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Prcsitlent Kansas Rankers Association

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Thirty-Second Annual Convention


Kansas Bankers Association

Held at Kansas City, Kansas

Thursday and Friday

May 15 and 16





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Pmsidbnt J. R. BURROW

President Central National Bank, Topeka

Vici-PuBsiDiNT H. W. GRASS

President Fanners and Merchants State Bank, LaCrMse

Sbcrstaky W. W. BOWMAN


Assistant Sbcbxtaky FRED M. BOWMAN


Teeasurbb H. S. BUZICK, Jr.

Vice-President Sylvan State Bank, Sylvan Grove


Group 1 L. D. ALLEN

Cashier Seneca State Savings Bank, Seneca


President Peoples National Bank, Burlington

-* Group 3 L. S. CAMBERN

^ Cashieft' Bank of Erie, Erie

V Group 4 J. W. SBOTH

^ Cashier Citizens National Bank, Minneapolis

Group 5 W. S. HADLET

President Citizens State Bank, Wichita

Group 6 C. W. CAMPBELL

Cashier First National Bank, Norton


^ Cashier First National Bank, Dighton

,tJ Group 8 B. E. MATTHEWS

'^ Cashier Haviland State Bank, Haviland


Group 1. — ^W. R. Guild, Hiawatha Chairman

R. S. MiCKRY, Morrill Secretary

Group 2. — Will Wayman, Emporia Chairman

L. Jay Buck, Emporia Secretary

Group 3.— E. J. Miller, lola .* Chairman

Thos. H. Bowlus, lola Secretary





Digitized by ^

iv Proceedings of the Kansas Bankers Association.

Group 4. — ^W. F. Hughes, Beloit Chairman

Miss Josie Eresch, Beloit Secretary

Geoup 5. — V. E. Creighton, Arkansas City Chairman

W. D. MacAllister, Arkansas City Secretary

Group 6. — ^A. Lauterbach, Colby Chairman

W. D. Ferguson, Colby Secretary

Group 7. — C. B. Aldrioh, Great Bend Chairman

F. A. Moses, Great Bend Secretary

Group 8. — Geo. B. Bose, Dodge City Chairman

G. E. Laughead, Dodge City Secretary


President C. J. Bryant, Independence

First Vice-President A. J. Appleoate, Wichita

Second Vice-President E. C. Ryan, Emporia

Secretary-Treasurer J. L. Hersh, Topeka

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Addresses : Page.

Of welcome, hj Mr. W. A. Bailey, Kansas City, Kansas 2

Of welcome, by Mr. G. M. Smith, Kansas City, Mo 4

Annual Address of President 5

By Bank Commissioner Wilson 14

By Governor Allen 18

By Hon. Theodore E. Burton 41

By Mr. Richard 8. Hawes 55

By Mr. E. D. Chassell 64

By Hon. John E. Wagner 74

By Mr. John Fields 92

By Dr. Burris A. Jenkins 98

By Dr. J. T. Holdsworth 102

By Mr. J. Frank Smith 113

By Mr. Asa E. Ramsay 115

By Mr. S. N. Hawkes 126

By Assistant Bank Commissioner Johnson 135

Amendments to Constitution and By-Laws : 153

American Bankers Association — Meeting of Kansas members 159

Announcement — ^By Mr. Charles E. Lawrence, of the Local Committee, 23
Appointment of Committees:

On Nominations 39

On Resolutions 39 '

To present officers-elect for installation 155

Chronological Table xix

Constitution and By-Laws ix

Delegates, Visitors, and Guests:

Register of Gentlemen 165

Register of Ladies : 186

Disclaimer Facing xx

Discussion of State Banks Joining Federal Reserve System 119-126

Remarks of Governor Bailey 118-121

Questions answered by Governor Bailey 121-126

Remarks by Secretary Bowman 121

Remarks by Mr. Laming 121

Remarks by President Foster 122, 124, 125

Remarks by Mr. Swazey 123, 125

Remarks by Mr. Ramsay 124, 125, 126

Remarks by Mr. Fowler 123, 124

Remarks by Mr. Hughes 126

Digitized by


vi Proceedings of the Kansas Bankers Association.

