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The past and present of Kane County, Illinois : containing a history of the county ... a directory ... war record of its volunteers in the late rebellion ... statistics ... history of the Northwest ... etc., etc online

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Leonard, Mrs. I. P., milliner; P. 0.

LEWIS, JAMES, wool merchant;
P. O. Aurora ; was born in Jefferson
Co., New York, in 1836; up to the
time he was 14 years of age, his parents
resided at Jefferson ; they then removed
to Cayuga Co., and thence to Washing-
ton Co., where they still live ; James
received a good common school educa-
tion in the same county, and remained
on the farm there until he was 2 6 years of
ae ; in 1864, he came West and located
first at Montgomery, about two miles
from Aurora ; while there, he was em-
ployed to run a flax-mill, by an Eastern
firm ; in 1867, he came to Aurora and
entered the employ of Hon. D. Vol en-
tine, and, in 1872, became a member of
the firm ; this house transacts the
heaviest wool business of any firm in
the Northwest; bujs very largely in the
States of Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin,
Missouri, Illinois, and many other North-
western States ; their shipments are
made East, principally to Boston ; to
give the reader a little idea of the im-
mense amount of business transacted by
this firm, it would take one n an six to
eight months to repair the sacks used
in shipping.

Leonard, John, mason ; P. 0. Aurora.

LAWRENCE & CO., W., dry

goods and groceries ; of the many suc-
cessful business houses of Aurora, there
are none that rank ahead of the above
enterprising firm ; they were established
in 1862, commencing in a small way ;
they now command a trade for miles
around the city, and ship their produce
to an eastern market ; they occupy the
double store, 42 and 44 South River
St., one of the most palatial business
houses in the West, devoted exclusively
to dry goods, groceries, pork, butter and
produce ; principal shipments are made
to Boston ; the members of the firm are
Wm. Lawrence, Lyman Baldwin and
M. A. Higgins ; W. Lawrence is also
Treasurer and Director of the Aurora
Silver Plate Mfg. Co., member of the
West Side Board of Education, and
Vice President of the Second National

Leonard, Philip, engineer ; P. 0. Aurora.

Leonard, B. F., carpenter ; P. O. Aurora.

Loomis, John, lumber ; P. 0. Aurora.

Lindsley, Wm., loan agt.; P. 0. Aurora.

Lowry, J. K , painter ; P. 0. Aurora.

Layton, Henry, P. 0. Aurora.

Lindsley, G-. W., gilder ; P. 0. Aurora.

Lowry, Mrs. J. B., dressmaker; P. ().

Lackner, John, mer.; P. 0. Aurora.

Little, Miss R. C., P. 0. Aurora.

Loser, M., mason; P.O.Aurora.

Loser, Peter, mason ; P. O. Aurora.

Lacure, J. P., yard master ; P. 0. Aurora.

Lillie, Mrs. L., F. 0. Aurora.

Lantz, C., watchman; P. 0. Aurora.

Loucks, P. L.. P. 0. Aurora.

Loucks, Phebe E., P. 0. Aurore.

Lux, Peter, laborer ; P. 0. Aurora.

Lantrom, Nick, P. 0. Aurora.

Leary, Michael, laborer ; P. 0. Aurora.

LAKE, D. G., boots and shoes, and
farming ; was born in the year 1828, at
Conneaut, Ashtabula Co., Qhio ; in 1835
his parents moved West and reached
the banks of the Fox River same year ;
the head of the family, who was a stir-
ring business man and ambitious to
make a home, claimed, in connection
with his brother, Tophint, several hun-
dred acres, and also bought a claim of
Samuel McCarty, John Halbrook, John
R. Livingston and Mr. Powers ; after-
ward he kept a portion of the claims,
and part of this claim is now comprised
in the city of Aurora. Theo. Lake, the
father of the subject of this sketch, was
born at East Bloomfield, N. Y-, Feb.
16, 1801 ; as before stated, he came to
Aurora in 1835, and was one of the
earliest pioneers in Kane Co.; he and
the brother heretofore mentioned started,
probably, the first general merchandise
store in Aurora. As an instance of the
growth of Kane Co., Mr. Lake states
that when he was nine years of age he
rode on horseback and plowed corn
through what is now River street, the
main thoroughfare on the west side of
the river; this was in 1835, when
Aurora had but two log houses and the
frame for a saw-mill on the east side of
the river, and but one log house stood on
the west side, where Dunning Block
now stands.

