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on Recruits, presented a resolution having for its object the presenta-
tion of a gold Post badge to the Comratle bringing in the largest
number of recruits during the year ; this was won by Comrade J.
Fletcher Conrad and the Post also voted one to Post Chaplain Rev.
I. Newton Ritner for faithful and devoted services.

On March loth Comrade E. P. Holman died ; the family desiring
the fimeral to be private their wishes were respected, and the Post did
not attend but sent the usual floral offering.

Ebenezer P. Holman was born in Pliiladelpliia, Slate of Pennsylvania, cnlisietl as Priv.ate in Co.
E, 191I1 Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, on the iSlh day of April, lS6i, afterwards in United St.ates
Navy, and was discharged July 27th, 1S63. lie was mustere<l into George G. Meade Post, No. I, Depart-
ment of Pennsylvania, G. A. R., June 26, 18S2, and died March 10, 1887, aged 43 years. Kuried at

Mount Vernon Cemeter>', Phil.idelphia.

On Thursday, March 24th, another Comrade was mustereil out,
Comrade John C. Dobleman, one of the older members of the Post,
who took an active part in its upbuilding ; he was buried by the Post
with full military honors and Grand Army services at South Laurel
Hill Cemetery on Monday, March 28th. The Regimental Association
of the survivors of the 72d Regiment, in which he was a Captain, turned
out in large numbers, also a detail of 26 men from the 3d Regiment,
N. G. P., under Captain Ryan, who fired the usual volleys at the grave.
The Post turned out 76 Comrades under Commander W'iedersheim.

John C. Doblemau wa> l.o.n in rhilaclelphin, Slate of rciin-ylvaiiin. I-.nleriHl tin- -service as
Private, Co. B, 17th Regiment, rennsylvania Volunteers, on the iStli day of April, 1861, afterwnnls in
72(1 Regiment and lS6th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. Held the otfice of fapt.iin and was
discharged August l6lh, 1S65. lie was mustered into George G. Meade Post, No. I, ne|>ar!mcni
of Pennsylvania, G. A. R., April 10, 187S, and died March 24, 1887, aged 60 years. liuried at South
Laurel Hill Cemeterv-. Philadelphia, Pa.

At the Muster of April 4th the Council of Administration was
instructed to recruit and organize a Young Guard, to be composed of
the sons of members or deceased members of the Post, to be uniformed
and to serve as escort to the Post on parades and as firing party at
funerals of our Comrades, whenever called upon. This was successful
in bringing together about thirty young men who met at intervals and
were instructed in drill by Comrade Charles A. i\bel, a thoroughly
competent officer, but for want of proper accommodations and regular
nights for meeting, they lost interest, and finally the project was

Soon another Comrade was mustered out. Comrade Charles Haw-
kins, who died on April 19th.

Charles Hawkins was l«rn in Philadelphia, State of Pennsylvania. Entered the service as Private
in Co. H,90th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, on the igih day of December, 1862, afterwards in
I52d Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. Held the office of First Lieutenant, and was discharged
November 9. 1865. He was mustered into George G. Meade Post, No. I, Department of Pennsylvania,
G. A. R., May 23, 1881, and died April 19th, 1887, .aged 46 years, liuried at Fair Hill Cemetery, Phila-
dclphia, P.i.

lUlslLT "lit a;

.ce a. .Sois.,-n„t („. I, Sih Regi I'en.ia. Vol, r.-ivaliy. Aui;„,st I, iSoi.
imemal Conimi.ssaiy Se.geanl cSth Rci;-( I'rniia. Vul. Cavalry, April 20, iSb]
stercd into Geo. (;. .Meade IVsl No. i, |anuaiy 30, iSS;. ' " '

Klected Oflicer of the Guard, Decemher 3, 1X83.

Apjjoinled Quarterniaster-Sergeant, laiuuiiy 12, 1S1S5.

Klected Iji.arlermasler, June 29, 1SS5; re-elected, iJeconiber 7, I'sSs, Doceniher 6, 1880

I) 5, 1SS7, Decnilur 3, iSSS, Doceniher 2, iSSg.


