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diminutive growth, chiefly of botanical
interest. Mexico. (Sir T. Lawrence.)

Xpidendrum radico - Yitellinam.

(^Q. C. 1905, xxxvii. 398.) S. A
garden hybrid between the species
indicated in the nama (Sir T. Law-

Xpi-LflBlia fletoheriana. (G, a 1905,

xxxvii. 60.) Orchidaceaa. G. Across
between Bpidendrum atropurptireuM
and Lalia hnrpophylla, (F. Sander
& Sons.)

Xpi-LflBlia yitell'brosa. co. a 1905,

xxxvii. 398.) Orchidaceae. S. A
garden hybrid between Epidendrum
vUellinum and Lalia teTiehrtfsa, (Sir
T. Lawrence.)

Digitized by



Bremnms Bungei var. preBcox.

iG, a 1905, xxxviL 98.) Liliaoe®.
H. An early-flowering variety of
slender growth. The flowers are
smaller and more loosely disposed on
the spike than in the type. Balach-
istan. (B. Wallace & Go.)

Bremaros Elwesii albus. (^. c.

1905, xxxvii. 349.) H. A white-
flowered form of E, rohustm elukni'
anus. (0. Renthe.)

BremaruB isabellinos. (j: m f.

1905, 456.} H. A garden hybrid
between £, Bungei and JS. Olga,
(Ph. L. de Vilmorin, Yerri^ree,

Bria globifera. iQ. c. 1905, xxxvUL

449.) Orohidaceas. S. Allied to E.
Uiophylla, Lindl. A species with
stent creeping rhizomes and small
globose psendobulbs, bearing single
oblong leayes from 2-5 in. long.
Flowers solitary, on slender scapes
li-2 in. long, very downy on the
outside, light yellow, the base of
the segments marked with pnrple.
Annam. (Qlasnevin B. G.)

Brigeron glauous Bemperflorens.

(i2. H. 1905, 96.) Compo0it86. H.

A dwarf floriferons form of the

Bpedes. Galifomia. (Ph. L. de Vil-
morin, Yerridres, France.)

Bulophia paniculata. (6^. a 1905,

xzzviii 197.) OrohidaoeiB, S. Psendo-
bnlbs tnfted, 8-5 in. long, bearing two
strap-shaped leaves up to 19 in. in
length, marbled on the upper surface.
Flowers numerous, l-lj in. across,
borne on a scape 5 ft. high; sepals
dusky-brown ; petals and lip yellowish-
green, lined and netted with dull
purple. Madagascar. (Qlasnevin

*Balopliia undulata. (6^. a 1905,

xxxviii. 198.) 8. Psendobulbs small,
bearing tufts of linear -lanceolate
slightly glaucous leaves up to 8 in.
in length. Scape about a foot high,
of slender growth; sepals spreading,
purplish-brown ; petals and lip pale
green, the latter having three pro-
minent keels on the disc. Rhodesia.

Bapatoriom Purposi. CLe/u, Cat.

1903, 4.) Ck)mpoeit8B. G. "Flowers
lar|^e and fn^rant, pink, turning to
white.'' (Y. Lemoine et Fils, Nancy.)

Buphorbia multiceps. (M- ^- i^o^,

182. f.) Buphorbiaceffi. G. Allied
to E. tubereulata, Jacq. South Africa.
(Sir T. Hanbury, La Mortola.)

•Buphorbia WulfenL (,0. a 1905,

xxxvii. 301.) H. A vigorous species.
Flowers in large clusters of greenish-
yellow bracts. Leaves linear-oblong.
Dalmatia. (A. Perry.)

Galantbas Blwesii vars. Cassaba

and globOSOS. iOard. 1905, Ixvii.
70.) AmaryllidacesB. H. These are
wild forms of the spedes, differing
slightly in flowers and leaves. Asia

Gentiana Lawrencei. (^. a 1905,

xxxviii. 307, f.) GentianaoesB. H.
A handsome perennial species with
narrow arcuate leaves. Flowers up-
right, solitary, 1| in. long, pale to
darker blue above, with dark blue lines.
Lake Baikal District. (Max Leichtlin,

*(}eraniumgreyilleanam. (;)(^ari.

