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B, gigatUea, (A. Aubert, Tours,


Begonia gigantea. (^n, h. b, 1905,

271.) G. EUwtetock woody ; stem
2-3 ft. high. Leaves caudate-acumi-
nate, up to 12 in. long. Flowers
numerous, small, white or pale pink.

Begonia longicyma. (ij. h, 1906.

137, f., 582, f.) G. A garden hybrid
between B, iohmidtiana and B, tern-
perflorent, (G. Bellair.)

Begonia ricinifolia gigantea
odorata. (6!//. 1905,42, f.) g. a

garden hybrid between B. rioWolia
and B, fulgent X icharffiana. (Frani
Ament, Saalfeld, Germany.)

Berberis vnlgaris maerophylla.

(O, C. 1905, xxxviiL 116.) Berberi-
daoee. H. A large-leaved form.
(Paul k Son, Gheshunt)

Betonica spicata robosta. (G. a

1905, xxxviii 55 ; Oard. 1905, Ixviii.
61, f.; 6^. J/: 1905, 468, f.) Labiatie.
H. A good form of the type, with
pink flowers. (A. Perry.) [Stae^yi
grandiftora^ var. J

Betola Bhojpatra glandulifera.

rth Cat. 1905-6, 80.) Betulaoese.
Near B. Bmani and B. ulmifoiia.
Branches thickly covered with glands.
Leaves triangular, acuminate. Origin
not stated. (L. Sp&th, Berlin.)

Betula hnmilis x pnbescens.

CSpiUh Cat. 1905-6, 80.) H. Of
moderately vigorous growth and
densely branching habit, with dark
coloured bark, and rhomboid shining
dark green leaves. ( L. Spath, Beriin.)

*Blakea gracilis. (Jard. 1905, 290.)

Melastomacen. S. A shrub of com-
pact g^wth, 2-8 ft. high. Flowers
white and pink, fragrant. Trofnoal
America. (V. Lemoine et Fils, Nancy.)

Bomarea edolis SlweeiL (O. c.

1905, xxxvii 350.) Amaryllidacesd.
G. A form with pink outer segments,
the inner ones pencilled with red.
(H. J. Elwes.)

^Bonatea antennifera. (^. a 1905,

xxxviii. 451.) Orchidace». G. Leaves
oblong, 3-6 in. long. Flowers
numerous, green and white, borne
in lax racemes 9 in. long. Bracts
lanceolate, acuminate, 1-2 in. long.
Petals 2 in. long, deeply bipartite ;
lip tripartite, side lobes 2 in. long.
Rhodesia. (Kew.)

Boogainvillea formosa. (BuU Cat.

1905, 5.) NyotaginacesD. S. or G.
Of free growth and semi-scandent
habit, with bright purplish-mauve
bracts. Brazil. (W. Bull k Sons.)

*Bowkeria gerrardiana. (^. m. t

8021.) ScrophulariacesB. G. or H. H.
An erect growing shrub 8 or 10 ft.
high. Flowers in axillary cymes,
white, red-dotted inside, with a visdd
exterior. Leaves se83ile, elliptic or
oblong-lanceolate, from 2-6 in. long.
S. Africa. (Lord Walsingham ; Kew.)

Digitized by



Brasso-Oattleya laurentiano-

glauoa. (^.J5r.^.l905,72.) OroWd-
ace». Q. A light rose-ooloored
form, with a white baae to the lip.
(F. Lunbeau, Brussels.)

Brasso-Oattleya nivalis. (O. c.

1905, xxxyii 263 ; J, of H, 1905, 1.,
485, f.) Q. A garden hybrid between
B. fragrant and C, intermedia, (Sir
T. Lawrence.)

Brasso-Oattleya Peetersii. (O. R.

1905, 119.) S. A garden hybrid be-
tween Bra4tavola glauoa and Catt*
leya lawrenceana, (A. A. Peeters,

Brasso-Cattleva Sanderi. (O. R.

