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Pegasus Re-Saddled. With Ten full-
page lllusts. by G. Du Maurier.

The Muses of Mayfair. Vers da
Socie'te, Selected and Edited by H.
C. Pennell.

Phelps (E. Stuart), Works by:

Post 8vo, I3. each ; cloth limp,
Is. 6d. each.
Beyond the Gates. By the Author
of " The Gates Ajar."

An Old Maid's Paradise. [Preparing.

Pirkis (Mrs. C. L.), Novels by:

Trooping with Crows. Fcap. 8vo,
picture cover, Is.

Lady Lovelace. Post 8vo, illustrated
boards, 2s. [Preparing.

Planche (J. R.), Works by:

The Pursuivant of Arms ; or, Her-
aldry Founded upon Facts. With
Coloured Frontispiece and 200 Illus-
trations. Cr. 8vo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d.

Songs and Poems, from i8ig to 1879.
Edited, with an Introduction, by his
Daughter, Mrs. Mackarness. Crown
8vo, cloth extra, 6s.

Play-time: Sayings and Doings
of Baby-land. By E. Stanford. Large
4to, handsomely printed in Colours, 53.

Plutarch's Lives of Illustrious

Men. Translated from the Greek,
with Notes Critical and Historical, and
a Life of Plutarch, by John and
William Langhorne. Two Vols.,
8vo, cloth extra, with Portraits, 103. 6d.



Poe (Edgar Allan):—

The Choice V/oi'ks, in Prose and
Poetry, ot Edgar Allan Poe. With
an Introductory Essay by Charles
Baudelaire, Portrait and Fac-
similes. Crown 8vo, cl. extra, 7s. Gd.

The Mystery of Marie Rogct, and
other Stories. PostSvo. ilhist.bds..2s.

Pope's Poetical Works. Com-
plete in One Vol. Post Hvo, cl. limp, 2s.

Price (E. C.), Novels by:

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d. each ;
post 8vo, illustrated boards, 2s. eacli.
Valentina. ! The Foreigners.

Mrs. Lancaster's Rival.

Gerald. Post 8vo, illustrated boards,
2s. [Preparing.

Proctor (RIchd. A.), Works by :

Flowers of the Sky. With 55 lllusts.
Small crown bvo, cloth extra, 4s. 6d.

Easy Star Lessons. With Star Maps j
lor Every Niglit in the Year, Draw-
ings of the Constellations, &c.
Crown Svo, cloth extra, 63.

Familiar Science Studies. Crown
Svo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d.

Rough Ways made Smooth : A

Scries of Familiar Essays on Scien-
tific Subjects. Cr. Svo, cloth extra, 63.

Our Place among Infinities : A Series
of Essays contrasting- our Little
Abode in Space and Time with the
Infinities Around us. Crown Svo,
cloth extra, 6s.

The Expanse of Heaven : A Series
of Essays on the Wonders of tlie
Firmament. Cr. Svo, cloth extra, 63.

Saturn and Its System. New and
Revised Edition, with 13 Steel Plates.
Demy Svo, cloth extra, 10s. 6d.

The Great Pyramid : Observatory,
Tomb, and Temple. With Illus-
trations. Crown Svo, cloth extra, 6s.

Mysteries of Time and Space. With
lllusts. Cr. Svo, cloth extra, 7s. Gd.

The Universe of Suns, and other
Science Gleanings. With numerous
lllusts. Cr. Svo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d.

Wages and Wants of Science
Workers. Crown bvo, Is. 6d.

Pyrotechnist's Treasury (The);

or. Complete Art of Making Fireworks.
By Thomas Kentish. With numerous
Illustrations. Cr. Svo, cl. extra, 4s. 6d.

Rabelais' Works. Faithfully

Translated from the French, with
variorum Notes, and numerous charac-
teristic Illustrations by Gu stave
Dor6. Crown Svo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d.

Rambosson. ^-Popular Astro-
nomy. By J. Rambosson, Laureate
of the Institute of France. Trans-
lated by C. B. Pitman. Crown Svo,
cloth silt, with numerous Illustrations,
and a beautifully executed Chart of
Spectra, 7s. Gd.

Reade (Charles), Novels by :

Crown Svo, cloth extra, illustrated,
3s. 6:1. each ; post Svo, illustrated
boards, 2s. each.

