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Gray Invincihles, Captain Charles A. Ilailstuck.

P.attery A, Captain Maurice C. Staffonl.


Governor James A. Heaver and sialT.

Major-Gencral John F. llartranfi and staff.

Hon. Edwin II. Filler, .M^iyor of Philadelphia.

Oflicers of the Army. Navy, Marine Corps, and National Cuiard, active and retired.

Meinl'ers<if Congress and Legislature of Pennsylvania.


Ch.nel Jos. K. C. Ward, commanding.

Girard College Cadets.

Soldiers' Orphans' Cadets.

Major Henry F. Spicer, commanding.

(Jraduates of Lincoln Institute.

Son^ of Veierans.

Promptly at 1.30 V. M. the column started ami niDvecl out .Spring-
Garden to 25th. to East I'ark entrance at Green .Street, thence throiij^h
the Park to Grand Avenue, thence to around in front of Memorial
fiall. where the statue had been erected. The services, as arranuxul

airmount I ark

.\rt .\ssociation, were as lollows

ills lIoN.iK Fl>\VIN H. Firi.KK.
\lavor of ihe City of Phila.Udphia, pre-iding.

Music, . . ■ •
Invocation .vnii Pk..\ykk,
CiioRis— " Ameiica,"
Oi'i;ninc. Rf.m.\kks.

First Regimcnl Hand.

Cortlandl WliiKdiead. 1 ). D., liiAop of Pitlsl.urgli.

Lodliy Col. O. C. l!o«l)ysliell.

Hon. Edwin II. Filler


To the Commissioners of Fairmount Parl< by

Hon. Benjamin Harris ISrewslcr,

of the Kairmoiint Park An Association, anilthe Unveiling of the Statue by

Master George Gortlon Meade, and Master George Gordon Meade Large,

Grandsons of General Meade.

Ml-sic, Eirsi Regiment liand.


l!y Hon. George H. Boker,

President ol the Commissioners of Fairmount Park.

Music, ............ First Regiment Band.

Or.\['1<in", ....... Major General John Gil)l>on, U. S. Army.

noxoLOi^iY, ....... *' Praise God from whom all blessings flow."

After which tlie Post marched to the station of the reiinsyKania
Railroad, at the Zoological Garden, and took the train lor IJroad .Street
Station and marched to Headquarters, and were dismissed to assemble
at St. George's Hall, 13th and Arch .Streets, for l>anquet ; 120 Com-
rades, under Commander W iedersheim, paraded.

Ihe arrangements for the bancjuet were on a more extensive scale
than any the Post had yet given. The unveiling of the Meade Statue
and Grand Army Day being arranged for the same date, brought to the
city a much larger number of distinguished guests, and the committee
of the Post availed themselves of the opportunity to secure the attend-
ance at our banquet of many of these guests. Among them were
Rutherford B.Hayes, ex-President of the I'nited States: .Anilrew
G. Curtin, ex-Governor, and James .\. lieaver, (Governor of Penn-
sylvania : |ohn P. Rea, Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army
of the Republic, and Past-Commanders-in-Chief Louis Wagner,
|ohn V. Hartranft. Rol)ert B. P)eath, Lucius I'airchiki ; Ouarter-
Master-Gencral [ohn Taylor; Department Commander Samuel I larper;


I'ast Department Commanders A. L. Pearson, (ieoro;e L. IJrown,
Samuel I. (iivin, James W. Latta, Chill W. Hazard. lohn M. \'an-
derslice ; Assistant-Adjutant-Cjeneral Thomas [. Stewart; Assistant
Ouarter-Master-General Harry G. Williams; Generals Henry J. Hunt,
John Gibbon ; Colonels Geo. Meade. John P. Nicholson. Geo. H. North;
Major W'm. H. Lambert; judges D. Newlin Fell. Robert N. Wilson.

F. Amede Bregy, Joseph C. Furguson, and William N. Ashman ;
President of Select Council [ames R. Gates; also a delegation or(ieo.

G. Meade Post. No. 38, Department of New \'ork, including Com-
mander Wm. H White, and I'ast-Commanders A. Franklin Lawson ami
John J. I\rConnell. Altogether making an assembly from military and
civil life that could not well be surpassed.

