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var, fructu luteo.

Rhamnus caroliniana.

* Rhododendron albiflorum.
*Anthopogon. *


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Rhodotypufl kerrioides.

*Rbns aromatica.

Ribes alpinnm.

Robinia Pseudacacia.

Rosa Incida.

Rubns leucodermis.

•SambucuB callicarpa.

•SasBafraB officinale.

Scbizopbragma bydrangeoides.

Skimmia japonica.

Smilax rotundifolia.

Sophora viciif olia.

Spartium jtincenm.

Spiraea Aitchisoni.
^ intermedia,

Spiraea, cont.

Staphylea colcbica.

Styrax japonica.

SympboricarpuB acutUB.

SymplocoB crataegoides.

TaxuB baccata.

Thuya japonica.

Tilia cordata.

*Tsuga canadensiB.

Vaccinium erythrocarpum.

Viburnum acerifoHum.

•ruf otomentosum .

VitiB arizonica.

•Zanthoxylum Bungei.

Zenobia BpecioBa.

— var. pulverulenta.

•Zizyphus vulgaris.

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Ik the pre&ce to the Catalogue of the Library of the Royal
Botanic Oardens^ which was issned as Volume III. of the
Additional Series of the Kew Bulletin^ it was stated that
annual lists of future additions would be published in the

; The present instalment contains the additions made to the

■ Library by gift or purchase during the year 1905, with the

/ exception of such current periodicals and annuals as continue

( sets already catalogued.


Ifike the Catalogue, the List is printed on one side of the

page, to allow of its being cut up. It is probable that many

'^ persons and institutions will make the Kew Catalogue the

/ basis of their own, and will use the lists of additions to supply

printed slips for fresh titles.

mf^ Wt89 ^m D^S 29 286<»i h

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Additions received during 1905.

§ 1.— GENERAL.

Addison, Joseph. An essay on the pleasures of the Qarden.
(Reprinted from The Spectator, 1712.) Londoh, 1893. 8vo.

Alton, William, of Strathaven. A treatise on the origin,
qualities, and cnltiyation of moss-earth. Glasgow, 1805. 8vo.

Alcock, Randal Hibbert. Botanical names for English readers.
London, 1876. 8vo.

Aldrovandi, Ulisse. Cinque lettere di L. Ghini ad U. A. See
De Toni, 0. B.

Altamirano, Fernando. El Palo Amarillo, Euphorbia elastica^
Altamirano y Rose, sp. nov. (Mexico, 1905.) 8vo.

Andrews, Albert Bdward. See Dunstan, W. R.

Annesley, Hugh, 5th Barl. Beautiful and rare Trees and Plants.
[Followed &y] A list of Plants hardy in the garden at Castle-
wellan, 1903. London (1903). 4to.

Arber, Bdward Alexander Newell. The sporangium-like organs
of Oloasopteris browniana^ Brongn. (Quart. Joum. Geol.
Soc. Ixi.) [London], 1905. 8vo.

Areangeli, Oiovanni ft Others. Adjonctions au code de Paris de
1867 proposes par quelques botanistes italiens. (Also in Italian
and German.) Florence, 1904. 8to.

Areohavaleta, Josi. Flora uruguaya. Tomo i. [-ii.] (An. Mus.
Nac. Montevideo, iii. & v.) Montevideo, 1901-05. la. 8vo.

Lrgotti Botanic Gardens. See Malta.



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Ashe, William Willard. Some new species of the genus
GratcBQus and notes on some dichotomons Panicums. (North
Capolina Coll. Agric. Ball. 175.) West Raleigh, 1900. 8vo.

Atkinson, George Francis. On the homologies and probable
origin of the Embryo-Sac. (Science, N. S. xiii.) [New York]
(190L) 4to.

Atlases. "The Times" Atlas. New edition. London, 1900.

The Oxford Atlas of the British Colonies. Part I. British

Africa. Oxford, [1905.] 4to.