1905, Ixviii. 140.) GeraniaoesB. H. A
handsome species of bushy growth,
with much divided leaves and
numerous blue flowers 1| in. across.

^Gerbera BIssb. (O. a 1905, xxxvin. 5.)

Composit89. H. U. or G. A very hand-
some plant with fine bold flowers 2^ in.
in diiuneter, carried on a scape 18 in.
in height. Ligtilate florets closely set,
brilliant red ; disc florets lighter
red, with bright yellow antiiers.
Leaves 9 in. long, the margins and
lower surface covered with a silvery
tomentum. Origin not stated. (Max
Leichtlin, Baden-Baden.)

Oleditsohia inermis elegantiflsima.

r/ 1905, 512,1) Legumino8». H.
A handsome spineless variety with
finer leaves than the type. Said to be
sterile. (0. Breton, Orleans, France.)

Gloriosa rothBchildiana citrina.

(<9. a 1905, xxxvui. 67, 211, f.)
LiliacesB. S. A handsome form with
citron yellow flowers and somewhat
narrower leaves than the l^pe. The
centre and tip of each segpnent is
marked with a claret-coloured band
which spreads over the whole surface
as the flowers mature. Uganda. (Lord
Rothschild, Tring Park.)

Digitized by



*aiorio8a virescens grandiflora.

iGard. 1905, Ixviii. 250.) S. A
yellow • flowered yariety. Natal.

*Oiiidia polystaohya. (^. M. t. 8001.)

Thymeueaceas. G. A handsome shrub
from 1-6 ft. high, prodacing numerous
pubesoent branches of gpraoef ul habit.
Leaves small, glabrous, imbricate and
crowded. Flowers Bmall, yellow,
borne in numerous terminal heads.
8. Africa. (Cambridge B. G.) [A
lees ornamental form of this sf
Is figrured in B. M, t 1433 as

*aimnera arenaria. iGard, 1905,

Ixyii. 89.) Haloragaoeee. H. A
dwarf creeping plant, producing tufts
of numerous ovate fleshy leayes,
about 1 in. in leng^. Flowers small,
borne on a short inflorescence, suc-
ceeded by crimson berries. New
Zealand. (Kew.) [Syn. O. dentiflora
var. drpreua.]

*aannera dentata. (^Oard. 1905, izvU.

39.) H. Another dwarf creeping
species, forming a mass of tufted
rhizomes bearing small oboYate leaves
and email inconspicuous flowers.
New Zealand. (Kew.)

Gnnnera scabra major, co. c.

1905, xxxvii. 18.) H. A very strong
growing form. (? T. Smith, Kewry.)

Gypsophila repens rosea. ^Oard.

1905, Ixviii. 26.) Garyophyllacese. H.
A floriferous pink -flowered form.
Origin not stated. (E. Heinrioh.)

Hedychium bonsigenianum. (i2. h.

1905, 441, f.) Scitamine®. S. A
perennial with short thick rhizomes
and semi-erect herbaceous stems about
H ft. high. Leaves sheathing, from
14-2 ft. long, by 2-4 in. broad, bright
green above, paler beneath, lowers
large, from 18-25 in a terminal
spicate inflorescence, produced on the
year old growths, pale yellow, with
brilliant red anthers and filaments.
Cochin China. (Paris B. G.)

Helionopsis breviscapa. ( o. c, 1905,

xxxvii 172. 178, f.; ^arrf. 1905, Ixvui.
45, f.) Liliaoeaa. H. Plant of tufted
habit, 6-8 in. high. Leaves broadly
lanceolate. Flowers in racemes, white,
hell-shaped. Japan. (Barr & Sons.)

