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Austria-Hungary, including Dalmatla, Bosnia, Bucharest, Belgrade,
and Montenegro. With 33 Maps and 44 Plans. Tenth edition.
1905 8 marks

Tlie Eastern Alps, including the Bavarian Highlands, Tyrol, Salzburg,
Upper and Lower Austria, St3'ria, Carinthia, and Carniola. With
01 Maps, 10 Plans, and 8 Panoramas. Eleventh edition. 1907. 10 marks

Belgium and Holland, including the Grand-Duchy of Luxem-
bourg. With 15 Maps and 30 Plans. Fourteenth edition. 1905. 6 marks

Tho Dominion of Canada, with Netvfoimdland and an Excursion
to Alaska. AVith 13 Maps and 12 Plans. Third edition. 1907. 6 marks

Constantinople and Asia Minor, in German only:

Konstantinopel nnd Kleinasien nebst den Hauptrouten durch die
Balkanhalhinsel und einem Ausflug auf der Anatolischen Bahn.
Mit 9 Karten, 34 Pliinen und Grundrissen. 1905 6 marks

Denmark, see Norway, Siveden, and Denmark.

Egypt, Lower and Upper Egypt, Lower and Upper Nubia, and the

Sudan. With 24 Maps, 76 Plans, and 57 Vignettes. Sixth edition.

1908 15 marks

England, see Great Britain.

France :

Paris and its Environs, with Routes from London to Paris. With

14 Maps and 38 Plans. Sixteenth edition. 1907 6 marks

Northern France from Belgium and the English Channel to the Loire

excluding Paris and its Environs. With 13 Maps and 40 Plans.

Fourth edition. 1905 7 marks

Southern France from the Loire to the Pyrenees, Auvergne, the

Cevennes, the French Alps, the Rhone Valley, Provence, the French

Riviera, and Corsica. With 33 Maps and 49 Plans. Fifth edition.

1907 9 marks

Germany :

Berlin and its Environs. With 5 Maps and 20 Plans. Third edition.

1908 3 marks

Northern Germany as far as the Bavarian and Austrian frontiers.

With 49 Maps and 75 Plans. Fourteenth edition. 1904 . . 8 marks
Southern Germany (Wurtemberg and Bavaria). With 30 Maps and

23 Plans. Tenth edition. 1907 6 marks

The Rhine from Rotterdam to Constance, including the Seven Mountains,

the Moselle, the Volcanic Eifel, the Taunus, the Odenwald and

Heidelberg, the Vosges Mountains, the Black Forest, etc. With

52 Maps and 29 Plans. Sixteenth edition. 1906 7 marks

Qraat Britain. England, Wales, aiid Scotland. With 22 Maps,
5S Plans, and a Panorama. Sixth edition. 1906 10 marks

London and its Environs. With Maps and 19 Plans. Fifteenth
edition. 1908 6 marks

Greece, the Greek Islands, and an E.\cursion to Crete. With 11 Maps,
25 Plans, and a Panorama of Athens. Third edition. 1905. 8 marks

Holland, see Belgium and Holland.

Italy :

/. Northern Italy, including Leghorn, Florence, Ravenna, and Routes
through Switzerland and Austria. With 30 Maps and 40 Plans.
Thirteenth edition. 1906 8 marks

//. Central Italy and Rome. With 14 Maps, 49 Plans, a Panorama
of Rome, a view of the Forum Romanum, and the Arms of the
Popes since 1417. Fourteenth edition. 1904 .... 7 marks 50 pf.

///. Southern Italy and Sicily, with Excursions to Malta, Sardinia,
Tunis, and Corfu. With 30 Maps and 28 Plans. Fifteenth edition.
1908 6 marks

Italy from the Alps to Naples. With 26 Maps and 44 Plans.
1904 8 marks

Norway, Sw^eden, and Denmark, including an Excursion to
Spitzhergen. With 37 Maps, 22 Plans, and 3 Panoramas. Eighth
edition. 1903 8 marks

Palestine and Syria, including the principal routes through Meso-
■pi'tamia and Babylonia. With 20 Maps, 52 Plans, and a Panorama
of Jerusalem. Fourth edition. 1906 12 marks

Portugal, see Spain and Portugal.

Riviera, see Southern France.

Russia, in German or French only:

Russland. Europ. Rufiland, Eisenbahnen in Russ.-Asien, Teheran, Pe-
king. Mit 20Karten, 40Planenu. llGrundr. 6. Aufl. 1904. 15 marks

Russischer Sprachfiihrer. 4. Aufl. 1903 1 mark

Russie. Avec 19 cartes et 32 plans. 3« edition. 1902 .... 15 marks

Manuel de langue Russe. 3^ edition. 1903 1 mark

Scotland, see Great Britain.

Spain and Portugal, with Excursions to Tangier and the Balearic
Islands. With 9 Maps and 57 Plans. Third edition. 1908. 16 marks

Swritzerland and the adjacent portions of Italj', Savoy, and Tyrol.
With 69 Maps, 18 Plans, and 11 Panoramas. Twenty-second edition.
1907 8 marks

Tyrol, see The Eastern Alps.

The United States, with an Excursion into Mexico. Wtth 25 Maps
and 35 Plans. Third edition. 1904 12 marks





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