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tion, describing the process in operation at the Custom- House fof
ascertaining the Strength of Wines. By James B. Keene, of H. M.
Customs. 8vo ;$i.25

KELLEY.— Speeches, Addresses, and Letters on Industrial and
Financial Questions :
By Hon. William D. Kelley, M. C. 544 pages, 8vo. . $3.00

KELLOGG.-— A New Monetary System :

The only means of Securing the respective Rights of Labor and
Property, and of Protecting the Public from Financial Revulsions.
By Edward Kellogg. Revised from his work on "Labor and
other Capital." With numerous additions from his mnnu^ript
Edited by Mary Kellogg PutnAM. Fifth edition. To which id
added a Biographical Sketch of the Author. One volume, i2mo.

Paper cover ^1.00

Bound in cloth 1.50

KEMLO.— Watch-Repairer's Hand-Book:
Being a Complete Guide to the Young Beginner, in Taking Apart,
Putting Together, and Thoroughly Cleaning the English Lever and
other Foreign Watches, and all American Watches. By F. Kemlo,
Practical W "-Sr'^ker. With Illustrations. i2mo. • 11.25

Digitized by VjOOQIC


- II - ■ ■ ^

KENTISH.— A Treatise on a Box of Instruments,'
And the Slide Rule ; with the Theory of Trigonometry Ind Loga
rithms, including Practical Geometry, Surveying, Measuring of Tim*
ber, Cask and Malt Gauging, Heights, and Distances. By THOMAa
Kentish. In one volume. i2mo. . . . . $i.:$

KERL.— The Assayer't Manual :
An Abri Iged Treatise on the Docimastic Examination of Ores, and
Furnace and other Artificial Products. By Bruno Kerl, Professor
in thK Royal School of Mines; Member of the Royal Technical
Commivsi tti for the Industries, and r.f the Imperial Patent-Office,
Berlin. Translated from the German bv William T. Brannt,
Graduate of the Royal Agricultural College of Eldena, l^ussia.
Edited by William H. Wahl, Ph. D., Secretary of the Franklin
Institute, Philadelphia. Illustrated by sixty-Bve engravings. 8vo.


KINGZETT.— The History, Products, and Processes ef the
Alkali Trade :
Including the most Recent Improvements. By Charles Thomas
KiNGZETT, Consulting Chemist. With 23 illustrations. 8vo. ^^2.50

KINSLEY. — Self- Instructor on Lumber Surveying :

For the Use of Lumber Manufacturers, Surveyors, and Teachers.
By Charles Kinsley, Practical Surveyor and Teacher of Surveying.
i2mo ^2.00

KIRK.— The Founding of Metals :

A Practical Treatise on the Melting of Iron, with a Description of the
Founding of Alloys; also, of all the Metals and Mineral Substances
used in the Art of Founding. Ct)llected from original sources. By
Edward Kirk, Practical Foundryman and Chemist. Illustrated.
Third edition. 8vo. ^2.50

KITTREDGE.— The Compendium of Architectural Sheets
Metal Work :
Profusely Illustrated. Embracing Rules and Directions for Estimates,
Items of Cost, Nomenclature, Tables of Brackets, Modillions, Den-
tals, Trusses, Stop- Blocks, Frieze Pieces, etc. Architect's Specifica-
tion, Tables of Tin-Roofing, Galvanized Iron, etc., etc. To which is
added the Exemplar of Architectural Sheet-Metal Work, containing
details of the Centennial Buildings, and other important Sheet-Metal
Work, Designs and Prices of Architectural Ornaments, as manufac-
tured for the Trade by the Kittredge Cornice and Ornament Com-
pany, and a Catalogue of Cornices, Window-Caps, Mouldings, etc., as
manufactured by the Kittredge Cornice and Ornament Company.
The whole supplemented by a full Index and Table of Contents. By
A. O. Kittredge. 8vo., 565 pageis ....

