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The past and present of Kane County, Illinois : containing a history of the county ... a directory ... war record of its volunteers in the late rebellion ... statistics ... history of the Northwest ... etc., etc online

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52d 111. Inf., and was out four years ;
until the end of the war ; Franklin
Watkins, his father, was born in Hins-
dale, Mass., June 4, 1804, and came to
Illinois in Jan., 1836, and purchased 220
acres of land on Sec. 9. He married
Arvilla Carpenter, in Trenton, Oneida
Co., N. Y., April 15, 1826 ; she was
born in Russia, N. Y., June 1, 1807;
they had three children Dorcas S.,
born June 25, 1826 ; Hiram F., born
June 25, 1830 ; Frank W., born June
6, 1841 ; Mr. W. died May 16,
1867 ; Mrs. W. lives on the old home-
stead with her son Frank W., and is
enjoying the fruit of her toil and labor.

Whitney, Melvina, P. 0. St. Charles.

White, William.


John), farmer and dairyman ; Sec. 14;
P. 0. St. Charles ; independent in poli-
tics and religion ; has 132 acres of ex-
cellent land ; value, $45 per acre ; he
was born Jan. 3, 1840, in Campton.
Married Althea Babbitt, Feb. 16, 1863 ;
she was born Oct. 18, 1844 ; they have
three children Mertell, born Oct. 16,
1865; Merrill, born Jan. 18, 1867;
Merritt, born May 24, 1872 ; Mr. W.,
although young, has been elected to the
most important positions in town, and
has discharged their duties well.

and dairyman ; Sec. 14 (old homestead);
P. 0. St. Charles ; is independent in
politics; lives with his mother, Mrs.
John Whitney, and they together have
175 acres of fine land ; value, $50 per
acre; he was born in Campton, Feb. 20,
1852. Married Adella Miller, Nov. 11,
1875 ; she was born Jan. 24, 1859 ;
they have one child Lottie M., born
born Oct. 11, 1877 ; John Whitney,
deceased, father of Daniel and Melvei ,
was a farmer and one of the earliest
settlers in the county ; he was a Demo-
crat and Baptist ; was born in Orange,
Franklin Co., Mass., Aug. 18, 1804;
came to DuPage Co. in the Fall of 1833,
and to this county in 1835, in the Fall,
and purchased 280 acres of land and
put up good buildings at an early day,
and opened a hotel, it being on the great
Chicago and Galena route. He married
Rachel Ward, of Wyoming Co., N. Y.,
Dec. 7, 1826 ; she was born in Genesee
Co., and died in 1837, leaving two
children Seymour and Alden ; married
Maria Blood, of Wyoming Co., N. Y.,
Feb. 7, 1839 ; she was born June 28,
1812, in Tompkins Co., N. Y. ; they
had seven children Daniel, Rachel C.,
Mary Ann, John, Maria, Melvin and

Worth, John, far.; P. O. Campton.

Warne, G. H., P. 0. Blackberry.

Westgarth, John, P. 0. Gray Willow.

Wilkinson, Alex., far.; P. 0. Campton.

Ward, J. D., P. 0. St. Charles.

Walker, Hiram, far.; P. O. Campton.

Walker, J. N., far.; P. 0. Gray Willow.

Walker, E. M., far.; P. 0. Gray Willow.

Walker, L. P., far.; P. 0. Gray Willow.

Walker, 0. M., far.; P. 0. Gray Willow.


AMES, CHAS., farmer; P. 0. Kane
ANNIS, DAVID W. (deceased),

farmer; P. 0. Kaneville; born Sept.
10th, 1812, in Strafford, Vt. ; Dem.;
non-sectarian; owned 1,794-j-^ acres,
estimated value of personal and real

estate, $155,000 ; married Prudence
M. Morrill, Sept. 6, 1835 ; she was born
Sept. 12, 1812, in Strafford, Vt. ; had
five children Frank M., born Dec. 1,
1839 ; Sarah E., born Sept. 14, 1841 ;
Jos. W., born Jan. 22, 1845; Chas.
M., born Feb. 13, 1848, he died Oct.



