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With which is connected the Construction of Field Works and Mil-
itary Bridges ; -with an Appendix of Artillery Ranges, &c.
For the use of Volunteers and Militia in the United States.
By Capt. Henuy D. Grafton, U. S. A. 1 vol. 12mo, cloth.
75 cents.

Manual for Engineer Troops,

Comprising Drill and Practice for Ponton Bridges, and Pasley's
Rules for Conducting Operations for a Siege. The Sap, Military
Mining and Construction of Batteries. By Capt. J. C. Duaxe,
U. S. Engineers. Plates and woodcuts. r2nio, cloth. In

New Manual of Sword and Sabre

By Captain J. C. Kelton, U. S. A. Thirty plates. /» Press.

D. Van JSTostrand^s PuhUcations.

School of the Guides.

Designed for the use of the Militia of the United States. Flexible
cloth. 50 cents,

•'This excellent compilation condenses into a compass of less than sixty
pages all the instruction necessary lor the fjuides, and the information being
disconnected with other matters, is more readily referred to and more easily
acquired." — Louisville Journal.

" The -work is carefully got up, and is illustrated by numerous figures, which
mrnke the positions of the guides plain to the commonest understanding. Those
of our sergeants who wish "to be ' posted ' in their duties should procure a copy."
—Sunday Mercury, Philadelphia.

•'It hns received high praise, and will prove of great service in perfecting
the drill of our Militia."— i^'; American and U. S. Gazette, Phil.

"This noat hand-book of the elementary movements on which the artof th»
tactician is based, reflects great credit on Col. Le Gal, whose reputation is de-
eervedlv high among military men. No soldier should be without the School
of the Cruidcs."— iV'tjtc York Daily Neics.

Gunnery in 1858 :

A Treatise on Rifles, Cannon, and Sporting Arms. By Wm.
Greener, C. E. 1 vol. 8vo, cloth. $3.

Manual of Heavy Artillery.

For the Use of Yolunteors. 1 vol. 12mo, Red cloth, 75 cents.

"Should be in the hands of every Artillerist."— ^V. Y. Illustrated Netcs.

"This is a concise and well-prepared Manual, adapted to the wants of Vol-
unteers. The instruction, which is of an important nature, is presented in a
simple and clear style, such as will be easily understood. The volume is also
illustrated with explanatory cuts and drawings. It is a work of practical
value, and one needed at the present time in the service." — Boston Commercial

" An Indispensable Manual for all who wish easily and accurately to learn
the school of the Artillerist."~i/. 1'. Commercial Acirertiscr.

Auilrian Infantry Tactics.

Evolutions of the Line as practised by the Austrian Infantry, and

adopted in 1853. Translated by Capt. C. M. Wilcox, Seventh

Regiment U. S. Infantry. 1 vol. 12mo. Three large plates,

cloth. §1.

"The movements of armies cng.nged in battle have often been compared 1o
those of the chess-board, and wo cannot doubt that there are certain principles
of tactics in actual war as in that g.amo, which may determine the result inde-
jx-ndently, in a great measure, of the personal strengtli and courage of the men
engaged. The difference betr>een these principles .as applied in tho American
Army and in the Austrian, is so wide as to have suErtrested the translation of
tho work before us, which. contains tho whole result of the famous Field-Marshal
Kadetzkt's cxncrienco for twcniy-flvc years, while in supremo command in
Italy." — A^V?/' Yor^- (''^ufury.

D. Van NostrancVs Pahllcations.

Rhymed Tactics, by "Gov."

1 vol. ISnio, paper. With portraits. 25 cents.

" It -svill strike the military man, familiar with the tedious routine of drill,
by theory, practice, and memory, as a most unique and valuable method of
strengthening the latter, Avith the. mental exertion. The author is a
thorough soldier, and his ability as a rhymester will be conceded by any intelli-
gent reader." — Nexo York Leader,

"Our author deserves great credit for the ingenuity ho has displayed in
putting into verse a Manual which would at first glance seem to defy the most
persistent efforts of the rhymer. The book contains a number of illustrations
representing some of the more difficult positions, in the figures of which por-
traits of several prominent officers of the New York Volunteers may be recog-
nized.''— ^eio York Times.

Maxims and Inftructions on the
Art of War.

Maxims, Advice, and Instructions on the Art of War ; or, A Practi-
Cfil MiUtary Guide for the use of Soldiers of all Arms and of all
Countries. Translated from the French by Captain Lendy,
Director of the Practical Mihtary College, late of the French
Staff, etc., etc. 1 vol. 18mo, cloth. 75 cents.

