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ment and security, i^ but a littiiig tril)vite to the memoiy of her slain defenders. Let no wanton foot tread
rudely on such liallowed gromids. Let pleasant paths invite the going and coining of reverent visitors and
fond mourners. Let no vandalism of avarice or neglect, no ravages of time, testify to the present or coming
generations that we have forgotten as a people the cost of a free and undivided Republic.

If other eyes grow dull, and other hands slack, and other hearts cold in the solemn trust, ours shall
keep it well .as long as the light and warmth of life remain to us.

Let us, tlien. at the time appointed, gather around their sacred remains and garland the passionless
mounds above them, with the choicest flowers of spring time ; let us raise almve them the dear old flag they
saved from dishonor ; let us in this solemn presence renew our pledges to aid and assist those whom they
have left among us. a sacred charge u]^on the nation's gratitude — the soldier's and sailor's widow and

IL It is the [Hupose of the (/ommander-in Chief to inaugurate this observance, with the hope that it
will be kc|)t up from year to year while a survivor of the wtir remains to honor the mi-mory of his departed
comrades. He earnestly desires the press to lend its friendly aid in bringing it to the notice of comrades in
all parts of the country in time for simultaneous compliance therewith.

III. Department t'ommanders will use efforts to make this order effective.

I'.y order of

|iiHN .\.;.\n, Comtitaiuier-iii-CluL-f.

X. r. C'llIt'MAN, Ailjiilanl-Cciiei-al.

Our Post took no part this )'ear, but Comrade Ward was detailed
as an aide on the staff of the Department Commander. The Posts met
on Broad .Street, and after a short parade separated and proceeded to the
cemeteries assigned to their care ; the principal service of that day was
performed by Post No. 19 at Monument Cemetery.

At the Department luicampment held at West Chester, Pa., Janu-
ary 13, i86g, Comrade Charles M. Prevost, of this Post, was elected a
member of the Department Council of .Administration.



Entered the service as Private Co. G, First Reg't Missouri Artillery, April i8, 1861.

Final muster out as Captain Co. G, First Reg't Missouri Artillery, January i, 1S65.

Mustered into Post No. I, May 31, 1867.

Elected Post Commander January 3. i858; re-elected February iS, 1869.

DIED JUNE 9, 1885.

The Department Head-Quarters took the large rooms on the third
Floor of the Bank of Republic Building;, Nos. 809 and 811 Chestnut
Street, and furnished and fitted them up for meeting-rooms for the Posts.
Post No. I secured the first and third 'rhursda\s of each month, the other
nights being taken by other Posts. These rooms were kept open day
and night for convenience of the Posts and visiting comrades.

Commander Arthur, to tr\' to revive the interest of the comrades in
the welfare of the Post, now that they were comfortably housed again,
issued the following circular: —

I'lliiAiiKiiMri A, Kobruan- i, 1S69.

Cojn rii(/r :

At tilt' Inst stated nieetiiij^ of the Post. lioUl lanuaiT II. iSOg, it was uiianiinouslv I'csolved to engage
the laifje and haiidsomely-fiiniished room in the tliird stoi)- of the Hank of the Repulihc Building, Nos.
809 and 811 Chestnut Street, for two evenings a month, for the use of our Post; viz., the Hrst and third
Thursdays of the month.

The said room being liandsomely furnished and fitted up with all the par.i])hernalia, regalia, and neces-
sary conveniences for the use of the Posts of this city, at the expense of the Department, Iieing o]ien to the
Order generally, both day and night ; therefore,

.\ stated muster of the Post will l)e held in the above room on Thursday evening, the iSth inst, at eight
o'clock, I'. M.

Punctual attendance particularly requested, as important business will be brought before the meeting.

lly order of

Wm. .\Rrin r. Post Commander.

Official. Jos. R. C. Wakii, Actitii; Post Adjutant.

At the muster held in compliance with the above circular on Feb-
ruary 1 8th, Comrade William Arthur was re-elected Post Commander,
and Jos. R. C. Ward, .Adjutant and Ouartermaster.

