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Promoted to Brigadier-General, August 7, 1861 ; Major-General U.S.A., July 4, 1S63; Lieutenant-General,

March 2, 1S64, and General, July 25, l865

Elected President of the United States, November 3, 1868; re-elected, November 5, 1872

Mustered into Geo. G. Meade Post N<i. I, May 16, 1877

DIED JULY 23, 1885

Ulysses S. Grant ^va^ Imm in ]>oint Pleasanl, (•lennont cc.umy, St;Ue of Olii,,. Cra.luate.l at West
Point Military Academy, 1843, "'hI commissioned 2d Lieutenant 4th U. S. Infantry. Re^it;ned 1S4S.
Entered the service as Colonel, 21st Regiment, Illinois Volunteers, on the I7tli June, 1861. Was commis-
sioned Brigadier-General, Major-CJeneral, Lieutenant-General, and General United States Army, and resigned
to accept the office of President of the United States. He was mustered into Geo. G. Meade Post, No. I,
Department of Pennsylvania, May 16, 1877, and died July 2jd, 18S5, aged 55 years. liuricd at Riverside
Park, New York, N. Y.

Past Commander Sellers received the following- from Colonel
Grant, mailed August 17th: —

^. /. Se/lc-rs :

Thanks for the services of llie Sth of August.

Gratefully yours, Fkid. I). CIrant.

And Commander Reed also received from him the following
letter: —

Mt. McGregor.
Commander Alex. Reed and Comrades of the Meade Post, No. /, G. .4. R.

Comrades : At the request of my mother, I write to thank you for your kin<i services to my father

during his funeral. Our gratitude is great and we cannot express it in words.

Respectfully, K I). Grant.

It was mailed on August 27th.

To which he sent the following rei)ly : —

Piiii..\nEi.riiiA, Sepiemlier 21. 1SS5.
Colonel Fred. D. Graiil.

Dear Sir : In reply to yours expressing the thanks of your mother ami yourself for the services of our
Post at the funeral of your illustrious father and our lamented comrade, permit us to say that we never ful-
filled a higher nor a more sacred duty. As there is no gap in the column so wide and deep as that occasioned
by his loss, so there is no name on our roster more honored, nor any memory in our midst so revered, as
that of him whom we followed in war, admired in peace, and laid away with the solenm rites of an Order
he loved.

In accordance with the spirit of our organization, we shall ever hold those of his own household as near
and precious to us. With high regard,

D.4VID P. Weaver, .-{djutanl. AI-E.^cander Reed, Commander.


The prominent i)art taken hy this Post in this important page of
our countrj's liistory. was seconded only Ijy that taken by U. S. Grant
Post, No. 327, of Brookl\n, N. Y. Although organized for some time,
it had ne\er been able to agree upon a name, but when informed by
the press of the serious iUness of Comrade Grant, which was soon to
prove fatal, Conunander Henry M. Calvert, with his Adjutant, George
A. Price, paid a visit to the Department Commander, H. Clay Hall, at
Little I-'alls, N. V., on March 19th, and obtained from him a promise
that, u\)on die death of General Grant, they should be given that name,
and, on the day of his death. Commander Calvert received a dispatch,
authorizing the use of the name of U. S. Grant, which was afterwards
confirmed by Special Order, \o. iiS, dated July 25, 1885. THey at
once decided not only to take an active part in the funeral ceremonies,
but to claim for their Post, which the name entitled them to, and the
Grand Army ot the Reiudjlic, their proper recognition and their assign-
ment to dut\-.

Commantler Calvert sent a conunittee, consisting of Comrades H.
W. Knight, Theo. P). Gates and William H. Barker, to Mt. McGregor,
to confer with the family, and make arrangements for whatever duty
the Post may be called upon to perform.

Commander Calvert, issued the following Order announcing the
names of the Comrades detailed as Guard of Honor. These Com-
rades guarded the remains at Mt. Gregor, on the journey to and while
h'ing in state in New York Cit\-, and then to Rixerside I'ark, march-
ine on each side of the calafalciue.