The services on Memorial Day were entrusted to the follo\vin,<^
Committee, who, like their predecessors, did all that it was possible to
do, for the proper observance of the day so dear to all Grand Army
men, and now so generally observed throughout the land : —

Comrade James Thompson, Chairman ; D. F. Nichols, Secretary ;
Louis E. Pfeiffer, Treasurer ; and Comrades Geo. H. S. Uhlcr, Frank
Glading, Wm. H. Brown, Paul H. Barnes. Charles A. Abel, John W.
Boughton, Wm. E. Coster, Wm. R. Granger, Colin M. Beale, Albert
T. Cross, Henry C. Sinex, Edward N. Rue and John Blair. In the
circular sent out by the Committee are these words : —

"The time draws near when we .again do honor to tile memory of our departed Comrades; gathering
under the old flag, which we once put forth tlie supreme effort of our lives to maintain, we deck with
flowers the graves of those who liave passed on before to their rewar<l. Let us, Comrades, consider this the
ONE day of the year which we. as an Order, are bound to commemorate, and its service the one great
object of our organization; and e.ach of us, laying aside the pursuits and pleasures of ordinary life, make it
our chief business and gratitication to assemble and rnarcli, witli full ranks, to memorialize the deeds and
valor of those who have passed away, — to beautify their graves with flowers, keep their memories ever fresh
in our minds, and be an instructive lesson to the young generation growing up around us— and the niulii-
tudes coming to us from other nations — of all our united country h,as cost."

Many of our Comr.ades are unable, by reason of wounds, sickness or the infirmities of age, to march
with us; let the name of every such Comrade be forwarded to either the Chairman or Secretary of the
Memorial Committee, and carriages will be jirovided for them, so that nunc may be deprived of the jirivilege
of particip.iting in tlie ^ervices of the day.

In compliance with General Orders No. 2, the Post assembletl at
Headquarters, at 9.30 A. M. on .Sunday, May 29th, to attt^ntl Divine;
Service, and took cars to Eleventh and 0.\ford .Streets and marched
to the Oxford Presbyterian Church, Broad and Oxford Streets. The
Pastor, Rev. L. M. Colfelt, D. D., preached an elotjuent sermon from
the text: 'T have (ought a good fight." At the close of die service

the Post l)Ugl(jr, Comrade Charles IJoctyer, playetl in fine st)le on the
cornet, " Nearer my God, to Thee ;" 95 Comrades were present under
command of Commander Wiedersheim.

On Memorial Da) the Comrades assembled at the Post Room
at the usual hour; the line being- formed on Girard Street at 12.45 ^'■
M. in the following order : Detachment of Reserve Police under
Sergeant Malin ; Memorial Day Committee, Comrade James Thompson
commanding; Jenning's 6th Regiment N. J. N. G. Band ; Company •' 15 "
State Fencibles, Captain G. J. Lomasney, with 50 men in line; then
the Post, Commander John A. Wiedersheim, in sections of eight, each
section under a Comrade appointed by the Commander, making a total
of 169 Comrades in line, and soon after proceeded over the following-
route : Down Twelfth to Chestnut, to Eleventh, to Market, to P>road,
to Spring Garden, to Twenty-first, to Green, to Fairmount Park, where
the Choristers of St. Jude's P. E. Church joined and marched to Lincoln
Monument, where the usual services were held. Jerome Carty. Esc}.,
an associate member, making the address :

Upon the conclusion of these services the boat was taken to Laurel
Hill, and in Central Laurel Hill the following services were held :
Address, by Commander John A. Wiedersheim ; Pra>er, by Post Chap-
lain I. Newton Ritner ; Oration, by Comrade Joseph G. Rosengartcn ;
Benediction, by Chaplain Ritner. These services were interspersed
with sweet music by the choristers.

The Post then proceeded to the grave of General Meade, the
choristers singing the processional hymn accompanied by the band,
where the Grand Army services were performetl by Comrades Isaiah
1^-ice, W. W'nyne X^odges, George H. S. I'hler, and Chaplain I. Newton


Ritner, and tlie rcadiiij;- hy the author of a beautiful liynin, " llic 1 Icro's
Grave," composed and dedicated to the Post l^y J. A. Gardiner, l'',sq.;
l*()St l)Ugl(:r r>oetg;er giving- two solos on the cornel. The I'ost then
returned to the boat, thence to the entrance of i''airniount Park, and
marched to Headquarters and was dismissed.

