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AUGUST 1, 1911.


GEO. W. MARTIN, Secretary,

TOPEKA. : : .'' ' : '



TOPEKA, 1911.



Index to Counties.

Allen 1

Anderson 10

Atchison 4

Barber 35

Barton 35

Bourton H


Butler ^

Chase 20

Chautauqua lo

Cherokee 4P

Cheyenne 29

Clark ? 6



Cloud 24

Coffey 20


Cowley l.o

Crawford W

Decatur 29

Dickinson 25

Doniphan &

Douglas JJ

Edwards f b

Elk H

Ellis 29

Ellsworth 30

Finney 36

Ford 37

Franklin . ..;..*... 1^

Geary ... -.-.-' .-.'..-... 25

Gove -.-.. 30

Grah&ir, ;./.... -S

Grant ^ * 37

Gray 37

Greeley 6l

Greenwood 20

Hamilton 37

Harper 37

Harvey *

Haskell 38

Hodgeman 38

Jackson 5

Jefferson 5

Jewell , 30

Johnson 12

Kearny 38

Kingman 38

Kiowa 38

Labette 17

Lane 39

Leavenworth C

Lincoln 31


Linn 13

Logan 31

Lyon 21

McPherson 44

Marion 21

Marshall 26

Meade 39

Miami 13

Mitchell "31

Montgomery 18

Morris 21

Morton 39

Nemaha 6

Neosho 18

Ness 39

Norton 51

Osage 9.2

Osborne 32

Ottawa 26

Pawnee 39

Phillips 32

Pottawatomie 22

Pratt 89

Rawlins 32

Reno 40

Republic 27

Rice 40

Riley 27

Rooks 32

Rush 41

Russell 33

Saline 27

Scott 41

Sedgwick . 44

Seward 41

Shawnee 7

Sheridan '. . . 33

Sherman 33

Smith 33

Stafford 41

Stanton 42

Stevens 42

Sumner 46

Thomas 34

Trego 34

Wabaunsee 23

Wallace 34

Washington 28

Wichita 42

Wilson 18

Woodson 23

Wyandotte 13

Foreign newspapers 47


The following is a list of the newspapers and periodicals
published in Kansas, corrected to August 1, 1911.

The regular issues of these, with very few exceptions, are
now being received by the Kansas State Historical Society.
They are the free gift of the publishers of the state. They
are bound in annual or semiannual volumes, and are preserved
in the library of the Society in the state capitol for the free
use of the people. They number 792 in all. Of these 70 are
dailies, 605 weeklies, 1 triweekly, 14 semiweeklies, 79 month-
lies, 7 semimonthlies, 5 bimonthlies, 8 quarterlies, 3 occasionals,
making in all 25,074 bound volumes of Kansas newspapers and
magazines. They come from all of the 105 counties of Kansas,
and record the history of the people of all the communities and

Many newspaper publishers fail to realize the importance
of this printed list. Aside from the regular issue of this bien-
nial report of the Historical Society, about 300 separate copies
of this list were called for in the past biennium by business
men, officials, advertisers and politicians, several being fur-
nished parties out of the state, extending to the Atlantic coast.

Those^that are marked "Not received by the Society" have
been written for, but they do not respond.

The figures following the name of each county indicate the
number of bound newspaper files for that county.

A list of foreign newspapers and periodicals kept on file in
our library will be found at end of Kansas list.



First Congressional District.





ATCHISON COUNTY 397 bound volumes.

The Atchison Globe (daily and weekly), independent; Globe Publishing
Co., editors and publishers, Atchison.

The Atchison Champion (daily), republican; Eugene C. Pulliam, editor,
Champion Publishing Co., publishers, Atchison.

The Midland (monthly), college; Geo. N. Mendenhall, editor in chief,
literary societies of Midland College, publishers, Atchison.

The Abbey Student (bimonthly), college; G. J. Skluzacek, editor in chief,
students of St. Benedict's College, publishers, Atchison.

Midland College Bulletin (quarterly), college; published by Midland Col-
lege, Atchison.

Muscotah Record, independent; P. J. Cortelyou, editor and publisher,

The Effingham New Leaf, republican; C. E. and A. J. Sells, editors and
publishers, Effingham.

Atchison County High School News (monthly) ; published by the students
of Atchison County high school, Effingham.