Atterberg, Albert. Die Yariet&ten und Formen der Oerste.
(Journ. f. Landwirtsch. 1899.) [Berlin, 1899.] 8vo.

Babington, Charles Oardale. Memorials journal and botanical
correspondence of C. C. B. (Edited with a preface by A. M. B.)
Cambridge, 1897. 8vo.

Bahama (The) Islands. See Shattuok, 0. B.

Baillon, Henri Ernest. Iconographie de la flore fran9aise.
Cent. I— V. Paris [1885-94]. 5 vols. 12mo.

Baldacoi, Antonio. Risnltati botanici e fitogeografici delle due
missioni scientifiche italiane del 1902 e 1903 nel Montenegro.
(Rend. Accad. Sc. 1st. Bologna, N. S., viii.). Bologna, 1904. 8vo.

Snlle foreste del Montenegro, dell' Albania e delP Epiro.

(Boll. Ministero Agric. Roma, 1904.) (Roma, 1904.) 8vo.

La vegetazione antonnale della Volovica (Montenegro)

in rapporto all' influenza della b5ra. (Mem. Accad. Sc. 1st.
Bologna, 6, ii.) Bologna, 1905. 4to.

Balfour, Isaac Bayley. Some resemblances betwixt Plants and
Animals in respect of their nutrition, etc. Glasgow, 1879. 8vo.

The Dragon's Blood Tree of Socotra (Draccena Cmnaban\

Balf. fil.) (Trans. Roy. Soc. Edinb. xxx.) Edinburgh [1883.]

Ball, Oarleton B. Grasses of Iowa. See Iowa. § 3. 1904.

Barbaro, Ermolao. In C. Plinii naturalis historise libros
castigationes. Basilese, 1534. sm. 4to.

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Bartholomaeos, Afiglicus. (ErroneouBly called Bartholomew de
Olanville). Bbrtholombus. De proprietatibos rerum. Londini,
1535. am. fol.

Battandier, Jules Aimd, A Louis Trabut Flore analytique et
synoptique de V Alg6rie et de la Tunisie. Alger, 1904. 8vo.

(1902 is the year given on the title-page, but 1904, which occurs
twice on the wrapper, appears to be correct.)

Beal, William James. The new Botany. A lecture on the best
method of teaching. (Trau3. Mich. State Teacheri' A930C. 29th
meeting.) [Lansing, s.a.] 8vo.

Bennett, Alfred William. How flowers are fertilised. (Science
Lectures for the People.) Manchester, (1873.) 8vo.

— ^ Recent observations on fertilisation and hybridity in
Plants. (Nat. Sci. ii.) (London, 1893.) 8vo.

Berge, Hermann. Pflanzenphysiognomie : Besprechung der
landschaftlich wichtigen Gewachse. Berlin, 1880. 8vo.

(Berger, Alwin.) Fiorula mortolendis : an enumeration of the
Plants growing wild at La Mortola. (Ventimiglia, 1905). 8vo

Berkeley, Miles Joseph. Vegetable Pathology. (Oard. Chrv>n.,
1854-57). [London, 1854-57.] 4to.

Mycology. (Gard. Chron., 1860-61). [London, 1860-61.]


Bettany, Oeorge Thomas. First lessons in practical Botany.
London, 1881. sm. 8vo.

Bettelini, Amoldo. La flora legnosa del Sottoceneri (Oantone
Ticino Meridionale.) Milano, 1905. 8vo.

Bigsby, John Jeremiah. Thesaurus Devonico-carbouif ems. The
Flora and Fauna of the Devonian and Carboniferous Periods, etc.
London, 1878. 4to.

Blanco, HanueL See Merrill, Z. D.

Bocquillon-Limousin, H. Manuel des ^plantes m6dicinales
coloniales et exotiques. Introduction par Em. Perrot. Paris,
1905. 18mo.

Boerhaave, Herman. An account of the life and writings of
H. BOBRHAAVE, etc. London, 1743. 8vo.

