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Head-Quarters Geo. G. Meade Post, No. 38,
Hefakimknt ok New York, G. A K
To ,he Officers and Comrades Geo. G. Meade Post, No. ,, New \okk, July 4, 1SS5.

Deparlmenl of Pcmuylvaiiia, C. A. A\ :
At a regular encampment of Geo. G. Me.-,dc Post, No. 38, Dept. of New Vork, G. .V R., ,l,e following
preamble and resolutions were adopted by a standing vote : —

lUhcrcaS, That the reception given to this Post by our comra.les of Post I, of Phihidelphia, upon
Memorial Day, was of such a character that every conu-ade who had the great plea.sure to participate shall
never forget the kindness they received, and in fact consider it a re<l letter day in the history of the Post-
Besolucd, That wc tender a vote of thanks to Post 1 for the manner in which they received and
entertained us on our visit to their city, and pray that the bonds of 1-raternity, so strengthened on that occa-
sion, will remain unbroken, while there is a Cor]5oral's guard left to guar.l them.
Yours in F., C. and L.,
John J. McConnell, ,V. FRANKt.rN L.^wso.v,

Adjutant., ,- ,

The committee collected this year the full amount of 55-6.60 ;
received from the Post $400 ; Comrade A. J. Sellers making the largest
collection of S75.00. They e.xpended $697.52, leaving a balance of
^229.08, which was turned over to the Post Quartermaster and by reso-
lution set aside for the expenses of the Memorial Day Committee of
next year.

The Post having enjoyed the courtesies of .St. Jude's Protestant
Episcopal Church, Junior \'ice-Commander John A. Weidersheim, pre-
sented at the muster of June ist resolutions thanking the Rev. W. H.
Graff, the Rector, for his -'appropriate sermon ;" the vestr\- and con-
gregation " for their kind reception on Sunday, May 24th," antl the
choristers "for their splendid rendition of die services" on Memorial
Day. They were unanimously adopted.



Entered the service as Musician, Co. G, 197th Reg't Ponna. Volunteers, July 11, 1S64

Final discharge as Private, Co. G, 197th Reg't Penna. Volunteers, November 11, 1864

Mustered into Geo. G. Meade Post No. I, December I, 1879

Appointed Quartermaster-.Sergeant, January 9, 1882

Elected Quartermaster, December 4, 1S83

Re-elected December 3, 1883; December i, 1884

Resigned June 13, 1885

On Tuesday, June 9th, Past Commander William Arthur, died.
The Post attended the funeral services at his residence, Thirteenth
street below Chestnut, on 'I'liursda), June iith, and escortetl the re-
mains to Woodland Cemetery. Thirty comrades particii^ated. and the
National Cornet IJand of Frankford furnished the music.

William Arthur was horn in Baltimore, Stale of M.inland. He entered the service as priv.ite, Co.
" G,'' 1st Retjiinint Missouri Artillery, on tlie iStli day of .'Vpril, lS6l ; held the office of Lieutenant and
Captain, and was discharged on J.anuary i, 1S65. He was mustered into Tost No. i. Department of IVnn-
sylvania, May 31, 1867 ; re-elected June 14, iSSo; held the office of Tost Commander; and died |une 9,
18S5. Aged, 46 years. Juried Woodland Cemetery, Thiladeliihia.

On June 13th Comrade H. M. Marquet resigned as Post Quarter-
master on account of business arrangements which woukl prevent him
giving the time necessary to properly discharge the duties of the office.
Highly eulogistic remarks of the faithful and efficient manner in which he
had discharged his onerous duties were made by I'ast Commander Wray,
Commander Reed and Comrade Isaiah I'rice, and on |uly 6, [unior
Vice-Commander Weidersheim, on behalf of the Post, pre.sented Com-
rade Marquet with a handsome gold badge in recognition of his efficient
services as Post Ouartermaster.

Quartermaster-Sergeant John G. Johnston was unanimously elec-
ted Quartermaster on June 29th, and Comrade Louis P. Langer was
appointed Quartermaster Scrgc;ant.