Litz, Matt, mechanic ; P. 0. Aurora.



Lee, C. W., car repairer ; P. 0. Aurora.

Lombard, W. E., mer.; P. 0. Aurora.

Ladd, A. H., laborer; P. 0. Aurora.

Laundry, 0., wood and coal ; P. O.Aurora.

Ladd, J. S., P. 0. Aurora.

Lamb, Pat., lab. ; P. 0. Aurora.

Lamson, E., engineer; P. 0. Aurora.

LOSER & EGERMAN, grocers;
commenced business in 1857 ; the business
of this firm was established by Anthony
Loser; in 1870 they were located at 45
River St., but soon after removed to
their present spacious quarters at 33
River st. ; they are doing a good busi-
ness, and are one of the leading houses
of the city.

Linington, C. A., carp. ; P. 0. Aurora.

Lutekerne, Conrad, carp. ; P. 0. Aurora.

Lincoln, W. H., mason ; P. 0. Aurora.

Lehinann, Fred., carp. ; P. 0. Aurora.

Longenburger, M. A., P. 0. Aurora.

Laplansg, H., carp. ; P. 0. Aurora.

Leins, Isadore, painter; P. 0. Aurora.

Lintner, Samuel, carp. ; P. 0. Aurora.

LE BARON, J. K., ret. far.; P. 0.
Aurora ; was born in Roxbury, Mass.,
in Sept. 1810 ; after serving eight years
as clerk and bookkeeper in a bank, im-
pelled by the glorious accounts of the
beauty and fertility of the Western pra-
ries, he started f< >r Illinois in 1835, and
settled in what is now Kendall Co. ;
purchasing a large farm, he resided upon
it until 1871, when he sold and removed
to Aurora, in Kane Co. ; while a resi-
dent of Kendall Co., Mr. Le Baron was
a successful farmer and held many offices
of trust and responsibility.

Lee, L. C., jeweler; P. 0. Aurora.

Lord. Curtis, far. ; P 0. Aurora.

Loucks, Jesse, farmer ; P. O. Aurora.

Lies, Nicholas, farmer ; P. Aurora.

Lenekugal, Lewis, farmer ; P. 0. Aurora.

Leweck, Jacob, Sr., mach. ; P. 0. Aurora.

Leonard, Nicholas, farmer ; P. 0. Aurora.

Linden, Peter, 1st, farmer ; P. 0. Aurora.

Lies, John, farmer ; P. 0. Aurora.

Linden, Barney, laborer ; P. 0. Aurora.

Linden, Henry, wool dealer ; P. O. Aurora.

Linden, Peter, 2d, wool dealer; P. 0.

Lund, A. A., farmer; P. 0. Aurora.

Lintz, C., farmer ; P. 0. Aurora.

Loucks, A., farmer; P. O. Aurora.

Lucille, C., mechanic; P. 0. Aurora.
Light, Mrs., M. S., P. 0. Aurora.

Lane, Catherine, P. 0. Aurora.


attorney at law: Little & White ; born
in Rome, N. Y.. in 1838, remaining at
his native State until 1851, then emi-
grating West, in company with his
father and family, to 111., and' settled in
Kendall Co. in 1851. remaining there
three years, engaged in farming ; grad-
uated in the Medical College at Keokuk,
Iowa, in 1858; at the breaking out of
the late war he enlisted in Co. K, 127th
I. V. I., serving until the close of the
war ; was wounded at the battle of East
Point, which disabled him for a few
months, and then rejoined his regiment
with Gren. Sherman in the Carolinas, on
their way to Washington ; participated
in agreat many battles under Gren. Sher-
man ; the most severe were Champion
Hill, Vicksburg, Mission Ridge, Kene-
saw Mountain, Resaca and Decatur, G-a.,
where the gallant McPherson fell ; en-
tered the service as private, mustered
out as Captain ; was at the grand re-
view at Washington ; returning from
the war, he commenced the law business
in 1865 ; is to-day one of the mos-
prominent and thoroughly educated ac-
torneys of this vicinity ; he has credit-
ably filled many offices of public trust ;
was City Alderman in 1869, City At-
torney in 1873, Mayor of the City in
1874 ; his father, John Little, is a na-
tive of Scotland.