LANDRIN.— A Treatise on Steel :
^Comprising its Theory, Metallurgy, Prop)erties, Practical Working,
'and Use. By M. H. C. Landrin, Jr., Civil Engineer. Translated
from the French, with Notes, by A. A. Fesquet, Chemist and En-
gineer. With an Appendix on the Bessemer and the Martin Pro-
cesses for Manufacturing Steel, from the Report of Abram S. Hewitt

Digitized by VjOOQIC


United States Commissioner to the Universal Exposition, Paris, 1867.

i2mo. . ^3.00

2^RDEN.— A School Course on Heat :

By W. Larden, M. A. 321 pp. i2mo ^2.00

LARDNER.— The Steam-Engine :

For the Use of Beginners. By Dr. Lardner. Illustrated. i2mo.


lARKIN.— The Practical Brass and Iron Pounder's Guide :
A Concise Treatise on Brass Founding, Moulding, the Metals and
their Alloys, etc. ; to which are added Recent Improvements in ths
Manufacture of Iron, Steel by the Bessemer Process, etc., etc. By
James Larkin, late Conductor of the Brass Foundry Department in
Keany, Neafie & Co.'s Penn Works, Philadelphia. Fifth edition,
revised, with extensive additions. i2mo. • • . 1^2.25

LEROUX.— A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture oi
Worsteds and Carded Yams :
Comprising Practical Mechanics, with Rules and Calculations applied
to Spinning ; Sorting, Cleaning, and Scouring Wools ; the English
and French Methods of Combing, Drawing, and Spinning Worsteds,
and Manufacturing Carded Yarns. Translated from the French of
Charles Leroux, Mechanical Engineer and Superintendent of a
Spinning-Mill, by HoRATio Paine, M. D., and A. A. Fesquet,
Chemist and Engineer. Illustrated by twelve large Plates. To which
is added an Appendix, containing Extracts from the Reports of the
International Jury, and of the Artisans selected by the Committee
appointed by the Council of the Society of Arts, London, on Woolen
and Worsted Machinery and Fabrics, as exhibited in the Paris Uni-
versal Exposition, 1867. 8vo. $S-oo

LEFFEL. — The Construction of Mill-Dams :
Comprising also the Building of Race and Reservoir Embankments
and Head-Gates, the Measurement of Streams, Gauging of Water
Supply, etc. By James Leffel & Co. Illustrated by 58 engravings.
8vo. ^({2,50

LESLIE.— Complete Cookery:
Directions for Cookery in its Various Branches. By Miss Leslie.
Sixtieth thoasand. Thoroughly revised, with the addition of New
Receipts. In i2mo., cloth $l'S^

LIEBER.— Assayer's Guide :
Or, Practical Directions to Assayers, Miners, and Smelters, for the
Tests and Assays, by Heat and by Wet Processes, for the Ores of all
the principal Metals, of Gold and Silver Coins and Alloys, and of
Coal, etc. By OscAR M. Lieber. i2mo. . . . IJi.25

LOVE. — The Art of Dyeing, Cleaning, Scouring, and Finish^
ing, on the Most Approved English and French Methods :
Being Practical Instructions in Dyeing Silks, Woolens, and Cottons,
Feathers, Chiles, Straw, etc. Scouring and Cleaning Bed and Win-
dow Curtains, Carpets, Rugs, etc. French and English Cleaning,
any Color or Fabric of Silk, Satin, or Damask. By Thomas Love,
a Working Dyer and Scourer- Second American Edition, to which

Digitized by VjOOQIC


are added General Instructions for the use of Aniline Colors. 8vo.

343 pages I5.00

LU KIN. —Amongst Machines:

Embracing Descriptions ot the various Mechanical Appliances used
in the Manufacture of Wood, Metai, and other Sut)stances. i2mo.

I.UKIN.— The Boy Engineers:
What They Did, and How They EHd It. With 30 plates, f 8mo.


LUKIN.— The Y^ung Mechanic t
Practical Carpenti^. Containing Directions for the Use of all kinds
of Tools, and for Construction of Steam- Engines and Mechanical
Models, including the Art of Turning \n Wood and Metal. By John
LUKIN, Author of "The Lathe and Its Uses," clc. Illustrated.
i2mo |i-75

MAIN and BROWN.— Questions on Subjects Connected with

the Marine Steam-Engine :

And Examination Papers; with Hints for their Solution. By

Thomas J. Main, Professor of Mathematics, Royal Naval College,

and Thomas Brown, Chief Engineer, R. N. i2mo., cloth . $1.50

MAIN and BROWN. — The Indicator and Dynamometer:
With their Practical Applications to the Steam-Engine. By Thomas
J. Main, M. A. F. R., Ass't S. Professor Royal Naval College,
Portsmouth, and Thomas Brown, Assoc. Inst. C. E., Chief Engineer
R. N., attached to the R. N. College. Illustrated. 8vo. . I1.50

MAIN and BROWN.— The Marine Steam-Engine.
By Thomas J. Main, F. R. Ass't S. Mathematical Professor at the
Royal Naval College, Portsmouth, and Thomas Brown, Assoc.
Inst. C. E., Chief Engineer R. N. Attached to the Royal Naval
College. With numerous illustrations. 8vo. . . . $5.06

