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9d)tttei'f|-en, <r.».a. toning, cast, throw (vula.);
to deposit eggs; to stand (a bottle of wine) (coil.);
gefdjmiffeneft ftfeifdi, fly-blown meat. Comp.
— Hiege,/. blow-fly, blue-bottle.

Cd)nteU. m. (— eS) enamel ; glass bead or bugle;
mefobifdier — finer 6timme, melting sweet-
ness of a voice. — bar, adj. fusible. — borfeit,
/. fusibility. — f , /. melting ; smelting ; fusion;
mass, charge (of metal) ; composition (of glass) ;

8djttiel'|— en, I. ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to melt, dis-
solve, fuse ; to diminish, melt away ; in Xbra-
nen —en, to disMve into tears ; bad Oiegimettt
mar out 150 9Rann Unfammen) atfcbmolaeu,
the regiment was reduced to 160 men. ILreyi,






& ir.tf.a. to melt, dissolve, liquefy ; to Knelt ;
to blend, —end, p. & adj. melting, liquefying;
touching; languishing ; melodious, melting;
— fllbe ©ffconbeit, refining (power of) beauty,
beauty in its moving influence. — er, m.

i-ttl, pi. — er) amelter. — mi', /. «« — ar-
tit, — Wttt. -Bil, /. melting, fusion;
liquefaction, Comp, — UVbtU, f. smelting ;
enameling; enamel —Malt, *ee SdjttUUt*
flan. — lltttter, /. melted butter. — eifen,
n. cast iron. — farfee, /. vitrinable pigment,
enamel-color ; rait — farben ntafen, to
enamel. — fetter, n. smelting fire. —form,
/. mold. — gcmdlbe, n. enamel painting,
-glaft, ». enamel. „-gro», »»., — bitje r /.
see — bttttft. — Ifittf, /. emelting-houae,
foundry. — tfidje, /. laboratory. — tttllft, /.
art of smelting ; art of enameling. —Milt,
m. liquid (Oram.). — tfffel, to. ladle. —
OMlcr, to. enameler ; painter in enamel. —
*fen, to. furnace : forge. — Onnft, to. melt-
ing point. — rdbttfot, n. blow-pipe, —filler,
n. auver for plating. — tiCflCl, to. crucible.
— ta»f , to. melting-pot. — OHirntC, f. heat of
fusion. — iPOfffT, n. melting or melted snow.
— inert, n* enamel-work ; smelting-houae.
6<ftmer, n. (— (e)d) fat, grease, suet. Comp.
—bttMd>, to. (person with a) fat paunch.
— Dfid)fr ,/. greaaeboz (for oiling the wheels).

tkbmer'gel, to. See Cfdjntirget

CdlWfriT m. (— 1#, p/. — e) merlin (Om.). — e,
/( p/. —en) merlm ; loach ( JcA*.).

edjmerj, w. (— ed, (— end) (ace. afro — en)pf.
—en) pain, ache, smart ; woe, grief, affliction ;
geteUrer — ift ftalber — . grief is half re-
moved when It is shared ; shared pain ia half
the pain (prov.) .

Cdjmer'l— Cn, t>. I. a. to pain ; to afflict, grieve ;
ed — t mid), bad n fagea, it pains me to say
to. n. n. (aw. fa. ) to be painful, smart, ache ;
mix (midi) — t ber Itobf, my head achee.
— baft, —lid), adj. £ adv. painful ; grievous ;
— fidl meo tbun t to pain deeply, give great
pain to. Comp. — faeloiett, — DClaftet, orf/\
deeply afflicted. — enftsgelb. n. smart-
money, compensation. — endstittb, n. child
of sorrow. — endslagtt, n. bed of suffering.

— entsreidi, ady. deeply afflicted. — Unbent*,

adj. soothing; anodyne. — 104, adj. painlesa;
sluggish (Med.), -ftilffl*, *e* — linberub.
— IHIO, adj • painful.

