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Rare Old Violins


IN THE woRi^D. These cuts were produced from

photographs, which were made from the

viowns themsei.ves, and are

Absoi,utei.y Correct.





• >• i^ /

• . • C'^l'je.a.ir. ^ :. .-. '^ ^

E wish to aniloiiiice''to our many friends and patrons
tliat we have just added to our many departments a

Department of Old 1[)ioUns

and have secured a collection of these fine instruments at the
cost of many thousands of dollars, and which have required
years of research throughout the entire world to obtain. Hav-
ing secured the services of Mr. E. T. Turnky, an expert on
this subject and who was for many years connected with
Messrs. I^yon & Healy, of Chicago, in this department, we are
in position to carry on this branch of our business with the
utmost proficiency.

What this Collection Includes

From the sweet and mellow old German violins at $40.00
to the beautiful Amati and the divine Stradivarius at $5,000.00.

An elegant assortment of fine old bows from $10.00 to

A fine lot of beautiful leather cases for one or two violins,
extra bow cases, fine bridges, pegs, tailpieces, in short every
thing that a fine violin requires.

Our Fine Italian Strings

This part of the business is the most important of all the
violin's accessories. We have, without a doubt, the finest lot
of strings that has ever been brought to the Pacific Coast, and
will exercise great care in selecting them for our customers.
Every string will be carefully gauged and tested by our expert
before it leaves the house, therefore assuring our patrons of
perfect results.


Some fine instruments from $25.00 to $350.00.

Carlo Bergonzi
Grand Pattern





4 t C ;fe*^ -^ -^ ^ ^^ «^ # ^1^^ .f

LavrentiusGuadagnmi Pater, q>j^

Sj & alumnus Antonj Stradiiarj "f

fecit PI ac en ttc Ajino 174 3 ^-j, ^

238 Laurentius Guadagnini, Oremona, 1737

Price $2,000 00

A very perfect specimen of one of the greatest violin
builders of Cremona. Specimens of his work very rare.
Eagerly sought for. It is in perfect condition. No
cracks or patches. Back formed of one piece of maple
cut on the }-^. Top of even grain spruce. The varnish
original and of a rich deep orange red, beautifully shaded
and worn. Scroll original. Thick in wood. Beautiful
quality of tone, very strong and far carrying.


Francefco Roger Jetto il Per

Cremona i^q>

Francisco Ruggeri, Cremona, 1700

Price $1,800 00

This maker was a pupil of NicOLO Amati, and occupied
a very prominent place in the history of violin making.
This violin is a very fine instrument of the NiC0l,0
Amati type, is in a fine state of preservation, and has a
robust tone with plenty of quality. The varnish is of a
a beautiful amber yellow, the general condition is

!Domimcu5 Montatnana^ Sab Si-
$nu(n CrcmonesVenetiis 17^.9.

Dominicus Montagnara, 1732

Price ..... |1,500 00
This is a beautiful specimen of this master's work.
The model is excellent and the outlines broad; the
wood is of the choicest kind ; the tone is remarkable
both for strength and quality ; the varnish is of a
beautiful red-browm and very attractive. This violin is
especially adapted for concert purposes, when a really
first-class instrument is desired. It is full size and in a
fine state of preservation.

Francisco Stradivarius, Cremona, 1742

Price - - - $1,200 00

Francisco Stradivarius inherited all the tools and
wood of his father in 1738. He was undoubtedl}^ a
great workman and made many beautiful instruments,
many of them having been made in the work shop of
Antonio Stradivarius. The instruments he made in
the years 1740 and 1742, and which remained after his
father's death, in the possession of his brother, Paolo,
were sold at the same price as those of his father. The
condition of this instrument is first-class, there are no
patches or new wood and the tone is exquisite through
the entire scope. The varnish is of a dark brown order,
tinged with red and is altogether a very handsome

201 Vander Slagher, Holland, 1750

Price $150 00

This violin has a very strong tone and is very brilliant.
The model is large and it is in fine condition. We
recommend this one as a fine orchestra violin.

202 Sebastian Kloz, Mittenwald, 1700

Price ..... $400 00

The work of this maker is much esteemed and is
superior in pattern and style to that of his father,
Mathias. The model is of the Am ATI type and the
tone is very smooth and rich. The varnish is a brown-
ish red, and of good quality. The general condition is
excellent. No patches and plenty of wood.