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Bois, Dteird. See Vilmorin, H. L. de. 1904.

Bolus, Harry. Sketch of the floral regions of South Africa.
(Science in South Africa, 1905.) [Cape Town ?] (1905.) Svo.

Borbis, VincBe von. A Eolozsviri Ferenc J6z8ef Tudom4ny-
egyetem Botanikuskertjeben, 1901. Eiyben.termesztett 6s cser6re
gytLjt5tt Magyak Yalaszt^ka. Delectus seminum in horto bot.
univ. litt. Francisco-Josephinse, anno 1904 . . . addita Revi-
sione Enautiarum (Acta Sci. List. Bot. lEolosv. i.) Eolosvdrini,
1904. 8vo.

Bewles, Oarington. Bowleses' Florist, containing sixty plates of
beautiful flowers ... to which is added an accurate descrip-
tion of their colours, with instructions for drawing and painting
them according to nature, etc. London, 1777. 4to.

Bradley, Bichard. Nouvelles observations physiques et pratiques
sur le jardlnage et Tart de planter. Ouvrage traduit de Tanglois,
etc. Paris, 1756. 3 yoIs. sm. 8vo.

Brand, August. Botanische Miscellen. 1. TJeber die Qrenzen
des Artbegriffes und den Polymorphismus der Arten. (Helios,
xxu.) (Frankfurt a. 0., 1905.) 8vo.

Briquet, John. See Vienna. Eongrees, 1905.

Britten, Nathaniel Lord, A Joseph Nelson Rose. Lenophyllum^
a new genus of Crassulacese. (Smithsonian Misc. Coll. xlyii.)
Washii^n, D.C., 1904. 8vo.

Brotherus, Vietor Ferdinand. Contributions to the Bryological
Flora of the Philippines. 1. (Of yersigt af Finska Vet-Soc. Fdrh.
xlvii.) (Helsingforsise, 1905). 8yo.

Pleurorthotrichumy eine neue Laubmoosgattung aus Chile.

(Ofversigt af Finska Vet.-Soc. F5rh. xlvii). (Helsingforsiae, 1905.)

Bronardel, Paul Oamille Hippolyte. See Bochebmne, A. T. de.

Brown, Horace Tabberer, k George Harris Morris. On the non-
crystallisable products of the action of diastase upon Starch.
(Joum. Chem. Soc., xlvii). [London] (1885). 8vo.

The Amylodextrin of W. Nabgbli, and its relation to

soluble Starch. (Joum. Chem. Soc, Iv.) [London] (1889.) 8vo.

Brown, John P. Petrified forests of America and the lesson
they teach. (Arboriculture, iv.) (Connersville, Indiana, 1905.)

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Brown, Robert N. Rndmose. Diego AWarez, or Gough Island.
(Scott. Geogr. Mag. 1905.) [Edinburgh], (1905.) 8vo.

BrnsaelB. Jardin botanlqne de T^tat. Tableau de T^cole de
botanique Byst^matique. Bruxellee, [1905 ?]; Svo.

Oolleotion phylog^nique & Sei^e des plantes grasses.

See Massart, J.

Bnbani, Pietro. Flora virgiliana, ovvero suUe piante menzionate
da ViRGiLiO, etc. (Bologna, 1876). 8vo.

Burronghs, Wellcome A Co. Oxford medical lore. A reprint of
the historical souvenir issued ... on the occasion of the
meeting of the British Medical Association at Oxford, 1904.
London, [1905]. 8vo.

Oaen. Jardin des Plantes. See Lignier, 0.

Cameron, John. See Firminger, T. A. C. 1901.

CandoUe, Angnstin de. La parth^nogen^se chez les plantes
d'aprte les travaux recents. (Arch. Sc. Geneve, 4, xix.) Genive,
1905. 8vo.

Canhamo brasiliensis. See Perini, V. A. de.

Carr, Francis H. See Dnnstan, W. B.