MARTIN.— Screw-Cutting Tables, for the Use of Mechanical
Engineers :
Showing the Proper Arrangement of Wheels for Cutting the Threads
of Screws of any Required Pitch ; with a Table for Making the Uni-
versal Gas-Pipe Thread and Taps. By W. A. Martin, Engineer.
8yo. 50

MICHELL.— Mine Drainage:

Being a Compieie and Practical Treatise on Direct-Acting Under*
ground Steam Pumping Machinery. With a Description of a large
number of the best known Engines, their General Utility and the
Special Sphere of their Action, the Motle of their Application, and
their Merits compared with other Pumping Machinery. By Stephen
MiCHELL. Illustrated by 137 engravings. 8vo., 277 pages . ^6.00

MOLESWORTH.— Pocket-Book of Useful Formulae and
Memoranda for Civil and Mechanical Engineers.
By Guilford L. Molesworth, Member of the Institution of Civil
Engineers, Chief Resident Engineer of the Ceylon Railway. Full-
bound in Pocket-book form • $i.O0

Digitized by VjOOQIC


MOORE. — The Universal Assistant and the Complete Me*
Containing over one million Industrial Facts, Calculations, Receipti^
Processes, Trades Secrets, Rules, Business Forms, Legal Items, Etc.,
in every occupation, from the Household to the Manufactory. By
R. Moore. Illustrated by 500 Engravings. i2mo. . $2.50

MORRIS. — Easy Rules for the Measurement of Earthworks :
By means of the Prismoidal Formula. Illustrated with Numerout
Wood-Cuts, Problems, and Examples, and concluded by an Exten-
sive Table for finding the Solidity in cubic yards from Mean Areas.
The whole being adapted for convenient use by En}*ineers, Surveyors,
Contractors, and others needing Correct Measurements of Earthwork.
By Elwood Morris, C. E. 8vo $1.50

MORTON.— The System of Calculating Diameter, Circumfer-
ence, Area, and Squaring the Circle :
Together with Interest and Miscellaneous Tables, and other informa-
tion. By James Morton. Second Edition, enlarged, with the
Metric System. i2mo |5i.oo

NAPIER.— Manual of Electro- Metallurgy :
Including the Application of the Art to Manufacturing Processes.
By James Napier. Fourth American, from the Fourth London
edititm, revised and enlarged. Illustrated by engravings. 8vo. $1.50

NAPIER. — A System of Chemistry Applied to Dyeing.

By James Napier, F. C. S. A New and Thoroughly Revised Edi-
tion. Completely brought up to the present state of the Science,
mcluding the Chemistry of Coal Tar Colors, by A. A. Fesquet,
Chemist and Engineer. With an Appendix on Dyeing and Calico
Printing, as shown at the UniYersal Exposition, Paris, 1867. Illus-
trated. 8vo. 422 pages $S-00

NEVILLE.— Hydraulic Tables, Coefficients, and Formulae, for
finding the Discharge of Water from Orifices, Notches*
Weirs, Pipes, and Rivers :
Third Edition, with Additions, consisting of New Formulae for the
Discharge from Tidal and Flood Sluices and Siphons ; general infor-
mation on Rainfall, Catchment- Basins, Drainage, Sewerage, Wa'.er
Supply for Towns and Mill Power. By loHN Neville, C. E. M. R.
1. A.; Fellow of the Royal Geological Society of Ireland. Thick
I2mo $350

NEWBERY.— Gleanings from Ornamental Art of evezy
style :
Drawn from Examples in the British, South Kensington, Indian,
Crystal Palace, and other Museums, the Exhibitions of 185 1 and
1862, and the best English and Foreign works. In a series of 100
exquisitely drawn Plates, containing many hundred examples. By
Robert Newbery. 410. I12.50

NICHOLLS. —The Theoretical and Practical Boiler-Maker and
Engineer's Reference Book:
Containing a variety of Useful Information for Employers of Labon
Foremen and Working Poiler- Makers, Ircn, Copper, and Tinsmiths

Digitized by VjOOQIC


Draughtsmen, Engineers, the General Steam-using Public, and for the
Use of Science Schools and Classes. By Samuel Nicholls. Illus-
trated by sixteen plates, i2mo. ^2.50

