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and aid from many high authoi'ities on the subject in ques-
tion, have enal)led Mr. Plill to give liis book a degree of com-
])leteiiess which leaves notliiiig to be desired. Not onl}- doc-
uments, but also fac-similes accompany tlie work, with two
full-page etcliings, several steel portraits and numerous care-
fully executed engravings on wood —8 vo. -tlO.OO.

[In tliis dcparUnent compilei-.s ol" local or family lii.story may insert a
notice of their intention to publish. If publishers and authors will send
their circulars to the editor, a notice will be made up in the office and
published free of charge.]

Thk Dutton Family. — Mr. W. Tracy Eustis, No. 19 Pearl
St., Boston, Ma-is., is com[)iling a Genealogy of the Descend-
ants of John Dutton, who was in New England in 1630.

The Moseley Family. — Mr. W. Tracey Eustis is at
work on tlie Mosely family, dv^scendants of Thomas Moseley
who landed in Dorchester, Mass., in 1635. Send information
and orders to him at No. 19 Pearl St., Boston, Mass.


Ladd Family.— Mr. Warren T^add, 677 County St., New
Bedford, Mass., is compiling a genealogy of the descendants
of Daniel Ladd of Haverhill, Mass., Jose})h Ladd of Ports-
mouth, H. L, John Ladd of Charles City County, Va., and
John Ladd of Burlington, N. J. The ])Ook will he puhlished
hy E.Authon}' & Sons, New Bedford, and will contain ahout
300 pages. Price, -13. Send orders to Mi-. Ladd.

HiGLEY Family. — At a reunion of the Higley family, held
in Simsbury, Conn., Aug. 20 and 21, 1890, a committee con-
sisting of Warren Higley, of New York city, Edwin H. Hig-
ley, of Groton, Mass., and Albert C. Bates, of East Granby,
Conn., were appointed to })ublish the histor^^ of the family,
which had, for some time, been in course of preparation by
Maiy Colitin Johnson, the family historian. The book will
be a tine octavo volume of about 4o0 pages, printed on good
paper, illustrated and bound in appropriate and attractive
style. The edition will be limited to 300 copies, and sold to
subscribers at i5.0u per copy. Send orders to Hon. Wanen
Higley, 120 Broadway, New York, N. Y.

Williams F'amily. — Prof. Edward Higginson Williams,
Jr., 117 Church street, Bethlehem, Penn., has been engaged
for twenty-two years in compiling the records of the descend-
ants of Robert Williams, of Norwich, England, who sailed
thence for New England, April 8, 1637. The work is to be
a complete statistical record of each child of the Williams
parentage, and of the children and grandchildi-en of the fe-
male members of the family.

Parker Family. — "Sir. Theodore Parker, 10 Hawley St.,
Worcester, Mass., has made researches for several years, re-
garding the Parker family in America, having in preparation
the genealogy of the Parkers of Lexington, Mass. He cor-
dially invites all interested to coirespond with him.

PuLLEN Family. — Mr. Charles Pullen, of Memphis, Tenn.,
has, for the past two years, been engaged in the preparation


of 11 Genealogical history of the Pulleu family in America-
He will be pleased to correspond witli all interested.

Lamb. — I am gathering material for a genealogy of
the Laml)s of tlie United States wlio are of New Eng-
land descent. Would like to hear from any genealogist
who finds tlie name in original records. Will reciprocate by
something, if possible, on his family from a collection of obit-
uaries, local histories, old newspapers, &c.

Westfield, N. Y. Frank B. Lamb.


[Tliis department is open to subscribers only. J

Bancroft's History of the LTnited States. — I desire
to purchase Vol. 4, of Bancroft's History of the LTnited
States, Centenary edition. Boston: Little, Brown & Co.,
1876. A good pi-ice will be paid for a fair copy.

Newport. li. 1. Iv. H. TiLLEY.

Newpoi!T County History. — I wisli to exchange one
copy of the Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island for one
copy of the Histoiy of Newport County (ILL,) recently pub-

Providence, R. 1 , Box SI. ,L O. Austin.



$2.00 PEf^ ANNUM


NC. 2


ilM^^ -"

— iO) ►-

ewjE|ilgl^(i il^iii^toiy.

fi; p ' ^a"^ y3^; jT



^ I^/C^dillm of ilatercsmnaimicaliGR for Sfistcrical
ar.d (aeaealogical Sliidentc.