The issue of a Circular by the Adjutant-General of the United
States Army to the Governors of the different States of the I'nion.
concerning a desire on the part of the President to return the Hags
captured during the war, to the State authorities, from whose troops
they were captured, awoke the righteous indignation of the Comrades
of Post No. I, as it did of all of our Comrades whose loyalty, heroic
bravery, and noble sacrifices in the days of the war, secured those Hags
to the Government. xA special muster of the Post therefore was
called for Friday evening, June 17th, for the purpose of giving expres-
sion to the indignation thus aroused. Thirty Comrades were present,
and Comrade J. Fletcher Conrad presented a series of resolutions,
embodying a copy of Adjutant-General Drum's Circular, to \xk : —

SiK :— The rresiJent of the Unitu.l States having approved llie recommendation that all the FhiRS in
the custody of the War Department, be leturned to the autlioiitics of the respective States in which the
regiments which bore them were organized, for such final disposition as they may determine, I am
instructed by the Honorable Secretary of War to make you (in the name of the War Department) a tender
of the Flags now in this office belonging to the late volunteer organizations of the -State of .

In dircharging this pleasant duty, I beg you will pkase advise me of your wishes in this matter. It
is the intention in returning each Flag, to give its history, as far as il is possible to do so, stating the circum-
stances of its cajiturc and recovery.

I have the honor to be, Very Resp«'.rfully Vnur Obedient Servant,

K, C. DkI'M, Adjutant Oencral.

Therefore, lUsoIocO. That the Post make a record of its disapproval of the President's action in
this matter, as unnecessary, unwarranted, and calculated to wound the priile of every Union soldier in the



31c$oluc6, TIkiI sncli ilispnsiiinn nflhe liopliie- nl llallle. wxtieA In prc-evve llie L'liioii i.f Stales
aTid perpetuate American liberty, is a slight on the mentory of those who <iie<l to wrest both tlic wcaiwns
and eral-ilems of the enemy.

KesalttcA, That llie I'.atllc Flags which typed hostility to llie Llninn and open warfare for its
destruction, and which were captured liy Union soldiers at the price of life and blood from rebel legions
in organized aiul heated fray, are not disposalile property, Ijut sacred mementos given in trust to the
Government, with patriotic design that it shall forever be their custodian, and tliat they shall ever remain
at the shrine of the Nation as souvenirs of loyalty wan ing against sedition, and sources of palriotic inspi-

llcSoItlc&, That to restore these types and evidences of overt Rebellion to those who could not
maintain them in the Held, at a thne when political generosity has agreed to overlook or forget the crime of
armed revolt, and through an agency largely, if not wholly, indebted to such generosity for its CNaltation, is
very like the covert desire to recogni/e the rightaofisness of such revolt, of a wish to pay a price for past or
expected favors, or of a subtle sentiment derogatory of a cause which alone made a Republic and President

Hcsolue&t That in principle there can be no proper leclplents of rebellious or Confederate flags
except in so far as the spirit of their first flaunting exists, and that, therefore, the proposed disposition of
them is but idle interference with s.acred property wholly beyond the control of any Clovernment functionan-
or Department.

'flcSOltlC&, That we have yet to leai'n of any retjuest or insistency by those, whom we met as
honorable but mistaken foes, who suffered deserved defeat, or who made many sui'render, for the return to
their keeping of these types and badges of a lost cause, and we remain firm in the conviction that every
sincerely acquiessing Confederate feels that his emblems of warfare are righteously In ihecustodyof a united
and peaceful Nation, for such time at as they shall serve " to i)oint a moral or adorn a tale."

Comrade Isaiah Price amended : —

BcsolucA. That notwithstanding the revocation of the Order by the President, the Post
deems it important to place on record its sentiment, as irrevocably opposed lo tire principle demonstrated
by the action of the authorities at Washington.

And they were unanimously adopted as amentlcil.