6*mefterling, m. (— d, ©f. -e) butterfly.

Comp. — blUttten, pi. papilionaceous flowers.
— fa«g, m. butterfly-catching. — ISfdKT, —
fCfdifr, m., — *sne|, n. butterfly-net. —
fOWttlllttg,/. butterfly-collection.
CdMnettrm, r. I. n. (oar. ft. & f.) to crash, fall
with a crash ; to peal, bray, resound (as a trunu

a blare (as a trumpet) (poet.) ; to warble
rds). II. a. to " *

edltttied, to. (-d. pi. -t) smith ; forger ; au-
thor, architect; clickbeetle, Elater (En/.);
feber ift feincd @(U(fed — , every man ia the
architect of his own fortune (prov.). —DOT,
adj. malleable. — tartfit, /. malleability.
— C, /. (pL —en) amithy, forge ; bor bie
nttreiftte — e geften. to knock at the wrong
door, to get into the wrong box.

fcdjmie'b— en, f.a. to forge, hammer ; to fabri-
cate ; in CHfm —en, to fetter, put in irons ;
amet Wage! in einer $i#e — *», to kill two
birds with one atone ; ft in eigened ttngfutf
—en, to be the author of one's own misfor-
tune. Comp. — esattlfcafc, to. anvil. — es

arteit, /• smith'e work. — es(fala#)sbalg,

to. forge-bellows. —eseifen, n. wrought iron.
— eseffem, adj. made of wrought iron. — es
effe, /• forge. — estattwer, to. sledge-ham-
mer. — estnedlt, m. journeyman-smith. — es


> dash, craah, amaah, throw

foble, /• small coal, forge coal,
block of the anvil. — esUNire, /.
—esmerffliitte,/. forge, smithy. -
/. blacksmith's tongs.

edimie'ge, /. (pi. — n) bent, inclination ; bevel ;
angle; slope.

MmiC'g— en, v.a. to bend, incline; to bevel;
fid) —en, to bend ; fid) —en an (a*?.), to
prees dose, cling to ; fifft —en nm, to twine
round ; fid) — en bar, to crouch before, to sub-
mit to, to cringe ; fid) — ftt ttnb birgttt, to
give in on every point. — fam, adj. pliant,
flexible, lithe, supple. — fomffit, / pliancy,

etfjmie're, /. grease, wheel-greaae ; ointment ; a
thrashing; pack, set, troop; greasy dirt;
bribery patrolling company, provincial show,
third-rate theater ; mad loftft bie gat!** — ?
what does the whole concern coat? undo.);
- fteften, to keep watch (si.).

CdjmiC'r— en, v.a. to amear, greaee, oil; to
anoint ; to butter ; to tar ; to daub ; to adul-
terate (urine); to scribble, scrawl; to tip
heavily, to bribe; to thrash; mer gat — t,
ber gut fftfjrt, money makes the mare go:
greaee well and speed well ; fluent bad 9?ani
lllit $onig —en, to delude a p. with false
hopes. — er, to. (— erd, pi. — er) greaser;
dauber ; scribbler. — erei', /• greasy work ;
daubing; scribbling; scrawl, daub; ntit ben
£ttantben ift bad etnr cmige— erci, you cannot
help getting greasy if you have oil-hunpa. — ig,
adj. greasy, dirty ; dauby ; unctuous ; viecoue.
Comp. — abbarot, m. lubricator, oil-feeder,
—bad), n. waste-book. — bfidlff ,/. grease-box ;
oil-can, oil-feeder. — bfirfte, /. oU-bruab.
— feft, ». grease (for lubricating), — flnf , m.
dirty fellow (fam.). —fife, /. toft cheeae.
— leber, n. leather greaeed with train-oil.
— tttittel, n. unguent ; liniment. — §1, n. lu-
bricating oil. — feife,/.aoftaoap. -WefeL
pi. booU greaeed with train-oil. — tafdK. /.
flatterer. — borridjrnttg, /. lubricator, oU-
feeder. — maBe, /. dirty, greasy wool.

fedjlttil*, Hnperat. sing. ; e<ftmil|t, 3pers. sing,
pres. indie, o/ fdjmcljftt (intrans.).

