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1756. William Denny, " 1759

1759. James Hamilton, " 1763

1763. John Penn (son of Richard), lieutenant-governor 1771

* Colony divided into city and company.

f Under Stuyvesant, Dutch governor of New York.




1771. James Hamilton, President and council, May 6tli, till

October 16th 1771

1771. Richard Penn (brother of John), lieutenant-governor,

October 16th, till 1773

1773. John Penn, again lieutenant-governor, till September.... 1776


1777. Thomas Wharton, President of Sup. Ex. Council 1778

1778. Joseph Reed, » " " 1781

1781. William Moore, " " " 1782

1782. John Dickinson, » " " 1785

1785. Benjamin Franklin, " « " 1788

1788. Thomas Mifflin, " " " 1791


1791. Thomas Mifflin 1799

1799. Thomas McKean 1808

1808. Simon Snyder 1817

1817. William Pinley 1820

1820. Joseph Hiester 1823

1823. John Andrew Shulze 1829

1829. George Wolf. 1835

1835. Joseph Ritner 1839

1839. David R. Porter (first governor under Constitution of

1838) 1845

1845. Francis R. Shunk 1848

1848. Wm. F. Johnson 1852

1852. Wm. Bigler 1855

1855. James Pollock 1858

1858. Wm. F. Packer 18G1

1861. Andrew G. Curtin 1867

1867. John W. Geary

Two Pennsylvania soldiers of the Revolution were Presidents of
the Continental Congress, viz.: General Thomas Mifflin, who re-
ceived General Washington's commission, when he resigned it De-
cember, 1783, and General Arthur St. Clair, who was President in
February, 1787.



Tatle of the Principal Officers of the United States, from
Pennsylvania, since the Adoption of the Constitution.



James Buchanan 1857-1861

George M. Dallas 1845-1849


James Buchanan 1845-1849

Jeremiahs. Black 1861


Albert Gallatin 1802-1814

Alexander J. Dallas 1814-1817

Kichard Kush 1825-1829

Samuel D. Ingham 1829-1831

William J. Duane 1833

Walter Forward 1841-1843

William M. Meredith 1849-1850


James M. Porter 1843-1844

William Wilkins 1844-1845

Simon Cameron 1861-1862

Edwin M. Stanton 1862-1868

William Jones 1813-1814

Thomas M. T. McKennan 1850

James Campbell 1853-1857




William Bradford 1794-1795

Eichard Kush 1814-1817

Henry D. Gilpin 1840-1841

Jeremiahs. Black 1857-1860

Edwin M. Stanton 1860-1861



James Wilson 1789-1798

Henry Baldwin 1830-1846

Kobert C. Grier 1846


Frederick A. Muhlenburg 1789-1791

Frederick A. Muhlenburg 1793-1795

Galusba A. Grow 1861-1863



Universities and Colleges in Pennsylvania.

Name. Locatiox. Denomination. Founded.

University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia 1749

Dickinsoii College Carlisle Metho list 17S3

Jeffcrsua College Caunousburg Pies. Old School 18u2

^Vashington College Washington Pres. Old School 1806

Alleghany College Meadville Methodist 1817

AVestern University Pittsburg 1819

Pennsylvania College Gettysburg Lutheran 18:32

Lafayette College Eastou Presbyterian 1832

Girard College Philadelphia 1833

Haverford College Ilaverford Friends 1833

St. Vincent's College Latrobe Catholic 1846

Lewisburg University liCwisburg Baptist 1849

St. Joseph's College Susquehanna county ...Catholic .1852

Franklin and Marshall College Lancaster German Keformed 1853

Polytechnic College Philadelphia 1853

Agricultural Cdlege Center county 1854

Pittsburg B'emale College Pittsburg Methodist 1855

Missionary Institute Selinsgrove Lutheran 1858

Susquehanna Female College Selinsgrove Lutheran 1859

Swarthmore College West Dale Friends 1866

Muhlenburg College AUentown Lutheran 1S67

Lehigh University Bethlehem 1867


JeflFerson Theological School Cannonsburg Presbyterian 1802

Moravian Theological Seminary Bethlehem Moravian JS07

Seminary of the General Synod Gettysburg Lutheran ..1825

German Reformed The.o. Seminary Mercersburg German Reformed 1825

"Western Theological Seminary Alleghany City i'res. Old School 1825

Alleghany City Theological Seminary ...Alleghany City United Presbyterian. ..1825