I-'or Memorial l)a\ this )-ear. Post No. i was assigned to act in
conjunction with Post No. S to decorate the graves ot deceased com-
rades in Glenwood Cemetery. The annix'crsary falling on -Sunda)-,

the day was observed on Saturday. Commander Arthur, in his notice
to the meml:)ers. appealed to them as follows: —

•• If the memon- of iIr- (U-.i<1 is ivt-r sacred to the living, how nuKh more so nuist of our comrades
he, who g.tve their Hves freely for their country in her greatest peril ; so let us keep their memory green in
our hearts by paying this slight tribute to their l.xst resting-places, and decorate tliem with nature's choicest
gift.— The Klowers. -

The ceremonies lieuan early on .Saturda\- mornino-. Ma)- 29th, by
the assembling in Independence .Square of many hundreds of soldiers'
orphans from the Chester Springs School, Northern Home, Lincoln
Institute, the Catholic Home, and others, and inclutled over one hun-
dred colored orphans from the school near Bristol. After a re\'iew by
Mayor Daniel M. F"ox, ex-Governor A. G. Curtin, and General Van V'leit.
the children were marched to Concert Hall, Chestnut Street, below Thir-
teenth, and addressed l>y Rev. Phillips Brooks, Major Calhoim, and ex-
Governor Curtin.

The Grand Army Posts all assembled at their respective head-quar-
ters, and went direct to the cemeteries to which they were assigned. A
very small delegation of Post i joined with Post 8, and went to Glen-
wood Cemetery, where the soldiers' orjjhan children from the Northern
Home assisted in the ceremonies.

.Shortly afterwards Commander Arthur removed to Chicago, and
all the duties of commander, as well as the necessar\- work of keeping
the Post in existence, fell upon Adjutant Ward ; notwithstanding the
efforts of the Commander previous to his departure to awaken enthu-
siasm among the members, the\' were fast losing interest : the meeting-
room had to be given up, and the meetings abandonctl.

By the action of the National Encampment of the Grand .Ami)- of

the; Republic, assembled in 1S69, the Order was re-organized, the
entire ritual and working were completely changed, and an order was
issued which required ever}' member to present himself on or before
September 30, 1869. ^O"" re-obligation and instruction in the new work.
All those who failed to do so were to be honorably discharged.

Comrade ^IcMichael was earnestly solicited to again assume the
duties of Commander of Post \o. i. He cheerfully assented, and at
once issued the following circular: —

I'nii.ADKi.rHiA, September 27, 1S69.

Mr Dear Sir : As will be seen by the accompanying notice, tlieie will be a meeting of the members
of Post Xo. I at (ir.ind Army Hall, S09 Chestnut .Street, on Thursdity evening next, September 30th.

There has been foi- some time a very decided lack of interest felt by the comrades of our Post, although
the organization at large seems to be thriving and increasing in membership and spirit.

Since you were last present at a muster of the Post, the entire ritual and workings of the Order have
been changed and improved, and by orders from Genera! Head-Quarters the time within which comrades
are permitted to take the new degree is limited to October 1st. Under these circumstances it has occurred
to me that it would be very desirable to get together as many of oiu' members as possible in order to decide
whether we shall continue our connection with the organization or dissolve it without delay. Will you not,
therefore, make it a point to be present on Thursday evening to express your opinion upon the matter? It
has been suggested that it would be pleasant to continue the organization, as we hold the ranking position
in the State; and this could be done with little expense by meeting at longer intervals and assessing only a
sufficient sum to defray our actual expenses. I would esteem it a personal favor if you would be present at
the meeting on Thursday evening. Vours, very truly.

Ci AVTdN McMini AKi,.

