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stone, 16

Newspaper Libel Bill, 154

Nolan, Colonel, 101, 105

No Rent Manifesto, 164-165

Northbrook, Lord, il

Northcote, Sir Stafford, 2; Budget,
4-5 ; Bradlaugh Case, 39, 43 ;
Fourth Party, 49-51 ; and Brad-
laugh, 174-i77; protection, 182 ;




Irish Policy, 201 ; ' Kilmainham

Treaty,' 213 ; and Lord R.

Churchill. 261-262 ; Suez Canal,

270 ; Ulster Campaign, 277 ;

National Debt, 283-284 ; 329; 338;

death of Duke of Albany, 342
Novikoff, Madame de, on Central

Asia, 324-325
Nubar Pasha, 226, 230, 342

O'Brien, W., 163, 271, 349
O'Connor, Arthur, 100, 163
O'Connor, T. P., 99, 286
O'Donnell, F. H., 87, 131, 217
O'Donnell kills James Carey, 274
O'Donoghue, The, and Coercion, 121
O'Donovan E., 171 ; death, 305-307
O'Kellv, James, 100, 131, 132, 163,

194, 198, 201, 258
'Old Whip,' The, and Lord Bra-
bourne, 15
Orange Disturbances, 275-279
Osborne, Bernal, death of, 249
O'Shaughnessy, Arthur, death of, 172
O'Shea, Captain, and ' Kilmainham

Treaty,' 209-215
Osman Digna, 313-318
Otway, Mr. Arthur, illness of, 342

P^ii Mali. Gazette, 272, 309-
310, 324-325

Palmer, E., death of, 245-246, 305

Parcels Post, 219

Parliament, meeting of, 115, 173,
256, 325

ParneD, C. S., 96-101, 105 ; Home
Rule motion, 108 ; speech attri-
buted to by Mr. Forster, 126 ; and
arrest of Michael Davitt, 127-
129 ; in Paris, 132-133 ; in
Dublin, 159 ; attacked by Glad-
stone, 161-162; arrested, 163-
165 ; Arrears Bill, 193-194 ; 201 ;
address on Phoenix Park mur-
ders, 204; 'Kilmainham Treaty,'
209-215 ; freedom of Dublin, 221 ;
Tramways BiU, 286 ; pxu'chase
clauses, 345

Pamell, Miss Anna, 133

Patents for Invention Bill, 285

Pattison, Mark, death of, 348

Peel, Mr. Arthur, 334, 342

Penjdeh dispute, 351

Planche', J. R., death of, 90

Playfair, Lyon, 124-125, 216-217

Plunket, Mr., 257


Postal notes, 86

Postal Savings' Bank Bill, 86

Power, Frank, death of, 350

Power, O'Connor, 103, 191

Power, Richard, 100, 131

Pretorius, M. \V., and Boer War, 74

Price, Mr. Bonaray, and Irish Land

Question, 143
Primrose, General, at Candahar, 63-

64, 67, 80
Prison Code, 97

'Privilege,' cry of, revived, 126
Punch and Mr. Gladstone, 15-16
Pusey, Dr., death of, 248

Queen's Speech, 1881, 115; 1882,

173 ; 1883, 256 ; 1884, 326
Quinn, J. P., 163, 271, 282

Raghed Pasha, 239
Rands, W. B., death of, 248
Reade, Charles, death of, 347
Redcliffe, Lord Stratford de, death of,

Redesdale's, Lord, measure against

Atheists, 178
Redmond, J., 100, 191
Redmond, W., 282
Reform BID, 334-341
Reid, Mayne, death of, 295
Rice, J., death of, 248
Ripon, Lord, in India, 61 ; and Ilbert

Bill, 289; and Gordon, 301
Ritchie, Mr., revives protection, 182
Roberts, General, relieves Candahar,

Robinson, Sir Hercules, and Trans-
vaal Convention, 81
Rogers, Thorold, and obstruction, 118
Rossetti, D. G., death of, 246-247
Rossmore, Lord, and Oraugeism, 278-

Roumania and Danubian Conference,

Russell, Charles, and Land Act, 145
Russia and naval demonstration, 57 ;

and Danubian Conference, 252-

256 ; takes Merv, 320

Said Pasha, 225-226

Salisburj-, Lord, 1-2 ; and Lord
Derby, 36 ; Land Act, 145-147 ;
Gladstone and Parnell, 102 ; Land
Act, 189 ; Irish policy, 195 ;
Arrears Bill, 218 ; and Randolph
Churchill, 261-263 ; attacked by




