmient's warn-
ing; castMig a gloom over our Post at the loss of one so much beloved."

And requesting the comrades to attend his funeral on Friday afternoon,
February 6th, at one o'clock. A large delegation of the Post was
present and escorted the remains to Laurel Hill Cemeter>', where they
were buried with full Grand Army service.

Thomas P. B. Tapper bom in Cermantown, l'hiladcl|iliia. State of reniisylv.ania. He enlisted
in the service .as Captain Co. G, 4th Regiment, Pennsylvania Reserves, on the 29tli day of May, lS6i ; w.ts
wounded at Charles City Cross Roads and Malvern Hill, Va., and at .South Mountain, Md.; hel.l the offices
of Lieutenant -Colonel and Colonel, and was finally discharged June 17, 1S64. He was mustered into Post
No. One, Department of Pennsylvania, M.-iy 31, 1867; re-elected December 5, i.SSi ; and died February 2,
1885, .aged 61 years. Buried at South Laurel Hill Cemetery, F^liilailelphia, Pa

On Monday, February 23d, Department Commander Austin Curtin
paid an official visit to the Post, accom])anied by several members of
his staff. He was received in due form, subsecpicntly introduced to the
Post, and made a brief address. Remarks were also made by Past
Department Commander John M. Vanderslice, AssistantOuartermaster-
General Williams. Comrade Thad. L. Vanderslice, of Post No. 2, ami
Past Commander A. J. .Sellers and Comrade (',. Harry Davis, of this

On Februarv 2Sth Comrade Marks Weil died. lie was buri(;d bv

the Post on Tuesday, March 3(1, at Fernwood Cojmetery, Delaware

Marks 'Weil wa-, liom in lianvilU-, State of I'cnn^ylvania. He entered tlie service as Trivate in Co.
G, 26lh Regiment, Penna. \ols., on tlie first day of Septeinlier, 1861 ; was discliarged as Corporal July i,
1865. He was mustered into Geo. G. Meade Post, No. I, Department of Pennsylvania, Octoln'r 23, 1882,
ami died Fel.rnary 2S, 1S85, aged 38 years. Buried at Fernwood Cemetery, Delaware County, Penna.

At muster of March gtli Past Commander Jos. R. C. Ward pre-
sented the following preamble and resolutions : —

^Qlficrcns, This Post has learned, with feelings of profound .sympathy and dee]) regret, of the
severe illness of our comrade, whom not only this nation, but the whole world delights to honor; and

^fiercas. The Visiting Committee of this Post are unable to .show the interest of the Post in the
welfare of our comrade by visiting him at least once a week ; therefore he it

3SeSo(ae6t That the said committee be directed to address a communication to our comrade, C S.
Grant, informing him of our sjinpathy for him in his affliction, and retjuest we may lie informed, from
time to time by mail, of his condition, that his they meet together each week, may secure direct
information as to the health of their late commander.

These were adopted unanimously, and the Chairman of the Visiting
Committee was directed to convey in person the resolutions to Comrade

At the next muster, Senior Vice-Commander Moore, Chairman
of that Committee, reported that he had conveyed the resolutions to
the residence of Comrade Grant, where he was kindly receivcil by his
son, Colonel Fred. I). Cirant, who assured him that his father always
appreciated the fraternal interest of his old comrades ; and that in regard
to his health the Associatetl Press reports could be relied upon. On April
6th a letter was received from Colonel Grant, formally acknowledging
receipt of the resolutions and stating "that (ieneral (irant thanks the
Members of the Post for their kindness and sympathy."

On Monday, March 23d, the Post was the recipient, through Com-
rades B. Frishmuth and Robert S. Wharton, M. D., of a very hand-
some plaster equestrian statuette of General Meade, from Messrs.
Zimmerman and Nixon, Lessees of the Chestnut .Street ()i)era House,
with the following letter : —

OrKKA IlmisE, I'iin.Ai)i;i,rniA, March 23, 1S85.
To the Officers and Memhers of George G. Meade Post, No. 1, G. A. A'.

Gentlemen : — We beg leave to ask your acceptance of tlie accompanying plaster statuette of the lale
General George (\. Meade, after whom your Post is named. We feel sure it will l>e gr.itifying to you to
have this in your beautiful rooms, and we cannot make any disposition of it will be more worthy of
[his great General, who must live forever in the hearts of his countrymen, and whose memory is especially to us who are citizens of the city he made his home. \'ours Iraly, Zim.mkrman ,& NixoN.