Letters of regret were received from Generals P. H. .Sheridan,

James i\L Schofield, Charles Devens, Joseph D. Hawley. (ietty ;

Governor |. !!. I'oraker. of Ohio ; Colonel ^L \. .Sheridan; .Secretary
of War Endicott, Mr. George W. Childs. Mr. Wm. M. Singerh-. and

A beautiful neat menu carcl was prepared as follows —

Twcnty-l'irst Anniversary



Hepiirtment of Penn.syiv;inia, ( ;. A. R.,
ST. GEORGE'S llAl.l.,

I'lllIADEI.i'llIA, Oclober iS, 1SS7


Devilled Crab

1 Spring.


Raw ()yst<r>.
Freiuh IVa,.

Chicken Cro(|iieUes.
Potato Croiiueltes.



1.1. Lo\

..tor Sal


Fried Oysters.


I'otLito Salail.
Ice Cream.


.Xssurieil Fruil.

Slewed I'oniatoes
Water Ices.

Addresses were made in response to toasts in the following- order :
John 1'. Rea, Commander-in-Chief Grand Army of the Republic; John
A. Wiedersheim, Commander Geortje G. Meade Post, No. i ; Samuel
Harper, Commander Department of Pennsylvania ; Lucius I-'airchikl,
Past-Commander-in-Chief: Rutherford B. Hayes, ex-President of I 'nited
States : Andrew C. Curtin, ex-Governor of Pennsvlvania ; [ames A.
P>ea\er, Governor of Penns\lvania ; llenrv H. Pini^ham, l*ast Com-
mander of Post ] ; Charles Lawrence, of Post i, I'. S. N'. ; Comrade
G. Harry Davis read the tollowinq; brief history of the Comrades of
Post No. I, Department ot I'ennsylvania, showinj^' the number of
rt^gimental org^anizations and independent battalions and i'om])anies
represented b\- their enlistment and service, arranged by .States, each
organization represented 1>\' one or mon- Comrades, \iz : —

r<-liii^\lv:inia. - . - - . - - - ^ i;l

New Voik, 27

New Jersey, 1 7

Ohio, '- 15

Ma,ssachuselts, .-.....-■ - 10

Delaware, .-..-.... - 7

Connecticut, ........... 5

Wisconsin, ... ....... 4

Illinois, ..-..-..-. 3

Iowa, - -..... - - ^

New Hampshire, ..._..-. - ^^

Maryland, .i

Missouri, ......... - •• ;

Indiana, - • - 2

\'irginia, ._..-. - - -• i, ... - ■■ - ■ - I

Michigan, -.-.-•• - -■- 1

Maine, ■ ■ - - '

Kentucky, .... - -•-■- 1

U. S. Army, M'

U. S. Navy, - -7

v. S. Veteran Reserve Ciurps, 'o

f. S. Cavalry Troop Ol'licers, .... - -■ 10

DislricI of Columl.ia Volunleers, I

Total, ... j6.j

Total States re]>resented, with Dislrict of Columliia. 30.


IsiUered I he :

ieivice as I'rivate, Co. ('., 40tl! Ke£;'t I'.N'.M., July 2, lS6j

I'innl discharge as Privaie, Co, c;, 40th Reg't I'.V.M., August 16. 1S63

.Mustered into Geo, G, Meade Post No, I, Seplemhtr 30, iSSo

Klecled Cliaplain December 3" 1S83

Elected Junior Vice-Commander Deceinl)er 5, 1S87

Elected Senior Vice Commander Decemlier 3, iSSS

Elected Commander iJecember 2, 1889

.XjilJoiiUeil Judi,'e Advocate, Department of Pennsylvania, Kohruary 12, I'

Every arm ol ihc service and e\ery clepartinenl is represented,
and every caiiii)aiun and battle of the late war is repr^'sented by one
or more Comrades having- partici]jatetl therein.