NICHOLSON.— A Manual of the Art of Bookbinding:
Containing full instructions in the different Branches of Forwarding^
Gilding, and Finishing. Also, the Art of Marbling Book-edges and
Paper. By James B. Nicholson. Illustrated. i2mo., cloth ^^,2$

HICOLLS.— The Railway BuUdert ^

A Hand-Book for Estimating the Probable Cost of American Rail-
way Construction and Equipment. By W1LLLA.M J. NiGOLLS, Civil
Engineer. Illustrated, full bound, pocket-book form . ^2.00

NORMANDY.— The Commercial Handbook of Chemical An*
Or Practical Instructions for the Determination of the Intrinsic or
Commercial Value of Substances used in Manufactures, in Trades,
and in the Arts. By A. Normandy. New Edition, Enlarged, and
to a great extent rewritten. By Henry M. Noad, Ph.D., F.R.S.,
thick i2mo ^5.00

N ORRIS. — ^A Handbook lor Liocomotive Engineers and Ma-
chinists :
Comprising the Proportions and Calculations for Constructing Loco-
motives ; Manner of Setting Valves ; Tables of Squares, Cubes, Areas,
etc., etc By Septimus Norris, M. E. New edition. Illustrated,
i2mo. .^ i$i.5o

NYSTROM. — ^A New Treatise on Elements of Mechanics :
Establishing Strict Precision in the Meaning of Dynamical Terms :
accompanied with an Appendix on Duodenal Arithmetic and Me-
trology. By John W. Nystrom, C. E. Illustrated. 8vo. #2.00

NYSTROM.— On Technological Education and the Construc-
tion of Ships and Screw Propellers :
For Naval and Marine Engineers. By John W. Nystrom, late
Acting Chief Engineer, U. S. N. Second edition, revised, with addi-
tional matter. Illustrated by seven engravings. i2mo. . $i.SO

O'NEILL. — A Dictionary of Dyeing and Calico Printing :
Containing a brief account of all the Substances and Processes in
use in the Art of Dyeing and Printing Textile Fabrics ; with Practical
Receipts and Scientific Information. By Charles O'Neill, Analy-
tical Chemist. To which is added an Essay on Coal Tar Colors and
their application to Dyeing and Calico Printing. By A. A. Fesquet,
Chemist and Engineer. With an appendix on Dyeing and Calico
Printing, as shown at the Universal Exposition, Paris, 1867. 8vo.,
491 pages ^5.00

ORTON. — Underground Treasures*.

How and Where to Find Them. A Key for the Ready Determination
of all the Useful Minerals within the United States. By James
Orton, A.M., Late Professor of Natural History in Vassar College,
N. Y.; Cor. Mem. of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia,
and of the Lyceum of Natural History, New York ; author of the
*• Andes and the Amazon," etc. A New Edition, with Additions.
Illustrated 1^1. 50

Digitized by VjOOQIC


OSBORN.— The Metallurgy of Iron and Steel:

Theoretical and Practical in all its Branches ; with Fpecial reference
to American Materials and Processes. By H. S. OoBORN, LL. D.,
Professor of Mining and Metallurgy in Lafayette College, Easton,
Pennsylvania. Illustrated by numerous large folding plates and
wood-engravings. 8vo. $25.00

OSBORN. — ^A Practical Manual of Minerals, Mines and Min-
Comprising the Physical Properties, Geologic Positions, Local Occur-
rence and Associations of the Useful Minerals; their Methods of
Chemical Analysis and Assay: together with Various Systems of
Excavating and Timbering, Brick and Masonry Work, during Driv-
ing, Lining, Bracing and other Operations, etc. By Prof. H. S.
OsBORN, LL. D., Author of the " Metallurgy of Iron and Steel."
Illustrated by 171 engravings from original drawings. 8vo. ^^4.50

OVERMAN.— The Manufacture of Steel :

Containing the Practice and Principles of Working and Making Steel.
A Handbook for Blacksmiths and Workers in Steel and Iron, Wagon
Makers, Die Sinkers, Cutlers, and Manufacturers of Files and Hard-
ware, of Steel and Iron, and for Men of Science and Art. By
Frederick Overman, Mining Engineer, Author of the " Manu-
facture of Iron,** etc. A new, enlarged, and revised Edition. By
A. A. Fesquet, Chemist and Engineer. i2mo. . . $1.50

