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eafeaateraai, /• change of mind. — ea*::
aettttuaaat, /• testamentary disposition, wilL
-eadcerflaraagt/. declaratory act. — ea#s
lt./.freewfl\freedomoiwin. -ea*=
/., — evsttenttigett, a., faculty of
volition. — eaA=saeiaaas t /. win, pleasure.
-<adsMrte,*«-ea«rr«fL — fa*ren, r.n.
(out. b.) (dot.) to accede to, to comply with^feo
grant; to humor; darwta eiaerCC-Ha^rea,
to conoede. grant sometning to as; fa)
-foortT fftnem fBaafdw, I aooeded to bis
wish, I complied with his demand. ""fSfcete*
adj. obliging, conylakant; compliant. HWM


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731 ttinfceit

— (owm, **• fBURontnt, *e. —
8r, ** Otlfur, tc.
tttUtO'tttnt, »*. (— «, pf. -fn) cop of weloome ;
see — f n U. — fn, I. atfy. weloome ; accept-
able, gratifying; feietl 6ie —fit I (be) wel-
oome I cine n — f n beif en, to bid a person
welcome, to welcome a p. ;, —cue ftttttbe, wel-
come news. II. m. (— en£, p/. —en) welcome,

IBirHir, /. free will ; option, choioe ; disore-
tion; oeprioe: arbitrariness, despotism; ic^
laffe ba* in &lire — geftellt, hanbebt 6ie
Kadi 3brer — , I leave that to you, act accord-
tag to your own discretion ; nadl —, at will, as
one pleases; in an arbitrary manner, —lid),
adj. arbitrary, deapotio. — Itftfftt, /• ftrbi "
trarineei ; arbitrary act. Comp. — hmfdWtt,
/. deapotiam ; tyranny. — ttrfalrett, n. arbi-

IBtflt, ©fit, oA*./<w SBitf ft.

fBtttrttieln, v.n. (a«*. b. <k f.) to swarm, to be

crowded; to abound, teem (Oon, with), to be

filled (ooit, with).
fiHm'mer— tt, v.n. (aux. |j.) to whimper, whine,

cry, lament (over). Comb. — toll, n. inferior

violm (wtfA a «cr*ecAyan<f twangy sound) (coll.).
fBtm'Del, »».(—$, p/. — ) pennon or pennant,

streamer. Comp. — foil* w». pendant halliards.

— ftOtf , *»• staff for a pennant.
©ttn'Ocr, /. (pf. -n) eye-laah. — ig, ad;.

dilate. — It, v.n. (aux. h.) to wink; ge«

wiluOert, fringed with eyelashes, ciliated.

Comp. — fetor, n. ciliary hair; eyelash. —

ranh, m. ciliary edge.

ttiimrt, m. (-a, p/. -e), -e, /. (-, pi.
— en) gabled hood-molding ; gable-board.

'IBtno. m, (— e*. pi, — e) wind ; hint ; scent ;
emptiness, humbug; flatulence; ftarfer — ,
high wind; fublft — , cool wind; breese
{Mar.)i beftftnbtger, ftebenber — , steady
wind ; tmbeftonbiger — , choppy wind ; ftafber
— -, aide wind ; latter, fanfter, ftebfidjer — ,
gentle breese ; e£ gefat citt ftarfer — , there is
a gale blowing; bci — nttb SBetter, in all
weathers, in storm end rain ; bet — fommt bolt
Often, the wind is in the east ; mofter mebt ber

— ? in what quarter is the wind ? bfeht beim
— e ffgeln, to sail close to the wind, to hug the
wind ; gegeil ben — fegefa, to sail against the
wind, to go right in the wind's eye ; gitteit —
sjaien, ben — tat Wutftn baben, bor bent — e
feat in, to run before the wind, hare the wind
astern ; in ben — reben, to talk to the wind ;
fa ben — fften, to build castles in the air ; in
htn — ftbfagftt, to disregard, set at nought,
pay no heed to ; fiber ben — I onunen, to gain
the wind ; latter bent — e, under the lee ; bie
Snfein unier bem — e (tfatitten), the Leeward
Isles , bam — f obf anunen, to fall to leeward ;

— oon ettoal betommen, to get scent of s.th. ;

