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V. Thomas*, b January 9, 1699, removed to Worcester.

15. Sakah^ Turner {Deborah^ Robert^). Married (sec-
ond wife) 1696, John, Jr., sou of Johu and Jane \^Damon
(Medtield Records), Dummer (Savage)] Plimton of Medfield,
born June 16, 1650, died January 13, 1704. SJie died 1738.
Children :

I. Sarah*, born 1700 ; died 1706 ;

II. Elizabeth*, born 1702, married Jonathan, son of Mi-
chael and Elizabeth {Bowen) Metcalfof Medfield.
He died 1725.

16. Abigail^ Turner (Deborah^ Robert^). Married
Samuel, son of Seth and Mary {Thurston) Smith of Medfield,
born 1665, died 1698, and she married second, 1706, Joseph,
3d son of Joseph, Jr., and ]\Iary {Allen') Clark of Medfield,
born June 14, 1664. She died 1756. Children by first mar-
riage :

I. Mary, born 1690 ;
II. Samuel, born 1693, married Hannah, daughter of
Ebenezer and Hannah {Clark} Mason of Med-
field. He died 1719.
Children by second marriage :

I. Abigail, born 1711, married 1730, Henry, son of
Henry and Mary {Adams) Smith of Medfield.
She died at Walpole.

17. Samuel^ Williams {SamueP, Robert'^). Roxbury,
married February 24, 1680, Sarah, daughter of John, Jr., and
Sarah \_(Brewer) Bruce] May of Roxbury, born September 8,
1659, died December 29, 1712. He married second, April
28, 1720, Dorothy, daugliter of Thomas, Jr., and Dorothy
( Whiting) Weld of Roxbury, born April 2 or 28, 1664, and
widow of William -Denison of Roxbury. He died August 8,
1735. Children:


I. Samuel'*, b. April 6, 1681, married Deborah, daugli-
ter of Samviel and Bethia Scarborough, of Rox-
bury ;
11. Theoda"*, b. December 8, 1682, married Samuel,
brother of Deborali just mentioned ;

III. John*, b. December 1, 1684, married Sarah, daughter

of Joseph and Sarah {Faxoti) AVeld of Roxbury ;

IV. Unnamed infant^ born and died January 1, 1687 ;
V. Sarah*, b. May 19, 1688, married John, son of John

and Hannah] (CVr^ts) Polly of Roxbury ;
VI. Ebenezer*, b. August 12, 1690, married Penelope,

daughter of John and Hannah {Talcott) Chester

of Wethersfield, Ct. ;
VII. Elizabeth*, b. January} 12, 1693, married (2d wife)

Samuel, son of Samuel and Martha ( Woodbridge)

Ruggles of Bellerica, Mass. ;
VIII. Eleazer*, b. February 20, 1695, married Sarah, dau'

of Thomas Tileston, of Dorchester, Mass. ;
IX. William* b. April 24, 1698, married Sarah, daughter

of Joseph and Joanna ( Whicliester) Stevens of

Roxbury ;
X. INIartha*, b. August 10, 1701, married Tliomas, son

of John and Anne {Lake) Cotton of Brookline,

Mass. ;
XI. Unnamed infant*, died July 25, 1704.

18. Rev. JOHN^ VVjlliams (/S'awMe/-, RoherO). Minister
at Deerfield, Mass.; married July 21, 1687, (Nlm. Riic),
Eunice, daughter of Rev. Eleazer and Esther ( Warham)
Mather of Northampton, Mass., b. August 2, 1664; killed by
the Indians March 1, 1704. He married second, her cousin
(whereat some comment) Abigail, daughter of Thomas and
Abigail ( Warliani) AUyn, of Windsor. Conn., born October
17, 1672, died June 21, 1754. He was seized with apoplexy
June 8, and died on the morning of June 12, 1729 ; captured
February 29, 1704, with the rest of the citizens of Deerfield,
and taken to Canada. Daughter Eunice remained amon^f


the Indians, and some of her descendants are probahly living
at Caughnawaga, Canada. Cliildren by first wife :

T. Eleazer^, b. Jnly 16, 1688, married Mary, danghter
of Rev. Nehemiah and Sarali (Jnrk.son) IIol)ai-t
of Newton, fiist minister to Mansfield, Conn. ;
II. Samuel'* b. January 24, 1690, died, unmarried, June
80, 1713;