On Jul)' 17th Commander Reed received the following communi-
cation : —

rjili.AlJKl.iluA, jidy 15, I.SS5.
Alexander Riced, Conim<iit,l,-r of Post Xo. /, (/. .-/. A'.: —

Sir : — We resiicctfiilly desire you to call a special meeting of the Tost to take apjiropriaie action on the
appointment made liy W. W. II. U.avis, now Pension Agent at this ciiy, of " Joe Harhicre," as a clerk in


his office. Barbiere was the author, six years after the war, of a vile secession book, in which only scurvy
defamation occurs of the Union and its defenders, and his appointment by a member of the Grand Army
of the Republic to a position under the United States Government which he reviles, should meet with some
denunciation on our pait. We ask you to call the meeting for Monday night, July 20, 18S5.

James C. Wray, Wallace I!. Todd, James Beale, Isalmi Price,

James Thompson, G. Harry Davis, E. Reese Moore, E. U. Whitaker

L. D. C. Tyler, P. J. Hofflicer. Ellis Stokes, J. Fletcher Conrad,

William Lembrecht, Frank (U.adinc, Lewis W. Moore, John W. Ward,

1!. Frishmiiii.

Commander Reed endorsed die same as follows : —

Philadelphia, July 17, 1S85.
For the purposes herein set forth I call a special meeting of the Post to be held on Monday evening,
July 20, 1SS5. liy order of ALEXANDER Reed, Commander.

Although the night was verj' warm and many of the members
absent from the city, this call brought out a very large meeting — the
room was crowded. The object of the meeting was stated, and Com-
rade Philip J. Hoffliger presented a carefully prepared protest, preamble
and resolutions, condemning in the strongest terms the action of Com-
rade Davis, which were freely discussed and almost unanimousl)-

Copies of the resolutions were turnished the reporters, and ap-
peared in nearly all of the daily papers. The excitement grew so
intense, and public opinion was aroused to such a pitch, that (General
Davis finally discharged Barbiere, and the matter was dropped.
migsses S. (lirniit.

On July 23, 1885, ^^ telegraph flashed the announcement over
the whole world that the great American soldier, Ulysses .S. Grant, had
gone to his rest. His long illness, and his patient and uncomplaining
endurance made the world dcejily sympathize with him in his attliclion.


and although his death was momentarily expected, yet when it came the
heart of the great nation went out in sympathy to the family. Thou-
sands of his latecomrades, friends and admirers, from all ox er our land,
from the Lakes on the North to the Gulf on the South, from the sandy
shores of the Atlantic on the East, across the mountains to the golden
shores of the Pacific, mourned the loss of the commander of those
grand armies that put down rebellion in our land and brought peace in
all its glory to a stricken people, and were anxious to take part in the
obsequies and thus pay a last tribute of respect to the man whom the
whole world honored, and it may be said even his enemies loved ; and
those he conquered with arms were also ready to join in the last honors
paid to his remains, for they knew he was their friend. As a member
of this Post it was necessary that immediate steps be taken by it to
decide what action should be taken. A special muster was calknl for
Saturday evening, July 25th, every comrade; l)eing notified ; and again,
when heat made it almost unbearable for so many to be crowded to-
gether in one room, were the Post rooms filled to overflowing with our
members come to bear testimony of their affection for their old com-
mander and decide what part this Post should take in the funeral ser-
vices of our deceased comrade.

Comrade G. Harry Davis presented th(> following resolution, which
was unanimously adopted: —

George G. Meade Post No. I, DeparliiH-nl of Pennsylvania, C. A. R., sends this testimonial of her
grief at the loss of her illuslrinus comrade,

mitjsscs .S. (Cranf,

and licr condolence and sympathy in this great bereavement, to those whom he so dearly and specially

God gave him victories, the world gave him honor, we give him .itTecllnn.

To his country lie left a peaceful and united Republic, to the world (he record of a grand soldier
and magnanimous victor, to his comrades the priceless legacy of his memory.