Headquarters U. S. liRAM Post, No. 327,

I>KIARTMENT OF New York, G. a. R.,


Post Orders, No. s

July 31, 1885.
I. The following „an,ed Comrades of .he Post have been selected to he the final detail for Guard of
Honor a. Mt. McGregor and ,0 guard the casUet containing the regains of General U. S. Grant on its
journey from Mt. McGregor to Riverside Park :

Senior Vice-Com„,a„der J. H. Johnson, and Comrades ^^•,^ian. H. Jiarker. George W. Brush, George

M K r' vv ; mT"' ""■ '■ """"""• •'""" '• """•"■' "'•"^>' ''■ '^■"^'"- ^^""-^ ^"^"°-"'. •<»"-' '•

McKellar, W. J. Mckelrey, (leorge B. Squires, Noah Tebbetts,

liy order of
George A. Price, ./,//«/„/,/. ,, ,, ^

Uenrv M. Caiaert, C<immani/,-r.

The comrades of Post One felt that they were under many obli-
gafons to Geo. G. Meade Post, No. 38, of New York, for the many
courtesies received at their Iiands while attending- the obsequies of Com-
rade (irant, especially for the pleasant boat ride down the river from
Riverside Park, and the excellent lunch served on the boat, they there-
fore decided to present Post 38 with a beautiful Post llaor, a duplicate of
the Post flag of this Post; that is, a handsome white silk flag, with a por-
trait of General Meade on one side, and the Post Badge on the other,
and name Geo. G. Meade l^ost 38, Department of New York ; and on
Friday, October 16th. the committee, consisting of Past Commander
Wray and Comrades G. Harry Davis, Hoftliger, Reihle, Houghton and
J. W. Ward proceeded to New \'ork with Commander Reed and Com-
rades A. T. Clark and Snyder, and in the evening surprised Post No.
3S at their muster. Comrade G. Harry Davis presented the flag for Post
One, and Commander A. h'ranklin Lawson received it on Jjchalf of Post
38. After a pleasant time spent in the Post room, the committee were

irvioL- ;is Kiisl Lieutenant, Co. U, 49tli Rej^'t I'eiina. \'..lunteers, ()et(ilier 26, 1S62
Final muster out as Major A.D.C., U.S. Voluiiteers, July 15, 1S65

Mustered into tleo. G. Meade Tost No. I. October 16, iS6()
Elected .Adjutant October 16, 1866; re-elected January 4, 1S67


escorted to a neighboring restaurant and served with a fine lunch, and
then took the midniglit train home.

On September 14th another comrade responded to die silent roll
call, Comrade Campbell 'I'ucker, the first Adjutant of the Post, who had
retained a continuous membership in the Post from the time he was
mustered in on October i6th, 1866, the date of the organization of
the Post, up to the time of his death. He was buried on September
16th, and as the family requested that the funeral should be strictly-
private, the Post did not attend, but sent a floral tribute, and some
few of the members attended as indi\iduals.

Campbell Tucker was honi in Pliiladelphia, State of Pi-misylvaiiia. He entered the service as Kirst
Lieutenant in Co. D., 491)1 Regiment, Penn. Vols., on the 26th day of October, 1S62. Held the office of
Captain and Major, .A. I). C, and wa.s discharged July 15th, 1S65. He was mustered into Post One, De-
partment of Pennsylvania, Octolier t6th,I.S66; held the office of Adjutant, an<l died Septemljer 14th, 1885,
aged 41 ye.TTS. Buried at South Laurel Hill Cemeter)', Philadelphia, Pa.

A delegation of the Post attended the unveiling of the Soldiers'
Monument, at Hazleton, Pa., on September 25th, upon the invitation
of Post No. 20 of that city.