Theological Seminary Pittsburg Associate Reformed 1828

Theo. Sem. of St. Charles Borromeo Philadelphia Roman Catholic 1835

St. Michael's Theological Seminary Near Pittsburg Roman Catholic 1843

St. Vincent's Abbey Westmoreland county.. Roman Catholic 1846

Western Theological School Meadville Unitarian 1847

Theq_ Depart. Lewisburg University Lewisburg. Baptist 1855

The(ilogical Seminary Alleghany City Reformed Presby'an,..1856

Biblical Depart. Alleghany College Meadville Methodist 1858

Theo. Depart. Missionary Institute Selinsgrove Lutheran 1859

Divinity School of the Prot. Epis, Ch....Philadelphia Episcopal 1861

Theological Seminary Philadelphia Evangel. Lutheran 1864

Law Dep. University of Pennsylvania. ..Philadelphia 1850


Med. Dep. University of Pennsylvania... Philadelphia 1764

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy " 1821

Jefferson Medical College " 1824

Homoeopathic Med. College of Pa " 1846

Philadelphia Uii. of Med. and Surgery. " 1847

Woman's Medical College " 1849

Eclectic Medical College " 1850

Hahnemann Medical College " 1853

Penna. College of Dental Surgery *' 1856

Philadelphia Dental College " 1863



Statement of the number of Troops furnished by Pennsyl-
vania during the Bebellion.


Under call of the President of April ISth, 1861,

for Three Months 20,979

"Pennsylvania Keserve Volunteer Corps," sent
into the United States service under call of
the President of July 22d, 1861, for Three
Years 15,856

Organized under Act of Congress of July 22 d,

1861, for Three Years 93,759



Under the call of the President of July 7th, 1862

(includmg 18 Nine Months^ Regiments) 40,383

Organized under draft ordered August 4th, 1862,

" for Nine Months 15,100

Independent Companies, for Three Years 1,358

Recruits forwarded by Superintendents of Re-
cruiting Service 9,259

Enlistments in organizations of other States and

in the Regular Army 5,000



Organized under special authority from War De-
partment for Three Years 1,066

Under call of the President of June, 1863:

For Six Months 4,484

For "Emergency" 7,062

Recruits forwarded by Superintendents of Re-
cruiting Service 4,458

Enlistments in Regular Army 934

Militia called out in June for Ninety Days 25,042




Re-enlistments in old organizations for Three

Years 17,876

Organized under special authority from War De-
partment for Three Years 9,867

Under call July 27th, for One Year 16,094

Under call July 6th, for One Hundred Days 7,675

Recruits forwarded by Superintendents of Re-
cruiting Service 26,567

Drafted Men and Substitutes 10,651

Recruits for Regular Army 2,974



(Up to April, when Recruiting for Volunteers

Under call of the President of December 19th,

1864, for One Year 9,645

Recruits forwarded by Superintendents of Re-
cruiting Service 9,133

Drafted Men and Substitutes 6,675

Recruits for Regular Army 387 25,840

Total number of Men furnished 362,284

The 25,000 Militia in service in September, 1862, are not included
in the above statement.



Bailroads in Pennsylvania.

Name of Company. Cost. Length.

Atlantic and Great Western $58,812,853 59 93

Bald Eagle Valley 1,050,000 00 61

Barclay Coal Company •. 16

Bellefonte and Snow Shoe 440,598 72 21

Buffalo, Bradford, and Pittsburg 2,866,000 00 16

Buftalo, Corry, and Pittsburg 180,69108 6J

Buffalo and Erie 5,109,932 80 20

Catasauqua and Eoglesville 678,537 89 20

Catawissa (leased to W. C. and A. & G.

