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to correspond with the tleneral, with a view to his becoming a comrade
of this Post. He had an api^lication for membershi[) in Geo. G. Meade
Post. Xo. I, with a complete military histor\- of General Grant, ready
for his signature, but Ijefore sending it he preferred to present it to the
Post, that they might take some official cognizance of it.

This was well recei\ed, ani.1 all the officers and members present

siij^netl the apijlication recominending Comrade ( Irant for niemhersliip,

as tcjlloWS : Ci;,,. W. Dkvinny, /W Commander.

K. W . 1'. Al.i.KN, Stiiior Vice-Commander.
I.. 1). f. Xw.Y.V., Junior ViceCommandiv.
Jus. U. C. Ward, Quarlermastcr.
Sam'i. WoRTHlNCTON, Adjutant.
W. A. IlAGY, Offuer-of-thc Day.
John E. Davis, Officer-of-theGuard.
('. V. Atkinson.

W. I!. Si'OONER.

\V.\i. 11. K. Warii, Sergeant-Miijor.
Sam'i. .S. \Vih.\iF.K, QuarleriiKislcr .Seri^mnt.
C. M. Bkai E.

and the committee to whom the apphcation was referred, ami who sub-
sequently reported favorably on May gth, were : —

Jos. K. C. Ward,
Wm. II. II. Wai.i..\ck.
I . li. ( . Tvi.KR.

Comrade Worthinoton then forwarded the same with the following-
letter: —

llKAD-(Jr.\Rii:Rs (;ko. (.;. Mkadk Post Xo. 1, Ck.xnd .\kmv of NIK RK.rnii.ii-,

DKi'ARTMEN-r oi- 1'knnsvi.\-.\ma, I'll 1 1 .uin.i-HiA, .\pril II, 1877.
i'/ysses .9. Grant.

Dear .Sir: — The comrades of the Craiul .\niiy of the Re]nililic would be glad to know that you had
been enrolled as one of the ( )rder and think of you as one of tliemselves during your absence from (he

The Post which I represent, the oldest in Pennsylvania, and named after your most tnisted lieutenant,
would feel honored to have you among its niemliers. I therefore take the liberty of handing you the accom-
panying application for your signature, trusting you may receive it favoral)ly.

Should this proposition meet your views, your iiiilialion could be effected .at anytime and you might
sj-tecifv. and with the strictest secrecy.

Vour obedient ser\-.ant, S.\Mi-|l. WnRTiiiNcroN, Adjutant,

4IQ Sorlh I'i/lh St.

At the .same time Past Commander los. R. C. W'artl enlisted the
services of Past Commander Clayton M'Michael, and uroed him to call
upon General Grant to get his consent to become a member of this Post.

^yp^^^ /-i^-^^-^y y4<Z-« - <^

Co.nrad. McMJchael did so, and, after satisf^in^ tlic ( icn.ral of the mem-
bership of the Post and its standing in the Department, succeeded in
persuadmg him to give his consent to join, and shortly afterward Adju-
tant Worthington received the following reiil)- : —

Sami-ei. Worthington, Es,.., Post AJjuiant. Washin,;t<.n. I). C, April 25. 1.S77.

D,ar Sir .■ -Vour letter of the nth of April, recommending me for nK-ml.ership of the G A R re.che.I
me some place on my recent travels, but I have postponed answering until now. I will keep the recontmen-
dafon until I reach Philadelphia, which will be about the 8th of May. i V„„, ,he tinu- of my arrival in your
city unt.l the sailing of the ve.s.sel in which my is secured, the .7th of .Mav. I will be with friends
there, and will be glad to see you. or any representative of the organisation, in person, relative ,0 the matter.

[See aulograph copy on „e« pa.e ] ''"^ '''''' '"""• ^' ^- ^ - •■

On receipt of this letter. Adjutant Worthington visite<l Washingt.Mi
and had a satisfactor)- interview with General Grant, and made a. ^ ar-
rangement whereby he was to be mustered into the Post on May 9th.
Owing to press of business the General was unable to reach Philadelphia
until May nth. and was then ima'ile to attend to G. A. R. business, but
upon consultation with Adjutant Worthington and Commander Devinny

and Past Commander McMichael he consented to be privately mustered

into the Post, and the necessary arrangements were at once completed.