OVERMAN.— The Moulder's and Pounder's Pocket Guide :
A Treatise on Moulding and Founding in Green-sand, Dry -sand. Loam,
and Cement; the Moulding of Machine Frames, Mill-gear, Hollow-
ware. Ornaments, Trinkets, Bells, and Statues; Description of Moulds
for Iron, Bronze, Brass, and other Metals ; Plaster of Paris, Sulphur,
Wax, etc. ; the Construction of Melting Furnaces, the Melting and
Founding of Metals ; the Composition of Alloys and their Nature,
etc., etc. By Frederick Overman, M. E. A new Edition, to
which is added a Supplement on Statuary and Ornamental Moulding,
Ordnance, Malleable Iron Castings, etc. By A. A. Fesquet, Chem-
ist and Engineer. Illustrated by 44 engravings. i2mo. . ^2.00

Containing Rules and Regulations in everything relating to the AnS
of Painting, Gilding, Varnishing, Glass; Staining, Graining, Marbling,
Sign- Writing, Gilding on Glass, and Coach Painting and Varnishing ;
Tests for the Detection of Adulterations in Oils, Colors, etc. ; and a

' Statement of the Diseases to which Painters are peculiarly liable, with
the Simplest and Best Remedies. Sixteenth Edition. Revised, with
an Appendix. Containing Colors and Coloring — ^Theoretical and
Practical. Comprising descriptions of a great variety of Additional
Pigments, their Qualities and Uses, to which are added. Dryers, and
Modes and Operations of Painting, etc. Together with Chevreul's
Principles of Harmony and Contrast of Colors. i2mo. Cloth $1.50

PALLETT. — The Miller's, Millwright's, and Engineer's Guide.
By Henry Pallett. Illustrated. i2mo. . . . I^J.oo

Digitized by VjOOQIC


PERCY.— The Manufacture of Russian Sheet-Iron.

By John Percy, M. D., F. R.S., Lecturer on Metallurgy at the
Royal School of Mines, and to The Advance Class of Artillery
Officers at the Royal Artillery Institution, Woolwich ; Author of
" Metallurgy." With Illustrations. 8vo., paper . . 50 cts

PERKINS.— Oas and Ventttation :

Practical Treatise on Gas and Ventilation. With Special Relation
to liluminaiing. Healing, and Cooking by Gas. Including Scientific
Hel|i8 to Engineer-students and others. With Illustrated Diagrams.
By E. E. Perkins. i2mo., cloth 11.25

PERKINS AND STOWE. - A New Guide to the Sheet-iron
and Boiler Plate Roller :
Containing a Series of Tables showing the Weight of Slabs and Piles
to Produce Boiler Plates, and of the Weight of Piles and the Sizes of
Bars to produce Sheet-iron; the Thickness of the Bar Gauge
in decimals; the Weight per foot, and the Thickness on the Bar or
Wire Gauge of the fractional parts of an inch; the Weight |>er
sheet, and the Thickness on the Wire Gauge of Sheet-iron of various
dimensions to weigh 112 lbs. per bundle; and the convei-sion of
Short Weight into Long Weight, and Long Weight into Short.
Estimated and collected by G. H. Perkins and J. G. Stowe. ^^2.50

POWELL— CHANCE^HARRIS.— The Principles of Glass


By Harry J. Powell, B. A. Together with Treatises on Crown and

Sheet Glass; by Henry Chance, M. A. And Plate Glass, by H.

G. Harris, Asso. M. Inst. C. E. Illustrated i8mo. . ^1.50

PROCTOR.— A Pocket-Book of Useful Tables and Formulae
for Marine Engineers :
By Frank Proctor. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged.
Full -bound pocket-book form $1-$^

REGNAULT.— Elements of Chemistry:
By M. V. Regnault. Translated from the French by T. Forrest
Betton, M. D., and edited, with Notes, by James C. Booth, Melter
and Refiner U. S. Mint, and William L. Faber, Metallurgist and
Mining Engineer. Illustrated by nearly 700 wood -engravings. Com-
prising nearly 1,500 pages. In two volumes, 8vo., cloth . $7'So

RICHARDS.— Aluminiund :
Its History, Occurrence, Properties, Metallurgy and Applications,
including its Alloys. By Joseph W. Richards, A. C, Chemist and
Practical Metallurgist, Member of the Deutsche Chemische Gesell-
schaft. Illustrated by 16 engravings. 12 mo. 346 pages ^2.50

Treatise on the Manufacture of Colors for Painting :
Comprising the Origin, Definition, and Classification of Colors; the
Treatment of the Raw Materials ; the best Formulae and the Newest
Processes for the Preparation of every description of Pigment, and
the Necessary Apparatus and Directions for its Use; Dryers; the
Testing, Application, and Qualities of Paints, etc., etc. By MM.
RiFFAULT, Vergnaud, and Toussaint. Revised and Edited by M.