Commissions held by Comrades of I'osl i, are as follows, viz : —

(n'liorals (U. S. (haiit), - -...._ i

Genemls hy l)irvi.-t ami dllicrwisc, i,

CoiiiTiL-ls anil l.ii'im'iiant CdliMH-ls, 58

Majors, '2^

Captains, - 131

Lieutenants and Adjutants, -....._ i^^

Chaplains and Snri^enns, ....... 27

Total coniniisMon^ lulil, . - ■ ^64

The Associate roll numbers some Si names, amonq- which we
note one (jovernor of I'ennsylvania ( I'.itlison ), three e.\-!\Iayors of
Philadelphia (William .S. .Stokley, James (i. Kino- and William !>. Smith),
and many leading;- merchants and citizens, inchidini^- such names as
|ohn W'anamaker. I'^rank .Siddall. Ira \'.. Walravcn, !•'. Perc\- .Smith,
judge .Ashman, |. B. .At^niew, |ames ISellak, |erome Cart\, Robert -S.
Davis, William H. Littleton, [ohn .Struthers. Walter (i. Wilson.

On the combined rolls tht: ci\il ser\ice is represented from the
President of the I'nited Stales down to the huiidilest citizen. The names
of two Governors of Penns)l\ania appear upon the rolls. Cieary and
Pattison. (joxcrnor and (ieneral Joshu.i L. Chamberlain, of ^bline,
is also an honorary member !)}' vote ol the Post. Muster roll stands,
686 ; associate roll, S i .

Never has I'ost i entertained so main' of its Iriends and j^aiests,
and had so main' of its members present, as at this anniversary ban-
tpiet. Nor has one been so well served and those wlio attended so
well pleased.

On Tues(la\', Octolx'r iith, twent\ - two Comrades, under Com-

mandcr Wicdcrsheim, attended tlie funeral of Comrade Harry K.
Reihle in citizens' dress, as the taniily rt^ciuestetl tiiat there Ix- no
display and gave notice that the interment woukl l)e private, but those
present accompanied the remains to I,aiirel Hill Cemetery.

Harry K. Reihle was born in I'hiladtlphi.i, Slalcof I'cnnsylv.nnia. Enicred the service as Sergeant
in Comp;\ny F, 1st Regiment, Pennsylvania Artillery, on the 25tli day of April, lS6i, afterwards in 72nil
Regiment, Tennsylvania Volunteers, lield the office of Captain, and was discharged December 24, 1862.
He was mustered into George G. Meade Post, No. I, October 15, iSg-;. and died October 10, 1887, aged
5 5 years, and was burie.l ni Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelpliia, I'a.

On Saturday morning, October 29, 1S87, a delegation of the Post
went to West Chester, Pa., to participate in the parade and ceremonies
incidental to the unveiling of the monument of the 97th Regiment,
Pennsylvania Volunteers; 20 Comrades were present under Junior
Vice-Commander Vogdes, as .Senior Vice-Commander Isaiah Price was
Chief Marshal, with Commander Wiedersheim ami Comratle P>cnjamin
Brooke as Aids. Comrade- Price served in the 97th Regiment and
came home as its Commander.

On October2ist, Comrade Henrj- 11. I'>ingham presented the Post
with a beautifid engraving of the third day's fight at Gettysburg, a
proof print ; also a bust of our late Comrade C. S. Grant, upon a block
of marble, that was used in the Convention of 1S72 that nominated
Comrade Grant for Presitlent of the United States.

Past-Commander Wray presented for Comrade Edwin N. Benson
a beautiful large wood-carved "Steinbok," purchased, liy him while in
Switzerhind and shipped direct to the Post.

On Novemlier 22d the Comrades assembled at i'ost Hcadciuartcrs
and proceeded in carriages to his residence, f. attentl the funeral of


our Comrade liugene C. Koerner, who died on November 19th, and
after the services escorted the remains to Laurel Hill Cemetery ; 24
Comrades were present under Commander W'iedersheim.

Eugene C. Koerner was lioni in flprmany. F.ntert'd the service as privali; in Company I!. 71I1
Rej;iiiunt, Pennsylvania VolmUeers, on the 17th day of April, lS6l, afterwards in 6lsl Rcgimenl, IVnn
sylvania Volunteers; held the office of Kirst Lieutenant, and was discharged June 17, 1S64. lie was
mustered into George G. Meade Post, No. I, Department of Pennsylvania, G. A. R., June 30, iSS.;. and
died Novemlter g, 1SS7, aged 55 years. Buried at South Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pa.