At muster of October 5th, junior \'ice-Commander, John A. W'eid-
ersheim, reported that lie had taken from the l)ouquet which he |)laccd
in the casket ot Comrade C^rant during the Memorial (irand Army
Service at the tomb at Riverside Park, a few spra\s of flowers and
leaves. He divided them into four parts, had them pressed, neatly
framed, and with a proper inscription, and sent one to Mrs. U. S.
Grant, one each to Mr. George W . Childs and Comrade K. N. Benson,
who each contributed 5^150 towards the expenses of the Post on the

day of the lunc>ral. They each expressed themselves highly pleased
and gratified to receive the mementoes, and commended him for his
thoughtfulness in preserving the sprays and disposing of them as he had.
He also received from Colonel Grant the following letter:

No. 3 E. 66tli St., Nf.w York, October I, 1885.
J. A. \i eideriiienii.

Dear Sir; \\,m very kind letter of the 30th of September, and also the framed souvenir of the

boucjuet placed in my fatlier's casket, have been received. My father'.s family will always treasure it and

keep it sacred. The comrades of the Meade Post will always have a place in the heart of

Yours sincerely, Fred. I). Gr.\nt.

Comrade Weidersheim then presented the remaining one to the
Post, which was received with a vote of thanks for his generosity and

In compliance with General Orders No. 20, from Department
Headquarters, this Post participated in the parade on Thursday, Octo-
ber 8th, " Grand Army Day," and in General Orders No. 8, dated
October 5th, Commander Reed gave full instructions for same, and
directed the members to assemble at 1.45 P. M., at the point of forma-
tion, Thirteenth street and Columbia avenue. Soon after the column
was formed on Broad street, and reviewed by the Department Comman-
der and staft, and then proceeded up Hroad street to Cumberland, to
Fifteenth street, to the .State Agricultural P'air grounds. Broad and
Lehigh avenue, where the rest of the day was spent in viewing the
exhibits and in enjoyment as seemed best to each comrade. In the
evening a grand Camp Fire was held, and speeches, vocal and instru-
mental music, entertained those who attended. Forty-one comrades in
line attended. P)and of sixteen pieces.

At the muster of November 9th, a uniform overcoat was adopted

to be worn on all parades, and at funerals, when the weather was such
as to require it.

The circular announcing the adoption of the overcoat, dated
November 9th, also contained the following:

"On Monday evening, i6lh insl., the Post will receive n fraternal visit from a sister association of the
Grand Army of the Republic, comprising the best element of society, and the highest military rank, none
less than a Brigadier-General admitted. The rostrum, nostrum, buskin and gown, will be represented, and
from whom may be expected, wit witliout vulgarity, and eloquence iiicomjirehensible."

As might be e.xpected, this notice was sufficient to crowd the
room with our comrades, anxious to see who these distinguished guests
were, and to welcome the members of so ancient and exclusive an asso-
ciation. About 9.30 o'clock, while the regular routine business was
still under way, the alarm was sounded that the outpost was besieged,
and strains of distant martial music penetrated the closed portals of
the Post Rooms. No further attention was paid to business, so every-
thing had to be suspended, the Post closed in due form, the doors
thrown open, and Commander Reed directed the Officer of the Day to
admit the distinguished guests, who were received with due honors, all
the comrades of the Post, standing and presenting arms, as "Old
Baldy" Post, No. ih<. Department of the Northwest, U. U. Y., entered,
led by their Commanding Officer, General George W. Devinny,
whose manly form was literally covered with badges, jewels and decora-
tions, all won for meritorious services and unusual Ijravery on many
fields of carnage and victory unknown to history. After acknowledg-
ing the salute of Post One, the guests were comfortably seated. From
the programme, which they freely distributed, we founti that they were
to give the Post a very good entertainment, of a musical and literary

character, which inckided addresses from their orators, Hon. WilHam
D. Kelly, Hon. Geo. S. Graham and General Henry H. Bingham. The
programme was fully carried out, and a most amusing and enjoyable
evening was had by all who were fortunate enough to be present. The
gorgeous and elegant uniforms of the' officers, resplendent with gold
lace, and many medals and decorations, tended to greatly enliven the
scene. From the same programme, we found that the gallant officers
of that heroic band were : General George \V. Devinny, Lieutenant-
General Albert C.Johnston, Major-General Frank H. Pepper, Adju-
tant-General L. I). C. Tyler, Ouarter-Master-General .Albert Super,
Surgeon-General Washington L. Atlee, M. D., Officer of the Night
Philip D. Fowler, Officer of the Guard Louis P. Langer. Crazy Quilt
Bearer Jacob K. Swoyer, Grand Sword Bearer Wallace B. Todd, Post
1% Guard David H. Garrett, Guard off Color Harry OT)onnell and a
long list of heroes, all Brigadier-Generals. Their visit was greatly
enjoyed, and they left with many pressing invitations to come soon