W. K. E. Co.) 3,634,000 00 65

Chester Yalley 21^

Chestnut Hill 120,650 00 4

Cleveland, Painesville, and Ashtabula... 4,868,427 13 25^

Cleveland and Pittsburg 9,415,618 00 16

Connecting 2,000,035 13 6

Cumberland Valley 1,691,037 05 73

Delaware and Hudson Canal and Rail-
road 2,154,474 45 32

Delaware, Lackawanna, and "Western... 12,884,405 79 113

East Brandy wine and Waynesburg 259,000 00 17^

East Mahanoy 391,603 93 7

East Pennsylvania 1,861,664 38 36

Elmira and Williamsport 2,620,000 00 70

Erie and Pittsburg 2,717,998 16 81

Farmers' 612,317 76 7|

Fayette County 130,000 00 12^

Gettysburg 17

Hanover Branch 233,710 00 12

Hazleton 14

Hempfield 1,657,798 94 17

Huntingdon and Broad Top Mountain... 2,192,814 35 44

Ironton. 268,000 00 10

Jamestown and Franklin ; 1,629,846 29 43^

Junction 891,251 43 4

Lackawanna and Bloomsburg 3,753,130 04 80

Lehigh and Luzerne 579,088 83 9|-

Lehigh and Lackawanna 15

Lehigh and Susquehanna 11,206,766 34 91

Lehigh Valley 14,867,141 92 75

Little Saw Mill Run 91,01144 3

Littlestown 76,000 00 1\

Little Schuylkill Navigation, Coal and

R. R. Co 1,466,662 24 28^

Lorberry Creek 82,050 00 5^

Lykens Valley 600,000 00 21


Name op Company. Cost. Length.

Mahanoy and Broad Mountain 1,897,201 77 12^

Mifflin and Center County 19o, 654 89 12|

Mine Hill and SchuylkiirHaven 135

Mount Carbon (operated by Philadel-
phia and Reading R. R. Co.) 203,259 58 7

Nesquehoning Valley (unfinished, and

doing no business) 36,117 17

New Castle and Beaver Yalley 408,533 45 14

Northern Central 11,315,510 51 138

North Lebanon 319,031 86 8

North Pennsylvania 6,517,345 50 55

Oil Creek 2,519,147 40 87

Pennsylvania 29,115,018 90 854

Pennsylvania Coal Company 2,000,000 00 47

Perkiomen, not yet open for business ... 139,240 50

Philadelphia and Baltimore Central 1,170,279 40 81

Philadelphia and Erie 19,014,864 78 287^

Philadelphia and Reading 27,317,907 25 147

Philadelphia, Germantown, and Norris-

town 1,445,198 36 17

Philadelphia and Trenton 1,378,696 85 26^

Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Balti-

n:kore 18

Pittsburg and Connellsville 2,518,066 85 58

Pittsburg, Fort Wayne, and Chicago.... 25,118,926 80 49

Reading and Columbia 2,036,778 06 40

Schuylkill and Susquehanna 1,308,696 15 54

Shamokin V^alley and Pottsville 28

South wark 2

Summit Branch 975,868 01 21

Tioga 1,085,175 46 30

Warren and Pranklin 8 465,137 75 51

Westchester 9

West Chester and Philadelphia 1,571,580 77 26

Western and Pennsylvania 2,876,329 56 42

Wrightsville, York, and Gettysburg 393,230 43 13

Total $300,338,516 29 3097f



Canals in Pennsylvania.

Name op Company. Cost, Length.

Delaware and Hudson $6,820,198 49 108

Delaware Division 2,433,350 00 60

Erie 1,864,984 94 136

Junction 18

Lehigh Coal and Navigation 4,455,000 00 48

Muncy 6,219 74 f

Pennsylvania 173

Schuylkill Navigation ^.. 10,553,333 42 108 •

Susquehanna and Tide Water 4,619,461 21 45

Union 5,907,850 00 77

West Branch and Susquehanna 123

Wiconisco 500,000 00 12

Wyoming Valley 2,000,000 00 G4

Total $38,660,397 80 972|



A Chronological Table of ImpoiHant Events in the History
of Pennsylvania, from the Discovery of the Delaware in
1609 until 1868.