Nolan's Treatife on the Training
of Cavalry Horfes.

By Capt. Ken'Ner Garrard, U. S. A. 1 vol. 12mo, cloth, with
twenty-four lithographed plates. $1.50.

Official Army Regifter for 1862

New edition. 8vo, paper. 60 cents.

American Military Bridges,

With India-Rubber and Galvanized Iron Pontons and Trestle Sup-
porters, prepared for the use of the Armies of the United
States. By Brig.-Gen. Geo. "W. Cullum, Major Corps of En-
gineers F. S. A.; Chief of the Staff of Maj.-Gen. Halleck;
Chief Engineer of the Army of the Mississippi. Second edition,
with notes and two additional chapters*. 1 vol. 8vo, with plates.
In Press.

10 2>. Va7i JVostra7id^3 PuhUcailons,

Siege of Bomarfund (1854).

Journals of Operations of the Artillery and Engineers. Fublishcd

by permission of the Minister of War. Illustrated by maps and

plans. Translated from the French by an Army Officer.

1 Tol. 12mo, cloth. 75 cents.

"To military men this little volume is of specid interost. It contains a

translation by an officer of the United States Army, of the journal of operations

by the artillery and engineers at the siege of Bomarsund in 1S54, published by

permission of the French Minister of War in the Joumul des Armees specialen

et d& VEtat Major. The account of the same successful attack, given by Sir

Howard Douglas in the new edition of his work on Gunnery, is appended ; and

the narrative is illustrated by elaborate maps aud plans."— J^'e^c Yo>'k Paper.

Lefsons and Practical Notes on

The Steam-Engine, I*ropeIiers, &c., kc, for Young Marine Engi-
neers, Students, and others. By the late W. R. King, U. S. N.
Revised by Chief-Engineer J. W. King, U. S. Xavy. Second
edition, enlarged. 8vo, cloth.

•'This is the second edition of a valuable work of the late W. E. KiN'o,
U. S. N. It contains lessons and practical notes on Steam and the Steam-
Engine, Propellers, &c. It is calculated to be of great use to young marine en-
gineers, students, and others. The text is illustrated and explained by numerous
diagrams and representations of mnchinerv. This new edition has been revised
and enlarged bv Chief Engineer J. Vi. King. U. S. K, brother to the deceased
author of the work."— -Sc»sto?i Daily Advertiser.

" This is one of the best, because eminently plain and practical, treatises on
the Steam-Engine ever puhUihbiV—I'hiUtdefphia Pre^s.

" Its re-publication at this time, when so many young men are entering the
service as naval endneers, is most opportune. Each of them ought to have a
co^y:'— Philadelphia Evening Bulletin.

Manual of Internal Rules and Reg-
ulations for Men-of-V/ar.

By Commodore U. P. Levy, U. S. N., late Flag-officer command-
ing U. S. Naval Force in the Mediterranean, &c. Flexible
blue cloth. Second edition, revised and enlarged. SO cents.

"Among the professional publications for wh'ch we arc indebted to the war,
we willingly give a prominent place to this useful little Manual of Rules ami
Kegulations to be observed on board of ships of war. Its authorship is a sutti-
cient guafantcc for its acciiracy and practical value ; and as a gu de to young
oflic.TS in providing for the discipline, police, and sanitary govcrnme^nt of the
vessels under their command, we know of nothing superior."— X Y. Herald.

" Should bo in the hands of every officer, of whatever grade, and will
not come amis.? to any intelligent mariner."- i>i'A^o« Tra roller.

"A work which will prove of great utility, in both the service and
the meroantilo mfiT\-B<^."'—Ba/tfmore A>neri<-<in.

D. Va}% NostrancVs Puhlicationa. 11

A Treatife on Ordnance and Naval

Compiled and arranged as a Text-Book for tlie U. S. Xaval Acad-
emy, by Lieutenant Edward Simpson, U. S. N. Second edi-
tion, revised and enlarged. 1 vol. 8vo, plates and cuts, half
morocco. •$>.

"As the compiler has char^o of tlio instruction in N.aval Gnnncry at tho
Jj'.'xval Academy, his v/ork, la the compibtion cf which he has cousulted a large
number of eminent authorities, is probably well suited f(ir the purpose designed
by it— namely, tlio circulation of information which many officers, owing to
constant service afloat, may not have been able to collect. In simple end plain
lansuasce it gives instruction as to cannon, gun carriages, gun powder, projectiles,
f.izes, locks, and primers; the theory of pointing guns, rifles, the practice of
ftunnery, and a great varioty of other siinlar matters, interesting to fighting
men on eea and land." — Washington Daily Glohe.