III. Esther-i, b. April 10, 1691, married Kev. Josej)!), son

of Isaac and Deborah {Perkins') Meac^ham of
Coventry, (3onn. ;

IV. Stephen*, b. May 14, 1693, married Abigail, daugh-

ter of Rev. John and Martha [(^Gould) Selleck]
Davenport of Stamford, Conn. He married 2d,
Sarah, daughter of David and Sarah {Stehbins)
Chapin of Chicopee, Mass., and widow of Na-
thaniel, son of Nathaniel and Mary {Ferry) Burt
of Longmeadow, Mass. ; minister at Longmeadow ;
V. Eliakim*, b. May 1, 1695, died April 15, 1696 ;

VI. Eunice*, b. September IQ, 1696, married and re-
mained among the Indians at Caughnawaga,
Canada ;
VII. John*, b. January 19, 1698 ; killed by Indians Feb-
ruary 29, 1 704 ;
VIII. Warham*, b. September 16, 1699, manied Abigail,
daughter of George and Anna {Tlsdale) Leonard
of Norton, Mass. ; minister at Waltham, Mass. ;

IX. Jerusha*, b. Sept. 3, 1701, died September 11, 1701 ;

X. Jemima*, b. January 15, 1704; killed by Indians'
Felnuary 29, 1704.

Children by second wife :

I. Abigail*, b. September 27, 1708 ; married first, Ebe-
nezer, adopted son of Mahuman and Mary Hins-
dale, of Hinsdale, N. H. ; second. Col. Benjamin
Hall of Wallingford, Conn. ; third, Col. Ebene-
zer, son of Robert and Sarah {Hull) Silliman of
Fairfield, Conn.;


II. Jolm\ b. November 28, 1709, died June 9, 1714 ;

III. Eliakim*, b. Feb. 6, 1711, died infant:

IV. Elijah*, b. November 13, 1712 ; married Lydia, dau.

of Capt. Henry and Lydia {Hawley^ Dwiglit of
Hatfield ; second, Margaret, daughter of Col.
William and Catharine (^Brewer') Pyncheon ;
V. Sarah'*, b. September 28, 1716, died unmarried at
Waltham, February 19, 1736.

19. Ebenezer^ Williams {Samuel^, Robert^). Stoning-
ton ; married January 24, 1687, Mary, daughter of Isaac and
Martlia {Parke) Wheeler of Stoninoton, Conn., born Novem-
ber 22, 1669, died Jan. 3, 1709 ; second, July 12, 1711, Sarah,
daughter of Nathaniel and Mary {French) Hammond of
Newton, born August 3, 1675 ; d. September 5, 1751; (W.
F., February 13, 1747, (R. A. W.) ; he died Feb. 13, 1747.

Children by first marriage :

I. Theoda*, b. October 29, 1687, died Jan. 19, 1694 ;

II. Unnamed child*, b. September 17, died 20, 1691 ;

III. Mary*, b. January 7, 1694, died January 8, 1704 ;

IV. Samuel*, b. February 3, 1696, married Jemima, dau.

of Thomas and Mary {Hinsdale) Sheldon of
Northampton, Mass. ; second, Mary* Williams
(Fleazer^, Isaac\ Robert^) ;
V. Ebenezer*, baptized June 25, 1699, d. infant;
VI. Theoda*, b. January 3, 1701, died unmarried ;
VII. Silence*, b. December 8, 1703, married Oliver, son

of Josiah Grant ;
VIII. Ebenezer*, b, October 21, 1705, married twice ; no
childien ;
IX. Elizabeth*, b. October 21, 1705 (twin), married Jon-
athan Smith ;
X. Martha*, b. April 3, 1708, mariied Jeremiah Smith ;

Children by second marriage :

I. Unnamed son*, b. June 10 ; died 19, 1713;
II. Unnamed son*, b. May 12 ; died June 18, 1714 ;


III. NiitlianieP, h. July 24, 1715, inarried Amy, dancrli-

ter of Major Israel and Anna (Breed) Hewitt of
Stonington ; second, Abigail Eldredge of the
same ;

IV. Elislla^ b. Januaiy 12, 1719, mariied Thankful,

daughter of Joseph and Prudence (Minor) Deni-
son ; second, Eunice Williams {Nehemia¥, Elea-
zer^, Imac"^, Robert^) ; third, Esther, daughter of
Jonathan and Esther (Denison) Wheeler, of
Stonington ; fourth, tlie widow Eunice Baldwin.