1609. Delaware bay discovered by Henry Hudson.
1623. Dutch settled on the shores of the Delaware.
1631. Captain De Vries arrived in the Delaware with two ships and

1638. Swedes arrived. Fort Christina erected near the site of Wil-


1639. First mention of negroes in the Swedish colony.

1641. Minuit, the first Swedish governor, died.

1642. Lutheran catechism translated into the Indian language by

Campanius. Swedes laid the foundation of a capitol at

1643. Swedes' mill, on Cobb's creek, erected.

1646. Church erected and grave-yard laid out at Tinicum. Wooden
church erected at New Gottenburg. First mention of
Upland, now Chester.

1651. Fort Casimer erected by the Dutch.

1654. Treaty between Indian chiefs and Governor Kisingh, at Tini-

cum, June 17.

1655. Swedes on the Delaware subjugated by the Dutch.

1657. The name of Fort Christina changed to Altona. The name of
Fort Casimer changed to New Amstel, now New Castle.
School established at New Amstel, supposed to have been
the first school in the Colony.

1664. New Netherlands conquered by the English.

1669. Block-house erected at Wicaco; used as a church after 1677.

1672. Dutch recovered New Netherlands.

1673. George Fox, founder of the Quaker society, visited the settle-


1674. Dutch treaty with England.

1675. Quakers settled at Upland. Friends' meeting held at Upland.

1676. Court held at Upland, November 14, under English authority,

1677. First sermon in the block-house at Wicaco, by Rev. Jacob

1679. First English child born in Pennsylvania. The first vessel
launched on Lake Erie.

1681. Penn received the charter of Pennsylvania, March 14.

1682. Penn landed at New Castle, October 27. Penn visited Upland

and changed its name to Chester, October 28. Philadel-
phia laid out. Germans settled on the site of Germantown.
Penn's great treaty with the Iiidians, November 4. First
session of Council and Assembly at Chester, December 4.


First grand jury of Pennsylvania summoned to attend
Chester court. The lower counties annexed to the Prov-
ince, December 7. Board meeting-house erected by
Friends at Shackamaxon. First English child born in
Philadelphia. Letitia house, erected in Philadelphia, for
William Penn.

1683. First session of Council and Assembly held in Philadelphia,

March 10. Meetings for worship commenced at Darby
by Friends. Germantown founded. First grist-mill built
near G-ermantown. First post-office in Philadelphia es-
tablished by William Penn ; Henry Waldy, postmaster.
First sheriff of Philadelphia elected. Margaret Matson
tried for witchcraft. First counterfeiter tried and con-
demned. Number of dwellings in Philadelphia, eighty.
First school in Philadelphia taught by Enoch Flower.
Friends' burial-ground at Chester laid out. Friends'
grave-yard, Arch and Fourth streets, Philadelphia, laid

1684. Pennsbury manor-house, Bucks county, erected for William

Penn. First Baptist society organized in Bucks county,
near Bristol. First Baptist society organized in Chester
county. Friends' brick meeting-house erected in Phila-
delphia. Provincial judges appointed by Penn. Penn
returned to England. Population of Pennsylvania, 7000.
Population of Philadelphia, 2r)00.

1685. Friends' Bank meeting-house and Center Square meeting-

house, Philadelphia, erected. Court-house at Chester

1686. First prison built in Philadelphia. First Baptist church in

■ the Province erected on Pennepack creek, near where
Holmcsburg now stands. First church in Germantown
erected by German Friends.

1688. Friends' meeting-house at Haverford erected. First Friends'

meeting-house at Darby erected. Protest against slavery
by the German Friends' at Germantown.

1689. Germantown incorporated.

1691. Lower counties withdrew from the Province, April 11.

1692. First school established at Darby. The Province taken from

Penn, October 21.

1693. Friends' meeting-house at Kadnor built. First Friends'

meeting-house at Chester completed.

1694. Penn's rights restored, August 30.

1695. Friends' meeting-house, Lower Merion, Montgomery county,

erected. First Episcopal church at Philadelphia erected
on the site of the present Christ Church. First fulling-
mill erected in Darby township.