Caspar!, Charles. See Hare, H. A., ft Ofhen.

Cassino, Samuel Idaon. The Naturalists* Uniyersal Directory,
etc. Ed. 19. Salem, Mass., 1905. 8to.

Castle, W. B. See Davenport, C. B., A W. I. C.

Charrin, A. See Mangin, L.

Chevalier, Anguste. Une nouvelle piante a sucre de TAfrique
fran9aise centrale {Panicum Burgu^ Aug. Chev.). (Assoc. fraii9.
av. Sci. 1900.) Paris, (1901). 8vo.

Monographie de Myricac^es, etc. Thise. Cherbourg,

1901. 8vo.

Les v6getaux utiles de TAfrique tropicale fran^aise. Vol. i.

Fasc. 1. Paris, 1905. 8vo.

Chodat, Robert. Ck>ntribution k T^tude des plastides. (Arch.
Sci. Geneve, 3, xxv.) Geneve, 1891. 8vo.

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Ohodat, Bobert. La Biom^trie et lea m^thodes de statistione
appliqn^es a la Botaniqne. (Conference foite k la 87me Assembl^e
de la Soc. Helv^t Sci. Nat. k Winterthnr.) Winterthur, 1904.

Ohristensen, Oarl. Index Filicnm sive ennmeratio omnium
^enerum speciemmqne Filicnm et Hydropteridnm ab auno 1753
ad annum 1905 deecriptorum, etc. Fasc. 1-5. Hafniae, 1905-^

Ohnroh, Arthur Hlerbert Researches on Colein. (Joum. Chem.
Soc. 1877.) [London] (1877). 8vo.

Cibo, Oherardo. See Penzig, 0. 1905.

Oieslar, Adolf, August von Hayek, A August Oinzberger. Exkur-
sionen in die Umgebung Wiens. See Vienna. Eongress, 1905.

Olos, Dominique. Une lacane dans Thistoire de la sexuality
T^^tale. (M^m. Acad. Sci. Toulouse, ix.) Toulouse, 1887. 8vo.

Oookayne, L. The Far North of New Zealand. * (Young Man^s
Mag. 1905.) [S.I.] (1905.) 4to.

Coker, William Ohambers. Y^etation of the Bahama Islands.
See Shattuok, 0. B.

Conard, Henry 8. The Waterlilies. A monograph of the genus
Nymphaea. (Carnegie Inst. Washington, Publ. 4.) Washington,
1905. 4to.

Oonsatti, 0. Los g6n6ro8 vegetales mexicanos. Mexico, 1902-05.

Cooke, Hordeoai Oubitt. Rust, smut, mildew, and mould. An
introduction to the study of microscopic fungi. Ed. 6. London,
1902. 8vo.

Cross, C. F., & I. J. Beyan. On the oxidation of Cellulose, with
special reference to the chemistry of bleaching and printing.
(Joum. Soc. Chem. Industry, 1884.) Manchester, 1884. ovo.

The hydration of Cellulose. (Joum. Soc. Chem.

Industry, 1885.) Manchester, 1885. 8to.

Contributions to the Chemistry of lignification.

Constitution of the Jute fibre-substance. (Joum. Chem. Soc.
1889.) [London] (1889.) 8vo.

A reaction of the lignocelluloses and the theory of

dyeing. (Joum. Soc. Chem. Industry, 1893.) London, 1893,

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Croas, 0. F., 1. J. Bevan, k 0. Beadle. Contribatioiis to the
Chemistry of Gellalose. (Trans. Chem. Soc. 1895.) [London]
(1895.) 8to.

Die Chemie der Pflanzenfasem : CelluloBen, Oxy-

cellalosen, lignooellQloaen. (Ber. dentsch. ohem. Qes. xxvi.)
Berlin, 1893. 8vo.

Orossland, Oharles. See Hassee, 0. l, & 0. 0.