1905, 23, 49. f.) G. A garden hybrid
between Cattleya Sehradera and
Braeeavela glauoa, (F. Sander &

Buddleia nivea. (6*. c. 1905, xxxviii.

275, f.) Loganiaceas. H. A shrub of
medium growth, with a white woolly
pubesoenoe oovering the under surftuse
of the leaves and flowering stems.
Leaves ovate • lanoeolate, glabrous
above except the midrib, ooarsely
toothed, up to 9 in. in length and 4 in
breadth; flowers lilac or purple,
densely crowded on the terminal
panicle. China. (J. Veitch & Sons.)

Baddleia variabilis magnifloa.

(^. C. 1906, xxxviii. 116.) H. A
robust form with reddish-lUao flowers.
(J. Veitoh & Sons.)

Bnlbophyllam erenalatom. (^. m.

t 8000.) Orohidaceaa. S. Closely
allied to B, rohutum, Pseudobulbs
H in. long, 1 in. broad, quadrangular,
borne on stout wooay rhizomes.
Leaves in pairs, 2 to 8 in. long, ellip-
tical-oblong, coriaceous. The racemes
of small inconspicuous purpUsh flowers
are carried on stout suberect scapes
6 in. high. Madagascar. (Glasnevin

*Bulbophylluin quadrifariam.

CO. a 1906, xxxviii. 57 ; 0, R. 1905,
244.) A new species, with in-
conspicuous flowers. Madagascar.
(Glasnevin B. G.)

BulbophyUum radiatum. (<?. c,

1905, xxxvii. 398.) S. Pseudobulbs
1 in. long, conic^ thickly set on a
stout rhiiome. Leaf linear, obtuse.

Scape slender, 2|to 3 in. long. Flowers
yellowish - white, with narrowly
lanceolate sepals and petals. India.
(Sir T. Lawrenca)

*CadaIvena speotabilis. (9. M. t.

7992.) Sdtaminese. S. A MaranU-
like plant with fleshy green rotund
leaves, 9 in. across, and large golden
yellow subsessile flowers. Tropical
Africa. (Kew.)

Calanthe Chapmani. ((?. o. 1905,

xxxvii 61; ^. jr. 1905, 87, f.) Orchi-
daoese. S. A garden hybrid between
C. bur/ordiense and C, ** Oakwood
Ruby:* (N. C. Cookeon.)

'Campanula phyotidooalyx. (^. w.

1905, 464.) Campanulacese. H or
H.H. Resembles C. Rapuneulut in
habit of nrowth. Flowers dark blue,
with bladk styles, from 10 to 12 in a
raceme, somewhat like those of C,
persicifolia. Leaves lanceolate or
cordate, bright green. Armenia.
(Sir T. Lawrence.)

Catasetum macrooarpom, var.
rubrnin. CR- B, B, 1905, 264.)

OrchidacesQ. S. A red-flowered form
of the type. (F. Lambeau, Brussels.)

Cattleya Appletoni. (O. R, 1905,

850.) Orotudaoees. S. A garden
hybrid between C\ etongata and C.
dotoiana aurea, (W. M. Appleton.)

Cattleya anrea, vara. Duchesnei,
linthoatianaandroseta. cr,kb.

1905, 263.) S. Forms differing
slightlv from the type. (F. Lambeau,

Cattleya aurea Leopoldi. cr.kb.

1905, 236.) S. A form with dark
rose-coloured lip. (Marquis de Wav-
rin, Ch&teau de Bonsele, Belgium.)

Cattleya bowringiana x LsbUo-
Cattleya elegans Turneri. cr.

K B. 1905, 268.) S. Of garden
origin. (F. Lambeau, Brussels.)

Cattleya bowringiana x sehille-
riana. (i2. i?. ^. 1905, 239.) s. A

garden hybrid between the species
indicated. (F. Lambeau, Brussels^

Cattleya Gigas pallida, ^r, h. b.