LIES, MICHAEL, conveyancer and
ins. agt.; is the son of Nicholas and
Maria (Weller) Lies, of Europe ; he was
born in Luxembourg, Europe, in 1841;
with his father and family he emi-
grated to America in 1852 and settled
in Aurora, where he commenced farming
and continued until 1856, thence in
the grocery business for eight years ; in
1864 he commenced the insurance
business. Mr. Lies has held several
offices of public trust that of City
Collector in 18K5, Town Clerk in 1868,
and Town Collector in 1874. In all of
these offices he acquitted himself in a
a very creditable manner. He is a
Democrat in politics; is a member of
the Catholic Church ; married Miss
Catharine Krantz, of England ; they
have six children.

Levy, M., P. O. Aurora.



Loveque, Jacob, C., B. & Q.; P. 0. Aurora.

Lies, Catherine, P. 0. Aurora.

Linster, Nicholas, P. 0. Aurora.

Lang, Nicholas, teacher ; P. 0. Aurora.

Lynch, John, P. 0. Aurora.

Larson, Gustaf, P. O. Aurora.

Lindberg, G. H., mach.; P. 0. Aurora.

Landray, Mary, P. 0. Aurora.

Landray, B., P. 0. Aurora.

Loser, A., merchant; P. 0. Aurora.

Lovejoy, Mrs. C. A., P. 0. Aurora.

Lallaway, T., P. 0. Aurora.

Lathrop, S. F., P. 0. Aurora.

Leland, Mrs. E., P. 0. Aurora.

Lassing, Mrs. M. W., P. 0. Aurora.

Lawton, John, gas fitter , P. 0. Aurora.

Lankaw, Fred., fireman ; P. 0. Aurora.

Leonard, Mary, P. 0. Aurora.

Laging, W., P. 0. Aurora.

Lillie, John, farmer ; P. 0. Aurora.

Leonard, Wm., P. 0. Aurora.

Linden, John, farmer ; P. 0. Aurora.

Leonard, Mrs. E., P. 0. Aurora.

Lawton, Mrs. M. A., P. 0. Aurora.

Lovett, W., P. 0. Aurora.

Logan, Thos., painter ; P. 0. Aurora.

Loser, John, merchant ; P. 0. Aurora.

Lincoln, R. 0., laborer; P. 0. Aurora.

Lutekuhem, Stephen, P. 0. Aurora.

Luse, M. 0., P. 0. Aurora.

Lenox, Ellen G., P. 0. Aurora.

Lone, John, laborer ; P. 0. Aurora.

Lynch, Pat., baker ; P. 0. Aurora.

Loveque, Geo., P. 0. Aurora.

Leach, A., P. 0. Aurora.

Lammonix, J., P. 0., Aurora.

Lombard, Wm., merchant; P. 0. Aurora.

Leveque, P., C., B. & Q. R. R.; P. 0.

Longhurst, Mrs. E., P. 0. Aurora.


Lanabee, Catharine, P. 0. Aurora.
Lowery, Mrs. P., P. 0. Aurora.
La Brick, Frank, engineer ; P. 0. Aurora.
Loucks, J. H., far. ; P. 0. Aurora.
La Clair, Alex., far. ; P. 0. Aurora.
Lee, Clancy C., teamster ; P. 0. Aurora.
Leveque, John, C., B. & Q. R. R. ; P. 0.


Leveque, Augustus, Sr., P. 0. Aurora.
Leveque, Jos., lab. ; P. 0. Aurora.
Lowery, D. D., hotel ; P. 0. Yorkville.
Long. R. B., painter; P. 0. Aurora.
Lutkehom, Conrad, P. 0. Aurora.
Laden, Michael, lab. ; P. 0. Aurora.
Lanigan, J. A., painter ; P. O. Aurora.
Loser, Peter, mason ; P. 0. Aurora.