Discussion of Safeguarding Liberty Bonds 138-148

Remarks by Mr. Chassell 138

Remarks by Mr. Johnson 138, 140

Remarks by Mr. Qlenn 138

Remarks by Vice-Presideiit Burrow 139, 140, 142

Remarks by Mr. Peck 139, 147

Remarks by Mr. Guernsey * 140

Remarks by Mr. Fowler 141, 146

Remarks by President Foster 142, 143, 145

Remarks by Mr. Beasley 142, 145

Remarks by Mr. Hybskmann 142

Remarks by Mr. Williams 143

Remarks by Mr. Hazen 144, 145

Remarks by Mr. Cortelyou 144, 148

Remarks by Secretary Bowman 145

Remarks by Judge Hawkes 145

Remarks by Mr. Swazey 145

Remarks by Mr. Bone 146

Remarks by Mr. Lauterbach 148

Remarks by Mr. Wulf ekuhler 148

Election of Officers 155

Invocation :

Dr. R. H. Mize 1

Rev. Fred M. Bailey 91

Installation of Officers:

Remarks by Governor Bailey, presenting officers-elect 155, 157, 158

Remarks by President Foster 155

Remarks by President Burrow 155

Remarks by Secretary Bowman 156

Remarks by Treasurer Buzick 157

Kansas Banks, Complete List of 1^5

Groupl 195

Group 2 200

Groups 205

6roup4 210

Groups 216

Group 6 22.

Group 7 226


Other Financial institutions. Members oip Kansas Bankers Asso



ciation • • ziz

Active Members in Kansas City and St. Joseph, Mo j^

Kansas Building and Loan Associations, Complete List of 236

Map Showing Group Boundaries Facing 194


By Secretary Bowman, to adopt resolution of condolence 115

By Mr. Matson, to adopt report of Committee on Resolutions, 149, IW

By Mr. Glenn, to adopt amendments to Constitution and By-Laws. . 154
By Mr Mullaney, to adopt report of Committee on Constitution and

By-Laws ^^^

Digitized by


Contents ^ v vii

Music :

By Mr. Mandeville •. 2, 92

By Miss Juanita Wagner 92

Nbcrolooy , 163

OmoEBs E[an8as Bankers Association .....!... iii


President Burrow , , Frontiapiece

Ex-President Foster Facing 1

Vice-President Grass Facing 17

Treasurer Buzick Facing 33


By President, opening Convention . . . . , 1

By President, introducing Mr. W. A. Bailey 2

By President, introducing Mr. G. M. Smith 4

By Vice-President Burrow, introducing President Foster 6

By President, introducing Bank Commissioner Wilson 14

By President, introducing Governor Allen 18

By Secretary Bowman, submitting his report 25

By Treasurer Suter, submitting his report 34

By President, concerning report of Auditors . . : 35

By President, appointing conmiittees 39

By Mr. Matson, calling meeting of Resolutions Committee 40

By President, introducing Hon. Theodore £. Burton 41

By Vice-President Burrow, concerning Senator Burton's Address. . 55

By President, introducing Mr. Bichard S. Hawes 55

By President, introducing Mr. E. D. Chassell 64

By President, introducing Hon. John E. Wagner 74

By President, introducing Mr. John Fields 92

By President, introducing Dr. Burris A. Jenkins 98

By President, introducing Dr. J. T. Holdsworth . ; 102

By Vice-President Burrow, concerning Dr. Holdsworth 's address.. 110
By Vice-President Burrow, concerning program of Fourth Sesssion, 111

By President, concerning absence of Congressman Campbell 113

By President, introducing Mr. J. Frank Smith 113

By President, concerning Mr. Smith 's address 115

By Secretary Bowman, concerning resolutions of condolence for Mr.

