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Post was homeless .so long and shifted from place to place. Fifty-four
new members were added to the roll ; and once more were we called

iqjon to mourn the loss of another comrade Ijy death, Comrade Jacob

Stein, as pre\iously annoimced.

The followinj^r are the comrades who were mustered thirinj^' the

year: —

James M. Linnard, Samuel B. Huey, Aaron Lazarus, W. Russell Smith, William Mayer, Rev. H.
Clay Trumbull, Albert Super, Thomas J. Rorer, Samuel R. Kent, James Collins, M. D., James L.
Clymer, William D. Dunsford, William T. Blakey, John C. Dobleman, James Starr, Charles E.
Be ale, William H. Mann, George Magee, Jr., Joseph Howser, George S. Duncan, Joseph Bond, John
H. Gardiner, John T. Durang, Peter H. Jacobus, T. Morris Knight, George E. Paul, Charles Mun-
DER, John Scott, William C. Bird, Charles I. Wickersham, Francis B. Owen, Halsey J. Tibbals, E.
W.Schurtz, Herbert L. Ellis. Charles Mc I lwaine, Samuel W. Arbuckle, Thomas J. Van Aken, James
McFadden, M. D., John M. Evans, Paul Bridger, James Osborne. Isaac Jenkins, Richard Hewitt,
Howell Atwater, William H. Miller, Charles E- Etting, Charles Ruth, Charles H, Gibson, Henry
J. Arbuckle, C. Clayton Frazier, Lewis R. Hamersley, William W. Abel, Louis J. Boos, Albert C.

On December 31st Commander Allen issued the following- order : —

HE.Mi-QrARTERS George G. Me.vde I'ost. Xi). I, S. !•;. CuK. iiTii AND Chestni-t Sts.,

Pun AIiEI.l'HIA, December 31, 187S.

(general (Orftcrs Ho. 3.

I. Tlie Po-^t will asseniltle at it^ headquarters at 7.30 o'clock on Thursday evening, January 2d, 1S79,
to visit in a body, by invitation, Post Xo. 2, whose officers for the ensuing year will be installed by Comrade
Jos. R. C. Ward, of Post No. i.

II. There will be an open installation of the officers elected by Post Xo. I, to serve for the year 1879,
upon ne.\t Monday evening, January 6, 1879, at 8 o'clock, at its headiiuarters, by Comrade J. Spencer Smith,
of Post Xo. 2. The lady friends of the comrades of the Post are cordially invited to be present. The band
of Post Xo. 2 has volunteered its services and the Committee of Arrangements has secured numerous enter-
taining speakers.

III. The next regular muster of the Post will be helil Monday evening. January 13. 1S79, at S o'clock.

P>y command of R. W. P. Al.I.EN, /"<«/ Cominainii-r.

Archer Maris, Adjutant.

The year 1879 opened one of the most prosperous and eventful
years in the history of the Post.

The comrades were elated over their l)eautiful and commodious
headquarters — certainly very handsomely furnished anil fitted up l)y

by the Council of Administration, of which Comrade E. DeC. Loud was
chairman and Wm. J. Simpson, Robert H. Ford, \V. Russell Smith and
George O. White were members. They were greatly assisted by the
committee appointed to raise funds for that purpose, of which Past
Commander Jos. R. C. Ward was chairman, who placed at their disposal
nearly $400, to enable them to make the necessary alterations and to
furnish the rooms; many of the comrades giving their labor freely and
ever)- one responding cheerfully whenever called upon. All worked
hard to get their friends to join the Post and to bring in others to
enjoy our comfortable home, and thus increase our membership.

The Council of Administration in their final report, submitted De-
cember 31st, reported the actual cash paid out to be $626.09, with
11219.81 on hand to meet other bills, and that the labor and materials
donated by the comrades would amount to nearly $1,500.

The paper-hanging was donated by Comrade W. Russell Smith,
the window-shades by Comrade Colin M. Beale, the upholstering by
Comrade John M. Gardiner, the carpentering by Comrades L. D. C.
Tyler and John E. Davis.

On January 6th the public installation of officers took place, and
the rooms were crowded with the comrades, their families and friends,
who responded to this invitation sent out by the Commander: —

Compliments of the officers and members of

OSeo. «. Mea&e Post, 3^o. I. 05. A. B.