APRIL, 1891.


U. H. T I L L E V .


[Entered at Newport, R. I. Tost Office as second clasB matter ]

Magazi ne of New England History.


Newport, R. I. ) per Annum- l editor a>'D Publishek.

Tlie Magazine of New England History 's made up of OutrtiNAL and Selected Arti .
OLES relating to New England local :>nd family history; N'TES and Quekies, in which
department all interested mny ask for information, historical or genealogical, to be gent
to their address, or published in the Magazine; HooK Notes; Announcements of local
and family history in preparation; and Wants, a department for the use of subscribers
only. Selected Articles will be corrected by the authors before they are reprinted.

While such Historical and Genealogical matter, only, as may be relied on for accuracy
and authenticity will be published, it is understood that the publisher is not responsible
forimisstatements of facts (if any,) or for the oi)inions contained or expressed in articles
printed under the names, or initials, of contributois, All interested are respectfully in-
vited to furnish, for publication, articles and items relating to New England local, family
and church history.

Direct all communications and exchanges to


Newport, R. I.

Magazine of New En g land Histor y.

Vol. I. No. 2. April, 1891.


Robert Williams of Roxbury, and his Descendants 65

Rev. James Hillhouse, of New London, and his family 92

The part borne by Sergeant John White Paul, in the capture of Gen-
eral Prescott, 1777 9S

Notes.— Founder of Harvard College, 109. The Massachusetts Society
of the Sons of the American Revolution, 109.- The Kennebec, Me ,
Natural History and Antiquarian Society, 109. Beverly, Mass.,
Historical Society, no. An Historical building saved, 110. The
Crave of Rev. Warham Williams, no. Portsmouth, N. H., His-
torical Society, ni. Earle Family, ni. The Backus Memorial,
n2. In Memory of Rev Samuel Langford. D. U.. n2.
Queries — Historical. — The oldest Baptist Church. n3. The first
Grammar School in Boston. 113. Col. Starr of Connecticut, n3.
State Treasurer of New Hampshire, 1791, n3. Genealogical-
Lane, n3. Salisbury-Eddy, n4. Choate, 114. Johnson, n4.
Eaton, 115. Jones, 115. Crandall, ns. Messer, n6. Myers, 116.
Wood-Kingsley, n6. Cock-Rushmore-Prior-Birdsall-AUing, n7.
Jones-Austin, n7. Williams, n7. Weaver, n8 Chester, ng.
Reed, 120.
Replies to Queries. — Quinnatissit. Conn,, 12c. An Invitation to settle in
New England, 120.

Historical Societies 121

Record of Marriages by Rev. Gardner Thurston, pastor of the Second

Baptist Church. Newport. R. 1.. i759-i<Soo 124

'^i^^ -


Vol 1. APRIL. 1891. No. 2.

Robert Williams of Roxbury, and his


^ HE following is an attempt at the early family record
of Robert Williams, of Roxbury, a record that has
proved puzzling to all who attempted to unravel its
intricacies. The author of the "Williams Family"
(1847), gave him a brother Nicholas ; two wives, Elizabeth
Stratton and Martha Strong ; four children, Samuel, Isaac,
Stephen and Thomas, and two unknown grandchildren,
(named in his will) Deborah Totman and Elizabeth Robin-
son. A coat of arms was attiibuted to him, and a probability
expressed that he came from an ancient family of Williams,
of Flint, named by Thoresby (Ducatus Leodiensis), though
no attempt was made to trace his ancestry, beyond citing a
family tradition that he came from Norwich, England.

Savage (Genealogical Dictionary) adds a wife Margaret,
widow of John Fearing of Hingham, Mass , and children,
Mary, wife of Nicholas Wood (on the assurance of Mr. Clap),
and John (from the record of his death, intestate, and the
possible entry in the Roxbury church record, where a daugh-
ter Elizabeth is admitted to membership), though he notes
that the parent may be Robert rather than John. He doubts
the existence of wife Martha and son Thomas, as no mention
of them occurs in any of the Roxbury records. He also


(loul)ts the age attributed to the first wife Elizabeth Stratton,
and this doubt Avill present itself to each one who compares
her age, as given b}^ the record, with the dates of the births
of her three youngest children, and with the age of Robert
as given Liter on.