This we keep untarnished for the great muster of the Granrl Army of the hereafter,

A motion was adopted for the appointment of a committee of three
to visit the family of the deceased to obtain from them, or those hav-
ing charge of the funeral, permission for this Post to share the honors
ot Body Guard, or Guard of Honor, with l'. S. Grant Post No. 327,
of Brooklyn, thus having the Post of which he was a member and the
one that bears his name co-operate together.

Comrade W. Wayne Vogdes presented the Post with a bust of
Comrade Grant, which was received and the following resolution
adopted: —

21eSOltlC&. That Geo. (). .\Ie.ade Post No. I, l)e|)artment of I'ennsylvania, O. A. R., appreci-
ating the sentiment conveyed in the presentation to them by the artist, through Comr.adc W. Wayne Vogdes,
of a replica in terra cotta of Karl Gerhardt's bust of General Grant, taken from life March 20, 1885, do hereby
extend to Mr. Gerhardt their vote of thanks, not only for his kindness of thought, but also for his grandly
successful achievement in peqjetuating forever so thoughtful a likeness of our Lamented comrade whose
death has been the occasion for this special muster of the Post.

The Post adjourned after authorizing the Commander to call a
special muster of the Post if necessary upon the report of the com-

Commander Reed appointed as that committee. Senior \'ice-Com-
mander Lewis \V. Moore, Past Commanders Alfred ]. Sellers and Geo.
W. Devinny.

The committee at once proceeded to Mt. McCiregor, New York,
taking with them a large and magnificent floral design, a large pillow
of white immortelles, upon which, worketl and raised in colors, a sword,


belt, hat and pair of shoulder straps, on which were four white stars
denoting the rank of a General of the United States Army, and the
name and number of the I'ost; the whole design being about six feet
high and four feet wide.

Upon arriving at Saratoga Springs, \. V., they found a train aljout
ready to start up the mountain to Mt. McGregor, but as there was no
car on the train in wliich the floral design could be placed, the con-
ductor, Mr. very kindly kept the train waiting until he

could could detach his engine and send it for a baggage car : he, with
his crew, assisted the committee to get the design in the car, and upon
arriving at Mt. McGregor assisted them to carry it up to the Drexel
cottage and placed it upon the porch, b'orhis kindness and courtesies
to the committee the Post presented him with a silver badge.

Colonel Fred. D. Grant came out to meet the committee and was
overcome with joy with the handsome design. He had the committee
take it into the room where the remains of his father lay, and placed at
the head ; he then brought the whole family down stairs to see it.
They were visibly aflected, and Colonel Grant was unstinted in his ex-
pressions of thanks to the Post for this and other kindnesses towartls
his father. This design was the first floral tribute that was sent, and
all the papers throughout the country spoke of its beauty and unique
design, and soon other triljutes of all kimls came pouring in from all
over the country ; but none of them surpassetl in beauty and design
the one sent b)- this Post : and so well were the family and friends im-
pressed with its beauty and the kindness of our Post that it is still re-
tained among the relics in the Drexel Cottage at Mt. McGregor, antl
pointed out to the many \isitors who annuall)' go to see the cottage in


which America's greatest General died, as the testimonial from the
Grand Army Post of which he had been a member.

Colonel Grant gave the Committee a personal letter to (General
Hancock, stating diat it was his wish and that of the family that Meade
Post, No, I, should perform the Grand Army service at the grave and
be assigned the post of honor on the march to the tomb.

On their return to New York City the committee visited Governor's
Island and had a satisfactory interview with General Hancock, and,
among other things, obtained from him a promise that, if lie ever joined
the Grand Army of the Repul)lic, he would join (ieo. G. Meade Post
No. 1.

The following is a copy of the letter sent by Colonel (irant to
General Hancock; —

Father was a comrade of Meade Post, (;. A. R., of n.ila.lelpliia. They wish to perform the Uiiual
of the G. A. R. after the religious services, and I would like them to do so. I woid.l like lliem also to par-
ticipate with the U. S. Crant during the Sth.