The Commander of this Post, as well as the citizens of Philadel-
phia, were suddenly astonished by the removal, from the office of Post-
master, in this city, of our Comrade H. S. Huidekoper, without notice or
cause ; therefore, the Post, at its muster of November 23d, unanimously
adopted suitable resolutions, presented by Chaplain C. Irvine Wright,
and directed that a copy be forwarded to the President of the United
States, duly signed by the Commander antl .Adjutant, with seal of Post
attached, as follows : —

To his Excellency, (trover Cleveland, President.

^"' ■— Gi-ciKc.K (;, Mkadk Tost, No. i, C, A. K.,

Has resolved upon the following, for presentation to you:

<$Dr|ereaSt General H. S. Ihiidekoper, a comrade of this Post, a L'nion soldier who lost his arm in the

service, has been removed from the position of Postmaster, at Phila.lelphia, without, as far as we know.

any just cause, and, therefore, it behooves us to ask the President :

I. Whether in the absence of charges, affecting a wounded soldier's othcial character or ability, such
removal is not contrary to the spirit that has and should pervade executive appointments.

II. \Mietlier such action is not comrary to the direct or implied pledges of the President, often here-
tofore made, that in removals from office in the absence of charges, or any known disqualifications, the
fact that the incumbent had been an honorable Union soldier, should weigh in his favor sufficiently to
overcome simple political considerations, all things being equal.

III. Whether in removing our fellow-soldier, without charges or cause, there is not direct violation of a
statutory requirement, that the fact of soldiership shall be a protection to an official incumbent until it
shall appear that he is in some way culjiable or deficient.

IV. Whether the removal of our comrade, without charges or cause, in opposition to an almost unani-
mous business and non-partisan sentiment, and in the midst of great official usefulness, is not detrimental
to the public service, and it further behooves us, as a body, to say, and herein we disclaim all politics
and every political motive, that in the case of our comrade, and all others like it, the wrong of removal
is aggrav,ated by the substitution of one who is not a soldier; this adds to the reflection contained in
a removal without cause, the sting of discrimination against the soldier.

It is not thought your action is the result of an unyielding policy. If not, let us [jetition you to
modify it, so as not to appear hostile to the soldier element. They ought to have the rights con-
ferred by law. Conveyed in public promises, deman<led by liberal public sentiment; more they do not

At the same muster Past-Commander A. J. .Sellers submitted suit-
able resolutions upon the death of another gallant soldier and leader,
Major-General Geo. B. McClellan, the idol of the Army of the Potomac,
for whom the soldiers of that army entertained an affection amounting
almost to worship. And now that he, too, had answered the last roll
call, his late comrades desired to give expression to their feelings, their
affection for " Little Mac," and their sympathy lor his family, and adopted
the followinof resolutions: —

iDhcrcns, IIk- cnmrn,lc..-f Ihis l' Imvt- luanl with i.rur,,,,,,.! it-nt lla .icalli ul M.ijoi (K-ncral
Geo. B. McClella.i, an,l arc mov,.,l l,y their a,.|.r<-ciati..„ of hi. , haracl.T to pay tnluiti- to his memory;
therefore Ik- it.

Itcsolucit, That .11 liK death, the \an..„ ha, I..M a ut./eii wh.. air.l .hMmguishe<l it,
l>i.tli ill oflicial and private place, hy his higli atlainnient.s pure life and patriotic devotion.

Xlesolttc&r That the gratitude of the country must be ever due him for his arduous and exalted
service at a critical hour, in organizing and disciplinini; her armies and rendering coherent and .servicealile
the forces nece.ssary for her preservation.

