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With additions






REACHING and praying are excellent or^
dinances : The "former is speaking unto men, for God t
The latter is spe'jiking unto God for ourselves and all
men ; but when titiiQ pnds they will he laid aside, be-
ing entirely useless. 'Bot ringing is calculated for
both worlds. In this, it is that delightful part of de-
votion which animates our hearts, and raises our affec-
tions, and testifies the inward joy of our souls. Be*
joke in the Lord ye righteous^ for praise is comely for
the ufiright. Psalm, xxxiii. 1. Thy statutes have been
my song in the house of my pilgrimage. Psalm cxix. 54.
The matter of singing is God's praise. (Psalm xlvii.
6.) the manner, with a loud voice (Psalm Ixxxi. 1.)
making melody in our hearts to the Lord, (Eph. v. 19.)
%vith the spirit and understanding. And singing doubt-
less will be our employment when time shall be no
more. Rejoice ye heavens and ye that dwell in them^ Rev.
xii. 12. And they sting a ne'-tv song ^ saying thou art ivor-
thy to take the book and to ojien the seals thereof ; for
thou ivast slain and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood
—and I beheld and I heard the voice of many angel*
round about the throne^ and the beasts^ and the Elders^ and
the number of themnvas ttn thousand times ten thousand,
and thousands rf thousands, saying nvith a loud voice
worthy is the Lamb, i^c. Therefore let us praise God
Avith sincerity and awe, for he is a God of terrible
majesty, he is a God of glory, and such transcendant
perfection that he will not look upon us with pleasure,
unless we offer praise from the heart.






COME friends and relations let us join heart andi'
The voice of the turtle is heard in our land ;
Let us all walk together and follow the sound,
And march to the place where redemption is found.

2 The place it is hidden, the place is conceal'd ;
The place it is hidden until 'tis reveai'd ;

The place is in Jesus, to Jesus we'll go

And there find redemption from sorrow and wos.

3 The place it is hidden by reason of sin, *
Alas you can't see the sad state you are in ;
You are blinded, polluted, in prison and pain,
O how can such rebels redemption obtain 1

4 And if you are wounded and bruis'd by the fall,
Then up and be doing, for you he doth call ;

And if you are tempted to doubt and despair,
Then come home to Jesus, redemption is there.

5 And you my dear brethren that love my dear

Who have witness'd free pardon by faith in his word,
Let patience attend you wherever you be.
Your Saviour has purchas'd salvation for thee.

6 And when the archangel the trumpet shall sound,
And awake all the dead that s'eep under the ground.
The sound of that trumpet will bid you arise,

To meet your redemption with joy and surprise.

7 Qthen loving Jesus our souls will receive,
From bonds of corruption our bodies reUeve,
Than we shall be perfect and we shah be frecj
We'll sing of redemption wherever we be.

8 Redeemed from sin and redeemed from death,
Hedeem'd from corruption, redeem'd from the earth,
Redeem'd from damnation, redeem'cl from all woe,
We'll sing oi redemption wherever we go.

9 Redeemed from sin and redeem'd from distress,
The fruits of redemption no tongue can express,
Redemption be ascribed to Jesus's love,

We'll sing of redemption in the heavens above.

HYMN 2. P. M.

The Farewell,

FAREWELL my brethren in the Lord,
The gospel sounds a jubilee :
My stam'ring tongue shall sound aloud.
From lai^d to land, from sea to sea j
And as I preach from place to place,
I'll trust alone in God's free grace.

2 Farewell in bonds, and union dear ;
Like strmgs you twine about my heart ;

I humbly beg your earnest pniy'r,

Till we shall meet no more to part—*
Till we shall meet in worlds above,
Encircled in eternal love.

3 Farewell my earthly friends below,
Tho' all BO kind and dear to me j

My Jesus calls and I must go

To sound the gospel jubilee —
To sound the joys, and bear the ne^YS3
To Gentile worlds and royal Jews.

4 Farewell young people one and all ;
While God shall' grant me breath to breathe,

I'll pray to the e'ernal all.