20. Deborah^ Williams (Samuel'^, RoherO). Married
Joseph, son of Peter and Sarah (Tucker^ Warren of Boston ;
settled at Roxbury. He was boin Feb. 19, 1663 ; died July
13, 1729. She died October 6, 1743. Children :

I. SamueP, b. August 13, 1694, died in a few days ;
II. Joseph*, b. February 2, lu96, mariied Mary, daugh-
ter of Dr. Samuel and Mary ( Calefy Stevens of
Roxbury, and was the father of Gen. Joseph
Warren of Bunker Hill fame, Dr. Jobn Warren
of Boston, and others ;

III. Ebenezer*, b. January 26, 1699 :

IV. Sarah*, b. July 27, 1702;

\. John*, b. September 18, 1704 ;
YI. Hannah*, b. March 31, 1707.

21. Martha^ Williams (SamueP, Robert'^). Married
Jonathan, son of Jonathan and Clemence (Hosmer) Hunt of
Northampton, Mass., b. June 20, 1666, died July 1, 1738.
She died March 21, 1751. Children :

I. Theoda*, b. November 22, 1694, died unmari-ied ;
II. Jonathan*, b. April 24, 1697, married Thankful,
daughter of Jerijah and Thaid'cfui (Stebbins)
Strong of Northampton ;
III. Martha* b. April 18, 1699, married Rev. Thomas,
son of David and Sarah (Bisi<ell) White of Bol-
ton, Conn. ; second. Col. Thomas, son of Samuel
and Ruth (^llice) Welles of Glastonbury, Conn;


IV. Elizabeth*, b. March 2, 1701, inanied Ebenezer, son
of Ebenezer and Sarah Ponieroy of Northlield,
Conn. ;
V. SamneP, b. 1703, married Anna, daughter of John
and Esther (White) Ellsworth of Windsor, Conn.
YI. Mary^ b. November 14, 1705, married Col. Seth, son
of Ebenezer and Sarah Pomeroy of Northlield,
Conn., who was made senior Major General at the
beginning- of the Revolution, but resigned on ac-
count of the ill-feeling caused ;
VII. Joseph*, b. July 12, 1708, married Rachel, daughter
of Henry Wolcott of Northampton, Mass. ;
VIII. John*, b. August 31, 1712, married Esther Wells of

22. Abigail-^ Williams (^SamueP, Robert^'). Married
May 26, 1698, Experience, son of Samuel and Hannah
(^Stanley) Porter of Hadley, Mass , b. August 5, 1676, died
at Mansfield, Ct., where they removed after the births of all
their children, August 28, 1750. Slio died April 20,1765.
Children born at Hadley :

I. Tlieoda*, b. August 15, 1699, married Amos, son of
Henry and Anna {Ames') Wallbridge of Norwich,
Conn. ;
II. Hannah*, b. March 25, 1701, married William, son of
Daniel and Hannah \_{Lewis) Crow] Marsh of
Hadley, Mass. ; second, Major Joseph, son of
Samuel, Jr., and Martha {Burge) Storrs of Mans-
field, Conn. ;

in. Experience*, b. December 15, 1702; married Abigail
Safford ;

IV. John*, b. Dec. 27, 1704, married Abigail, daugh-
ter of John and Elizabeth (Cross) Arnold of
Mansfield, Conn. :
V. Abigail*, b. Marcli 19, 1707, married Nehemiah Es-
tabrook ;

VI. Nathaniel*, b. August 26, 1709, married Elizabeth,


daughter of Samuel and Mary (Iluckins) Storrs
of Mansfield, Conn. ;
VII. Martlia\ b. January 11, died February 18, 1712 ;
VIII. Eunice*, b. December 80, 1712, married Huckins,
son of Samuel, Jr., and Martha (Burge) Storrs of
Mansfield ;
IX. Mehitable^ b. July 30, 1715, married Thomas, son of
Robert and Bethia (Ford) Barrows of Plymouth,
Mass., and Mansfield, Conn. ;
X. Martha*, b. November 21, 1717, married Cornelius,
son of Thomas and Mehitable Storrs of Mans-

