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Vol. IX. — Huntington to Lacroix.


Books relating to America,



Volume IX.

** A painfull work it it I'll assure you, and more than difficult, wherein what toyle batb been
taken, as no man thinketb lo no man believeth, but he hath made the triall."

Ant. a IVtud^ Prifact f« thi Uiittry »f Ox/trd.


Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1875, by


In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C


Edition, 515 Copiet, 8vo, of which 25 are for Presentation,
And lio Copies on Large Paper, of which 10 are for Preientation.

A Dictionary of Books


UNTINGTON (J.) A Discourse
adapted to the Present Day, on the Health
and Happiness, or Misery and Ruin, of
the Body Politic, In Similitude to that of
the Natural Body, Preached at Coventry,
April, 1 78 1. By Joseph Huntington, d.d.
Hartford. 1 78 1. 8vo, pp. 24. 33971

Huntington. God ruling the Nations for the most glorious
end. A Sermon in presence of his Excellency [Gov. Trumbull]
and both Houses of Assembly, Hartford, May 15th, 1784. Bv
Joseph Huntington, d.d. Hartford: Printed by Hudson PP* ^4* 34^27

Principally taken from Dumont's " Hisroire et Commerce des Colonies Angloises."
See Reed's "Life of Reed," p. 33; " M. Rev.," xii. 484; "Gentleman's Magazine,"
XXV. 238 J "Boston Gazette," Nov. 4, 1764; Bancroft's "History," iv. and v. 170.

HusKissoN (W.) The Speeches of the Right Honourable ...
William Huskisson. With a Biographical Memoir ... . London:
'John Murray. MDCCCxxxi. 3 vols., 8vo, pp. xxiv, 320, Portrait;
viii, 574; viii, 688; 244. b. 34028

Huskisson. Select Speeches. With a Biographical Sketch.
Edited by R. Walsh. Philadelphia. 1837. 8vo. 34029

Includes Speeches on the American Colonies, Slavery, etc.

Huskisson. Substance of Two Speeches ... in the House of
Commons, on the 21st and 25th of March, 1825, by ... William
Huskisson, respecting the Colonial Policy and Foreign Commerce
of the Country. London. 1825. 8vo. s. -f Baltimore: F. Lucas^
Jr. 1826. 8vo, pp. 88. B. 34030

Also: Shipping Interest. Speech ... the 7th of May, 1827. ... With an Appendix,
containing the Several Accounts referred to. London: 'J. Hatchard & Son. 1827. 8vo,
pp. 93. s.

HusMANN (G.) The Cultivation of the Native Grape and
Manufacture of American Wine. Bv George Husmann. Neiu
York: G. E. & F. IV. Woodward. 1866. i2mo, pp. 192.

HusNOT (T.) Catalogue des cryptogames recueillis aux An-
tilles fran^aises en 1868, et essai sur leur distribution geographique
dans ces lies. Par T. Husnot. Caen: Le Blanc-Hardel. 1870.
8vo, pp. 60. Map. 34032

HussEY (G.) Memorabilia Mundi ; or, Choice Memoirs of
the History and Description of the World. By G. Hussey,
London. 1670. l2mo. 34033

Pages 14 to 18 relate to America.

HussEY (J.) An Oration ... before the Fraternity of Masons,
... Hanover, ... June the 24th, a.l, 5793. ... By Josiah Hussey,
Esq. Boston: Printed by Brother Benjamin Russell. 5793. 8vo,
PP- 12. BA., M., \V. 34034


HussEY (S. F.) A Brief Examination of Asa Rand's Book,
called a "Word in Season;" with a Refutation of some of his
erroneous Statements and Charges against the People called
*' Quakers ;" whereby his work will appear out of Season. By
Samuel F. Hussey. Salem: T. C. Cusbhig. 1821. i2mo, pp.
238. c. 34035

HusTED & Kroehl. Proposition ... to remove ... " Hell-
Gate" presented to the Legislature of New York, January, 1855.
[n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 3. s, 34036

Huston (A.) Letter of Gen. Almanzon Huston in Reply
to Gen. Wool's Letter dated at Troy, Dec. 31, i860. IVash-
ington. 1 86 1. 8vo. 34^37

Huston (Charles). An Essay on the History and Nature of
Original Titles to Land in the Province and State of Pennsyl-
vania. Philadelphia: T.i^ y. JV. yohnson. 1849. 8vo, pp. 484.