That your dear souls in Christ may live — •
That your dear souls prepav'd md.y be.
To reign in bliss eternally !

5 Farewell to all below the sun ;
And as I pass in tenrs below,

The path is strait my feet shall run ;
And God will keep me as I go —
And God will keep me in his hand,
And bring me to the promis'd land. ,

6 Farewell, farewell 1 I look above ;
Jesus my friend to thee I call ;

My joy, my crown, my only love,

My safeguard here, my heav'nly all,
My theme to preach, my song to sing,
My only joy till death — amen.

HYMN 3. L. M.

The Hiding-place,

HATL, sovereign love, that first began,
The scheme to rescue f.illen man :
Hail, matchless, free, eternal grace,
That gave my soul a hiding-place !

2 Agninst the God, that built the sky,
1 tought with hands uplifted high :
Despis'd the nunsious of his grace,
Too proud to seeK a hiding place.


3 Enrapt in dark Egyptian night,
And fond of darkness more than light ;
Madly I ran the sinful race,

Secure without a hiding-place !

4 But lo ! th* eternal council rang,
Almighty love arrest tlie man ;

I felt the arrows of distress,
And found I had no hiding-place.

5 Vindictive justice stood in view,
To Sinai's fi'ry mount I flew ;

But justice cri'd with frowning face,
This mountain is no hiding-place I

6 But lo ! a heav'nly voice I heard,
And mercy's angel soon appear'd ;
lie led me on a pleasing pace,

To Jesus Christ, my hiding-place.

7 Should sev'n fold storms of vengeance roll,
And shake the globe from pole to pole ;
No thunder-bolts should daunt my faccj

Tor Jesus is my hiding-place.

8 On him Almighty vengeance fell,
Which must have sunk a world to hell :
He bore it for his chosen race,

And thus become their hiding-place.

9 A few more roiling suns at most,
Shall land me on fair Canaan's coast ;
Where I shall sing the song of grace,
And see my glorious hiding-place !

HYMN 4. C. M.

^4 luarning to sinners^ tofice from the 'mrath to co^m.


HEN pity prompts me to look round
Upon this fellow clay j


See men reject the gospel sound,.
Good God I what shall I say ?

2 My bowels yearn for dying men,.
Dcom'd to eternal woe ;

Fain wouM I speak, but 'Us in vain,
If Gud dosa not sjicuk too.

3 O ! sinners, sinners wont you hear.
When in God's name I come I

Upon your peril don't forbear,
Lest hell should be your doom.

4 Now is the time, th' accepted hour^

O ! sinners come away

The Saviour's knocking at your door?
Arise without delay,

5 O ! don't refuse to give him room^
Lest mc rcy should withdraw ;

He'll then in robes of vengeance come
To execute his law.

€ Then where, poor mortals, will you be

If destitute of grace,
When you your injur'd judge shall see,

And stand before his face ?

7 O ! could you shun that dreadful sight.
How would you wish to fly

To the dark shades of endiess night,
From that ail searching eye ?

8 But death and hell must all appear.
And you among them stand ;

Before the great impartial bar,.
Arraign'd at Christ'^ left hand.

9 No yearning bowels, pity then
Shall not aftect my heart ;

No, I shall surely say amen


When Christ bids you depart,

TO Let not these warnings be in vaiq,

But lend a list*ning ear,
Lest you should meet them all again^

When wrapt in keen despair.

HYMN 5. C. M.

T/ie sufferings of Christ,

AWAKE, arise, O saints and view
The load of sin and shame,
Transfer'd from you an heir of hell,
Upon the lovely Lamb.

2 A load so great it made him groan.
It must have sunk us low ;

Low as the dreadful deeps of hell,
In that abyss of woe.

3 Behold the streams of sweat he sweat,
For us great drops of blood ;

Blood running down from every pore,
Which rais'd a mighty flood,

4 A flood to float our souls away,
From welt'ring reafs of fire,

The pointed steel did reach his heart.
To swell this ocean higher.