On May i6th the following dispensation was granted by the Department

Commander ; —

Gkorc.k W. Dkvinnv, CommaiKfer C-o. G. Meade Post, No. 1,
Dtft. of Pcnna., Graml At my of Ihc K,p„l>lic.

ComraiU- .- — In comiiliance with the rules and regulations, and the high power in me vested a.s nejiart-
ment Comm.-.nder of IVnnsyhaiua, I do hereby grant you a special disi)ensation to muster into Geo. G. Mcado
Post, No. I. Dept. of I'enna.. General Ulysses S. Grant, late President of the United Sl.ates. u|)on the eve of
his departure for Europe. This shall be your wairant for so doing.

Commaml.r of the Dffl. Pcitna., Gnind Army of the Repitblie.


A delegation of George G. Meade Post, No. i, under command of
Commander George \V. Devinny and Senior Vice-Commander R. W.
P. Allen, proceeded to the office of Mr. George \V. Childs, and, after the
necessar)- arrangements were completed, mustered General Grant into
the Grand Army in due form. Comrade Grant was then escorted o\ er
to Independence Hall, where an informal reception was held, and hun-
dreds of the comrades of the Grand Army of the Republic, who luul
learned of the intention to muster Comrade Grant, and had assembled
there expecting the muster to take place in Independence Hall, now-
pressed forward and shook hands with their "Old Commander," now a
recruit in the Grand Army of the Republic. Quartermaster Ward not
ha\ing any Grand Army badges on hand, one was borrowed from Com-
rade W. H. H. Wallace and fastened to the lappel of Comrade Grant's
coat. It was this badge that he took away with him on his journey
around the world. The following address was then issued to the G. A.
R. by Commander Devinny : — -


rim.ADr.i PiiiA, May if), 1S7-.
(Bcucral (Oracr, Ho. G iCoitgratulatorgi.

I. The (A'lumander takes plcxsure in aniinimciiig that L'ly,ses S. tirant, our late Comni.amler-in-( liief,
was mustered in as a comrade of I'ost I, tl. A. K., this morning .at II o'clock.

II. In accordance with Ij. O. Xo. 5. C. S., fiom these head:iuarters, the I'ost, at the hour named, pro-
ceeded to the private office of tleorge W. Childs, Esc]., and there, in pursuance to a special dispensation granteil
by S. Irvin Givin, Commander, Dep,irtment of Pennsylvania, G. A. ]<., proceeded to muster in the recruit ac-
cordintJ to rules and regulations of Grand Anny of the Repulilic.

III. Comrades of the Grand .\rmy, George O. Meade I'ost, No. 1, congratuUates you. The Commander
deems it not out of place to allude to this accession to our memlicrship, and the added jirestige inevitable to
Post No. I. He feels, ho\ve\ er, that the Order in general h.T.s cause to rejoice that, one by one, our old com-
rades in arras are coming to a just api)roci.ition of the meaning in our motto — Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty
—that have drawn himdreds to us. Now that we count the greatest general of our age as our comrade, let us


anew pledge ourselves ,o tl.e work of gatlu-rin, , „,e , ;,.„„, A,,,,, ..f ,„.. K,.,,.,„,ie ....,-. ,,,„„,, ,, .„,,,,

and sa.lor who aulcl in the su|ipression of our late eivil war. ' ^" -'"'1'^'

SAMri;.. WoR m.NcriON, ./,/;«/„„/. "' ""''' "' CKnkiM-; W. I )i.;\ iNNv, />„/ Comm„„d.;:

The new comrade sailed for Kurope on May ,;th, „n his t.u.r
around the world.

During his stay in h:nu-Iand, and wliile dinin-^- with Her Majesty
Queen Victoria, the National Encampment was in session at Proxid'enc'e,
R. I., and the followinu- was cabled to General (irant: —

General U. S. Grant, Lomlon : I'i<"Vii,kn, k, k. I , J,,,,,. ,5, .S;-.

Vour comrades assembled in annual session in Providence, R. I., s.„d heartiest <.reelin..s u, , heir old
commander, and desire, through luigland's (Jueen, to thank Kngland f„r I irants rece illon ''

J""^' '■• II\KIK.\M I, C,;iimoiul,i-in-Chi,f.