Peg Wofflngton.

Illustrated by S. L.
Illustrated by

Christie Johnstone.
William Small.

It is Never Too Late to Mend. Il-
lustrated by G. J. PiNWELL.

The Course of True Love Never did
run Smooth. Illustrated by Hklkn

The Autobiography of a Thief; Jack
of allTrades; and James Lambert.
Illustrated by Matt Stretch.

Love mo Little, Love me Long. Il-
lustrated by M. Ellen Edwards.

The Double Marriage. Illust. by Sir
John Gilbert, K..-\., and C. Keenk.

The Cloister and the Hearth. Il-
lustrated by Charles Keene.

Hard Cash. Illust. by F. W. Lawso.v.

Griffith Gaunt. Illustrated by S. L.
FiLDEs, A.R.A., and Wm. Small.

Foul Play. Illust. by Du Maurier.

Put Yourself in His Place. Illus-
trated by Robert Barnes.

A Terrible Temptation. Illustrated
by Edw. Hi'GHEsand a. W. Cooper.

The Wandering- Heir. Illustrated by
H. Paterson, S. L. Fildes, A.R..\. ,
C. Green, and H. Woods, A. R.A.

A simpleton. Illustrated by Kate


A WomanHater. Illustrated by

Thos. Coulderv.
Readiana. With a Steel-plate Portrait

of Charles Reade.
Singleheart and Doubleface: A

Matter-of-fact Romance. Illustrated

by P. Macnab.
Good Stories of Men and other

Animals. Illustrated by E. A. Abbei ,

Percy Macquoid, and Joseph Nash.
The Jilt, and other Stories. Illustrated

by Joseph Nash.

Reader's Handbook (The) of

Allusioift, References, Plots, and
Stories. By the Rev. Dr. Brewer.
FittU Edition, revised throughout,
with a New Appendix, containing a
Complete English IJibliographv.
Cr. Svo, 1,400 pages, cloth extra, 7s. 6d.


Richardson. — A Ministry of

Health, and other Papers. By Ben-
jamin Ward Richardson, M.D., &c.
Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 63.

Riddell (Mrs. J. H.), Novels by:

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 33. 6(1. each ;

post 8vo, illustrated boards, 2s. each.
Hep Mother's Darling.
The Prince of Wales's Garden Party
Weird Stories.
The Uninhabited House.
Fairy Water.

Rimmer (Alfred), Works by :

Square 8vo, cloth gilt, 103. 6(1 each.
Our Old Country Towns. With over
50 Illustrations.

Rambles Round Eton and Harrow.

With 50 Illustrations.
About England with Dickens. With

5S Illustrations by Alfred Rimmer

andC. A. Vanderhoof.

Robinson (F. W.), Novels by:

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 33. 6(1. each ;
post 8vo, illustrated boards, 2s. each.

Women are Strange.

The Hands of Justic e.

Robinson (Phil), Works by:

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d. each.

The Poets' Birds.

The Poets' Beasts.

Poets' Natural History. [Preparing.

Robinson Crusoe: A beautiful

reproduction of Major's Edition, with
37 Woodcuts and Two Steel Plates by
George Crlikshank, choicely printed.
Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 7s. 61.

Rochefoucauld's Maxims and

Moral Reflections. With Notes, and
an Introductory Essay by Sainte-
Beuve. Post 8vo, cloth limp, 2s.

Roll of Battle Abbey, The ; or,

A List of the Principal Warriors who
came over from Normandy with Wil-
liam the Conqueror, and Settled in
this Country, a.d. 1066-7. With the
principal Arms emblazoned in Gold
and Colours. Handsome!yprinted,5s.

Rowfey (Hon. HugTi), Works by:

Post 8vo, cloth limp, 2s. 6d. each,
Puniana: Riddles and Jokes. With

numerous Illustrations.
More Puniana. Profusely Illustrated.

Runclman (James), Stories by :

Post bvo, illustrated boards, 2s. each;

cloth limp, 2s 6d each.
Skippers and Shellbacks.
Grace Balmaign's Sweetheart.

Russell (W. Clark), V/orko by:

Round the Galley-rire. Crown 8v.,
cloth extra, 6s. ; post 8vo, illustrated
boards, 2s^

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 63. each.
On the Fo'k'sle Head : A Collection

of Yarns and Sea Descriptions.
In the Middle V/atch. [/;; the pie - .