SUmin'tt,/. paint, rouge; cosmetic; make-up

Qdmin't—tM, v.a. to paint; to color, gloat
over; fid) —en, to rouge, paint. Comp.

— nrjnri, /. ©osmetic. — bdidjen, «. pad,
ball of rouge. — b«d)fc, — bOfe, /. roui
— fUdu>en f — laiUMlien, n. rag for dabb
color. — tnittef, n. coametlc.
djen, n beauty-patch. — maffer, n. ooametk,
wash. — tpeill, n. pearl-white.
Sdmtirgel, to. (—a) emery. — «, e.a. to rub,
polish, grind with emery.

•emmift, to. MfDed, «/. -<ff)e) blow; cut,

lash: wound from a lash.
tdmstfc, etfjmiffe, J & 3 pers. sing, imperf.

ind. dtsubj. of fdmteif en.
emmiH, to. (— ed, pi. — e) blow, cut; spot,

blot. — e,/ whip-Iaeh.
edjttiften, v. I. a. (aux. b.) to lash, whip; to

blacken, n. o. <fe n. (aux. fa.) to soil, stain;

to blur (Typ.).
Cdmifer , to. (— d, pi. — ) old, well-wom book;

story of knights and robber*. — n, v.n. (aux,

f).) to read old books; facrtttJt —n, to ferret


Cdrntall— etl, f.n. (aux. ft.) to pout, be sulky;
* ently (d*ai.). Comp. -" ^
— minfei, m. sulking <

to smile complacently (dial.). Comp. —ii$Ht

f. pouting lip.
retired spot ; boudoir.

edratalltd, n .; ntit einent — trinfen. (mH
eincm fmmallie'ren). to fraternise with a p.
over a glasa of beer or wine, to hob-nob with
a p.; cut — ben Conger* ! to the very good
health of the emgers I (stud. si,).

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€*tt*U. GGmWtt, 1 *& 3 pen. imperf. ind. &
**j- V Hbmtl&tn (intrans.).

MmtfC—tnt v. I. n. (oar. ft.) to roast, cook
slowly ; to bo suffocated or parched with heat.
IL o. to stew : to bake ( meat). Comp. — ftraten,
m. stewed meat ; beef a la mode. — tfanne,
/., — Hctflt — WA , to. stew-pan ; sauce-pan.

Ztomu, 64«nfc, >»• unfair or illicit profit

(co//. j ; cine It — madjcn, to overcharge a per
■on ; to pocket marketings (coll.).

24lHB<f» I* m - (— (c)d) ornament ; decoration ;
jewels, ornaments; set of ornaments; finery;
dress, attire ; embellishment. II. adj. spruce,
ueat, smart, pretty, nice. — hf it, /• smartness,
elegance. Comp. — arbftt, /. ornamental
work; Jewelry. — Afrit, n. ornaments.
— ftinMrr, to. jeweler. — tattdKtt, n. jewel-
box ; 3sr $auS ift ein toaftreft — faftdjen,
you have got a jewel or a love of a house.
— loten, m. jeweler's shop. —toft, orf/. sim-
ple, unadorned. — (offgfrft, /. plainness,
simplicity. — nabfl,/. shirt pin; breast-pin,
brooch. — fadKW, p'. jewels, ornaments. —
Wfl, ad/, highly adorned. —Ware, /• finery ;
triikets. —Karen; ban tier, to. jeweler.

^(fettjt'tf— Ctt, ••«• to attire, dress; to decorate ;
to trim ; to set off; to gloss over ; to embellish,
adorn; bit Sngrnb — t bit Seefe, virtue adorns
the mind; fift) —en, to deck o. s. out. — nng,
/. adorning, decoration, embellishment.