8, 1849 ; Jeddie N., born June 7, 1852 ;
all in this Co.; Mr. Annis died Sept.
14, 1877. In early life Mr. A. cdn-
ceived the idea that the Western prai-
rie was the proper place for those in-
clined to agricultural pursuits ; resolved
to visit the West in search of a location
where he might, in the early future, make
a home ; with above determination he
left his native State Sept. 27, 1836 ;
arrived in Chicago late in October, the
same year ; journeying westward, he
came to what now is Blackberry Tp. ;
there he met Messrs. West and Hall,
purchased of them a claim of 366 acres
for $365 ; the only improvements on
said claim was a small log cabin, after-
ward used by Mr. A. as a residence.
Here the land had not been offered for
sale by the Government, consequently
the only title to it was priority of occu-
pation ; but as soon as it was offered for
sale, Mr. A. bought, and got deeds
patent for, the claim he was then hold-
ing by actual residence ; Mrs. A. did not
come here with her husband, but
followed one year later, and joined him
in their new home Sept. 10, 1837 ; they
were amongst the first white settlers of
Kane Co., and, like many of the pioneers,
had nothing of importance in value
wherewith to begin life, but were not
lacking in two very essential elements
to those who will succeed hope and
courage ; their culinary department was
considered well furnished when they
had procured one kettle or pot in which
to do the entire routine of cooking all
other departments of the house furnished
in proportion ; the first year they bought
a yoke of oxen, which was quite an
advance, both in a labor and financial
view ; the second year they ventured to
purchase a horse, as an improvement on
the first, but they had only taken the
animal in possession when it died, which
was, in those days, no light disappoint-
ment and loss.

AMES, A VERY, farmer (rents farm
of F. Young); Rep.; non-sectarian ;
owns \\ acres in village of Kaneville.
valued at $400 ; personal property
valued at about $3,000 ; born 1828, in
Eutland Co., Vt.; married Esther P.
Davis in 1852 ; she was born in 1835,
Rutland Co., Vt ; have eight children

Fredrick A., born 1854 ; Edwin L., born
1856; Chas. D., born 1858; Eleanor
E., born 1860 ; all in Vt.; Hiram, born
1862, in N. Y.; Janette, born 1865, in
N. Y.; Annis, born 1867, in Kaneville;
Katie S., born 1870, in Kaneville; Mr.
A. moved from Vt. to N. Y. in 1860 ;
enlisted Dec. 25, 1861, in the 194th N.
Y. Ind. V.; was discharged Dec. 1862 ;
came to this Co. in 1866, without any
property ; is now worth in all about
four thousand dollars.

Ames, D. C., farmer; P. Kaneville.

TDARTMEERS, N., farmer; P. 0.

J3 Lodi.

Bartmeers, J. F., farmer ; P. 0. Lodi.

Bartmeers, E. H., farmer; P. 0. Lodi.

Berogan, J., farmer ; P. O. Lodi.

Blass, S., farmer ; P. 0. Kaneville.

Ben ton, Chas., farmer ; P. 0. Kaneville.

Benjamin, M. D., far.; P. 0. Kaneville.

Bowdish. P. S.. farmer; P. 0. Kaneville.

Bent, John, farmer ; P. 0. Blackerry.

Belden, F. W., farmer ; P. 0. Kaneville.

Bradley, J.. shoemaker ; P. 0. Kaneville.

Beach. J. L., farmer; P. 0. Kaneville.

Benton, Wm., farmer; P. 0. Grouse.

Benton, Russell, far.; P. P. Kaneville.

r ^HAMPLIN, E.,far.; P. 0. Kaneville.

Crane, Mrs J., farmer ; P. 0. Lodi.

CARY, BELA, prop, hotel and stage
line ; P. 0. Kaneville ; Dem.; non-sec-
tarian ; born Oct. 17, 1811, in Jefferson
Co., N. Y. Married Mary Odgen, Jan.
1835, in Monroe Co., N. Y.; they had
five children Eliza, Alvin, Susan,
Abram (deceased), Clara (deceased) ;
all lived to maturity and had families ;
Mr. Gary lived in Monroe and Orleans
Counties, N. Y., till May, 1847 ; then
moved West, locating in Lake Co., 111.;
thence to La Porte Co., Ind., in Aug.,
1853 ; thence to Northwestern Missouri
by wagon, in March, 1860, but returned
in the Fall of the same year, and located
in Kane Co., where he has resided ever
since ; his son (and partner). Alvin
Gary, was born Jan. 16, 1837, in Or-
leans Co., N. Y.; came with his parents
to Illinois in 1847 ; married Kate Val-
entine, Oct., 1858, in St. Joseph Co.,
Ind.; they had four children, two living
Charles, Frank (deceased), Mattie,
Bela (deceased); Alvin has resided in
Kane Co. since 1860.