This circular had the desired effect, and brought out a large meet-
ing; twenty-three members being present. After a long and instructive
address by Comrade McMichael, and remarks by Comrade Ward, who
gave a full account of the proceedings of the Department Encamp-
ment held at Altoona, the changing of the entire organization, and the
advantage of continuing our membership, a free and full expression ot

opinion was i^Wen I)y all present, and the followino- resolution was
unanimously adoptetl : —

X!cSOloc&. '1 lial we cmuiinie our organisation as a Post, and proceed to receive the new degrees.

Comrade Jos. R. C. Ward then instructed and initiated all present
in the new degrees. An election for officers was held, ami Cla\ton
McMichael was elected Commander, and Jos. R. C. Ward, Adjutant
and Ouartermaster.

The following- comrades were present, and mioht well be consid-
ered the charter-members of the Post as it now exists : —

Clayton McMichael.
Campbell Tucker,
ROSWELL G. Feltus,
J. M. McGrath, M.D.,
J. Harry Stewart,
Myer Asch,

Wm. H. Harrison,
Henry H. Bingham,
Wm. H. Loyd.
Jno. M. Butler,
R. W. P. Allen,
Samuel N. Lewis.

F. Tiedemann,
E. Penington, Jr.,
Jules Schwarz,
Archer Maris,
Horace Evans,
Chas. R. Smith,

Jas. T. Bingham.
H. E. Goodman, M.D.,
Geo. W. Kelly,
Jos. R. C. Ward.
Chas. B. Sloan.


e lollowuii.

sent requests to be continued as members : —
Alfred Vezin, Josiah C. Reiff. H. A. Vezin, and Chas. M. Prevost.
Making a total membership of twenty-se\en : all the rest were hon-
orably discharged from the Order.

The Post then adjourned to meet at the call of the Commander.
No formal meetings of Post Xo. i were held from this time, until
May 24, 1870, when this call from the Commander brought the mem-
bers once more together : —

riin.ADiiLi'Hi.\, .May 20, 1S70.
Comrades :

.\\ the last general meeting of the nienil>ors of Post Xo. I, it was unanimously agreed that, while taking
no active jjart in the other objects and movements of the Grand .Vrmy, tlie ceremonies of Decoration Day
should not he permitted to pass without some proper observance on our part. With this view you at that
time heartily coincided, and expressed in common with all the other comrades an earnest desire that our Post
organization should be continued.

The 30th of May is now close .at hand, and it is time that whatever action we mav take should be

(li'fiiiilclv decided upon. L'ndei these circumslancos I inist tlial you will attend a meeting of llie meniliers
of the Post, to lie held at eifjlit o'clock on the evening of Tuesday, May 24, 1870. at Guy's Hotel, Seventh
Street, aliove (_'hestnnt. Yours in F., C, and L.,

CI.AVION MiMiniAKl., Past G'liiniamlcr.
Offiiial. Jcis. R. C. Ward, Post A.tjulaitt.

Here we enjo\ed a \HioA. supper at the expense of the Com-
mander, and made what arrangements we deemed necessary lor the
part we were to take on Memorial Day. Again were we assigned to
co-operate with Post No. 8, and went with them to Glenwood Ceme-
tery: again were they accompanied by the soldiers' orphans, and the
Girard College Band furnished the music. Rev. J. .Spencer Kennard
delivered an eloquent oration, and Re\-. E. W. Hutter officiated as

( )n |une 2,S, 1868. General |ohn A. L.ogan introduced a resolution
in the House of Representatives at Washington, D. C, and had it
passed, to have the proceedings of Memorial Day of the different
cities and towns collected and bound for the use ot Congress; but two
hundred and fifty copies were issued. .SubsequentU', in 1870, the
National Encampment republished in two volumes the proceedings ot
1868 and 1869, each year l)eing a separate volume. Two thousand
copies of each were printetl.

^l\c ISiiige.

Tlic lirst Badge adopted was a shield, upon which was engraved the insignia of the dilTerent arms of
the army, the navy, and flags; also the letters 3. B. N. — G- A. R., meaning "Third Battalion" (Irand
Army of the Republic. See Cut No. i on opposite page.