Abemathy 115

By President, introducing Mr. Asa E. Bamsay 115

By Mr. Ramsay, introducing Governor Bailey 118

By President, introducing Mr. S. N. Hawkes 126

By President, concerning Mr. Hawkes' address 134

By Mr. Guernsey, discussing Mr. Hawkes' address 135

By Mr. Hawkes, answering Mr. Guernsey 135

By President, introducing Assistant Bank Commissioner Johnson. . 135

By President, inviting discussion of Mr. Johnson's address 138

By Mr. Matson, presenting report of Committee on Resolutions 149

By Mr. Glenn, concerning report of Committee on Resolutions 150

By President, concerning report of Conmiittee on Resolutions 150

By Secretary Bowman, concerning amendments to the Constitution

and By-Laws 1 '-

Digitized by


viii Proceedings of the Kansas Bankers Association.

Besolutions :

Of Oondolenc^^Mr. Abernathy 115

Concerning safeguarding of Liberty Bonds 149

Of Thanks 150, 151

Opposing enactment of new tax-exemption laws 151

Urging repeal of tax-exemption provision of Farm Loan Act 151

Concerning foreign commerce and the American Merchant Marine. . 151

Favoring the return of the railroads to their owners 151

Of thanks to President Foster, for services 151

Commending the bankers of Kansas and Hon. P. W. Croebel for ser-
vices in placing Government loans 152

Bepobts of Officeks:

Annual Beport of the Secretary 25

Annual Beport of the Treasurer 34

Beport of Auditobs 35

Bepobts of Committees:

On Besolutions 149

On Amendments to Constitution and By-Laws 152

On Nominations 154

Sessions of the Convention :

First Session 1

Second Session 25

Third Session 91

Fourth Session 113

Table — Of Groups and County Membership Facing 195

Table of Gboup Meetings xx

Teleobams :

From Fred E. Famsworth, Secretary A. B. A 40

From Ex-President Thomas B. Kennedy 40

The Socl^ll Side 161

Digitized by



We, the bankers of Kansas, for the purpose of promoting the
general welfare and the highest and best interest of banks and
bankers in this State, and of cultivating in all laudable and law-
ful ways the spirit of cooperation, harmony and usefulness within
the banking fraternity, have established this, the Kansas
Bankers Association, and prescribe for its government the fol-
lowing Constitution and By-Laws :


Article I. — Name,

Section 1. This Association shall be called the Kansas Bank-
ers Association.

Article II. — Membership.

Section 1. Any State, National or Private Bank, Trust Com-
pany, Building and Loan Association, Investment or other
Financial Institution in the State of Kansas and in the cities of
Kansas City and St. Joseph, Mo., may become a member of this
Association upon the payment of such dues as may be prescribed
by the By-Laws.

Sec. 2. Each member of this Association shall be entitled to
one representative in any and all regular or special meetings of
the Association. Such representative shall be an officer, director
or trustee of the institution, or a member of the firm represented
by him.

Sec. 3. Delegates shall vote in person. No voting by proxy
shall be allowed, nor shall any delegate vote in more than one
capacity or represent more than one member. All votes shall be
viva voce, unless otherwise ordered by a majority vote of the
members present.

Sec. 4. Any member may be suspended or expelled by a two-
thirds vote of the members present at any regular meeting of the

Digitized by


X Proceedings of the Kansas Bankers Association,

Article III. — Officers.

Section 1. The ofl&cera of this Association shall consist of a
President, First Vice-President, one Vice-President from each of
the Groups into which the State shall now or hereafter be subdi-
vided by the Association; a Secretary and a Treasurer. These
several o£Scers shall perform such duties as shall be imposed
upon them by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association,
by resolution of the Association, and by the direction of the Exe-
cutive Council, and such other duties as usually pertain to such
ofl&ces. Only active ofiScers of member banks in Kansas shall be
eligible to hold oflSce, except the office of Secretary.

Sec. 2. The officers of the Association shall be elected each
year by ballot at the regular annual meeting of the Association,
unless otherwise ordered, and shall serve until their successors
are elected and qualified: Provided, That the Secretary shall
hold office until the end of the month in which his successor is
elected. No President, Vice-President, or Treasurer shall suc-
ceed himself : Provided, That no officer who shall have served for
a fractional term to fill a vacancy shall thereby be disqualified to
succeed himself in such office.