Clarey, J., farmer ; P. 0. Lodi.
Conlon, Charles, farmer; P. O. Kane-


Sec. 22 ; P. O. Kaneville ; born Nov.
27, 1827, in Canada West; Dem.; non-
sectarian ; owns 153 acres ; value $70
per acre ; was elected School Director
in 1875. Married Persis N. Roberts,
1852, in this town ; she was born in
1831, in Middletown, Ct., and came to
this State in 1852 ; children Lazelle
C. H., Charles (deceased), Henry W.,
Clarie, Albert, Eddie and Gracie ; his
father, Henry, was born 1795, in Rens-
selaer, N. Y.; moved to Canada with
his parents in 1811 ; his mother, Abigail
English, was born 1798, in County
Armagh, Ireland; emigrated with her
parents, when quite young, to Canada ;
they were married in 1822, in Oxford
Co., Canada, and remained there until
1845 ; then they came here and pur-
chased the farm, or part of it, where
William now lives ; Mrs. Cornwell's
father, Wm. Roberts, and her mother,
were natives of Connecticut; her father
died in 1870, in Connecticut; her
mother .still lives there ; Mr. Cornwell
still lives with William ; Mrs. C., Sr.,
died in Feb., 1873.

Coffee, T., farmer ; P. 0. Kaneville.

Champlin, H. N., far.; P. 0. Kaneville.

Cook, J. C., farmer ; P. 0. Aurora.

Chambers, J., farmer ; P. 0. Kaneville.

CARLISLE, J., farmer ; Sec. 36 ; P.
0. Kaneville; born in 1820, in Phila-
delphia, Pa.; Liberal ; non-sectarian ;
owns 127 acres; value, $50 per acre.
Married Lucy Drake in 1845, in New
York ; she was born in 1823, in Rut-
land, Vt.; had four children, none of
them living ; Mrs. C. died Jan., 1867 ;
he married for his second wife, Saltie
Cleaveland, widow of the late Luther
Seavey, Oct., 1867 ; she had three chil-
dren by her first husband George,
Mary J. and Mark L.; when about 14
years of age, Mr. Carlisle moved from
Pennsylvania to New York, where he
lived three years ; thence to this State,
and lived here about ten years ; thence
to Michigan, stayed two years ; thence
to Iowa, and lived there two years; then
returned to this county, where he has
lived ever since ; his father, Jabesh, was

born in 1785, in Deerfield, Mass.; his
mother, Catherine Heins, was born in
1788, in Germantown, Pa.; were mar-
ried in 1818, in Pennsylvania ; moved
to New York; from there to Michigan,
in 1845 ; they had 13 children Cath-
arine, Jonathan, Javish, William, George,
Joseph, David, John, Henry, Samuel,
Ebenezer, etc ; Mr. Carlisle, Sr., served
in the war of 1812 ; he died in Michi-
gan in 1867.

Caldwell, T., farmer ; P. O. Kaneville.

Cleveland, S., farmer; P. 0. Kaneville.

Coy, John, farmer ; P. 0. Kaneville

Coy, M. A., farmer ; P. 0. Kaneville.

Crosby, James, far.; P. 0. Blackberry.

Coy, W. W., farmer ; P. 0. Kaneville.

DOOLEY, MICHAEL, far.; P. 0.

DAUBERMAN, J. S., farmer, Sec.
35 ; P. 0. Kaneville ; Dem. ; non-sec-
tarian ; owns 180 acres of land, valued
at about $11,000; he was born in 1850
at Center Co., Pa. ; married Mary Mer-
rill in March, 1874; she was born in
New Hampshire, in 1851, and came to
this township with her father's family ;
have one child, George ; Mr. Dauber-
man's parents were born in Center Co.,
Pa.; his father, George, in 1825, and
his mother, Matilda Spangler, in 1831 ;
they came to this county with their
family, three children J. S., Ellen and
Ida; Mrs. D. died December, 1856;
Mr. D. married second wife, Ann Harter;
she was born in 1832, in Pennsylvania;
she had three children John , McLelland
and Mary ; second wife died in Septem-
ber, 1871.