*Helxine SoleiroliL (^Qart€»ui^M'

1905, 246, f.) Urtioaceae. H. H. or G.
A tiny plant of creeping habit.
Leaves bright green, alternate, oor-
date-reniform. Stems slender, reddish.
Corsica and Sardinia.

Hemerocallis Corona. (Q. c. 1905,

xxxvii. 397 ; Oard, 1905, IxviiL 28, f.)
LiliacesB. H. A floriferous form
with golden yellow flowers, raised
from SLjlava and 77. aurantiaea maior,
(G. Yeld, York.)

*HippM8tniiii anlietre. (O, a 1905,

xxxvii. 164.) AmaryllidaceaB. G. A
garden hybrid between H, aulicumtJid
H. equestre. (A. Worsley.)

Hippeastrum aulicom x vittatom.

(<9. a 1905. xxxviL 164.) G. A
garden hybrid. (A. Worsley.)

Hippeastrnm Handeyillei. (^. c.

1905, xxxvii. 164) G. **A quaint
and brilliantly - marked hybrid."
(A. Worsley.)

Igoannra Cartiaii. k^q, c. 1905,

xxxviii. 117 ; B, H. B. 1905, 209.)
Palma. S. Name only. (F. Sander
k Sons.)

lonopsis testioulata. (^. c. 1905,

xxxviii 259.) Orchidacesd. S.
Leaves tufted, 4 to 5 in. long, terete,
acuminate. Flowers smaU, whitidi,
numerous, borne on a branching
scape 6 in. long. Jamaica.
(C. Franck.)

*lri8 galatioa. (,Qard. 1905, Ixvii.
203; G, W. 1905, 209.) Wdaoe».
H. A near ally of I, pertiaa. ^ The
colour of the flower varies from
greenish yellow to silver grey, suffused
to some extent with purple, and with
deeper purple falls." Galatia. (W.
Siehe, Mersina, Asia Minor.)

Ismene festalis. (^. a i905, xxxvii.

844 ; xxxviii 322.) Amaryllidaoeas.
G. A bigenerio garden hybrid be-
tween 7. ealathina and ElUena
longipetala, (A. Worsley.)

*Ealanclioe angolensis. ((?. c. 1905,

xxxvii. 370.) Crassulaoe®. G. Re-
markable for the great variability in
the number of its corolla-lobes.
Flowers bright yellow, numerous.
Leaves opposite, fleshy, up to 4 in. in
leng^ and 2 in. across. Portuguese
West Africa. (Kew.)

Digitized by



*Zalanehoe magnidens. (^. c, 1906,

zxxvii. 870.) G. A spedee pro-
ducing numerons small salmon-
oolong flowers. Uganda. (Kew.)

Zentia Albeirti. (B. n, b. 1905,

136.) PalnuB. S. Described as a new
species. ( Jaoob-Makoy & Gie, Liege.)

Zentia forsteriana striata. (i2. //.

B. 1905, 28.) S. A form with striped
leayee. (M. L. Garden, Belgium.)

'Laclienalia d'AnoonsB. (^. w. i905,

70.) LiliaoesB. 0. A form with light
yellow flowers, tipped with green and
purple. (Dammann & Go., Naples.)
L/i. tricolor yar.]

LflBlio-Cattleja Alezandri. (O. B.

1905,817.) Orohidaoe». S. A«mlen
hybrid between C, gramtlosa sehofitld-
iana and L,'C. degam, (Major

LflBlio - Cattleya beyrodtiana.

C-R. H. 1905. 228; J.H.F. 1906, 218^
S. A garden hybrid between L,'C.
eUgaiu and C, latorenoeana. (G.
Maron, Brunoy, Franoe.)

LflBlio - Cattleya ohardwarensifi.

(<9. C, 1905, xxxviii 74.) S. A
garden hybrid between L, einndbarina
and C. doloio, (G. F. Moore.)

LflBlio-Oattleya ehooopliylla. (jt. m

1905, 106.) S. A garden hybrid be-
tween C, ehocoensU (j^uadrioolor) and
L. harpopkyUa, (Gh. B^ranek, Paris.)