Sec. 3. If any officer of the Association shall cease to be
actively engaged in the banking business in Kansas he shall
thereupon be held to have vacated his office in this Association:
Provided, This section shall not apply to the office of Secretary.

Sec. 4. The Executive Council shall have authority to appoint
an Assistant Secretary, define his duties, and fix his salary.

Article IV. — General Convention,
Section I. The supreme authority of the Association shall be
vested in the general convention, which shall meet in annual
session at such time as shall be fixed by the Executive Council
and at such place as shall be fixed by the Association, or upon
its failure to so designate, by the Executive Council. Special
meetings of the Association may be called by the Council, of
which two weeks' notice, together with notice of the subject-
matter to come before such special meeting, shall be given.
Sec. 2. The delegates present at the time and place duly ap-

Digitized by


Constitution and By-Laws. xi

pointed for the holding of any regular or special meeting of the
Association shall constitute a quorum.

Abticlb V. — Executive Council.

Section 1. The President, First Vice-President, the Ex-Presi-
dents, the Group Vice-Presidents, the Chairmen of the Groups,
and one member from the Building and Loan Section, to be
chosen by the Section, shall constitute the Executive Coimcil of
the Association.

Sec. 2. It shall be the duty of the Council to administer the
general affairs of the Association, subject always to the control
and direction of the general convention ; to arrange the programs
and other details incident to the holding of regular or special
meetings of the Association ; to preserve or cause to be preserved
a record of the proceedings of all such meetings and to preserve
the records of its own proceedings ; it shall have control of the
finances of the Association and administer the same in strict
accordance with all provisions contained in this Constitution and
in the By-Laws adopted by the Association, or as otherwise
instructed by the Association; it is authorized and empowered
.to disburse the funds of the Association for all proper expense of
maintenance; to invest any funds of the Association not other-
wise appropriated, in Kansas State, county or municipal bonds,
or bonds of the United States, and designate a custodian thereof.
In case of vacancy in the office of President, the Vice-President
shall succeed as President for the unexpired term. In the event
of a vacancy in the office of First Vice-President, Secretary or
Treasurer, it shall be the duty of the Council to make appoint-
ments to fill such vacancy for the unexpired term.

Sec. 3. No member of tEe Council shall be represented on the
Council by proxy.

SBa 4. The Executive Council may, in its discretion, appoint
an Advisory Committee, consisting of five members of the Coun-
cil, whose duties shall be to counsel with officers and committees
in the administration of the affairs and the execution of the
policies of the Association during the interim between sessions
of the Executive Council, and to perform such other specific
duties as the Council may from time to time impose.

Digitized by


xii Proceedings of the Kansas Bankers Association,

Abticle VI. — Ghroup and County Subdivisions.

Section 1. The members of this Association shall be appor-
tioned into eight Groups, embracing the following counties :

Group 1. — ^Marshall, Nemaha, Brown, Doniphan, Pottawato-
mie, Jackson, Atchison, Leavenworth, Jefferson, and Wyandotte.

Group 2. — ^Linn, Miami, Johnson, Douglas, Franklin, Ander-
son, Coffey, Osage, Shawnee, Wabaunsee, Lyon, Chase, and Mor-

Group 3. — Cherokee, Crawford, Allen, Bourbon, Neosho, La-
bette, Montgomery, Woodson, Wilson, Chautauqua, Elk, and

Group 4. — Riley, Geary, Washington, Clay, Dickinson, Repub-
lic, Cloud, Ottawa, Saline, Jewell, Mitchell, Lincoln, Ellsworth,
Smith, Osborne, and Russell.

Group 5. — ^Marion, McPherson, Harvey, Butler, Cowley, Sum-
ner, Sedgwick, Kingman, Harper, and Barber.

Group 6. — ^Phillips, Rooks, Ellis, Norton, Graham, Trego, De-
catur, Sheridan, Gove, Rawlins, Thomas, Logan, Cheyenne,
Sherman, and Wallace.

Group 7. — Rice, Reno, Barton, Stafford, Rush, Pawnee, Ness,
Hodgeman, Lane, Scott, Wichita, and Greeley.