The Potter Kansan, independent; J. E. Remsburg, editor and publisher,

Kansas Staats-Auzeiger (German) ; John Hoenscheidt, editor and pub-
lisher, Atchison.

The Huron Herald, independent; J. E. Smith, editor and publisher, Huron.

The Western Chief (monthly), official magazine of the I. 0. R. M.; C. A.
Wolf, editor and publisher, Atchison.

The Atchison Church Visitor (weekly) ; Paul Tonsing, editor and pub-
lisher, Atchison.

E. W. Howe's Monthly* (monthly) ; E. W. Howe, editor and publisher,

BROWN COUNTY 258 bound volumes.

The Brown County World (daily and weekly), republican; Ewing Her-
bert, editor and publisher, Hiawatha.

The Kansas News-Democrat (weekly), democratic; F. M. Pearl, pro-
prietor, Hiawatha.

The Key, official organ of Life and Annuity Association (monthly) ; F. M.
Pearl, editor and publisher, Hiawatha.

Herbert's Weekly (weekly), literary; Ewing Herbert, editor and pub-
lisher, Hiawatha.


The Horton Headlight-Commercial, republican; Charles Herbert Browne,
editor and publisher, Horton.

Fairview Enterprise, republican; J. R. Leonard, publisher, Fairview.

The Everest Enterprise, republican; Rev. J. E. Holly, editor and pub-
lisher, Everest.

The Morrill News, independent; D. H. Steele, editor and publisher, Morrill.

Robinson Index, republican; Harry M. Leslie, editor and publisher, Rob-

Powhattan Bee, independent; Eppie L. Barber, editor and publisher,

DONIPHAN COUNTY 180 bound volumes.

The Weekly Kansas Chief, republican; H. J. Calnan, editor and proprie-
tor, Troy.

Wathena Times, neutral; C. A. Ryan, editor and publisher, Wathena.

The Wathena Republican, republican; W. T. Stewart, editor and pub-
lisher, Wathena.

The Severance News, neutral; Hattie E. Peeler, editor and publisher,

White Cloud Globe, republican; Anna Mallows, editor and publisher,
White Cloud.

The Highland Vidette, republican; Tobias Larson, editor and publisher,

Highland College Bulletin (bimonthly) ; published by the University,

JACKSON COUNTY 207 bound volumes.

The Holton Recorder, republican; M. M. Beck and W. T. Beck, editors

and publishers, Holton.
The Holton Signal, democratic; S. T. Osterhold, editor and publisher,

The Campbell College Charta (monthly), college; T. D. Crites, editor in

chief, published by Campbell College, Holton.

Soldier Clipper, republican; Ben L. Mickle, editor and publisher, Soldier.
Whiting Journal, independent; Butters & Butters, editors and publishers,


The Hoyt Sentinel, neutral; Moses W. Porter, editor and publisher, Hoyt.
The Mayetta Herald, local; W. H. Holmes, editor and publisher, Mayetta.
The Netawaka Talk, republican; W. J. Granger, editor and publisher,

Netawaka. (Not received by the Society.)

JEFFERSON COUNTY 281 bound volumes.

The Oskaloosa Independent, republican; F. H. Roberts, editor and pub-
lisher, Oskaloosa.

The Oskaloosa Times, republican; J. E. Gardiner, editor, Harman Pub-
lishing Company, publishers, Oskaloosa.

The Jefferson County Tribune, populist; J. E. Gardiner, editor, Harman
Publishing Company, publishers, Oskaloosa.


Valley Falls New Era, republican; Geo. Harman, editor, Harman Pub-
lishing Company, publishers, Valley Falls.

The Farmers' Vindicator, populist; Geo. Harman, editor, Harman Pub-
lishing Company, publishers, Valley Falls.

The Winchester Star, republican; Mrs. O. C. Kirkpatrick, editor and pub-
lisher, Winchester.

The Nortonville News, republican; Hill and Stillman, publishers, Norton-

The McLouth Times, republican; H. F. Broadbent, editor and publisher,

The Meriden Ledger, neutral; Lizzie Shafer, owner, Harman Publishing
Company, publishers, Meriden.

The Perry Mirror, republican; W. J. Cronin, editor and publisher, Perry.

The Eastern Kansan, republican; Frank Whitwam, editor and publisher,
Valley Falls.

LEAVENWORTH COUNTY 510 bound volumes.