Vourself and lady are requested to be present at the installation of officers on Monday evening. January
6th, 1879, at 8 o'clock, at Post Headquarters, S. E. Cor. nth and Chestnut Sts.

R. W. P. .'\LLEN, Post Commander.

The orchestra of Post No. 2 was present and delighted all with
some excellent music. Comrade J. Spencer Smith, Past Commander





Enli-rcil Ihc service as l-'irst Sergeant Co. li, Twenty-srcoiul Reg't Peniia. Volunteers. .April 2j, iS6l.

linal muster out as Captain Co. li, Io6 Reg't I'enna. N'olunteeis, January 4, 1S65.

Talicn pri.soner June 22, 1864; escaped Novemlier 26, 1S64

Mustered into Geo. (1. Meade Post No. 1, Novemlier 10, 1S75.

Elected (Jlticer of the Guard December 8, 1S75.

Elected Ofticer nf the Day ()ctol)er, 1S76.

Elected Junior Vice-Commander Decemlier ij, 1S76.

Elected Senior Vice-Commander December 17, 1S77.

Elected Commander December 2. 1878.

of Post No. 2, was installint,'- officer, and as soon as the officers were
installed, recitations were given by Comrades James P. Mead, Hampton
S. Thomas and J. Spencer Smith, Post No. 2 ; Geo.W.Waterhouse, Post
19; Chas. H. Gibson, Post No. i ; also singing by Miss Ida Beale, Miss
Outerbridge and Miss Whitehouse, and Comrade Jonathan C. Barnes,
of Post No. I, making an attractive entertainment for those who were

The following are the officers who were installed: —

Commander - - - • ■ - - 1,. 1). C. Tyler.

Senior Vice-Commander - - - A. J.

Junior Vice-Commander Thomas J. AsHTON.

Adjutant James B. Diehi..

Quarterma.stcr Wm. W. Svveisfort.

Cliaplain HAI.SEY J. TiBBALS.

CJfficer-of-tlie-Uay Cm. in iM. Hkai.e.

Officer-of-the-Guard JnHN L'. Dubiileman.

.Surgeon James Collins, M. D., .Sergeant-Major Howell Atwater,
and Quartermaster-Sergeant Wm. B. Burk, being absent, were duly
installed at a subsequent muster.

At the muster of February loth the committee appointed to draft
resolutions upon the death of General Cadwallader, consisting of Com-
rades Chas. H. Gibson, Geo. W. Devinny and Chas. M.West, submitted
their report, which was adopted, as follows : —

^ffercas. It has plea.sed Almighty Ciod to' remove from our midst, after a life of more than ordi-
nary usefulness to his city, State, and country, our fellow soldier and citizen Major-General George Cadwal-
lader ; therefore, be it

■ReSDlaeA, That Ceo. G. Meade I'ost, No. I, C;. A. R., has heard with sorrow of tlif dcatli of
Major-General George Cadwallader, a gentleman, who, by his ]ire-eminent virtues and aliilities as a citizen,
soldier and patriot, has endeared himself to his countrj'men. In his death the nation has lost one of its
ablest and most devoted defenders, and Philadelphia one of its best citizens.

Hesoluedt That, though General Cadwallader was not a member of this Organization, it is most


eminently fit and appropriate that we ex-soldiers of the Amiy of the Unite.l States should t.stify our appre-
ciation of the services of one who joined with lis in oiTering his life in defense <if his countiy, and thai as an
alile and feailtss connnander his memory will be cherished l)y us.

BcSolac&. That a copy of these Resolutions be transmitted to the widow of Major-tieneral (k-orse

On the eveninu- of March 3cl, ElHs Post, No. 6, of Germantown.
paid another fraternal visit to this Post and were agreeably entertained.

At a muster on April 2 ist the Librar)- Committee reported a dona-
tion of sixty volumes to the Post Library from Comrade William Bell,
which were gratefully received and a special card of thanks prepared
and sent to Comrade Bell.