3;lcSolac&, That the .soldiers who followed our standard and knew him best, recall with pride their
admiration of his noble qualities of head and heart, and with a warmlli refined by sadness of death
their memory of their " Old Commander."

litcsoltlC&r That this great bereavement is intensified to the Nation, the family and ourselves, and
the general sorrow deepened, by his sudden removal amid highly useful years and with powers unimpaired
for future achievements and honor.

X}c$olt>C&, That we extend the sympathy of our I'ost to the widow of the illustrious decea.sed and
to his family in this moineni of their atHiciion.

Xtcsolucd, riiat these resolutions be entered in full upon the minutes of the, and an engro.ssed
co]iy thereof be sent to the family of the deceased.

In acknowledgment of which, the Adjutant received the follow-
ing : —

32 W.AsniNCTuN Si,iu.\RE, Oec. 3, 18S5.
D.vvii) I'. Wk.wkk, Ks'|.

.I/r /',(/;- Sir: It is very hard for me to write in these sad <lays, but .as I have heard the <;eneral so
often .speak of you, and know what a friend he was of y<nirs and how true and loyal you have always been
to him, I feel as if I must th.ank you my.self for your very kind letter.

Will you also convey to Geo. G. Meade I' the thanks of my children and myself for the tribute they
luive paid to General McClellan's memory.

I hope, if \ou are ever where I am, you will come to see me, as I shall be so glad to talk to you of the
General. Melieve me very truly yours, K1.I.EN M. ^b-CI.I■:l.I.A^•.

On Sunday. December 6th, Comrade A. 1). Mackey died, and was
buried on Thursday, December loth, the Post attending in carriages
and escorting the remains to I-'ernwood Cemetery.

A. D. Mackey was l.orn in ("ceil County, Suite of Marylaml. iMilcrea the scrviee as (ireinan, United
Slato Navy, "11 llie Sth clay of SepteinlH-r, 1X64, and was discliaiye.l August I, 1S65. lie was musleie.l
into f;eo. (;. Meaile Post, No. I, Department of Pennsylvania, May 28, 1883, and died Deceinher 6, 1885,
'ige<l 37 years. Buried at Fernwooil Cenicliry. Delaware County, I'a.

General Orders, No. 9, dated December 1st, announced that the
annual election of officers would take place on Monday, December 7th,
at which time Comrade Lewis W. Moore was elected Commander.
One hundred and eighty-four votes were cast.

The same order also announced the children's festival of "Children's
Hour" would take place on Wednesday, December 30th, at 3 o'clock,
at which time the rooms were filled to overflowing with the children
and families of the comrades of the Post. Again was a very pleasant
entertainment provided for their amusement, and each child was pre-
sented with a beautiful souvenir, a box of candy, and fruit.

During the year 1885 twenty-four comrades were mustered into
the Post, as follows: —

William J. Dallimore, Patrick McMenamin, Charles E. Cadwalader, M.D., C. T. Myers, Walter
H. Maguire, Joseph G. Freund, George W. Werntz, John W. Moore, Christian Myers. William R.
Granger, Hiram Andres, David T. Hickman, AmosVandegrift, Joseph Miller, Francis H. Woodruff,
Leon A. Canter, James Morris, HenryC. Ellis (beel.cieo). George D. Patten, Jr., James R. Callahan,
Thomas Y. England, William Harkness, Jr., George W. Agnew, John H. Seltzer, M.D.

On January 4, 1886, another public installation of the officers-
elect was held at the Post Rooms, No. 1 109 Chestnut street, and Com-
rade Thomas E. Merchant, Past Commander of Post, No. 2, officiated
as installing officer, and duly installed the following officers: —

Cnnimiiniier -
Seninr Vicc-(_'oinman<lcr
Junior Vice-CoinmaiKli-r
Adjutant •
Oiricor-or-thc l)ay
01Hcc•r-(lrtlR■ Cuard

r.l■\VI^ \V. M..ORK.

