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of the Carbon County Soldiers' Monument at Mauch Chunk on
September 28th, and 21 Comrades, under Commander Moore, left
on the morning of the 28th, staid over night and returned the ne.xt
evening, and enjoyed the visit and the attentions of Chapman Post very

At muster of September 27th Comrade Albert C. Johnston pre-
sented the following resolution, which was adopted : —

llcSOlocO, 'I'hat as the Twentieth Amiiversary of this I'ost comes on Monday, October iS, lS86,
tliat we commemorate the event by a suitable entcrtaiinnent, and tliat tlie iMitertainnicnl Committee be
requested to make arrangements for a Stag Camp Fire for that occasion.


The Entertainment Committee therefore made extensive arranj^e-
ments that the occasion should be worthy of the twenty years' successful
lite ot Post No. I. After tin? usual business of the muster was
concluded on the evening of October iSth, the Post was closed and
turned over to the Entertainment Committee ; Comrade Frank Glading,

The doors were then thrown open and the room was soon filled to
overflowing with the Comrades and invited guests ; chairs were closely
arranged in the center of the room, and any place where one could be
put, and soon occupied. Comrade Glading called upon Comrade G.
Harry Davis, another member of the Committee, to preside, and he, in a
brief address, welcomed all present to the Twentieth Anniversary of
Post No. I, stating that it was a very important event in its history,
Comrade Davis also announced that there were present some of those
who wer^ connected with the early life of the Post who would be called
upon for brief addresses. After music by the orchestra die Chairman
called upon Past-Commander R. W. P. Allen, as one of the oldest mem-
bers of the Post present, being mustered in on January i i, 1867. Com-
mander Allen responded in a brief address, giving a few^ incidents of
the early life of the Post, and stated how he had tried for three years
to resign as a meml)cr but was al\\'a}s prexented by Comrade Jos. ]\.
C. Ward, their Post Quartermaster, who told him his resignations
always came too late and would have to lie over — they did lay over ;
the Post then elected him junior \'ice-Commander in December, 1S75,
and he became so interested in Grand Ami)- work, and in the success
of Post No. I, that he once more took an active part ; the ne.xt year
he was elected .Senior X'ice-CommaiuU'r, and then Commander; he

has had no desire to resign since, he was proud of his membership and
the part he had taken in the life of the Post, and trusted that as long as
he lived he would be al)le to do his duty as Comrade.

Comrade Davis then read a number of letters of regret from those
who had been invited to be present, among them one from Past-Com-
mander James R. Mullikin. who greatly regretted his inability to be

Past-Commander-in-chief Robert B. Beath was then introduced
and congratulated the Post on its successful existence of to-day ; he
well remembered when a Comrade of the Post really carried the
Post in his hat, and whenever he visited another Post the Commander
would always call up the Post and announce the presence of " Post i
in a body;" he remembered how faithfully that Comrade labored to
keep the Post in existence in .spite of the many efforts made to deprive
it of its charter, and that the Post was under many obligations to that
Comrade. Past-Commander Jos. R. C. Ward, that could not be paid.
and he was glad that Comrade Ward was still an acti\e worker in the
Grand Arm\-, and that Post No. i appreciated his services. He also
remembered how he thought he was one of the organizers of Post No. i,
so called, and was surprised to find that another Post had been chartered
ahead of them and his Post became No. 2 ; he afterwards drew out ot
that Post and organized No. 5 ; he was very glad to be present at such
a gathering, and glad that Post No. i had done so well and was doing
so well ; he wished the Post a God speed in the good work and a much
longer and more successful life.