Dadd, Mrs. E., P. 0., Kaneville.

A. (third wife and widow of the late
George S. Dauberman), resides Sec. 26;
P. 0. Kaneville; Meth. ; owns 170
acres, valued at $60 per acre ; she was
born in 1831, at Center Co., Pa. ; her
parents moved to Sandusky Co., 0., in
1833, where her father, Jacob Wise,
still resides ; her mother, Magdalene
Spangler, died there Dec. 18, 1860;
Mr. and Mrs. Dauberman were married
June 22, 1872; no family; she is
guardian of the younger children of
Mr. Dauberman's previous wife. Mr.
Dauberman died March 20, 1874, aged
48 years, 5 months and 9 days.



EVANS, E. R., farmer; P. 0. Kane-

EBERLY, WM., rents farm of J.
Price; P. 0. Hinckley; born Jan. 10,
1854, in De Kalb Co., Rep.; Evan-
gelical; owns about $1,000 worth of
personal property ; married Cynthia M.
Smith April, 1873 ; she was born 1853,
in N. Y.; came here with her parents ;
they have one child Jennie M. ; Mr.
Eberly's parents came to this State from
Ohio in 1851.

TpLANDERS, P., far.; P. 0. Kane-

JJ ville.

FINK, NORRIS A., farmer ; P. 0.
Kaneville ; born 1845, in Oneida Co.,
N. Y.; came to this State in 1850;
owns 156 acres, valued at $9,000 ;
Dem.; non -sectarian ; married Mary
Perry Jan., 1868 ; she was born July
18, 1848, at Lee Center, N. Y.; have
four children Clarence, born Dec. 13,
1868; Maud E., born July 20, 1870;
Mary, born May 1, 1872 ; Henry L.,
born July 7, 1877 ; Mr. F. enlisted
Aug., 1862, in the 8th I. V. C.; was
promoted to Commissary Sergeant Sept.,
186-i ; mustered out July 4, 1865 ; dur-
ing the campaign he participated in
forty-three engagements, and, haply,
never got even the slightest wound ;
was elected Assessor in 1874 and '5 ;
was elected Road Commissioner in 1877,
which office he now holds.

PINK, J. A., farmer, Sec. 26 ; P. 0.
Kaneville ; born 1814, in Madison Co.,
N. Y.; Rep.; Bapt.; owns 207 acres,
valued at $15,000 ; married Nancy B.
Norris June, 1838, in Madison Co., N.
Y.; had three children John N. (de-
ceased); Marilda and Nancy ; Mrs. F.
died Sept. 1843, in N. Y.; married
second wife, Mary A. Norris, in 1844;
she had two children N. A. and Fran-
cis (deceased); Mrs. Fink, second, died
in 1858, in this Township ; he married
third wife, Louisa Coy, in 1859 ; she
was born 1827, in Chenango Co., N.
Y.; had three children Frankie, Marcia
(deceased) and Julia; in 1839 Mr.
Fink moved from Madison Co. to Onon-
daga Co.; lived there till 1851 ; thence
to the place where he now lives, in this
Township ; he was not amongst the
first settlers of this Township, but is
one of its enterprising farmers.

Fuller, I., farmer; P. 0. Lodi.

Fish, J. M., farmer ; P. 0. Kaneville.

FREDERICK, WM., farmer, Sec.
35 ; P. 0. Kaneville ; Dem.; non-sec-
tarian ; owns 360 acres, valued at $75
per acre ; he was born Feb. 15, 1825,
in Johnstown, Fulton Co., N. Y.; mar-
ried Elizabeth Hathaway, March 15,
1853 ; she was born July 10, 1835, in
Jefferson Co., N. Y.; came to this Co.
with her father's family ; have seven
children Mary, Artimus. Margaret C.,
William, Agnes, Charles and Burt ;
Mr. Frederick left N. Y. April, 1846,
and arrived at Chicago May 1, the same
year ; thence to Montgomery, Kane Co,
and lived there till the Spring of 1852 ;
then purchased one hundred and twenty
acres of the farm he now owns, and on
which he has resided ever since ; besides
the natural advantages of his farm, it is
well improved.