— modjen, to boast, bluster, swagger ; — i
fudge! stuff, verbiage I gtaffat— e, trade
winds ; ben wtontef uadj bem — e bangen, to
trim one's sails to the wind ; to comply with
the times; eo tft lanter — , toad er fbridjt,
it is sU smoke that he is talking, he is beating
the sir ; bad ift \a attefi — , that is all humbug
or moonshine ; tdi babe — baoon tetomnten,
I have got scent of it. — en, v.n. (aux. b.) to
catch the scent; e$ — tt, it is stormy, there
is a high wind (rare). — ig , adj. windy, breesy ;
exposed to the wind ; airy ; thoughtless, heed-
less; unreliable; visionary; vain; e£ fieftt
—if um ifm (mil ibm) au#, he seems in a bad
war; bamit flebt ti — ig and, there is nothing
in it. — tgfftt, /. windiness, airiness, empti-

blnstering, boasting. Comp. — bag, m.
sir-baUoon. — befdtibignttg,/. damage

by a

— bente I, m. kind of puff ;

windbag ; empty-headed fellow ; boaster, brag-
gart ; one who promises much and does little.
—bente lei', /. Idle boasting, braggadocio, —
tfttteln, v.n. (aux. h.) (insep.) to brag, boast,
talk big. — Olattertt, pi. chicken-pox. —
blttttte, /. anemone. — ornft, m. windfallen
wood ; pneumatocele (Med.). — brfidrfa, adj.
wind-fallen, — bfidtfe,/. air-gun. — breQttttg,
/. change of wind. ($00e#)— tretttttg*s
gefed, n. Dove's law of rotation of winds. —
nfirr, adj. air-dried ; lean, —ft, n. addled or
barren egg; soft-shelled egg. — fsuftl. /.
torch that is not extinguished by the wind.
— fabne, /. weathercock, —fang, m. air-
hole ; ventilator ; porch ; projection (before a
door), —fret, adj. sheltered. -gefdttOnlft,
/. emphysema. — bflfer, m. wild oats. —
fcorff , /. .fiolian harp. — feffee, /., -be%ett,
n. coursing. — bttttb. m. greyhound ; thought*
less or empty-headed lad; toit tin — bttnb
rennen, to run like mad. — fattal, m. wind-
pipe (in organs), —(arte, /• pilot's chart.
— Teffel, m. air-vessel, sir-regulator (of a for-
cing-pump % etc.). —tlaPPt,/. mire (of bellows).
— fOltf , / windy colic, —lobe, /. wind-chest,
sounding-board ; ventilator. — lobftt, m.
window-shutter. — lotOine*/. wind avalanche,
drift-snow avalanche. — IefTf , /• snemology.
— Itcbt, n. candle protected from the wind oy
a globe. — UMb, n. air-hole ; draughty place.
—lottt, /. sir passage or pipe. — tttadKT,
m. fan, punkah brag ; humbug ; charlatan.
— maeberet', /. charlatanry ; empty blus-
ter. — tnafOnite, /. ventilator ; wind-engine.
— OtefVer, m. anemometer, manometer. —

waoie, /. windmui. -mfitjlensfiagel, m.

sail of a windmiU. -*" * J £

draught-furnace. -
mometer. — OOffett,
n. ventilator-wheel,
rhomb-card, compai
raging (of) wind, sti
cane, whirlwind, sq
shaft. -fO|tef , ad/\
fd)ief merben, to i
be put awry; — CgS
views (coll.). — fetott
adj. quick ss lightn
side, weather-side.
-fH0, adj. calm. -
cover of organ-pipes.
— ftrtri), m. current <

»»., -frratmmg, /.

m. heavy gale, squall

— tWr, / ventUatk

ing). — ntortd, adt

snow-drift. — totrb

letger, m. anemosn

current of air ; ventil

(in a piano).
nBtnb. adj. writhing with pain (obs.) (esfUy m

the phrase — unb Oxb. utterly miserable).
IBttt'be, /• (pl> — n) bindweed, wQd convol-
vulus ; reel ; winder ; windlass ; winch ; lift ;

worm (of a screw). —I , /. ( pi. —In) swaddling

clothes; roller ; napkin. —In, v.a. to swaddle.