" A vast amount of information is conveyed in ?. readable and familiar form.
The illuotrations are excellent, and many of them unique, being colored or^
bronzed so a^ to represent various military arms, ic, with more than j.hoto-
grapbic literalness.'" — Washingioii Star.

"It is scarcely necessary for ns to say that a work prepared by a writer so
practically conversant with all the subjects of which he treats, and who has such
ft reputation fjr scientific ability, cannot fail to take at once a high place nmon^
the text-books of our naval service. It has been approved by the Secretary of
tho Navy, and will henceforth be one of the standard authorities on all matters
connected with Naval Gunnery."— Jv^etc York Herald.

"Tho book itself is admirably arranged, characterized by great simplicity
and clearness, and certainly at this time will be a most valuable one to oiScer.4
of tho Navy."' — Boston Coni^nercial Bulletivi,.

"Originally designed as a text-book, it is now enlarged, and so far modified
in its plan as to make it an invaluable band-book for the naval officer. It Is
compi-ehensive — preserving the cream of many of the best books on ordnance
and navnl gunnery, and is printed and illustrated ia the most admirable man-
ner."' — Xeio York V/orld,

Elementary Inftruction in Naval
Ordnance and Gunnery.

By James II. V,'af.d, Commander U. S. Xavy, Author of " Naral
Tactics," and "Steam for the Million." New edition, revised
and enlarged. 8vo. Clotb, .$2.

" It conveys an amount of information in tho same space to be fonnd no-
v.-hero else, and given v.itb a clearness v.hich renders it useful as well to tho
general as the professional inquirer."— J^'". Y. Ecening Post.

"This volume is a standard treatise upon the subject to which it is devoted.
It abounds in valuable information upon ail the points bearing upon I^aval
Gunnery." — 2T. Y. Commercial Advertiser.

"The work is .".n cxcoedinglvv.iln.iblo one, and is opportunelv issued." —
Boston Jonrnnl.

12 D. yan JSTostrand'^s Publication's.

Notes on Sea-Coaft Defence :

Consisting of Sea-Coast Fortification ; the Fifteen-Inch Gun ; and
Casemate Embrasures. By Gen. J. G. Barnard, Corps of
Engineers, U. S. Army. 1 vol. 8vo, cloth, plates. %\ 50.

"This small voluint 'ly one of the most accomplished oflFicers in the United
States service is especially valuable at this time. Concisely and thoronphly
Major Barnard discusses the subjects included in this volume, and pives infor-
mation that will be read with great profit by military men, and by all interested
in the art of war as a defensive force."— iV^«w York Commercial.

"It is no light compliment when we say that Major Barnard's book does no
discredit to the corps to which he belonsrs. lie writes concisely, and with a
thorough knowledge of his &\i\>i&cV—Russeirs Arony and I<\iry' Gazette.

Inftructions for Naval Light
^ Artillery,

Afloat and Ashore. By Lieut. S. B. Luce, U. S. N, 1 vol. 8vo,
with 22 lithographic plates. In Press.

Steam for the Million.

A Popular Treatise on Steam and its Application to the Fseful

Arts, especially to Navigation. By J. H. "Ward, Commander

U. S. Navy. New and revised edition. 1 vol. 8vo, cloth.

"A most excellent work for the young engineer and general reader. Many
facts relating to the management of the boiler and engine are set forth with a
simplicity of language, and perfection of detail, that brings the subject homo to
the reader. Mr. Ward is also peculiarly happy iu his iliustrations."— ^mfrican

Screw Propuhion.

Notes on Screw Propulsion, its Rise and History. By Capt. W. H.
Walker, U. S. Navy. 1 vol. Bvo., cloth. 75 cents.

" Some interesting notes on screw propulsion, its rise and progress, have just
been issued by Couimander W. II. vValkek, U. S. N., from which JiU that is
likely to be desired on the subject may bo readily acquired. # * * * After
tlioroughly demonstrating the'efiiciency of the screw, Mr. Walker proceeds to
I)oint out the various other points to be attended to in order to secure an effi-
cient man-of-war, and eulogizes throughout the readiness of the British Admi-
ralty to test everv novelty calculated to give satisfactory results. * * « *
Commander Walker's book contains an immense amount of concise practical
data, and every item of information recorded fully i)roves that the various
points bearing uj)on it have been well considered previously to expressing an
opinion." — Loncion Mining Jounial.

"Evtiry engineer should have it in his WhrAvy .^'—American Engineer.



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