On Ma)- 19th Comrade Henry S. Lansing presented the Post with
a "Garrison Flag," with the following letter: —

I'llll Aiii i.i'HiA, May H), I.Syq.
Comraties of Post 0,u .-—Wx^ ■■ c;aiTisun Flag " I present to you, fust lleH to the bree/e over ■■ h'orl
Ellsworth." in front of .Alexandria, the then (mtjjost in front of Washington, [uly, 1861, until after the lirst
Bull Run; next over my winter camp, 1S61-2, .at Hall's Hill, Va. ; next in camp before Vorktown ; then at
(Jaines' Mills, on the Chickahominy, the veiy spot where the battle of that name took place; next at Fred-
ericksburg, and on the upper Potomac ; last over " Camp Sprague," New Dorp, .Staten Island, in lS6j, where
under it tieneral Geo. B. McClellan received his last review in uniform as M iijor-General of the U. S. .\.

It has been the pall for many a gallant comrade gone to his rest, antl for these associ.itions 1 have cher-
ished it these many years. A little repairing will make it whole. To you I commit it. Keep it for its
memories, for use on Decoration Days to come.

Fraternally, your comrade, H. S. L.INSiNc.;,

Late CoUmel lylh A'. Y. Vols., Ca/'tniii i>th U.S. /„/'/., fin-:: firii; -i,\;„;<j/.

The Memorial Day services were entrusted to the following Com-
mittee: \Vm. J. Simpson, chairman; Jos. R. C. Ward, secretary; Geo.
O. White, treasurer; Geo. W. Devinny, Wm. B. Burk, Chas. H. Gib-
son, Jno. C. Dobleman, H. J. Tibbals and Robert H. Ford; and like
those who preceded them, right well did they perform their arduous
duties to the entire satisfaction of the Post and with credit to themselves.

Circulars were sent to the comrades, urL^inor them to participate, in
uniform if possible. A request was also sent to the contributing mem-
bers, asking them to parade as a citizens' escort.

General Orders, No. i, from Post Headquarters, dated May 26th,
gave full instructions and announced the following as the route over
which the line should pass : Up Eleventh to Girard, to Twelfth, to Wal-
nut, to Broad, to Chestnut, to Eighth, to Arch, to Broad, to Green, to
Park, thence to Lincoln Monument. In compliance with said order,
the Post assembled at headquarters at 12.30 P. M., on May 30th, and
at 1.45 P. M. took up the line of march as above, receiving our escort
on Girard street, consisting of a battalion of the 2d Regiment, N. G. P.,
Companies A and G, under command of Captain P. H. Jacobus; 100 boys
from the Lincoln Institute, under Captain Wm. .S. Davis, and a squad of
police under Lieut. Crout, all commanded by Captain John T. Durang;
Eighty-six comrades of the Post participated, sixty-four of whom were
uniformed, and marched with the Post, under Commander Tyler. The
Post paraded as a battalion of two companies, Senior Vice-Commander
A. J. Sellers commanding the first and Junior Vice-Commander Thos. J.
Ashton the second company. McClurg's Military Band furnished the
music, assisted by the Geo. G. Meade Life and Drum Corps. The
choristers of St. Mark's P. E. Church were again a prominent feature
of the service.

Past Post Chaplain Rev. H. Clay Trumbull was selected to make
the address at the Lincoln Monument, Comrade Chas. H. Gibson the
oration at the cemeter}-, and Post Chaplain Halsey J. Tibbals to offi-
ciate as chaplain.

The ceremonies at General Meade's fjrave were perforinccl by
Commander Tyler, Senior Vice-Commander Sellers, Junior Vice-Com-
mander Ashton, and Chaplain Tibbals ; the chairman of the committee,
Comrade W^m. |. Simpson, making the address.

We again make a brief extract of the account of these ser\'ices as
given in The Press of May 3Tst : —

Meade Post, No. I, made a magnificent display. Tliis I'o!.l is a leading one nf the organi/ation. and
will l)e a historic one, because among its members it incliules the name of Ulysses S. (Irant, ex-lVesident t)f
tlic I'niteil States. It may be remembered that during his visit to this city in 1877, and immediately liefore
his dep.-uture for Europe, General (Jrant was made a member of this organization by the officers of the I'ost,
in Mr. George W. Childs' office. Meade Pest therefore has peculiarly ]>atriotic memories apart from the
distinguished name it bears, and yesterday it proved itself worthy the name of the heroic title it bears. The
Post's headquarters, at the corner of Eleventh and Chestnut streets, were magnificently decorated ; the
memliers of the Command were all "present or accounted for; " the room was redolent with the perfume
of beautiful (lowers, and everything gave evidence of a spontaneous and unanimous desire to do honor to the
day. Promptly at I o'clock the members of the Post were ordered to fall into line, and nearly one hundred
members responded.