JmiN A. \\iiiii;i<siiK[M.
JsAIAll I'lUrK.
Hull) 1'. \Vkavi:k.
John (!. JoiiNsiiiN.
Ai.KXANiiKK M. Arri.i .
WlI.I.lAM i'. lilKI). Stoki-s.

I.liI'lS V. I.ANCKR.

iMM.l.ll.M, M. I).

Ihe Post was tlien turnctl over to tli<i new CommaiulL-r, who
directed the Adjutant to pubhsh the orders, (ieneral Order, No. i,
dated January 4th, was then read, announcintj the officers elected and
appointed, as above, and the re-election of Past-Commander A. J.
Sellers to the Council of Administration ; also the appointment of
Comrade John .Scott, as Inside .Sentinel ; John E. Mann, Outside Sen-
tinel ; and Auii^ustus Haury, Musician.

Past-Commander John A. Stevenson, on behalf of the Comrades
of the Post, presented the retiring' Commander, Ale.xander Reed,
with a handsome f^^old badoe, set with diamonds, as a token of their
esteem and regard for his unusual labors in their behalf and tor the
advancement of the interest of the Post durinij his term of office. Past-
Commander Reed received the same: in appropriate; remarks.

From the Annual Report of the Quartermaster, submitted on
January 25th, we find the net cash receipts for the year to he $5,517.69,
but owing- to t\\v- e.xtra expenses of the Post, in entertaining (xeorge
G. Meade Post, No. 38, of the Department of New York, on Memorial
Day, and those attending the obsecpiies of General U. S. Grant, all
of this large amoiuit was expended, together with the balance carried
over from the vear belore.

At tin- bf^inniiiL; ot ihis Ncar, a contested point arose as to who
was entitled to be Chairman of the Connril of Achniiiistration (the By- reading: The oldest ineniher). Comrade |()hn W. Ward, the mem-
ber servino- his fifth year, or Past-Commander A. J. Sellers, just re-elected,
which, taking- the term just served by him, would make him the oldest
member : so he and his friends interpreted the Ijy-Law, but Comrade
Ward and his friends interpreted the same law, to mean the; member
servino- the last year of his term, and that a member, being re-elected,
came in as a new member. The matter was broug^ht before the Post in
the Annual Report of the Council of Administration for the year 18S5,
sul)mitted at the muster of January 25th. This led to a spirited dis-
cussion, and, final!)', the paragraph reciting th(; same was, by motion
of the Post, stricken out of the report, and Commander Moore recog-
nized Comrade John \Y. Ward as Chairman, as three members of the
Council had met and elected him Chairman. I'Tom this decision of the
Commander, Comrade .Sellers appealed, and a very spirited and lengthy
discussion ensued, and finally the decision ol the Commander was
not sustained, and a motion of Comrade Sellers, that the B)-Laws be
interpreted to mean, "the" longest service, including a re-election, was

At the next muster, Commander Moore announced Past-Com-
mander vSellers as Chairman of the Council ; from this decision, and the
action of the I'ost at its previous muster, an appeal was taken to the
Department Commander. That same action of the Post resultetl in the
resignation of two members of the Council, viz. : Comrade H. PTish-
muth and Past-Commantler L. D. C. 'Pyler, and an election was held
on March ist to fill the vacancies. The canvass for this election was

thon.uo], aii.l vcny MtU-r, and I'ast-Comnian.lfr Sl-IKts, chanii.ioniii-.-
Comrades Georoe Haskins an.l W. W. Sueisfort, sent ..ut a circular
niakJn- a stronv appeal lor th(Mr ckx'tion. This was cuntrractc.l l,y
another circidar beiny sent out, that was signed by nearly all the Past-
Commanders, equally strong in their appeal for the election of Com-
rades W^allacc B. Todd and J. Fletcher Conrad. As a necessary
consequence, this contest created considerable interest, and resulted in
bringing out a large number of comrades. 155 votes were cast, and
Comrades Todd and Conrad were elected b)- a large majorit\-. This
contest engendered considerable iU-feeling, and being finally settled by

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