Loser, C., laborer ; P. 0. Aurora.

Loser, A., merchant; P. 0. Aurora.

Landis, Joseph, engineer ; P. 0. Aurora.

Lankow, Fred, fireman ; P. 0. Aurora.

Loomis, Jas., blacksmith ; P. 0. Aurora.

Lennington, Geo., carp. ; P. 0. Aurora.

Lennington, W. C., carp.; P. 0. Aurora.

Lord, A., P. 0. Aurora.

Longworthy, A. C., mfr.; P. 0. Aurora.

Long, S. D., P. 0. Aurora.

Lathrop, W. B., carpenter ; P. 0. Aurora.

Lancaster, L., P. 0. Aurora.

Lawton, Jane, P. 0. Aurora.

Lansing, W. H., wagon maker ; P. O.


Lindgreen, G., carpenter; P. 0. Aurora.
Leonard, John.

Loucks, Erastus, lab.; P. 0. Montgomery.
Loucks, Mrs. E. M., P. 0. Montgomery.
Lillie, E., laborer ; P. 0. Montgomery.
Lyon, Lewis, P. 0. Aurora.
Lucas, William, far.; P. 0. Montgomery.
Lennington, I. B., farmer; P. 0. Aurora.
Lowry, R. M., P. 0. Aurora.
Lee, Caroline, P. 0. Aurora.
La Planck, H., P. 0. Aurora.
Lewis, A. M., P. 0. Aurora.

MILLER, H. H., jeweler; P. 0.

Miller, Jacob, cigars ; P. 0. Auroi a.
Miller, Chauncey, mnfr.; P. 0. Aurora.
Miller, Jno., blacksmith ; P. O. Aurora.
Miller, James, P. 0. Aurora.
Miller, W. J., painter ; P. 0. Aurora.
Miller, Martin, millwright ; P. 0. Aurora.
Miller, W., lab.; P. 0. Montgomery.
Miller, Anthony, blksmith ; P. 0. Aurora.
Miles, M. M., physician ; P. 0. Aurora.
Martin, Isaac, saloon ; P. 0. Aurora.
Meyer, Frank, butcher : P. 0. Aurora.
Myers, L. F., coppersmith ; P. 0. Aurora.
Meyer, Joseph, wagons ; P. 0. Aurora.

MARSHALL, MRS. J. W.; came

to Illinois in 1842, and to Kane Co. in
1855 ; was born in Alexandria, N. Y.,
March 26, 1824 ; her parents came
West in February, 184^, and settled
four miles west of Aurora ; in 1846, she
married John W. Marshall, and went to
Millville, where her husband commenced
mercantile business ; was there nine
years, engaged in trade, and, being a
man of great energy, was very success-
ful ; came back to Aurora in 1855, and,
having bought out W. B. Gillett, con-
tinued in a mercantile capacity.



Meyer, John, mechanic ; P. 0. Aurora.

Myers, John J., farmer ; P. 0. Aurora.

McNett, D. G., pawnbroker ; P. 0. Aurora.

McCabe, L. S., mer.; P. 0. Aurora.

McKEE, DAVID, retired far.; Sec. I
11 ; P. 0. Aurora; the subject of this
sketch is the oldest of the living set- i
tiers that first settled in Chicago ; he
was born in Louden Co., Va., Dec. 2, j
1800 ; is the son of John F. and Jane i
(Marple) McKee, of Scotland ; Mr.
McKee, with his father and family,
moved to Pennsylvania, where he re- i
mained but a short time ; thence to Cin-
cinnati, 0., in 181. -5, where he learned
his trade, blacksmithing ; he remained
there until 1821 ; made a trip to New
Orleans and St. Louis that year ; came
back to Cincinnati and was appointed
by the Government to go to Chicago and
do the blacksmithing for the Indians,
as the treaty was the Government would
furnish the Indians with a blacksmith ; ,
he arrived and commenced work in
1822 ; he relates that when he first
came to Chicago, the bones of those who
were slain in the massacre at Fort Dear-
born, in 1812, were still lying on the
ground, and Capt. Bradley, with soldiers,
gathered them up and buried them in
two large boxes, about two miles south
of Fort Dearborn ; he remained as black-
smith for the Indians, eight years ; was
the first Constable of Chicago ; he was
engaged for one year carrying the U. S.
mail from Chicago to Fort Wayne, in
1828 ; on his way from Fort Wayne
was caught in one of the most severe
snow storms ever known in that section ;
was six days making the trip from Niles
to Chicago; found a soldier frozen to
death, who had been discharged from
the garrison at Fort Dearborn the pre-
vious day, and was on his way home,
east; in 1827 he married his first wife.
Miss Wealthy Scott, born in 181 2, and
died in 1835 ; he went to Naperville
and was engaged in building the first
house at that place ; he remained here
until 1836; thence to Du Page Co.,
where he settled on a farm of 400
acres ; remained there until 1874 ;
thence to Kane Co., 111.; in 1836, mar-
ried his second wife, Miss Sarah Ward,
of New York ; daughter of James and
Laura (Dayton) Ward; she was born in