Chairman Davis said he would now introduce die Comrade "who
had carried the Post in his hat." Past-Commander Jos. R. C. Ward,




Eiilcred the service as Private, Co. F, 17th Reg't Penna. Volunteers, April 25, 1S61

Final muster out as Captain Co. — , 1st Reg't Rhode Island Cavalry, March I, 1S65

Taken prisoner June 17, 1S63. Escaped November 6, 1864

Recaptured November 27, 1864. Exchanged February 17, 1865

Mustered into Ceo. G. Meade Post No. i, October 16, 1866; re-elected March 11, 18S9

Elected Quartermaster October 16, 1S66

the orator of the evenincr, who had been requested hy the Coinmittee
to present a brief history of the Post

Comrade Ward spoke as follows : —

'• ('dmrauks and Kriknds:

When requested by our Commander, and the Chairman of the Entertainment Committee, to prepare a
brief history of our Post for tliis. our Twentieth Anniversary, I clieerfully acceded to iheir request, little
thinking how arduous the task they imposed upon me, with so little time at my disposal. Think of it, my
Comrades, — twenty years' history of this Post to be condensed in the short time that can be allowed on this
occasion. I must confess that I feel unequal to the emergency.

The life of this Post is freighted with so many important events that it would be iin|)ossible to relate
them all, and I hardly know which to recall to your minds and which to pass over. I have, however,
collated a few of the principal events in its life, to which I ask your attention.

I also ask that you will not deem me egotistical if I appear to bring myself and the labor I have
performed in building up its life too prominently before you, as I cannot justly give you the history of this
Post without frequently mentioning myself and my own personal labors in its behalf, as a part of its early
life, — in fact, its very e.\i.stence lo-day is due to and maile up of these elToits of mine."

Comrade Ward then related at length many of the important
events of the life of the Post in an address lasting about an hour aiul
a quarter, which was subsequently condensed and published in the
"Evening Call," a Philadelphia daily evening paper, on December 29,
1887. The labor spent on that work and the interest so created induced
him to prepare and publish this book, as many of the Comrades were
kind enough to appreciate his efforts and urge him to put them in a
more accessible form, promising him their hearty support. For their
kindness he returns his thanks and trusts they will receive this work,
as a desire on his part, "to perpetuate the important events in the
history of the Post, and the arduous duties and labors of many of its
most trusted and worth)' Comrades in its behalf, — himself but the
instrument to fashion and |)ut in shape."

Short addresses were also made by Past-Commanders Henry H.
FSingham, William J. Simpson and Alfred J. Sellers, and that evening-
closed one of the most interesting antl enjoyal^le meetings ever held
by the Post.

At the muster of November ist, Comrade Wallace P). Todd,
speaking of the laljors of Past-Commander Ward, and the address
delivered by him on the Twentieth Anniversary of the Post, moved that
the thanks of the Post be tendered to Past-Commander Jos. R. C.
Ward, which was ado]jted unanimously.

Having received information that a delegation of U. S. Grant Post,
No. 327, of Brooklyn, would come to pay this Post a fraternal visit on
Monday evening, October 25th, immediate steps were taken to accord
them a welcome commensurate with the many courtesies received from
them, and it was decided to have an anniversary bancjuet or supper at
the Union League. A Committee of Arrangements was appointed with
Comrade B. Frishmuth, Chairman, and Comrades Albert C.Johnston,
G. Harry Davis, James V. Mtirrison, James Thompson, Augustus T.
Clark, Jacob li. Hyneman, Austin D. Elwell and George H. S. L'hler.
Covers were laid for 250 in the large bancpieting-room of the I'nion
League House.

The guests were met at the Broad Street Station at 7.43 P. ^L
and escorted to the Post room, where the\' were welcomed Ijy Com-
mander Moore and received with due honors.

Comrade I. M. Foster, Past Chaplain-in-chief, in a stirring patriotic
speech presented Post No. i with a handsome bronx.e statue, " Pro
Patria," standing upon a fine; ebony pedestal, on behalf of Grant Post,
No. 327, which was received on behalf of our Post i)y Comrade G.

Harry Davis. Comrade Templeton, of Post 327, then presented us
with a silk ilag, the last one that decorated the casket of Comrade V.
S. Grant, and draped it on its journe)' from Mt. McGrey'or to the tomh
at Riverside Park. It was also received by Comrade Davis, and now
adorns the Post room, still bearing the same badge of mourning as it
did on the ilay of the funeral.