The Leavenworth Times (daily and weekly), republican; D. R. Anthony,
jr., editor and publisher, Leavenworth.

The Home Record (monthly), charity; Mrs. Florence M. Hopkins, editor,
Home for Friendless, publishers, Leavenworth.

The Leavenworth Post (daily), independent; A. T. Reid, president, Fred
W. Jameson, treasurer, Post Publishing Company, publishers, Leaven-

Journal of the U. S. Cavalry Association (quarterly) ; Capt. Herbert A.
White, editor, U. S. Cavalry Association, publishers, Fort Leaven-

Leavenworth Tribune (German), independent; S. Kuraner, editor, Leav-

The Labor Chronicle and Resubmissionist, labor; Jas. F. O'Connor, editor
and publisher, Leavenworth.

The Old Ladies' Journal (monthly), charity; Mrs. S. M. Hartough, editor,
board of Wm. Small Memorial Home, publishers, Leavenworth.

The Tonganoxie Mirror, republican; Wm. Heynen, editor and publisher,

The Lansing News; J. W. Higgins, editor, Lansing.

Fort Leavenworth News, local; J. L. Corbett, editor and publisher, Fort

The Easton Transcript; J. 0. Potter and R. W. Stafford, editors and pub-
lishers, Easton. (Not received by the Society since October 29, 1908.)

The Linwood Times, local; W. N. Kelsey, editor and publisher, Linwood.
(Not received by the Society since April 7, 1910.)

NEMAHA COUNTY 263 bound volumes.

The Courier-Democrat, democratic; G. C. Adriance, editor and publisher,

The Seneca Tribune, republican; W. H. Jordan, editor and publisher,



The Sabetha Herald, republican; Andrew McLaughlin, editor and pub-
lisher, Sabetha.

The Sabetha Star, independent republican; C. J. Durst, editor and pub-
lisher, Sabetha.

The Wetmore Spectator, republican; W. F. Turrentine, editor and pub-
lisher, Wetmore.

The Centralia Journal, progressive republican; H. L. Wait, editor and
publisher, Centralia.

The Goffs Advance, independent democratic; E. F. Jones, editor, Goffs.

The Corning Gazette, republican; W. W. Randel, editor and publisher,

The Bern Gazette, republican; W. W. Driggs, editor and publisher, Bern.

SHAWNEE COUNTY 1134 bound volumes.

The Topeka Capital (daily and weekly), republican; Arthur Capper,
editor and publisher, Topeka.

The Topeka State Journal (daily), independent; Frank P. MacLennan,
editor and publisher, Topeka.

Topeka Daily Legal News; Nanon L. Herron, editor, publisher and pro-
prietor, Topeka.

Kansas Farmer; Albert T. Reid, president, S. H. Pitcher, secretary, J. R.
Mulvane, treasurer, T. A. Borman and I. D. Graham, editors, Kansas
Farmer Company, publishers, Topeka.

The Farmers' Mail and Breeze, republican; T. A. McNeal, editor, Arthur
Capper, publisher, Topeka.

Western School Journal (monthly), educational; John MacDonald, editor
and proprietor, Topeka.

The Merchants' Journal, trade; Paul A. Lovewell, vice president and
editor, Chas P. Adams, president and manager, Guy D. Adams, sec-
retary and treasurer, Merchants' Journal Company, publishers, Topeka.

The Kansas Banker (monthly) , financial ; W. W. Bowman, editor, Kansas
Bankers' Association, publishers, Topeka.

The Washburn Review; Irene Mehl, editor in chief, published by students
of Washburn College, Topeka.

Washburn College Bulletin (quarterly) ; edited and published by faculty
and students of Washburn College, Topeka.

The High School World (semimonthly) ; Warren Crumbine, editor in
chief, published by students of Topeka high school, Topeka.

The Western Odd Fellow (semimonthly) ; H. C. Stevens, editor, and F. S.
Stevens, publisher, Topeka.

Missouri Valley Farmer (monthly) ; Arthur Capper, publisher, A. L.
Nichols, editor, Topeka.

Knights and Ladies of Security (monthly) ; Geo. M. Crawford, editor, of-
ficial organ of the Knights and Ladies of Security, Topeka.

Kansas Worker, religious; organ of the Kansas Seventh Day Adventist
Conference Association, H. E. Meyer, editor and publisher, Topeka.