Saia.— Gaslight and Daylight.

By George Augustus Sala. Post
8vo, illustrated boards, 2s.

Sanson. — Seven Generations

of Executioners: Memoirs of the
Sanson Family (16S8 to 1847). Kditfd
byHENRvSANsoN. Cr.8vo,cl.ex.33 6d.

Saunders (John)r Novels by:

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. Cd each ;
post Svo, illustrated boards, 23. each.

Bound to the V/heel.

One Against the World.

Guy Waterman.

The Lion in the Path.

The Two Dreamers.

Saunders (Katharine), Novels

by : Cr. Svo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d. each ;
post bvo, illustrated boards, 23. each

Joan Merryweather.

Mai'garet and Elizabeth.

The High Mills.

Crown Svo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d. each.
Heart Salvage. | Sebastian.
Gideon's Rock.

Science Gossip: An Illustrated

Medium of Interchange for Students
and Lovers of Nature. Edited by J. E.
Taylor, F.L.S., &c. Devoted to Geo-
logy, Botany, Physiology, Chemistry,
Zoology, Microscopy, Telescopy, Phy-
siography, &c. Price 4d. Monihly ; cr
5s. per year, post free. Each Number
contains a Coloured Plate and numer-
ous Woodcuts. Vols. I . to XIV. may
be had at 7s. 6d. each ; and Vols. XV.
to XX. (i8i4), at 5s. each. Cases for
Binding, Is. 6d each.

Scott's (Sir Walter) Marmion.

A New Edition of this famous Poem,
with over 100 new Illustrations by lead-
ing Artists. Small 4to, cloth extra, 163.

"Secret Out" Series, The:

Crown Svo, cloth extra, profusely Illus-
trated, 4s. 6d. each.
The Secret Out : One Thousand
Tricks with Cards, and other Re-
creations ; with Entertaining Experi-
ments in Drawing-room or " White
Magic." By W. H. Cremer. 300



" Secret Out " Series, continued —

The Pyrotechnist's Treasury; or,
Complete Art of Making Fireworks.
By Thomas K-ntish. With numer-
ous Illustrations.

The Art of Amusing : A Collection of
Graceful .'^rts.Ganies.Tricks, Puzzles,
and Charades. By Frank Bellew.
With 300 Illustrations.

Hanky Panky: Very Easy Tricks,
Very Difficult Tricks, White Magic
Sleiyht of Hand. Edited by W. H.
Cremer. With 200 Illustrations.

The Merry Circle: A Book of New
Intellectual G'^mes and Amusements.
By Clara Bellew. With many

Magician's Own Book: Performances
with Cups and Balls, Eggs, Hats,
Handkerchief, &c. All from actual
Experience. Edited by W. H. Cre-
mer. 200 Illus..ations.

Magic No Mystery: Tricks with
Cards, Dice, f" lUs, &c., with fully
descriptive Diijctions; the Art of
Secret Writing; Training of Per-
forming Animals, &c. With Co-
loured Frontis. and many lUusts.

Senior.— By Stream and Sea.

By William Sinior. Post Svo, cloth
limp, 23. tid.

Seven Sagas (The) of Prehis-
toric Man. By Jami.s H. Stoddart,
Author ol ■' The Village Life." Crown
8vo, cloth extra, 6s.


The First Folio Shakespeare.— Mr.
William Shakksfeare's Comedies,
Histories, and Tragedies. Published
according tot lie true Originall Copies.
London, Printed by Isaac Iaggard
and Ed. Blount. 1623. — A Repro-
duction of the extremely rareoriginal,
in reduced facsimile, by a photogra-
phic process — ensuring the strictest
accuracy in every detail. Small 8vo,
half-Roxburghe, 7s. 6d.

TheLansdowne Shakespeare. Beau-
tifully printed in red and black, in
small but very clear type. With
engraved facsimile of Droeshout's
Portrait. Post 8vo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d.

Shakespeare for Children: Tales
from Shakespeare. By Charles
and Mary Lamb. With numerous
Illustrations, coloured and plain, by
J. MoYR Smith. Cr. 410, cl. gilt, 6s.