Comp. — I = ban ft, n. baby's roller, swaddling

band. — I=bobrer, m. wimble, center-bit;

round punch. — lsfinfe, n. young infant

— l=me((b f adj. ; — (toety ftbtaaen, to best to

a jelly. — ttsarttg, adj. of the convulvulus
family (Bot.). — «=fdm»drmer, m. oonvol-
vulus hawk-moth (Ent.).
IBitt'B— ftt, ir.v. I. a. to wind ; to reel, wind off ;
to twist, wring, wrench; to twine; in bie

tflbf —en, to hoist; eincm ettoa$ and ben
Snben —en, to wrest s.th. out of a p.'s
hands, n. r. to wind, twist* turn ; to writhe ;
to wriggle ; to meander (of streams, rivers) ;
M bor efftmera —en, to writhe with pain.





r «.aan*ef »frihf «r4n^an.

trntrntSn — aata. a* 'etna eV a*
" '>*;- rto-anatkr

eefraer <& , h kenaUe t m lti m ef
** Mem, mtji m tea — I

; fe£ ci* ae*ke «r cat-

fcantnan ont to r MtnriMjad ad£oetiag

k#de*-kwryer. -Afakt'f.

tin, m. mHtmmd broker. — iktfL *

(Corp.). — *rfrr, •», faftrnMat lor

mmgim. m Utuu U. -meHtm^f. mm-

WMMBt of anajeaypnnonietry, Hlfoir. /-
bent. Illegal cote ; Ulegal mint. -HBaajfr.m.
coiner of baas money. HW|t t /. tambdoidal
•stare Ue/r/A — arefle, ** — toatfrret.

— ftfatt, 1. <wf/ rectongular. II. orfr. at right
••flaa, -faVtkC , /T aetrobbe Mafr.). —
fewafr, / nnllccn o cd ele-honae ; low tevern.
—fa*!*, /. email private acbool, daine-cchool,
bedo>eebooL —MmUUfatt, m. teacher not
duly qualified; teacher at a -Jamie. —
f*irf, ». poa^bvthe-corner. — WnWg, <mT/.
axillary. —freM*, / private ateJrcaae. —
}#* f, J* ■nbterfugee, ehifta, pretext*, trick* ;
— *ftgc nwdjfn, to uae auDterfuge* or evasion*,
to prevaricate, sbtinle.

AplO/Ten, I. P.O. d> n. (oox. (j.) to wink, to sign,
beckon, nod; (ciaem) et*a* — , to enjoin by a
dgn ; tintm mlt km fUar * — , to wink to a
p. ;ti*em mlt htm Bamtfcf abl or edKtute»t6»r
— -to give a p. a broad hint ; eHtem — be ran-
AMfaatatfa to beckon to a p. to approach ;
iifttm fettnfdjttx lg« — , to make eigne to a
p. to keep silent. II. tubl.n. winking; sign,

BMllffl— fl, /. continnooa whining; lamenta-
tion. — er, n. (— t re\ pi. — er) whiner, moaner.
—if, adj. whining, plaintive. — n, v.n. (awe.
JO to whine, whimper, moan; cincm hie
Oaten fcofl — n, to deafen a p. with plaint*.


Comp. — afff . m. weeping ape, capuchin. —
VftWatf , /. whining or moaning voice.
iMl'tn . m. (-#, o7. — ) winter ; mitten I lit — ,
to the depth of winter; belt — terftrtngen, to

-feaw>.aeakaiwa*ato*. -a,r. L*.to
loprfresr^ IL r. <*•_ (eex. fcj to rn* aloft.

trick, eUft, eanjeaa; arete***: joke. Baa;
auufer arfr friar —mm »**.oWt tor to tkrow
daat la nry eye*, none of yver tricks with
me (opILL — c, /. («i. —at) brink (©/ a
/iK, ofe.f; craical nofat: ae»eaw; aeat (e/
««rmo); case; awipe; 11 i||i k ; tombrel;
gibbet; whip (Aoea% ««r.>; wkadkea (o/ a
enmbov); pneble pole ( fy e— . ) ; bow (o/ a
tfViff) ; keedin»nacluae^aeaftsO ; (eton<y.)
dWb*; a^hcT^S^tofciee^Mo
fall, to be on the point of BaOaag.
BHr»-€ta, rA d; «. (eax. k.) to rock; to more
npanddown. — t*. »- L •. to rock ; to eee-
aaw ; to tip over, tut np, o mtum ; to i

jmdo (criminals); WfOm^tm Rfek«a ask
to clip coin. XL r. Jen. (enz. ».)««— tttL
-JJ. •». (-<r#, P^-rt] l nwiey^ipper. ^
Cref, /. money-cttpping. Cmnn. - aafgr*, •».
gibbet, eetrapade. —fill, n. rone for tying to

. . ., We, Wmaun, by the grace of God.

fBirk, impaxU. tma. ; fetrkf r Otrat. 2 <t 5p.
ting. prts. ind. o/Wtthcu.