203 Nicolaus Gagliano, Naples, 1740

Price $475 00

This maker belonged to a family of excellent violin
makers and his work is much sought by connoiseurs.
The wood in this violin is most beautiful. The top is
of fine even grain and is all that could be desired as far
as wood is conceKied. The back is one piece and but
slightly flamed. The tone is rich and very brilliant.
This violin is an excellent solo instrument and anyone
who is lucky enough to possess it will be proud of it.

204 Nice Old German

Price $60 00

This violin was;alaae about the year 1712 and is in good
condition. J3me tone is soft and mellow and is just the
thing for a student.

205 Hartman, Weymar, 1824

Price ..... $100 00
This is a very good violin of the Stradivarius type
and possesses a very powerful tone. The varnish is of
a ruddy brown and very good quality. We would
recommend this instrument for some orchestra leader
on account of its power.

206 Phillip Achuer, Mitten wald, 1809

Price ..... |100 00
This is a very nice violin of the Stradivarius type.
The varnish is a deep red and very transparent. The
tone is very brilliant, and the quality is all that could
be desired for a medium priced instrument. It is very
fine for solos.

207 Hartman, German, 1823

Price ..... $75 00

Stradivarius model, good wood and varuish, responds
easily and is a good violin for orchestra v/ork. The
tone is big and it plays easily.

208 Hulinski, Prague, 1798

Price . . . . . $75 00

This is also a good violin for orchestra. It is in good
condition and has a very nice quality of tone. Varnish
is deep red very pretty, just the thing for a pupil who
wants a nice smooth tone.

209 Michele Deconet, Venice, 1756

Price ..... $400 00

Model of this violin is of the Amati Stradivarius
type. Varnish is reddish yellow, very fine. The wood
is beautiful, straight and even grained, not too fine.
The tone is exceptionally fine, the quality is very
velvety and it plays easily. We can recommend this
instrument for concert work, as the writer has tried it
in a very large hall, and it carries fine.

210 Oarl Grim, German, Berlin, 1820

Price ..... $175 00
This is really a fine violin for anj- purpose. It is in
elegant condition and has a beautiful round and rich
tone. The varnish is of an amber yellow with a tinge
of red in it. The work is exceptionally well executed.
The model is that of Stradivarius, it responds easily
and is very brilliant.


' " > J, J \ >J

211 Thos. Perry, Dublin, 1776

Price ..... $150 00

This maker has certainly turned out many good
violins, and some of them command admiration in many
respects. The tone of this instrument is sweet and
clear, the varnish and workmanship are excellent. He
was a fine workman ; copied Nicolas Amati very closely
and was sometimes called the Stradivarius of Ireland.

212 Francois Richards, Paris, 1840

Price $80 00

A very nice violin of the Stradivarius type, with
large smooth tone. Suitable for most any purpose.
Brownish red varnish, good condition.

213 Thos. Perry and Wm. Wilkenson, Dublin, 1811

Price 1125 00

The Wm. Wilkenson mentioned on the label of this
violin, became a partner of Thos. Perry about the year
1810, and all the violins after that period bears the
firm's name.

214 Oaussin Nicolas, French, 1840

Price ..... $125 00

Large Stradivarius model varnish brownish yellow,
good quality, good instrument for orchestra, big
brilliant tone.

215 L. Bausch, German, 1829

Price ..... $200 00
The tone of this violin is simply immense, it is very
powerful and of fine quality. The model is that of
Joseph Guarnerius. The wood is of the finest
character and the workmanship excellent. This violin
was played in concert by Mr. Adolph Rosenbecker, the
noted Chicago violinist, and he said it was an excellent
solo violin as well as an orchestra instrument. The
varnish is deep red and very handsome.

216 Gio. Bap. Tononi, Boulogne, 1740

Price ..... $500 00
This is an Italian violin, and its maker enjoyed the
reputation of having made some excellent instruments.
The model is high and the tone is very beautiful, being
of a very dark color and is very rich and mellow. We
would especially recommend this instrument for a lady,
on account of its easy playing qualities. The varnish
is of a beautiful amber yellow and plenty of it.

217 Nicolas, French, 1822

Price ..... $150 00

Large flat model, powerful tone and of good quality.

Amber yellow varnish, good wood, and in fine

218 Petrus Antonis Delia Casta, Italian, 1767

Price . . . . . $350 00

For tone, both quality and quantity this violin is a
beauty, and any one wishing a fine tone instrument
would certainly secure a gem in this one. The model
is flat and of the Stradivarius character, it plays
easy, and carries fine in large hall.