The Post was then closed in due form and the members of the
two Posts were introduced to each other, and enjoyed a social time
together until it was time to form the line to proceeel to the banquet.
Each Comrade and guest of the visiting Post was taken in charge by
a Comrade of Post No. i, and headed by the National Rand of
Frankford, marched up Chestnut Street to Broad, to Union League,
to Banquet Hall, where all were comfortably seated and soon at work
upon the delicacies as announced on the menu card.

After ample justice had been done lo tlie eatal)les, addresses were
made, first liy his Honor, Mayor Wm. B. Smith, who welcomed Grant
Post and their guests, as well as the other guests of Post No. i ;
responded to b)- Comrade J. P. Howatt, Commamler of U. S. Grant
Post, No. 327 ; then by Past-Commanders-in-chief Robert B. Beath
and Louis Wagner, Asst. Adj. Genl. Thos. J. Stewart, Past Department
Commanders of New York, Hedges and Squires, and Comratkts !>. P.
Corwin, Harry Knight, George F. Tait and T. L. Woodruff, of Grant
Post 327 ; Samuel Minnis, of Morgan Post ; W'illnir V. Brown, of Lafay-
ette Post; Colonel ImxhI. D. Grant, all of New York, and G. 1 tarry
Davis, Charles Lawrence, H. Clay Trumbull and -Samuel 1!. 1 hic\', of
Post 1, and judge William N. Ashman and Jerome Carty, P",s(]., asso-
ciate mendiers of Post i. Thus continuing the ieast until a late hour,


when a large number of the members of the Post returned to the Post
room with their visitors and entertained them until the time of the
departure of tlieir train, then escorted them to the depot, starting; them
for home at 3 o'clock in the morning.

General Order Xo. 5, dated November 20th, assembled the Com-
rades to attend the funeral of Comrade Francis H. Woodruff, on
Monday, November 2 2d. Forty-six Comrades, under Commander
Moore, reported, antl in carriages escorted the remains to Mount
X'ernon Cemeter)%

Francis H. 'Woodruff was bom in riiiLideljiliia, StaR- of renn^ylvaiiia. Entered the service as
Corporal in Co. E, 32d Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Militia, on the iSth day of June, 1S63, and
vva.s discharged August I, 1S63. He was mustered into George G. Meade Tost, No. I, Department of
Pennsylvania, November 23, 1SS5, and died November 16, 1SS6, aged 40 years, liuried at .Mount \'erno:i
Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pa.

Almost before the last sad rites were paid to Comrade Woodruff
the Post was called upon to mourn the loss of another Comrade who
died on November 24th, Comrade Frederick Cuyer, and General
Order No 6, again assembled the Comrades for the same sad duty for one
more of their number, on Friday morning, November 26th. Twenty-
four Comrades responded to the call and escorted the remains trom
his late residence to the Broad Street Station to be taken to New
York for interment, and Commander Moore, Senior Yice-Commander
Weidersheim, lunior \'ice-Commander Price, Chaplain Ritner, Bugler
Boettger, and Comrades Oakford and Whitaker accompanied the
remains to New York, thence to Cypress Cemetery, Brooklyn, where
they performed the (Irand Army services over his grave.


Frederick Guyer was Ih.ih in Swit/.t-rland. Kiilercd llie service as Second Licutciiant in Co. H,
83d Regiment, New York Volunteers, on the 27th day of May, lS6l ; held the office of Captain, and
discharged .September 21, 1S64. He was mustered into Ceori^e G. Meade Post, No. I, Department of
Tennsylvania, G. A. R., June 23, 1SS7, and died Novenilier 24, 1SS6, aged ^6 years. lim-ied at Cypress
Hill Cemetery, ISrooklyn, New York.

A circular, dated November 26th, announced that a Camp Fire
would be lit on Monday evening, November 2gth, and among the
distinguished visitors who would be present would be "Old Baldy
Post, No. I JS," who would pay an official visit to the Post that evening,
it being the Third Annual Cruise of the Flagship "Old Baldy" with
the full crew of "Horse Marines," and that the good ship would
anchor in the harbor of 1109 Chestnut Street at "two bells," on
Monday evening, November 29th, to greet the Comrades of George
G. Meade Post, No. i, having as guests the officers and crew of Naval
Post, No. 400, of this city.