W. H. Whitmore (American genealogist) notices the book
of 1847, above given, and states that the right to use the coat
of arms is not proven. Others have touched upon various
branches of the family in magazine articles, pamphlets, and
one small book ; but, with tlie exception of the brochure of
Mr. Weld French, nothing has been added to the facts noted

After nearly a quarter of a century of interest in the sul>
ject, the following seems to have been the status of the first
four generations of the family of Robert Williams. As a
history of the steps by which the facts have been obtained
would be too extended for a magazine article, a mere skeleton
of the record will be given. The data will be discussed in
the forthcoming family record. As one or two of the state-
ments here made are not yet fully proven, this article aims to
draw attention to them, so that their defects may be rectified,
or the statements themselves disproved.

1. Robert^ Williams seems to have been born in Eng-
land in ] 608 (Embarkation record and the record of Rev.
William Williams, of Hatfield, agree on this point). He
was a "Cordwynar" of Norwich Co., Norfolk, England,
for at least a short time before sailing, April 8, 1637, in the
"John & Dorethy of Ipswich," Wm. Andrews, Master, "Fo.
newengland to Inhabitt." It is probable that he came of the
extensive family of the name near Norwich, which reaches
back to a considerable antiquity, and which has probably
given others of the name to Ncav England. His first wife,
Pjlizabeth Stalhan, may also have come from the neighbor-
hood, as similar records have been found. She died at Rox-
bmy, Mass., July 28, 1674, "aged 80 years." Robert Wil-
liams married, second, at Hingham, Mass., Nov. 3, 1675,
Margaret, widow of John Fearing of Hingham. She died


at Roxbury, Dec. 22, 1690. The third wife, Martha Strong,
or Story, is either a myth, or lie married Martha, widow of
Deacon William Parke, as the dates of death and the ages of
the two Marthas are identical. The first supposition is more
probable. Robert did not bring his brother Nicholas with
him, but did bring four children, Elizabeth, Deborah, John
and Samuel, and two servants, Mary Williams, aged 18 years,
and Anne Williams, aged 15 years. Mary was the second
wife of Nicholas Wood, before mentioned, and Anne was
probably his third wife and survived him. (See his will.)
Robert Williams died at Roxbury, Sept. 1, 1698, aged 86.
Nicholas Williams died there Aug. 27, 1692.

After a study of Thoresby, Burke, and other writers on the
English gentry, the conclusion is forced that Mr. Whitmore
was right in his comment, and that the coat of arms in the
work of 1847 belongs to the family of Mathew, and did so
belong before the origin of the "Ancient family of Williams
or Flint." Sir George Williams took the arms of Mathew
with the name, as is commonly the case ; but, even if the
coat were that of Williams, there is nothing to show that
Robert was of the Flint family. The chances are that he
will be found to have belonged to as ancient a family near
Norwich, as has been stated. As searches are now being
made, and as the matter is still in embryo, nothing will be
said regarding what has already been proved from wills and
records in England. The children were all by the first wife.
They were :

2. I. Elizabeth^, b. in England ;

3. II. Deborah^, b. in England :

III. John2, b. in England ; d. at Roxbury, Oct. 6,
1658, unmarried and intestate ;

4. IV. SamueP, b. in England. 1632 ;

5. V. Isaac^, b. at Roxbury, Sept. 1, 1638 ;

6. VI. Stephen^, b. at Roxbury, Nov. 8, 1640 ;

VII. Thomas^. Probably authentic, from similarity
of name to many in England. Date of birth
and death unknown. Family tradition states
that he died in youth.


2. IClizabeth^ Williams. Admitted to tlie church at
Roxbuiy ill 1644. She was the mother of Elizabeth Robin-
son, as none of the other children could have been the parent
of that grandchild. Elizabeth Kobinson was proljal)!}' the wife
of Wm. Robinson of Concord-Newton-Watertown. Jonathan
Robinson, son of the above, left a copy of the will of Richard
Cutter among his papers, endorsed "For the two Robinson
grandchildren of the deceased," which seems to show that
Elizabeth Robinson was the daughter of Richard Cutter of
Cambridge. Richard Cutter had two wives, and a daughter
Elizabeth by each. Bond gives a date of death of the first
one ; but the "Cutter Family" a later publication, says that
the date of her death is unknown. There have been instan-
ces of the same name having been given to a second child
when the first of the name was living. If Bond be right in
saying that Mary, daughter of Jonathan and Mar}^ {French)
Hyde, was the wife of Nathaniel Hammond, there were two
Marys in the family alive at the same time, as the Supreme
Court records show that Mary, wife of Eleazer Williams,
was daughter of Jonathan Hyde by his second wife Mary,
daughter of John Rediat. The two cases will be exactly
parallel. If, therefore, Elizabeth Robinson, above, be the
daughter of Richard Cutter, she must have been by the first
wife, as the second Elizabeth was but two years old at the
date of birth of the eldest Robinson child, and tlie first wife
of Richard must have been Elizabeth Williams, daughter of
Robert. They were married in 1644. Elizabeth^ died at
Cambridge, March 5, 1662. Iler age was unknown, but
given as "about 42," which would make her older than her
husband, who died June 16, 1693, "about 72." Children :