■On June 20th, tiie Committee appointed lo draft Resohitions

expressive of the sentiment of the Post to Commander-in-Chief l'"air-

child and others, who were outspol^en in their denunciation of this

action of the President, sul)mitted the followini,^ report, which was

unanimously adopted : —


Voiir rommittfc appointed lo draft resolutions of commendation and thanks, for the prompt action
of (;encral Lucius I-'aircjiild and others, concerning the offensive Order, approved l.y IVesident t"<l.
10 return to .States, once in rtl.elliun, the battle Hags captured from (lieir n-inu-nls by Union soldiers, liesj
leave to submit the following : —

ftesolacQ. Tliat our Commander-in-Chief, C.eneral Fairchild, rellecte<l the true sentiment of this
Post, and of the c;rand Army all over the United .States, when he entered <|uiclc, firm and eloquent protest
against an executive procedure calculated to exalt the cause which those captured Hags symbolized.

2nd. That the th.anUs of the Post, and of all Union soldiers are due to those Department Commanders
of the Grand Army of the Republic, and the (Governors of the sever.d States, who, in the name of their
loyal citizens, filed prompt remonstrances against the unwarranted action of the President, and thanks are
especially due to f'.overnor Koraker, of Ohio, and such others in authority, as immediately authorized legal
steps to he taken to prove to tlie President that he had no right to dispose of this class of property without the
consent of the owners.

3rd. This Post, for itself and on lichalf of all l^nion soldiers, fouml occasion for an expression of
gratitude on account of that spontaneous and general manifestation of outraged feeling throughout the
country, which, rightly interpreted, means no lack of courtesy and magnanimity towar<ls a defeated enemy,
but a firm and patriotic purpose 10 do naught which sh.all ever appear to exierniinate the crime of Rebellion,
or subordinate the real glory of a country's antagonist.

4th. That a copy of these resolutions be forwarded to our Command'T-in Chief, C.eneral Lucius
Fairchild; Samuel ILaqier, Comnmnder Department of Pennsylvania; Tuttle, Commander

Department of Iowa ; George Ady, Commander Depai tment of Colorado, Grand Army of the Republic ;
and to J. B. Foraker, Governor of Ohio ; William Larrabee, ( Jovernor of Iowa ; John M. Thayer, Governor
of Nel>raska; Jeremiah Rusk, Governor of Wisconsin, and General W. T. Clark, of Denver, Color.ado.

James F. Mokrison. J. F. Chnkm.. A. M. .Aei-ii:.

G. ll.\Ki;v D.wis. 1,1 WIS W. M(>i>ui.:.

On |iil\' 4th, in compliance with the followins.,^ Order, tiie Post
assembled to take part in the celebration ot the Nation's Holida)- : —

lIi..\i».ii'ARTF.Rs Gko. G. M|';.\ii|': I'msi, No. i.

Dia'ARTMENT Of Pl.NNSVl.X ANIA, (1. .\. R..
.Nil. iioi) CiiisiNt'T Strkkt.
Giiiiid/ i>i-(/,ri, Xo. f. Piin.MU I rin.\, June 13th, 1S.S7.

As survivors of the army and navy of the war for the Union who assisted in preserving the life of the
nation, and who love tlie land in wliiih we live, it is rigiit that this Post .should unite with our fellow
citizens in celebrating in a lietiliing manner tlu^ coming holiday, July .jlh.


The Comrades will .issenilile at these IleaJquarters at 9 o'clock in the forenoon, after which we will
review and apjilaud the military in its parade, join in the patriotic songs at Independence llall, and engage
in services of our own appropriate to the day.

The Commander will receive the Comrades at 12 o'clock.

L'-t us evidence on this occasion to those who may he Inimical to American institutions, that the
" 4tli of July is not a thing of the past, and assert the doctrine that while our country is a refuge for
the oppressed of all nations, it is a home only for those who are loyal to the Stars and Stripes, and who
show themselves worthy of the proud heritage of American freemen.

John A. Wikukkshkim, CoiiinittuJer.

Daviii r. Wkavkk, Adjiilanl.