Flanders, T. P., farmer ; P. 0. Kaneville.

FRACE, J. M., farmer, Sec. 2 ; P. 0.
Blackberry ; Dem. ; non-sectarian ;
owns 260 acres, valued at $45 per acre ;
born Feb. 22, 1820, in Morris Co., N.
J.; married Sarah Vorhees ; she was
born Nov. 26, 1824, in Warren Co., N.
J.; have three children Elsie, Albert
1). and Elizabeth ; Mr. Frace came here
in 1848, returned to N. J. in 1856 ;
married and returned again to his loca-
tion in Kane Co., where he has resided
ever since.

/~^ RANGER, E., farmer ; P. 0. Kane-

VJT ville.

Gardner, H. S., farmer ; P. 0. Lodi.

Gardner, R. M., farmer ; P. 0. Lodi.

Guerin, Mary, farmer ; P. 0. Lodi.

GORHAM, H. C., farmer, Sec. 23 ;
P. 0. Kaneville ; born 1826, in Rut-
land Co., Vt. ; Rep. ; non-sectarian,
(Protestant); owns 156 acres, valued at
about $10,000; was elected Highway
Commissioner in 1859 ; held that office
nine years ; married Susan A. Davis in
1851 ; she was born 1832, in Clerndon,
Vt.; had seven children Augusta, Ella,
Helen (deceased), Ira, George, Frank
(deceased), and Charles; Mr. Gorham
came from Vt. to this Co. in 1856 ; his
mother, Lydia Hawkins, died at their
old home in Vt., in 1834 ; his father,
Ira Gorham, came with him, and died
here in 1871.



Galvin, T., farmer ; P. 0. Lodi.

Galvin, T., farmer ; P. 0. Lodi.

Goding, A. L., far.; P. 0. Kaneville.

GARDNER, JOHN Q., rents farm
of J. H. Scott; Sec. 25; P. 0. Kane-
ville ; born Dec., 1829, in Jefferson Co.,
N. Y.; Rep.; Meth.; owns house and
two lots in Kaneville village, valued at
$800, and personal property valued at
about $2,000 ; married Sophia Coon,
1863, in N. Y.; she was born 1839, in
Jefferson Co., N. Y.; had four children
Herman, Eva M. (deceased), Charles
(deceased), Birdie M. ; when about 9
years of age, his parents moved to
Oneida Co., where he lived nine years ;
then returned to Jefferson Co., and re-
mained five years ; thence to Canada,
where he lived three years ; thence to
this State in 1860, where he lived four
years; went back to N. Y., married
and returned to 111. the same year ;
located in this Co., where he has lived
ever since.

Gramley, Benj., farmer; P. 0. Kaneville.

Gaunt, H., farmer; P. 0. Blackberry.

Graves, H., farmer ; P. 0. Kaneville.

Guster, Jacob, farmer ; P. 0. Kaneville.


1.; P. 0. Lodi ; born 1821, in Genesee
(now Wyoming) Co., N. Y.; her mother
moved to Crawford Co., Pa., when she
was about fourteen years of age ; was
married there to Dr. Wm. Kennedy,
April 13, 1837 ; have two children
E. C. and W. H. H. (sons of Dr. Ken-
nedy); they moved from Pa. to Lodi,
this Co., Sept., 1857; Dr. Kennedy
died at Lodi, Oct. 4, 1862; Mrs. G.
still resided with her son, W. H. H.,
for five years after her husband's death ;
then married H. S. Gardner, Sept. 28,
1867 ; Mr. Gardner settled in Kane Co.
in 1845, where he now lives. E. C.
Kennedy enlisted in the 8th 111. Cavalry
Sept., 1861, and served in the war three

HAWLEY, SAMUEL, farmer ; P. O.

Hoyt, T., farmer ; P. 0. Kaneville.
Heustis, D., farmer ; P. 0. Lodi.
Hough, S. H., farmer ; P. 0. Kaneville.
Hinds, W., farmer ; P. O. Kaneville.
Harter, A., farmer ; P. 0. Lodi.
Harter, Samuel, farmer ; P. 0. Lodi.
Hoyt, H. L., Station.