The Dramatic Works of Shake-
speare : The Text of the First
Edition, carefully reprinted. Eight
Vols., demy 8vo, cloth boards, 40s.

Shakespeare, continued —
The Handbook of Shakespeare
Music. Being an Account of 350
Pieces of Music, set to Words taken
from the Plays and Poems of Shake-
speare, the compositions ranging
from the Elizabethan Age to the
Present Time. By Alfred Roffe.
4to, half-Roxburghe, 7s.
A Study of Shakespeare. By Alger-
non Charles Swinburne. Crown
8vo, cl oth extra, 83.

Shelley's Complete Works, in

Four Vols., post 8vo, cloth limp, 8s. ;
or separately, 2s. each. Vol. I. con-
tains his Early Poems, Queen Mab,
&c., with an Introduction by Leigh
Hunt; Vol. II., his Later Poems,
Laon and Cythna, &c. ; Vol. Ill ,
Posthumous Poeins.the Shelley Papers,
&c. ; Vol. IV., his Prose Works, in-
cluding A Refutation of Deism, Zas-
trozzi. St. Irvyne. &c.

Sheridan : —

Sheridan's Complete Works, with
Life and Anecdotes. Including his
Dramatic Writings, printed from the
Original Editions, his Works in
Prose and Poetry, Translations,
Speeches, Jokes, Puns, &c. With a
Collection of Sheridaniana. Crown
8vo, cloth extra, gilt, with 10 full-
page Tinted Ilhistration<t. 7s. 6d.

Sheridan's Comedies: The Rivals,
and The School for Scandal.
Edited, with an Introduction and
Notes to each Play, and a Bio-
graphical Sketch of Sheridan, by
Brander Matthews. With Decora-
tive Vignettes and lofull-pagelllusts.
Demy 8vo, half-parchment, 123. 6d.

Short Sayings of Great Men.

With Historical and Explanatory
Notes by Samuel A. Bent, MA.
Demy 8vo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d.

Sidney's (Sir Philip) Complete

Poetical Works, including all those in
"Arcadia." With Portrait, Memorial-
Introduction, Notes, &c., by the Rev.
A. B. Grosart, D.D. Three Vols.,-
crown Svo, cloth boards, 183.

Signboards: Their History.
With Anecdotes of Famous Taverns
and Remarkable Characters. By
Jacob Larwood and John Camden
HoTTEN. Crown Svo, cloth extra,
with 100 Illustrations, 7s. 6d.

Sims (George R.), Works by :

How the Poor Live. With 60 lUusts.

by Fred. Barnard. Large 4to, Is.
Rogues and Vagabonds. Post Svo,

iilust. boards, 2s ; cloth limp, 23. 6d.



Sketchley.— A Match in the

Dark. By Arthur Sketchley. Post
8vo, illustrated boards, 2s.

Slang Dictionary, The: Ety-
mological, Historical, and Anecdotal.
Cr own 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, 6s. 6d.

Smith (J. iVloyr), Works by :

The Prince of Ai'golis: A Story of the
Old Greek Fairy Time. Small 8vo,
cloth extra, with 130 Illusts., 33. 6d.

Tales of Old Thule. Whh numerous
Illustrations. Cr. Svo, cloth gilt, 63.

The Wooing of the Water Witch:
A Northern Oddity. With numerous
Il lu strations. Sma ll Svo, cl. ex., 6s.

Society in London. By A

Foreign Resident. Newand Cheaper
(the Ninth) Edition, Revised. Post
8vo, Is.; clo th. Is. 6d. [Preparing.

Spalding.-Elizabethan Demon-

ology : An Essay in Illustration of the
Belief in the Existence of Devils, and
the Powers possessed by Them. By T.
Alfred Spalding, LL.B. Crown Bvo,
cloth extra, 5s.

Spanish Legendary Tales. By

Mrs. S. G. C. Middlemore, Author of
" Round a Posada Fire." Crown Svo,
cloth extra, 63.

Speight. — The Mysteries "of

Heron Dyke. By T. \V. Speight.
With a Frontispiece by M. Ellen
Edwards. Crown Svo, cloth extra,
3s. 6d. ; post Svo, illustrated boards, 2s

Spenser for Children. By M.