The Post formed on Chestnut .Street, in tront ot Headquarters,
and gave a saUite to the First Brigade, National Guard of Pennsylvania,
as they passed, then formed in their rear and marched to Independence
Square and joined the services there ; after which re-formed and escorted
to the Post Room Ex-Governor Wise, of X'irginia ; Chas. F. Warwick,
City SoHcitor ; General John F. Hartranft, Colonel George Meade,
[ohn Wanamaker, Thomas Cochran, ami others : short addresses were
delivered by each, also by Commander Wiedersheim and Senior \'ice-
Commander Price of the Post, then all hands were handsomely lunched
b)- Commander Wiedersheim, on third floor of Post Headtpiarters :
103 Comrades paraded. Commander Wiedersheim commanding.

The committee appointed to arrange for a visitation of the Post to
the battlefield at Gettysburg, during the summer encampment of the
Department of Pennsylvania, of which Comrade James V. Morrison
was chairman, assisted by Comrades .-\. C. Johnston, B. I'Vishniuth,
A. D. Elwell, W. H. H. Wasson and Past-Commantler Lewis W. Moore,
issued a circular under date of June 13th, giving iht? necessary infor-
mation to those who desired to accompany the Post.

Sixteen Comrades of the Post responded and went into camp on

East Cemetery Hill, and had a very pleasant visit to that historical
and now world renowned battlefield, remaining- one week ; they were
taken over the whole field by Comrade Charles A. Hale, of the Post,
who is now one of the guides and lecturers upon that great battle.

In order that the Post might take part in the grand demonstration
that was to be given in Philadelphia during September 15th, 16th and
17th, in honor of the celebration of the Centennial of the adoption of
the Constitution of the United State, Commander VViedersheim issued
the following order: —

UF.AlinllARTKRS ( iKn. ( I. MkADE PoST, No. 1,

Dei'AutmivNT nr Pennsylvania, (;. A. R.,
No. nog Chestnut Street,
Gnieral Orders. A\\ 4. pHII.ADELrillA, Seplcmber 9th, 1887.

I. In compliance with General Orders No. 17. C. S., nea(l(iuarlcr>i Department of Pennsylvania. (;.
A. K., till- Post will p.irade on September rtitli, in honor (.f the Ontennial of the aflo]ition of the Constitu-
tion of the I'nilcd Slates.

II. The fomrailes will a.ssemhie in full (hand .\riny uniform al 11.45 '\- M-. on Twelfth Street,
riijht resting on Walnut, facins; east, and move at 12 M. sharp.

III. The ])ositii.n of the I'oa prior t.i joining the cohuun will he on liainbridge Street, cast of I'.road,
at 12.30 P. M.

IV. Comrade A. C. Johnston is h.ereliy detailed to take charge of the colors. He will organize a
Guard, and he obeyed and respected accordingly.

V. In passing the reviewing staml. iiroad and Walnut Streets, the colors will he dijiped. Comrades
will not salute.

Comrades ! we, as soldiers and citizens, should honor the occasion without reservation. We have

reason to rejoice that we helped to save the L'nion for wdiich the Constitution was framed.

Let u> parade with full ranI^^, and maintain the high standard anil reputation of our Post.

J!y order of

JiiiiN A. Wri-iii.KsiiiaM. Comiiiiini/cr.
David P. Weavkr, Ailjtitaiit.

In comiiliance with the above Onler llu' Comrades assemliled at
Headquarters about i 2 o'clock, and soon after the line was lormed on

Twelfth Street, right resting on Walnut, and about i o'clock proceeded
to Bainbridge Street east of Broad, the place assigned for formation ;
and after the military had passed, wheeled into lin(; on Broad Street
and continued the march up Broad to Chestnut, to Fifth, to Market,
to Broad, to Columbia Avenue, countermarching to Arch Street where
the line was dismissed. On the east side of Broad Street, al)ove
Walnut, the column was reviewed by the President of the United States,
Grover Cleveland, members of his Cabinet, and other distinguished
visitors, and at Broad and Columbia Avenue by General P. H. Sheridan
and Staff; i lo Comrades paraded under the command of Commander
John A. Wiedersheim.