219 Budernagle, Germany, 1813

Price $165 00

A fine solo instrument, modeled after Jacobus
Stainer. The tone is full and ver}^ sweet, the varnish
very nice quality and very pleasing to the eye.

220 Joan Kloz, Mittenwald, 1741

Price ..... $250 00
The Ktoz family has a world wide reputation for their
violins, and any one who has one can rest assured they
have something good. This violin is in a fine state of
preservation and has a lovely tone. The varnish is an
amber yellow, and the model is that of the Amati type.

221 Joseph Gagliano, son of Nicolas, Naples, 1700

Price ..... $450 00
A very prominent family in the violin world. Their
instruments are much esteemed by connoiseurs, and
always bring good prices. This violin has a very
clear sweet tone and is beautifully made, fine wood
and varnish.

222 Mathias Kloz, Mittenwald, 1695

Price ..... $250 00
A very fine specimen, varnish dark brown. Model is
that of Amati, fine condition, sweet and mellow tone.
Very fine for solos.

223 Breton, French School, 1850

Price ..... $100 00
Good model and tone, very good condition, a musician's


224 Antonis Casini, Italian, 1705

Price ..... .$200 00

Copy of AmaTi. Very fine tone, good quality and
very brilliant. A fine student's violin who is doing
solo work.

225 Joseph and Antonis Qagliano, Naples, 1786

Price ..... $300 00
This is a high model violin, and the tone is very
responsive and velvety, and is a lovely instrument to
play. Excellent for lady.

226 G-abriel David Buohstatter, German, 1753

Price ..... $150 00
A beautiful specimen of the German workman, fine
tone, splendid varnish and wood. Good for solo work.

227 P. Ficker, >^ size, Tyrolean School, 1760

Price ..... $50 00

A violin with fine tone, very sweet and mellow. For a

228 J. B. Vuillaume, French School, 1827

Price ..... ^350 00
A very good specimen, splendid robust tone and fine

229 Li. Lowendall, German, 1889

Price ..... $50 00

Stradivarius model, big tone. Good for orchestra.


Bergonzi Viola. (1721)



(R. BiWyETT. ESQ.) •" ■> j

230 German Violin, % size

Price . . . . . $50 00

Good tone, smooth and mellow. For child.

231 Jacob Ranch, German, 1749

Price $125 00

Splendid instrument, large full tone, plays easy, AmaTi

232 Carlo Ferd. Landolphns, Italian School, 1783

Price ..... $400 00
This is a ver}' fine specimen of the Italian makers, is in
a fine state of preservation and possesses a beautiful
singing tone. Fine solo violin.

234 Tomasso Oarcasi, Italian, 1740

Price ..... $350 00
A very fine specimen of this maker's work, which is
much sought by violin lovers. The tone is very
beautiful and very responsive. The wood and varnish
are very handsome and it is just the instrument for an

236 Ferdinand Gagliano, Naples, 1762

Price ..... $500 00
Fine specimen, flat model, back in two pieces of curly
maple, peculiarly marked sides very similar wood.
Top is of medium grain. Varnish is a rich orange
yellow, color entirely original. Perfect condition, no
patches or cracks. Very strong tone.


237 Nicolas Gagliano, Naples, 1738

Price ..... $250 00
Stradivarius model, flat not high, wood of back
and sides rather plain, but of fine quality. Back in
two pieces. Top of fine quality. Preservation ver}-
fine. Varnish yellowish brown. Strong brilliant tone,

239 Januarius Ventapane, Naples, 1780

Price ..... $300 00
Flat model, beautiful wood, deep red varnish. Perfect
condition. No cracks or patches.

240 Franz Hornsteiner, Mittenwald, 1730

Price ..... $160 00
Small Amati model. Brown varnish, handsome wood.
Good preservation.

241 Ferdinand Kramer, Vienna, 1719

Price ..... $100 00'
Good specimen. Dark red brown varnish, fine qualitj-
of wood. Easy playing and responsive.

242 Ferdinand Gagliano, Naples, 1760

Price ..... $350 00
Similar to 236, but not so fine. Orange brown varnish,
flat model, handsome wood, strong, far-carrying tone.

243 Jacobus Stainer, 1670

Price ..... |300 00
Beautifully figured back and sides. Dark brown
varnish, lion's head. Brilliant and free tone.