Mr. Chamberlain, 263-264; 265;

Agricultural Holdings Bill, 285 ;

Central Asia, 322 ; battle of Teb,

826 ; death of Duke of Albany,

341 ; accepts office, 354
Saunders, Captain, at Wakkerstrom,

Scobelefl' and Central Asia, 324
Sea Fisheries Bill. 286
Selborne, Lord, 11, 13, 33-34
Servia and Danubian Conference, 254
Settled Lands Bill, 219
Sexton, T., 99, 114, 135, 159, 163,

164, 198, 332
Seymour, Sir Beauchamp, 57-58, 239-

Shaftesbury, Lord, 178
Sharpe, S., death of, 171
Shaw, Mr., 97-98, 102, 105, 143,

191-1 9-2
Shechy, Father, 159
Shepstone, Sir T., 71
Smith, W. IL, 189
Smythe, Mrs., murder of, 222
Solicitors' Eemuneration Bill, 154
Sothern, G. A., death of, 171
Soudan, 296-320, 326-331, 342-344
South Africa Bill, 97
Spcdding, J., death of, 171
Spencer, Lord, 13, 195
Stanley, Dean, Swinburne on, 87 ;

death of, 169-170
Stansfeldt, Mr., 14
Stewart, Lieutenant-Colonel, 302, 310;

death of. 350
Storey, Mr., 163
Strachey, Sir J., 84
Suez Canal, 266-271
Sulljyan, A. M., 133 ; death of, 348
Sulliyan, T. D., 99, 114
Swinburne, A. C, and Dean Stanley,


Tagliom, Mme., death of, 346-347
Tamanieb, battle of, 317
Taylor, Tom, death of, 90
Tchnernaieff, and Central Asia, 323-

Teb, battle of, 313-315, 317, 326
Tel-el-Kebir, battle of, 243
Terrv, Miss Ellen, 344
Tewfik Pasha, Khediye, 231-244
Tewfik Pasha at Sinkat, 307 ; killed,



Thompson, Mr., 163, 209

Thomson, James, 153

Todhunter. J., death of, 345

Toulbah Pasha, 240

Tourguenieff, J., death of, 296

Traill, Major, 192-193

Tramways and Public Companies
Bill," 286

Transvaal, war in, 68-82 ; Conven-
tion, 82

Trelawnev, E. J., death of, 171

Trevelyan, G. O., 206-207 ; purchase
clauses, 347 ; resigns, 349

Tricoupis, 59

Trollope, Anthony, death of, 248-249

Truth. 42

Turkey and Dulcigno, 55-58 ; and
Greece, 58-59 ; and Danubian
Conference, 252-256 ; and Egypt,
223, 239

United Ireland suppressed, 165
Urgency rules, 131-132

Vaccination Bill, 84

Wagner, R., death of, 295

Wallace, Mackenzie, and Central Asia,

Ward, Mrs., death of, 171

Water Bill, 3-4

Webster, death of, 248

Wigan, Mrs. A., death of, 347

Williams, Sir Watkin, death of, 348

Wilson, Sir Rivers, 228-230, 269

Winslow, Colonel, at Potchefstrom, 81

Wolff, Dr., 49

Wolfi; Sir Henry, 39-40 ; and Fourth
Party, 48-49; and 'Kilmainham
Treaty-,' 197

Wolselev, Lord, and Boers, 71-72 ; in
Egypt, 243-244 ; Khartoum Ex-
pedition, 349-351

Wood, Sir Evelyn, and Boer War,
78, 80

World, 42 ; libel case, 344

Worms, Baron de, 328

Takoob Bey and Kashgar, 324
Yates, Mr. Edmund, 344

Zebehr Pasha, 300-301, 312
Zetland, Lord, and Mr. Gladstone,

Spottiiwoode 4c Co. Pi-inters, Hev-stieet Square, London.

[October, 1885.

L/ST OF Books.

About.— The Fellah : An Egyp-
tian Novel. By Edmond About.
Translated by Sir Randal Roberts.
PostSvo, illustrated boards, 2s. ; cloth
limp, 2s. 6d. .

Adams (W. Davenportl, Works


A Dictionary of the Drama. Being
a comprehensive Guide to the Plays,
Playwrights, Players, and Play-
houses of the United Kingdom and
America, from the Earliest to the
Present Times. Crown 8vo, half-
bound, 123. 6d. ^Preparing.

