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{Mu*?j. — totntel, m. angle of reflection.

Wx*Vitn f e.n. (ok*. ft. <1E: f.) to rebound, recoil ;
to be reflected ; to ricochet (Art.).

%tan'&tn, v.n. (aux. ft.) to make a show; to
sparkle, shine ; to vaunt ; to crowd on sail ; bit
Bfiunte — in bollcm ttlfttterfiftnuure, the
trees are decked in rich foliage.

Vrail'gtr, m. (— *. pi. — ) pillory, whipping-
post ; an ben — ftetten, to (put in the) pil-
lory, to expose or disgrace publicly.

Vrnn'fe, /. {pi. — n) clutch; paw.

$r off tin, v.n. (aux. ft. <fc f.) to crack, crackle ;
to rustle ; to rattle down.

Urof'f— <tt, v.n. (aux. ft.) to feast ; to lire in de-
bauchery ; to riot, carouse. — er, *». (— er$.
/rf . — er) reveler, spendthrift, rake. — ml', /
debauchery, dissipated life.

VWSid,/. practice ; exercise (of an art, etc.).

ivCM*— en, v.a. dk n. (aux. ft.) to preach ; (£k-
leftrten tft gut —en, a word to the wise (is
enough) (prov.). — er, m. (— er*, pi. — er)
preacher, clergyman, minister ; — er enfant 0.
Bcclesiastes or the Preacher ; bte Cftintme be*
— er* in ber SBfiftf , the voice of one crying in
the wilderness (B.). -Win, (-Cr(»)sfra«,)
/. pastor's wife. — I, /. (pi. —ten) sermon;
lecture ; in bie — t geften, — t ftdren, to go to
church; fine — t baltetf, to preach a sermon;
einem cine tudmgr (SRoraO — t batten, to
give a p. a good lecture. Comp. — CTsnlltt, n.,
—CTsfftBe,/. office of preacher, ministry. —
er=Orben, m. Dominican order. — tVzfault,
/. theological college. — erzfetninnr, n.
theological seminary, training college for (grrod-
twfc) students of divinity. — crstnitttie, /.
clergyman's widow. — tsntttt, n. holy orders.
— tsbncfc, n. collection of sermons. — f sftnfel,
m. pulpit.

trei'en, *.«. to i

M*rel*. i. m. (- «t,

charge ; fee, fai ry ;

glory, jewel ; be y) ;

ber fefafben — ect

of the bards* pi the

beet of all harp ise

and glory be 1 his

price or rate; ..... ,._ f „ r — or

sacrifice, at all costs ; nm feinen — , not for all
the world ; fefiie — (f)e, fixed prices ; ciutte
— r, fair, reasonable prices, moderate charges ;
ber geringfle, dnf erfre — , the lowest price ;
ttnter bent — (f)e, below cost (price) or the
value ; jn febect — (f)e (0*fd)fagen, to sell at
any price. II. used as adv.; — geben, to deliver

3>, expose, abandon ; eine 6tabt — geben, to
ve up a town to pillage ; etnen ber Cdwnbe
— geben, to expose a p. to shame ; atte* —
geben, to let everything go to rack and ruin;
fid) — geben, to deliver o.s. up, to prostitute
o.s. ; (bent) ©inb mtb (ben) SBetten — gege-
ben. at the mercy of wind and waves. — (f )ett,
ir. (cfc obi. reg.) v.a. to praise, extol, laud ; to
glorify, praise (God); ®ott fei gebriefen !
glory be to God 1 fie — (Oeten ben tfernt.
they praised the Lord (obt.) ; eitten gfutfttn)
-<f)en, to call s.o. happy. — (OCT, m. (—
(!)»*• pi. -iiHt) praBer, extolGr. -W*,

adj. praiseworthy. Comp. — *n#«be,/., __
fnl, *»• qnotation of prices; obne — tngdbe,
not priced, not marked, —anfinlK,/. (subject
for a) prise essay. — anftfdjreiben, »• pnse
competition. — (IMffftf flttttft, /. prise cuthlbt-
tion; prise competition ; offering of prizes. —
ftUftteitung, / distribution of prises. — fes
merbeT.m. competitor. — etnr««t,«M— (tfte.
— erwnnigttng, /. reduction of price ; reduced
prioe. — fatter, m. prise-fighter, champion.
— froge, /. subject or ouestion for a prise com-
petition ; matter of price. — gebuiig, /. sur-
render, abandonment; prostitution. —$tti4H.
n. prize court, tribunal. — gefltng, m. song of
praise. — Ueb, ». song that competes for or
wins the prize. — Mftc,/. price-current ; priced
catalogue ; list of prices. — ridtter, m. Judge,

._w,._. .„ .^ ^ valuation, esti.

ifle-shooting (for

"**» — f*>iel.»^
-H»firW«, adj.
oney, good value,
at 4t U); market-
— f ifte.

