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the votes of the comrades. Senior Vice-Commander John A. Weider-
sheim, with a view of avoiding any serious breach, which such a heated
controvers)- would likely lead to, presented a resolution for the appoint-
ment of a Committee to adjust the difference, to promote good will and
peace among the Comrades, and spoke upon the same, urging its
adoption and the forgetfulness of the harsh words spoken in the^heat of
such a contest. The resolution was adopted, and the Commander
a|.[H,inted, as the Committee, Past-Commander William J. Simpson,
Chairman; and Comrades William W. Wallace, George W. Smith,
John H. Mitchell and P>enjamin W. Richards. This Committee were
successful in their efi'orts, and securetl an amicable adjustment of all
difficulties, and harmony prevailed.

On March 22d the decision of the Department Commander, |. P.
S. Gobin, upon the appeal taken upon the action of the Post, was re-
ceived and read ; it set aside the action of the Post and ruled against
the i)osition assumed l)y Past-Commander A. J. Sellers. Commander

iMoorc tlicn announced Comrade John W. Ward as Chairman ol tlic
Council of Administration.

I'pon die death of General Winheld S. Hancock, Comratle John
W. Ward presented the following resolutions at the muster of Febru-
ary 15, 1886 : —

Qllicrcas, Death has removed Majcir-Cencral \V. S. Hancock, U. S. A., from the scenes of his
earthly diuies and honors. Therefore,

Kcsofaed, Hy (leorgc (;. Meade I'ost, Xo. i. I)e|iartment of rcnnsylvania, G. .\. K, an
event so sudden and sad is a cause for deep and unusual .sorrow in the circles of the Grand .\rmy of the
Re|)nlilic. and throughout the entire country.

Xtcsaiacft. That in hi> military career, he exemplilied the highest qualities of a great soldier and
loyal citittii, and won an admiration and love, which, hallowed l>y death, will lie for him an enduring
monument and impressive epitaph.

Stcsolttcd, That, as his comrades in arms, we jiay special tiilnile to General Hancock's " soldierly
bearing in bivouac, on the march and in the heat of battle;" to hi> consistency and courage, to his
activity and skill, to the confidence reposed in him by all, from private to Commander. He never shirked an
onerous duty, nor betrayed a sacred trust. His posts in trying battle, and in hours of great danger, were
those of grave responsibility. He made his victories decisive, and saved defeat from the terror of rout and
disaster. His Generalship was that of a brave, true and trained soldier, and .such as the army and nation
must ever mention with eloquent praise, and remember with grateful piide.

Xtesolucft, That, while his labors and fame beloni; to the country and his loss is national, they are
intensified to us, because Pennsylvania found in him one of her most distinguished Generals and illu.strious
men. .Since bis grave shall be in his native soil, and in our midst, let us cherish his memory as that of a
comrade, who rose among us to honor his place of birth, and who fell from our ranks into the sleep of

StcSOlucQ, I hat we extend our heartfelt symp.atliy and condolence 10 his bereaved wite and family,
and our pr.ivers that a mciciful I'rovidence may lighten untotliem the burden of their great affliction.

Hesoltieft, I'hat resolutions be entered in full on our minutes, and that an engrossed copy
of the same lie sent to the wife and family of the deceased.

These were adopted unanimously, and in due time a cop\' was
sent to Mrs. Hancock, which was acknowledged as follows : —


"Ml-. ll;incock Ki;>lflully :icKmow1>,I^is llic leiHipi ,,l lli,- r<s,,Uilion- ..I -ymiulli) ;ui,l,
adopted l.y the George G. Meade Tost, No. I, Departniunt of Pennsylvania, G. A. K.. upon ihe death of
her dear husband, and so kuidly transmitted to h<T hy Connnandei- Moore.

Governor's Isi.anh, Kel)ni.Try 24, iS,S6.

On April 5th, a communication was received from Headquarters,
Department of the Potomac, G. A. R., announcing the death of Com-
rade James B. Diehl, of this Post. The comrade had been employed
in the Post Office Department, and for six or seven months his severe
illness prevented him from attending to his duties, hut the officials of
that department had accepted his daughter as his sulistitute, ami now
the Department of the Potomac, G. A. R., desired the influence of this
Post to secure for her the permanent appointment to the vacancy-
caused by her father's death. This Post at once adopted strong resolu-
tions, endorsing her for the appointment, and a copy was sent to the
Assistant Adjutant-General of the Department of the Potomac, G. A.
R., and the appointment was made. The Charity Committee of this
Post made a liberal donation towards the funeral expenses of our late
comrade, and he was buried with full Grand Army services by Lincoln
Post, No. 3, Department of the Potomac, in the National Cemetery,
at Arlington.