General Order, No. 7. dateil Novemlier 29th, announcetl that the
annual election of officers would lake place on Monday evenintj,
December 5th, at which time Comrade Isaiah i'rice was elected Com-
mander ; 239 votes beinj^r cast. The same order also announced that
the annual Children's Festival would be i^iven on Wednesday afternoon,
December 2Sth, at 3 o'clock, and as usual, the Post Room was crowded
to overflowing by the many children of our Comrades, who were
entertained with a series of entertainments, and closed with an hour's
dancing, after which they were feasted as usual, and sent home with
happy hearts and merry faces.

On December 14th Comrade Thomas Kiiby Smith died ant! was
buried privately, tiierefore the Post ccnild take no part.

Thomas KUby Smith was horn in Boston, State of Mass.acliusetis. Entered the service as Colonel
of S4th Regiment, Ohio Volunteers, on the 13th day of Octoher, 1861. Held the office of Brig.adier Ceneral
anil Brevet-M-ajor-General United Slates Volunteers, .ind was discharged January 15, 1866. He was
mustered in George G. Meade Post, No. I, Department of Pennsylvania. G. A. R., June l.\. iSSo, an.l
died Decemlier 14. 18S7, aged 67 years. Buried at Tonesdale. I'a.

On Dcccmhcr 19th Comradf Hilwin N. I'x'iison otiorcd the Inllnw-
in^^ resolution, which was adopted : —

ilcsoloei. ri>;U :i siiccinl commitlce of live lie a|)|ioinlc(!, nnd nnnpiinccd hy tin- ('(iminamler
elect, .hity ^llall lie, in coniu-cli.m willi llie Council of Alhnini^ll;Hioll. to lake into consi(lci-atli>n llic
niatlcr of more ,a(lci|uale and |iermanent .|u:iitcrs. ami lo make rc|ioii lo tlie I'ost on llie prnprieiy of llie
ino^i available action a^ to llie matter of lea^e or inncha'-e ; all iinal decision'- to <levolve u]ioii lln- Post,

The Post unanimously recommended ihcir Past-Commander,
Comrade John A. W'ietlersheim, for the position of neiJartmenl Com-
mander, and their delegates to the l)e])artment luicam]imenl, held at
AUentown, Pa., iSSS. did all in their power to secure his el(;ction.
George G. Meade Post, No. i, being the oldc-st, and one of the largest
Posts in the State, numbering over 500 members, have never yet i)een
honored with a Department Commander, and telt that they were
entitled to some recognition at the hands of the Department, and
therefore presented the claims of Past Commander W'iedersheim
because of his successful administration as our Post Commander, his
executive ability, his interest in the work of the- Grand Army of the
Reiiublic, his record as a soldier in the One Hundred and Nineteenth
Pennsylvania Volunteers, Third Brigade, l-'irst Division, .Si.xth Army
Cor])s ; his legal professional standing, and his character as a well-
known and esteemed citizen ; all these cjualifications prove him to be
one who would well and faithfully discharge the high and resi)onsii)le
duties of Department Commander with credit to the whole Depart-
ment : but the efforts of the Post, their delegates, and many friends in
the encampment were unsuccessful in securing his election, init the
Post and Past-Commander Wiedersheim weri; both highly complimented
by the large vote he received.


I he tollowiny- were mustered during 1S87 : —

Thom/is VoiGHT, St. Clair a. Mulholland, James B. Geissinger. J D. Campbell, John J.

RiDGWAY, Harry E. Garsed. Ellwood N. Williams, Rev. D. H. Geissinger. Joseph Anderson. Robert
M.Green, Charles Lawrence, William L. Boon, R. Wilkie Martin, M. D , William P. Thomas.
James F. Cassidy (re-elected', Walter P. Byers, George P. Dunmire. M. D-, James Wm. Haig,
Henry K. Thompson. Wm. T. Robinson. M. D.. H A. Brainard, Lewis Ryan, Rev. Edward T.