^(btti'dY n, e.r. to bend, to crouch (obt.).

edWHbbf I(V f /. uncleanliness (coll.).

8*MUsVlClig, adj. dirtv, unclean (co//.).

eSttMa'g-cl, m. (-eft, p/. -eo, r-* lf *'* /•

smuggling. — fin, v.a. dsn. (aur. ft.) to smug-
gle. — Ifr, »». (— terft, p/. — frr) smuggler.

SftoBN'teln, v.n. (aux. ft.) to smirk ; to look

'BdJWM'fm. v.n. (on*, ft.) to talk or bargain
with a p. (coUX

*8<9mn'f— rn, ea)tnufrer— n, r.n. to gossip,

chatter; to talk nonsense ; im $uflern tft gut
— It, the twilight hour is the best time for a
chat (prov.). —tt, to. talkative fellow, chat-

84ttttfc, m. (—eft) fllthinees ; dirt, filth, smut,
mud. —Cll. v.n. (aux. ft. ) to soil, get dirty (eas-
%)• — tttv, /• dirty actions; low way of
living : fllthinees ; obscenity. — tg, adj. dirty ;
muddy; soiled; base, sordid; obscene; nig-
gardly ; — iger ttbbrnd*. smudged, uneven
proof (Typ.) ; —iger CrigemMt?, sordid or
gross selfishness; — ige (jfeffftiffttf, obscene
•tory; —iger ©itcftcr, filthy lucre; —ige
Sfifffte, soiled linen, — igfeit, /• fllthinees,
dirtiness, etc. ; fouling (of firearms). Comp.
— iirntfl, pi. protecting sleeve (to be icorn over
a coat during work). — Med), n. mud-guard
(Cycl.). —men* m - Blur, waste sheet (Typ.).
— ifinte, /. scrubbing-brush. — faro*. /.
mud color; dark color. — fhffff), to. dirty
fellow (vulg.). — fleet, to. dirty spot, stain. —
fittClf to. blouse or apron to protect from
dirt. — teWcn, to. clout ; see — fitif(e). —
Iftd). n. mud-bole, man-hole ; filthy hole. —
bower, n. waste paper. — titfl, to. psper
cover title, outer title-page.

tdraa4*I, to. (-ft, »/. (gfftnateO biU, beak;
nib; mouth (vulg.); snout (£n/.); nozzle;
rostrum ; (gas-)burner ; cutwater (of a ship) ;
socket (of a lamp) ; mouth-piece (Mus.) ; bad
ift ntdjtft fir ff mm — , that is not to his taste,
that is nothing for him, meat for his master ;
feinen — an afletn nieften, to poke one's
nose into everything ; er fbrtdit tote iftm ber
— gemudifeit tft. he speaks plainly, naturally,
according to his lights. — if'rett , (also Scfttia •
bntte'ren,)**;8(ftmaufen. Comp. — tifen, n.
curling-tongs. — -fprtttig, adj. beak-shaped;
* — ftWff . *• ship with beak-like prow.

— fdWbe, pi. pointed shoes, —tier, n. duck-
bill, —mtibt.f. tit-bit, dainty, delicacy.

edmdb— f lei'. / billing and cooing. — fin, v.n.
(aux. ft.) tCr r. to bill and coo ; to caress. — ler,
to. (-lerft, pi. —ler) billed bird; $irf-(er,
broad-billed bird.