1905, 273.) G. A fine form with
very broad petals and sepals and a
purple lip. (Marquis de Wavrin,
Ch&teau de Bonsele, Belgium.) {C.
Warecetoiczii pallida,]

Digitized by



Cattleya labiata splendens. io. a

1905, xxiTU. 53.) G. A very large
and finely colour^ form. (Glasnevin

Cattleya lawreglossa. (^. R, 1905,

119.) S. A garden hybrid between
C, amethydogloisa and C, laiorenoeana,
(J. Chamberlain.)

Cattleya Mendeli Pittis. qg, a

1905, xxxvii. 398.) G. A form
having ntarly white iepalsand petals ;
the front lobe of the lip is marked
with pink. (H.T.Pitt.)

Cattleya mirabilis. (i2. n. b. 1905,

212.) G. A garden hybrid between
C. Wancewiczii and C, Patrocini. (F.
Lambean, Brnssels.)

Cattleya pittiana aurea. iU,n.B.

_, 1905, 2360 S. A garden hybrid be-
tween C. tchofiMiana and C, aurea,
(F. Lambeau, Bmssels.)

Cattleya PittisB. ( G. a \ 905, xxxrii.

838 ; G, M. 1905, 517, f.) A garden
hybrid between C. harrUimiana and
a tehiUeriana, (,H. T. Pitt.)

Cattleya schilleriana x Gigas.

(i«. H. B, 1906, 211.) G. Of garden
origin. (M. de Bidvre, Laeken,

Cattleya TriansB boetzelaeriensis.

{B. U, B, 1905, 71.) G. A roee-
coloured form, delicately shaded.
(Dnohesne & Lanthoine, Watermael,

Cattleya T r i a n 8B tessellata.

(B. H, B. 1905, 95.) G. A large
rose-coloured form, curiously marked.
(Marquis de Wavrin, Ch&teau de Ron-
sele, Belgium.)


Ceratolobus cod€olor. (i2. u, b,

1905, 274.) Pali^. S. "Probably
the only plant of this species in culti-
vation." Dutch B. lia^dies. (M. War-
tel, Belgium.)

Cerens HoennigliofBi. 5^. K. i905t

148.) OactaceaB. S. A Hybrid be-
tween C, JiageUiformU and V^. mar-
ttanu4, (Halle B. G.) ^

Cereufl ruber, (if. a\ 1905, 22, i\ s.

Resembles C. aggregatv4. Main st
triangular, others many-angled ;
yoang growths carmine-red, passing

into green. Spines in tufts of five, sur-
rounded by bristles. Flowers orange-
yellow passing into scarlet, from 2-4
in. across. Brazil. (H. Quehl, Vit-
zenburg ; Bonn B. G., Germany.)

Cereus urbanianas. (jr. K. 1905,

43; N, B. iv. 158.) S. Stems
branched, from i-2 in. thick, 4-6
angled, with a few strong aerial roots.
Spines in tufts of 8-6, yellow, up to 4
in. long. Flowers reddish-brown tip-
ped with red, pale yellow inside, with
a strong Yanilla-like scent. Haiti.
(Berlin B. G.)

*Cirrliopetalain brevisoapum.

(^. M. t. 8033.) OrchidacesB. S. An
epiphyte with sheathed creeping rhi-
lomes. Bulbs about f in. long, tetra-
gonal, bearing single leaves. Flowers
borne singly on short scapes ; dorsal
sepal and petals dull purple ; lateral
sepals yellow marked with brown ;
lip rosy purple, broadly cordate at the
base. Malava. (Glasnevin B. G. ;

CodiflBam edmontonense. iG. a

1905, xzzviii. 55.) Euphorbiacese.
S. A good narrow -leaved form, bril-
liantly coloured. (H. B. May.)

'CoBlogyne lawrenceana. (^g. <?.i905,

xxxvii. 205, 227 ; G. M, 1905, 254, t)
OrchidacesB. S. A new large-flow-
ered species allied to C, psittaoina.
Leaves broad, lanceolate. Flowers
light buff-yellow ; petals narrow,
tinged with brown ; lip bright yellow
with a cream-coloured front lobe.
Annam. (Sir T. Lawrence.)