James B. Diehl was bom in Elizalicth, State of l'enn>ylvaina. Entered the service as First Lieuten-
ant, Co. D, Ninety-first Regiment, Pa. Volunteers, on the 7th day of Octolier, 1861, served as Aide-de-
Camp, and was discharged, as First Lieutenant, July 25, 1S64. He was mustered into George G. Meade
Post, No. I, Department of Pennsylvania, G. A. R., Decemljer 11, 1872. Held the office of Adjutant and
Officer-ofthe-Day, and died March 26, 1SS6, aged 45 years. P.uried in National Cemetery, Arlington, Va.

(,)n I-nd;iy cvcniiio, April 30th. ili«- IJUcrlaininciu Coinmiuec gave
a very interesting entertainment to the comrades of the Post, having
secured Prof. I). S. Hohnan to give his ilhistrated lecturron "Wiggles,
Wabbles and Waves," or Motion and Life, as seen with a microscope,
which was very much enjoyed by all who were present.

On May ist, notice was received of the death of Comrade Gilbert
J. Lynch, and but little time was allowed to make arrangements, so
that but twent\-five comrades, under Commander Moore, were able to
attend his funeral. On May 3d, they left the Post Rooms in carriages,
and proceeded to his residence, and after the services there, escorted
the remains to .South Laurel Hill Cemetery, where he was buried with
full Grand .Arnn" services.

Gilbert J. Lynch wa^ hum in CrcLce. Kmered the service ri~ private, Co. .\, SiMh Regiment, I'.i.
( av.ilry, on the Ist <iay ot' October, 1863, and was discharged August 7, 1S65. lie was niusiered into
George G. Meade Post, No. I, Department of Pennsylvania, G. A. R., September 25, 18S2, and died
.-Vpril 29, 1S86, aged 42 ye.irs. Buried at South I.aurcl Mill Cemetery, Phihadelphia, Pa.

At the muster of May 17th, Comrade Ale.xander E. Drake, sub-
mitted the following: —

VQftcrcas, I'he majority of the memliers of the Grand Army of the Republic is compo.sed of men
who, in 1S61, left the anvil, the plough, the loom and the shoj), to range themselves under the banner of
good government, while they can and do heartily sympathize with their fellow-worklngmen in their efforts
to secure to themselves compensation commensurate vs'ith their laliors, and an income adequate to the
proper maintenance of their families, within reasonable working hours, yet feel it incumbent upon them in
the present aspect of the labor (|uestion, to define their position. Therefore, be it

ftesolneb. That they stand as they stood a qu.arter of a century ago, shoulder to shoulder in sup-
j)ort of law and order.

That they view with horror and detestation the introduction, inln our beloved country, of so called

si.ciali-m anil anaicl.ism cnx.I.s, alike lor,i.;ii mi„1 anla-oniMk- Id tnnslitiiii„in,iii la»>, uur iii>liui-
lions, and a standing menace to public security of life and property.

'I'hat we deprecate violence as an argument, and deny the riglil ,)f any man ,n hody „r men to mtimi-
date or dictate to the vvorUingman the conditions upon which he shall employ Ins, recognizing only
the inalienable right of every n,an to pursue peacefully and umnlrrrLipie.lly any lawful calling he may select.

That we recognize the labor question as disassociated with politics, regarding it purely as a <iueslion
111 equity, subject to disinterested arbitration or legal decision.

That we deem it not only a proper, but the imperative duty of the States and Federal (Government, to
stamp out and eradicate in the most emphatic, direct and permanent way the foul and detestable dogmas
that have of late disgraced the localities in which they have sought to take root.

That we here and now renew upon the altar of our common country, our vows of fealty and lidelily lo
its Constitution, its laws, and, above all, to that sacred " Bill of Rights," conferre.l by the .Supreme (Jraml-
Commander, which directs us •' to love our neighbor, and to do unto others as we would have them du
to us."