Latter Day Lyrics. Edited by W.
Davenport Adams. Post 8vo, cloth
limp, 2s. 6d.

Quips and Quiddities. Selected by
W. Davenport Adams. Post 8vo,
cloth limp, 2s. 6d.

Advertising, A History of, from

the Earliest Times. Illustrated by
Anecdotes, Curious Specimens, and
Notices of Successful Advertisers. Bv
Henry Sampson. Crown Svo, with
Coloured Frontispiece and Illustra-
tions, cloth gilt, 7s. 6d.

A^^ony Column (The) of "The

Times," from iS-o to 1870. Edited,
with an Introduction, by Alice Clay.
Post Svo, cloth limp, 2s. 6d.

Aide (Hamilton), Works by.

Post Svo, illustrated boards 23. each.
Carr of Carrlyon.

Alexander (Mrs.), Novels by:

Crown Svo, cloth extra, 33 6d. each ;
post Svo, illustrated boards, 28. each.
IVlaid, Wife, or Widow ?
Valerie's Fate.

Allen (Grant), Works by:

Crown Svo, cloth extra, 6s. each.

Tlie Evolutionist at Large. Second
Edition, revised.

Vignettes from Nature.

Colin Clout's Calendar.

Strange Stories. With a Frontis-
piece by Georg e Du M aurier.

Philistia: A Novel. NewandCheapr-r
Edit. Crown Svo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d.

Babylon: A Novel. With 12 Illusts.
by P. Macnab. Three Vols., cr. Svo.

For Maimie's Sal<e : A Tale of Love
and Dynamite. Crown Svo, cloth
extra, ds^ [Immediately .

Architectural Styles, A Hand-

bool< of Translated from the German
of A. Rosengarten, by W. Collett-
Sandars. Crown Svo, cloth extra, witu
639 Il lustrations, 7s. 6d.

Artemus Ward :

Artemus Ward's Works: The Works
of Charles Farrer Browne, better
known as Artemus Ward. With
Portrait and Facsimile. Crown Svo,
cloth extra, 7S. 6d.

Artemus Ward's Lecture on the
Mormons. With 32 Illustrations.
Edited, with Preface, by Edward P.
Hingston. Crown Svo, 6d.

The Genial Showman: Life and Ad-
ventures of Artemus Ward. By
Edward P. Kingston. With a
Frontispiece. Cr. Svo, cl. extra, 38. 6d.


Art (The) of Amusing: A Col-

lectionof Graceful Arts, Games, Tricks,
Puzzles, and Charades. By Frank
Bellew. With 300 Illustrations. Cr.
8vo, cloth extra, 4s. 6d.

Ashton (John), Works by:

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 73. 6d. each.

A History of the ChapBooks of the
Eighteenth Century. With nearly
400 Illustrations, engraved in fac-
simile of the originals.

Social Life In the Reign of Queen
Anne. From Original Sources. With
nearly 100 Illustrations.

Humour, Wit, and Satire of the
Seventeenth Century. With nearly
100 Illustrations.

English Caricature and Satire on
Napoleon the First. With 120 Il-
lustrations from Originals. Two
Vols., demy 8vo, cloth extra, 28s.

Bacteria. — A Synopsis of the

Bacteria and Yeast Fungi and Allied
Species. By W. B. Grove, B.A. W ith
67 Ulusts. Crown 8vo,cl. extra, 3s. 6d.

Balzac's " Comedie Humaine "

and its Author. With Translations by
H. H. Walker. Post 8vo, cloth limp,
2s. 6d.

Bankers, A Handbook of Lon-
don; together with Lists of Bankers
from 1677. By F. G. Hilton Price.
Crown ijvo, cloth extra, 73. 6d.

Bardsley (Rev. C.W.), Works by :

Crown tivo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d. each.
English Surnames: Their Sources and
Significations. Third Ed., revised.

Curiosities of Puritan Nomencla-

Bartholomew Fair, Memoirs

of. By Henry Morley. With 100
Ulusts. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 73. 6d.

Basil, Novels by :

Crown 8vo., cloth extra, 33. 6d. each.

A Drawn Game.

"The Wearing of the Green."

Beaconsfield, Lord: A Biogra-
phy. By T. P. O'Connor, M.P. Sixth
Edition, with a New Preface. Crown
8vo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d.