Upon the return of the committee, Commander Reed at once issued
a circular containing the above information and copy of the letter of
Colonel Grant, and requesting all comrades who intend to accompany
the Post to report at once to the Adjutant, and that further information
would be announced in future orders; and on August 4th issuetl Gen-
eral Orders, No. 7, as follows: —

IlKAIl-QrARTERS Gko. G. Mr.ADE'. I'dST, No. I,

Department ok rENNsyi.vAMA, (1. A. R.,
Xo. iioy CnKsTMT Street,

Piiii.ADEErHiA, Augiisi 4ih, 1SS5.
tSencral <!>r&ers, 31o. 7.

I. The comrades will asscmlile in the Post Room on Saturday, August Stli, 1S.S5,
at 5 o'clock A. M., to proceed via Pennsylvania Railroad to New York City, to attend
tlie funeral of our late comrade,

mitjsses S. Cirniil.

II. None but comrades in (i. A. R. uniform will be allowed in line — Blue Sack
Coat and Pants, White Vest and Gloves, G. A. R, Cap ami l!ads;e, and ISlack Necktie.

in. Comrade Jame,s Tiiomeson is detailed in charge of Color Guard; ho will
be obeyed and respected accordingly.

IV. Comrades Junior \'ice-Comm.ander Wiedersheim, Surgeon Hoechton,
and Waeiace ( \V. W.I, are ajipointed a Committee to wait u|ion the Comrades to
collect subscrijttions for defraying the expenses.

V. Tickets for trip. Four (4) Dollars; can be iirocured from Junior Vice-Com-
mander WlEIlERSHEI^t, No. 917 Chestnut Street, on Friday, 7th inst.

\ I. U]5on conclusion of Post .services at the vault, the Post will be conveyed by
steamboat (on which lunch will be provided) to Jersey City for the cars.

VII. Coinra<les who intend going, and have not enrolled their names, will do so
at once at the Post Room.

VIII. Train will stop 10 take up Comrades at Powelton .Avenue and German-
town Junction Stations. My order of

David P. Wewek, Ai.exanhkr REEf),

.{iljiilanl. Conimciiti/ei


The committee annoimced in the above order, very desirous that
every member of the Post who could possibly attend should participate
with the Post upon this imi^rtant occasion, and beliexino- that further
notice was necessary that all may be fully informctl, and at the same
tmie to provide for those comrades who were anxious to oo with the
Post, but unable to liear the expense of the trip, sent out the following
circular ; —

HEAD-QrARTF.KS Gk.i. C. .Mk.m>k. I'OST, N( i. 1.
Depakiment or 1'ennsyiaanea, G. A. R.,

\ii. 1 109 Chestntt Street.

I'HILAIiEII'inA, All;^llst 4II1, 1885.

C.)«/-,/,/,- .•— You are duul.tless aware that a conspicuous anil iic.iiorablc |.art lias been assigned to Geo.
G. Meade Post, No. I, G. A. R., in the approaching obsequies of our distinguished comrade, U. ,S. Gram.

.'\ full attendance is e.arnestly desired by our Commander, as will be eminently fitting and proper on
such an impressive occasion. It is ascertained, however, that many of our comrades are not in circumstances
to bear the expense of the trip to New York, and to remove this obstacle, in order that no comrade shall be
thus deterred from paying his last sad tribute of respect to the lamented dead, therefore, at a stated muster
of the Post, on Monday evening, August 3, 1S85, the undersigned were appointed a committee to solicit
subscriptions from those comrades whose engagements will not permit them to accompany us nixt Saturday,
or from any oilier members or friends of the Post.

In accordance with this action, we respectfully request that you will (in that fraternal spirit which is so
characteristic of our Post), respond promptly 10 this appeal, and send a contribution to any member of the
committee. Yours in K., ('. & L.,

J. .\. WlKliKKsHEIM. /««/,>;• Vici-ComiiU!iul,-r, /^mnd M„i/,n,ig.
(". W. Hoi-iMITO.N, M. D., Pos/Smxeon, rj3S North Seit-nth SI.
\\ . W. Wallace, i^is Chestmit St.