Which was adopted unanimously, and the ban of secrecy removed,
and .same given to the press for publication.

On April 26th, the Post received an invitation from I'. S. Grant
Post, No. 327, of Brooklyn, N. V., to be present at the Memorial
Day services, at the toinb of General Grant, at Riverside Park,
which was accepted, as Memorial Day of this year came on .Sunday ;
and in this .State, Pennsylvania, it is fixed by law to be observed on the
day preceding, or Saturda)-, while, in New York, the law makes
Monday, the day following, as the one to be observed ; so we could
discharge our sacred and pleasant thities here on Saturday, and
co-operate with U. .S. Grant Post, No. 327, on Monda) .

In General Order, No. 2, dated May loth, Commander Moore
makes full announcement for the observance of the da)-, and that the
Post would attend Divine Service on Sundaj', May 23d, at the West
Arch Street Presbyterian Church, corner of Eighteenth and Arch
streets. Rev. John Hem|)hill, Pastor, and, on Ma)- 22d, issued a special

(wclcr (i| instructions tor the visit ot tiic Post to llrookl)n, on Monthly,
May 31st.

1 hercforc, in comphanrc witli tlir above oah-rs, the coinratic-s llist
assenrbled at the Post Rooms on Sunchiy, May 23CI, at 10 o'clock,

A. M., and proceeded in a body, under Commander Moore, to the West
Arch Street Presbyterian Church, corner of Eighteenth and Arch
streets, where they listened to a good and effective sermon by the
Pastor, Rev. John Hemphill, eighty-five comrades being ])resent

The Memorial Day Committee, for 1886, consisted of Comrades

B. Frishmuth, Chairman ; \\\ Wayne Vogdes, Secretary ; and James
Thompson, Treasurer : and Comrades C. W. Houghton, M. D., Henry
Simons, I^'rancis H. Woodruff, (leorge H. S. Chler, |ohn W. Moore,
H. M. Marquet, |ohn Ha}-, James F. Morrison, Edward N. Rue,
William W. Wallace, W. II. Tyrell, Albert C. Johnston, Henry C.
Sine.x, Colin M. Beale and Aug. T. Clark. Their labors were many and
arduous, yet they discharged them to the full .satisfaction of the Post,
and from their report we take the iollowing description oi their work,
also a full detailed account of the services of the Post on Memorial
Day here in Philadelphia, and Memorial Day in New York : —

" The .sulijcct of perm.iiieiU (U-sign for the j;mv(_-s of nil soldicr.s, re]xisiiig in the Laurel Hill Cemcleries,
own Posr comra<les in other burial places, lieen under conlemiilation liy the Committee of the
preceding year, but was postponed and became the duty of this Committee. We
have the pleasure to report that upon each of the 369 graves, at I-aurel Hill, has been
affixed a galvanized iron marker iu the form of our Post Badge, 9 by 7 inches in
<U;imeter, perin.aneut in nature and beautiful in finish ; 23 of the 400 purchased
rL-inain at tlie Post's Headiiu-irters, and are turned over to the I'uneral Committee, so
that a permanent marker may accompany the remains of each comrade mustered into
the Grand Army above."

"On Saiurday, May 29th, the Conimiltee on Klowers decorated the Washington
.Monument at Irideiiendcnce Hall, .and at noon the Post, to the immber of 141

c,.miM,lcs,nssenil.'r,l:,i ll,-n.l.|.,:,rlr,s an.l pm,-,l,a l.y a .k-lnil ,.l >fve.,t,-,-„ |...Ikv unlcris, aiul acron,-
paiiiL-d l.y j™iiiii - s 6th Regiment liaiid, of Camdeii, N. J., 25 pieces, the orators, Rev. Russell II.
(onw.ll, ,,r lM,ila,iel|,l„a; an,! Rev. II, I >. I iei.sintjer, „l Ka-to,,, I'a., ami our ii.vite.l quests, p,ocee,le,l

'" ''•"'' '"" ''-"l^' "I"'"' tl"y w'^^i'- >ii'l I'.v Ihe surpliced clioir ol St. Jiule's 1'. E. Cliiircli, and look upilie

proce.ssioiial to tlie Lincoln Monument, vvlieie services, a.s arranged in the accompanying programme, which
is made a pari of tins report and is hereto attaclied, were performed."