Beauchamp. — Grantley

Grange: A Novel. By Siielsley
Beauchamp. Post 8vo, illust. bds., 23.

Beautiful Pictures by British

Artists : A Gathering of Favourites
from our Picture Galleries. In Two
Series. All engraved on Steel in the
highest style of Art. Edited, with
Notices of the Artists, by Sydney
Armytage, M.A. Imperial 410, cloth
extra, gilt and gilt edges, 21s. per Vol.

Bechstein. — As Pretty as

Seven, and other German Stories.
Collected by Ludwig Bechstein.
V/ith Additional Tales by the Brothers
Grimm, and 100 Ulusts. by Richter.
Small 4to, green and gold, 63. 6d. ;
gilt edges, 7s. 6d.

Beerbohm. — Wanderings in

Patagonia; or. Life among the Ostrich
Hunters. By Julius Beerbohm. With
Ulusts. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d.

Beigravia for 1886. — One

Shilling .Monthly, Illustrated by P.
Macnab. — The first Chapters of Mo-
hawks, a New Novel by M. E.
Braddon, Author of " Lady Audley's
Secret," will appear in the January
Number, and the Story will be con-
tinued throughout the year. This
Number will contain also the Opening
Chapters of a New Novel by Mrs.
Hunt, entitled That other Person.
*»* Now ready, the Volume for July to
October, 18S5, dotli extra, gilt eUges,
73. 6d. ; Cases for binding Vols., 28. each.

Beigravia Annual for Christ-
mas, 1&85. With Stories by F. W.
Robinson, Mrs. Lynn Linton, Grant
Allen, ' Basil,' Justin H. McCarthy,
Demy 8vo, with Illustrations, Is.

BennettTw.C.,LL.D.),Works by:

Post 8vo, cloth limp, 2s. each.
A Ballad History of England.
Songs for Sailors.

Besant (Walter) and James

Rice, Novels by. Crown 8vo, cloth

extra, 33. 6d. each; post 8vo, illupt.

boards 23. each; cloth limp, 2s 6d.

Ready-Money Mortlboy.
With Harp and Crown.
This Son of Vulcan.
My Little Girl.
The Case of Mr. Lucraft.
The Golden Butterfly.
By Celia's Arbour.
The Monks of Thelema.
'Twas in Trafalgar's Bay.
The Seamy Side.
The Ten Years' Tenant.
The Chaplain of the Fleet.


Besant (Walter), Novels by:

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. Gd. each ;

post 8vo, illust. boards, 2s. each;

cloth limp, 2s. 6d. each.
All Sorts and Conditions of Men:

An Impossible Story. With Illustra-
tions by Fred. Baknard.
The Captains' Room, &c. With

Frontispiece by E. J. Wheeler.
All In a Garden Fair. With 6 Illusts.

by H. FuRNiss.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d. each.
Dorothy Forster. With Frontispiece

by Charles Green.
Uncle Jack, and other Stories.

The Art of Fiction. Demy Svo, Is.

Betham- Edwards (M.), Novels

by. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d.
each. ; post Svo, illust. bds., 2s. each.
Felicia. | Kitty.

Bewick (Thos.) and his Pupils.

By Austin DoBSON. With 95 Illustra-
tions. Square 8vo, cloth extra, lOs. 6d.

Birthday Books: —

The Starry Heavens: A Poetical
Birthday Book. Square Svo, hand-
somely bound in cloth, 2s. 6d.

Birthday Flowers: Their Language
and Legends. By W. J. Gordon.
Beautifully Illustrated in Colours by
Viola Boughton. In illuminated
cover, crown 4to, 6s.

The Lowell Birthday Book. With
Illusts., small Svo, cloth extra, 4s. 6d.

Blackburn's (Henry) Art Hand-
books. Demy Svo, Illustrated, uni-
form in size lor binding.

Academy Notes, separate years, from
1875 to 1884, each is.

Academy Notes. 1885. With 142
Illustrations. Is.

Academy Notes, 1875-79. Complete
in One VoL.with nearly 600 Illusts. in
Facsimile. Demy Svo, cloth limp, 6s.

Academy Notes, 1880-84. Complete
in One Volume, with aljout 700 Fac-
simile Illustrations. Cloth limp, Gs.

Grosvenor Notes, 1877. 6d.

Grosvenor Notes, separate years, from
1878 to 1884, each Is.

Grosvenor Notes, 1885. With 75
Illustrations. Is.