LflBlio-Oattleya crispo-liardyana.

(6^. C. 1905, xxxviii. 254 ; 0. iJ. 1905,
817.) S. A garden hybrid between
Z. oritpa and C, hardyana. (Major
G. L. Holford.)

LflBlio-Cattleya epicasta saperba.

r(7.i2. 1903, 26.) S. A large-flowered
form. (J. Golman.)

LflBlio-flnckenniana. (i2. ff. b. 190 >,

48.) S. A natural hybrid between
X. alhida and L, anoeps sanderiana.
Flowers white with purplish-violet
lip. (Marquis de Wavrin, Gh&teau de
Bionsde, Belgium.)

*LflBlio-Oattleya gottoiana.

(i2. ff. B. 1905, 212.) S. A garden
hybrid between C, Warnsri and L,
tenthrota, (F. Lambeau, Brussels.)

LflBlio-Cattleya heatonenais. (R, n.

1905, 571.) S. A garden hybrid be-
tween L<tl%a (^BratMavola) dighyana
and Cattleya hardyana, (M. Ginot,
St. Etienne, France.)

LflBlio-Cattleya Schneideri. (a R.

1905, 28.) S. A garden hybrid be-
tween L,'C, Amelia and Cattleya
dowiana aurea. (E. Gappe, Yesinei,


L»lio-Cattleya SogninL CB.

1905,228.) G. A giurden hybrid,,
bably between L, einnabarina and
a Sehroedera [C, lahiata var.]. (M.
S^guin, FranoeO

LflBlio - Cattleya Skinnerobarina.

(i2. U, 1905, 1060 8- A garden
hvbrid between C, Skinneri and L,
emnabarima. (Gh. B^ranek, Paris.)

LflBlio-Cattleya solangeana.

CB, ff. 1905, 671.) S. A garden hy-
brid between L, Perrinii and C, IHaO'
rado, (M. Ginot, St. Etienne, Franoe.)

LflBlio-Cattleya vivicans. io. B.

1905, 286.) A garden hybrid between
L.'C. elegant and C. Mdarado. (F.
Sander & Sons.)

Lamiom puralbnnu cg. w. 1905,

489.) H. A garden hvbrid between
X. purpurevm and L, album,

Lepidagatbis Pobegnini.

(B. M. H. N. 1905, 64.) Acanthaceee.
S. A curious plant with LycopadiuM'
like stems 6-8 in. high, growing in
small tufts. Flowers durk purple,
produced at the bases of the stems.
Upper Guinea. (Paris B. G.)

*Leptote8 unioolor. (^. b. 1905, 44.)

Orohidace®. S. An interesting plant
of pendulous habit, having pale lilac
flowers, generally borne in pairs, and
short fleshy leaves. Brasil. (Glas-
nevin B. G.)

Lilinm DoeL (j: of ff. i905, u. 27.)

LiliaceaB. H. Described as a hybrid ;
resembles X. longiflorum. Origin not

*Lilium ToBhidaii. iGard. 1905,

Ixviii. 288, f .) H. Stated to be a new
spedee, with fragrant flowers re-

I sembling L. Brownii, (Max Leichtlin,

I Baden-Baden.)

Digitized by



^LissoehilnB HahonL (^. M. t, 8047.)
Orohidaoese. S. A new speoies.
Leayes lanoeolate, bright green,
6 ft. in length and 4 in« in
breadth. Scape about 8 ft. high.
Flowers large, with reflexed green
■epals lined with brown ; petals 1^ in.
long, roej-pink, the ontside somewhat
darker. The erect side lobes of the
lip are green, lined with brown ; front
lobe parple, with a pale yellow orest
at the back. Uganda. (Kew.)

*Li880chilaB UgandsB. (^. m. t

8044.) S. A spedes of moderate
growth. Leaves narrow, lignlate,
2-3 ft. long, glaucous green. Flower-
ing scape from 3-4 ft. in height.
Flowers yellow ; sepals reflexed, tipped
and margined with brown ; petals in-
curved over the three-lobed lip.
Uganda. (Kew.)