Kansas Children's Home Finder (monthly) ; Rev. O. S. Morrow, editor
and manager, Kansas Children's Home Society, publishers, Topeka.


The Kansas Issue (monthly), temperance; edited and published by the
Kansas State Temperance Union, Topeka.

The Topeka Plaindealer (Afro- American), republican; Nick Chiles, busi-
ness manager, Topeka.

The Household (monthly) ; Arthur Capper, publisher, Mrs. Alice E.
Wells, editor, Topeka.

The Boys' Chronicle (monthly) ; published in interest of Boys' Industrial
School, R. R. Coffman, editor and instructor in printing, Topeka.

Bulletin of the Kansas State Board of Health (monthly) ; published by
the secretary of the State Board of Health, Topeka.

The Torpedo (occasional), amateur; Frank Austin Kendall, editor and
publisher, Topeka. (Not received by the Society since October, 1908.)

Monthly Report of the Kansas Section of the Climate and Crop Service
of the Weather Bureau; T. B. Jennings, section director, Topeka.

Corn and Wheat Region Bulletin (daily) ; published by the Kansas Sec-
tion of the Climate and Crop Service of the Weather Bureau, T. B.
Jennings, section director, Topeka.

Weather Map of the United States (daily) ; published by the Kansas Sec-
tion of the Climate and Crop Service of the Weather Bureau, T. B.
Jennings, section director, Topeka.

Y. M. C. A. News (semimonthly) ; George E. Lerrigo, editor in chief, To-
peka. (Not received by the Society.)

The Ark Light (quarterly), fraternal; Topeka. (Not received by the
Society since March, 1910.)

Grand Army Reveille (monthly) ; Cyrus Corning, editor and publisher,
Topeka. (Not received by the Society.)

The Endeavor Spirit (monthly) ; J. K. Schriver, editor and publisher, To-

Nebraska Farm Journal (monthly) ; J. T. Dunlap, manager, Harley C.
Hatch, editor, Arthur Capper, publisher, Topeka and Omaha.

The Capper Bulletin (occasional) ; Arthur Capper, publisher, Topeka.

The Westminster Visitor, religious; Ralph Ward, editor and publisher,
Topeka. (Not received by the Society since June 25, 1908.)

Poultry Culture (monthly) ; Reese V. Hicks, editor, Poultry Culture Com-
pany, publishers, Topeka.

Rossville Reporter, independent; U. G. Stewart, editor and publisher,

The Oakland Blade, Ray Putman, editor and publisher, Oakland.

Woodcraft in Kansas (monthly) ; Chas. S. Locknane, editor and publisher,

The Western Index (Negro), religious; official organ of the Colored
Methodist Episcopal Church; Rev. J. A. Hamlett, editor and pub-
lisher, Topeka.

The North Topeka Pointer; Armstrong & Pinkerton, publishers, North
Topeka. (Not received by the Society.)

Silver Lake Mirror, republican; Anderson Bros., publishers and proprie-
tors, Silver Lake.

Commercial Club Bulletin (monthly) ; published by the Topeka Com-
mercial Club, Topeka.



The Paul Jones Monthly Magazine (Negro) ; Paul Jones, editor and

manager, Paul Jones Publishing Company, publishers, Topeka. (Not

received by the Society.)
The Central Baptist, religious; A. D. Phelps, Kansas editor, St. Louis,

Mo., and Topeka.
The Progressive Autoist (monthly) ; J* E. Hazen, editor and publisher,

The Dover Weekly Herald, independent; A. D. Bauer, editor and pub-

lisher, Dover.


Second Congressional District.





ALLEN COUNTY 256 bound volumes.

The Humboldt Union, republican; W. T. McElroy, editor and publisher,

Humboldt Daily Herald, republican; Arthur W. Cunningham, editor and

publisher, Humboldt.

The lola Register (daily), republican; Chas. F. Scott, editor and pub-
lisher, lola.
The Moran Herald, republican; C. C. Thomas, editor and publisher,

The Elsmore Leader, republican; C. O. Pearson, editor and publisher,

The Savonburg Record, republican; C. A. Reynolds, editor and publisher,

Tri-City Herald, republican; A. C. Shaffer, editor and proprietor, Gas

City. (We receive scattering issues of this.)