7. I. Elizabeth^, b. July 15, 1645 ;

II. SamueP, b. Jan. 3, 1647 ; d. unmarried ;
IH. Thomas^ b. July 19, 1648; according to one ac-
count he "died soon" ; to another he married
Abigail , had 4 ch. and d. })rob. 1693 ;

8. IV. William^, b. Feb. 22, 1650 ;


9. V. EpluaiinS, b. 1651 ;
10. VI. Gershom^, b. June, 1653 ;
VII. Maiy3, (or Marah.)

3. Deborah^ Williams married in the early part of
1648, John Turner of Roxbury, next-door-neighbor, but one,
to her father, as his second wife. Their first child was born
and their first two children were baptized at Roxbury. They
probably removed to Medfield in 1649, as they are found at
that place as original proprietors in the next year. Part of
their Roxbury estate was sold to Deacon William Parke of
Roxbury. Deborah^ died at Medfield in 1676, and John in
1705, having previously married a third wife named Alice.
Children :

Deborah-^, baptized Jan. 14, 1649 ;

Johns, b. March 3, 1651 ;

Isaac^, b. 1654 ;

Mary3, b. Nov. 18, 1658 ;

Samuel'^, b. 1661 ; d. unmarried, at Medfield;

Sarah'^, b. 1663 ;

Abigail^, b. 1667 ;

Hannah^, b. 1670 ; d. uinnarried, at Walpole.

4. Samuel^ Williams, shoemaker, deacon, etc., lived at
Roxbury ; married March 2, 1654, Theoda, eldest daughter
of Deacon William and Martha {HoJgrave) Parke, of Rox-
bury, and sister of Martha, who married his brother Isaac.
Theoda was born July 26, 1637, and, after the death of Sam-
ueP, Sept. 28, 1698, married Stephen Peck (not Park, as
given by Savage ; see gravestone at Roxbury, and SewalTs
diary for note of her funeral), and died August 2, 1718.
Children :

I. Elizabeth'^ b. Feb. 1 ; d. March 10, 1655 ;

17. II. SamueP, b. April 27, 1656 ;

III. Martha^ b. April 29, 1657 ; d. Feb. 6, 1661 ;

IV. Elizabeth-'^, b. Feb. 11, 1660, m. Stephen, 3d sou





























of Stephen, Jr., and Anne ( Chickering) Paine
of Rehoboth, b. Nov. 23, 1654 ; d. March 12,
1710; she died, s. p. before August, 1707 ;
V. Theoda3, b. July 27, 1662 ; d. of small pox Feb.

John3, b. Dec. 10, 1664 ;

Ebenezer^, b. Dec. 6, 1666 ;

Deborahs, b. Nov. 20, 1668;

Martha^, b. May 19, 1671 ;

AbigaiP, b. July 12, 1674;

Parked b. Jan. 11, 1677;

Unnamed^ infant, b. and d. April 17, 1680.

6. IsAAC^ Williams ; weaver, captain, deacon, etc., at
Newton, Mass., married Martha Parke, mentioned before,
1660. She was b. March 2, 1642, and d. at Newton, Oct.
24, 1674, whither they removed immediately after marriage,
and settled on 500 acres purchased by her father from Major
Samuel Shepard. Isaac married second, Nov. 13, 1677, Ju-
dith, daughter of Peter and Elizabeth (^Smith) Hunt of Re-
hoboth, and widow of Nathaniel, son of Thomas Cooper of
the same, by whom she had had three children. She died in
1724, and Isaac^, Feb. 11, 1707. Children :
I. Isaac'^ b. and d. March 7, 1661 ;
Isaac^ b. Dec. 11, 1661 ;
Martha-s b. Dec. 27, 1663 ;
William^, b. Feb. 2, 1665 ;
John3, b. Oct. 31, 1667 ;
Eleazei-3, b. Oct. 22, 16a9;

Hannah^, b. Oct. 8, 1671, married (2d wife) John,
son of Job and Elizabeth {Fuller) Hyde of
Newton, born February 1, (Bond), Dec. 1,
(Jackson), 1681-2 ; died before 1739; shed.
8. p. April 28, 1739.
29. VIII. Elizabeth^, b. Oct. 8, 1671 (twin.)