CoBlogyne speciosa alba. CG. a

1905, xxxvU, 206 ; G, M. 1905, 226, f.)
A light-coloured form having yellow-
ish sepals and petals ; lip white with
a salmon-coloured base. (F. Sander
k Sons.)

Coffea oanepbora, var. kwiluensis,
C. oongensi nbangiensis, C. Dew-^
evrei, C. Dybowski, C. Hambloti,
C. Laurentii. (12. H. b. 1905, 278.)

Rubiacese. S. Described as indige-
nous species cultivated in the Congo.
(Brussels B. G.)

*Colchicu]n Steveni. (^. M, 1 8025.)

Liliace®. H. or H. H. A beautiful
species producing fascicles of from 3
to lOpfde rosy-lilac flowers. Leaves
linear, appearing at the time of
flowering. Syria & Arabia. (Kew.)

Digitized by



Colons Bhirensis. {b. m. t. 8024.)

Labiatae. G. Forms a bnsh about
8 ft. high, in the way of C, thynoidmu.
Stems angular, at first pale green,
passing to brown. Leaves glandular
and hairy, ovate, acute, sub^rdate at
the base ; petioles up to 2\ in. long.
Flowers dark blue, in large erect
terminal panicles. British Central
Africa. (Kew.)

Cotoneaeter pannosa. co. c, 1906,

xxxvii. 60; Qard. 1905, Ixyii, 118, f.)
Hoeaoeas. H. A handsome species of
slender growth, 4-6 ft. high. Leaves
ovate-oblong, the lower surface tomen-
tose. Flowers white, numerous, in
dense dusters on the axillary growths,
followed by bright red berries. Ohina.
(J. Veitch & Sons.)

'Cotyledon elegans. (b, m, 1 7993.)

Crassnlaceie. 0. A handsome new
spedes distinguished by its pubescent
character and large bright red flowers,
yellow inside. Leaves in small ter-
minal rosettes, sessile, the tips tinged
with red. Mexico. (Kew.)

•Cotyledon insignis. {b, m. 1 8036.)

G. Distinct from all other known
species. About 2 ft. high, and entirely
glabrous. Stems erec^ bght green,
with broad oppodte leaves up to
5 in. long. Flowers in terminal and
axillary cymes. Corolla-tube about
1| in. long, light red ; lobes greenish-
yellow inside. British Central Africa.

•CratfiBgns epp. (RyUh cat, 1906-6,

90.) Bosaceoe. H. The foUowing
f<orth American species are now in
cultivation : — aeutUoba^ anamala^
aprioa^ ar^ansana^ arnolduina^ caiM"
aeiuiSf Canbyi, ooceinundes, eoUina^
eompta^ Cms-galli oblongata, diffusa,
durohrivensU, Uggleitanif eUwang-
eriana, feoumda, fertilU, inttgriloba,
Laneyi, nUida, peorimmi, perHmilit,
pratemU, Pringlei, tuhmoUU, iubor*

*(hranantlin8 Hookeri, var. hispida.

(G. a 1906, xxxviii. 434.) Campan-
ulaceaB. H. An annual with small
petiolate leaves and blue flowers.
China. (Kew.) [Sjn, C.micranthns.'}

*C]ranantlin8 incanns, var. leio-

calyx. (6^. C1906,xxxvUi.484.) H.
The Chinese form, differing in the less
hairy calyx. Flowers ydlow, campan -
ulate, borne on numerous wiry stems.

Leaves small, nearly entire. West
China k Tibet. (J. Veitch & Sons.)
[Syn. O, yunnanmtii,]

*Cyananthn8 linifolins. (O. c, 1905,

xxxviii. 484.) H. A slender wiry-
stemmed plant with small entire
leaves. Flowers resembling those of
C. Icbatus, with a very hairy throat
and longer narrower segments. Hima-
laya. (Kew.)