H. TowRY. With Illustrations by
Walter J. Morgan. Crown 410, with
Coloured Illustrations, cloth gilt, 6s.

Staunton. — Laws and Practice

of Chess; Together with an Analysis
of the Openings, and a Treatise on
End Games. By Howard Staunton.
Edited by Robert B. Wormald. New
Edition, small cr. Svo, cloth extra, 5s.

«. Stedman. — The Poets of

America. With full Notes in Margin,
and careful Analytical Index. By
Edmund Clarence Stedman, Author
of " Victorian Poets." Cr. 8vo,cl.ex., 9s.

Sterndaie.— The Afghan Knifed

ANovel. By Robert Armitage Stern-
dale. Cr. Svo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d. ; post
Svo, illustrated boards, 23.

Stevenson (R.Louis), Works by :

Travels with a Donkey In the

Cevennes. Frontispiece by Walter

Crane. Post Svo, cloth limp, 2s. 6d.

An Inland Voyage. With Front, by

W, Crane. Post 8vo, cl. Ip., 2s. ed.

Stevenson (R. Louis), continued —
VIrginlbus Puerlsque, and other

Papers. Crown Svo, cloth extra, 6s.
Familiar Studies of Men and Books.

Crown Svo, cloth extra, 6s.
New Arabian Nights. Crown Svo,

cl. extra, 6s. ; post Svo, illust. bds., 2s.
The Silverado Squatters. With

Frontispiece. Cr. Svo, cloth extra, 63.
Prince Otto : A Romance. Crown

Svo, clotli extra, 6b.

St. John. — A Levantine Family.

By Bayle St. John. Post Svo, illus-
trated boards, 2s.

Stoddard. — Summer Cruising

in the South Sea*-. By Charles

Warren Stoddard. Illust. by Wallis
Mackay. Crown 8vo, cl. extra, 33. 6d.

Stories from Fv^reign Novel-
ists, with Notices of their Lives and
Writings. By Helen and Alice Zim-
MKRN. With a Fr ^ntispiece. Crown
Svo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d. ; post Svo,
illustrated boards, 2s.

St. Pierre. — Paul and Virginia,

and The Indian Cottage. By Ber-

nardin St. Pierre Edited, with Life,
by Rev. E. Clarke. Post Svo, cl. Ip., 2s.

Strutt's Sports and Pastimes

of the People of tngland; including
the Rural and Domestic Recreations,
May Games, Mumn_jries, Shows, Pro-
cessions, Pageants, and Pompous
Spectacles, from th"! Earliest Period
to the Present Time. With 140 Illus-
trations. Edited by William Hone.
Crown Svo, cloth e^lra, 7s. 6d.

Suburban Homes (The) of

London : A Res'dential Guide to
F'avourite London Localities, their
Society, Celebrities, and Associations.
With Notes on thei. Rental, Rates, and
House Accommodation. With Map of
Suburban London. Cr.8vo,cl.ex.,7s.6d.

Swift's Choice Works, in Prose

and Verse. With Memoir, Portrait,
and Facsimiles of the Maps in the
Original Edition of " Gulliver's
Travels." Cr. Svo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d.

Swinburne (Algernon C),

Works by:
The Queen Mother and Rosamond.

Fcap. Svo, 5s.
Atalanta in Calydcn. Crown Svo, 6s.
Chastelard. ATiagedy. Cr. Svo, 73.
Poems and Balla.jS. First Series.

Fcap. Svo, 9s. (" .. Svo, same price.
Poems and Ballaa-. Second Series.

Fcap. Svo, 9s. V ". Svo. same price.
Noteson Poems a -d Reviews. Svo,ls.
Songs before Sur>^ise. Cr. Svo, 10s 6d.
Bothwell: ATrag-dy. Cr. 8vo,12s.6(i.



Svvinblrnt's (A. C.) Works, continued.
George Chapman : An Essay. Crown

8vo. 7s.
Songs of Two Nations. Cr. 8vo, 6s.
Essays and Studies. Crown 8vo, 128.
Erechtlieus: A Tragedy. Cr. 8vo, 63.
Note of an English Republican on

the IVIuscovite Crusade. 8vo, Is.
A Note on Charlotte Bronte. Crown

Svo, 6s.
A Study of Shakespeare. Cr. Svo, 8a.
Songs of the Springtides. Cr.Svo, 6s.
Studies in Song. Crown Svo. 7s.
Mary Stuart : A Traf^tdy. Cr. 8vo, 83.
Tristram of Lyonesse, and other

Poems. Crown hvo, 93.
A Century of Roundels. Small 4to, 8s.
A Midsummer Holiday, and other

Poems. Crown Svo, 7s.
Marino Faliero: ATragedy. Cr.8vo,6s.
Victor Hugo. Cr own Svo, 6S {Short ly.