Lomaria drapsiana. (ji, //. B. 1906,

137, 278.) Filices. G. No descrip-
tion given. (M. Drape Dom, Laeken,

Lonicera tatarioa var. purpurea.

(W. Q, 1905, 84, f.) Caprifoliace®.
H. A form with brignt purple
flowers. Origin not stated.

Hacludrania hybrida. {R. h, 1905,

862.) Urticaceie. H. A bigeneric
garden hybrid between JUaoHra
awantiaea var. inermU and Cudrania
triloba, (E. Andr6, La Croix, France.)

MaluB ZamL (r. ^ s, i. i9i, t. 9i.)

BoeaoesB. H. A medium-sized tree of
erect growth. LeaTee 1^3 in. long,
petiolate, ovate • oblong. Flowers
white, about 1 in. across, in umbels of
4 to 6. Japan. (A.mold Arboretum )

Hammillaria camptotricha.

(^^arfMitoett, 1906, X. 14; Af. JT. 1905,
176.) Gactaceae. S. A handsome short*
stemmed species. Stem depressed at
the summit, 2 to 3 in. in diameter.
Tubercles conical, about 4 in. long.
Radiating spines 6 to 8, curved, yel-
lowish, turning to gfeyi from 4 in. to
over 1 in. long. Flowers yellowish-
white. Mexico. (E. Dams, Dentech-
Wilmersdorf, Germany.)

Hammillaria Riistii. (ir. K, 1905,

173.) G. Stem almost globose, de-
pressed at the summit, 2 in. high and
1 4 in. in diameter, clothed with white
woolly hairs and reddish-brown spines.

Tubercles from 3 to 4 lines long, with
16-18 radiating and 4 central spinee.
Flowers unknown. Honduras. (Dr.
Rflst, Hanover, (Germany.)

Harica Helens. ( j: i2. J7. ^. xxviii.

580.) Iride». H. H. Allied to M.
coerulea. Flowers nearly 5 in. across,
blue and white, borne on long leaf-
like scapes. Brazil. (A. Worsley.)

Hegaclininm amoldianum. (<?. a

1905, xxxviii. 191.) Orchidacee. S.
Name only. (Brussels B. G.)

Hormodes baccinator var. auran-

tiaoum. (^. M, t. 8041.) Orchid-
ace®. S. A variety with deep
orange-yellow flowers. Peru. (M.M.
Linden, Brussels.)

Narcissus montas. (<?. c, I906,

xxxvii. 82, f.) Amaryllidaoee. H.
" A hybrid between Ourbnlaria mono-
phylla and a florists' variety of If,
lazoUar (Sir M. Foster.)

Nepenthes boisiana. (^. c. 1905,

xxxviii. 880.) Nepenthacesa. S. <*A
cross between N, Tiroyi and iV. Jtfiw-
ganuB, (B. J. Desloges, Paris.)

Nepenthes Deslogeii, N. Gamerii, and
N. ValliersB. (O. a 1906, xxxviii

379.) Garden hybrids between li.
Titeyi and N, mUrta. (B. J. Desloges,

Nephrolepis Amerpohli. (j. of 77.

1906, li. 251.) Filices. S. A new
form of the Boston Fern (iV. extdtata
var.) with finely divided pinnae.
(B. Amerpohl, Janesville, Wisconsin.)

^Nephrolepis Piersoni oompacta

{J, of H, 1906, li. 318, f.) and

N. P. elegantissima. (O, w, wm,

232; 239, f . ; 241, f.) S. Forms with
remarkably dense fronds. (F. R. Pier-
son & Co., Tarrytown, New York.)

Nerine Oaimini. (^. c, 1905, xxxvii.

164.) Amaryllidaceae. G. "An erect-
flowered form belonging to the tar-
nientU section.** (A. Worsley.)