23. Parke^ Williams (SamueP, Robert^). Married
1698, Priscilhi, daughter of John and Bathsheba Payson of
Dorchester, Mass., b. July 28, 1674, died at Lebanon, Conn.,
April 6, 1746. He died there October 31, 1757. After the
birth of his children at Roxbury, he removed to Lebanon,
Conn. Mr. A. H. Wright has shown that Ebenezer*, placed
as a son of Parke-'^ in the "Williams Family," was a son of
Isaac^ (/ft'aac^ Robert^). How the error came to be intro-
duced into the first printed record is unknown, as the MSS.
notes of Mrs. Pitkin give Parke^ only the children who here
follow :

I. Samuel*, b. July 29, 1699, married Deborah Throop ;
II. Bathsheba*, b. August 28, 1701 ;
III. John*, b. June 6, 1706, of Sharon, Conn.;

24. IsAAC^ Williams {Itaac^, Robert^). Of Newton
till 1734, then at Roxbury, married 1685, Elizabeth, daugh-
ter of Jonathan and Mary (^French) Hyde of Newton, b.
September 4, 1659, died June 26, 1699 ; married 2d, 1709,
Mary, widow of Nathaniel Hammond, who is said by Bond to
have been the sister of his first wife. He married third,
Hannah , and died June 27, 1789. Children:

I. Isaac*, b. November 1, 1686, married Martha, daugli-
ter of Joshua and Abigail (Tarbell) Whitney of
Watertown ;


II. Jonathan*, b. November 5, 1687, not named in his
father's will, and probabl}', as Jackson sa3's, dead
before that time ;

III. Mary*, b. (there is something wrong about the date

of the birth of this child. Jackson gives Febru-
ary 27, 1688, and the compiler of the Williams
Family is equally wrong with Feb. 27, 1680^, m.
November 25, 1718, Benjamin, son of John and
Hannah Payson of Roxbury ;

IV. John*, b. April 30, 1689, m. Mary, daughter of Jo-

seph and Ann (^Chaplin) Goad of Roxbury ;
V. William*, b. September 19, 1690, remained at New-
ton and married there Experience, daughter of
Joseph and Deliverance {Jackson) Wilson, of
Newton. In 1728 went to Watertown ; in 1738
to Mansfield, Conn. Two of the sons went into
Vermont when that State was first opened. The
compiler is descended from the seventh child ;
VI. Ebenezer*, b. October 16, 1691, married Mar}^ dau.
of Andrew and Elizabeth Vetch of Lebanon-Gosh-
en, Conn. The descendants of this marriage
have been fully given in the work of A. S.
Wright, Esq. ;
VII. Samuel*, b. February 11, 1693, married Abigail,
daughter of William and Leah {Fisher) Godard
of Sherborn, Mass. ; married 2d, Abigail, daugh-
ter of Eleazer and Dorothy (^Badcock) Wood of
Natick, and granddaughter of Niciiolas and Mary
( Williams') Wood of the same ;
VIII. Martha*, b. September 12, 1694, married Jacob Pay-
son of Roxbury ;
IX. Daniel*, b. October 22, 1695 (^Jackson) 1696 (Wil-
liams Family), mari'ied Hannah, daughter of
John and Mary (^Cheiny) Holbrook of Roxbury;
X. Elizabeth*, b. September 23, 1697, d. unmarried.

25. Maktua^ Williams (Aaac^, RulerO). Married


John, son of Peter and Elizabeth {Smith) Hunt of Relio-
botli, and brother of the second wife of her father, b. October
15, 1656; died October 21, 1716; lived at Rehobotli, where
she died October 2, 1701. Children :

I. Peter^ b. February 27, 1683, married Abijatli Bowen ;

married 2d, Anna, daughter of Samuel and AI)i-
gail (Fiissell) Paine of Woodstock, Conn;

II. MercyS b. January 10, 1687, d. unmarried ;

III. Deborah*, b. May 27, 1692, m. Joseph Barber ;

IV. Judith^ b. April 14, 1695, died before 1703 ;

V. Hannah*, b. June 19, 1697, married Henry Healy ;
Vr. Ephraim*, b. August 23, 1700, maried Sarah, dau.
of Jathniel and Sarah {Smith) Peck of Ileho-
both ; married 2d, Rachel Nichols.