HOYT, BATES, farmer; Sec. 3; P. 0.
Kanevilje ; owns 80 acres ; he was born
in Florida, Orange Co., N. Y., in 1820 ;
moved to N. J. in 1836 ; there he mar-
ried Sarah M. Doty ; she was born in
N. J. ; they lived in N. Y. a few years ;
then moved to Darien, Conn., in 1845 ;
they had two children Geo. E.,born in
N. Y., and Chas. H. in Conn. ; Mrs.
Hoyt died at Darien, Conn., May 22,
1850. Married second wife Mary E.
Godfray, 1852, in Conn. ; she was born
in Fairfield Co., Conn, April 24, 1824.
They moved to this State in 1857, and
located on his present farm ; Geo. E.
enlisted in 111. I. V., Co. A, Jan., 1864,
and died in the hospital at Chattanooga,
Nov. 29, 1864, of sickness contracted in
the army.

Humiston, C. M., farmer ; P. 0. Kane-

Hunt, S. D., farmer ; P. 0. Kaneville.

Hays, S. B., farmer ; P. 0. Kaneville.

HARDY, H. T., M. D., P. 0. Kane-
ville ; Rep. ; Cong. ; owns 2 acres in
village, valued at $2,500 ; was born in
Groton, Grafton Co., N. H., in 1838;
married Sophia E. Buzzell, March 12,
1868; she was born Jan. 28, 1848, in
Strafford, Vt. ; had two children Ralph
H. and Mabel Le Rue (deceased).
Mr. Hardy resided at Groton until
about 21 years old. when he moved to
Thetford, Vt., and began to study medi-
cine ; he attended a course of lectures at
Hanover, N. H., in 1862 ; then enlisted
in June, 1862 in Sprague's Squadron
Rhode Island Cavalry, one company of
which was entirely of students of Dart-
moutu, who were enlisted for three
months. At the close of said three
months he returned to his home in Vt.,
and pursued his study until Oct., 1863 ;
then re-enlisted in the 3d Vt. L. A.
for three years. He participated in the
battle of Appomattox, and was dis-
charged at the close of the war ; he
never received a wound. At the close
of the war he returned to Thetford,
completed his studies, and graduated in
medicine at Dartmouth, Oct. 31, 1866 ;
he practiced at Strafford, Vt., four years ;
thence to Neb. where he spent one
winter ; then came to Elgin, this Co.,
April, 1872, and in Oct., 1873, came
to this village.



HOYT, CH AS. H., farmer ; Sec. 3 ;
P. 0. Blackberry ; Rep,; non-sectarian;
owns 80 acres, valued at $3,000 ; was
born Dec. 23, 1847, in Darien, Conn. ;
married Mary A. Reeves, April 2,
1873; she was born May 11, 1853, in
Kent, Eng., and emigrated to U. S.
with her parents in 1861 ; they settled
in this Co. They have one child Geo.
E., born in Feb. 1874. Mr. Hoyt came
here with his father's family ; has been
elected School Director.

Hanchette, D., farmer ; P. 0. Kaneville.

Hinds, J. H., farmer ; P. 0. Blackberry.

HOUGH, SAMUEL H., farmer;
Sec. 22; P. 0. Kaneville; owns 43
acres, valued at $75 per acre ; Rep. ;
Meth. ; was born in Niagara Falls, N.
Y., in 18ii7. Mr. Hough came West
in 1854; stopped in Wis. ; thence to
111. ; lived at Rockford three years ;
thence to Mo. with Mr. Churchill for
whom he had contracted to build ; mar-
ried there Eliza Churchill in 1861 ; she
was born inGenesee Co., N.Y., in 1828 ;
one child living Fayett C. (deceased) ;
Mary E. Alfred Churchill, and Susan
Wilson Mrs. Hough's parents came
to Chicago in 1 834 ; thence to this Tp. ,
and settled in the northeast side in
1837 ; their's was one of the first
families in the Tp. ; had six children,
all girls Fayett, Eliza, Delia, Susan,
Fannie, and Emma. Mr. Churchill
was the first P. M. in this Tp. ; he was
chosen as a delegate to represent this
Co. in the revision of the State Consti-
tution in 1847 ; he held various offices
of trust and honor, giving general satis-
faction ; his oldest daughter, Fayett,
(now Mrs. Hanchett) taught the first
school in the Tp. Mr. and Mrs.
Churchill were both natives of Vt. ;
both were born in 1800. Mrs. C. re-
turned to Vt., to visit a daughter,
and died there, Aug. 3, 1867. Mr. C.
died in this Tp., near where many of
the important days and incidents of his
life were passed, Oct. 18, 1868.