Oir^Pfl, m. (-f , p/. —) rapid rotation, whirl ;
whirlpool, vortex, eddy; whirlwind; wreath
(o/tmoke) ; giddinem; intoxication; whirl (oj
pattion ; oj businen) ; place where the heir
parte, crown (of ike head) ; ve r t e b ra ; baltand-

aocket joint ; peg (of violin*, etc.) ; spigot (o/e
cock) ; button, bolt (of a windott) ; trUHafa
roll (of a drum) ; warbling (of bird*) ; ewci
fd|Uiaca f to beat or aonnd a roll ; neat — miM


ittr Stilt, from top to toe. -fc*ft, -Uk%
Job*.) — ig f od>*. eddying, whirling; wOd,
impetaoas, giddy. Comp. —(da, n. vertebra.
—(mut)*Ur,f. vertebral artery. — krett, ».
peg of a violin, etc. — ffrtttift, ad>*. whirling ;
vertebra-like ; vertebrate ; spindle-shaped-

—fallen, m. tee —trttu —tn*Qen, m. $m
-ktfaL -10*. adi. invertebrate. -fimlC

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/. spine, vertebral column. —Rod, m. screw-
plate of a piano, —tittt, pi. vertebrate ani-

fBfetCl— it. e.o. <fr n. (on*, b. <fc f.) to whirl,
tarn round ; to warble ; to trill ; out ber ttront-
met — n, to beat the drum ; bad geidjen sum
WftlfattfiC —ll r to beat the retreat or recall ; ber
Jtbbf — t ntir, my head is in a whirl ; getoir-
•elt, Tertebrate. Corop. — atOttl, n. whirling
atom. — {farm, m. hurricane; tornado. —
& infe, m. whirlwind.

fBtrb» 3 p. ting. pres. ind. of toerbctt.

aSirf , tmpenrf. ska.; IBirfjt; »trft r 2; 3 p.
iAv. prat. 6uf. o/tterfen.

»irf— en. (o©*. ©fir'fen,) i. *.a. to effect;

to work; to bring about, produe
{dockings, etc.); to knead (doug
—tn, to labor for meat (2*0 ;
—en, to work repentance (B.); g
boa ealt ; ben ^ttf — tn, to pare tl
Aofve). II. v.n. (auz. b.) to w<
(upon), act (upon) ; to affect ; jebe<
every word told, produced an effect
— til, to work on, influence a p.
€fe*u(e (old 8ehrer)-en, to teach
nadjteilig anf cine 6. —en, to ha
ona effect upon a th., to tell upon (a p.'s nerves,
health); ouf bie @inne —en, to affect the
aenaea; gut anf gd)u(er —en, to influence
pupils for good ; nadjfjaftig ouf bic ©emitter
— en, to produce a lasting impression on the
minds; gegen einonber —en, to counteract
each other ; to react, in. subst.n. acting,
working ; activity, effort, endeavor, acts,
works ; operation ; weaving, etc. ; see — ung.
—tub* P- & adj. operating: efficacious;
efficient, effective (cause) ; active (poison) ;
drastic. — er, m. (— er$, pi. — er) worker,
agent, cause ; weaver, embroiderer ; kneader ;
(«a#-)maker. — erei', /• weaving : embroid-
ering; wearer's workroom. —ltd), adj. <Ss
adv. actual, real ; true ; genuine ; acting, in
activity; effective; effectual; (South Om.
dial.) exactly, quite ; already, as much as;
now; — ftdi borbanben, effective (Mil.); —
lidfcr Beftanb, effective force ; —lifter ge-
beinter Wat, acting privy-counrilor; — (idje
Gdlttlb, real debt; —lid)? really? actually?
do you mean it? — ltd) madjen, to realize : —
Ciffi tnerben, to be or become realised. —lid)::
fflt, /• reality, actuality; actual fact; in —
lidjreit, in reality. — fattl, adj. producing
the (desired) effect, effective, efficacious, in-
strumental ; working, operative, powerful
(Med.); gegen eine ©. — fam, good for a
th. — f«tn frit, /. efficacy ; virtue ; effect ;
in — fomfclt fetn, to be in operation ; to per-
form one's duties; to be in working order;
anfer — lout fc it fefcen, to suspend (a law).
—WW, / effect ; operation, action ; force ;
efficacy ; result ; impression produced ; anf
eaten eine — ung anQ&btn, to produce an ef-
fect upon a p., to affect a p. ; ofjne — ttng bfei-
ben, to prove ineffectual, to produce no effect;
feine — nng obne ttrfadje, no effect without
cause, no smoke without a fire ( prov.). Comp.
— banf, /., — brett, n. board on which the
dough is kneaded. — tifeM, n. paring-knife
(Jot hoofs). — mtlHtV, m. master-weaver;
" r's foreman. — fttlbj, *». loom. — fafcl.