Upon the arrival of these distinguished visitors we found that the
same elaborate uniforms and jewels that graced their manly lorms on
former occasions, and made their visits so conspicuous, were again worn,
but this time they were transformed into naval officers, as the officers
and crew of the Flacship Old Bai.dv H. M., as follows:

Admiral, George W. Devinnv.

Vice-Admiral, ALBERT C. Johnston.

Rear-Admiral, . - -. - \V. II. II. W,\llai:e.

Commodore, 1.. D. C. Tylek.

Captain-of-the-Quarter-Deck, . - - . George Baskins.

()flicer-of-tlie-Full-Deck, .... Philip D. Fowler.

Comniander-of-tliel''.uchri - neck. - - - Austin D. Elwell.

Surgeon, . CiiAS. \V. Horcun.N, M. D.

Paymaster, ... Louis P. Langer.

Gunnei'i Wallace B. Tonr).

Caipenter's Male. .... Josefh MacDonald.

Cabin Hoy, Walter S. Johnson.

Tost I ;^ Marine Guard, ... . DAVin H. Garrett.

SiandariJ Hearer, ... lAOir. H. Swuver.

The Post Room was soon transformed into a ship ; the paraphernalia
commonly used on board of ship were brought in and put into position,
the officers took their respective stations, with the man at the wheel ;
this gave a very fine representation of a deck of a vessel, a man-of-war,
and a very agreeable evening was spent ; addresses were made by
Hon. Charles F. Warwick, City Solicitor, members of Naval Post 400,
officers of the Flagship, and Comrades of Post i : vocal and instru-
mental music were furnished by orchestra and vocalists presided over
by Comrade Frank Glading.

The annual meeting for election of officers was held on Monday
evening, December 6th, and Comrade John A. Weidersheim was elected
Commander. 185 votes being cast; three ballots being necessary to
elect the junior Vice-Commander and four ballots to elect all the

The death of Comrade |ohn A. Logan, Past-Commander-in-Chief
of the Grand Army of the Republic, awoke in the hearts of the Com-
rades all over the land a feeling of sadness and grief and prompted
them to meet to give expression to the sentiments of sorrow that
filled their hearts, and admiration for his gallantry as a soldier, jiis
ability as a statesman, and his unswerving devotion to the soldiers of
thelhiion and die cause for which they fought and died ; and Post Xo. i,


In common with others, while in session on Monday evening, December
27th, desired to add their voice in his praise, and Comrade G. Harry
Davis presented the followint;- Memorial Resolutions of George G.
Meade Post, No. i, Department of Pennsylvania, G. A. R.. on the
death of Gexkral John A. Locax : —

Ullicrcns. Death wiUi surUlcii lirrnd has slricki.Ti Majoi-Gcneral John A. Logan, our ('omrade,
and tliricc lionoird (ninmander-in-Chief, the Post, voichig its one solemn sentiment,

Xicsolucs. I'liat tlie unexpected visitation which spreads a deep cloud of sadness over the entire
land and carries grief to every loyal heart, has deprived our circles of one whom we admired and loved as
a Chieftain in battle, for that bravery which never quailed before danger or odds, that endurance which
yielded to no obstacle^, that promptiluile and brilliancy in action which made his forces invincilile, that
manly heroism which ijispired and glorified every military achievement.

That, as in war he was the ideal soldier, asking from his ranks no sacrifice he was not willing to make
himself, tempering discipline with the solicitude of a father, sharing with all the honors of victorious fields,
so in peace he was preeminently the SOLDIER'S FRIEND, ever proud of their name, eloquent in their
cause and constant in his devotion to their welfare.