Grosvenor Notes, 1877-82. With
upwards of 300 Illustrations. Demy
Svo, cloth limp, 63.

Pictures at South Kensington. With
70 Illusts. IS- [Ni-w Etiit. I'^r.-^iiiins.

Art Handbooks, continued —

The English Pictures at the N-atlonal
Gallery. 114 Illustrations. Is.

The Old Masters at the National
Gallery. 12S Illustrations. Is. 6d.

A Complete Illustrated Catalogue
to the National Gallery. With
Notes by H. Blackburn, and 242
Illusts. Demy Svo, cloth limp, 3s.

Illustrated Catalogue of the Luxem-
bourg Gallery. Containing about
250 Reproductions alter the Original
Drawings of the Artists. Edited by
F. G. Dumas. Demy Svo, 33. 6d.

The Paris Salon, 1884. With over 300
Illusts. Edited by F. G. Dumas.
Demy Svo, 3s.

The Paris Salon, 1885. With about
300 Facsimile Sketches. Edited by
F. G. Dumas. Demy Svo, 3s.

The Art Annual, 1883-4. Edited by
F. G. Dumas. With 300 full-page
Illustrations. Demy Svo, 5s.

Blake (William) : Etchings from
his Works. By W. B. Scott. With
descriptive Text. Folio, half-bound
boards, In dia Proofs, 2l3. ^

Boccaccio's Decameron ; or,

Ten Days' Entertainment. Translated
into English, with an Introduction by
Thomas Wright, F.S.A. With Portrait,
and Stothard's beautiful Copper-
plates. Cr. Svo. cloth extra, gilt. 7s. 6d.

Bowers (G.) Hunting Sketches:

Oblong 4to, half-bound boards, 2l3. each.
Canters in Crampshire.
Leaves from a Hunting Journal.

Coloured in facsimile of the originals.

Boyle (Frederick), Works by :

Crown Svo. cloth extra, ?s.6i. each; post
Svo, illustrated boards, 23. each.
Camp Notes: Stories of Sport and
Adventure in Asia, Africa, and
Savage Life: Adventures of a Globe-

Chronicles of No-Man's Land.

Post Svo, illust. boards, 2s.

Braddon (M. t.)— Mohawks,

a Novtl, by Miss Bradi'On, .^utllor-
of " Lady Audley's Secret," will begin
in D lgravia for J axuarv, 1885. and b.^
continued throughout llie year. Illus-
trated by P. Macnab. l3. Monlhl y.

Brand's Observations on Po|:-

ular Ai t quities, chiefly Illustrating
the Or.;.in of our \'ulgar Customs,
Ceremonies, and Superstitions. Witli
the Additions of Sir Henkv Ellis.
Crown 8vo, cloth extra, giU, with
numerous Illustrations, 73. 6d


Bret Harte, Works by :

Bret Harte's Collected Works. Ar-
ranged and Revised by the Author.
Complete in Five Vols., crown Svo,
cloth extra, 6s. each.
Vol. I. Complete Poetical and
Dramatic Works. With Steel Por-
trait, and Introduction by Author.
Vol. II. Earlier Papers — Luck of
Roaring Camp, and other Sketches
— Bohemian Papers — Spanish
AND American Legends.
Vol. III. Tales of the Argonauts

— Eastern Sketches.
Vol. IV. Gabriel Conroy.
Vol. V. Stories — Conbensed ]
Novels, &c. I

The Select Works of Bret Harte, in

Prose and Poetry. With Introduc-
tory Essay by J. M. Bellew, Portrait
of the Author, and 50 Illustrations.
Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d.

Gabriel Conroy : A Novel. Post 8vo,
illustrated boards, 2s.

An Heiress of Red Dog, and other
Stories! Post 8vo, illustrated boards,

The Twinsof Table Mountain. Fcap.
8vo, picture cover. Is.

Luck of Roaring Camp, and other
Sketches. Post Svo, illust. bds., 23.

Jeff Briggs's Love Story. Fcap. Svo,
picture cover, Is.

Flip. Post Svo, illustrated boards, 2s. ;
cloth liinp, 2s. 6d.

Californlan Stories (including The
Twins of Table Mountain, Jeif
Briggs's Love Story, &c.) Post
Svo, illustrated boards, 2s.
Maruja: A Novel. Post Svo. illust.
boards, 2s. ; cloth limp, 2s. f d.