WI HBI • WIWIHHIi (IHfll T/». tvrv/ut. •!•?»•*

/., — tifa), m., see — brett. — uitgftsart, /.
mode of acting or operation. — UH0#=gra&,
m. efficiency (of a machine). — ttngtzfraft,
/. efficacy ; virtue ; force. — UMichtli, m.
sphere of activity ; province, domain ; b(e£
fdjWgt nidjt in unfern — ungifrei*. this
la beyond our province or sphere, this is not
in our line (coll.), we do not go in for this
(coll.). — ttttf •slOft, adj. ineffectual, futile ;

inefficient; inactive; without effect; —U>9
bleiben, to produce no effect (upon), to be
lost (bei, upon). — utMjdslaffgfeit, /. in-
efflcacy. — NMIdsbpfl, adj. efficacious, effec-
tive; telling.

©itr, adj. confused; entangled; — e #aatt, di-
sheveled hair, hair in disorder ; — 14 $ttrdj-
einanber, chaos, confusion. — e f /. ( vi. —en)
tangle ; (pi.) disturbances ; troubles, disorders,
agitations ; complications ; ttrdjlidje —en, agi-
tations in the church. — fal, n. (— fttW, pi.
—fate) confusion ; perplexity. Comp. —Horn,
n. tangled yarn. — baar, n. tangled hair. —
fObf » m - ruffled or unkempt hair ; confused
thinker. — feibe, /• silk-refuse ; tangled silk.
— ftTOb, n. short straw, litter. — mart , m.
jumble, chaos, disorder, confusion, hubbub ; in
— warr bringen, to throw into confusion.

fBir'r— en, v. a. (p.p. sometimes getoorren) to

entangle, twist ; to jumble, mix up ; to confound;
to perplex ; auietoonber —en. to disentangle.
-Hid, /• (pi- — niffc) <k n. (-niffeS. pi. —
niffe) confusion, perplexity. — Uttg, /. entan-
glement, confusion ; disturbance, trouble.

©VftagtObJ, m. crisped or curly cabbage,

©left, 2 p. sing. pres. ind. qftottbtn.

»Irt, w.(-(e)#, wL -e) C-in, /.J head of a
house or family ; host, (hostess); husband, (wife)
(obs.y poet.)\ landlord, (landlady); tavern- or
restaurant-keeper ; lodging-house keeper ; house-
keeper ; manager, economist ; ben — tttadjen,
to preside, do the honors ; bie ffiedjnnng obne

waS if» ba3f fir dnc — ? what's going on here ?
eine fftrecfttdie or fdlanberbjafte — , a terrible
mess or confusion (coll.). — en, v.n. (aux. h.)
to keep house ; to manage (a house, farm, busi-
ness); to keep an inn or public-house ; to admin-
ister (property); to make a noise; (arg, fibel)
to make sad havoc, ravage, destroy, plunder; to
live wildly ; gut — en, to manage well, hus-
band (one's income), to economize. — ft, m.
( — ere 5 , pi. — er) manager ; housekeeper ; stew-
ard ; economist. — trill, /. see — er; man-
ageress, steward's wife. — ltd), adj. economi-
cal, thrifty; orderly, regular ; economic, domes-
tic ; belonging to a household ; agricultural. —
Hdtfeit,/. economy, husbandry, good manage-
ment. Comp. — dsaitlt, n. stewardship, man-
agement of a farm or an estate. — •sattTfCfetf »
m. manager; steward, bailiff. — $=beatnte(r).
m. steward, bailiff or agent of an estate. —6s
betrieb, m. cultivation, agriculture, farming.
— &=bn(b, n. housekeeper's book. — ftsgfs
bftttbCr n. farm-buildings, offices; steward's
office. — 0=geU, n. household money, house-
keeping-money. — $=ietfit, n. household






utenslk. — ftstftfJPCfter, m. steward; over-
seer of an estate. — •=htMtf /. husbandry;
economy. — ftslelffe,/. economics. ->«s|Nllb
til, /. political economy. — jNreftttHSIf , /.
household account. — 0sre0el, /- economic
rule. -+;terW*itttr ♦». steward, manager.
— fsttftfettf »* political economy.