Cyathea canalicnlata, var. Congi.

(B. K B. 1906, 240.) FiUoee. S.
Name only. Congo. (Brussels B. G.)

*Cycas Hicholitzii. (O, a 1905,

xxxviii. 62, 142 f. ; GartenweU, 1905,
x.8,f.) CycadaoeiB. S. Anewspedes
with subterranean stem, remarkable
for the repeated dichotomy of the
leaf -pinnules. Leaves up to 10 ft. in
length, the lower portion armed with
prickles ; pinnules 8 in. long, | in.
broad. Nepal to Cochin China. (F.
Sander k Sons.)

Cymbidium erythroetylnm. (^. c.

1905, xxxviii 427.) OrohidaoeaB. S.
A new species of graceful habit, allied
to C. Pariihii and C, eburneum.
Pseudo-bulbs ovate-oblong, carrying
several leaves 10-16 in. long and ^ in.
broad, sheathed at the base. Flower-
scapes a foot in length ; flowers white,
the lower half of the petals and 3-lobed
lip marked with purple. Column very
conspicuous, bright crimson. Annam.
(Glasnevin B. G.)

'Cymbidinm Sanderi. (6^. a 1906,

xxxvii. 108, 116, f.) S. A very distinct
species of vigorous growth. Flowers
8^ in. across, shading from white to
rosy-red ; the large white lip thickly
spotted with rose-purple. Cochin
China. (F. Sander & Sons.)

Cymbidinm Sohroederi. (6^. c, 1905,

xxxvii. 243.) S. Petals and sepals
lanoeolatei green, lined and dotted
with reddish brown. Lip light yellow,
striped with brown. Allied to 6'.
giganteum, Annam. (Baron Sohroder.)

(Jypripedinm argo-mastersiannm.'

(G. C. 1906, xxxvii 246.) Orohi*.'
daoess. S. A garden hybrid between
C. Argus and C. nuutenianum, (Bbv.
A. H. Cpcher.) [Paphiopediluiiii!]

*Cypripedinm debile. c^k'^a i9oath

xxxvui. 442, f.) H. H^ A aariolen-
spedes with gnreenish fltfwers, w

Digitized by



with purple. LeaTds similar tQ those
of the British Littera ovata, Japan.
(L Boehmer k Co., Yokohama.)

Cypripedium ekmrianum. (^. c.

1906, xxxviii. 414 ; R. H. B. 1906, 41,
277.) A garden hybrid between C,
Charlesworthii and C, inHffne Sandera,

*Cyprip6dium eratrixiannm. (^. a

1903, xxzvii. 60, 77, f.) Anew speoies
allied to C, intigiie and C. JBeiU, from
which it differs in habit, and its broad
leathery leaves, 8 in. in length. (F.
Sander & Sons.) [Paphiopedilt^M.']

Oypripediam haywoodianam.

(^. a 1905, xxxvii 174, 195, f^ A
garden hybrid between C, **T. B,
Hayvoood^^ and C, bellatulum, (Mrs.
Haywood.) [Paphiopsdilum,]

Cypripediam Honnoris. qo, a

1905, xxxvii. 108 ; O. M. 1905, 133, f.)
A garden hybrid between C, Drurii
and C, Oodefroya leucochUum. (W. M.
Appleton.) iPaphiojfedilum,^

Oypripediam JanssensL (22. h. b,

1906, 47.) G. A garden hybrid
between C. spicerianum and C. viU
loium aureum, (Janssens & Pntseys.
Merxem, Antwerp.) [PaphUtpedilum,]

Oypripedium Leonis var. Ora^enis.

(O, C. 1905, xxxvii. 108 ; O. R, 1905,
153, f .) G. A garden hybrid between
C, oallosuM and C, iuHgns^ Harefield
Hall var. (J. F. Craven.) [Paphio-

Oypripedium Lowii x bellum

(belliatulum ?). (i2. If. B, 1905, 167.)
S. A garden hvbrid between tiie
speoies indicated. (F. Lambean,
Brussels.) [ Paphiopedilum. ]

Oypripediam madiotianum.