*l e), -h*«.ii.(-

/ (pi. -n) stayw
im $ttfe, coronet.

fi inberry.

% i a blanket; blaa-

% bound; to toss (in

beat, swindle. IL

... .., ^ , — ff, m. (— er*>

pi. — cr) one who tosses; cheat, swindler ; back-
stroke, rebound; slap, smack. — CtCt', /•
cheating, taking-in, cheat, fraud; blanket-
tossing. Comp. —gam, n. net for catching
foxes. — jammer, m. sledge-hammer. — fin*,
m. anviL —fie In, m. curb-stone, guard-stone.

Vremier'lentnttnt, m. f (now C'betlentiumt,)

first lieutenant.
f re^bbterio'uifdl, adj. Presbyterian.
UreabbteTi— um, n. (-nm*, pi. —en)


Sre'f tin, e.n. to hurry, scurry (MX
rctf, adj. ds adv. tight, close-fitting.

adj. compressible. — (ff)e, :e., m.

Vreff— . Comp. —fauna, m. lever (qf a press).
-btCtt, n. pressing-board. — fre4)bett, /.
Insolence of Journalists (hum.). — frel frcl t, /•
Uberty of the press. — gefe%gebnng r /:prc
laws. — glfttt*, m. irlcea ^ — L ~

— fnebtlnngdgefe

laws. — gbUU, m. gloss given by pressing'.
— tnebtlttng*gefeta, n. law by which the press
U muzzled. — fnlfe, /. briquette. — brOKfl,

m. action against a printer or editor of a news-
paper. —Herein, m. association for safe-
guarding and promoting the interests of the
press. — nergebett, »• offense sgainst the
press laws. — tnunb, /. cheek of a press.
— ItHllttg, m. restriction or suppression of the

freedom of the press.

Wref'f-e, /. (pi -en) press;

i; difficulty,

stay (0/ windmilU); difficulty, dilemma ; gloss,
luster ; the press ; place for cramming young
men for examinations, cramming establish-
ment, coaching-college ; in. mtrer ber — e, in
the press, being printed ; bte — e rneteftt, to
restrict (or do away with) the liberty of the
press, to muxsle the newspapers,
f ref'f — en, v.a. to press, squeeze, strain ; to press
(paper, etc.); to stamp ; to compress; to gloss;
to urge, dun ; to oppress; to cram; bunt ti*

Xud) -eft. to strain ; bat breftt iftm Xftrunen
•n* ben Vttgen, that draws tears from him;
Vtotrofen —en, to (im)press sailors ; grbrrft
bott, overcrowded, crammed full ; mitgebrtf*
ter 6tintme, in a choked voice. — cr, sa.
( - trd,pl. — er) presser; crammer ; dresser,
finisher ; one of the press gang. — ie/Ttn, v.a.
A n. (aux. ft,) to hasten ; to be vgent ; to dun;






tS —tort feftr, it is most urgent, thaw's no
time to be lost —HUB,/, pressure, pressing ;
tmpreering; squeese. Comp. — tolbett, m.

PrtelHClt/* apodal kind of abort gnomic poem
(in «?A£cA a number of parallel premises are
gummed up in one general epitome) (Poetry).

Ihrfet— €./. (pi. — cn) prick, prickle; eel-spear.
— *!, a*. (— ete> pi* — CO prickle; prickling.
—Cliff *#. prickly. — <W, t».o. <*r n. (am. ft.)
to pnck; to itch; to sting; to goad, tease.
— clafr.p. <£ra<tf. prickling; sharp, pungent;

griC**,/. (pf- — ») gallery (in a church).

f t U m'mU , n. (— «% pi.—) quid, chew (of to-

*ric#, Wefeft: *rtcfc, J (<*3) <*2p*r«.