fBifft), m. (— (e)S, J*— e) rag, clout: wisp;
•crap of paper, waete paper ; trashy writing.

fBffftV-e*, L v.a. to wipe ; to rub; to stomp
(drawings). IL v.n. (our. f .) to whisk, slip off ;
bortti — en, to whisk past. III. subst.n.; bad
— m her ttngett iff fdjiabtid), robbing the eyes
is bad for them. — er, m. (— fr$, />/. — er)
wiper; cloth, clout ; stump (fordrawing); sponge
(Artil.)', sharp reprimand, rebuff, rebuke (coll.).
Comp. — golb, n. gold-leef. — fetbfll, m.
spongtng-rod (ArtU.\ — loft**, m. rag for
wiping or cleaning ; dish-cloth; duster. — fad),
n. duster; dish-cloth. — mafd), m., —is
UMfdH, n. gabble, twaddle, stuff, nonsense.

©i^mtt, m. <fr n. (—5) bismuth, —en, e.a. to
solder with bismuth. Comp. — aftfX, /. oxide
of bismuth. — aleiserft, n. bismuthic silver-ore.
— fctftter, /. chloride of bismuth. — frffe, ft.
oxide of bismuth.

fBlf'Pd, m. (— *\ pf. — ) measure of corn (of
about 1300 liters or 24 bushels) (oft*.).

IBtfl*— In, —til, v.a. <k n. (aux. %.) to whis-

»i%'— bar , erf/, knowable. Cowp. -tetftrflli*,
n. desire of knowledge. — ftfgtcrd* ), /. crav-
ing or thirst for knowledge ; curiosity. — hfr
Qietig, orfy. desirous of knowledge ; inquisitive.



CSlrfett. I. fr.e.o. to know ; to have knowledge
of ; to be aware or Informed of ; to understand,
to know how to; bo* meift $ott ! b«3 mag
i nidjt — , mo and nodi
I) way to turn or what to
, to know by experience;
' as I know, for aught 1
meift, medjt mid) nidjt

• not see the heart rues
id) toftfite, not that lam

— iaffen, ei »S

I. to let a p. nd

thait— fefb. it

ts ; etma£ ai en

»gsinstap.;c nf

person; fid) lei

>ride o.s. on i er

meift ton8, ea

as If lie were persoi iK

9*9 oeenbf t iee thi d ;

nidjta mebr —.to «»»» «>st

consciousness ett mat — , not to

know what tc getoiO are you

sure of it ? mi — motten. If you

Insist upon let or ttm ermaS — ,

to be aoquain mit urn eine ©.

— . to be pr :; er meift bon

fctiter Gorge, -> care; id) meift

mir lebt groftere* ©ergttfigen, I know of no

greater pleasure ; id) mitt boil ibttt nidjtd — , I
on't wish to hear anything about him, I will
have nothing to do with him ; ba&Olt mitt er
nidjiS — , he will not hear of it ; etmaS QCtfiait
— motteit. to wish that a thing be done ; er
mitt ifatt glftfff id) — , he wishes him to be happy;
id) meift mid) Ait bertribigen, I can defend my-
self ; er meift (id) in <ttte$ m Ruben, he knows

how to adapt himself to all circumstances ; er
mnftte babon Jtt footmen, he contrived to es-
cape ; meiftt on or — ©ie mad? do you know ?
I'll tell you what ; bamit bit t$ nnr melftt,
remember, understand ; — b, knowing, initiated.
IL subst.n. knowledge, learning ; obttf meilt — ,
unknown to me ; mit — Uttb tBittlU, intention-
ally, on purpose; meincd — i ift er nitfjt onge-