The proLji-amme was as follows : The line of march was from the
Post Room, I log Chestnut street, to Hroad, to .S])rin^- Garden, to
Twenty-first, to Green, to Fairmount Park, beino- met at the entrance
by the choristers of .St. Jude's P. E. Church, who, sin^ini;- the Proces-
sional, with band accompaniment, led, slowly, the way to the Lincoln
Monument, where the usual services were held, inchulinL;- an address
by the Rev. D. H. (ieissinger, Pastor of St. John's Lutlun-an Church at
Easton, Pa., and a member of this Post.

The services closed with an anthem !))■ the choristc;rs, and the boat
was then taken for Laurel Hill Landing, where the line was reformetl
and marched to Central Laurel Hill Cemetery where the services were
held. Rev. Russell H. Conwell, Pastor of the (irace liaptist Church,
of this city, delivered the oration. As he had no notes, he could not
furnish a copy of the address ; therefore, it could not be inserteil here.

The Post then proceeded to the grave of General Meade, which was
literally covered with lloral emblems, and the full (irantl Army .Service
was performed by Comrades John A. Weidersheim, Isaiah Price,
C. Irvine Wright and Chaplain I. Newton Ritner, after which the Post
returned to Headcpiarters, via boat to Fairmount Park, and marched
down Green to Broad, to Chestnut, to 1 109, and was tlismissed, after
making a halt at iiroatl and l-'ilbert to partake of a lunch, served by
the Committee.


F\ctui-ning- to the Report of the Committee, we c|uole extracts, as
follows : —

•■ Retuiniiig to IIea<l.|uaiUi>, llic t.l()i.|)ca at tlie leslauram ..I Mi. I l.iin < ,,waril, whore aliout
125 ])crsons, including llic police detail, sat down 10 a lunch provided by the Cniiiminee."

"On Monday, May 31st, accompanied liy the National Cornet Band of Frankford, I'a., and escorting
his honor the Mayor and the Chief of Police, and the officers of the 1st and 2d Regiments, N. G. of Pa.,
one hundred and sixty of oiu- comrades assembled at Ninth and Green Streets Depot, of the Pliiladelphia
& Reading Railroad, and took a special train to attend the ceremonies in Iirooklyn, having sent, by
courtesy of the Philadelphia & Reading Express Co., the handsome floral design, 6 feet by 4^ feet, repre-
senting a frame, enclosing the Post monogram of colored immortelles above the words " Our Comrade ;" below
" U. S. Grant,'" the frame of blue; .at each corner, four large white stars, rejircsenting the General's rank;
top of frame, "George G. Mende Post, No. I;" bottom, Philadelphia; being one of the many tributes
forwarded from all pans of tlie Union, in gracious memory of our deceased comrade, coming from the
Pacific to the Atlantic, and from the Gulf to the Great Lakes and the .St. Liiwrence."

" Tlie comrades who participated have already glowingly dcscrilicd the events of their trip to their less
fortunate fellow-comrades, and as the Adjutant's Report will set forth fidly and officially the movements of
the Post, it is needless for this Committee to go further than read the subjoined letter from the Chairman of
Post 327"s Committee" : —

The Committee report their receii)ts ami e.xpemlitures as follows:
Balance from previous Committee, $229.08 ; received from Post, $422,
contribution, $406.05 (Comrade James F. Morrison making the largest
collection, $171.05); sale of tickets, $560.50: total, $1,617.63;
expenses, $1,260.55 '• returned to the Post, $357.08,

In closing their report they asketl to be allowed to expend $100 of
that balance in the purchase of a handsome Post flag, to be presented
to Grant Post, No. 327, to replace their handsome new Hag that had
just been presented to them by their lady friends on that Memorial
Day, and was lost by being blown overboard from the boat as they
came over to meet us at Jersey City : the recpiest of the Committee
was <rranted.

'I luis it will be seen, that the scr\iccs attending Memorial Day
this year, were of more than ordinary character, and we will, therefore,
oive a more minute description of same, to cover the jjoints omitted in
the report of the Committee ; first, we give in full the order of
Commander Moore, as follows : —

IlKA[)iJUAkTEKS (iF.O. G. MkAUK I'l 1ST, No. I.,

Department oi- Pknnsvevania, C. A. R.,
No. 1 109 Chestnut Street.
Gena-a/ Order, A',.. ,-■. l'riii„\i.Ei,i'iiiA, May loth, 1SS6.