5 The racking cross on which he lay,
A painful tort'ring bed ;

A thorny pillow was prepared,
On which he lean'd his head.

G The sun his light refus'd to give,

Night's sable \vings unfurl'd ;
Jesus the Saviour fell asleep,

"While earthquakes rock'd the world.


'7 But soon he *rose, his nap was short,

And as a man from wine.
He shouted with a mighty voiccj

And made salvation mine.

8 He 'rose he 'rose he burst the gates
Of death and from his throne,

Beholds the glorious worlds of light,
And calls them all his own.

9 The sun with his most dazzling rays,
Must not with him compare ;

His glory's one unclouded blaze,
One roiling stream most clear.


Shepherds of Je%vry.

AS shepherds in Jewry were guarding their sheep.
Promiscuously seated estranged from sleep ;
An angel from heaven presenting to view,
And thus he accosted the trembling few ;
Dispel all your sorrows and banish your fears,
For Jesus your Saviour in Jewry appears.

2 Tho' Adam the first in rebellion was found,
Forbidden to tarry on hallowed ground ;
Yet Adam the second appears to retrieve,
The loss you sustained by the devil and Eve ;
Then shepherds be tranquil, this instant arise,
Go visit the Saviour and see where he lies.

3 A token I leave you whereby you may find,
This heavenly stranger, this friend to mankind ;
A manger his cradle, a stall his abode,

And oxe'i are near him to blow on your God ;
Then shepherds be humble, be meek and lie low,
For Jesus your Saviour's abundantly so.

4 This wonderous storj scarce col'd on the ear,

When thousand of angels in glory appear ;
Thus join in the concert, and this Avas their theme,
All glory to God and good will towards men ;
Then shepherds strike in, join your voice in the choir,
And catch a fe Fv sparks of celestial fire.

5 Hosannah the angels in extacy cry,
Hosannah the wondering shepherds reply ;
Salvation, redemption aro centre'd in one,
All glory to God for the birth of his son ;

Then shepherds adieu, we commend you to God,
Go visit the Son in his humble abode.

6 To Bethlehem city the shepherd repair'd,
For full confirmation of what tlrey had heard ;
They enter'd the stable with aspect so mild,
And there they beheld both mother and child ;
Then make proclamation, divulge i\ abroad.
That gentle and simple may hear of their Lord.

HYMN 7. C. M.

The Soldier of the Cross*

AM I a soldier of the cross,
A follower of the lamb ?
Why should I fear to own his cause,
Or blush tp speak his name ?

2 Are there no foes for me to face ?
Must I not stem the flood ?

Is this vain world a friend to grace,
To help us on to God ?

3 Should I be carry'd to the skies,
On flow*ry beds of ease ?

While others fight to win the prize,
And sail thro* bloody seas ?

4 Yes, I ittust fight if I would reigns


Inercas© my cotjrageLord,
To bear the cross, endure the sham^j
Supported by thy word.

5 The saints all in this glorious war,
Shall conquer tho' they die ;

They view a triumph from a far,
And see it with their eye.

6 When that illustiious day shall rise,
And all their armies shine

With robes of vict'ry thro' the skies,
The glory shall be thine.

HYMN 8. L. M.
A true Christianas experience.

COME all ye saints and sinners near,
Come listen awhile and you shall hear
The wonders of Almighty grace,
Which sat me free to sing his praise.

2 One glorious Jesus from the sky,
He said to me as he pass'd by,
Awake, arise, depart and fly,

Go hence or you will surely die.

3 Mine eyes he openM to behold
The wonders I have never told ;
Heaven and hell I thought I saw,
And my poor soul in ruin lay.

4 I heard of Jesus, who they say
Could wash a sinner's sins away ;
Eut how to find him I did not know,
Nor how to meet with him below.

5 My flesh did war against my soul,
Temptations did me much controul ;
The weeping saints I could not slight^



Who sought their Jesus day and night.

6 The scandal of his cross I sec,
That scandal it would fall on me j
But still I thought Xdid behold,

I wanted Jesus more than gold.