Allen County Journal, republican; C. Borin, publisher, La Harpe.
The Mildred Messenger; A. C. Shaffer, editor and publisher, Mildred.

(Not received by the Society.)
The Mildred Ledger; E. A. Mellen, editor and publisher, Mildred.

ANDERSON COUNTY 240 bound volumes.

Garnett Eagle-Plaindealer, independent; Clark T. Richardson, editor, C.

T. Richardson and W. 0. Champe, publishers, Garnett.
The Garnett Journal, republican ; Paul H. Kirk and M. J. Keeton, editors

and publishers, Garnett.
The Evening Review; W. O. Champe, editor, Richardson and Champe,

publishers, Garnett.
Garnett Evening News, republican; Paul H. Kirk and M. J. Keeton,

editors and publishers, Garnett.
The Westphalia Times, democratic ; Ancil F. Hatten, editor and publisher,

The Kincaid Dispatch, republican; J. E. Scruggs, jr., editor and publisher,

The Colony Free Press, independent; C. C. Wilder, editor and publisher,

The Greeley Graphic, independent; O. L. Cullison, editor and publisher,

Greeley. (Not received by the Society since October 27, 1910.)
The Harris Sun, democratic; Bert C. Fay, editor and publisher, Harris.


BOURBON COUNTY 324 bound volumes.

The Fort Scott Tribune, and The Fort Scott Monitor (daily and semi-
weekly), independent democratic; Geo. W. Marble, editor, Tribune-
Monitor Company, publishers, Fort Scott.

The Republican (daily and semiweekly), republican; H. A. Strong, editor
and publisher, Fort Scott.

The Bronson Pilot, republican; Laurence Moore, editor and publisher,

The Cicerone, independent; H. M. Brainard, editor and publisher, Union-
town. (Not received by the Society.)

The Fulton Record; Claude M. Grigsby, editor and publisher, Fulton.

The Church Advocate and Holiness Banner, regilious; J. W. Hibbs, editor
and business manager, Fort Scott.

DOUGLAS COUNTY 631 bound volumes.

Lawrence Journal-World (daily), republican; J. L. Brady, editor, W. C.
Simons, president, The Journal-World Company, publishers, Lawrence.

Lawrence Gazette (daily and weekly), republican; C. S. Finch, editor,
The Jeffersonian Gazette Company, publishers, Lawrence.

Lawrence Democrat (weekly), democratic; Henry Albach, editor and
publisher, Lawrence.

Lawrence Germania (German), independent; Henry Albach, editor and
publisher, Lawrence.

The University Kansan (triweekly) ; J. W. Murray, editor, published by
Kansas University Publishing Association, Lawrence.

The Kansas Lawyer (monthly) ; published by the University Law School,
Lawrence. (Not received by the Society since November, 1910.)

The Fraternal Aid (monthly), fraternal; C. S. Finch, editor, published
in interest of Fraternal Aid Association, Lawrence.

Lawrence High School Budget (semimonthly) ; Jonathan Dow, editor,
published by students Lawrence high school.

The Kansas University Science Bulletin (occasional), scientific; C. E.
McClung, managing editor, published by University, Lawrence.

The Graduate Magazine of University of Kansas (monthly) ; published
by the Alumni Association, Kansas University, Lawrence.

Monthly Weather Report of Department of Meteorology of Kansas Uni-
versity, Lawrence.

The Indian Leader, college; Helen W. Ball, manager, Haskell Institute,
publisher, Lawrence.

The Lecompton Sun; Geo. W. Connell, editor and publisher, Lecompton.

The Baldwin Ledger, republican; W. C. Markham, editor and publisher,

Baldwin Republican, republican; C. W. Wheeler, editor, J. H. Boss, pub-
lisher, Baldwin. (Not received by the Society since March 24, 1911.)

Baker Orange, college; G. M. Boicourt, editor, published by Baker Orange
Company, Baldwin.

The Eudora Weekly News, republican; Will Stadler, editor and pub-
lisher, Eudora.


Moffatana Bulletin (occasional) ; G. W. Maffett, editor and publisher,
Lawrence. (Not received by the Society since July, 1909.)

Baker University News-Bulletin (monthly) ; edited and published by
Baker University, Baldwin. (Not received by the Society since Au-
gust, 1910.)