#6*0. imperf. ind. ; 1 (<Sc 3) pert. ting, imperf.
sum. of nrtifrn.

ess. — lU* f ad/.aacerdota!,prleatly. — fftaft,/.
clergy; priesthood. — tuttt,n. priesthood. Como.
— 0«t, n. priesthood, priest's office. — toffs
<fte*, *. clergyman's bends. — bittbe, /. fillet.
t CH MU d, ft. vestment. — fttmb, n. alb, sur-
plioe. —fcerrfCftoft,/. hierarchy. — rotf , m.
prieat'a robe, cassock. — ftOflb, t». prieathood.
— taxiftt*/- ordination, conaecration of a priest.

•jrpat-Lg, /. the first or highest claaa of a
first grade aecondary school for boys; first
of exchange (C. L.). — a'ner, m. (— afters',
pi. —one?) highest class boy. — g'r, adj.
primary. — «4 , m. (—a*, P*. — a'tea) pri-
mate. — tft, n. (— lltS. p*. —ate) primacy.
— C. /• prime (Jsccl.. Typ., Fenc.); prima
IMus.). -t\, /. (pi -tin) primrose. -
ttt'lPf adj. primitive, original; simple, poor.
Comp. — asfortC, /. first or prime quality.
— tfstftta, a</v. at eight (Mut.). — astteifcf c! ,
«. first (oiH) of exchange. — fir'sfcftale.
/. primary or elementary school; board
acbooL — flCli, n. primage, —ad, *». bead
(boy) or top (boy) or captain of the form;
— «*f omnium, captain of the school. — ftaftl,
/. prime number.

Vrtr/ftcro, v.ft. to twitter (of aparrowa).

Wttm, m. (— ««. P*. —til) prince ; — Hon
fhrcufttn, William I. (before he became regent);
ftCT rote — , Prince Frederick Charles of Prus-
sia (in Ms red hussar's uniform). — Cf'fln, /.
princeaa. — fn, see Vrtaftifi. — lilft, adj. <k
adv. princely. Comp. — enserfttefcer, — C«s
fafmeiftar, m. tutor to a prince. — ffftlts
fmtfT, /. tax levied to raises princess's dowry.
— ftfBaftl, m. Prince Consort. — tttetaQ, n.
Prince Bupert'a metsL — regent, m. Prince

$riftlt'9, ft. (-^ f p/.—e t —ien) principle ; —fen,
rudiments (of a science); im — r in principle,
essentially. — a'(, m. (—nit, pi. —ale) princi-
pal, chief ; employer, bead (of a firm) y manager
(of a theater). Comp. — ietlsfrogf , /• ques-
tion of principle. — iatsrtfter, m. stickler
lor his principles, dogmatist, pedant (coll.).
— iettsreUmt', /. dogmatism, pedantry.

Vri'or *». (—3, p/. —en) prior. — a't, n. (—
«t«, p/. —ctt) priorate ; see — tt — cf . f
priory, —in,/, prioress. — UaVt, /. priority.
Comp. — ttife'sattte, f preference- or pri-
macy-ehere. — ttitfsonlciftt, /• loan on a

VtWtTf- (P*.— tt) Pri»«; P>ch (0/ am^*).
Ooasp — Hsgrridtf, n. priae court. — «s
rtOW, ft. law concerning; prises.

VriaYma, ». (-4.pl- «ri#mett) prism; soppc tt
frr* fftcvbf £ — » double-refracting prism.

frifsaaVrlfdJ, adj. priamatio.

fritHall^.sway! gone!— ff hi, to be lost.

MtWUk-tf f> (pl> — en) harlequta'e wooden
1; fsrule; bat, racket, battledore ; back-

seat (of a sledge) ; bench ; parapet; guard-bed
(MUX Comp. — ttttiftcr, m. marker (at rifio*
shooting) ; harlequin (who drubs the people).

frtt'ffften, v.a. <!c n. (aux. ft.) to slap, beat.

V riH— a't, «(;. <fc «<to • private. — a'tim* adv.
privately ; separately ; private and confidential
(on letters); tin SToUeg — ottm Icfcw, to deliver
a course of University lectures for which a fee
is charged. — attffe'retl, v.n. (aux. ft.) to live
on one's own property, as a private gentleman.