At the meeting of the National Council of Administration, lield at the Head Quarters of this I'ost on
( >clolier I, l86S, the Eagle was adopted as a clasp, and a wreath, in which was the insignia of rank.

The following is a description of the (Irand Army Badge now in use, as adopted at a special meeting
of the National Encampment held in New \'nrl< City, October 27-2S, 1S69. It was made from cannon
captured during the war, and was designed by (^en. ¥. A. Starring, then Inspector Cleneral of the Order.
It was then patented, was sold for Si. 50 each, and is now the official Badge, having been somewhat moiM-
fied in 1877. See Cuts Nos. 2 and j.

The Badge is a five-pointed star, similar in design to the Medals of Honor authorized by Congress, and
given to the soldiers and sailors distinguished for meritorious and gallant conduct during the war.

l-'rotit. — In the centre of the Badge are a soldier and sailor clasping hands, representing Fraternity; two
little children receiving benediction and assurance of care an<l protection from the comrades, represent-
ing Charity ; and in the centre is a figure of the Goddess of Liberty, representing Loy.-\i,ty. On
each side of the group are the National Flag and Eagle, representing P'rkkdoM; and the axe and
bundle of rods, or fasces, representing Union. In each point of the star is the insignia of the arms of
the service, namely, the Bugle, for infantry ; Crossed Cannon, for artillery ; Crossed Muskets, for marines ;
Crossed S^vords, for cavalry ; and AneJior, for sailors. In the circle over the group are the words, '* (^Irand
Army ok the Kepuhlic ; " under are the figures, " 1S61-1866," with the word " Veteran " between ;
this represents the beginning and close of the war, the latter date also representing the year of the
organization of our Order.

Rei'crse. — In the centre is the National Shield surrounded by the twenty-four recognized corps-marks num-
erically arranged on .small keystones, united to protect the .Shield of the N.ation ; around these is a circle
of stars, representing the .States of the Union, which are also Departments of our < 'nler ; in the up])er
points are branches of laurel ; in the lower, additional corps-marks.

The Clasp is composed of the figure of an eagle, crossed cannon and ammunition, which represents Defence ;
the eagle with drawn sword ready to protect from insult or dishonor the National Flag, which is also the
emblem and ribbon of the Order.

Numbers 4 and 5 represent the O. .\. K. Button now almost universally worn. It was designed and
manufactured by Comrade Jos. K. Davison, of Post No. 2, of Philadelphia, and at first generously given to
his friends. It at once rose inlo favor and became very popular, and he was unable to meet the demand for
them. It is now officially recognized as the drand Army Button, and worn by nearly all comrades.

At the National Encampment held at Boston, Mass., in May, 1S71,
Rev. H. Cla)- Trumbull, now of this Post, Init then of the Department
of Connecticut, was elected a member of the National Council of Ad-
ministration, ami was re-elected in 1S72 and 1873.

OnI\- informal meetings of Post No. i were held for the year fol-
lowing Memorial Day, . 870, until the 27th of May, ,871, when the Post
met, and after a pleasant entertainment at the L'nion League House,
elected the following officers :

Commander, Jos. R. C. W^ard ; .Senior \'ice-Commander, Myer
A.sch; Adjutant, Archer Maris; Surgeon, H. Earnest Goodman, M. I).
For the third time we united in 1871 with Post No. 8 in the services
on Memorial Day, and assisted to decorate the graves of our deceased
comrades at Glenwood Cemetery. The Posts assembled at the City
Hall, Thirteenth and Spring (harden Streets; and, escorted by the State
Fencibles under Captain John W. Ryan, marched to the cemetery with
three large omnibuses filled with the soldiers' orphan children from the
Northern Home. Rev. P. S. Henson officiated as chaplain, and Rev.
E. W. H utter delivered the oration. The Press, in its account of the
occasion, said : —

"Amongst those particlp.itin- in the celehralion we noticed a of the niemhets of I'ost \o I
who co-operate,! with I'ost .\o. S. under command of j. K. C, Ward."