6dmabUlie'reil, v.n. to eat comfortably (coll.).

deftnotf, to. (— ed), chat (co//. A oVof.) ; aift — !
stuff and nonsense! fiddlesticks! bad ift eilt
ganj anberer — , that is quite another thing,
—fit, v.a. A n. (aux. ft.) (dial. <Cr co//.) to
chat ; to chatter, gossip, —if, adj- funny.

ecftna'b-a=bubfl,-rr=ftabfcL -ersftfitiferl,

n. merry extempore popular ditty (usually alter-
nate) of four short lines, the 2d and 4th lines
rhyming, sung in the Bavarian and Austrian
mountain-districts ; challenge song or ditty.

t—' - ' p. -cn), -€,/.(/*. -*n)
joke, piece of nonsense, fun.
', amusing, comical.

n) gnat, midge ; crane-fly.

-n) buckle ; bttch, catch (of a


8 » buckle ; to strap ; to fillip ;

■ — , to lengthen the stirrup-
— bum, to. tongue, teeth of
ft, m. shoe with buckles.

ur. ft.) to crack, click, smack

to snap (with the fingers).

{^HHrr, ... ..... orack! snap! before you can

say 'Jack Robinson 1 ! II. to. (— $, pi. — e)
snap; fillip; mouthful.

edmaW— en, v.n. (aux. ft. <fe f.) to snap; to
close with a snap ; to snatch ; to catch ; to
spring or fly up; ttad) finer S. — en, to snatch
at, to seek eagerly, hanker after; natft Sttft
—en, to gasp for breath ; fefct ftat'd after
geffftnabbt, but now there is an end of it, I
will not stand it any longer (coll.). —ft, **«
6<bnab£. Coron.—feKr,/. catch-spring. —
ftabtt , m . (mounted) highwayman. — tatren,
to. tumbrel. — ttteffet > n. cbup-knife. — f ad,
to. knapsack. — ftOloft, n. snap; spring-lock.
— fdW«, to. snap-shot.

edmoWtr, m. (— «, pi. — ) snap, catch; trig,
ger ; cross-bow ; cupping instrument ; fly-
catcher (OrnX

edmaltt, m. (-(f)f «, pi. Mna^fe) dram ;
brandy, gin. Comp. — brnbCT, to. toper. —
bttbe, /. gin-shop, public house, —glad, n.
glass of brandy, dram-glass. — tneibt, /. gin-
shop, tippling-house. —naff,/ (person with a)
copper nose. — f Safer, —tr infer, to. dram-
drinker, tippler, drunkard.

€dman / fen, v.n. to take a drop, to tipple.

edmar'dr- fn, v.n. (aux. ft.) to snore. — tr, m.
f— er$, pi. — er) snorer. Comp. — rafce. /•
snorer. — bfntil, n. snifting valve, throttle-

CdmarTe, /. (jrf. — n) rattle; see ©ad)tt(-

«dwar'r— fa, r.n. (aux. ft.) to rattle, to springs
rattle ; to (speak with a) burr ; to whirr, hum ;
to utter a harsh, jarring sound ; to growl,
grumble; to scold; ,$err!' — te ber Sent-
nant, ' Sir ! ' the lieutenant said with a strong
twang; baft —ft! beft r, the burr of the r.
Corwo. -bat, m ' drone (of the hurdy-gurdy^
organs, etc.). — brofffl, /. missel-thrush. —
lant, —ton, m. rattling or jarring sound.
— Pfeiff . /. drone-pipe ; reed-stop (In organs).

— nentil, *« 6(ftnar(ft»entU. — »erf, n.

reed-stops {of an organ).

8<9natterei', /. gabbling.

ftdmarter— er, m. (— erft t pf- —tr) chatterer,

babbler, —baft, adj. babbling, chattering.
€dmatfern, v.n. (aux. ft.) to chatter, gabble;

to quack ; to cackle (of geese). Comp. — manl,

»., — tafwf,/. chatterbox.
Cdjnau'ben, teg. & ir.v.a. & n, (aux. ft. df f.)