In cunjuiuniiin willi I lcail.|uaiTcrs ami V . S. Craiit I'osl, No. 5. ] itp'l of I'enii'a, C. A. K., ihc I'o^t
lias acceple.l tlio iiivitalinn uf t:. S. Grant Post, No. J27, of liiooklyn, N. \ ., to he tlieir yucsts on our
visit to decorate the tonil) of our late Comrade, U. S. Gkant. The arrangements for that day are as
follows : —

Tlie Post will leave Philadelphia on the morniiit; of May 31st at o'clock, by special tiain ; arriving;
in Jersey City, lake the boat jirovided by Grant Post to our place in l!rookl)n; we will then he taken to
the 13th Regiments Armory to partake of a lunch, kindly furnished liy Post 327 of lirooklyn, and then he
escorted to the boat for Riverside, accompanied by the President, Gen. Sheridan, Governors of the
States, an<l prominent military men of the nation.

.\t Riverside the following progi-amme will be observed: Or.ation by (Jen. John A. Logan, firing
salute by the 7th Regt., N. G. S. N. V., and Battery of \}. S. Artillery; singing by the Amphion Society,
accompanied by Arbuckle's Band.

The expense for the round trip will not exceed {?J.50 to each Ci^nnade. In order to make complete
arrangements the name of every Comrade desiring to pnrticipale should be furnished the Committee, so that
the tickets can be arranged for. It is hoped the Comrades will niake an effort to turn out in large
numbers. Please till in anil mail the accompanying postal card iiromptly.

Applications for tickets to ceremonies at Riverside Park should be made to Siipcrintiiident at Post
Room. liy order of

David P. \Vea\er, AJjiclanl. I,i:\vis W. Moure, ConnuanJei

In compliance with the above order, the comrades assembled at
the Philadelphia & Reading Depot, Ninth and Green streets, on
Monday morning, May 31st, at 6 o'clock, and took train for New
York, arriving at Jersey Cit\ at 8.30, and were met by Grant i'ost, No.

3^7, ot IW'ooklyn, aivl Co. " W Stale I'dieiMcs, ol this city, ami
escorted to feiT)' lioat and taken to Ilrooklyn : on the way over lunch
was serveil on tlie l>oat; arrixiny al ISrooklyn were escorted to our
place in line, and soon joined the column in their march through the
principal streets of Brooklyn. After the parade was dismissed, we
were taken to the Armory of the 13th Regiment, N. G. .S. N. Y., and
very sumptuously entertained with a splendid lunch, and after an hour
spent in social and fraternal intercourse, were placed upon large cars
drawn by twelve horses, and taken again to the river ami put aboard
the large and magnificent steamer " Grand Republic," at the terry
near the Brooklyn bridge ; in due time started, having on board nearly
three thousand people, steamed under the bridge and up the ri\er
to "Riverside Park." We were then marched to the tomb, and
seated in a large space reserved for us fronting the stand : our l)attle-
torn flags were arranged around the toml), which was completely
hidden by the many handsome Horal designs sent from all parts of the

The following services were then held : —

FUNKKAI, MAKiir, • • - Chopin, Aihufhh-s Mililary H'liid.

RiTU.M. i>F rilK. G. A. R., ... - Commander J. /•'. Ilo-umtl, V. S. Grant Pest, .V(». j'/.

,, , , .,,, ., < Amhhion Musical Society,

Hymn,- - Ne.nier My l.od to Ihee, • - - \„„j,r lUe direction of C. Mortimer iViske.

Prayer, ^•~''- ■^'- -^^ Storrs, D. D.

f G. A. a: Chaplain Reese B. Gwillim,
Commander James /■'. Howall,
Rl-SPONSIVK Rkai.ino, -\ Past-Commander Henry M. Cahert,

[ and Sinking by the Amphion Musical Society

I Comrade John A. Logan,
Oration, \Past-Commander-in-Chief, G. A. P.

FUNI.KAI. March, • Heelhoven, Arbuckle's Military Band.



Entered the service as Major U. S. Volunteers, April l8, 1861,

Afterwards as Adjutant 90th Reg't Penna. Volunteers.