The invited guests were conveyed to the scene of the ceremonies in carriages, and a superli feature of
the display vs'as a magnificent ofifering to be placed on the tomb of (General Meade, designed by Mr. Sher-
wood, florist, and consisting of a base of laurel leaves crowned with a pillar of rare and beautiful Howcrs
neai-ly five feet in height. Four doves ornamented the angles of the si|uaie and on top in white tlowers is an
exquisite urn, the base bears the name " Meade."

Thus will be seen the growth of the Post in this beautiful and touch-
ing tribute paid l)y them to their deceasetl comrades ; growing gradually
from a beginning of four comrades in 1S74 to about 25 in 1877, when
the first parade was made ; to 1879, when nearly 100 comrades partici-
pated. The committee collected this year for their expenses )«;4S5. 76,
and, after paying all bills, turned over to the Post a balance of ;)>40.90,
Comrade Geo. O. White making the largest collection, ol $121.00.

On the evening of |une 17th the Post participated in the reception
of the Department Commanders of Pennsylvania and Maryland, and

their escorts, Posts 2 and 5 of this city, upon their return from the Na-
tional Encampment at Albany, N. Y., and paraded 42 comrades, under
command of Commander Tyler. There were fifteen of the Philadel-
phia Posts that participated, viz.: Nos. i, 2, 3, 8, 10, 12, 18, 21, 24. 26,
46, 51, 80, 94, I 14 and I 15, making a large and creditable display.

On June 23rd a committee consisting of Comrades Jos. R. C. Ward,
Wm. 1>. Burk and Chas. F. .Simmons was appointed to draft resolu-
tions expressive of the members' good wishes towards Comrade Samuel
Worthington and their appreciation of his services in behalf of the
Post, he having applied for a transfer card to connect himself with a
Post at his new home in Moorestown, N. J. The committee presented
the following as their report, which was unanimously adopted : —

TUIiercas, ('omrade S.Tmuel Worthington, Past Post Adjutant and one of its charter nieniliers, lias
apphetl iur transfer card upon the ground of permanent rennual heycnfl the jurisdiction of tlie Post, and
for the purpose of organizing a Post of the Grand Army of tlie Repuljlic in his new location, and

Syjf^erCASt The transfer card as asked for has been granted, therefore lie it

Xtesolue&t That in parting with Comrade Samuel Worthington the Post deemed it fitting to place
on record a testimonial to his worth as a man and a comrade, a whole-souled active worker fur the good of
the Order.

ItcSOlncA, That our good wishes follow him to his new field of lalior. That we commend him
to the comrades of the Post to which he has attached himself as heing thoroughly grounded in the funda
mental principles of Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty.

Itesoltteft, That these preambles and resolutions be spread upon the minutes and a copy of
the same, properly attested, lie forwarded to Past Post Adjutant .Samuel Worthington.

The committee, with Comrades Tibbals, Arbuckle, Hale, Todd,
and John \V. Ward, visited Moorestown, N. J., on the night of the in-
stitution of the new Post, No. 22, and presented Comrade Worthington
with an engrossed copy of the above resolutions beautifully tramed.

General Orders No. 3, from Post headquarters, dated Jul)' 14th,
announced the appointment of Past Post Commander Jos. R. C. \\ ard



as Adjutant, vice James B. Diehl resigned, to date from [uly ist. Also,
the appointment of Harry W. Hewes as junior \'ice-Commander dur-
ino- the absence of Junior \'ice Commander Thomas J. Ashton in Plurope.
On September ist the Library Committee reimrted one hundred
volumes in the Post librar)-, contributetl by twelve comrades of the
Post, principally l)y Comrades \Vm. Bell, R. W. P. Allen, Jos. R. C.
W'artl, !•'. P). Owen, I.. R. Hammersly and H. .S. Lansing.

