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Online LibraryJoseph W. cn DallyWoodbridge and vicinity : the story of a New Jersey township ; embracing the history of Woodbridge, Piscataway, Metuchen and contiguous places, from the earliest times ; the history of the different ecclesiastical bodies ; important official documents relating to the township, etc. → online text (page 26 of 34)
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unto had on all occasions And for tlie more securitie of every man's right,
and the Lords proprietors interest, every p.-ulicular man is liereby obliged
to hold his Land by pattent Irom tlie Lords i^roprielors and to pay to tiiem,
their heirs, successors, or assigns, as acknowledgement, or hye Rent yearly,
on every 25th day of March according to the English accompl, the sura of
one halfe penny of good and Liwfidl money of England, or the value
thereof in good and current jniy of the country, for every acre that shall be
so pattented, which said payment is to begin on tlie 25ih day of March 1670 '
and so to continue for ever. Which said rent is to be paid within the
province, to the Receiver Generall without any charge to the Lords.


Always provided that itf tlie aforesiid Freeholders shall ■willfully neglect
to pattent their proportions of Land as aforesaid, then it shall and may be
lawfnll for the said Lords proprietors, their heirs, successors, or assigns to
dispose of the same as they shall think tit. As also ot all such proportions
of land as shall remaine unpatteuted according to the aforesaid survey,
luiless the said corporation or township will answere the Rent as aforesaid
and pattent the same within three years from the day of the dale hereof.
And that all Land? so surveyed, pattented and recorded as aforesaid is to
Remaine to them, th' :ir heirs. Executors administrators or assignes for ever,
And after seven years in the possession the said land is not upon any pre-
tence whatsoever to be resurveyed nor the bounds altered, but to remaine
and continue according to the first survey for ever. And moreover that all
bargains, sales and transports of land, house or houses from one man to
another. And all leases for land, house or houses made or granted to any
tenant for above the space of one yeare shall be acknowledged by the
grantor before the Governor or Justice of peace, or by two sufficient wit-
nesses attested on the; back side of the said Deeds or Leases and so to be
recorded by the Secretary or Recorder Generall as aforesaid to avoid all Con-
troversies in law ; for neglect whereof all such bargains, and sales, trans-
ports or leases are to be void and of no etTect in Law.

IJdly. That the Freeholders aforesaid or the mojor part of them have
power to choose their owne Magistrates to be assistants to the president or
Judge of the court, and for the ordering of all public affairs within the said
jurisdiction, the}^ have power to likewise to nominate their Justice or Justi-
ces of peace and their JVIilitarie ofHcers, Provided that the Justices of the
peace and Military officers are to be approved of, and Commissioaated by
the Governor. They have also power annually on tire first day of January,
or at any other sett tyme to choose one or more Constables for the public
service, all which said officers are to be Sworne in their places and offices.

4lhly. That they have power by the pluralitie of voices of the Freeholders
and freemen of the said corporation to choose their owne minister or minis-
ters for the service of God and the administring of Kls Holy Sacraments,
and being so chosen, inducted and admitted, all persons as well the Free-
holders, as others the freemen and inhabitants admitted in the said corpora-
tion or towneship shall contribute accordmg to their estates for his main-
tenance, towards which charge there shall be two hundred acres of good
upland and meadow laid out, to the use and behoof of the said minister, and
one hundred acres more for the maintenance of a free schoole, which said
Land shall not be allionated, but shall remaine from one incumbant to
another for ever. Which said land togetiier with the land for the building
of a church, church-yard, school-house, market-place and the like shall be
exempted from paying the Lord's Rent of a halfe penny pr. Acre, or any
other rate or taxes whatsoever for ever. Notwithstanding it shall and may
be LawIuU for any of the said Freeholders and inhabitants aforesaid that
are of a different judgment in matters of Religion to maintaine any other
minister or ministers at their own Cost and charges without being molested
or distuibed for the same.