Nerine Zoroasteri. {O, c. 1905,

xxxvii. 164.) G. A garden hybrid
between N.pudiea and N, 9amien»U,
(A. Worsley.)

Digitized by



Niootiana arborea semperflorenB.

(^/. 1905, 43, f.) Solanaceffl. G. A
garden hybrid between N, tom&wtota
varisjfota and JT. Tabaeum. (Frans
Ament, Saalfeld, Germany.)

Notonia amanieiiBiB. rjv: b. Iy.

182, f.) Oompositaa. S. A handsome
Buoonlent with spathnlate fleshy leaves
about 6 in. long by IJ in. wide. Scape
up to 4 ft. high, carrying 3 or more
heads of yellow flowers borne on long
reddish peduncles. JBast Tropical
Africa. (Berlin B. G.)

Odontoglossom AdriansB grandi-

florum. (^. i2. 1906, 185, f.) Orohi-
daoeaB. G. A handsome form. Origin
uncertain. (D. R Taylor.)

Odontoglossom amabile. (^o. a

1906, xxxvii, 1740 Orchidace». G.
A garden hybrid. Parentage not stated.
(0. Vnylsteke, Ghent)

Odontoglossam blando-nobile.

((9. iJ. 1905, 82.) S. A garden hybrid
between O, hlandum and O, Peteatorei.
(A. de Lairesse, Li^e, Belgium.)

Odontoglossam crispmn x luteo-
sceptrum. (j: h. f, 1905, 213.) g.

A garden hybrid. (M. Bert, Bois-
Oolombos, France.)

Odontoglossam crispam parparas-

COnS. iO. C. 1901, xxix, 210 ; O. R.
1901,120.) G. A variety with fringed
sepals and petals ; g^round colour rosy-
lilac, the centre marked with purple.
Lip nearly white, spotted with brown.
(Sir T. Lawrence.)

Odontoglossam crispam smeeanum*

(6^. a 1905, xxxvii. 268.) G. A rose-
pink form, the inside of the segments
spotted with light-brown. (N. C.

Odontoglossam crispam solum.

(6^. (C7. 1906, xxxvii. 181, 322, f.) G.
A distinct form ; column and lip
claret-purple, the segments occasion-
ally spotted with the same colour.
(W. Thompson.)

Odontoglossam ezcellens x cris-
pam. iJ. F. H, 1905, 213.) G. A
garden hybrid. (M. Bert, Bois-
Uolombes, France.)

'Odontoglossam harryano - triam-

ghans. ( Q. a, 1905, June 3, Soppl. i.)
. Apparently a garden hybrid be-
tween the species indicated. (Sir F.

Odontoglossam lambeaaiaiiam.

(^. C. 1905, xxxviii. 324, f. j n. H. B.
1905, 288^ G. A garden hybrid
between 0, Bol/ea and O, crUpum^
var. (F. Lambeau, Brussels.)

Odontoglossam lapidense. (&. a

1905, xxxviii. 86.) G. A garden
hybrid between &. Hallii and 0.
Rolfea, (W. Thompson.)

Odontoglossam lawrenceanum.

(^. C. 1905^ xxxvii. 197, f.) G. A
garden hybrid between 0, triumpham
and O. Rolfea. (C. Vuylsteke, Ghent.)

Odontoelossam macalatam var.
marlfleldense. io. a I905, xxxvii.

174.) G. *«A flhe variety." (R. Le

Odontoglossam Smitbii. (^. c.

1905, xxxviii. 411, 427, f.) G. A
garden hybrid between O, Rouii
pubescem and 0, harryano-erispum,
(Charlesworth & Co.)

Odontoglossam tbompsonianam.

CO. a 1905i xxxvii. 268, 286, f.;
Oard. 1906, Ixvii. 290, f.; 0. B. 1905.
175, 241, f.) G. A nurden hybrid
between 0, erispum and 0. JCdwardii,
(W. Thompson.)

Odontoglossam VaylstekiflB. (^o. c.