Brewer (Rev. Dr.), Works by :

The Reader's Handbookof Allusions,
References, Plots, and Stories.
Fifth Edition, revised throuf-hout,
with a New Appendix, containing a
Complete English Bibliography.
Cr. Svo, 1,400 pp., cloth extra, 7s. 6d.

Authors and their Works, with the
Dates: Being the Appendices to
"The Reader's Handbook,"
atcly printed. Cr. Svo, cloth limp, 2s.

A Dictionary of Miracles: Imitative,
Realistic, and Dogmatic. Crown Svo,
,clp;l^ ex(ra, 7s. Cd : hali-boiiiid, 9s.

Brewster(SirDavid), Works by:

More Worlds than One: The Creed
of the Philosopher and the Hope of
the Christian. With Plates. Post
Svo, cloth extra. 48. Gd.

Brewster (Sir David), fo;i/ni!(^iY—
The Martyrs of Science: Lives of
Galileo, Tycho Brake, and Kep-
ler. With Portraits. Post Svo, cloth
extra, 4s. 6d.
Letters on Natural Magic. A New
Edition, with numerous Illustrations,
and Chapters on the Being and
Faculties of Man, and Additional
Phenomena of Natural Magic, by
J. A. Smith. Post Svo, cloth extra,
4s. 6d.

Briggs, Memoir of Gen. John.

j By Major Evans Bell. With a Por-
trait. Royal Svo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d.

1 Brillat-Savarin.— Gastronomy

' as a Fine Art. By Brillat-Savarin.
j Translated by R. E. Anderson, M.A.
■ Post Svo, cloth limp, 2s. 6d.

Buchanan's (Robert) Works:

Crown Svo, cloth extra, 6s. each.
I Ballads of Life, Love, and Humour.
I With a Frontispiece by Arthur

I Undertones.

London Poems.
j The Book of Orm.
I White Rose and Red: A Love Story.
' Idylls and Legends of Inverburn.
Selected Poemsof Robert Buchanan.
With a Frontispiece by T. Dalziel.
The Hebrid isles: Wanderings in the
Land of Lome and the Outer He-
brides. With Frontispiece by Wil-
liam Small.
A Poet's SketchBook: Selections
from the Prose Writings of Robert

St. Abe and his Seven Wives : A Tale
of Salt Lake City. With a Frontis-
piece by A. B. Houghton. Crown
Svo, cloth extra, 53.

Robert Buchanan'sComplete Poeti-
cal Works. With Steel-plate Por-
trait. Crown Svo, cloth CElra,7s. 6d.

Crown Svo, cloth extra, 33. 6d. each ;
post Svo, illust. boards, 2s. each.

The Shadow of the Sword.

A Child of Nature. With a Frontis-

God and the Man. With Illustrations
by Fred. Barnard.

The Martyrdom of Madeline. With
Frontispiece by A. W. Coopf.r.

Love Me for Ever. With a Frontis-
piece by P. Macnab.

Annan Water.

The New Abelard.

Crown Svo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d. each,

Foxglove Manor.

Matt : A S'ory of a Caravan.


Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress.

Edited by Rev. T. Scott. With 17
Steel Plates by Stothard, engraved
by GooDALL, and numerous Woodcuts.
Crown 8vo. cloth extra, gilt, 7s. 6(i.

Burnett (IVlrs.), Novels by:

Surly Tim, and other Stories. Post
8vo, illustrated boards, 23.

Fcap. 8vo, picture cover, Is. each.
Kathleen Mavourneen.
Lindsay's Luck.
Pcetty Polly Pemberton.

Burton (Captain), Works by:

To the Gold Coast for Gold : A Per-
sonal Narrative. By Richard F. Bur-
ton and Verney Lovett Cameron.
With Maps and Frontispiece. Two
Vols., crown 8vo, cloth extra, 21s.

The Book of the Sword: Being a
History of the Sword and its Use in
all Countries, from the Earliest
Times. By Richard F. Burton.
With over 400 Illustrations. Square
8vo, cloth extra, 32s.

Burton (Robert):

The Anatomy of Melancholy. A

New Edition, complete, corrected
and enriched by Translations of the
Classical Extracts. Demy 8vo, cloth
extra, 7s. ed.

Melancholy Anatomised: Being an
Abridgment, for popular use, of Bur-
ton's Anatomy of Melancholy.
Post 8vo, cloth limp, 2s. 6d.