othly. Thai the said corporation or towneship have power to erect and
ordaine a Court of Judicature within their owne jurisdiction and the limits
thereof for the tryall of all causes actionable betweene party and party from
whence there shall be no appeale, under the sum of live pounds starling
And also for the tryall ol all Crimiualls and Causes of misdemeanor, and to
inflict such fines (not exceeding the sum of tenn pounds) and punishments
as the merit of the Cause shall reqaire, as by imprisonment, stocking, piilor-
ing, ducking, whipping (not exceeding twenty stripes) and the Like. Which
court is to consist of a president (who is to be a Justice of th6 peace) and of
the magistrates or any two of them at the least, A Clarke and such other
officers as they shall appoint. AVhjch said magistrates and Clark arc to be
sworne in their offices. And the Clarke is to be approved of by the
Secretary Generall of the Provmce, whoc is to keep an exact Record of all
actions that shall be brought in and tryed in the said Court, and to give an
accompt thereof Unto him, when there unt<i required by the Governor and
bis Councell. ISTo Freeholder is to be arrested or detayned a prisoner for
debt, unless judgment be passed and execution granted, unless it can be
made appeare that the party has an intent to defraud his creditors, b}' run-
ning out of the Country. That all i)ersons, as well Freeholders as other
inhabitants, in case ot appeale, the appelant shall give in security to
prossocute his appeale or to stand to the judgement of the Court, All causes
according to the laws of England shall be tryed by a jur}^ of six or twelve
men. And whomsoever shall trouble and molest his neighbour, being of the
same corporation bj' aiTcsting of him and going to law in another jurisdic-
tion shall be lyable to a fine according to the discretion of the Court. The
Justice or Justices of the peace being commissionated and sworne, in their
office have power to administer the oath of allegicnce and fidelity and all
other oaths that are retpiired according to Law. And to ishue out in his
maj'ties name, or in whose name or names it shall or may be appointed by
the Laws, their warrants of summons and arrest within the Limitts and
jurisdiction of the said Corporation or towneship. Directing the same to
the Constable, Marshall or to what other officer or officers the said Corpora-
tion shall in their discretion think fitt to appoint for that service; who are
to put the same in execution accordingly. And ako to ishue out their
warrants for the apprehending of all malefactors and Runaways and to
prossecute them by way of Hew and Cry. And to do all such thing and
things by then- authority agreeable to Law and justice as may conduce to
the peace and well-government of the said Corporation or towneship.
Provided that all fines are to be disposed of for charitable or public uses.

6thly. That in matters of Religion and the worship of God there is
liberty of Conscience granted to all persons as well to the Freeholders as to
all others that are or shall be admitted inhabitants within the said Corpora-
tion or Towneship, they taking or subscribing to the oath of alegiance to
the King, and Fidelity to the Lords proprietors. And that no person
whatsoever shall be molested, injured or troubled for his or her difference
in opinion in matters of Religion. Provided that this liberty granted shaU


not extend to Licentiousness nor to the disturbance of others and the
public peace.

7thly. That the Freeholders and Inhabitants of the said Corporation or
Towneship, shall have a free trade allowed them, and that no tax of Custome
excise or an)' other imposition whatsoever shall be imposed on them but
such, as shall be levied by the Governor Councell and Geuerall Assembly
for the maiuteuance of the Government and lor the defraying of the public

8thly. That in case of invasion or insurrection by ye Indians, or others,
they are mutually to joine with all other townes and plantations within the
said province for the defence and safty of the same. But no warr to be
levied without the consent of the Governor, Councell, and Geuerall

9thl3\ That the Freeholders aforesaid, or the major part of them, are,
upon the Governors summons to make choice of two deputies to joyue with
tlie Geuerall Assembly, f®r the making of Laws & carrying on the public
affairs of the whole province.

lOthly. The Freeholders and inhabitants aforesaid are to submit theih-
selves to the Laws and government of this province, and to sware or sub-
scribe to the oath of allegiance to the King and tidelity to the Lords Pro-
prietors, their heirs, and successors ; and in case they or any of them have
a desire to remove and transplant themselves to any other place, they have
liberty so to do, and to dispose of their lands and estates to their best

llthly. And lastly. It is here to be understood that the major part of the
said Freeholders have power to admit of their owne inhabitants, (excepting
the land belonging to the Lords proprietors) and to order and carry on all
other afiairs as may be for the good, advantage, and well-governing of the
said Corporation or towueship. Provided that all things be done according
to equity and justice, and the laws of the province.

Whereas it is said in the second article provided that Amboj' point be
reserved towards the thousand acres of upland and meadow tiiat is
reserved to be disposed of by the Lords proprietors, (in lieu of the seventh
part mentioned in the concessions) It is to be understood and agreed upon
to and with the said Freeholders that the nyne hundred acres of upland is
to be in and about Amboy point, as it is now surveyed by tLie Surveyor
Geuerall ; And for the hundred acres of meadow is to be laid out by the
said Surveyor in the most Convenients place nearest, adjacent to the said
Amboy Point. In Confirmation of all the aforesaid deu>ised premisses, we
the Governor and Councell aforesaid have hereunto subscribed and Hxed
the Scale of tlie Province, the day and yeare first above written.