(R. If. B, 1905, 96.) G. A garden
hybrid between C. rilloium and C\
cJminherlainianum, (F. Lamboan,
Brassels.) \^PaphwpMilum.']

0]rprip>ediam Hemoria - Jerning-

hamiSB. (6^. a 1905, xxxvii. 15;
G. W. 1905, 69, f.) A garden hybrid
of unknown parentage. (F. Wei-


^pripediam Hemoria-Labbersii

J<.//.^. 1905, 71,214.) S. A garden
yourid between C, lawreneea^um and

C, barhatum nigrum, (Duchesne k
Lanthoine, Watermael, Belgium.)
[ PaphicpedUum,,']

Oypripediam PatzeysL (jB. it. b,

1905, 22.) G. A garden hybrid
between C, albertianum and C. imigne
sUheiense. (F. Lambeau, Brussels.)

Oypripediam Bobsoni. (^. a 1905,

xxxvii. 174.) G. ** A supposed hybrid
between C, insiyne Sandera and C,
Exuir (B. Bostook.) [Papkiope-

Oypripediam Saa-ActsBas. (^. a

1905, xxxvii. 61 ; O, M, 1905, 821, f.)
G. A garden hybrid between C. in-
siyne Sunder m and C. Actcew, [Pa-

Oypripediam tessellatam rabens-

(6f. a 1905, xxxviii. 447.) S. A
garden hybrid between C. eoncohr and
C, barbatum grandiflorum. (F. Sander
k Sons.) [ Paphiopedilum.']

Oypripediam tibetioam. (O. R.

1905, 194.) H. AUied to C. macran-
thum. A handsome speoies with large
blackish-purple and green pouch and
greenish -yellow dorsal sepal and
petals, reticulated with dark lines,
the latter strongly pilose on the lower
half. Eastern llbet k China. (J.
Veitch k Sons.)

ripediam tresillianam.

H. B, 1905, 22.) G. A garden
hybrid between C\ ittsigne and C,
bellatHlum. (F. Lambeau, Brussels.)
[ Paphiopedilum.]

Oypripediam villoso-rotliBchildia-

nam. (6^. C. 1905, xxxviii. 218.) S.
A garden hybrid between the species
indicated. (N. 0. Oookson.) [Paphio-

Oyrtantbas inieqaalis. (6^. ai905,

xxxvii. 261, f.) Amaryllidaoess. G.
A new species, distinguished by the
erect habit of the coral-red flowers,
borne in umbels on scapes 1 ft. high,
and the overhanging upper segments
of the perianth. Leaves linear, I ft.
or more in length, narrowing at the
base. Gape Colony. (W. Cutbush k

Oyrtantbas sangaineaB glaaco-

phyllas. (6?. a 1905, xxxviii. 253.)
G. A form with somewhat glauoous
foliage and orange - red flowers.
(J. O'Brien.)


Digitized by



CytisoB Hillebrandtii. cls.h.t.

1906, 73, f.) Leguminosaa. G. A
Baffratioose species with long slender
hairy stems and trifoliate hairy leaves.
Flowers borne at the tops of the
stems, axillary or terminal,, yellow.
Canary Is. (0. Sprenger, Naples.)

Dendrobium chessingtonenBe.

CG. a 1905, xxxviL 174 ; O. R. 1905,
101). Orohidacea. G. A garden
hybrid between D, aureum and J),
Wigania. (R. G. Thwaites.)

Dendrobium oiliatom annamense.

iO. a 1905, xxxviu. 115 ; 0. R, 1905,
274.) S. A white-flowered form with
fringed lip, purple at the base.
Annam. (Sir T. lAwrenoe.)

Dendrobium Elweeii. (O, a 1905,

xxzvii. 174.) S. A gsurden hybrid
between D. ffUdsbrandtii and J),
aureum, (H. J. Elwes.)

