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N. Y.

Copied by
Josephine C» Frost
(Mrs. Samuel K. J'rost .)
Sept. 1910

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The first mention I could find in the town records of
this cemetery, which is the oldest one in Jamaica, was under
date of November 5, 1668, when at a town meeting it was a^
greed that John Wascot was to fence the burying place, with
good and sufficient five rail fence before the middle of the
next March. He was to fence it ten rods square and to have
four pounds current pay for his pains and labor.

Under date of December 5, 1670, at a town meeting it
was decided that William Brinkley was to have a piece of lad
on the west side of the burial place, leaving ^ sufficient
highway' between his fence and Beaver Pond.

The History cf (Queens County says, that when the old
Presbyterian Church was torn down in 1813, the bones of Rev.
Patrick Gordon, who died July 28, 1702 and those of Rev,
William Urquhart who died the last of August 1709, and
those of the two wives of Rev. Thomas Poyer, whom had been
huried under this church, were gathered up, put in a box and
buried in the village cemetery. If this "be true, no mark-
ers tell us of their final resting place*

In 1357, Nicholas Ludlum of New York, purchased three
acres of land, east of the old burying ground and built a
chapel, at his own expense in memory of his daughters.

This cemetery, containing the remains of the pioneers
of this place, was incorporated in 1879 under the name of
The Prospect Cemetery. It is sad to record that many old
stones have been used to form a walk and new graves are be-
ing made over the old ones.

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Smith, Hannah, wife of Nathaniel Smith, died Nov.

17, 1871 .Ag« 76 yrs. 2 mo8« 20 days

Smith, Henry Hagner, son of Daniel and Caroline H.

Smith, died May 20, 1896. Age 41 years
1 month and. 4 days

Smith, Frsuik Cornell, eon of Daniel and Caroline H.

Smith, died Aug* 22, 1869. Age 13 yrs.
4 months and 21 days

Smith, Daniel Smith, died March 20, 1365. Age 41

years, 10 months and 17 days

Smith, ) Ceuroline Hagner, wife of Daniel Smith and
Hagner, } daughter of Henry I. Hsigner, died Dec.

27, 1864. Age 30 yrs. 8 mos. 23 days

Stoothoff, William Stoothoff, died June 2, 1372. Age

63 years, 5 months and 5 days

Stoothoff,) Catharine Pool, wife of William Stoothoff,
Pool, ) died Dec* 9, 1880. Age 70 yrs. 9 mos.

Stoothoff, William Henry, son of William and Catharine

Pool Stoothoff, died Sep. 3, 1359. Age
12 years, 7 months and 26 days

Stoothoff, Ida Jane, daughter of William and Catharine

Pool Stoothoff, died Jan. 5, 1367. Age
33 years, 2 months and 4 days

Pool, Mary S. Pool, died Dec* 27, 1388. Age 85 ys

Huntling, Rev. James Huntling, born Aug. 5, 1798, died

May 14, 1382

Huntling,) Catharine Ogden, wife of James Huntling, born

Ogden, ) Dec. 13, 1309, died Aug. 7, 1389

Huntling^ Hannah Ogden, daughter of James and Catha-

rine Huntling, bom Westfield, N. J.
July 10, 1342, died Jamaica, Sep. 23/

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