We also .sent contributions of flowers to Post No. 2, and received
Irom them the following resolution of thanks:

•• .At a meeting of this I'ost, held at their I lead-Qnarters, S. W. corner Twelfth an,l Filbert Streets, |une
I, 1S71, to take action on the report of the Committee on Memorial Day, M.ay 30, 1S71, it was

" XteSOlac&, That the thanks of Post No. 2, l)epait:nent of Pennsylvani.i, ( ;. .\. R., I'hijadelplii,,
are due and are herein tendered to Jos. R. C. Ward and Post No. I.

•'Char, ,.:s S. Grkknk, /^./ .Ulufa.f. k„„kkt L. I!„i.,kk, /VV Co.nnau./err

Comrade Ward, realizing that something must be done to awaken
the Post from its long sleep, determined to infuse new life into it, if
possible. On July 15, 1871, he i.ssued the following circular, appealing
to the comrades to aid him in his efforts :

Hkaii (jrAKiFRs Post N<>. i, CIrand Army of the Rei'I'blic,
a,mm,/,- ■ IIEIAKTMFNT oi- Pennsvlvama, Pii I i.MiKi.iMi ia, July 15. 1S71.

I laving been elected Commander of ,l,is Post for the ensuing year, at a special meeting held at the L-nion
League on the evening of May 27, 1871, 1 hereby assume command of the same, and announce the Head-
•Junners of the Post at No. 411 Walnut Street, where all official communications will be addressed.
The following are the other officers of the Post elected : —

.Senior Vice-Commander .... Myer A.scii

Post Adjutant - ..... Archer Maris. Surgeon H. Earnest Goodman.

Delegate to Conve.ition Clayton McMichai-:...

It is with reluctance that I take upon myself the responsibilities of Commander of this the Veteran Post
of this Department, knowing that there are those in the Post who are certainly more entitled and more com-
petent for the same; but I assume them with the determination to discharge my duties to the best of my
abihty, with this one object in view-to re-organize and reestablish the Post, lltat its influence may once
more he felt throughout the Department; and to do this I ask your hearty co-operation, individually and

I have already received applications of several comrades of the l.ate war, who are anxious to associate
themselves with us, which I will submit for your consideration at son,e future time, together with .all others
that may be received.

It having been decided by the National Encampment, held at Boston, Mass., in May last, to change the
Manual and secret workings of the Order, the one now in use will cease to be recognized; therefore every
meml^r of this Post will be required to be initiated into the new. I shall call a special meeting some time
after the first of September to initiate all members in good standing, and ask that every one will hold him-
self in readiness to attend the said meeting, upon receiving a special note for that purpose.

At the Semi-annual Convention of the Department, to be held .at Erie, Pa., on the 26th inst., all Dele-
gales of Posts in good standing will receive the new, an<l be initiated in the unwritten work.

I remain, comrade, very respectfully yours in p., C, and L.,

his. R. C. Ward, Post Comiimih/er.
X,'. Ill Walnut Street.

On November 20th, in his call for a meeting- on November 27th,
he said : —

I'nii-Aiii.[.i'Hi.\, November 20, 1S71
ioniraiie ■ ' '

An important .Special Meeting of the Post will be held on Mon,lay evening, the 27th inst.. at eight
o'clock, at the room of Post No. 2, C. \. K., - Temperance Hall," southwest corner of Twelfth and Kdbert
Streets, third story; entrance on Filbert Street.

Ilavinij fur a loii'^ pcrin.l nninincil inaciivi-, the (■(immaiider Irusts lliat you will now ri'spond to tlir call
for duty and atlend this muster without fail ; that the interest once taken by you in the Oiand Army of the
Republic and in (he I'ost may he revived, and as we meet the familiar faces of our comrades, with whom we
have so often and so pleasantly met in secret council, may it tend lo induce us to once more go to work in
earnest and again place our I'ost upon its former standing. As there will lie some very imporlant business
to be brought before the meeting, the Commander requests that you will, if only for this once, atlend, that
your presence alone may assist him to discharge his duties, and then decide if the Post shall continue or be-
come one of the things that were. Py order of

Jos. R. C. \\'.\KI>, Post Coniinnndt-i-.
Offuiiil. AuriiKK Maris, I'oil Ailjiilant.