The following- reply was received:

General \^\'^\\^\\\\\Commau,L-i-in-Cliivf C. A. K ■ l-'iM'ON, June 27. i.S;;.

Gonveyed your message to the ( )ueen ; thank mv old romndes

loiiiiaocs. (.RANT.

Past Commander James R. Mullikin, having applied for a transfer
card, a committee consisting of Comrades R. W. P. Allen, Samuel
Worthington and L. D. C. Tyler, was appointed to prej.are' suitable
resolutions e.xpressi\e of the regrets of the members upon the sever-
ing of his connection with the Post and in recognition of his service in
its behalf At the muster of May 23d the committee submitted the
following, which were unanimously adopted :

tUricrcns, Past Comtnander Ja.nes K. Mullikiu has aj.phed for a transfer card upon the grounds of
permanent removal from within the jurisdiction of this Post, .and

nihcrcas. The transfer card .asked for has hcen granted, therefore

itcsolncft. Tluat ill parting with Past ( ■ommarider James R. Mullikin, George G. Meade P„>t, No.
1, Deiiaitmcnt of Pennsylvania, (hand .\n„y of the Republic, deems it lining to place upon record a lesli
monial to his worth as a and a comrade, a whoK-souled active worker for the good of the ( )rder.

lteSo(tie&, That our good wishes follow hin, to his new field of labor; that we commend him to

any r.i>t I., wliicli Iw may atCuli hinivlf as Ik:!,,^ th„iMUj,'hly ^rou.uleil in tlu- fnn.lainnilal principles of
I'ratLrnily, Lhaiity and Loyally.

3.1cSoIqc&, 'I'liat llu-se pivaml.lis ami icsolulioiis liu spread upon llir niinvins ami lliut a copy of
the same properly allesCed be (orwanleil lo I'asi Connnamler lames R. Miillikin.

At the same muster the foundation lor the I'ost Library was hiid
by Past Commander Ward presenting- to the Post in bclialf of Past
Commander Myer Asch thret' vohimes of rei)orls of the Centi-nnial
Exposition held in this cit\- in 1876. This was the Ije^-innino-, and for
some time thereafter at nearl\' e\-ei-y muster books of some kind were
presented, until now the Post has a lar^e and valual)le library.

This year the Post took another ste[> in the adwance and for the
first time paraded on Memorial Day, May 30th. 'ihey assembled at
their head quarters, corner of Twelfth and Filbert streets, at 1 o'clock.
The State I'encibles, commanded in' Captain [ohn \V. Ryan, acted as
escort, led by Carl Sentz Piand, who paraded for the first time in their
new and handsome scarlet uniforms. The line of march was up Twelfth
to Arch, to Ei^'hteenth, to Green, to l-airmount Park, thence by Ixxit to
Laurel Hill. In the circular sent out this year it was stated that the Post
wouki take up donations of flowers as they passed over the route, and
lari^e quantities of handsome (lowers were kiiull)- donated by those re-
siding along the streets above mentioned.

On arriving at the Park a halt was made at the Lincoln Monument,
which had been [)re\ious]y decorated by the committee. Altera dirge
by the band. Comrade George P. I^ldridge delivcretl an address. The
Post then marched to the boat landing and took the steamboat to Laurel
Hill Landing. Here the line was reformed and marched to and through
middle and north Laurel Hill Cemeteries to the grave of General Meade,
where the following services were held : —


Alter a dn-.cre by the band Coinrade Haov. chair.nan of the co.n-
mutee, made a short address. A quartette of youno- ladies, Misses
Mary G.bson. Mamie Potter, Hettie E. Williams and Mamie Jones san<.
tlie decoration Innm ,. „,_, ,,.. ,„^. ,^.,,, ^^.,,^ ,,_^

In lioly i;ra^•^■s for Freedom won."

The orders were read by Post Adjutant Samuc'l Worthin^aon ■
then the address of Commander George W. DevinuN-. lolloucd' by a
ver)- mipresslve prayer b>- the Rev. James R. Danforth. pastor of the
Central Congregational Church, uho officiated as chaplain : and after

Smging " Ble,t l,e the srround where our braves are at rest,"

by the quartette of young ladies, the grave of General Meade was pro-
fusely decorated and the Grand Army service performed bv Comrades
R.W. P. Allen, A. J. .Sellers, Joseph R. C. Ward and Chaplain Rev. James
R. Danforth, a dirge by the band followed, and then Miss Helen .M. Hough-
ton recited Peterson's '• Ode on Decoration " in her usual impressKe
and matchless manner.