Symonds. — Wine, Women and

Song: Media;val Latin Students'
Songs. Now (irst translated into Eng-
lish Verse, with Essay by J. Addington
Symonds. Small Svo, parchment, 6s^ 1

Syntax's (Dr.) Three Tours:

In Search of the Picturesque, in Search
of Consolation, and in Search of a
Wife. With the whole of Rowland-
son's droll page Illustrations in Colours
and a Life of the Author by J. C.
HoTTEN. Med. Svo. cloth extra, 7s. 6d.

Taine's History of English

Literature. Translated by Henry i

Van Lain. Four Vols., small Svo, |

cloth boards, 30s — Popular Edition, !
Two Vols., crown Svo, cloth extr.i. I5s.

Taylor's^(^ayard) Diversions

of the Echo Club: Burlesques of ;
Modern Writers. Post Svo, cl. limp, 2s.

Taylor (Dr. J. E., F.L.S.), Works '

by: Crown Svo, cloth ex., 7s. 6d. each.

The Sagacity and Morality of
Plants : A Sketch of the Life and
Conduct of the Vegetable Kingdom.
With Coloured Frontispiece and lOO

Our Common British Fossils, and
Where to Find Them : A Handbook
for Students. Wi'h 331 Illustrations.

Taylor's (Tom) Historical

Dramas: "Clancarfy," "Jeanne
Dare," "'Twixt Axe and Crown," "The
Fool's Revenge," " .^rkwright's Wife,"
"Anne Boleyn,'' " Plot and Passion.''
One Vol., cr. Svo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d.
*t'' The Plays may also be had sepa-
rately, at Is. each.

Tennyson (Lord): A Biogra-
phical Sketch. By H. J. Jennings.
With a Photograph-Portrait. Crown
Svo, cloth extra, 63.

Thackerayana: Notes and Anec-
dotes. Illustrated by Hundreds of
Sketches by William Makepeace
Thackeray, depicting Humorous
Incidents in his School-life, and
Favourite Characters in the books of
his every-day reading-. With Coloured
Frontispiece. Cr. Svo, cl. extra , 7s. 6d .

Thomas (Bertha), Novels by :

Crown Svo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d. each
post Svo, illustrated boards, 28. each.

Cressida. | Proud Maisle.

The Violin Player.

Thomas (M.).— A Fight for Life :
A Novel. By W. Mov Thomas. Post
Svo, illustrated boards, 23.

Thomson s Seasons and Castle

of Indolence. With a Biographical
and Critical Introduction by Allan
Cunningham, and over 50 fine Illustra-
tions on Steel and Wood. Crown Svo,
cloth extra, eilt edges, 7s. 6d.

Thornbury (Walter), Works by

Haunted London. Edited by Ed-
ward Walford, M.A. With Illus-
trations by F. W. Fairholt, F.S.A.
Crown Svo, cloth extra, 7s 6d.

The Life and Correspondence of
J. M. W. Turner. Founded upcn
Letters and Papers furnished by his

. Friends and fellow Academicians.
With numerous Illusts. in Colours,
facsimiled from Turner's Original
Drawings. Cr. Svo, cl. extra, 7s. 6d.

Old Stories Re-told. Post Svo, cloth
limp, 2s 6d.

Tales for the Marines. Post Svo,
illustrated boards, 2s.

Timbs (John), Works by:

Crown Svo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d. each.

The History of Clubs and Club Life
In London. With Anecdotes of its
Famous Coffee-houses, Hostelries,
and Taverns. With many Illusts.

English Eccentrics and Eccen-
tricities: Stories of Wealth and
Fashion, Delusions, Impostures, and
Fanatic Missions, Strange Sights
and Sporting Scenes, Eccentric
Artists, Theatrical Folks, Men ot
Letters, &c. With nearlv 50 Illusts.