Ontler, Manasseh. An acconnt of some of the vegetable pro-
ductions naturally growing in this part of America [^Ipswich,
Mass.]. (Bull. Lloyd Ldbr. Reproduction Series, 4.) Cmcinnati,

1903. 8vo.

Danlnyi, Ignatioa. The State and Agriculture in Hungary.
Report of the Minister of Agriculture, I. D. . . . transl. by
A. GyOrgy. London, 1905. 8vo;

Darbishire, A. D. On the supposed antagonism of Mendelian
to biometric theories of heredity. (Mem. & Proc. Manch. Lit.
Phil. Boc. xlix.) (Manchester, ld05.) 8to.

Darwin, Francis, k Reginald William Phillips. On the transpira-
tion stream in cut branches. (Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc. v.)
(Cambridge, 1885.) 8vo.

Davenport, 0. B., & W. E. Castle. Studies in Morphogenesis, iii.
On the acclimatization of oi^nisms to high temperatures.
(Archiv. f. Entwickelungsmechanik d. Organismen, ii.) Leipzig,
1895. 8vo.

Oawe, Morley Thomas.) List of Plants under cultivation in the
Botanic Gardens, [Entebbe], Uganda Protectorate. Entebbe,

1904. 8vo.

Delchevalerie, 0. Cultures ^gyptiennes. Plantes tropicales
utiles, officinales et industrielles quMl conviendrait d* introduire
sous le 30^ degri de latitude d' Egypte, etc. Namur, 1870. 8vo.

De Toni, Giovanni Batta. Intomo ad alcune Bangia di BORT
e di Zanardini. (Atti Pontif . Accad. Romana dei Nuovi Lincei,
Ivii.) [Roma] (1904.) la 8vo.

Cinque lettere di Luca Ghini ad Ulisse Aldrovandi

tratte dagli autograft e pubblicate da G. B. De T. (Per il terzo
centenario della morte di TJ. Aldrovandi.) Padova, 1905. Svo,

Pevie, Maroel. See Littri, B,

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De Wildeman, Mmile. Mission Emile Laurent (1903-04).
Enumeration des plantes r6colt6es . . • pendant sa demi^re
mission an Congo. Fasc. 1 & 2. Bruxelles, 1905 -> 8vo.

Notices SUP des plantes utiles ou intiressantes de la Flore

du Congo. 2-3. Bruxelles, 1904-05. 8vo.

Diokson, Adam. The Husbandry of the Ancients. Edinburgh,
1788. 2 vols. 8vo.

Dictionaries of Languages :— French. See Littrd, E.

Greek. See Tonge, 0. D.

Dials, Ludwig. Beitrdge zur Flora des Tsin ling shan und
andere Zusatze zur Flora von Central-China. (Engl. Bot. Jahrb.
xxxvi. Beibl. n. 82.) Leipzig, (1905.) 8vo.

Dials, Ludwig, & Bmst Pritssel. Fragmenta phytographiao
Australiae occiden talis, etc. (Engl. Bot. Jahrb. xxxv.) Leipzig,
1905. 8vo.

Dioscorides, Pedanios. ^offKooi^riQ. Dioscoridbs. (n. Atoo-Kopc^v
wepi vAiyc iarpiKrig \o\oi 1$, etc.) [Edited by F. ASULANUS, with
annotations by H. ROSOIUS.] (Venetiis, 1518.) 8vo.

DlOSCURIDBS. Codex Aniciae Julianae picturis illustratus,

nunc vindobonensis Med. Or. I. Moderante J. de Karabacbk,
praefati sunt A. de Prbmbrstbin, C. Wbssbly, J. Mantuani.
Pars prior [-altera]. (Codices graeci et latini photographice
depicti duce S. Db vribs, tomus x.) Lugduni Batavorum, 1906
[».«., 1905]. la. fol. •

See Panzig, 0. 1905.

Dobbia, James J., A 0. 0. Henderson. On a red resin from
Dracama Ginnabari (Balf. fil.), Socotra. (Trans. Roy. Soc.
Edinb. xxx.) Edinburgh, [1883]. 4to.