( )n October 6th, after innumerable postponements, the Post finally
adopteil the present Post badge. Twenty-one designs were submitted
by the committee appointed to procure them, and the
selection of one was to be decided by ballot. After the
first ballot sixteen designs were dropped and another
Isallot taken. Still no choice. Two more designs were
dropped, and finally, on the thinl Ijallot, this one was
adopted and is now the official Post badge.
In compliance with General Orders Xo. 4, from Post headquarters,
dated October 7th, the members assembled at the headquarters, S. E.
corner of Kleventh ami Chestnut streets, about 9 o'clock on the morning
ot October i ith, to participate in the parade on Grand Army I )ay. and
proceeded to the point of formation. Broad and Walnut streets. Shortly
after 10 o'clock the line was reviewed by Commander-in-Chief W'm.
Earnshaw and Department Commander Geo. L. Brown, and at 1 1
o'clock the column started, marched up Broad street to Girard avenue,
countermarched to Green street, to Park, and to Main Exhibition
Building, 41 comrades participating, under Commander T)ler, and 16
additional met the Post at the building, making a total of ^j. After a
few addresses the Posts proceeded to their difterent headciuarters and


were ilismissed, and the members enjoyed themselves with their families
and iriends durim^; the afternoon and evening-.

On October 27th Comrade William B. Burk resig-ned as Ouarter-
master Serijeant and Comrade Charles L. Atlee was appointed his suc-

The Annual Benefit of the Post took place at the Walnut Street
Theatre on Monday eveninjj, November 17th. and proved a decided
success, nettino- the Post S26S.25. Comrades John C. Dobleman and
John W. Ward, sclliui;- the largest number of tickets, both the same
were each presented with a gold Post Badge.

At muster of November 24th the Post acceptetl the invitation to
parade on a day to be hereafter decided uijon for the reception of our
comrade, Ulysses S. Grant, on his return from his trip around the world,
and tendered the services of the Post as a [lersonal escort to him.

December ist was the annual muster for the election of officers for
the ensuing year, and resulted in the election of Comrade A. J. Sellers
as Commander, 139 votes being cast. The contest for delegates to the
Department Pmcampment was so close that it took five ballots to decide
who should represent the Post, and was very exciting and kejJt the Post
in session until 2.15 A. M.

At the same muster Comrade Samuel Worthington, Commander
of Post No. 22, Department of N. J., and late Adjutant of this Post,
presented to the Post the autograph letters of General (irant, written
him while he was adjutant, relative to his jt)ining the G. A. R., to be
retained liy the Post as long as it exists antl then to be turned over to
the Historical .Society of Penns\lvania.

On December 12th, a siiecial muster of the Post was hekl to com-

plete the arrangements for the reception of Comrade U. S. Grant, and
to elect and muster those recruits who desired to participate ; a special
dispensation being received from the Department Commander to that

Commander T^ler issued the following onler for the parade on
the 1 6th : —

1 1 KAi) Quarters (.;eo. (_;. Mkadk Post, No. i, I)ki''i- oe Pf.nna.,

GuANli Akmv III-' THE Keitblic, S. E. Cor. Elkveni h ami Chestnut Sts.

PniEAiii-irHiA, December ii, 1S79.
(Rctiernl fflrdcr, ila. 3.

I. The comrades of this I'osl will assemble at these IIead-( jimrlers on TucMlay, Decemher 16, 1879,
at S o'clock A. M., for jiarade, to participate in the reception of (leneral l'. S. ( Irani by the citizens of Phila-

II. The line will form at 8:30 and leave head-quarters at 8:45 •\- M .to proceed to jilace of formation
at IJroad and Spring ( larden streets, to report at 9 o'clock.

III. The band and drum corps of the Fifth Maryland Kei^imcul havi- been engaged, and will report to
the Adjutant at 8:45 A. M.

l\. ( >vercoats will be furnished by the (^)uartermaster, at Head-(Juarters, on the morning of the l6th
inst. Comrades will provide themselves with and ajjpear in unifortn cap. white gloves and dark pants, with
('.. A. R. badge on left bre.ast.