Trollope (Anthony), Novels by:

Crown Svo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d. each;
post Svo, illustrated boards, 2s. each.

The Way We Live Now.

Kept in the Dark.

Frau Frohmann. | Marlon Fay.

Mr. Scarborough's Family.

The Land Leaguers.

Post Svo, illustrated boards, 23. each.
The Golden Lion of Granpere.
John Caldigate. [ American Senator



Trollope(Fpances E.),Novelsby

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d. each;
post 8vo. illustrated boards, 2s. each.

Like Ships upon tlie Sea.

Mabel's Progress. ' A nne Furness.

trollope(T. A.).— Diamond Cut

Diamond, and other Stories. By
T. Adolphus Trollope. Cr. 8vo, cl.
ex.. 3s. 6d. : post 8vo. illust. boards. 2s.

Trowbridge. — Farnell s Folly :

A Novel. By J. T. Trowbridge. Post
8vo, illustrated boards, 2s. [Preparing.

Turgenieff. — Stories from

Foreign Novelists. By Ivan Turge-
nieff, and others. Crown Svo, cloth
e.Ktra, 33. td. ; post Svo, illustrated
boards, ?s.

Tytler (C. C. Fraser-). — Mis-

tress Judith: A Novel. By C. C.
Hkaser-Tytler. Cr. Svo, cloth extra,
3s. 6d ; post Svo, illust boards, 2s.

Tytler (Sarah), Novels by:

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d. each ;
post Svo, illustrated boards, 2s. each.

What She Came Through.

The Bride's Pass.

Crown Svo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d. each.
Saint Mungo's ty.
Beauty and the Beast. With a
Frontispiece by P. Macnab.

Buried Diamonds: A Novel. Three
Vols., crown Svo. \_Prepariitg.

Van Laun.— History of French

Literature. By H. Van Laun. Three
Vols., demy Svo, cl. bds., 7s. 6d. each.

Viilari. — A Double Bond: A

Story. By Linda Villari. Fcap.
Svo, picture cover. Is.

VValford (Edwy^M.AO^Works by :
The County Families of the United
Kingdom. Containing Notices of
the Descent, Birth,, Educa-
tion, &c., of more than 12,000 dis-
tinguished Heads of Families, their
Heirs Apparent or Presumptive, the
OiBces they hold or have held, their
Town and Country Addresses, Clubs,
&c. Twenty- sixth Annual Edition,
for 1886, cloth gilt, 50s. \ Preparing.
The Shilling Peerage (1886). Con-
taining an Alphabetical List of the
House of Lords, Dates of Creation,
Lists of Scotch and Irish Peers,
Addresses, &c. 32mo, cloth, Is.
Published annually. \_Prcpaying.

The Shilling Baronetage (1880).
Containing an Alphabetical List of
the Baronets of the United Kingdom,
short Biographical Notices, Dates
of Creation, Addresses, &c. 32mo,
cloth, Is. IPrepariiig.

Walford's (Edw.) Works, continued —

The Shilling Knightage (1886). Con-
taining an Alphabetical List of the
Knights of the United Kingdom,
short Biographical Notices, Dates
of Creation, Addresses, &c. 32mo,
cloth, Is. l^Preparing.

The Shilling House of Commons
(1886). Containing a List of all the
Members of Parliament, their Town
and Country Addresses, &c. 32mo,
cloth, Is. Published annually.

The Complete Peerage, Baronet-
age, Knightage, and House of
Commons (1886). In One Volume,
royal 32mo, cloth extra, gilt edges,
63. [^Preparing^

Haunted London. By Walter

Thornbury. Edited by Edward
Walford, M.A. With Illustrations
by F. \V. Fairholt, F.S.A. Crown
Svo, cloth extra, 73. 6d.

Walton andCotton'sComplete

Angler; or. The Contemplative Man's
Recreation ; being a Discourse of
Rivers, Fishponds, Fish and Fishing,
written by Izaak Walton ; and In-
structions how to Angle for a Trout or
Grayling in a clear Stream, by Charles
Cotton. With Original Memoirs and
Notes by Sir Harris Nicolas, and
61 Copperplate Illustrations. Large
crown Svo, cloth antique, 73. 6d.

Wanderer's Library, The:

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