7 I laid me down to take my rest,
Bemoaning of my dreadful case,

1 thought I would, for mercy wait.
But then I fear'di'd come too late.

2 I little thought he'd been so nigh.
His speaking made me smile and cry ;
He said I'm come to you my love,

I have a place for you above.

9 This glorious news I did believe,
JAy sins and sorrows did me leave ;
My soul enraptur'd in his love,

Jn hopes to go with him above —

10 There for to set and sing and tell
The wonders of Immanuel,
"While we shall join in songs divine.
To praise him all his saints combine.

HYMN 9. S. M.
An Evening Hymn,

THE day is past and gone,
The evening shades appear \
'O may we all remember well
The night of death draws near.

2 We lay our garments by.

Upon our beds to rest ;
So death will soon disrobe us all

Of what we hear possess.


5 Lord, keep us safe this night,

Secure from all our fears ;
May angels guard us while we sleepy

Till morning light appears.

4 And when we early rise,

And view th' unweari'd sun, ,.: i

May we set out to win the prize;
And after glory run.

5 And when our days are pastj -
And we from time remove,

O may we in thy bosom rest.
The bosom of thy love.

HYMN 10. C. M;
The Heai^enly Jerusalem^

JERUSALEM, my happy home,
O how I long for thee !
When will my sorrow have an end I
Thy joys, when shall I see ?

3 Thy walls are all of precious stone.

Most glorious to behold ;
Thy gates are richly bet with pearl ;

Thy streets are pav*d with gold.

3 Thy garden and thy pleasant green
My study long have been :

Such sparkling light, by human sight .
Hafe never yet been seen.

4 If heaven be thus, glorious Lord,
Why should I stay from thence !

What folly *tis that I should dread
To die and go from hence !

5 Reach down, reach down thine arm of grace.
And cause me to ascend


Where congregation ne*er breaks up,
And sabbaths never end.

<• Jesus my love to glory's gone,

Him will I go and see,
And all my brethren here belovr

>Vill soon come after me.

7 My friends, I bid you all adieu,

I leave you in God's care ;
And if I never more see you,

Go on, ril meet you there.

t There we shall meet no more to partj
And heaven shall ring with praise j

[While Jesus* love in every heart
Shall tune the song, free grace.

9 Millions of years around me run,
Our song shall still go on ;

To praise the Father and the Son,
And Spirit three in one.

10 When we've been there a thousand year*;.
Bright shining as the sun,

We've no less days to sing God's praise
Than when we first begun.

HYMN 11. L. M.

The Heavenly Lover,

HE dies, the heav'nly lover dies,
The tidings strike a doleful sound I
On my poor heart-strings deep he lies,
In ihe cold caverns of the ground.

2 Come, saints, and drop a tear or two

On the dear bosom of your God ;
He shed a thousand drops for you,


A thousand drops of richer blood !
3 Here's love and gtief beyond degree,

The Lord of Glory dies for man 1
But lo ! what sudden joys 1 see,
Jesus the dead, re\ivcs again.

4 The rising God forsakes his tomb,
Up to his father's court he flies ;

Cherubic legions guard him home,
And shout him welcome to the skies.

5 Then children's children praise your God j
Tho'now in sorrow much bovv'd down,

You soon shall walk the golden streets
Where you shall wear a starry crown.

6 We'll praise King Jesus thro' the skies, ;
Sing glory, glory, round the throne ;

We'll mount aloft on eagle's wings — •
We'll take our flight unto our home,

7 I'm glad I ever saw the day,

I came to preach, and sing and pray 5
There's glory, glory, in my soul.

This makes me praise my God so bold.

8 I hope to praise him when I die.
And shout salvation as I fly j

Sing glory, glory thro' the air,

Meet all my father's children there. ;'

9 There on mount Zion I shall stand.
Crown on my head and harp in hand 3

There spend a long eternity

In praising on the heavenly k«y.

HYMN 12.
The Christian's Experience.