1696. "Board of Trade and Plantations" established. First paper-

mill in the Province erected near Germantown. Kesolu-
tions against slavery adopted by the yearly meeting of


1697. First Friends' meeting-house at Concord erected. Bristol,

Bucks county, surveyed and laid out.

1698. Friends' public school established in Philadelphia. First Bap-

tist and Presbj'terian congregation formed in Philadel-
phia. Shawanese Indians from Carolina settled along the
1699 Yellow fever raged in the Province. Penn arrived with his
family in the Province.

1700. Swedes' church erected on the site of the old block-house at

Wicaco. The Conoys or Gawanese, a tribe of southern
Indians, settled near Bainbridge. An act passed by Assem-
bly for the establishment of a post-office. John Penn
born in the "Old Slate Koof House," Philadelphia. Rev.
Evan Evans, tirst Episcopal missionary to Pennsylvania,
arrived in Philadelphia.

1701. Philadelphia chartered as a city. Edward Shippen elected first

mayor of Philadelphia under the charter. Thomas Story
appointed recorder of Philadelphia. Penn returned to

1702. Episcopal church erected at Chester. Episcopal church erected

at Marcus Hook. An act passed to separate the lower
counties from the Province.

1703. St. Paul's church (Swedish) erected at Chester. Governor An-

drew Hamilton died, April 20.

1704. First Presbyterian church in Pennsylvania erected in Phila-

delphia, known as the "Old Buttonwood Church."

1705. An act passed to prevent the importation of Indians as slaves.

1706. First Presbytery in the United States organized in Philadel-

phia, September 12.

1707. Old court-house. Market street, Philadelphia, erected. Roman

Catholic services held in a private house in Philadelphia.

1708. First Mennonist church and school-house erected at German-

1710. French Huguenots settled on Pequea creek, Lancaster county.

1712. An act passed forbidding the importation of Indians and

negroes as slaves. William Penn seized with paralysis.

1713. Friends' almshouse, Philadelphia, founded; buildings erected


1715. Governor Gookin held a council with the Indians at Philadel-

phia. First regularly-organized Baptist church in Dela-
ware county.

1716. First Presbyterian synod in the United States organized in

Philadelphia, September.

1717. First Presbyterian church in Montgomery county erected at

Abington. Episcopal church erected in Newtown town-
ship, Delaware county. German Reformed church at
Goshenhoppen, Montgomery county, erected.

1717. Irish and Scotch immigrants settled in Bucks and Lancaster


1718. William Penn died at Rushcomb, England, July 30.

1718. Dunkers settled about Germantown and in Lancaster county.



1719. Third newspaper in the colonies published at Philadelphia.

1720. First iron furnaces erected in Pennsylvania.

1721. Pirst Episcopal church in Montgomery county erected at

Evansburg. First insurance office opened in Philadel-
phia. A meeting was held in Philadelphia to consider
plans for the prevention of the sale of spirituous liquors
within the Province, and to encourage the making of beer
as a substitute.

1722. Irish and Scotch settlements made in Donegal and Paxton.

1723. Benjamin Franklin arrived in Philadelphia. Paper money

first issued in the Province. Stone prison erected in Phil-
adelphia, corner of Third and High streets. Act passed
reducing the rate of interest from eight to six per cent.

1724. First powder-house erected in Philadelphia.

1725. Friends' meeting-house, Sadsbury, Lancaster county, erected.

Duty laid upon the importation of negroes, March 5.

1726. First iron works in Lancaster county erected. "The Log Col-

lege," on Neshaminy creek, Bucks county, established by
Kev. William Tennant. Presbyterian church at Nesha-
miny, Bucks county, organized.

1727. First regular German Keformed ministers arrived in Pennsyl-

vania. Episcopal church in Concord township, Delaware
county, erected. German Keformed church in Frederick
township, Montgomery county, erected.

1728. Bartram's Botanic Garden, near Gray's Ferry, commenced.

1729. First permanent settlement in York county. First mill built

near the site of Mercersburg. State House, Philadelphia,
began; completed 1734. Second paper-mill in the colo-
nies erected in Concord township, Delaware county.
Temporary jail and court-house built near Lancaster.
Duty laid on foreigners and Irish servants imported into
the Province. Catholic chapel erected near Frankford,
Philadelphia county.