Ph: Carterett.

Ja Bolleu

Robert Vanquelliu

William Pardon

Robert Bond

Nicolas VerLett

Samuel Edsall



On the back of the Charter are these words :

" Let the Great Seal of the Province be hereunto affixed.

To the Secretary of ) y Eelrhpr "
New Jersey, ) ''■ ^e^cher.

The full text of this document is as follows :




GREETING. Whereas the advancement of true Religion and virtue is

absolutely necessary for the promotion of peace order and prosperity of the

State, and Whereas it is the Duty of all Christiaa Princes Jk Governors by

the Love of God to do all they can for the Encouragement thereof. And

Whereas Sundry of our Loving Subjects of the Presbyterian Persuasion

Inhabitants of and about the Township of Woodbridge, withiu our Colony

of New Jersey by their Humble Petition Presented to our trusty and well

beloved Jonathan Belcher Esquire, our Captain General and Commander

in Chief of our Province of New Jersey, and Vice Admiral in the Same

Shewing that the Petitions and others of Ihe same Persuation Inhabitants in

and about the Township of Woodbridge aforesaid Do make up a very large

and considerable Congregation. That the most advantageous Support of

Religion among them necessarily requires that some Persons should be

incoi-porated as Trustees for the community that they may take Grants of

Lands and Chatties thereby to enable the Petitioners to erect and repair

Publick Buildings for the worship of God and the use of the 3Iinistry and

School-houses and Alms Houses and Suitably to Support the Ministry and

the Poor of their Church and to do and perform other acts of Piety

and Charity and that the Same Trustees may have power to Lett and

grant the Same under a Publick seal for the uses aforesaid and that the same

Trustees may Plead and be impleaded in any suit touching the Premises

and have perpetual succession, that as the known Loyalty of the Petitioners

and the Presbyterians in General to us their firm alfection to ©ur Persca

and Government, and the Protestant Succession in our Royal House gave

the Petitioners hopes of all Reasonable Indulgcance and Favour within the

Same Colony where the Religious rites of ilaukiud are so happily Preserved,

and where our equil Grace and Bounty to all our Protestant faithful


subjects however dilieriuaj in opiuioii about lessor matters has hither to been
60 sensibly felt and enjoyed the said Petitioners therefore most humbly
prayed our Grant of an incorporation to the Petitioners by the Name of the
Trustees of the first Presbyterian Church in the township of Woodbridgc
•with all such powers Capacities and Priviliges as might be aficctual in Law
for the purposes aforesaid and that Bicluird Cutter, Edward Groicel, William
Heard, Dneid Bonham, George Brovjn, John Moores and Moses Bloomjidd
might be the first Trustees which Petition signed with the Names of a
Great Number of our faithful and Ijoving Subjects Inhabitants in and about
the said town, we being willing to grant, Know Ye that we of our Special
Grace certain knowledge and meer motion have willed and ordained con-
stituted given and Granted, and for us our Heirs and successors by these
Presents Do will ordain Constitute give and Grant that Richard C alter,
Edward Crowel, William Heard, David Donham, George Brown, John
Moores and Moses Bloomfield from hence forth and their sacces3;)rs forever
hereafter shall be and remain one Body Poletick and Corporate in Deed fact
and Name, by the Name of the Trustees of the first Presbyterian Church in
the township of Woodbridge and them and their successors by the Name of
the Trustees of the first Presbyterian Church in the Township of "Wood-
bridge, one Body Corporate and Politick in Deed Fact and Name, realj'' and
Trully We do for us our Heirs and successors erect make ordain constitute
declare and create by these Presents, And by that Name they Shall and
may have Perpetual Succession. And also that they and their successors
by the Name of the Trustees of the first Presbyterian Church in tlie Town-
ship of Woodbridge, be and forever hereafter shall be Persons able in Law
to Purchase take hold Receive and enjoy any Messuages, Houses, Buildings,
Lands, Tenements, Rents, Assigns and other Hereditaments and Real
Estate in fee Simple or otherwise, so as the yearly clear Value of the Sum
does not Exceed the sum of Two Hundred pounds Sterling the Statute of
MoRTMAiisr, any other Law to the Contrar}' not withstanding and Also
Goods Chatties and all other things of what kind or Quality soever. And
also that they and their Successors by the Name of the Trustees of the first
Presbyterian Chuich in the Township of Woodbridge shall and may Give
Grant and demise assign Sell or otherwise dispose of all or any of their
Messuages, Houses, Lands, Tenements, Rents, Possessions and other
Hereditaments and Real Estate and all their Goods Chatties and other
things aforesaid as to them shall seem meet And also that they, and their
Successors by the name of the IVi/stees of the first Presbyterian Church in
the township of Woodbridge be and forever hereafter shall be persons able
in Law capable to sue and be sued, implead or be impleaded, answer or be
answered, defend or be defended in all courts of judicature whatsoever.
And also that the said Trustees of the First Presbyterian Church in the
Township of Woodbridge for the time being and their Successors shall and
may forever hereafter have and use a common Seal with such device or
devices as they shall think proper for Sealing all and singular Deeds, Grants,
Conveyances, Contracts, Bonds, Articles of Agreement, Assignments,