1816 ; two children by his first wife
Stephen, born in 1830, and Joseph,
born in 1833, died in 1833; three
children by second Wealthy, born in
1837 ; James W., born in 1839, and
Carrie, born in 1842.

McWilliams, F., mer.; P. 0. Aurora.

Mclntosh, A., pattern mkr ; P. 0. Aurora.

McAlpine. Dr. L., P. 0. Aurora.


Aurora ; was born in Montgomeryshire,
Wales, in December, 1812; his father
was a farmer, and on the old homestead
young Meredith grew up ; his father
died when he was but a few years old ;
he received a good common school edu-
cation, and was gifted with a wonderful
memory ; his father had taken a lease
of 321 acres of land for twenty-one
years, and the young man had the super-
vision of it for ten years ; at the age of
21 years, he married Miss Sarah
Thomas, in May. 1843 ; came to Amer-
ica in 1843 ; came by way of the lakes
to Chicago, on the steamer Constitution,
and settled in Big Rock Tp. ; purchased
400 acres of land ; carried on this very
successfully till 1865, when he disposed
of his property and moved to Aurora,
and bought a fine property, including
residence ; his children are Thomas,
Mary, Ann, John Edwin, George Will-
iam, Wynne, Elizabeth, and Helen, de-

McConnell, W. H., miller ; P. 0. Aurora.

McGann, Patrick, shoemkr ; P. 0. Aurora.

McNulty, Patrick, P. 0. Aurora.

McKinney, J. W., laborer ; P. 0. Aarora.

McKinna, John, laborer ; P. 0. Aurora.

McCullouck, W., shoemkr; P. 0. Aurora.


P. 0. Aurora ; is the daughter of E.
P. and Sallie (Cutts) Huntoon, and the
wife of the late John M. Merrett. who
was born in Vermont in 1803, and died
at Aurora, in September, 1876. Mrs.
M. is one of the old settlers of Aurora ;
came here, in 1838, in company with
her husband from the East, by the way
of canal and lake, and part of the way
by wagon, it taking them some three
weeks to make the trip; Mr. Merrett
was engaged in the boot and shoe busi-
ness ; have two children living one. at,
present, living in Kansas, the other at



McCollum, James, sewing machines ; P. 0.

Mack, Gottlieb, mason ; P. 0. Aurora.

Mason, J. 0., merchant ; P. 0. Aurora.

Mitchell, Robert, laborer ; P. 0. Aurora.

Mitchell, Henry, laborer ; P. 0. Aurora.

Mileham, S. H., carp.; P. 0. Aurora.

Mahar, Harriet, P. 0. Aurora.

Maydwell, J. E., tinner; P. 0. Aurora,

Messenger, F., carpet weaver ; P. 0.

Markes, Peter, engineer ; P. 0. Aurora.

Meadows, Wm., conductor ; P. 0. Aurora.

Minnium, F. J., contractor; P.O.Aurora.

Minnium, H., contractor; P. 0. Aurora.