COME brethren and sisters that love my dear Lord,
I pray give attention and ear to my word ;
What a v/onder of mercy ! behold now I see,
What a tender kind Saviour has done for poor mc.
B3 '

2' I was led by the devil till lost aud distressed,

1 tbo't that in torments I soon should be cast,
No peace to the wicked, but all misery,.

Till by faith I saw Jesus hang bleeding for me.

3 Oh sinner ! said Jesus, fer you I have di'd,
All glory to Jesus, my soul then reply'd :
The s^uilt was rennov'd, my soul did rejoice,
The blood was apply'd, the witness and voice.

4 On my low bended knees before God I did fall
And glory to Jesus, for he's all in all ;

The heart of his rebel was bursted in twain,
To see my dear Jesus on Calvary slain.

5 There was peace now in heaven, and peace upon earth.
The angels rejoice at a poor siimer's birth ;

Your sins arc forgiven, my Saviour did say— ■
Oh ! witness kind heaven on this my birth-day.

6 My soul it was humbled, I fell to the ground,
The time of refreshing at length I have found,

Oh Lord thou hast ravish'd my soul with thy charms,
Let me die like Simeon, with Christ in my arms.

HYMN 13.

T/ic JFeary traveller*

COME all you weary trav'llers,
Now let us join and sing
The everlasting praises

Ot Jesus our great King.
We've had a tedious jouriiey,

And tiresome it is irue ;
But see how m'\ny dangers

The Lord has broug,ht us through.

2 At first when Jesus found u?j
He caii'd us ujiis IjAm,


And pointed out the danger

Of falling into sin.
The world, the f?esh and satan

Would prove a fatal snare,
Unless we did reject them

By faith and humble prayV.

3 But by our disobed'ence,
With sorrow wo'confess.

We have had long to wandeiv

In a dark wilderness ;
Where we might long have fainted.

In that enchanted ground,
But now and then a cluster

Of pleasant grapes we found.

4 The pleasant fruit of Canaan,
Give life, and joy, and peace — »

Revive our drooping spirits,

And love and strength increase^.

To confess our Lord and master,.
And run at his command,

And hasten on our journey
Unto the promised land.

5 With faith and hope and patieaoe
We're made for to rejoice ;

And Jesus and his people

Fci' ever are our choice.
In grace and consolation

We now are going on
The pleasant way to Canaan,

Where Jesus Christ is gone.

6 Sinners, why stand you idle,.
While we do march along ;

Has conscience never told you
That you are going wrong,

Down the broad rbad to darkness
To bear an endless curse t


Forsake your ways of sinning,.
And come and go with us.

^ But if you will refuse it,

We bid you all farewell ;
While saints arc bound to Canaan,

Your ways will lead to hell :
We're sorry for to leave you,

We'd rather you would go ;
Come try a bleeding Saviour,

And see the waters flow.

8 Now to th.e King immortal

Be everlasting praise,
Tor in his holy service

We long 10 spend our days ;
Till we arrive at Canaan

The celestial world above,
With everlasting wonder

To praise redeeming love-.

HYiMN 14. CM.

On Baptism.

KAR Lord, and will thy pard*ning love,
Lmbrace a wretch so vile !
Wilt thou mv load of guilt remove,
And biess me with thy smile 1

2 Hast thou the cross for me endur'd
And all its shame despis*d !

And shall I be asham'd O Lord,
With thee to be baptiz'd ?

3 Didst thou the great example lead,
In Jordan's swelhng flood ?

And shall my pride disdain the deed
That's worthy of my God \


4 Dear Lord the ardor of thy lovo

Reproves my cold delays :
And now my -willing footstens move

In thy delightful ways.

HYMN 15.
On the siviftness of Time,

MY days, my weeks, my months, my years
Fly rapid, like the whirling spheres>
Around the steady pole :
Time, like a tide, its moment keeps,
Till I shall launch those boundless deeps,
Where endless ages roll.

2 The grave is near the cradle scene ;
How swift the moments pass between.

And whisper as they %,
Unthinking man 1 remember this,
Thou *midst thy sublunary bliss.

Must groan, and gasp, and die !