Powers, Authorities, and all Singular their affairs and things touching or
concerniQg the said Cor|ooratiou; Anl .4'.w that the said Trustees and their
successors lorever may as oft as they see fit break, change, and new make
the Same or any other their Common Seal ; And Further, We do of our
special Grace, certain knowledge & meer Motion for us our Heirs and Suc-
cessors by these Presents, will, ordain, constitute, give and Grant, that upon
any Vacancy among the Trustees of the said first Presbyterian Cliurch in
the Township of Woodbridge by Death, Removal, or other Incapacity
whatsoever that the Minister or Ministers E'der^ and Deacons for the time
being of the said first Presbyterian Church in th3 Township of Woodbridge,
Shall and may meet together at the Town of Woodbridge, aforesaid, and
then and there elect and choose such Person or Persons out of the Congre-
gation of the said Church, as tlvey think Proper to Supply the Vacancy of
such Trustee, or Tru-taes, cause by Death, Pt -moval, or other Incapacity as
aforesaid. And also that at any and at all times whatsoever when the
Said Minister or Ministers, Elders and Deacons of the Church aforesaid or
the majority of them for the time being, shall and do Judge it proper & for
the benefit of the Said Corporation that any Trustee or Trustees Should be
Removed & Displaced from his, or their office of Trustee, that then and in
such case, the said Minister or Ministers, Elders and Deacons of the Said
Church, or the majority of them Icr the time being, shill and may meet
together at the Town of Woodbridge aforesaid and are hereby Sufficiently
authorized then and there to Displace and remove from the ofllice of
Trustee any such Trustee or Trustees, And in their Room and stead to elect
and choose out of the Congregation of said church, any Person or Persons
to supply the place or places of such Trustee or Trustees So Displaced and
Removed. Provided, always that the Number of the Said Trustees
exceed not Seven, & every Trustee so elected and appointed as aforesaid,
Shall by virtue of these Presents, and of such election & appointment be
vested with all the Powers and Priviledges which any of the other Trustees
has, or Las had. And we do further will and ordain, Give and Grant that
the Trustees of the Said first Presbyterian Church in the Township of
Woodbridge and their successors for the time being, shall from time to
time, have Power to choose their President out of the Trustees for the time
being, who shall have the Custody of the Public Seal of the said Corpora-
tion, and all the books Charters, Deeds, and Writings, anyways belonging
t.) the said Corporation .and shall have Power from time to time and at all
times hereafter as occasion shall i-equire to call meetings of the said
Trustees at Town of Woodbridge aforesaid for the execution of all or of any
of the Powers hereby given and Granted. And in case of Sickness, Absence
or Death of the President, all the Powers by these presents Granted to the
President shall be and remain in the Eldest Trustee upon Rt-corJ, until the
recovery or return of the President, or until a new President be chosen as
aforesaid, And we do further, will, ordain, give and Grant, that all and
every Act, and Order of Five of the Said Trustees (but not of any lesser
number) consented & agreed to at such meeting of the Trustees aforesaid