1905, xxxviii. 348, 879, f.) G. A
remarkable secondary hybrid of un-
recorded parentage. (0. Vuylsteke,

Odontoglossam warnbamense.

CO, B, 1905, 157.) G. A garden
hybrid between O, Hallii and O,
Peseatorei, (0. J. Lucas.)

Odontoglossam wiganianam.

CQ. C. 1905, xxxvii 237, 274, f.) A
g^den hybrid between O. wilehMnunt
and 0. Bol/ea, (C. Vuylsteke,

Odontonia LairessisB. (O. a 1905,

xxxvii. 398 ; xxxviii. 2, f . ; O, B. 1905,
217, f.) Orohidacese. G. A garden
hybrid between Odontoglosium eri^imm
and Miltonia Warsoewiczii (M. A. de
Lairesse, Belgium.)

Digitized by



Oliverella elegans. (^. N, Y. b. g.

iii. 2.) Oramnlaoee. G. Described
as a new genus. '* Found in oaltiya-
tion at Amacamaoa, near the City of
Mexico." (Washington B. G.)

Onoidlum oallog^lossum yar. oon-

OOlOT. (^. If. ^. 1906, 236.) Orchid-
aoefo. G. A jellow flowered form.
(F. Lambeau, Brussels.)

Onoidiom corynephorom. (<?. c.

1905, xxxviu. 316, 840, f.) G. Avery
handsome spectos, allied to 0, leo'
poldianum, under which name it was
erroneously shown. Inflorescenoe
twining, several feet in length. Flowers
. from lf-2 in. across, with broad un-
dulating sepals and petals, rosy violet
in oolour, margined with creamy
white. The lip is purple with a bright
yellow base. rem. (E. Ashworth.)

Onoidlum LowiL (^. a i905,xzxvii.

174; O, W. 1905, 272.) G. "A
supposed natural hybrid between
0, cavendiihianum and 0, luridum
or earthaginen$e,^* Leaves l|-2i ft.
long. Inflorescence over 6 ft. in
leng^, carrying numerous yellow
flowers spotted with brown. (H. Low

Oroxylum flavnm. (j.SrS. i. i93,t. 92.)

Bignoniaoese. G. An ornamental
tree. Leaves opposite, bipinnate,
borne on petioles up to 2^ ft. long ;
individual leaflets from 4-7 in. long.
Flowers handsome, yellow, in ter-
minal panicles. Ohina. (Arnold

Pachypliytam aniflorum. (^. n. f.

B, O, iii. 11.) Orassulaceae. S.
Described as a new species, found
and cultivated at San Luis Potosi,

PflBonia lutea Bupcfrba. (^. c, 1905,

zxxvii.) BanunculacesB. G. A variety
with larger flowers than the type.
(Y. Lemoine et Fils, Nancy.)

Pandanus wavrinianuB. iQ. a 1905,

xzxviii. 117.) Pandaneae. S. A seed-
ling Pandanus distributed with this
name. (F. Sander k Sons.)

Paolownia fanperialis var. (j, if. f.

1905, 324.) Scrophulariacese. H.
A form with white flowers. China.
(M. de Vilmorin ; G. Boucher. Paris.)

PelioBantheB Teta var. mantegas-
nana. (-». t, o. 1905, 50, f.)

HemodoraoeaB. S. A form with lees
rigid leaves than the type. Malaya,

Phaios Blumei Banderianns. (TT. o.

1905, 263.) Orchidace». S. A form
with yellowish-brown flowers, the lip
white and purple. Java. (0. J.
Kikkert, Haarlem.)

PhaylopsiB Barter!. {B, M, n. m.

1905, 60.) Acanthacese. S. Stems
herbaceous, quadrangular, nearly
glabrous, the intemodes swollen
towards the base. Leaves in pairs, on
long petioles, the blade oval-oblong,
intense green, paler beneath, up to
5 in. long. Flowers in cymes, wnite,
passing into pale pink. Upper Guinea.
(Paris B. G.)