That, in his death our National Councils have lost a leader, than whom none wiser of head, more
resolute of heart or stronger of speech, in behalf of noble ])rinciples and rigliteous measures, or who so
successfully supplemented a shining military record with the virtues of a private cili/en and the honors of a
useful and illustrious statesman.

That our profound sympathy is extended to his wife and family, whose home is bereft of a beloved
husliand and Lather, and whose hearts bear a grief as deep as the torn roots of those ties which held all the
spirits of his household in beautiful and trustful rel.ations.

That an engrossed co|)y of these resolutions be sent to Mrs. Ceneral John A., and that this I'ost
Room be draped in mourning for the period of thirty days.

These were adopted by a unanimous rising vote, with an amend-
ment that th(^ Inineral Committee send a lloral design to Chicago, 111.

On Wednesday, December 29th, tht- usual "Children's Hour,"
or Christmas iesti\al, was gi\'en at the Post Room lor the amusc-nuMit
of the chiklren of the Comratles of the Post, and as usual the room
was overcrovvdcnl wilh children. ;\t the close ol the imtertainnuMit

each one was sent home with a happy heart and loaded <lown with fruit
anil candy.

I he tollowinn- are the Comrades who were mustered in durini^- the
year iS86: —

H^RRY L. Taggart, Dallas Crow, Charles H. Woodruff, Benjamin F. Weeks, Charles A. Mott,
Benjamin Brooke, J. Raymond Claghorn, Conrad Emery, Alexander W. Gilchrist, John w!
BouGHTON, William B. Warner, Ephraim Stevenson, Gilbert A. Hazlett, Benjamin Clark, Austin

D. Elwell, Henry F. Lemaestre, B. F. Baer. C. A. Barker, Thomas Meehan. Levi Cummings, F. T.
QuiNLAN, Frazier Moore. Charles N. Cadwaladeh, Joseph E. Morse, John DeLong, William H.
H. Wasson, Thomas L. Johnson, Christopher R. Blackall, Edward H. Wray, William H.' Armstrong.
Jehu T. Wilson, William F. Bacon, John McKinley, F. Albert Schaefer, Lynford Delaney, George

E. Alkins, George G. Evans, Samuel D. Hunter, William A. Miller, Maxwell Sommerville, M. A.
COWDEN, Oliver S. Glisson, Jr., E. C. Reed, B. Rush Mort, Albert T. Cross, J. Lehman Eisenbrey,
D. D. S., Charles T. Boettger

During the latter part of December, iS86, the Comrades of the
Post received the following- invitation : —

Ni'.w Vi:.-\K's Kfceitkin,

Jamarv I, 1SS7,

I T(l 5 (I'CLOCK, 1'. M.

The Compliments of the Oi-imcerp Ei.el't of


Department of renn.sylv.iiiia, ( '•. A. K.,

'I'o THEIR Comrades and Friend.s.


Upon accepting tliis invitation we founel a very happy New Year's
greeting awaiting us. Excellent music enlivened the scene, while

siiinptiioLis refreshments, served by the wives and hidy friends of the
officers elect, made all comfortable and home-like.

The thanks of all the Comrades who were fortunate enoiioh to
attend, are due and, we know, are most cheerfully tendered to the
officers elect, and especially to their <^ood wives, daughters, and friends,
who so kindly administered to our wants, and we certainly wish that
they may one and all live long to assist their husbands antl fathers in
many more such pleasant reunions.

On Monday, January 3d, Comrade N. Ferree Lightner, Past-
Commander of Post No. 2, duly installed the following as the officers
of the Post for the year 1887 : —


Senior Vice-Commander,

Junior Vice-Commander,


Quartermaster, -


Cliaplain, - - -

Officer-of-the-Day, -

Officer-of-the-Guard, -



Inside Sentinel,

Outside Sentinel,

John A. WiaiiEiisiiiiiM.
Isaiah I'khe.
W. Wayne Vogdes.
Ua\ II) P. Weaver.
John G. iohnston.
rEiEiiAH Fitch, M. D.
Rev. 1. Newton Ritner.
Louis P. Langer.
John Leary. Stokes.
Charles F.Crane.
John Scott.
John E. Mann.