Group 8. — ^Pratt, Edwards, Kiowa, Comanche, Ford, Clark,
Finney, Gray, Meade, Haskell, Seward, Kearny, Grant, Stevens,
Hamilton, Stanton, and Morton.

Sec. 2. The ofBcers of each Group shall consist of a Chairman
and a Secretary-Treasurer who, with the Vice-President of the
Association for the Group, shall constitute an Executive Com-
mittt^, whose province it shall be to make all provision for the
holding of one meeting within each Group each year, at such
time as shall be decided upon by such committee; and through
such Group organization to further the interests of the entire
Association within the bounds of the several Groups.

Sec. 3. Group oflftcers shall be elected by the Group and shall
hold ofBce until their successors are elected and qualified. Li the
event of a vacancy in the oflftce of the Vice-President of the As-
sociation from the Group, or in the ofSce of Group chairman or
secretary, the President of the Association shall appoint a mem-
ber from such Group to fill such vacancy.

Digitized by


Constitution and By-Laws. xiii

Sec. 4. The county unit is hereby sanctioned and established
and the bankers within each comity are hereby authorized and
encouraged to organize a County Bankers Association auxiliary
to and an integral part of the Kansas Bankers Association ; and
such county organization may elect such officers and appoint
such committees and hold such meetings as may in their own
judgment be found expedient. Two or more adjacent counties
may, in their discretion, unite in the formation of one association.

Abticle VII. — Sections.
Section 1. A Section of this Associat ion, known as the Build-
ing and Loan Section, is hereby established, the membership of
which shall consist of Local Building and Loan Associations in-
corporated under the laws of this State. The meetings of this
Section shall be held annually in connection with the meetings
of the Association. The Section shall choose its own officers, and
its members shall be subject to the same membership dues to the
Association as are provided in the By-Laws for all other mem-
bers, and to all other regulations prescribed in the Constitution
and By-Laws of the Association.

Article VIII. — Committees,
Section 1. The following standing committees shall be ap-
pointed annually by the incoming President, as soon as practical
after his election :

(a) An Insurance Committee — Consisting of three members,
with the President and Secretary of the Association ex-officio
members. It shall be the duty of this committee to make all
agency contracts with surety and casualty companies where the
Association is a party, and to supervise and control all the op-
erations of the Insurance Department of the Association, and to
cooperate, when invited to do so, with the Insurance Committee
of the American Bankers Association.

(b) A Legislative Committee — Consisting of not less than five,
nor more than nine members, in the discretion of the President,
whose duty it shall be to promote the enactment of such laws as
may affect the banking and business interests of the State and
Nation. A majority of this Committee shall be active officers of
State Banks.

Digitized by


xiv Proceedings of the Kansas Bankers Association.

(c) A Protective Committee — Consisting of five members.
This committee shall have charge of any action authorized by the
Association looking to the apprehension and prosecution of per-
sons defrauding or attempting to defraud a member of this
Association, and to pass upon all claims for rewards offered by
this Association for the conviction of criminals operating against
members of this Association.

(d) A Committee on Public Relations — ^Which shall consist of
one member from each Group and the First Vice-President of
the Association, who shall be ex-officio chairman. It shall be the
province of this committee to consider and give general direction
to all movements other than those immediately related to bank-
ing, which may be introduced within the Association, including
such as pertain to agriculture, public health, 'public schools, pub-
lic highways, and subjects of like nature, which the Executive
Council or the President shall first have passed upon and re-
ferred to such committee.

(e) An Investment Committee — Consisting of three members
appointed from the Executive Council, whose duty it shall be to
invest in Kansas State, county or municipal bonds, or bonds of
the United States, such funds of the Association as may from
time to time be set aside for such investment by the Executive
Council of the Association.

(f) A Committee on Banking Education — Consisting of five
members. It shall be the province of this committee to promote
among the oflScers and employees of the banks of the State, the
adoption of the courses of study prescribed by the American In-
stitute of Banking, and such other reading and study courses as
may in the discretion of the committee be deemed advisable.

Article IX. — Amendments,
Section 1. This Constitution may be altered or amended at

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