Phellodendron saohalinenBe. (J. ^

S. i. 199, t. 94.) Rutacese. H. An orna-
mental species with pinnate leaves
9-12 in. long. Flowers in small
panicles. Japan. (Arnold Arbore*

^Phloz divaricata var. LaphamiL

(^. C. 1906, xxxvii. 349.) Polemoni-
acese. H. A robust variety with
rounded petals and flowers of deeper
oolour than the type. (A. Perry.)
[Syn. P, canadensis^ var.]

Physalifl Bnnyardii. (6^. c. 1905,

xxxviii 315, f.) Solanaoeas. H. A
garden hybrid between P, Francheti
and P. Alkekengi, (G. Bunyard k

Pittosporom allicioideB. (W, q.

1905, 76.) Pittosporacese. H. De-
scribed as a handsome evergreen
shrub with glossy green leaves and
greenish-yellow flowers, in general
appearance resembling lUieium anisa-
tum, Japan.

Pleroma Candida. {Bull. Cat. 1903,

11.) Melastomacese. S. A plant of
shrubby habit. Leaves ovate-lance-
olate, densely covered with hair,
prominently veined on the lower
surface. FloTiers in loose terminal
heads, pure white, U-lf in. across.
South Australia. (W. Bull k, Sons.)

*Polygala VayredsB. (O. w. 1905,

407.) PolygalacesB. H. or H. H.
A small plant, only a few inches in
height, with linear evergreen leaves
and purplish flowers. Glosely re-
sembles P. Chamo'buspus. Spain.

Digitized by



Polystaohya ensifolia. (0,B. 1905,

91.) Orohidaoe®. S. A onrioas
species with erect stems, bearing
linear-oblong leaves 4 to 6 in. long.
Flowers numerons, tawny yellow,
carried on an erect Inflorescence.
Tropical Africa. (F. Sander & Sons.)

"Polystacliya haroldiana. X(^, c,

1905, xxxvii. 333.) S. Of tufted
growth, with short compressed psendo-
bnlbs. Flowers white, the sepals
tinged with g^reen, borne on a short
spike. Lake Tuiganyika Region,
Tropical Africa. (N. C. Oookson.)

^Polystaohya Laurentii. (i?. jet. b.

1905, 277.f S. Name only. Congo.
(Brussels B. G.)

*Poly8taohya myBtacidioides.

iO. R. 1906, 188.) S. A very distinct
plant, with branched stems over 3 ft.
long. Leaves lanceolate, 1-1 \ in. long,
dull green, covered with tiny dots.
Flowers lurid purple and flesh-
coloured, half an inch long, solitary.
Congo. (Brussels B. G. ; Kew.)

Polystachya Polyohaete. (72. h. b.

1905, 63, f.) S. Chiefly of botanical
interest. Tropical Africa. (Jardin
Colonial, Laeken, Brussels.)

^Primula Arendsi. (^. a 1905,

xxxvii. 849.) Primulaceas. H. H. or
O. Said to be a hybrid between
P, oheoMca and P, mega^eafolia,
(G. Arends, Bonsdorf . Germany.)

^Primula cockborniana. (&. c,

1905, xxxvii. 831, f . ; 845.) H.
A species of slender habit, dis-
tinguished from all others by the
orange-scarlet colour of the flowers,
which are borne in whorls. Leaves
obovate-oblong, irr^ularly toothed,
slightly farinose. West China. (J.
Veitch & Sons.)

^Primula deorom. (6^. a 1905,

xxxviL 98, f.) H. An interesting
species, some 8 in. high. Leaves cori-
aceous, bluish -finreen. The scape,
bracts and calyx are covered with a
viscid exudation. Flowers in umbels
of about 20, purplish- violet. Mt. Rilo,
Bulgaria. (W. T. Hindmarsh.)

^Primula japonioa var. pulveru-

lonta. ((?. a 1905, xxxvii. 301.)
H. A distinct variety, differing from
the type in the white powdery scape


and infloreecencf|, the longer oftljz*
lobes and deep crimson flowers. West

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