IX. Thomas^, born Dec. 23, 1673. Jackson says that
he sold, 1708, his part of his father's estate ;



















but East Cambridge records do not show this
to be a fact. As he did not join in the pro-
test to his father's will, and as he is not men-
tioned in it, he probably died before his father.
There was, however, a Thomas Williams at
Newton, later, who by wife Lydia (Child) had
a daughter Lydia, b. July 22, 1754. It may
have been his son.

Children by the second wife :

I. Peter^, b. August 31, 1680 ; d. unmarried, 1732 ;
Sarah3, b. Oct. 2, 1688 ;
Mary3, b. Oct. 2, 1688 (twin) ;
Ephraims, b. Oct. 21, 1691.

6. Stephen^ Williams : farmer, captain, etc.,at Roxbury,
m. 1666, Sarah, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Thomson) Wise
of Roxbury, b. Dec. 19, 1617 ; d. 1728 ; he d. Feb. 15, 1720.
Children :

8arah'\ b. August 13, 1667;

IMaryS, b. Dec. 20, 1669 ;

Elizabeth^ b. Oct. 1, 1672 ;

Bethia^, b. April 26, 1676 ;

Stephen^, b. August 27, 1678 ;

Robert^, b.^July 13, d. October 30, 1680 ;

Joseph^, b. Feb. 24, 1682 ;

Jolnr^, b. January 16, 1684 ;

Henry3, b. April 9, d. August, 1686 ;

Graced b. April 2, 1688 ;

Catharine^ b. April 2, 1690; d. June 14, 1707;

Thomas'"^, b. July 27 ; d. September 1, 1694.

7. Elizabeth-"^ Cutter (Elizahetlfi, Robert^). Married
(probabl}^) William Robinson. The first two children were
born at Concord ; the rest at Newton ; Elizabeth^ died at
Newton : William at Watertown. They liyed at Newton on
a farm of 200 acres innnediately adjoining that of Isaac^
Williams. The homestead came to his son William'^; thence























to grandson John* ; thence to Jonathan^ Williams (^Imac^^
Isaac^, Isaac^, Robert^). Children:

I. Elizabeth*, b. at Concord ;
11. Hannah*, b. at Concord, July 13, 1671 ; d. at Cam-
bridge, October 5, 1672 ;

III. William*, b. at Newton, July 10, 1673 ; wife's name'

Elizabeth, who d. in 1747 ; he d. 1754, and
named in his will, brothers Jeremiah and Robert,
late of Newton ;

IV. Mary*, b. August 7, 1676 ;
V. David*, b. May 23, 1678 ;

VI. Samuel*, b. April 20, 1680;

VII. Jonathan*, b. April 20, 1682 (according to Jackson,
though the will of the father makes Samuel and
Jonathan twins) ; settled at Lexington ; (See
Hudson) ;
VIII. Robert*, b, unknown ; alive in 1754.

8. William^ Cutter {Elizabeth^ Robert^). Carpenter
Cambridge : married Rebecca Rolfe, who died November 23 1
1751, aged 90 ; he died April 1, 1723. Children :

I. Elizabeth*, b. March 5, 1681 ;
II. Richard*, b. November 13, 1682 ; married Mary Pike
at Woodbridge, N. J., where he resided ;

III. Mary,* b. February ; died April 2, 1685 ;

IV. Hannah*, b. May 20, 1688 ;

V. John*, b. October 15, 1690 ; Deacon, married Lydia
Harrington; died January 21, 1776 ;
VI. Rebecca*, b. January 18, 1693 ;

VII. William*, b. 1697 ; baptized September 16, 1700 ;
married Anne Rice, who died May 19, 1753 ;
VIII. Samuel*, b. June 14, 1700 ; married Anne Harring-
ton ; died September 27, 1737 ;
IX. Sarah*, baptized October 18, 1702 ;
X. Ammi Ruhamah*, b. May 6, 1705 ; Harvard College,
1725 ; minister to North Yarmouth, Me.