Byron (Lord) :

Cyron's Chllde Harold. An entirely
New Edition of this famous Poem,
v,ith over One Hundred new lilusts
ly leading Artists. ( Uniform with
the lilustrated Editions of " The
Lady of the Lake " and " Marmion.')
Elegantly and appropriately bound,
small 4to, 16s.

Byron's Letters and Journals. With
N'otces ot his Lite. By Thomas
MoouE. A Reprint of the Original
Edition, newly revised, with Twelve
lull page Plates. Crown 8vo, cloth
extra, gilt, 7s. 6d.

Byron's Don Juan. Complete in One
Vol , post bvo, cloth limp, 2s.

Cameron (Commander) and
Captain Burton.— To theGoldCoast
for Gold: A Personal Narrative. By
Richard F. Burton and Verney
Lovett Cameron. Frontispiece and
Maps. Two \'ols., cr. i\o,c\. ex., 21a.

Caine. — Tha Shadow of a

Crime: A Novel. By Hall Caine.
Cr. 8vo, cloth extra, 3s 6d.

Cameron (Mrs. H. Lovett),

Novels by:
Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d. each ;
post 8vo, illustrated boards, 23. each.
Juliet's Guardian. | Deceivers Ever.

Carlyle (Thomas) :
On the Choice of Books. By Thomas

Car'^yle. With a Life ot the Author
by R. H. Shepherd. New and Re-
vised Edition, post 8vo, cloth extra,
Illustrated, Is. 6d.

The Correspondence of Thomas
Carlyleand Ralph Waldo Emerson.

1834 to 1872. Edited by Charles
Eliot Norton. With Portraits. Two
Vols., crown 8vo, cloth extra, 24s.

Chapman's (George) Works:

Vol. I. contains the Plays complete,
including the doubtful ones. Vol. II.,
the Poems and Minor Translations,
with an Introductory Essay by Alger-
non Charles Swinburne. Vol. III.,
the Translations of the Iliad and Odys-
sey. Three Vols., crown Svo, cloth
extra, 133. ; or separately, 6s. each.

ChattO(& Jackson. — ATreatise

on Wood Engraving, Historical and
Practical. By Wm. Andrew Chatto
and John Jackson. With an Addi-
tional Chapter by Henry G. Bohn ;
and 450 fine Illustrations. A Reprint
of the last Revised Edition. Large
4to, half-bound, 28s.

Chaucer :

Chaucer for Children: A Golden
Key. By Mrs. H. R. Haweis. With
Eight Coloured Pictures and nu-
merous Woodcuts by the Author.
New Ed., small 4to, cloth extra, 6s.

Chaucer for Schools. By Mrs. H. R.
Haweis. Demy 8vo, cloth limp, 2s,6d.

City (The) of Dream : A Poem.
Fcap. Svo, cloth extra, 6s. \_Iii the press,

Clodd. — Myths and Dreams,

By Edward Clodd, F.R..'\.S., Author
of "The Childhiod of Religions," &c.
Crown Svo, cloth extra, 5s.

Cobban.— The Cure of Souls :

i A Stoiy. By J. Maclaren Cobban.
Post Svo, illustrated boards, 2s.

Coleman.— Curly: An Actor's

Story. By John Coleman. Illustrated
by J. C. DoLL>iAN. Crown 8vo, Is.
cloth, Is. 6d.


Collins (Mortimep), Novels by :

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. €d. each ; post
8vo, illustrated boards, 2s. each.
Sweet Anne Page.
From Midnig ht to Mid night.

A Fight with Fortune. Post 8vo,
illustrated boards, 2s^

Collins (Mortimer & Frances),

Novels by :
Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d. each ; post
8vo, illustrated boards, 23. each.
Blacksmith and Scholar.
The Village Comedy.
You Play Me False.
Post 8vo, illustrated boards, 2a. each.
Sweet and Twenty.

Collins (Wilkie), Novels by:

Crown &VO, cloth extra, Illustrated,
3s. 6d. each ; post Svo.illustrated bds.,
2s. each ; cloth limp, 2s. 6d. each.

Antonina. Illust. by SirJoHsGiLBERT.

Basil. Illustrated by Sir John Gil-
bert and J. Mahoney.

Hide and Seek. IHustrafed by Sir
John Gilbi:ut and J. Mahonev.

The Dead Secret. Illustrated by Sir
John Gilbi.rt.

Queen of Hearts. Illustrated by Sir

lollN GlI.Bl-KT.

My Miscellanies. With a Steel-plate

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