Comrade Wharton presented the gift, which was received by
Commander Reed on behalf of the Post, and he appointed Comrades
Robert S. Wharton, B. Frishmuth and Past Commander A. J. .Sellers,
a committee to draft a resolution e.xpressive of the gratitude of the
Post. This was suitably engrossed and presented to Messrs. Zimmer-
man & Nixon.

On March 30th, Comrade Richartl P)urr, M. I)., died. He was
buried by the Post on April 2d.

Richard Burr, M. D., w.t- In.rn in C'amckn. .Siate of .\ew Jersey. He enlered the service as
Surgeon of the 72d Regiment, Penna. Vols , on the 1st day of November, 1861, and was discharged Feb-
ruary 18, 1862. He was mustered into Geo. G. Me.ade Post, No. I, Department of Pennsylvania, October
23, 1882, and died March 30, 18S5, aged 66 years. liuried at Mount Vernon Cemetery, I'hihidelphia, Pa.
Removed in 18S6 to North Laurel Hill Cemetery.

On Ai)ril 27th the Post adopted a resolution of congratulation to
our Comrade, U. S. Grant, on the com|)letion of the sixty-third year of
his life, and sent it with a beautiful lloral offering to him, to his residence

in New York City.


At muster of May 4th, the death of another Comrade was an-
nounced Comrade Jacob H. Gihnore, who died suddenly on May ist.
General Orders No. 4 announced the same to the members of the Post,
requesting them to attend the funeral on May 6th. Fifty-two comrades
responded and escorted the remains to Evergreen Cemetery, South
Camden, marching from his late residence to Market street ferry, taking-
the boat to Camden and then coaches to the cemetery.

Jacob H- Gilmore was born in Canuien, State of New Jersey. He entered the service as Private
in Co. I, Oth Keyinient, New Jersey Volunteers, on the 29th day of August, 1 861, and was discharged
September 14, 1S64. He was mustered into Geo. G. Meade Post, No. i, Department of Pennsylvania,
July 7, 18S1, and died May I, 1SS5, aged 51 years. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery, Camden, New Jersey.

The Committee on Memorial Day for 1SS5, of which Past Com-
mander \Vm. J. Simpson was Chairman, consisted of Comrades VV.
Wayne V'ogdes, Secretary ; B. Frishmuth, Treasurer; James Thomp-
son, Colin M. Beale, Edward N. Rue, Daniel T. Nichols and Past Com-
manders George W. Devinny and A. J. Sellers ; to which was afterwards
added a special committee of Comrades CJias. VV. Houghton, M. D.,
John Blair, Geo. H. S. Uhler, Leslie Stones, William H. Nice, Geo. E.
Paul, lacob K. Swoyer and Henry C. .Sine.x.

On May ist they issued a circular announcing that Geo. G. Meade
Post, No. 38, of New York, would be the guests of our Post on Memor-
ial Day, urging the comrades to make liberal contributions and zealous
efforts to collect subscriptions to defray the e.xtra expenses which the
presence of our visitors would necessarily entail upon the committees.
The circular contained the following : —

" Memorial Day affords the opportunity to all good citizens of joining hands with those who went forth
in the dark days of the Rebellion to do battle for the Nation's life, in placing our tribute of flowers, with

befitting ceremonies, on the graves of those who rest, and to recall the patriotic devotion of the heroic dead
who sleep in unmarked graves on tlie tields wliere they fell amidst war's carnage."

On May 14th, General Orders No. 5, issued by Senior Vice-Com-
mander Moore, in the absence of Commander Reed on account of sick-
ness, announced, among other things, that, in compHance witii the
resolution adopted by the Post, the members would attend divine service
on Sunday evening, May 24th, at St. Jude's P. E. Church, Franklin
street, above Brown. Accordingly, the comrades, seventy-five in num-
ber, assembled at the Post Rooms on that evening, and proceeded to the
church and listened to an appropriate sermon by the Rector, Rev. W.
H. Graff, and to some excellent singing by the choristers.

General Orders No. 6, dated May 25th, gave full instructions for
the services of Memorial Day, the names of those who would acklress
the comrades, the route ot the parade, and the time and place of the
banquet in the evening, to be given to our visitors, Geo. G. Meade
Post, No. 38, of New York ; and under the .same date Commander
Reed issued the following circular : —

rillL.MiF.l.riii.v, May 25, 18S5.

Comrade : On Saturday next we are to bring again to the attention of the rising generation, the hero-
ism, self sacrifice and patriotism of our deceased comrades.