eliall be good, valid, and eflectual to all intents and purposes, as if the
Tvliole number of the said Trastees had consented and agreed thereto. And
WE do further will and ordain that all the acts ot the said Trustees shall from
time to time be fairly entered in a book or books to be kept for that purpose
by the President of the Trustees for the time being, which Book or Books,
together with the Seal of the said Corporation and all the Charters, Deeds,
and Writings whatsoever belonging anyways to the said Corporation, shall
be delivered over by the former President, to the President of the Said
Trustees newly Elected for the time being as Such President shall hereafter
from time to time Successively bo Chosen. And Lastly We do of our
Special Grace certain knowledge and meer Motion for us, our Heirs and
Successors by these Presents, Give and Grant uuto the said Trustees of the
first Presbyterian Church in the Township of Woodbridge and their Suc-
cessors forever that these our Letters Patent or the Enrollment thereof
Shall be good and Effectual in the Law to all Intents and Purposes against
us our Heirs and Successors without any other Licence, Grant or Confirma-
tion from Us our Heirs and Successors hereafter by Said Trustees of the
first Presbyterian Church in the Township of Woodbridge, to be had or
obtained, notwithstanding the not Reciting or mis-reciting or not Naming
or mis-naming of the aforesaid officers Franchises Previledges immunites
or other the Premises or any of them and notwithstanding a Writ of " Ad
Quod Damnum " hath not issued forth to enquire of the Premises or any of
them before the Ensealing hereof any Statute act ordinance or Provision or
any other matter or thing to the Contrary, Notwithstanding To have Hold &
enjoy all and Singular the Previledges Advantages Liberties Immunities and
all other the Premises, herein and hereby Granted and Given or which are
meant, Mentioned or intended to be herein-given and Granted Unto them
the said Trustees of the first Presbyterian Church in the Township of
Woodbridge and to their Successors forever. In Isdmony whereof we
have caused these our Letters to be made Patent and the Great Seal of our
Said Province of New Jersey to be here unto affixed. Witness our Trusty
and well beloved Jonathan Belciter Esquire Governor & Commander in
Chief of said Province of New Jersey this eighth Day of September in the
Thirtieth year of our Reign, and in the year of our Lord one Thousand
Seven Hundred and Fifty-six &c Charles Read Secretary

I have perused the above Charter tS: find nothing therein contained Incon-
Bistcnt with His Majesty's Honour. Court'd Skinner Atty. Genl.

[L. s ]

The above Charter is Recorded in the Secretary's office at Perth Amboy
in Book C. 3 of Commissions Charters &c Page 5 &c and examined by

Bowes Reed, P. Sec'y,



George The Third, by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France and
Ireland, King Defender of the Failh &c: To all to whom these presents
shall eome Greeting Whereas, Sundry of our loving Subjects Inhabitants of
the Town of Woodbridge in the County of Middlesex in behalf ot them-
selves and others have by their humble petition to our trusty and well
beloved William Franklin Esquire our Captain General Governor and Com-
mander-in-chief of our Province of New Jersey set forth that they have
erected a church in our town of Woodbridge aforesaid for preaching the
Word of God, and administering the holy sacraments according to the
doctrine and liturgy of the Church of England and have therefore prayed to
be incorporated by the name of the Mmister, Church Wardens and Vestry
of Trinity Church in Woodbridge with lull power to receive gifts and dona-
tions to purchase land and houses and to make leases and such rules and
orders for the disposal ot their church affairs as shall be agreeable to the
laws and customs of our Kingdom of Great Britain. Know ye, therefore,
that we, willing to give all due encouragement to the professors of the
churc^ as by law established in that part of Great Britain, called England ;
of our especial grace certain knowledge and mere motion have willed,
ordained, constituted, given and granted and for us, our heirs, and succes-
sors do will, ordain, constitute, give and grant that the Rev. Mr. John
Preston, the present incumbent, Samuel Jaques and Samuel Tingley the
present Church Wardens, David Alston Esq, Thomas Hadden, Joseph
Donham and Ebenczer Forster the present vestrymen of said church and
their successors forever hereafter shall be one body politic and corporate in
deed and in name by the name of the Minister, Church Wardens and Vestry-
men of Trinity Church in tiie Town of Woodbridge and they and tbeir suc-
cessors by the name of the Minister, Church Wardens and Vestry-men ia
the town of Woodbridge one body politic and corporate in deed and in
name really and fully we do by these presents for us our heirs and gucces-

Online LibraryJoseph W. cn DallyWoodbridge and vicinity : the story of a New Jersey township ; embracing the history of Woodbridge, Piscataway, Metuchen and contiguous places, from the earliest times ; the history of the different ecclesiastical bodies ; important official documents relating to the township, etc. → online text (page 26 of 34)