The University Press Bulletin (weekly) ; published by the University,

The University of Kansas News-Bulletin (weekly) ; edited and published
by the State University, Lawrence.

FRANKLIN COUNTY 176 bound volumes.

Ottawa Herald (daily and weekly), republican; R. A. Harris, editor and
publisher, Ottawa.

The Ottawa Daily Republic, democratic; Thos. W. Morgan, editor and
publisher, Ottawa.

The Ottawa Campus, college; W. E. Gilliland, editor, S. C. Finch, busi-
ness manager, published by students of Ottawa University, Ottawa.

Ottawa Chautauqua Assembly Herald (monthly) ; published by the Ot-
tawa Chautauqua Assembly, Ottawa.

The Ottawa Guardian, prohibition; Vincent C. Robb, editor and publisher,

The Wellsville Globe, republican; Asa F. Converse, editor and publisher,

Williamsburg Star, neutral; D. M. Guthrie, editor and publisher, Wil-
liamsburg. (Not received by the Society since February 23, 1911.)

The Pomona Republican, republican; G. R. O'Brien, editor and publisher,

JOHNSON COUNTY 223 bound volumes.

The Olathe Mirror, republican; John W. Breyfogle, editor, Mirror Pub-
lishing Company, publishers, Olathe.

The Kansas Star (semimonthly), industrial; edited and published by the
Kansas School for Deaf and Dumb, Olathe.

Olathe Register, democratic; S. T. Seaton, editor and manager, Register
Publishing Company, publishers, Olathe.

Spring Hill New Era, republican; Will F. Wilkerson, editor, New Era
Publishing Company, publishers, Spring Hill.

De Soto Herald, neutral; Geo. A. Glens, editor and publisher, De Soto.

The Gardner Gazette, independent; H. Adolph Halstrom, editor and pub-
lisher, Gardner.

The Edgerton Journal, republican; Chas. W. Mays, editor and proprie-
tor, Edgerton.

The Lenexa News, independent; Ed A. Legler, editor, Will H. Peter, pub-
lisher, Lenexa.


LINN COUNTY 248 bound volumes.

La Cygne Journal, republican; G. E. Battin, editor and manager, Linn

County Publishing Company, publishers, La Cygne.
The Observer-Enterprise; Craig and Kennedy, editors and publishers,

The Pleasanton Herald, republican; J. E. Latimer, editor and publisher,

Linn County Republic, republican; C. C. Holmes, editor, Linn County

Publishing Company, owners and publishers, Mound City.
Linn County Democrat, democratic; E. C. Lowe and C. E. and H. C.

Dallas, editors and publishers^ Mound City.
The Blue Mound Sun, republican; A. V. Napier, editor and publisher,

Blue Mound.
The Parker Message, republican; Benj. F. Winchel, editor and publisher,


La Cygne Weekly Record, independent; Geo. D. Marsh, editor and pub-
lisher, La Cygne.

MIAMI COUNTY 168 bound volumes.

The Miami Republican, republican; W. D. Greason, editor and publisher,

The Western Spirit, democratic; Jno. W. Sheridan, editor, Western Spirit

Publishing Company, publishers, Paola.
The Louisburg Herald, neutral; Adna D. White, editor and publisher,

Osawatomie Graphic, republican; C. C. Clevenger, editor and publisher,

The Osawatomie Globe, democratic; Harry Mills, editor and publisher,


WYANDOTTE COUNTY 372 bound volumes.

The Kansas City Gazette-Globe (daily and weekly), republican; Gazette
publishing and Printing Company, Kansas City.

Kansas City Sun, populist; E. F. Heisler, editor and publisher, Kansas

The Press, republican; J. B. Hippie, editor and publisher, Kansas City.

The Labor Record, labor ; Orr & Emrick, editors, Record Publishing Com-
pany, publishers, Kansas City.

The Coopers' Industrial Journal (monthly), labor; James A. Cable,
editor, official organ of Coopers' International Union of North America,
Kansas City.

The Journal of International Brotherhood of Boiler-makers, Iron Ship-
builders and Helpers of America (monthly), labor; Kansas City.

The University Log-book (monthly), college; B. W. Woestemeyer, editor
in chief, Log Book Stock Company of Kansas City University, pub-
lishers, Kansas City.

The Journal of the Kansas Medical Society (monthly) ; James W. May,
editor, Frank M. Tracy, business manager, Kansas City.

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