Dode, L. A. Nouveaux peupliers d'extreme-orient. (M6m. Soc.
Hist. Nat. Antun, xviii.) (Paris, 1905.) 8vo.

Extraits d'une monographic in^dite du genre Populus.

(Mem. Soc. Hist. Nat. Autun, xviii.) Paris, 1905. 8vo.

Dodoens, Bembert. Frumentorum, leguminnm, palustrinum et
aquatilium herbarum. . . . historia, etc. Antverpise, 1566.

Donkin, Arthur Scott. The natural history of the British
DiatomaceiB. Pis. i-iii. (All published.) London, 1870-73. 8vo.

23654 B

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Donstan, Wyndham Rowland, k Others. Contributions to our
knowledge of the Aconite Alkaloids, xiii. by H. A. D. JOWBTT ;
xiv. by W. R. D. & F. H. Carr ; xv. by W. R. D. & H. M. Read ;
xvi. & xvii. by W. R. D. & A. E. ANDREWS ; xviii. by W. R. D.
A T. A. Henry. (Trans. Chem. Soc. 1896-1905.) [London]
(1896-1905). 8vo.

Parts i.-xii. are contained in the Chemical Papers from the
Research Laboratory of the Pharmaceutical Society, ed. by
W. R. DUNSTAN, vols, 1 & ii.

Bckart, 0. F. Comparative analyses of varieties of Cane.
(Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Assoc. Div. Agric. & Chem. Bull. 12.)
Honolulu, 1905. 8vo.

— Field experiments with Sugar Cane. (lb. Bull. 13).
Honolulu, 1905. 8vo.

■llaeombe, Henry Nioholson. The vineyards of Somerset and
Gloucestershire. (Bath Nat. Hist. Club.) Bath, 1890. 8vo.

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which the state of the Royal Forests is considered, etc. London,
1789. 8vo.

Inander, 8. Johan. Salices Scandinavias exsiccatas. Fasci-
culus I. n. 1-50. Cum iconibus photographicis 86, magnitudine
naturali, in tabulis 70. (Stockholm, 1905.) -► fol.

Bngler, Adolf. Syllabus der Pflanzenfamilien. Eine Obersicht
iLber das gesamte Pflanzensystem mit BeriLcksichtignng der
Medizinid- und Nutzpflanzen, etc. Vierte, umgearbeitete Auflage.
Berlin, 1904. 8vo.

Ueber floristische Yerwandtschaft z wischen dem tropischen

Afrika und Amerika, sowie iLber die Annahme eines versunkenen
brasilianisch-Hthiopischen Continents. (Sitzb. Preuss. Akad. 1905.)
(Berlin, 1905.) 8vo.

Intebbe. Botanic Gkurdens. See Dawe, M. T.

Brrera, Lte. Sur le glycogene chez les Basidiomycites. (M6m.
Acad. Belg. xxxvii.) Bruxelles, 1885. 8vo.

Sur la distinction microchimique des alcaloldes et des

matiires prot6iques. (Ann. Soc. Beige de Microscopic, xiii.)
BruxeUes, 1889. 8vo.

Falkenberg, Paul. Die Rhodomelaceen des Oolfes von Neapel
und der angrenzenden Meeres-Abschnitte. (Fauna und Flora des
Qolfes von Neapel, etc., herausg. von der Zoologischen Station zu
Neapel. Monogr. 26.) Berlin, 1901. 4to.

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American Fungi. Vol. 1. Pt. I. Washington, D.C., 1905-> 8vo.

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d'Entraigues (Savoie). (Bull. Soc. Geol. France, 4, iv.) Paris,

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Forstbotanisohes Merkbuoh. Nachweis der beachtenswecten
und zu schtttzenden urwUchsigen Str&ucher, Baume und
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See Vienna. Eongress, 1905.

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illyrischen LAnder. See Vienna. Kongress, 1905.

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Digitized by VjOOQIC

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


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