— aWfhmnn, n. (-atiffimiiasj, pi. — attffi-
ma) University lecture or class {usually held
free of charge, gratt£) to which students are
admitted only with the lecturer's sanction;
private instruction (with or without fees) at the
professor's private residence (Unto,). — r>, n.
(— «*% Pi* — C$) water-closet, privy, —lie's
glen, H., tee under $ri*Ueg. Comp. — at's
abtotttKtett, n., — at'saftatadmiig,/. private

deed. — at'sdHtent, m. teacher recognised by
the University (who must have graduated as a
doctor in his faculty and must, in addition to
his dissertation, produce a $aBilttatioitdffftrift
and give a trial lecture (VrofcenoHefiing)).
— af sgefeftrte(r). m. private scholar, Uterary
man who does not hold an official appointment.
— «f sfaffC, /. privy purse. -at'=foUfg, n.
a course of University lectures which must be
paid for (opposed to the Sffeittliifte Sorieftutg,
which is free to all members of the univer-
sity). — af smatltt, m. private person. — af s
MCtnilttg, /. individual opinion. — af srttftt,
n. civil law.

Vribilegifren, v.a. to privDege.

jrtuile'gi— am, n. (— umd, pT. —en) privilege.

vroba'tf adj. proved, tried ; good, excellent.

$Wft— C, / (pi. —etl), trial, experiment; pro-
bation, proof, teat ; exhibition ; ordeal ; assay ;
pattern, sample; rehearsal; mark, stamp;
(Me) — e ftalteti orftefreften. to stand the test,
to keep its color ; jur — e, by way of trial, on
approbation, on approval ; ttuf bie — e fltetten,
to (put to the) test ; ouf (bie) — , on trial ; bic
— e macften ant tint B. orbit JRidjtinfeiteiner
6., to prove a th. (Arith.); tt gilt bie — e !
let us try it ! Comp. —tzabbrnd, m. proof-
impression. — esobittg, m. proof. — csblatt,
n. proof-sheet ; pattern-sheet ; specimen num-
ber. — e=bOgftt, m. proof-sheet. —t'bmd f
m. essay (postage stamps). — tsexemplar, n.
specimen copy. — fsfett, — Csftaltig, adj.
proof. — esgOli.n. standard gold. — erjoftr,
n. year of probation. — e=!anoibat, m. pro-
bationer (before being appointed prbttttttffte?
Seftrcr). — fstaonilg,/. proof-charge. — fs
leftrling, m. probationer ; apprentice on trial.
— tsleftiOII, /• trial lesson, criticism, lesson.
—es«Mfe,n. standard measure. — e=«UWtnet,
/. specimen number. — tzptttlflt, f. trial-
sermon. — e=rofie f /• beginner's part, debut
(Theat.). — e:fd)ie|ett, n. trial-shooting.
— e=jd»rift, /. specimen of writing ; draught.
— esftciw, »»• touch-atone. — r=9tfin,n> sample,
pattern ; specimen. — frmoge, /. assay-bal-
ance. — es jeit, /• novitiate ; time of probation.

frotl— tu, v.a. to mark; tee — ie'ren. — CT,
m. (—tt9, pi. — er) asaayer; gangs. — ier's
liar, adj. testable. — ie'ren, v.a. to try, test,
prove, put to the proof ; to taste ; to try (a
piece of music, etc.); to assay; Solicit —
terett, to rehearse ; — icrfti geftt fiber ©tu-
bieren, practice is better than theory (prov.).
— iCm, m. (— ittn§, pi. — ierer) asssyer.
Comp. — ier'sftaftn, m. gauge-tap. — ier's
ttttbel, /. touch-needle. — ier'sOfen, m.
aamyinff furnace. — ier'srdftre, /• test-tube.

— ier'sftein, m. touch-stone. — ter'stiegel,

m. crucible.
Vroblema'tiftft, adj. problematic.
$roi1l'tt, ft. (— (€)§,pL —t) produce ;






— i'0, adj. productive. — ibitif , /. produc-
tiveness. Comp. — fttsbnttbCl, *». trade in
home produoe. — fusfartCf /. map ■bowing
the products of different districts or countries.
— ir=ge«Offenfctwtt, /. cooperative aodety.