9. Ephraim^ Cutter {Elizabeth^ Robert^). Glazier at
Charlestown and Watertown-farms ; married Betliia, daugh-
ter of Nicholas and Mary ( WllUains) Wood of Medlield,
February 11, 1679. She died September 18, 1731, in lier 72d
year. Children :

I. Ephraim'*, b. August 9, 1680, at Brookfield ;

II. Jonathan^ b. May 5, 1685 ;

III. Bethia^ b. December 2, 1686 ;

IV. Mary*, died young ;

V. Hannah*, b. July 22, 1690 ;
VI. John*, b. July 28, 1700.

10. Gershom^ Cutter {Elizabeth"^, Robert^). Married
Lydia, daughter of Thomas and Isabel Hall of Charlestown,
March 6, 1678 ; died April 2, 1738. Children :

I. Gershom*, b. June 1, 1769 ; married Mehitable Ab-.

bott, June 11, 1701 ;

II. Lydia*, b. September 14, 1682 ;

III. Hannah*, b. November 26, 1684 ;

IV. Isabel*, b May 9, 1687.

11. Deborah^ Turner {Debora¥, Robert). Married
November 18, 1668, Jabez, son of John Totman (written
Tatman in the records of the time) of Roxbury, b. Novem-
ber 19, 1641 ; d. April 16, 1705 ; Deborah^ died May 31, or
June 1, 1689. He married, second, somebody by the name
of Davis. Children :

I. Joanna*, b. Se})tember 28, 1670 ; d. unmairied.
II. Deborah*, baptized August 10, 1673 ;

III. Elizabeth*, b. December 9, 1675, "-died of ye pox"

November 30, 1678 ;

IV. Unnamed infant*, b. and d. August, 1678;

V. Mary*, baptized December 26, 1680, d. Aug. 8, 1681 ;

VI. Mehitable*, l)aptized May 2, 1682 ;

VII. Sarah*, b. November 9, 1683 ; d. June, 1684 ;

VIII. John*, b. October 13, 1685 ; wife's name, Mary.


12. JOHN^ Turner {Deborah^ Robert^). Soldier in
Mosely's company? Settled in the south part of Medfield ;
married 1677, Sarah, daughter of Edward and Lydia (Rock-
wood) Adams, of Medfield, b. May 29, 1660. lie died in
1710. Children:

I. Deborah^, b. and d., 1679 ;

II. John^. b. 1681 ; married 1703, Mary, daughter of
John and Mary {Metcalf) Fisher of Medfiehl ;

III. Stephen^, 1). 168-1 ; married 1712, Judith, daughter

of John and Mary {Metcalf) Fisher ;

IV. Edward*, b. 1688 ; married 1745, Mercy, daughter

of Joseph and Mercy Wight of Medfield ; s.p.;
V. Ebenezer^ b. 1693 ; married Esther, daughter of
Joseph and Mary ( Wight) Clark, of Medfield.

13. IsAAC^ Turner (Dt-boraJi^ Robert^). Married 1682,
Rebecca, daughter of John and Rebecca ( Wheelock) Crafts, of
Roxbur3% b. August 28, 1660. After the death of Isaac^ in
1694, she married John Rock wood in 1708. Ciiildren :

I. Rebecca^ b. 1682; married James, son of Nathaniel
and Mary {Frizzell) Allen of Medfield ;
II. Elizabeth*, b. 1684.

III. Samuel*, b. 1686, mariied 1711, Mary, daughter of

Josiah and Mary {Twitchell) Rockwood of Med-
field. He died at Medfield in 1755 ;

IV. Isaac*, b. 1688 ;
V. Philip*, b. 1689.

14. MarY'"^ Turner (DeboraP, Robert^). Married John,
son of John and Joanna Parker of Newton ; b. at Cambridge,
December 15, 1651 ; died at Newton, ().;tober L713. She d.
Ahirch, 1715. Children :

I. John*, b. August 17, 1687 ; first wife, Esther ; sec-
ond wife, Hannah Pierce of Weston ; d. 1672 ;
II. Mary*, b- March 3, 1690 ; marrie<l Rol^ert Fuller of
Needham ;


III. Deborah*, b. February 11, 1693 ;

IV. Sarah'*, b. i\hirch 24, 1695 ; died unmarried 1724 ;

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