Huston {Gen. Felix). Address at Southern Convention.
Natchez. 1850. 8vo. 34^39

Huston (J.) Legendes canadiennes. Recueilles par J. Hus-
ton. Paris: P. Jannet. 1853. i2mo, pp. 303. 34^40

Huston. Le repertoire national ou recueil de litterature cana-
dienne. Montreal : Lowell et Gibson. 1848. 4 vols., 8vo, pp. viii,
368, (8) ; 376, (8) ; 384, (8) ; 404, («)• 34041

Huston (R. W.) vs. Dicks (J.) Trial ... Lancaster Count\-,
... 1815 ; An Action of Trespass for levying a Fine ordered to
be collected by Sentence of a Court Marshal, under an Act of
the Legislature of Pennsylvania, which was alleged to be repug-
nant to the Constitution and Laws of the United States, with
Arguments of Counsel and Decision of Judges. Lancaster. 18 15.

Hutcheson (A.) Collection of Treatises relating to the
National Debts and Funds. To which is added a Collection of
Treatises relating to the South Sea Stock and Scheme. By
Archibald Hutcheson, Esq. London. 1721. Folio. 34^43

This scarce book gives a full detail of the various schemes which grew out of tlie
explosion of the South Sea Scheme in l8ao. See Hume's " Essay on Public Crtdit,"
anc/ McCullock's "Literature of Political Economy," p. 319.

Hutcheson (C.) Southern Martyrs: a Poetical Tale of
Patagonia. By Charles Hutcheson. London: Hamilton., Adams
l3' Co. 1853. i2mo 34044

VOL. iX. 1


HuTCHiNGS (James M.) Scenes of Wonder and Curiosity in
California. Illustrated with over One Hundred Engravings. A
Tourist's Guide to the Yo-Semite Valley, the Big Tree Groves
— the Natural Caves and Bridges — the Quicksilver Mines of
New Almaden and Henriquita — Mount Shasta — The Farallone
Islands, with their Sea Lions and Birds — the Geyser Springs —
Lake Tahoe, and other Places of Interest. Also giving Outline
Map of Routes to Yo-Semite and Big Tree Groves — Tables of
Distances — Rates of Fare — Hotel Charges ... . By J. M. Hutch-
ings. New York and San Francisco, i860, c. -\- \_Ibid.'\ 1862.
-j- London: Chapman & Hall. 1865. 8vo, pp. viii-267. + San
Francisco: A. Roman ^ Company. 1870. Svo, pp. 292. 6 Plates
and Map. b., ba., h. 34045

Also: Hatching's California Magazine ... 1858. — Hutchings' California Scenes. ...
San Francisco. 1853-56. 410, 14 1.

HuTCHiNGS (R. C) The Usurpations of the Federal Gov-
ernment. The Dangers of Centralization. Speech of Hon.
Robert C. Hutchings of New York, on the Governor's ... Mes-
sage, ... February, 26th, 1863. Albany. 1863. Svo, pp. 16.

HuTCHiNS (J.) Freedom vs'. Slavery. Speech of ... John
Hutchins, of Ohio ... May 2, i860, [n. p. n. d.] Svo, pp. 8.

Also : Speech ... on the Bill for the Release of certain Persons held to Service or
Labor in the District of Columbia. Delivered ... April 1 1, 1862. Washington. 1862.
Svo, pp. 7. — Speech ... May 19th, 1862, on Lovkf and Uniform Postage. New York:
D.Appkton (^ Co. 1862. 8vo, pp. 32. H.