3 My soul attend the solemn call y
Thine earthly tent must quickly fall,

And thou must take thy Right
Beyond the vast extensive blue,
To love and sing as angels do,

Or sink in endless night.

4 Eternal bliss, eternal woe
Hangs on this inch of time below—*

On this precarious breath ;
The God of nature only knows
Whether another year shall close

Ere I expire in death.

5 Long ere the sun shall run its round,
I may be bury'd under ground,

And there in silence rot I


Alas ! one hour inaf close the scene,
And ere twelve months may roll beuveea
My name be quite forgot.

6 But shall my soul be then extinct,
X)r cease to live, or cease to think ?

It cannot, cannot be ;
Thou my innmortal, cannot die
What wilt thou do, or whither f!y

When death shall set thee free ?

7 Will mercy th€r^its arms extend,
Will Jesus be thy guardian friend,

And heav'n thy dwelling place ?
Or shall insulting fiends appear
To drag thee down to dark despair.

Beyond the reach of grace ?

« A heaven or hell or these alone,
Beyond this mortal life are known-—*

There is no middle state ;
To-day attend the call divine,
To-morrow may be none of thine.

Or it may be too late.

9 O do not pass this life in dreams ;
Vast is the change, what e'er it seems,

To poor unthinking men ;
Lord, at thy foot-stool I would bow,
Bid conscience tell me plainly now

What it will tell me then.

iO If in destruction's road Istray,
Htip me to choose that better way,

^Vhich leads to joys on high ;
Thy grace impart, ray guilt forgive,
Nor let me ever dare to live

Such as I dare, not dis.

HYMN 16. S. M.

ji prospect of ChrisVs Church*

BEHOLD a lovely vine,
Here in this desert ground ;
The blossoms shoot and promise fruit.
And tender grapes are found.

2 It's circling branches rise.

And shades the neighb'ring lands ;

With lovely charms she spreads her arnos^
With clusters m her hands.

5 This city can't be hid,

It's built upon a hill :
The dazz'ling light, it shines so bright.

It doth the vallies fill.

i Ye trees which lofty stand,
And stars with spark'Iing light — «

Ye christians hear, both tar and near,
'Tis joy to see the sight.

5 Ye insects, feeble race,

And fish that glide the stream—
Ye birds that fly secure on high,
Repeat the joyful theme.

6 Ye beasts that feed atliome,
Or roam the vallies round,

With lofty voice proclaim the joys,
And join the pleasant sound.

7 Shall feeble nature sing.
And man not join the lays ?

O may their throats be swell'd with notes,
And fill'd with songs of praise.

8 Glory to God on high.
For his redeeming grace ;


The blessed dove canne from above,
To save our ruin'd race.

HYMN 17. S. M.
For Baptisnu

LET heav'n and earth rejoice,
And sacred anthems raise,
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
For free and sov'reign grace.

2 Behold the spotless Lamb,
Descending from above.

To bring the earthly strangers home,
Upon the wings of love.

3 O may our souls rejoice,
His precepts to obey ;

Who to fulfil all righteousness,
Mark'd out the humble way.

4 Thus Jesus did descend,
Into the liquid stream ;

Which teaches sinners not to scorn,
What him so well became.

^ O may we then march on.
Nor fear what men shall say ;

Deny ourselves and take our cross,
Since Jesus leads the way.

6 We dare no longer stand,
As neuters to thy cause ;

But by the help of grace we'll yield
Obed'ence to thy laws.

7 Into the wat'ry tomb,
We cheerfully descend,

In token ©f our faith and love

To our celestial friend.

8 Lord meet us hear this day,
W^ho come to do thy will ;

Grant us thy presence, dearest Lordj
Thy promis'd grace fuhil.

9 Descend, O heav'nly dove.

And wing our souls away,
XJp to that bright and happy shore
Of everlasting day.

10 This day I'll make my choice
To serve the Lord most high ;

Deny myself, take up the cross,
And do it cheerfully.

HYMN 18. L. M.


PTlAYER was appointed to convey

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