Jhrobat— e'tit, m. (— en'ten, ©/. — e n'ten) pro-
ducer, grower; producer. — ie'ren, v.a. to
produce, bring forward; to furnish proofs
(Law); to grow ; to yield ; (reft.) fid) — lete*,
to perform, to appear in public

jjfrnfa'lt, a«0'. profane, secular. — tf/rttl,v.a.to
profane. — ffrillfl, /. profanation. Comp.
—ban, m. eeculer building,

%XOft% m. (-<f|)ed, P/. -flf)e) pro*
tow (ice/.) ; — tbnn, to take vows, take the veil.
Coiiw. — {htMvf n. religious house, nunnery.

ftrofcff— Ufa, /. (pi. — iottcn) trade; profes-
sion ; cbt @bie(er bon —ion, a professional
gambler. — iotti'ft, to. (— if ten, pL — if ten)
tradesman, artisan.

*rofef1-or, w. (—«*,*/. — ojrew) pro-
fessor at s university (ttniberfitStd —or) ;
senior assistant master at first grade second-
ary schools ((BbmuafUil— or) ; orbentlUfcer
—or, ordinary professor; aafterorbttttlidkr
— or, professor, university lecturer. — ora/t,
n. (— eratd, pi. — orate ), — U't, f professor-
ship, (professorial) chair ; betttfdje — nr, chair
of German. — oritt, /. (gran — ) wife of a

Ihttfi'l, n. (— *, pi. — e) profile. — fetCH, •.«.

to (sketch in) profile.
Vroftf, w. (—S,p/. — e) profit, turn-out; net

proceeds, clearance.
^rolW— dKII. n. (—3) small profit; save-all

(/or candle*). — ie'rttt, v.a. de n. (our. h.) to

profit, gain. — litfj, 04;'. profitable, aavan-

wToVfl, ^eofo**, m. '-<f)c* or _(f)fen,p/.
— <f)fe* — . ,*en; provost; bailiff; (general
— , provost-marshal.

frdfUUKf— e,/. (p/. — eil)prognosia(3f<d.). —
Mo*, n. (— tifon*, pi. — tlfa) prognostic.
— lilifren, v.a. <* n. (attx. %.) to prognosticate,
predict, foretell.

$rn*re'ntin, n. (— $, pf. — e) fnognunme;annual
report (in German schools) published at Easter,
usually containing some scientific esaay by one
of the teachers. Comp. —W&%i$. L adj. dt adv.
according to programme. — fjmflf* /. illus-
trative or descriptive music.

VWftUtttnaVi— urn, n. (— not*, pi. —en) lower
and middle part of a classical school.

Vrobibft— oTtum, n. (— oriuraS, pi. — orien)
writ of prohibition. Comp. — iO'sSOl, to. pro-
hibition duty.

e.o. to project. *
projectile. — njrw,^»i»rvjcvwvuji
— ion, gnomonic projection. Comp, -^(n):
tJMgtr, as. projector, schemer.

Jrotilif/retl, v.a. to project, raise a projection.

Vr9tll i miC f ttn, v.a. to proclaim.

% rofa'r— a, /. (pi. — US) procuration, proxy.
— afot, to. (— ator*, p/. — ato'ttn) proctor ;
procurator. — fft, m. (— if'tew. p*. —if/ten)
agent empowered to sign in the principal's
name or for the firm ; confidential clerk.

ffroletori— Of , n. (— «t«) proletariat, prole-
tarians collectively ; the lower classes ; rabble.

IroleteTier, m. (— *, pi. — ) proletarian.

frolo'g, to. (-«, p/. — e) prologue.

frolOllg— ifrea, v.a. to prolong ; to renew (a
bill). Comp. — fttUmrsaebfibr,/. continua-
tion (C.L.).

PromeittO'ria, n. (— * t pf. — *) memorandum ;
memorial ; round robin. Comp. — fdrreiber,
m. memorialist.