Bartlett. Albert Evans Hand, Horace P.Mitchell, John W. Keeler, Ecmuno T. Tier, William
H. Rich, Charles L. Sherman, James W Clark, William S. Stokley, Leonard O, Smith, Edward
Miller. Henry C. Singley, George W. Fairman, Frank W Wood, John R. Morris, Wm L. Dewart.
WiLLOUGHBY H. Wood, Thomas Callahan, Lewis M. Kersey. Samuel C. Scott. Bentley C- Mercer,
Abraham R. Royer, Charles Shannon, William B. Warne, William A- Lynn, A B, Schwenk,

William H. Ramsey, Lynford Lardner, Isaac A, Cleaver, James C, Biddle, Geo. W. Biles, Charles
T. Grubb, Gilbert L. Lentz. Henry C- Harper, Thomas Hockley, John A. M. Passmore, Madison
LovETT. A. Louden Snowden. Total 6o

P.iKcred .iccordina ... Act of Conxre^-.. in tKe y<Ti> i«*. 1.1
ins. R. C.WAKl).
M< iho Office of the of C..nct<-« .11 Waihini;!..... I). C,

^ist of Subscribers.

Geo. G. Meade Post, i (Presented)

Alexander Reed

Col. Alfred J. Sellers

Lieut. John A. Weidershcim

Lieut. John A. Weidersheim

Maj. William J. Simpson

Maj. William J. Simpson

Geo. W. Devinny

Geo. W. Devinn)-

Col. James R. Mullikin

Col. James R. Mullikin

James Thompson

Col. Clayton McMichael

Gen'l Henry H. Bingham

Gen'l Henry H. Bingham

Judge William N. Ashman

Ellis Stokes

Col. Wendell P. Bowman

William H. H. Wallace

Geo. G. Cardwell, D.D.S.

Robert Wilkes Martin, I\LD.

Capt. John Taylor

William W. Swei.sfort

RLij. William II. Lambert

J. Lehman PLisenhrey, D.D.S.

26 Col. Bcnj. W. Richards

27 Thomas Thompson

28 G. Harry Da\is

29 Col. James C. Biddlc

30 Maj. Samuel N. Lewis

31 Gen'l Robert B. Beath

32 Maj. Joseph G. Rosengarten

33 Rev. H. Clay Trumbull, D.D.

34 Morance W. Grugan

35 ['"rancis M. James

36 Paul H. Barnes

37 Alexander Reed

38 Alexander Reed

39 Gen'l Louis Wagner (Presented)

40 Rev, I. Newton Ritner

41 John G. Johnston

42 Henry A. Borell

43 Harry L. Taggart

44 ^L^j. George P. Eldredge

45 Capt. L. D. C. Tyler

46 Arthur B. Cook

47 J. Fletcher Conrad

48 Leonard O. Smith

49 A. Franklin Lawson

50 James Collins, M.D.

^ist o! Subscribers, tfouiiuuco.

51 Frederick V. Holt

52 lacoh Iv Hyneman

53 ( )li\cr V. Rex, M. 1).

54 Cdl. Clias. C. Kni-ht.

55 Samuel \V. Arbiukle

56 Maj. Kdward E. Chase

57 Capt. W'm. \V. Wallace

58 Prof. Daniel \V. Howard

59 Henry M. CaKert

60 GeorLje Stevenson

61 Capt. John .M. Hutler

62 VV. Wallace GooiKvin

63 Horace M. MaR|uet

64 Col. H. Earnest Goodman

65 Charles Lawrence

66 Austin D. Elwell

67 Linford Delany

68 Philip J. Hoffliger

69 Historical Societ\- of Peima.

70 Mercantile Library Co. of Phil.

71 Charles E. Cadwalader. M. D.

72 Pelatiah F'itch, M. I).

73 Louis P. Langer

74 Philadelphia Librarv Co.

75 Henry M. Decherl

76 Leon. y\. Canter

jy U. S. Librarian, Wash., 1). C.

yi^ U. S. Librarian, Wash., 1). C.

79 Col. (). C. Hosbyshell

So G. J. K. Miller, D.l). S.

81 Genl. W. W. H. Davis

82 Genl. Hcnjamin Harrison

President of the I'nileil Slates

83 Chas. C. Lister

S4 Maj. \Vm. H. Ilodgkins

85 Robert H. Wallace

86 Lafayette Post No 140, DejH. of

New York

87 Col. John Hamilton, U.S.A.









II I null II

012 1935855 (

f?rr. 7?*»!i


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