'I his met with a liberal response from the comrades and sufficient
lunds were realized to defray all expenses.

Some doubts having arisen as to this Post ijeing- i)ei-mitt(!cl to hold
the Grand Army services at the tomb where Comrade Grant was to be
buried, Commander Reed determined to insist upon the rights of this
Post to perform that service, liaving ascertained that it was in accord
with the wishes of the family, and a number of despatches passed be-
tween him and General Hancock, Colonel Grant, and Commander-in-
chief of the Grand Army of the Repulilic S. S. Pmrdette, ant! finally
received the following from Colonel Weeks, of General Hancock's
staff: —

(invKRNiiR's Isi.ANIi, N. \'., Aiii;Hsl 5, 1S.S5.
Vomiiidnihr MrnJt- Post, G. A. A'.,

I log Chrsttuil S/iVft. Phi!a,l,ipliia.

Preceding the burial services, uiuler the direction of Rev. Dr. Newman, at the tomb of Ex-1'residcnt
General (J. S. Grant, and in accordance with the wishes of the family, the ritual services for the burial of
veteran comrades of the war will be conducted by representatives of the G. A. K., designated by Commander-
in-chief Burdette. This detail will be placed in one line, immediately behind the clergy and in advance of
the catafalque.

This dispatch is private and for you only. Vou had better communicate with General IJurdette at
once. JcniN II. Wki.ks.

Commander Reed at once telegraphed Commander-in-chief Rur-
dette and received the following reply: —

New ViiKK, -\ugu>l 0, 1SS5.
//. /v',v,/, Coniiihiiid.r Ceo. G. M.aiic Pnt, Xo. /,

i/og C/ustnii/ Slnvt, Plnladelphia.
Make preparations to bold ritual services. Only fifteen men will be allo\ve<l adjacent to the catafabiue.
Try and send the officer of the detail to confer with me here to-morrow afternoon. S. S. BuuDEITi;.

In compliance with the above the following were selected by the
Commander as the detail to march in front of the cataialcpie and to hokl
the Grand Army services at the grave : Commander Alexander Reed,
Senior Vice-Commander Louis W. Moore, junior Vice-Commander
|ohn A. Wiedersheim, Surgeon Chas. W. Houghton, M. D., Ch.iplain

C. Irvine Wright, Officer-of-the-Day Albert C. |ohnston, Past Co.n-
manders Geo. W. Devinny and A. J. Sellers, Comrades H. Clay Trunv
bull, Thomas Thompson, Wallace B. Todd, Colin M. j^eale, William
W. Wallace, E. DeC. Loud, Geo. E. Paul, Aug. T. Clark, W. Wallace
Goodwin, Florance W. Grugan, and Department Chaplain John W.

In compliance with General Orders, No. 7, the comrades of the
Post assembled at Broad Street Station about 5 o'clock on Saturday
morning, August 8th, and took special train at 6 o'clock via Pennsyl-
vania Railroad to New York.

Past Commander Jos. R. C. Ward was in command of the Post,
as the Commander, Senior Vice and JunicM- Vice-Commanders were on
the detail. Upon arriving at Courtland Street Ferry, New York, were
met by Geo. G. Meade Post, No. 38, Department of New York, Com-
rade A. Franklin Lawson, Commander, and escorted to our ])lace in
line— the advance of the Grand Army column on Broadway-, ri-ht rest-
ing on Chambers street.

While waiting for the column to move, Commander Ward was
solicited by many of the comrades to take the Post away from the posi-
tion assigned them, and march in the rear of the Catafalque with U. S.
Grant Post, No. 2,2-j, of Brooklyn, the commander of that Post kindly
consenting to give way to this Post, of which Comrade Grant had been
a member. But Commander Ward, after consulting with Commander
Henry M. Calvert of Grant Post, and Comman(k:r-in-Chief Burdctte, de-
cided to obey orders and remain in die position assigned him, the right
of the Grand Army of the Republic, and thanked Commander Cal-
vert, and the comrades of Grant Post for their kind offer, and

the cordiality with which they were wilh'ng to share the important posi-
tion assigned them with this Post.