Digitized by VjOOQIC


F. Malepeyre. Translated from the French, by A. A. Fesquei;
Chemist and En^rmeer. Illustrated by Eighty engravings. In one
vol., 8vo., 659 pages $^^5^

ROPER.— A Catechism of High-Pressure, or Non-Condensing
Steam -Engines :
Including the Modelling, Constructing, and Management of Steam*
Engines and Steam Boilers. With valuable illustrations. By Ste-
phen Roper, Engineer. Sixteenth edition, revised and enlarged.
i8ma., tucks, gilt edge ^2.00

KOPER.— Engineer's Handy- Book:
Containing a full Explanation of the Steam-Engine Indicator, and its
Use and Advantages to Engineers and Steam Users. With Formulae
/or Estimating the Power of all Classes of Steam- Engines ; also.
Facts, Figures, Questions, and Tables for Engineers who wish to
qualify themselves for the United States Navy, the Revenue Service,
the Mercantile Marine, or to take charge of the Better Class of Sta-
tionary Steam-Engines. Sixth edition. i6mo.. 690 pages, tucks,
gilt edge fe.50

ROPER.— Hand-Book of Land and Marine Engines :
Including the Modelling, Construction, Running, and Management
of Lanr* and Marine Engines and Boilers. With illustrations. By
Stephen Roper, Engineer. Sixth edition. i2mo.,tixks, gilt edge.

ROPER.— Hand-Book of the Locomotive :

Including the Construction of Engines and Boilers, and the Construc-
tion, Management, and Running of Locomotives. By Stephen
Roper. Eleventh edition. i8mo., tucks, gilt edge . ^2.5*

ROPER. — Hand-Book of Modem Steam Fire-Engines.
With illustrations. By Stephen Roper, Engineer. Fourth edition,
1 2mo., tucks, gilt edge ^3.50

ROPER. — Questions and Answers for Engineers.
This little book contains all the Questions that Engineers will he
asked when undergoing an Examination for the purpose of procuring^
Licenses, and they are so plain that any Engineer or Fireman of or
dinary intelligence may commit them to memory in a short time. By
Stephen Roper, Engineer. Third edition . . . I3.00

ROPER.— Use and Abuse of the Steam Boiler.
By Stephen Roper, Engineer. Eighth ediiicm, with illustrations.
i8mo., tucks, gilt edge $2.00

ROSE.— The Complete Practical Machinist :

Embracing Lathe Work, Vise Work, Drills and Drilling, Taps and
Dies, Hardening and Tempering, the Making and Use of Toolsp
Tool Grinding, Marking out Work, etc. By Joshua Rose. Illus-
trated by 356 engravings. Thirteenth edition, thoroughly revised
and in great part rewritten. In one vol., i2mo., 439 pages ^^2.50

^OSB.— Mechanical Drawing Self-Taught:
Comprising Instructions in the Selection and Preparation of Drawing
Instruments, Elementary lustructiou in Practical Mechanical Draw-

Digitized by VjOOQIC


ing, together with Examples in Simple Geometry and Elementary
Mechanism, including Screw Threads, Gear Wheels, Mechanical
Motions, Engines and Boilers. By Joshua Rose, M. £. liluslrated
by 330 engravings. 8vo ,313 pages .... ;$4.oo

ROSE.— The Slide- Valve Practically Explained:

Embracing simple and complete Practical Demonstrations of the
operation of each element in a Slide-valve Movement, and illustrat-
ing the effects of Variations in their Proportions by examples care-
fully selected from the most recent and successful practice. By
Joshua Rose, M. E. Illustrated by 35 engravings . ^i.oo

ROSS.— The Blowpipe in Chemistry, Mineralogy and Geology :
Containing all Known Methods of Anhydrous Analysis, many Work-
ing Examples, and Instructions for Making Apparatus. By Lieut.-
CoLOJiKL W. A. Ross, R. A., F. G. S. With 120 Illustrations.
i2mo |i-5o

SHAW.— Civil Architecture:

Being a Complete Theoretical and Practical System of Building, con-
taining the Fundamental Principles of the Art. By Edward Shaw,
Architect. To which is added a Treatise on Gothic Architecture, etc.
By Thomas W. Silix>way and George M. Harding, Architects.
I'he whole illustrated by 102 quarto plates finely engraved on copper.
Eleventh edition. 4to $10.00

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