The day selected for the unveiling of the Meade Statue in Pair-
mount Park, October i8th, iSiSy, being also the 21st anniversary of
the organization of the Post, a committee was appointed, with Past-
Commander Lewis W. Moore as chairman, to arrange- for the pr(i|)er
celebration of the day, and to co-operate with the Meade Memorial
Committee ; Comrade B. Frishmuth was elected Treasurer, and A. C.
Johnston, Secretary. The Committee issued a circular, tlated .September
22nd, which contained the following: —

"The iSlli ilayol Octnlicr, i.SS?, being tlie tweiity-lirst ntiiiivers.ary of [lie oig.ini/atioii uf oui I'lisi,
.ind niso ihe day selecled for the unveiling of Ihc Mkade SrATi'K, and lo ]«■ colelirated in rhiladelpliia as
('.RANT. .\RMV Day. your rnniniittee desire that our Post should make a very credilal.lo display on thai
day. and earnestly rr,|uest that you so arrange your Inisiness that you will participate on that occasion.
We propose having an anniversary l.aii.|uet at St. (leorge's Hall.

"As your committee liave invited a number of prominent comrades and cili/cns as our guests, it is our
intention to make this occasion, wiih your assistance, a red Idler day in the history of Tost One, and as we
desire to enioy ihis banquet with hdl ranks, your committee have made such nrrangements as they believe
will lie s.atisracIory I., all."

On October i ith, Commander Wiedersheim issued (General Ortler
No. 5, giving instructions for the parade, as follows : —

" I. In compliance with General Order, No. 21, IIea(li|uarters Department of Pennsylvania, G. A. R.,
the Post will assemble for parade on Tuesday, October iSth, 1SS7, for the pnrpose of participalinj; in the
eeremoniesof the unveilinsofthe Equestrian St.atne of GENERAL GEORtlE G. MEADE in Eairmount

" II. The Post line will be fonneil pnimptly at I I'. M. on the north side of Spring Garden Street. ri<;ht
resting on Broad Street, facing south. Full G. A. R. uniform \\ ill be worn.

" III. Comrade James Thompson i> hereby detached in charge of the colors, and will be obeye.l an<l
respected .accordingly.

" Comrades, let us be faithful w the memory of the noble Soldier and Hero, whose revered name we
bear, and honor the occa^il>n with full ranks."

In compliance with the above order, the Post assembled at I lead-
quarters at noon and proceeded to .Spring Garilen Street, to point ot
formation. The line was formed as follows : —

MAkSllAl.-Col. James C. l!i<ldle.

Chief of slafi; Cen. 1). F. l-'isher, thirty Aids.

Standard ISearers Supporting Three Historic Flags : —

llead'iuarters .Army of Potomac, Headquaner.s F'lfth Coriis,

Headquarters Pennsylvania Reserves.

(ieneral E. Burd Grubb, commanding.


Marshal, Major Joseph R. T. Creates.

Survivors of the l'ennsylv.ini.i Reserves, Alexis Band, survivors One Hiinclre.l .nnd I-ourteenlh

Regiment. Pennsylvani.! Volunteers.


M.irshal. Samuel llarjier, Comm.ander I)ci)artment Pemisylvania G. A. R.

four .Assistant Marshals, fourleen Aids

Jenning's Si.xih Regiment Band.


[ohn A. Wiedersheim, commanding.

Posts 2 and 5, with U. S. Grant Post 327 of Brooklyn as guests. Post 6, Post II. Post iS, Post 150, Post

l.,I. Post 21. Post H. Post ,16, Post o.t. Post 71, Po,t 21, I>o,l 10,;, I'osl 7, Po.t 10. Po.t 51, Po,t 60,


Pusl 55, Post 63, Post So, Post 114, I'ost 2 of Wilmington, Del, Post 7.; of Plainville, N. J.. Post 1 15,
PosI 19, Post 22S, Post 275, Post 312, Post 82 and Post 16.


lirii^adier-deneial George R. Snowden, commanding.

Second Regiment, Colonel Robeit P. Declu-rt.

Third Regiment, Colonel S. lionnaffon, Jr.

First Regiment, Colonel W. P. Bowman.

liaitalion State Feiicililes, Major W. Wes. Chew, commanding.

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