516 Cdjudtat

to pent, puff, blow; to breathe heavily; to
anort ; bor 3orn — , to pent with rage ; nad)
Wttdjf — . to pent for revenge ; er fdjltaitite
9tad)t, he was breathing vengeance; er

idmatsfcte fid), he blew his nose ; bit Stoffe
djnobew, the steeds snorted; ftoft unb 9ieirer
djnbben, horse and rider were gasping for
>reatb ; ber ftobn fdmob, the south wind was
blowing a gale.

MnQVUn, a little stronger than fdjnattben ; to
breathe {dial.).

Cdraatt'l— <, /. (pf. — en) snoot, muxsle;
mouth ; spout, lip ; nossle ; gargoyle ; bit — €
bolttn, to hold one's tongue (wig.). —en,
v.n. (aux.h.) to snap (up), to speak brusquely or
rudely. Camp, —fart, m. mustache. — bSrs
till, adj. raustached; rude; coarse; — bfirtigcS
fgeftn, rude or gruff behavior. — fontfC, /.,
— frttg, m. can, pitcher with a spout.

fdraanj'iften, n. (-g p/. — ) dim. of €d)«a«ie.

etfjnSn'ftcn, fcctonen'jcn, v. I. a. to blow (Me
now) ; to snuff (a candle). II. r. to blow one's
nose; ba fdraatut fid) tin 6tern, there is a
shooting star (vnJ?.).

Mne'tfC,/. (p/. — n) snail, slug; cochlea (of
the ear) ; volute (Arch.) ; fusee (Horol.) ;
winding staircase ; Archimedes' screw ; worm
of an endless screw. — tulNlft, ady. snail-like ;
as slow as a snail ; spiral. Comp. — nsadjf f , /.
axis of a volute. — nsOMgf, n. center of a
volute (Arch.) ; center of a helix (Oeom.).
— nsfcntjrer, m. screw-auger. — Itsfefccr, /.
main-spring (of a watch) ; spiral spring. — Ms
frtfe, m. damage done by slugs. —0=0000,
**. snail's pace ; winding alley. — nsgartett,
m. snail-perk, snailery. — nsfietriebC, n.
and w" - ' - -■" * *

wheel, screw and wheel. — n_
gttoinbe, n. whorl. — ttstaud, n. snail-shell.
— ttzhorn, n. feeler, horn («/ a matf). — ns
fehre, /. oonchology. — nslUlie, /. spiral
line. — n=mnfdKl,/. conch-shell. — n=b*fr,
/. snail's pace, slow coach. — nsrat, n.
balance-wheel (Horot.); tympanum, turbine-
wheel. — ItctrtPPC,/. spiral staircase, winding
or cork-screw staircase. — - nstperf, *• shell-
work. — nsftng, "». slow procession ; spiral
line (i4rc*.); scroll (o/ molding*, etc.).
Mace, m. (— $) snow. — 10, arf>*. snowy;
snow-covered. Comp. — bob", ser $d)fttrrn-
bohn. —ball, m. snow-ball; guelder-rose.
— PaOen, v.a. & r. (aux. h.) (insep.) to snow-
bail. — bfdttft. oo>. covered with snow;
snow-capped (o/ motmlatfnj). —berg, m.
mountain of snow ; snow-capped mountain.
—Plnme, /. snowdrop. — fttlf. /. large
white owl. — ftpdt, /. snownake; snow-
drop. — gattd, /. Anas hyperborea; little
goose (/am.). — fleftoPtf, n. snow-storm. —

{lloddKtt, n. snowdrop. — grenje, /. anow-
iue. —faff, /. Alpine hare. — fattbtt, n.
white grouse. —ffinig, m. snow-man; fid)
frenen vie tin — fdnig, to be as merry as a
cricket. — tpppe, — tnppe,/. snowy mountain-
summit. — (amine, /. avalanche. — Ittft. /.
snowy sir. — ntettge,/. snow-fall, —mild),
/. whipped cream. — : pffttg, m. snow-plow
fo/*o on locomotives). — rtgttt, m. sleet. —
fdrap, m. snow-shoe ; — fd)Uf) lauft n. to run
on snow-shoes, to go ski-ing. — fret ben, n.
heavy snow-fall, bliziard. — trift* /• snow-
drift. — tncbf, /. snow-drift. — metier, n.
snowy weather ; snow-storm. — |fit,/. snowy

edjUCt'O— f. /. (pi. — n) rig* (of a knife, etc.);
cut ; energy, dash. — ig, adj. d> adv. cutting;
energetic, spirited; — iger Dffi&ttr, dashing
officer. — igfcitf /• energy, smartness, spirit.