244 Old English

Price $100 00

Well made, strong free tone. Orange red varnish,
handsome wood.

245 George Adam Guetler, Neukershen, 1840

Price $85 00

Stradivarius model, good workmanship and pre-
servation. Brown red varnish.

246 Adam Martin, Adorf, 1835

Price $90 00

Flat model, brown varnish.

247 A. Piedment, Paris, 1830-40

Price $125 00

Small Stradivarius model. Brownish red varnish.
Good tone.

248 Old Saxon Violin, 1800-10

Price ..... $50 00

Good wood and varnish.

249 Johann Andreas Htinuner, Schiinbach, 1798

Price ..... $100 00
Flat model, whole back, good condition. Strong free
tone. Good business violin, no purfling.

250 Good Old German Violin, dates about 1840

Price $45 00

Flat model, good wood and fair varnish. Brilliant


251 Joseph Pauli, Lenz, 1850

Price ..... $75 00

Smooth free tone. Rich orange red varnish, handsome
wood. Good condition.

252 Phillippe Aschner, Mittenwald, 1813

Price ..... .$80 00

Dark brown varnish, good wood, excellent condition.

253 Gerard, Paris

Price ..... $100 00
I^arge model, deep red varnish, handsome wood in
back and sides. Good violin for a musician.

254 Old Saxon Violin, dates about 1830

Price . . . . . $65 00

HOPF style. Brown varnish, good tone.

265 Mathias Placht, Schtinbach, 1744

Price . . . . . $80 00

Small model, well developed, dark brown varnish,
good tone.

256 F. Pellunente, Paris, 1833

Price $125 00

Large flat model. Handsome wood, dark red varnish,
good condition.

257 Good Old German Violin, date 1840

Price . . . . . $60 00


' O "

258 Andreas Astler, 1770

Price $60 00

AmaTi model, brown varnish, excellent preservation.
Strong robust tone.

259 Julius August Lipp, Mitten wald, Tyrol, 1760

Price . . . . . $75 00

Small Stradivarius model, dark brown varnish.
Whole back of slightly curled maple.

260 Jos. Paulus Ohrista, 1754

Price ..... $100 00
Small model, dark red varnish, strong free tone. Good
appearance, wide grain top. Good violin for musician.

261 Johann Sigel, 1830

Price . . • . . . |50 00

I^arge broad model, dark red varnish, whole back.
Strong full tone.

262 Good Old German Violin

Price . . . . . $60 00

Excellent condition, possessing sweet tone.

263 George Hornstainer, Mitten wald, 1792

Price ..... $150 00

Hornstainer was one of the foremost of the Tyrolian

violin makers. His work is always artistic and his tone

of fine singing quality, very sweet. The model is

AmaTI. The varnish a dark red and of rich appearance.


264 J. Edlenger, Prague

Price . . . . . $90 00

Good Bohemian maker. Good workmanship, strong
easy playing violin.

266 Johann Stoss, Prague, 1835

Price . . . . . $75 00

Red brown varnish, handsome wood, good condition.
Strong correct tone.

266 Anton Schill, Bambach, 1770

Price . . . . , $90 00

High model, good wood and varnish, pleasing tone.

267 Martinus Mathias Fechtl, Vienna, 1792

Price ..... $125 00

FECHTi, was one of that brilliant galaxy of violin
builders who made Vienna famous. This is one of his
best instruments. The workmanship is of a very high
grade. The wood he selected for its brilliant tone
qualities and fine appearance. The varnish is of fine
quality. In color it is of a dark red brown. It is
largely original, and presents a rich appearance.

268 Old German Violin

Price ..... $165 00

This is a fine old violin at a moderate price. The tone
is brilliant and strong. It is in excellent preservation^


269 Good Old O-erman Violin, 1815

Price $60 00

Good wood and varuish, excellent tone. Nice high

270 Made in Saxony about 1850

Price $50 00

Good tone.

271 Alexander Hammel, Adorf, 1790

Price ..... $75 00

Good flat model, dark brown varnish, excellent con-
dition, strong free tone. Back of one piece of curly

272 Carlos Frederich Meyer

Price . . . . . $75 00

Small pattern, almost % size. Very suitable for a
young lady. The varnish is dark brown and very
lustrous. The back is formed by one piece of curly
maple. It possesses extraordinarily sweet tone quality.

273 German Violin, 1846

Price . . . . . $50 00

Strong free tone.