Dendrobium HajrwoodisB. (6^. a

1905, xxxvii. 20j.) S. A garden
hybnd between i). tpUndidtMimum
and D.Jmdlayanum, (Mrs. Haywood.)

Dendrobium liohenastrum. (^. R,

1905, 142.) S. Very similar to J),
linguiforme in habit of growth. A
Tery small species, barely an inch
high, with stout creeping rhisomes
and short fleshy leayes. Flowers 4 lines
long, with yellowish- white sepals and
petals, lined with purple; lip purple
at the base. Queensland. TSir Ohas.
Strickland.) [Syn. Bullophyllwm

Dendrobium Hortii. co,R, 1905,

90.) S. A very remarkable species
somewhat resembling J), leretifolia.
Stems up to 4 ft. long, branching
into slender growths on which the
leaves are reduced from 5 inches
to about half an inch in length.
Flowers solitary, 1 in. long ; sepals
and petals light yellow ; lip acumi-
nate, whiti^ marked with lilac,
with three undulate green keels on
the disc ; the s^^ents and chin are
marked with purple. New South
Wales. (Glasnevin B. G.)

Dendrobium PhalsBnopsis thun-
dersleyense. io.c, 1905, xzxviii.

348.) S. A dark-coloured form.
(H. Low & Co.)

Dendrobium roseo - nenratum.

(JV: B, iv. 131.) S. Stems erect,
up to 8 in. high. Leaves lanceolate,
acute, barely 1 in. long. Flowers
borne at the summits of the stems,
pale rose. Allied to JD. terminale,
Sumatra. (Berlin B. G.)

Dendrobium striatum, (tf. a 1905,

xxxviii 382; O. R. 1905, 366.) S.

**,A very remarkable species

Pseudobulbs a foot in length and
closely set with pairs of singularly
formed flowers, ^tch an inch or more
in width. Sepals and petals narrow
and nearly equal ; labellum as lon^^ as
the petals, narrow, with the sides
folded back, whitish tinged with rose."
Philippines. (Sir T. Lawrence.) [This
name, included in the List of 1892,
was wrongly given to the garden
hybrid i>. '* Stratius:']

*Derri8 alborubra. (^. M, t. soo8.)

Leguminosss. S. A tropical ever-
green shrub, of climbing habit, with
stems upwards of 18 ft. long. Leaves
pinnate, 6 or 7 in. long ; petioles thick-
ened at the base. Leaflets coriaceous,
glabrous, obovate - oblong. Flowers
fragrant, in long panicles ; petals
white; calyx red. Hong Kong.

Deutsia discolor var. major. (VeUch

Cat. 1905, f.) SaxifragaceaB. H. A
large-flowered form. Central China.
(J. Veitch & Sons.)

Dia-L»lia Veitcbii. qo.r, 1905,

115; R.JEr. 1905, 159.) OrohidaoesB.
S. A bigeneric hybrid between
Diaorium bicornutum and Lalia
einnabarina, (J. Veitch & Sons.)

Diervilla rivularis. CG, a 1905,

xxxviii. 339, f ; Spdtk Cat. 1905-6,92.)
Caprif oliaoete. H. A handsome shrub
^ith pubescent leaves. Flowers in
large terminal panicles, pale yellow
tinged with pink. Georgia, 17.S.A.
(W. B. Gumbleton.)

Dimorpbotbeca aurantiaca. (6^. a

1905, xxxviii 127, f.) Compositae. H.
A showy perennial, about 9 in. hi^h,
glabrous, with linear-oblong thick
leaves. Flowers like those of the
Marigold, with a dark centre. South
Africa. (Barr & Sons.) (Syn. Calen-
dula Ttagut, B. M. t 408.)

Digitized by



Dorstenia jmiluras. (i?. ^ j^. 1905,

240.) Urticaoese. 8. Name only. '
Congo. (Brussels B. G.)