Hutchins (J.) A Sermon Preached on the Opening of the
Franklin College at Lancaster, July 17, 1787. By Joseph
Hutchins, d.d. Philadelphia. 1806. P. 34048

Hutchins (J. N.) Hutchins' Improved : Being an Almanack
and Ephemeris ... for 1760. By John Nathan Hutchins. New-
York, [n. d.] i2mo. 34049

Continued under varying titles, as Hutchins' New- York, Vermont, Massachusetts and
Connecticut Almanack. Troy. 1803. i2mo. — Hutchins' Revived Almanack. Neiv-
York : Smith & Forman. 1812. l2mo. — Hutchins' Improved, etc., to the present time.

Hutchins (L.) The Autobiography of Levi Hutchins : with
a Preface, Notes, and Addenda, by his Youngest Son. ... Cam-
bridge : Printed at the Riverside Press. M DCCC Lxv. i6mo, pp.
iv, 188. Portrait. b., h. 34050

[Hutchins (Samuel).] Benjamin Franklin : A Book for the
Young and the Old: for All. ... Cambridge: For the Author.
MocccLii. i6mo, pp. 36. BA. 34051



HuTCHiNS (S. C.) Civil List of Forms of Government of
the Colony and State of New York. Compiled from Official
and Authentic Sources. By S. C. Hutchins. Published annu-
ally by Weed, Parsons & Co. Albany. [1866.] i2mo, pp. (2),
vi, 587. Plates. b. 34052

Hutchins (T.) A Topographical Description of Virginia,
Pennsylvania, Maryland, and North Carolina, comprehending the
Rivers Ohio, Kenhawa, Sioto, Cherokee, Wabash, Illinois, Mis-
sissippi, &c. The Climate, Soil and Produce, whether Animal
Vegetable, or Mineral ; ... By Thomas Hutchins, Captain in the
60th Regiment of Foot. With a Plan of the Rapids of the
Ohio, a Plan of the several Villages in the Illinois Country, ...
and an Appendix, containing Mr. Patrick Kennedy's Journal up
the Illinois River ... . Boston: Printed by John Norrnan, mdcc-
Lxxxvii. Sm. 8vo, pp. 30, (2). 2 Plans and Table. B., ba., h.

Very scarce. " The greater part," says Hutchins, " done from my own Surveys
preceding and during the last war, and since in many reconnoitering tours between
1764 and 1775."

Hutchins. A | Topographical Description ] of | Virginia, Penn-
sylvania, I Maryland, and North Carolina. | Comprehending the |
Rivers Ohio, Kenhawa, Sioto, Cherokee, | Wabash, Illinois, Mis-
sissippi, &C.1 The I Climate, Soil and Produce, [whether | Animal,
Vegetable, or Mineral ; | The | Mountains, Creeks, Roads, Dis-
tances, Lati-|tudes, &c. and of every Part, laid down in the an-|
nexed Map. Published by Thomas Hutchins, | Captain in the
60th Regiment of Foot. | With a | Plan of the Rapids of the Ohio,
a Plan of the several | Villages in the Illinois Country, a Table
of the I Distances between Fort Pitt and the Mouth of the | Ohio,
all Engraved upon Copper | And | an Appendix, containing Mr.
Patrick Kennedy's | Journal up the Illinois River, and a correct
List of the | different Nations and Tribes of Indians, with the)
Number of Fighting Men, &c. London : \ Printed for the Author^
and sold by J. Almon^ \ ... |m DCC Lxxviii. 8vo,-pp. (2), ii, 67, (i).
2 Maps and Table. h. 34054

Also included in the third edition of G. Imlay's "Western Territory, 1797."

Hutchins. Description Topographique de la Virginie, de la
Pensylvanie, du Maryland et de la Caroline Septentrionale : con-
tenant les Revieres d'Ohio, Kenhawa, Sioto, Cherokee, Wabash,
des Illinois, du Mississipi, &c. ; le Climat, le Sol, les Produc-
tions, tant Animales que Vegetales ou Minerales ; les Montagnes,
les Rivieres, Chemins, Distances, Latitudes, et de Toutes les par-

Online LibraryJoseph SabinA dictionary of books relating to America, from its discovery to the present time (Volume 9) → online text (page 1 of 54)