Then followed an eloquent oration by Comrade Wendell P. Bow-
man, and the services closed by the whole Post and the large audience
joining in singing the Do.xology. The benediction was pronounced 1)\-
the Chaplain, Dr. Danforth.

The Post was then reformed and detailed into committees, and in
the charge of the superintendent of each cemetery proceeded to decor-
ate all the remaining soldiers' graves in North Laurel Hill, then to Middle
and -South Laurel Hill and decorate all known soldiers' graves there.

During the railroad riots of 1S77 the innate desire of the old sol-
diers to uphold the supremac)- of the law made itself deeply manifested
b\- the comrades of the different Posts, and Post No. i was among the

first to offer its services, and when llie trouhle was c'xpectecl to reach
Philadelphia, Adjutant Worthington at once sent the followlni^- dispatch
to the Mayor : —

I'liii MUi.iiii A. 11:15 ^- ^' ■ Miiiiil.iy. Inly 2_v
Wm. S. StokI.KV, Miypr;

Officers and Comrailcs of Ceorge G. Meade Tost, No. I, ( irand Army of llie Kepulilic, not already

gone to the front, are at your service. Samui-;i. WoRilllNcidN, A<ljut<iiil.

And at the muster of July 25th the following resolution was adopted : —

lle$oIac&, That Comrades Josepli K. C. Ward and Wendell 1*. Bowman lie authorized to recniit a
company of veteran soldiers hy the name of deorge C. Meade Post, \o. i, (;. A. R. of I'a.. and that tlu-ir
services be offered to the 2lst Regiment ((i. A. R.), N. (i. of I'a.

A company ot si.xty men was organized, with Col. Joseph R. C.
Ward as captain, Wendell F. ISowman as first lieutenant, and Geo. W
Devinny, second lieutenant, and tendered their service to the State.
Captain W^ard and L.itnitenant Bowman reported this compan\- to the
meeting held at I'ost No. 2 rooms. Thirteenth and Spring Garden
streets, when word was received from Governor Hartranft that their
services would not be recjuired. Captains Ward and Bowman subse-
quently raised a company for the 'I'wentieth X'eteran Regiment, under
Col. Sylvester Bonnafon, Jr., known as Company C, 20th Veteran Regi-
ment, National Guard of Pennsylvania, with Joseph R. C. Ward as cap-
tain, Wendell P. Bowman first lieutenant, and flarry Miller second
lieutenant. Lieutenant P)Owman was afterwards electeil captain ot
company K. This whole regiment was retained in active service for
two months at Pittsburg, Wilkesbarre and Scranton, Captains Wartl
and Bowman remaining in command of their respixtive comijanies.

Commander Devinny and Adjutant Worthington conceived the
idea of celebrating the eleventh anniversary of the Post liy having a
large Camp I-'ire at the Main Mxhibition Building, l^iirmount I'ark.


Arrangements were made with the managers for the use of that large
building on Thursday, ( )ctober iSth. Tickets and circulars were printed
and freely circulated ; prominent general officers were invited, when,
yielding to the frequent and urgi-nt requests of the Department Head-
Quarters, the whole aftair was turned over to them, immediate steps
were taken by them to enlarge the entertainment, all the Posts in the
city and adjacent counties were invited to participate, additional in\ita-
tions were sent to many other prominent soldiers and the National Com-
mander and staff, and ever}- means taken to make it a large gathering
of old soldiers, and the day was designated " Grand Armv Day."

Thus to Post Xo. I belongs the credit of inaugurating "Grand
Army Day," that has since that time been celebrated all over the land,
bringing together large numbers of veterans, who, marching again
shoulder to shoulder, revived olil memories of those days that tried
men's souls.

The Posts generously responded to the call of the Department
Commander and made extensive arrangements for the enjoyment ot the
occasion. The following is a copy of the circular that was freely distrib-
uted : —





Il.:i0 .*.M Drill by llio Cadets of the Soldiers' Orpliaiis' Institute.