Montony, R. G., attorney ; P. 0. Aurora,

merchant of the firm of Miller & Sen-
cenbaugh, dry goods ; born in Tomp-
kins Co., N. Y., in 1839; leaving his
native State when quite young, he em-
igrated west, in company With his father
and family, and settled in Aurora in
1842 ; he first began the dry goods
business, by clerking for W. H. Haw-
kins, and in July, Ib53, he started in the
dry goods business for himself, and the
first day's cash sales amounted to $34.84 ; j
has held several public offices ; was ;
President of the Board of Trustees,
and Alderman of the city of Aurora
for several years ; these offices he has i
held with honor and credit to himself j
and to the people he has represented.
His brother, Col. Silas Miller, entered
the late war in the 36th 111. Vol. Inf.;
was mortally wounded at the battle of
Kenesaw Mountain, June 27, 1864,
from which he died at Nashville, Tenn.

MARX, "PETER, dealer in groceries
and provisions ; the above named gen-
tleman is one of the old settlers of Au-
rora, having come here in 1854 ; he
built the first log house in the northeast
part of Aurora Township ; Mr. Marx
was born in the Rhine Province, Ger-
many, Oct. 3, 1826 ; is the son of Frank
and Margaret Marx, of Germany ; his
father and mother died at a good old
age his father 99, his mother 101
years old at their death. Mr. Marx i
came to America in 1854, and came
West ; was engaged on a farm in Du
Page Co. for six months thence ; to j
Kane Co., where he was engaged as la-
borer on a farm, at $8 per month ; when j

he first came here he had but $3, but
with hard labor and good management
he succeeded in saving a little money :
he invested it in a small farm, where he
commenced to farm for himself; from
that on he has been very successful ;
owns to-day a fine farm about three
miles from Aurora, and one of the lead-
ing grocery stores of Aurora ; Mr.
Marx relates that the first time he came
to Aurora, he thought he knew no one
in this part of the country, but was sur-
prised to see his old friend, John Plain;
they were boys together in the old coun-
try ; he married Miss Margaret Coster,
of Germany, in 1856, in the Catholic
Church at Aurora ; has six children
four boys and two girls ; his son Jacob
was born in Kane Co., 111., in 1857 ; he
has full charge of the grocery store.
farmer ; P. 0. Aurora ; was born in
Rutland Co., Vt., Dec. 24, 1799, re-
maining there until he was 31 years old,
engaged in cabinet and joining and
farming business; then he went to
Tompkins Co., N. iT., where he re-
mained for 6 years ; in 1837 he emi-
grated, with his wife and six children,
west to Illinois, by wagon and team,
taking them 24 days to make the trip :
he first settled in the north part of La
Salle Co., one and a half miles from the
mouth of Rock Creek, remaining there
about one year ; he came to Kane Co.
and settled in Sugar Grove Tp. in the
Fall of 1837 ; when Mr. Mighell first
came west he was worth about fifteen
hundred dollars ; he invested that
amount in land, worked hard and faith-
fully, and to-day owns over seven hundred
acres of fine land in Sugar Grove Tp.;
in 1872, on account of the health of
his wife, he moved to Aurora, thinking
the change would benefit her, but very
little benefit was derived ; after very
much pain and suffering, she died March
26, 1877 ; her name was Lucinda Todd ;
five children living Lewis, farmer and
warehouseman ; Silas, farmer, Sugar
Grove; Albert, farmer, Aurora; Ruel.
farmer, Grundy Co., 111.: Franklin was
in the late 1 war enlisted in the 8th I.
V. C. for three years ; served his time
out, and was honorably discharged at



Marme, William, cigars ; P. 0. Aurora.

Muszgung, Joseph, rner.; P. 0. Aurora.

Maslin, J. C., traveler ; P. O. Aurora.

Morin, D. J., saloon ; P. 0. Aurora.

Moss, F. , merchant ; P. 0. Aurora.

Milgate. Wm., carpenter; P. O.Aurora.

Mann. A., P. 0. Aurora.

Meredith. John, engineer; P. 0. Aurora.

Mulvey, Joseph, architect; P. 0. Aurora.

Mich els, Frank, merchant ; P. 0. Aurora.

Morris, W. G., merchant; P. 0. Aurora.

Morrison, J. E., mfr., P. 0. Aurora.