I'inal muster out as Adjutant lS6th Reg't I'enna. Volunteers. .'Vugust 15. 1S65.

Wounded in foot at (Jeltysburf;, Pa., July I, 1S63,

Veteran of the War with Mexico.

Mustered into Geo. G. Meade Post No. I, February 17, 1879.

Appointed .Adjutant, Jaiuiary 3, iSSi ; re-appointed January 9, 1882, January 8, 1S83, January 14, 1884,

January 12, 1SS5, January 4, 1886, Jatiuary 4, 1887. January, 1888 and January 7. 18S9.

DIED MARCH 18, 1889.


r lit, fialtalioit of M,nhi,s, C S. A^
SalLiTF. THE DkaI), - I -''^ ■'^"''^'0, rs/ Ha//,iy, N. (J. S. A'. ¥.,

I 31/, Minute Guns and Saltth- hy A'orll, Atlantic S,jii„Jron,
I ^'ear Admiral James E. Joiiett, Commandim;:

IIVMN, - "MyCunliy -n-, of Thfr," - - - . J,„./„- , ,, ■ / .■ •'

^ ' - Ainptiion atiisun! Siviely.

f AMP Cau,, - . •• I.iglus Out," - . . .

Benediction, - . . „. ,

- - Bishof IVilliam I.. Harris.

The Post was then reformed and marched past the tomb of
Comrade Grant, giving a marching sahite ; thence to boat landing, and
took steamer "Grand Repubhc" to Jersey City ; we left on 8.20'^?. M.
train for Philadelphia, arriving at 10.30 and dismissed. All hands were
more than well pleased with visit, and the splendid reception and
entertainment extended by the comrades of U. S. Grant Post, No.
327. From the report of Adjutant D. P. Weaver, of the Post, we quote
the following : —

"Past Conim.inder L. D. C. Tyler w.-is in command of the Color Cunrd, composed of Comrades
Cook, Archer, Mann, Llebfreid, Ehvell, Neiler, Taylor, Le.-,ry, Iloyer, W. R. S;,,ith, Noch, E.irly and
Stones. To Past-Commander Tyler and those who carried the colors on the two days, the Post should
feel under deep obligations, as it is not a thankful position, and those who volunteer should be kindly

To U. S. Grant Post, No. 327, Department of New Vork, the PoM shoul,! feel under a debt of gratitude,
as it was a splendid reception, and we were attended to, like comrades should attei.d to e.ach other.

To the comrades of the Post who paraded both days, I must say that I never saw such a correct
bearing and, each one seemed to feel that he had the reputation of the Post in his keeping, and
nobly did each comrade keep up that reputation.

To Comrade B. Frishmuth, Chairman of the Memorial Day Connnittee, and in charge of the excursion
to New Vork, the I'ost cannot but feel that his arduous duties were admirably .attended to, he and his
Committee moved as one, not a break in the whole arrangement, it was magnificent."

On Thursday, July 8th, Comrade Horace Fritz dietl, and as the
family desired a stricdy private funeral, the Post could take no part.

Horace Fritz w:i^ I'mii in I'liilailelpliia, State nf reiinsylvania, entered the service as Kirst Lieuten-
ant in Keystone Artillery, on tlie 6th day of July, 1S63, and was discharged August 24, 1863. He was
mustered into George c;. Meade I'ost, No. I, Department of Pennsylvania, G. A. R., February 9, 1S80,
and died July S, 1SS6, ayed 42 years. Buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery, Phil.adelphia, I'a.

At a muster of September 6th, the Burial Lot Committee, of
which Past-Commander Jos. R. C. Ward was Chairman, submitted
a report asking authority to have the Post lots in Laurel Hill Cemetery,
presented to Post by Comrade Benjamin W. Richards, suitably
enclosed ; the authority was granted, and the Committee had eight
handsome granite posts, 30 inches high, and 12 by 12 inches square,
with Post Badge cut on each, and one large sill, 3 by 5 feet, upon the
beveled edge of which was cut, in raised letters, "George G. Meade
Post, No. I, G. A. R.," the whole making a very suitable and hand-
some enclosure.

The Post accepted the invitation of Chajjman Post, No. 161, of
Mauch Chunk, Pa., to participate in the ceremonies of the unveiling

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