DracflBna americana. ct.^sa.207,

t. 98.) Liliaceas. S. Attains a height
of 2(M0 ft., the trunk up to 12 in. in
diameter. Leaves linear-ensiform,
from 8-15 in. long, green on both
surfaces. Flowers white, small, in
dense panicles. Allied to 2). Draco,'
Central America. (New York B. G.)

Draciena intermedia, (i?. a. B.

1905, 240.) G. Described as a garden
hybrid between J), eanncefolia (Cordy-
line terminalii var.) and J), Uneata,
(M. de Noyette, Ledeberg, Belgium.)

Dadleya spp. {B, N, T, B. G,

ly. 15-25.) CrassuhioeaB. G. The
following amongst others are stated
to be new species : — aloidss, oompacta,
eongeda^ cultrata^ Ooldmani^ HaXlii^
ParUhii^ rigida^ rohvsta. United
States, &c. (New York k Washington

Echeveria spp. (^. N, Y, B, o,

iii. 5-10.) Crassulacese. G. The
following species are described as new
and in cultivation : — cuspidata^ macu'
lata^ Palmeriy platyphylla, p^dvinata,
iuhrigxda. United States, &o.

SeUnocactosAreoliayaletai. (^m,k,

1905, 106, f.) Cactaceae. G. Stem
almost spherical, depressed and woollv
at the top, 2-2) in. in diameter, with
16-18 acute-angled ribs. Spines in
numerous hairy tufts of 10 to 14, the
central one about 1 in. long. Flowers
yellow, 2 in. across. Uruguay.
(B^anz de Laet, Contich, Belgium.)

Bchinooactus Fiebrigii. (jv: B,

iv. 183.) G. Stem globose, de-
pressed, about 2 in. high and 2) in.
in diameter, with up to 18 angles, dis-
posed spirally. Spines 30-40 in a tuft,
white, the central ones nearly 1 in.
long. Flowers rosy red, orange-red
inside, 1) in. long. Bolivia. (Berlin

Echinoeacins Hihanoyioliii. (jr. jt.

1905, 114, 142.) G. stem greyish-
green, up to 2 in. in diameter and
somewhat lees in height, 8-angled.
Spines in tufts of 5 or 6, about \ in.
apart. Flowers about 1) in. long,
yellowish-green suffused with red.
Paraguay. (Berlin B. G.)

BchinooactuB peruyianus. (if. Jr.

1905, 190, f.) G. Plant about 3 in.
high and 5 in. in diameter, dark bluish-
green. Flowers numerous, rosy red,
yellow outside, produced near the
summit Peruvian Andes. (Berlin

^Eleatherococoas Henryi- (/7. r,

1905, xxxviit 402, f.) Araliacefe. H.
A curious shrub, with rough brown
prickly stems, up to 10 ft. high.
Flowers small, greenish- white, crowded
into terminal umbels, succeeded l^
black fruits. Leavfs alternate, com-
posed of 3 or 5 ovate-lanoeolate leaf-
lets, scabrid above, hairy beneath.
China. (J. Yeitch k Sons.)

Bleatherococoas lencorrhizus.

(fif. C. 1905, xxxviii. 404, f.) H.
Smaller and of less vigorous growth
than the preceding species, with fewer
prickles. Stems bright green. Leaves
membranous, hairy, carried on gla-
brous leaf stalks sometimes prickly
beneath. Closely allied to R Henryi,
China. (J. Yeitch & Sons.)

Epidendmm lambeauanum. (A. h,

1905, 335.) Orchidaoeffi. S. A new
speoies of slender growth, about 4 in.
high. Flowers usually solitary, pro-
duced at the tope of the stems ; petals
and sepals oblonpf or oblanoeolate,
greenish - white tinged with violet.
Lip broad and oonvex, shining purple
with a yellowish niargin. BrauL
(F. Lambeau, Brussels.)

Xpidendmm pteroearpam. (^. a

1905, xzxvii. 398.) S. A plant of

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