Vrotttetta'be, /. promenade, walk, stroll (coll.).
Comp.-*z*Mt*$ t •*• alsgant walking dress;


• (— (e)*,pf.— e) project. — ie/ren,

ject.plan. -iY, n.(-if«,p/.-iffj

—iO'n,/. projection :TOitteCbttn!t4

walking suit. — ttsfontCTt, ».

wtomo— rifVn, /. (pi. — rionett) promotion;
graduation ; proceeding to or taking of the
doctor's degree ( Univ.). — bie'ren, v. I. a. to
promote ; to confer a doctor's degree on. IL
n. (aux, b.) to graduate ; to take the doctor's
degree. Comp. — ttOltO'sfftrift,/. dissertation
(/or Me doctor's degree).

vtONUtt, adj. & adv. prompt, ready, quick ; —
be^ablen. to pay promptly, pay ready money ;
Barter i|| — abAtrfe#cn f sugar commands a
ready sale, —belt , /• promptitude.

VtOttl/m-tn, n. (— en*, pL —ilia) pronoun.

friM3b— et r m. (— eren, p/. — eie») prophet;
foreteller : 9Rofcd Wtb bie — eteil, ready cash
(vulg.) ; bie tieinen — eten. the leaser prophets;
eta— et gilt nirgenb toettiger beitn in feinen
8aferlanbe r a prophet is not without honor
save in his own country (B. ). — e'tin,/. proph-
etess. — e'fifdj f o4/. prophetic. — etei'en, f .a,

_to prophesy. — eiernng, /. prophecy.

9*0*011— Cut, m. (— en'ten, p/. — eft/ten) pro-
poser, mover. — tf/r en, v.a. to propose, move.

^robortton— o'le,/. (p/. —aim) ; ntittiere —
ale, mean proportional. — ie're*, v.a. to pro-
portion. Comp. — at'sgrpfee*, pi. propor-

Vropff, m. (— e«, p/. Vrob'fre) provost ; prior ;
clerical overseer; prefect. — ri% /. jurisdic-
tion and dwelling of a provost. Comp. — §es
ridji. n. provostship.

VroreftoOr, m. (-1, pL —en) vi«



Irorogf^ren, v.a. to prorogue.

Vro'fa,/. prose.

frofa'-ifrr, m. (-Werl, pL -ifer), -ifr, «.

(—if'teil, pi. — irtm) prose-writer. — <f€|i,

adj. prosalo.
VtOfcrililinvsIOge,/. stage-box, corner-box.
$ rofefft, w. (-ctt, pi. -e«) proselyte, — if/s

nnd, mM (— ettsmadKrei./) proseiytism.

frO'fit! «rof»! t«^. bless youl much good
may it do you ! your health; — (bie) SKabf-
*eit, (lit. $rofte Wabl^ett, may your

!) bless you ! you may whistle for
it, you won't get it! (coll.) ; — 3abr-
tttarft ! a pleasant fair to you ((said by chil-
dren on days of a fair to their parents and
friend* in asking for a fairing or for money to
go to the fair)-. — Wettfabr ! a Happy Hew
Year to you ! fa. — ! don't you wish you may
get it ! (coll.).

frofObie/,/. prosody.

j rot 0W , /. science of prosody.

Vrewft, m. (— ee% pi. — e) prospect ; prospec-
tus, syllabus ; elevation, design. — *6, m. pro-

Vroftitnie're*, v.r. to offer o.a to anybody ; to
make a fool of o.s. (06s.). — ier'tt, /. prosti-

flroteft, m. (— e«, pi. — e) protest ; ntit — xif
rufffommeu, to be returned dishonored (C
L.)\ —einlegett, to enter a protest (agsinst); —
tDegeit BRangel an ftanabine, protest for non-
acceptance. — alit, m. (— asma, p/. — a*/-
ten), -antia,/. Protestant. — an'Mf 0>. adj.
Protestant ; -antifdie Union. (*nthe 19th cen-
tury) league of Lutherans and Calvinieta. —
OWif/Mna, m. Protesta nti s m . — iete«, r.I.
n. (otix. h.) (gegen ett00l)to protect (agatnsty,
to protest, declare. II. a. to protest (a but,
etc.) ; ehten SBe<bfeI — ieren fotfea, to have a
bill protested. Comp. — Ott'tfJUfccreitl, »».
Protestant union of clergymen and laymen to
resist the fanaticism of straight-meed (£«■-
theran) churchmen (since 1863). — erbebaitg,
/. entering of a protest. — toften, — f»ffe«,
pi. protest charges.