It is due to the memory of the valiant men who died in battle, and the equally lirave men who since
have gone to their graves, that we take special notice of that sacred Memorial Day.

It is due to our countiy, that we honor our decea.sed comrades and keep their memory' sweet, that when
the nation in the future needs oilier ilefenders. the people may not feel that " Uepublics are ungrateful," and
forgetful of their soldiers.

It is due to our living comrades who, in sickness and .age, now need or will need the tender care of a
grateful people and a thankful government. Kor by such observances jus these, the love and gratitude of ihe
nation to those who saved it, will be kept fresli, and its debt to tliem kept clearly in mind.

Every year, since General Orders No. II, Headquarters G. A. R., M.iy I, 1868, were issued, for the
decoration of Ihe soldiers' graves, the inlerest has increased, until now our observance of the day does as
much to maintain the union and slrength of llie ii.ation, liy its moral inlluence, as did some of our battles to
save it.

At 12.30 P. M. on Saturday, May 30th, the Post was formed on
Girard street, and received, with due honors, the members of Geo. G.
Meade Post, No. 38, Department of New York, who brought with
them seventy-five comrades, a drum corps, and fifteen ladies. The
latter were provided with carriages. They also brought a handsome
floral design for General Meade's grave. Shordy after i o'clock the
column, headed by the .Sixth Regiment N. J. N. G. Band, and 126 com-
rades in line, marched down Twelfth to Chestnut, to Eleventh, to Arch,
to Broad, to Spring Garden, to Twenty-first, to Green, to l-'airmount
Park, thence to Lincoln Monument, where Comrade Henr)' M. Dechert
delivered the address.

The choristers sang the hymn beginning with " For all the saints,
who from their labors rest," this closed the services at Lincoln Monu-
ment. The Post then marched to steamboat landing and took the
steamer " Undine " to Laurel Hill landing, where the line was reformed,
and marched to and through the cemetery to the chapel in North Laurel
Hill, the choristers of St. Jude's P. E. Church, under choir master
Mr. S. M. Paul, singing the processional hymn.

At the chapel Rev. Russell H. Conwell offered prayer, and Com-
rade G. Harry Davis delivered the oration.

And after the anthem, " Honor the Brave," by the choristers, Rev.
Geo. J. Mingins, of New York, who, accompanied Post No. 38,
made a short but eloquent address, referring especially to the eminent
services of General Meade and his loyalty as a citizen, his bravery as
a soldier, and his true gentlemanly character. The services then clo.sed
and the Committees proceeded to decorate all the soldiers' graves in
North, Middle and South Laurel Hill Cemetery. Reassembling at call

of bugle, they proceeded to the grave of General Meade, where the
Grand Anri)^ services were performed by Comrades L. W. Moore, J.
A. Weidersheim, Isaiah Price and C. Irvine Wright, of this Post, fol-
lowed by like service by Commander A. Franklin Lawson, Senior Vice-
Commander Thomas Fitzpatrick, Junior Vice-Commander Milton V^os-
burg, of Meade Post No. ;^S, of New York, the choristers singing
Psalm CXXX, and two hymns ; after a short address by Past Com-
mander Wm. J. Simpson, chairman of committee. "Rest," by Bugler
Henr}' Keen, and "Taps," by the Drum Corps of Post 38, the services

The Post and guests returned by boat to Fairmount Park and
marched to the Post Room ; and, before being dismissed. Commander
Lawson, of Post No. 38, presented Post No. 1 with a handsome cover
for the altar, from the lady friends of Post No. 38. It is made of white
satin, beautifully embroidered. On the top is a Grand Army i)adge,
worked in colors of silk chenille, with the name and number of this
Post. On the three sides are worked the words, " FRAT[^R^•ITV, Chakitv,
LuvAi.TV," and on the other, " Post No. i, of Pa., Post No. 38, of N. V.,"
with clasped hands between ; the whole bound with handsome silk cord,
ornamented with large tassels. A beautiful piece of work.

Commander Reed received the same on behalf of Post No. i, with
appropriate remarks.

Both commands then proceeded to the Smedlcy House, Filbert
street, below Thirteenth, and sat down to the Ijanquet prepared by
Post No. I for the guests from Post 38 : and, as usual on such occa-
sions, addresses were made and all enjo\ed themselves.

The following communication from Post No. 38, New York, tells

how that Post appreciated the courtesies extended by Post No. i, of
Philadelphia : —

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