Hunt, Daniel, farmer ; P. 0. Kaneville.

TONES, GEO., farmer; P. 0. Kaneville.

JAMES, THOS., farmer ; Sec. 31 ;
P. 0. Big Rock; Rep.; Cong.;
owns 170 acres, valued at $55 per
acre ; he was born in 1835, in Mont-

gomeryshire, Wales ; married Margaret
Evans in June, 1859, at Utica, N.
Y. ; she was born in 1839, in Mont-
gomeryshire, Wales ; had five children ;
those living are: Margaret, born in N.
Y., and Elizabeth A., in this State.
Mrs. James died Jan., 1873 ; married a
second wife Mary A. Aynon, Nov.,
1874 ; she was born in South Wales, in
1846, and came to this country in 1868 ;
have one child John M. ; Mr. J.
came to the U. S. in 1857 ; settled in
N. Y. ; lived there until March, 186M,
when he came to this Co. ; rented here
several years until he bought his present
farm in the Spring of 1870.
T7"EENAN, M., far.; P. 0. Kaneville.

Kenneda, P., far.; P. 0. Lodi.
Kendall, M., farmer ; P. O. Lodi.
Keegan, D., farmer ; P. 0. Kaneville^
Keller, Chas., far.; P. 0. Kaneville.
Kennedy, P., farmer ; P. 0. Kaneville.
Kendall, W., mason ; P. 0. Kaneville.
Knight, B.

Kendall, M. J., farmer ; P. 0. Lodi.
Kennedy, Thos., farmer ; P. 0. Lodi.
OVELL, E., carp.; P. 0. Kaneville.


Lovell, S., farmer.; P. 0. Kaneville.
Lynch, J., farmer; P. 0. Lodi.

LIGHTFOOT, JAS., Sec. 15 ; P.

0. Kaneville ; Rep.; non-sectarian ; born
in 1801, in Oxfordshire, Eng.; married
Louisa Bush in 1835 ; she was born in
1816 in London ; they emigrated to the
United States in 1836 ; settled in Mid-
dletown, Conn., where they lived nine
years ; then moved to this Co., and
settled on what is now his son's farm
July 4th. 1845 ; had twelwe children,
only two living Wm. Jas., born 1844,
and Jessie, born in 1856 ; Mrs. L. died
Oct. 2d, 1865; married second wife,
Widow Fuller, Jaauary, 1870 ; he re-
sides with his son, W. J., who owns
85 acres ; valued at $60 per acre ; he
(W. J.) married Nancy Belden in
March, 1869 ; she was born in 1850,
in New York, and came here with her
parents when about 6 years old ; have
three children Harry, born in 1870 ;
Louisa, in 1871, and Jessie, in 1875.

Libby, Wm., farmer; P. 0. Lodi.

Libby, W. T.. farmer; P. 0. Lodi.

Lyke, J., farmer ; P. 0. Kaneville.



Lovell, Thos., farmer ; P. 0. Kaneville.

LONG, MICHAEL, Sec. 1 ; P. 0.

Blackberry ; far.; Dem.; Cath.; owns
173 acres; valued at $45 per acre ; born
July 2d, 1830, in Co. Dublin, Ireland ;
married Catharine Ferrington in April,
1869 ; she was born in Co. Galway,
Ireland ; Mr. Long emigrated to the
United States in 1853, and remained
at Boston about two and a half years ;
thence to Chicago in 1855 ; thence direct
to Kane Co., and has remained here
ever since.

Lowell, Frank, painter ; P. 0. Kaneville.

Online Libraryjr. Le Baron and Company Wm.The past and present of Kane County, Illinois : containing a history of the county ... a directory ... war record of its volunteers in the late rebellion ... statistics ... history of the Northwest ... etc., etc → online text (page 81 of 114)