1730. First Catholic mission in Delaware county. German Re-

formed ministers ordained by Presbyterian ministers in

1731. First Baptist church erected in Philadelphia. Inoculation

first practiced in Pennsylvania. Philadelphia Library
founded; chartered 1742.

1732. Dunkers settled at Ephrata. Jewish synagogue erected at

Shaefferstown, Lebanon county. Presbyterian church near
Doylestown erected.

1733. First negroes emancipated in Pennsylvania. First German

Reformed church erected at Germantown. First regu-
larly-organized German Lutheran churches in the Prov-
ince. First Roman Catholic chapel erected in Philadel-
phia. School established at Ephrata for teaching the
German and classics. First German Lutheran church in
Montgomery county erected at New Hanover. Lutheran
church, erected near Lebanon, the first in the county.
Monastic society established at Ephrata by the Dunkers.


Schwenckfelders immigrated to the Province and settled
on Perkiomen creek.
1734. Presbyterian cliurch erected in Peach-bottom township, first
in York county. First German Lutheran church and
school-house erected at Lancaster. First Episcopal church
in Lancaster county erected at Conestoga. Small quanti-
ties of silk manufactured in the Province. First Masonic
lodge in Pennsylvania, organized in Philadelphia, Benja-
min Franklin, master.

1736. Governor Gordon died, August. First German Keformed

church erected at Lancaster.

1737. First Lutheran church erected at Germantown. Presbyterian

church erected near Muddy creek, York county. Benja-
min Franklin appointed postmaster of Philadelphia.

1738. Benjamin West, the first native American artist, born in

Springfield township, Delaware county, October 10. First
Presbyterian church near the site of Mercersburg. First
fire company organized in Philadelphia.

1739. Kev. George Whitfield arrived in the Province. Whitfield

commenced the erection of a school-house for colored
children at Nazareth. Moravian settlement commenced
at the Forks of the Delaware.

1740. War declared against France. First Sabbath school in Amer-

ica established at Ephrata. Paxton Presbyterian church,
near Harrisburg, erected. Lazaretto erected for sick im-
migrants at Tinicum. Bishop Nitschman, Moravian,
arrived in the Province. First permanent settlement at

1741. First church erected at Bethlehem, Moravian. Whitfield's

church, Fourth street, Philadelphia, erected. Lutheran
church, St. Jacobs, erected in Warwick township, Lan-
caster county. York laid out. Count Zindendorf arrived
in the Province.

1742. First Moravian church erected in Philadelphia. Kev. Henry

M. Muhlenburg arrived in the Province. German Ee-
formed minister at Germantown ordained by Bishop
Nitschman. Election riot in Philadelphia, October 1.
Treat}^ with the Six Nations at Philadelphia.

1743. First German Lutheran church in Philadelphia, St. Michael's,

erected. First Moravian chapel in Lebanon county
erected near Lebanon ; Moravian synod held in it in
1748. American Philosophical Society organized in Phila-
delphia; incorporated 1780; building erected 1785.

1744. First Lutheran church erected in York" First Academy in

Chester county established in Nottingham township.
First church erected at Nazareth, Moravian. Episcopal
church erected at Lancaster. Council with the "Six
Nations " held at Lancaster. Proclamation of war against
France made in Philadelphia, June.

1745. Franklin stoves invented by Dr. Franklin.

1746. German Keformed church erected at York. Moravian church


and school-house erected at Lancaster. First settlement
in what is now Carbon county, made by Moravian mis-
sionaries. Moravian chapel erected for Indians, at Gna-
denhutten, in Carbon county. Rev. Michael Shlatter,
arrived in the Province.

1747. Catholic chapel erected in Lancaster' on the site of the present

old stone building. First synod of the German Reformed
church held in Philadelphia, September 29. Moravian
mission established at Shamokin. First German Reformed
church erected in Philadelphia. First steel furnace erected
in Philadelphia by Stephen Paschall.

1748. First public lottery sanctioned by the legislature.

1748. Fort de la Presque Isle erected. First German Lutheran synod

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