Meeker, David, P. 0. Aurora.

Maxon, J. B., road-master ; P. 0. Aurora.

Marsh, David, carpenter ; P. 0. Aurora.

Murphy, James, carpenter; P. 0. Aurora.

Mears, Wm., P. 0. Aurora.

Moulton, S. L., painter ; P. 0. Aurora.

Moore, Jas., engineer; P. 0. Aurora.

Moore, John, mechanic ; P. 0. Aurora.

Moore, Eliza.

Matter, Isaac, P. 0. Aurora.

Muschler, Andrew, P. 0. Aurora.

Muschler, F., P. 0. Aurora.

Morris, B. W., mach.; P. 0. Aurora.

Moss, Moses, mer.; P. 0. Aurora.

McCOLLUM, GEO., prop. Pioneer
Wagon Manufactory, Aurora ; P. 0.
Aurora; was born in N. Y., in 1808;
when very young he went to Pa., re-
maining there until he was 26 years
old ; he engaged in blacksmithing ;
thence West to Aurora in 1836 ; when
he first came here, he was worth about
thirty dollars ; he commenced the black-
smith business, and then in the manu-
facture of wagons and fine carriages ;
also the manufacturer of the McCollum
wagon ; with hard labor, perseverance
industry and good management, he
ranks to-day as one of the leading man-
ufacturers of Aurora ; he was one of the
first Aldermen of Aurora ; when he
fir*t came to Aurora there were about
two families living on the East Side,
and ten families on the West Side; the
rear of Mr. McCollum's house that he
now lives in was built in 1838, he
drawing all the lumber by wagon from
Chicago to build the same ; his son,
Orlando, J., was in the late war; he
enlisted in Co. H, 124th I. V. I., for
three years' service ; he was honorably
discharged, and is now engaged with
his father in the wagon manufactory

Millard, Mrs. H. H., P. 0. Aurora.

Mertz, Nicholas, farmer ; P. 0. Aurora.

Martz, Peter, farmer ; P. 0. Aurora.

Modaff, Peter, farmer ; P. 0. Aurora.

Modaff, Henry, farmer ; P. 0. Aurora.
! Mitchells, Francis, mer.; P. 0. Aurora.
| Meyer, Paul, P. 0. Aurora.
j Miller, Peter, P. 0. Aurora.
! Millen, Hubart, P. 0. Aurora.
i Miller, John, P. Aurora.
i Millen, Peter, P. 0. Aurora.

Mazury, John, farmer; P. 0. Aurora.

Marks, John, farmer ; P. 0. Aurora.
I Miller, Hiram, farmer ; P. 0. No. Aurora.
j Miller, Nicholas, farmer ; P. 0. Aurora.
I Mulitour, Matt, farmer; P. 0. Auror.-

McLALLEN, J. J., Clerk of the

City of Aurora ; born in Seneca Co.,
N. Y"., in 1845 ; at 12 years of age he
came West and settled in Aurora in
1857 in company with his father, Wm.
H. McLallen, who was born in Tomp-
kins Co., N. Y., in 1812 ; was engaged
in the grocery business in Aurora for
ten years, in Texas one year on the
Texas & Pacific R. R.; was first elected
to office of City Clerk in 1874 and re-
elected to same office in '75, '76, and
'77, which office he has held faithfully ;
also holds the office of Town Clerk ; Rep.
| Mulitour, Nick, farmer ; P. 0. Aurora.
! May, Nicholas, farmer ; P. 0. Aurora.
McMuller, W., farmer; P.O.Aurora.
j Mukour, John, farmer ; P. 0. Aurora.
' Myer, Lambert, laborer ; P. 0. Aurora,
i Mettle, John, farmer ; P. 0. Aurora.
i Myers, N.. P. O. Aurora.
Morgan, Eugene, finisher; P. 0. Aurora..
Mahan, Mrs. Bridget. P. O. Aurora.
McGuire, Mrs. Ann, P. O. Aurora.
Moon, Martin, machinist ; P. 0. Aurora.
! Mighell, A. W., P. O. Aurora.
I Morrison, James, P. 0. Aurora.
McGuire, Edward, fireman ; Aurora.

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