Having completed his duties the installing officer turneil the Post
over to Commander Weidersheim, who, in a few well chosen remarks,
thanked the Comrades for reposing in him so much confidence and
esteem by electing him to the highest office in their gift. After welcoming
the ladies and gendemen present the new Commander turned the meet-



Entered the service as Private, Co. F, 119U1 Reg't Penna. Volunteers, August 8, 1862

Final iliscliarge as Private, Co. F, Il9lh Reg't Penna. Volunteers, December 20, 1864

Mustered into Geo. G. Meade Post No. I, April 24, 18S2, on Transfer Card from Post No.

Elected Junior Vice-Commander December i, 1S84

Elected Senior Vice-Commander December 7, 1885

Elected Commander December 6, 1 886

ing over to the Chairman of the Entertainment Committee, Comrade
Frank Glading, who called u|)on Chaplain Ritner for a few remarks, and
he in complimentary terms presented, on behalf of the Post, a handsome
gold Past-Commander's Badge to the retiring Commander, Lewis W.
Moore, who received it in an appropriate manner. Then followed the
usual line musical and literary entertainment, which Comratle Glading
provided and which well entertained the large audience.

Past-Commander Lightner, before retiring, madt; a short address,
paying a high comijliment to the Post and thanking the audience for
their marked attention.

On January 4th Commander Weidersheim issued General Order
No. I, announcing the officers elected and appointed, and the .Standing

From the annual report of the Adjutant we find that the gain in
membership during the year 1886 by Muster-in, Transfer and Rein-
statement was 55, which with the 418 in good standing at the beginning,
made a total of 473 ; while the loss by Death, Discharge, Transfer and
Suspension amounted to 30, leaving 443 Comrades in good standing
at the close of the year.

From the Quartermaster's Report we get the financial condition
for the same period as follows : —

Total receipts for the year, - -.... $$1^6 6i
Expendiluros, 4669 01

Balance, $516 do

Of the aliove amount llie .Memorial Committee coUccteil $1022.75, ''"' expended $1364.

The Reserve Fund was incre.^sed to $1616 00

With the .amount due of ..-. - (JXS 52

Makes a total in that fund of - ... - S2;,04 52


On Monday evening, January 31st, Comrade W. H. H. Davis,
by invitation of the Post, gave his interesting lecture, " The Halls of
the Montezumas," to a large audience who were greatly pleased and
highly entertained.

At the Department Encampment, held at Harrisburg, February
8th, Past-Commander Lewis W. Moore, of this Post, was elected dele-
gate to the National Encampment.

()n Thursday evening, February 17th, Commander W^iedersheim,
as the representative of Commander-in-Chief Lucius F^airchild, paid an
official visit to W. B. Hatch Post, No. 37, at Camden, N. J., and was
accompanied by 42 Comrades of the Post.

The Annual Benefit of the Post was given at the Chestnut .Street
Opera House on Frida)', February 25th, with Sol .Smith Russell in his
comedy of "Pa." The Committee labored hard, antl turned over to
the Post $133.50 as the financial result of their efforts.

On Monday evening, February 28th, Department Commander
.Samuel Harper, paid an official visit to the Post, accompanied by Past-
Department-Commanders Robert B. Beath, A. Wilson Norris, and John
Taylor, Assistant-Adjutant-General Thos. J. Stewart, Assistant-Ouar-
termaster-General Williams, Chaplain Sayers, and others ; at 9.30 a
Camp F^ire was started and Comrade Beath was calked to tlu; chair ;
addresses were made by Department-Commamler Harper, Comrades
Norris, Sayers, Taylor, and other visitors, and by Comrades Cj. Harry
Davis, Charles Lawrence, H. B. Geissinger, of our Post; after the;
speeches the Camp Fire was put out, and all hands repaired to the
third floor where a good and substantial lunch was served, and at a
late hour the Comrades sejiarated tor hoiuc

On March 7th Comrade George Raskins, Chairman of Committee

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