1.30 P. .>I.-roriimtloii of the several Posts of the Craiid Army of the Kepiililie.

on the lawn South of the Building, after which the column will procee<l through
the Main Aisle from the East End, and be reviewed by the Commander-in-Chief.
Gen'l Robinson, and invited guests, at the Grand Stand in the large Auditorium.

55 V. ^' - A;-; - , Of We,e„.„e to ...e -.Ca,.. A....,,- ..>• Hon „„«„v D. Mook„.

h" .an r "7";f """:' " - Wbiti^n. And appropriate speeches by Governor

Hartranf, Generals Bums.cle, Robinson, McClellan, Hancock, Heintzleman

(.ilmore, Gregg. Slocum, Rickelts, Sharp, and Carse.
8.00 ... M.-Co,ume,norative Exercise, of Geo. li. Mea.le Post. No. I. a. A. R

.n ,he grea. Auditorium. Presentation of a Banner, and Address by <;enerai

<->EoKGE IS. iMlLlellav, and others.

<iiai.<l Music <l.iriiis the entire day bj Hassler's Great Kxl.ibitioi, I!ai„l.

Mr. Chas. K. Read, Organist. ,,, ,v ' v

'*'^- "^1- -^f^KTHcoTT, Comet Soloist.

nuih^.at'Trnl'Zc^mtlJr'"'"""" '"'^"'^ '' "''' "'-"«••-'' '" ">= «n,re of

Commander Devinny i.ssued the folio winir order: —

HEAD-QrARTKRS Ge„r,:k G. Mk.v„k Post. Xo. ., Ckasu .\rmv „r th. RK,H-,u.,r,
Wcncral WrKcrs ilo. a. l'nn,.M,Ei,rin.A, Ocit.ber .6, 1S77.

I. .\s a„„„„nct.d in (;ei>eral Orders No. 13. Tlufsday. Octol«r iSlh ,l>ei,>g the Klevetuh .Vnnivers.iry
of the()rder and of this Post), ha.s heen set apart a. Grand A™y Day at the Pemaanent E.xhihi.ion.

Every effort has been made to make the event a grand success.

The President and many prominent officers have been invited and are e.xpected to be present.

.•\t 8 o'clock P. M. the Anniversary E.xercises of the Post will commence, when Gen. Geo. B. McClellan
will present, on behalf of our lady friends, a beautiful banner, to be received by Comrade H. H. Bingham, of
this I'ost. The Commander expects that everv- comrade of the Post will report for ,,arade, and thus contribute
to make our Eleventh Anniversary a day ever to be remembered. Comrades will a.s.semble at the western end
of middle aisle. Main Building, at 1. 15 o'clock, and will conform a.s near as possible to G. A. R. uniform,
otherwise will appear in dark suits, fatigue cap, white gloves and vest, black necktie and G. A. R. badge.

II. An adjourned meeting of the Post will be held on Wednesday evening, ( )ctober 17th. at 8 o'clock, at
Handel and Haydn Hall, northeast corner Eighth and .Spring (Janie.i Streets, third stoty. It is imperative
that ever)' conuadc should lie present.

By order of (;,.;,,. \V. Ok\ i.nny, /\,s/ Common,/,-,:

Sam'i, WriRTHiNirroN, A,{jut,iiil.

Thursda\-, October iSth, opened a bri.t^ht and beautiful day, and
towards noon crowds of Grand Army men could be seen wending their
way towards the Park and the Main Exhibition Buildino- ; that immense
building was soon crowded by the comrades, their families and frientls,


re-minding- one of the days of the Centennial Exhibition of the year before,
only that nearly all the handsome displajs were gone. When the time
came to form the line and march through that large building, to be re-
viewed by the Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic,
General John C. Robinson, of New York, who was present with his staff,
ever)'body wondered where so many "old vets" came from, and their
numbers still increased towards night.

Different parts of the building were selected by the Posts as their
headquarters, where they, with their families, prepared dinner and sup-
per for their comrades, and all day and evening delegations of different
Posts spent the time visiting around and receiving a soldier's welcome,
the members of each Post deciding among themselves what form that
welcome should take, so that all comrades were pleased.