fommeit , he has not come, so far as I know ; er
fbrUht miber kefferc * - (nob 0cmiffen), be
says it, though he knows the contrary to be
true; he speaks against his better Judgment ;
Mit feints* — iff e* nitfjt meil her, his learn,
lag is not great. — f djftf t, /. science ; learning :
knowledge; hie fdjime* — toof ten, bellee-fet-
tres, polite literature ; tiattt — fdjjaf Itn, the
exact soieucea; hbtiotogtfdj.faifterif^e — f djef-
ttn, arts, humanities ; id) hole feme — fdjtft
babOtt, I know nothing of it (obs.); — fdWft ift
9Rad)t, knowledge is power (prov.) ; ganger
her — {djaft, msn of science. -H<Mft(l)er,
m. (— fSaWOcrd, pi. — fdjaWDer) man of
science, learned man, true scholar; 9latUf
-fdjaftier, scientist. -fdwftUd), adj. scieu-
tino; scholarly; learned; b** -fdHrftlidjf

etubittjn ber neneren epradjen, the scientific

study of modern languages; — fd>«ftfid)e ©U-
bttttg babew, to have received a scholarly
training, to be a scholar; — frflaftftdj ae-
ttlbet, learned, scholarly. -f<bo7tlid|frit;/.
scientific method, character or arrangement.
— tUdj, adj. knowing, conscious; willful, delib-
erate. Comp. -fd>afu>=brang, -4wftvs

btirft, m. thirst or craving for knowledge. —
f dWft#=Iebre,/. theory of aciencea, pbHoaophy.
-4=0Taitg r — 4=dnrft, m. desire for know-
ledge. — «smert. — ismftrbif f adj. worth

knowing, interesting. -«=miirbiiteit f /.
value or interest of a science ; interesting fact.
— 6s|mei0, m. branch of knowledge or learn-

HMF fer, m. (—«, pi. — ) one who knows.

Btkmnt, see SBidmitt.

Btf— frail, /. see —me. — ib, /. (obs,) see
—me. — maim, m. (rare) *ec— mer. — tmm,
n. (— turns, % l —turnt and — turner) widow**

jointure, dowry, settlement. — me,/. (j>l- —
men) widow ; dowager; uxx —me gc ma dipt or
gemorben, widowed ; ftatferin —me, empress
dowager. — mens fdmff, /., meiistiim, «.
widowhood. — mer, m. (—met*, pi. — t»er)

widower. Comp. — mettsgefealt, n. widow'a
Jointure, allowance or pension. — metis istlir,
n. year of mourning ; see (Bnabeitfttbr. -mens
faffe,/. widows' fund, —meitifleib, n. wid-
ow's weeds. — mensfd|a(|, m. dower. •

fl%. m. dowager's estate. — mettsftond, m.
widowhood. — mett=ftubl, m. ; ben — tocn-
ftMbl berrfiffeu, to marry again (said <\f a

widow) (obs.). — mettstraaer, /. widow^a
weeds. — mens berbrennuug,/. (tn ^nbiev),
suttee, -mer; le bfU, n. Ufe of a widowar.
IBif ter— II , v.a. & n. (am. b.) to scent, amell,
perceive ; uad) einer 0. —it, to smell about
for s.th. ; tttoad — tl, to scent s.th. out; er — t
ftberatt nur ifftnbe, he is always suspecting
evil, is on the lookout for iniquity ; id) — c
9Roraett(ttft. I scent the morning sir ; ttnxai
— n. to smell a rat. — Uttg,/. weatiier, etsvte
of the atmosphere ; temperature ; scent ; trail ;
bei fluttftigtr —Uttg, (wind and) weather per-
mitting; ban finer 6. —twig beTommm. to

get scent of a th. Comp. — MMf Asaaiei*1»cn,
n. meteorological sign. — sngfsbeTidtf , m.
meteorological report. — ttngd=einmirfsjst«i,
/. influence of the weather. — ttHgasfarfdbjcr,
— angdstundiger, m. meteorologist. —

nnnvsttmae. — ttnfl«s(eore, /. ineteoroaoajy.

— nng#=berbaittlife f pi. atmospheric or me-
teorological conditions. —HNftfemc djfel, m.
change of weather.
Bid, m. (-ed, pi. — e) wit, wittineaa, eeprit ;
sense, understanding ; witticism, Joke, pan ;
witty sally, repartee ; imagination, inventive
faculty, literary faculty (obs.); drinking-bout

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