€4Htti'D-en, ir.v. a. <fc n. (owx fc.) to out : to
carve ; to engrave ; tc intersect ; title %tbtt
—en, to make a pen , &(eifd) —€», to carve


to out one'

(S*rg.) ; fid) (oo/.) bit ft&gei
•'•nails; fid) (rfo/.) JJfeifen -c
feather one's nest ; (tfetb bei Cttttt* —en, to

meat; httf (etenbige ftleffft —en. to cut to
the quick ; in 60(4 —en, to cut, carve wood ;
fine m ben €rem —en, to perform an operation
fid) (daL) bit ftigr
fid) (rfo/.) «feife»
; <tfeU» bri etwa* - - .
make money by a transaction ; bad — et mir
in# (bnrd)^) Aer j, that cut* me to the heart ;
e# -et mir tm gelbe, I have the colic, the
gripes (coll.) ; mlt ber Xame — e«, to finesse
the queen (Whist) ; ein (Beftdjt -en, to make
a (wry) face; {trafcm or (fkfifftter — tu, to
make faces; staprfofen —en, to out capers;
einem SHibdien bte (Jour —en. to pay court
to a girl ; finer $drae stompfimente —en,
to pay compliments to a lady. II. a. to cut np,
to chop ; to castrate ; fid) —en, to blunder, to
make a mistake, to be mistaken, to be disap-
pointed ; ber firSmer fiat 6ie gefdjnitten,
the shopkeeper has overcharged you (coil.) ;
Id) fftrdite ®te toerben fid) —en. I fear you
will be disappointed (coll.) ; ©rot in bit Gnppt
„. £ .._ , — . . ""1 in ben

ifl ifrat

1 his very

rp; pier-




icnt — er
he points
r. sbe is
ty, to be
>ie — er.
erei% /

re have a

. — erln f

r's wife,

.. — . r . w ^_ w ^., -r . cooper's

(chopping) bench, —tsbod, av. cbopping-
block, —esholnen, p/. French beans. — es
brett, n. cutting-board. — eseiftn, n. chop-
ping-knife, edge-tool ; slit-iron. — esflnH. sa.
plank, rafter. — esleter, n. sole-leather.
— esmafmine,/. cutting-machine ; nax-break-
ing machine. — esmfiOle,/. saw-miU. — er=
fcelne, p/. crooked legs, bow-legs. — ets
meifttr, m. master-tailor. — ersmnAttl. as,
tailor's muscle. — crsredMUnft, /• tailor's
bill. — ersring. m. tailor's thimble, —ets
feele. /. cowardly soul. — esfifdf, at. chop-
ping-board. — esmalien , p/. cylindrical slit-
ting-machine. — essoin, m. incisor. — fs
letlg, n. cutting engine; cutting-edge-tools.
— tnerf , n. slitting-miu.
€mnei'eu, t».n. (aux. h. d- f.) to snow ; t8 tf«*
bit ( gefmntit, we have had much snow ; e£
hat ifam in bit Auttt gefUneit. he has had a
stroke of bad luck ; er tft U«5 UtS ^tttt* ge-
fdjneit, he dropped upon us as if from the
clouds, he came to us quite unexpectedly.

edmei'ff, edmei'Ke, / (p*. -n) glade («• a



f dmerteln, ».«. to lop. prune, trim.