As announced, the principal event of the day was the commemora-
tive exercises of Geo. G. Meade Post, No. i, at 8 o'clock in the evening,
and long before tliat time the large auditorium in the centre of the build-
ing was packed. After music by the band, and a soprano solo by Miss
Tillie D. Summers, our old Commander "Little Mac " was introduced by
Comrade Thos. [. Ashton. He needed no introduction to the comrades,
they had seen him before ; and many a time on the long weary march,
no matter how tired, if hardly able to get along from the fatigues of the
march, plodding through X'irginia's clay or mud, covered with dust, or
suffering from the intense heat, let but the word pass along the line,
"Here comes Little Mac!" and every man would straighten up, take
his place in line and greet him with cheers as long as he remained in
sight, and so to-night the boys seemetl wiUl with enthusiasm ; cheer
after cheer, that made the building fairly shake, were given before he

was allowed to make his speech. Then, in a short addniss, in which he
referred to those anxious days when he led the greatest army ever en-
rolled, to victory, and paid a high tribute to American soldiers, their
bravery and heroism, not forgetting to compliment the ladies in their
unselfish devotion to the brave boys in blue during those days of war, and
their generosity now in still bearing those same boys in mind and pre-
senting them with so handsome a banner, on which was painted an excel-
lent likeness of Pennsylvania's great soldier, he presented the Post,
on behalf of their lady friends, with a handsome white silk banner, on
which was painted an excellent picture of General Meade.

General Henry H. Bingham, Past Commander of the Post, received
the banner on behalf of the Post in one of his excellent patriotic speeches,
given in his earnest and impressive manner, that added still more to
the enthusiasm of the occasion.

After the services General McClellan held an impromptu reception,
and for over an hour a constant line of comrades passed by to shake
him by the hand.

It was this action of Post, No. i, that did much to kill the cry that
the Grand Army of the Republic was a political organization, for it in-
vited General McClellan, who was then the Democratic candidate for
Governor of New Jersey, to present the banner, and General Henry H.
Bingham, then a Republican candidate for Congress, to receive it ; and
this, together with the grand entertainment, greatly benefited the Post,
and was another step towards its ultimate success.

On October 24th Comrade James B. Diehl was appointed Acting
Adjutant during the absence of Adjutant W'orthington, who subse-
quently resigned on November 14th, and Comrade Diehl was appointed
his successor. -a

At the muster ol October 24th a cnmmiltec was ai)])<)intccl to dralt
resolutions of thanks to Generals (ieo. !>. McCIellan and Henr\ H.
Bingham, and Miss Tillie Summers and others, who conirihuted to the
success of our Anniversary at the Main I'lxhihition lUiilding. 1 hey
submitted their report at the muster of November 28th, as follows: —

ilesolued. The ro>t thaiik> tlic l;ulii-s of I'hiladelplii.i who made ami piesemed lo the Tost on
Anniversar)' D.iy, October iSth,the hoautiful Meade Banner.

The Post thanks General Geo. H. McGlellan for the graceful complinnnl he paid the ladies of Philadel-
phia by presenting the Banner on their behalf to the, and for his conitesv and kindness to his old com-
rades in arms on Anniversary- 1 )ay.

The Post thanks Comr.ade Heni-y H. liingham for his elo:|nent oration, made in receiving the Meade
Banner for the Post.

The Post thanks Miss Tillie 1). Summeis for services rendered on .Vnniversary Day by that cliarming

The Post thanks Reynolds Post, No. 71, for their presence and kindness on .\nniversary Day.

The Post thanks Comrade C. V. Atkinson for the generous gift of his high .vtistic skill in the production
of the life-like likeness of General Geo. (J. Meade on the Meade Banner.

The Post thanks Comrade A. J. Sellers for his liberality and untiring energy in otitaining money for the
presentation of the Meade Banner.

This proved a most successful year for the Post. Thirty-one new
comrades were added to the roll, among them General I'lysses S. Grant,
who was mustered in on May 16, 1S77. This was accomplished, as has
been stated, namel\-, through the personal and untiring efforts of Adju-
tant .Samuel Worthington.

The following are the names of the comrades mustered in during
the year : —

Samuel S. WiSMER, Wm.J. Simpson, Wm. B. Spooner. Robert H. Ford, Colin M. Beale, Ulysses

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