The Post paraded i86 comrades, under the command of Past
Commander Joseph R. C. Ward, with Past Commander L. 1). C.
Tyler, acting Senior Vice-Commander, in command of the right wing,
and Past Commander WilHam J. Simpson, acting Junior Vice-Com-
mander, in command of the left wing. The Post marched in pla-
toons of si.xteen front, with Past Commanders James C. Wray, and
John A. Stevenson, and Comrades Isaiah Price, W". Wayne X'odges,
Philip J. HofHiger, Joseph Albright and William H. Given in com-
mand of the platoons, and Comrade James Thompson in command
of the Color Guard, which carried sixteen tattered battle flags. Ad-
jutant David P. Weaver and Officer-of-the-Guard A. M. Appel were
the only officers that remained with the Post, all the others being
on the detail. There were also some comrades of other Posts that
paraded with this Post, including Past Commander-in-Chief Louis
Wagner, Department Chaplain John \\\ .Sayers, I'ast Commanders
Louis R. Fortescue and Thomas \'anderslice, of Post Xo. 2. making
\vith the detail of fifteen, a total of 210 comrades in line, the largest
number that ever paraded with the Post. His Honor, William B.
Smith, ALayor of Philadelphia, also paraded as a guest of diis Post.

The march was up Broadway to Fourteenth, and turned into Filth
avenue, thence to Fifty-seventh street, to Broadway, to Boulevard, to
Seventy-second street, the entrance to Riverside Park, where the
column was dismissed, and Commander Ward marched the Post to the
foot of 1 5 2d street and embarked on a large barge, provided by Geo.
G. Meade Post. Xo. 3S. Department of Xew York, the detail alone

remaining to perform the services at the tomb, upon the comi)]etion of
which they joined the Post, and we steamed down the river to Jersey
City, during which time a sumptuous hmch was served on the boat by
Meade Post, No. 38, which was sadl)- needed and greatly enjoyed by
all. We landed at Jersey City in time to take the 8.50 P. M. train for
home, arriving at Philadelphia about 12 o'clock, and marched to the
Post room and dismissed.

The part of the services at the tomb, performed by the comrades
of the Post, was confined to the Grand Army ceremony, except the fol-
lowing prayer by Chaplain Trumbull : —

Our Father and our Clod, as we stand together here, in the presence of the solemnities and the memo-
ries and the lessons ot this hallowed hour, we realize anew that all power is with thee; that promotion
Cometh neither from the East, nor from the West, nor from the South; but thou art the Judge; thou puttest
down one, and thou settest up another; and the issues of life and of death are thy decree.

We praise thee, that, in thy providence, in the hour of our nation's need, thou didst raise up, for a mighty
work, him whom, together here, we honor and we mourn; and, out of glad and grateful hearts, we ac-
knowledge thy goodness in all that thou didst accomplish in and through him, for us, for our country, and
for the cause of thy truth.

Remembering the anxious days when he was all in all to us, under thee, we rejoice that, liy thy grace,
he lived his life so simply, so bravely, so grandly, in his sphere ; and that, in the least and in the greatest,
— in conflict, in council, and in daily walk, — he was faithful unto death.

And now we beseech of thee, O Lord, that, by thy grace, Ihou wilt make profitaljle unto us, and unto
our country, the lessons of this faithful and fruitful life.

Grant comfort unto those who are sore-stricken by this bereavement.

Make dearer than ever, to all, the interests for which thy servant stood .so firmly.

And may we who are bound together by the ties of a common experience, under the earthly leader-
ship of him whose worn body is to-day committed tenderly and reverently to the tomb, be bound together
by a yet more enduring tie, in the loving service of the Greater Commander, our Lord and Saviour Jesus
Christ, who is the Resurrection and the Life; unto whom, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, be praise
evermore. .Amen.


Entered Military Academy, West Point, N. V., July I, 1S39

Graduated June 30, 1843

Served through Mexican War. Resigned July 31, 1854

Appointed Colonel 21st Reg't Illinois Volunteers, June 17, 1861

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