fedinf fl, 00V. d> adv. rapid; swift, quick ; prompt ;
sudden ; hasty ; brisk ; presto (Mus.) ; — ! be
quick ! nid)t f — ! gently I easy \ — er tt«f«t}#
quick returns ; — er 6trom, rapid stream.

fcdmtl'l— en, v. I. n. (aux. f.) to spring, snap,
flv back with a jerk; in bit $ibt -f«, to
tip up. II. o. to give a sudden impulse to ;
to let fly ; to toss, ierk, dart ; to snap oae'a
fingers; to ba m boosle, cheat; bo£ %at mio)






jf f o>*eU^ that baa vexed me (dia/. t cotf.). —
CT, m. (— erg. p*. — er) one who throws, darts,
etc. ; *Pfing; hair-trigger; marble, taw ; elater
(Bol., Ent.) ; jerk, fillip ; see — gaigen ; driver
( ITear.). -Iftteit, HJett, /. velocity ; swift-
neat, speed ; dispatch; rapidity; quickness
(oj a pulse). Camp. — bolt en, m. chain and
lever; swipe, plyer (of a drawbridge). —
*tml,f. catapult. — bleitbe, /. chemical bleach-
ing. — ferett, ». spring-board. — fcotttjlfer,
m. fast steamer. —feDer,/. spring, -fener,
n, rapid fire, running or dropping fire, inde-
pendent firing, — fenersfattone, /., —fearer,
-•-• - -• - - machine gun. — feuer=

IOI0, *.lucifer matches. — f tifetg. a<#. nimble,
agile. — gaigen, «. T-shaped gibbet. — igs
fcit, /. velocity, rapidity. — fottltfjen, —
IfoelfteSr n. marble, taw. — (raft, /. elas-
ticity, spring. — fr&fttg, «y. elastic —laser,
■v quiok-loadiug gun or cannon. — loitf , m.

Baoe; gallop; tin — lauf, at the double
(MtiX — Itfnfer, m. racer. — tmft,
(-coach); express. — pfeotOgrolWe,
/. instantaneous photography; instantaneous
photograph, snap shot. — JMW,/. quick mail,
express. — pttMt, /• fly-press; steam-press;
mechanical press ; rapid printing. — fdir fi be =
tunHf /. art of rapid writing, shorthand, steno-
graphy. — ftaelbe=tnafd)ine, /. tvpe-writ-
tog machine, type-writer. — fdjretber, •»•
shorthand writer. — ffbrift, /. short-hand
writing; stenography ; tachygraphy. — fdjritt,
«. quick march (Mil.). — fegler. m. fast
sailer or goer. — feitt* n. promptitude. —
ttHIge, /. steel-yard. — JUg, m. forced march ;
fast train, express. — jfittfcCT. m. quick-match
MrftfA — wngig, o^/. voluble, fluent.

C&aetWe, /. (p'. — n) snipe ; woodcock ; simple-
ton ; disreputable woman, prostitute. Comp.
— tt=dred\ m. snipe-excrements ; roast giblets
(of a snipe or woodcock). — nsfang. m.,
— ttsjogo, /. snipe-shooting. — tuftridj,
tt:)ttg, »»• flock of snipes.

ttfjneWe, /. (pi. — «) noztle, spout, lip ; top,

£k.(qfa cap) ; clasp (of a girdle).
en'fe, see erinteife.
en'ten, see 6djnauAen.
edWWfcfctotf, *»• (— e«) verbiage, stuff, fiddle-

€<fenteteltt, v.r. to dress up, deck oneself

efetifjiel, m. (-*, pf. -) dress-coat (coll.).
6<MlM), int. snap! -<*n, n. (-*«!«, p/.
— -djen) snap (u*M M« fingers) ; etnem citt
— djen fdjtagen, to snap one f s fingers at

son, to make fun of a p.

a per-
il, tn. (— el**, pi.

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