Vrototo'l, n. (-*. jrf. -e)






mreutes; im —, upon record ; in b*l — ein<
trejeu, *s* — ieren; (b««t) — f fifteen, to make
a draft of the proceedings, take down the
minutes, keep the register ; &u — geben, to
depose, to state in evidence, to regieter ; &u —
ntbmra, to draw up an official report ol, to
take down (a deposition^ <*>.). — O/nt, «i. (—
tn'ten, pL — nn'tett) actuary, reoorder, clerk.
— ie'ren, v. a. to regieter, record. Comp. —
mtfnofcg**,/. ; erne — aufntftme fa«b ftart, a

report wee drawn up, ...

book. -ttnttdgnng, /. minute, —fairer,

**»— «nt.

%T+*. m. (-tn, pl.-tn) (rich) «nob. -gntHttt,
a. snobbism, anobbU h n e a w , purss-pride. —tit,
r.a. to erack ; to be a mob ; to be puree-proud.
—tft* adj. snobbish, insolent ; purse-proud.

frttV-f . /- 0*/. -tn) Umber (ArliC). -en,
rux. aee Wftreften, Vttfnrokcn. Comp. — ges
tell, n. Umber-body, —fatten, m. ammunition-
cheet, caisson ; oaf hem — fatten faftren, to ride
anon the caissons. —Uttt, /. gun-carriage
chain. —190*01, m. limber, gun-carriage.

9r00i«'ttt, si. (— *) provisions, victuals, proven-
der ; mil — ne rfeften, — ie'ren, ».a. to provi-
sion, victual. Com^. — atttt, »• store-office,
commissariat, —band, ». msgasine, store-

honae. — famnter,/. store-room. — nteifter,

m. commissary (4/tf.) ; caterer, steward;
puraer. — f*d\ m. haversack. — fdtfff, a. vic-
tualing ship. — ttKHKtt, m. provision wagon.
— ttsrurn. a. commissariat.





„- . breT— Tge Kente, tEree per cent
stock. Comp. — etnnabtttt,/. percentage. —
f gfc, »• percentage, rate of interest
fold, »M-<ff)ef, J*-<ffle) process, opera-
tion; procedure ; proceedings ; action, process,
law-suit; tiara — anfangen mil, etaem risen
— onftingen, cinen — geaen e inrti anfc*tt-
ffcj nuuftra, to institute (legal) proceedings
against a p. ; im — lirgen, to be at law ; rinem
ken — nuuften »egrn, to put a p. on his trial
for ; cinen — f fifteen, to conduct a case ; f Mr*
sen — mft eineat ttuuften, to make short work
with 8,0. ; ker - fdMocbt notb, the case is still
j or sub jndlce. — (ff)if'rea, v.n» (auz.
) to carry on a lawsuit. Comp. —alien, j*L
notes W a rasa. Low). — fofttg, adj. action-
able. — ffihtrr, nv plaintiff ; plaintiff's coun-
sel. — frSner, *»• Utigions person. — ores
UW^y.ttalsofconrt. —fg^eji,^. clauses.

law bosinem — ffiftttg, adj. Utigioue -
njefen. «. system of legal proceedings.

9rntel, m. (— g) steam ; bubbling. — n, e.a,
(one b.) to bungle ; to sew (embroider, ele.)
carelessly and badly (ootf.) ; to steam s to bub-
ble up.

Vtirf— en, vm» to try, examine, test, prove ; ge«
Jnrfift, (examined and) spproved, passed (in an
examination), certificated ; tried, tested; gc-
nrikfte ttrhrcrut. certificated teacher; -«t
aile« Mtb bee *knt beftattet, prove ail things,
hold fast that which isgood ; £c rg anb ftieeen
— en,to try the reins and the heart (A). — ft ,♦/>.
(— ere\ /»«. — er) examiner, nrover, tester. —
etei', /. hyper-criticism, —ling, m. (— Ihtge*.
pi. — littfte) examinee, cand i date. — ttttg, /
examination; proof; trial, test: temptation.
Comp. — eifen, n. probe. — ffrin. m. touch-
stone, test, ordeal. — ungisftUtfdjnfc, **.,
— ttng#sneMrkf , /. board of examiners. —
angftsfcratttftnttgUttg, /• invigilatlon. —

angwseik, m. test-oath. — aui«shelurei, /.

hurry and worry of eTaminstione — ttMgfts
fnmttlif fUW, /. board of examination* ; board
of examiners; Olitgfirb br r miff cttf ctjsf tiiikra

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