274 Jacobus Staub, Ausberg, 1785

Price $145 00

GuARNERius model, dark brown varnish. Back in
two pieces plain maple, wide edges, irregular inlaying.
Brilliant tone.


275 Wm. Oonant, Brattleboro, Vt., 1840

Price ..... $50 00

Flat model, dark brown varnish, ornamented back,
good wood. Conant was one of the prominent New
England makers of his day.

276 Good Example of French Work of 1830 - '40

Price . . . . . $75 00

Whole back, handsome wood, orange red varnish, fine
condition. Stradivarius model.

277 Old German Wood of 1840 - 45

Price ..... $50 00

Good condition, dark brown varnish.

278 Gaspard Mengard, Paris, 1827

Price . . , . . $75 00

Orange red varnish, flat model, whole back of curly
maple, excellent top. Strong tone.

279 Joseph Kramer, Mittenwald, 1780

Price $125 GO

Dark red varnish, medium high model, back in two
pieces. Lion's head, curly maple back. Good strong
free tone.

280 Hermann Schmidt, Tyrol, 1818

Price ..... $100 00
Red brown varnish, whole back of curly maple,
excellent condition, strong full tone.




The "Betts" Stradivari. 1704

l>IR, GEO. H4RT) '> ;

231 Adolph Meyer, Neukershen, 1780

Price $125 00

Good maker. Excellent preservation, back in one
piece curly maple, fine grain top, strong tone.

282 Old English Work

Price . . . . . $90 00

Excellently made, brown-yellow varnish, handsome
wood, strong full tone, back one piece.

283 Johann Christian Oheburg, Stockholm, 1790

Price ..... $75 00

Bird's eye maple, back and sides, whole back, orange
red varnish, medium high model.

284 Old Bavarian Violin

Price ..... $50 00

285 Anton Oare Merkel, Adorf, 1821

Price . . . . . $75 00

Brown varnish, whole back, plain maple, good con-
dition. Am ATI model.

286 J. Diehl, Hamburg, 1860

Price ..... $85 00

Good German maker.

287 Oamillus Oamilli, Mantua, 1731

Price ..... |375 00
Beautiful Amati model, rich brown-yellow varnish,
back in two pieces curly maple, plain sides, beautiful
tone, no patch in top.


288 Peter Gruarnerius, Venice, 1760

Price $350 00

Flat model, long corners, dark red varnish, back in
two pieces, beautiful wood, fine work, good condition,
large tone.

289 Jos, &; Antonio Gagliano, Naples

Price $350 00

Large model, rich dark red varnish, handsome wood,
broad grain top, good condition, strong fine concert

290 Carlo Landolphus, Milan

Price ..... $250 00
Flat model, light amber varnish, whole back, handsome
wood, superb tone.


235 Viola by Carlo Tononi, Italian, 1744

Price ..... $250 00
This is a very fine viola, in perfect condition. The
model is flat and the tone very strong and of good
carrying capacity. The varnish is of a very dark
brown and very fine.


S40 Old German Viola, about 1790

Price $150 00

Amati model, good wood, amber-yellow varnish, tone
very sweet and carries well.


241 Oennaro Gagliano, Naples, 1750

Price $500 00

Perfectly preserved, original scroll and varnish,
beautiful work and wood. Fine robust tone, a first-
class solo instrument for an artist.

242 Jo. Bap. Oeruti, Cremona, 1796

Price ..... $400 00
This instrument is simply a beauty. Elegant varnish,
fine wood, excellent condition and has a strong tone
with plenty of quality.

"233 Franz Guisserhof, German, 1810

Price $250 00

A very nice solo instrument. Varnish is very fine,
looks like fine Italian, quality of tone is of a very high
order. Just the instrument for solo work. Fine state
of preservation.

M. Hornsteiner, German, 1803

Price $175 00

A very nice orchestra instrument. Very strong tone
and carries fine. Plenty of wood, and good workman-
ship. Varnish is of light redish yellow and of good



We have some very fine old wood for violins from 40 to 100
3'ears old, which we can sell for reasonable prices considering
the article. Our expert will be very glad to correspond with
any one who would like information on the subject. We also
furnish all kinds of first-class material for violin making, such
as necks, ribs, bridges, etc.


Violin E Italian tested, 3 lengths, each


(( 11



u a



" not "

(( li a



(( n n











E Lion & Healy, tested German, each

Cello A Italian tested, each
'* D
" A Roman "

.^0 30

We handle the celebrated Grim solid silver G string and can


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