As a result of these circulars a decided interest was made manifest
b)' the members, and Commander Ward felt encoura^jed to perse\ere in
his efforts to have the Post once more take its stand among theother Posts
in the active work of the (irand Army ol the Republic.

( )n [anuary loth the followim^- circular was sent to each comrade: —

I'llll ADKI rHIA, January lo, 1S72.
Ci>mrad(- :

A regular monthly meetini; of the I'usl will be held on Monday evening, the I4lh inst., at the I'ost
Rooms, .southwest corner of Twelfth and Filbert Streets, third story.

The Commander rei|uests the attendance of every member of the I'ost, as the I'ullow ing important busi-
ness will be transacted :

I. Kleclion of officers.
II. Installation of officers, in .accordance with the New Manual prepared at N.itional Head-Quarters.

III. Election of Delegates to the Department Encampment, to be held in this city on the 24th inst.

IV. Initiation of new members in the New Manual and secret workings of the Order.

I'he Commander tiusts, as the Post has once more resumed its activity, and now meets monthly at it^
handsomely-furnished rooms, that each of the old members, and those about to become members, will co-
operate with him to place the Post upon its former standing.

Those members who have not yet paid their dues for 1S7! (Sj), and cannnt ailend ihi^ meeting, are re-
quested to forward the same to the Commander, at No. 426 WahuU Street.

Cards of admission to the Banquet to be given to the Delegates of the Department Encainpmeiu on the
evening of the 24th inst., at the Continental Hotel, can be had of the Commander.
Hy order of

b's. K. ( '. Ward, /'m/ Commaiijer.
Official. Arciikk Maris, l\nl .■Ujiitanl.


Entered the service as Musician Co. I, lo6ih Reg't Penna. Vols,, August 24, 1861.

Final dischaige as Corporal Co. I, io6th Reg't Penna. Vols., September 10, 1S64.

Wounded, right shoulder, at Spotsylvania Court House, Va., May 12, 1864.

Mustered into Post No. i, January 3, 1868.

Elected Post Quartermaster February 7, 1868; re-elected February 18, 1869; September 30, 1869;

May 27, 1 87: ; December 10, 1873; December 16, 1S74; December 8, 1875; December 13, 1876.

Elected Post Adjutant February 18, 1869; re-elected September 30, 1869.

Appointed Post Adjutant July 14, 1879; re-appointed January 5, 18S0.

Elected Post Commander May 17, 1S71 ; re-elected Decemlier 12, 1871 ; December 11, 1872.

Appointed Assistant Inspector-General May 31, 1876.

On fanuary 14, 1S72, fos. R. C. Ward was re-elected Commander,
and Archer Maris, Adjutant.

Meetings were now held monthly at the southwest corner of Twelfth
and Filbert Streets. Up to this time no efforts were made to recruit our
membership. W'e had been reduced by the re-organization in Septem-
ber, 1869, from fifty-eight to twenty-three ; four were subsequently add-
ed, which made twenty-seven ; si.x of these were afterwards discharged,
so that we started the year 1872 with but twenty-one members.

It was deemed advisable to meet semi-monthly, so on May 20th,
Commander Ward issued the following circular: —

Philadelphia, May 20, 1S72.
Comrade :

A regular semi-monthly meetiiifj of this Post will be heltl on Wednesday evening, tiie 22d inst., at the
Post's Rooms, southwest corner of Twelfth and Filbert Streets, at eight o'clock.

The Commander takes pleasure in informing the Comrades of this Post that he has secured the ])resent
rooms for another evening in the month, and hereafter the regular meetings of the Post will be held semi-
monthly, a.T follows : on the second Monday and the fourth Wednesday.

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