The Commander trusts that every comrade will endeavor to parade with \hr Post on this important oc-
casion. Comrade ( irant being a member of the Post it is very essential thai we -.hould parade with full
ranks. liy order of 1,. Ii. C. TvM K, /',«/ C,;,/m„i!,ur.

Jos. R. C. Wakh, AJjiilaiit. '

And then, on December 13th, issued the following order, giving
additional information : —


('.RAMI .\rMV he THE ReI'ITIEIC, S. E. CllK. ElEVENIH \NIi CHEsrNl"r SlS.

Pim Alii I I'HI \. 1 (eceniber 13, 1879,

Oicitorat (Orftcr Ho. G.

I. Sergeant-Major How-ell Atwater, owing to continued absence from the city, is luieby relieved from
duty as Sergeant-Major, to date from September 15, 1879.

The Commander takes this opportunity of complimenting Couuade .Vlwater for the laithful and efiicient
ntaniicr in which he discharged his duties until business compelled his continued absence trom the city.

II. ( 'omra<le Jolin A, Stevenson is hereby appointed Sergeant-Majur. vice Alwatcr n-lieved, to <latf from
Septenilicr 15. 1S79. lie will he obeyed and respected accordingly.

III. Senior Vice-L'onnnandcr A. J. Sellers, having been apjjointed Aid totheCliief Marshal, for the
reception of our Comrade, U. S. ( irant, on Tuesday. December 16, 1S79, is herel)y granted leave of absence
for tliat ilay.

1\ . Junior Nice Coinniander llios. J. Ashton is hereby appointed .Senior Vice-Commander; I Ifficer-of-
the Day C. M. ISeale, Junior \ice-Commander ; Officer-of-the-Ciuard John C. Dolileman, Officer of-the- Day,
and Sergeant. Major John .\. Stevenson, Officer-of-the-duard, for the par.ade of the l6th inst. They will be
obeyed and respected accordingly.

V. ()hlicer-of-the-Day John C. Dolileman will report to Senior Vice-Commander Thos. I. .\shton, and
Officer-of the-(;uard John A. Stevenson to Jiuiior ViceCommander C. M. I'.eale ; all other otticers of the
I' and Commanders will report to the Comman<ler.

r.y order of 1.. D. c. Tvi.f.r. P„s/ Covniiaiul.r.

Jus. R. C. Ward. .hZ/ii/niit.

This was certainly the most important event of the year; tliat is. the
part taken by the Post in the reception of our comrade, U. S. Grant.
Upon his return from his trip around the world, all the cities of our
nation (.lid honor to him to an extent previously unknown in the histor\-
ot our land and never accorded to any other man : and on December
16, 1S79, Philadelphia exceeded them all. Our Post, under the com-
mand of Commander L. I). C. Tyler, made such an elej^^ant appearance
as to e.xcite the envy of some and the admiration and praise of all of
the other Posts, 107 men being in line with handsome overcoats, secured
for the occasion. Another of the attractions was the appearance in line
of "Old Baldy," General Meade's old war horse, with all the trappings
of war upon him, which excited no little enthusiasm as he passed over
the route. It was his last parade, as shortly afterward he was taken
to Montgomery County, where death from old age claimed him on De-
cember 16, 1882, exactly three years after his parade in honor of the
nation's greatest chieftain. Through the n;itriotic efforts of Comrades

H. W. B. Herve)- and Albert C. Johnson, of the Post, the head of this
horse, beautifully prepared and mounted, now adorns the walls of the
Post room. It was presented on February 26, 1SS3. so that the faithful
old animal who bore so prominent a part tlurin^- the late war, carryini^r
his noble master safely throuoh so many hard fou-iit Imttles and .ijivin'o-
his own blood for the cause, as he was wounded
three times, and that paraded for the last time
when Philadelphia was doin^- honor to the Com-
mander-in-Chief of the armies of the United States,
under whom his o^allant and patriotic master served
so meritoriously, ma)- now be remembered and
pointed to with pride by us to our many visiting

The day was all that could be desired and the streets over which
the column passed were crowded to their utmost capacity by the thou-
sands upon thousands of people who thronged them to witness the

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