26. William^ Williams {haac^, Roaert^). Minister at
Hatfield, Mass., married July 8, 1686, Elizabeth, daughter
of Rev. Seaborn and Dorothy (Bradttreet) Cotton of Hamp-
ton, N. H., born August 13, 1665, died May 7, 1698 ; married
2d, August 9, 1699, Christian, daughter of Rev. Solomon
and Esther [(TFa^-Aaw) Mather] Stoddard of Northampton,
Mass., b. Aug. 23, 1676, died April 23, 1764. He died Aug.
31, 1741. Children:

I. William*, b. April 30, d. May 5, 1687 ;

II. William*, b. May 11, 1688, married Hannah, daugh-

ter of Solomon and Esther [(Warhayn) Mather]
Stoddard, and sister of his father's second wife ;
married 2d, Sarah, widow of Rev. James Stone of
Newton-Holliston ;

III. Martha*, b. October 8, 1690, married Edward, son of

Samuel and Mehitable ( Crow) Partridge of Ilat-
field-Hadley ;

IV. John*, b. March 7, 1697, died July 29, 1697.

Children by second wife :

I. Solomon*, b. January 4, 1701, married Mary, daugh-
ter of Hon. Samuel and Joanna (Cook) Porter of
Hadley, Mass. ;


II. Elizabeth'*, b. June 7, 1707, m. (3cl wife) Samuel,son
of Josej)li and Saiali (^Strong) B.irnard of Salem,
Mass. ;

III. Israel*, b. November 30, 1709, married Sarali, daugh-

ter of Col. John and Hannah (^T<ilcott) Chester
of Wethersfield, Conn. ;

IV. Dorothy*, b. June 20, 1713, married Jonathan, Jr.,

son of Jonathan and Abigail (^Stebbins) Ashley
of Deerfield, Mass.

27. JoHN^ Williams (Isaar^, Robert^). Stonington,
Conn. ; married, January 24, 1688, Martha, daughter of
Isaac and Martha (Parke) Wheeler of Stonington, b. Feb-
ruary 6, 1670, died December 17, 1745. He died November
15,1702. Children:

I. Isaac*, b. April 10, 1689, married Sarah, daughter of

Jo^in and Phebe {Lay) Denison of Stonington ;
II. John*, b. Oct. 31, 1692, married Desire, daughter of
George, Jr. and Mercy ( Gorham) Denison of
Stonington ; mai'ried 2d, Mary, widow of Christo-
pher Helme of Kingston, K. I.; married 3d, Pa-
tience ;

III. Martha* b. August 3, 1693 ;

IV. Deborah*, b. April 2, 1695, married Nehemiah* Wil-

liams (Eleazet-^, Isaac^ Robert^) ;
V. William*, b. March 29, 1697 ;
VI. Nathan*, b. December 11, 1698 ;
VII. Benajah*, b. August 28, 1700;
VIII. Eunice*, baptized August 16, 1702.

28. Eleazer^ Williams (Isaac'^, Robert^). Newton-
Lebanon-Stonington ; married Mar}^, daughter of Jonathan
and Mary ( Recliat) Hyde of Newton, Mass. (Sup. Ct. Rec.
Vol. 1700-1714, p. 294, year 1713), b. unknown, though slie
must have been the first child of tliis second manhige, as the
following childi'en came so closely together that she could
not have been a subsequent child and yet have been old


enough to have married and liad chiklren in 1696 ; she died
at Stonington in 1762, said to have been 89 years of age ; he
died in 1725. April 12 and May 19 are each given as the
date. Children :

I. Nehemiah*, b. February 4, 1696, married Deborah^

Williams (Jb/m^ Isaae^, Robert^) ;
II. Martha*, b. March 11, 1700, died 1703 ;

III. Mary*, b. January 28, 1704; m. 2d wife, Samuel*

Williams (Ebenezer^, SamueP, Hobert^) ;

IV. Priscilla*, married David Lester (from Hon. R. A.


29. Elizabeth^ Williams (^Isaac\ Robert^). Newton,
Mass., Canterbury, Conn. ; married January 3, 1700, Jon-
athan, son of Job and Elizabeth (Fuller) Hyde of Newton,
b. May 2, 1684. She died 1748. Children :"

I. Isaac*, b. November 11, 1700, m. Elizabeth, daughter

of Comfort and Mary (Stone') Starr of Dedham,
Mass. ;
II. Jonathan*, b. 1703, married widow Abigail Hyde;
HI. Enoch*, b. November 14, 1704 ;
IV. John*, b. October 24, 1706 ;
V. Ephraim*, b. August 3, 1707 ;
VI. Nathaniel*, b. November 29, 1708 ;
VII. Elizabeth*, b. November 6, 1711 ;
VI IT. Ebenezer*, b. at Canterbur3\

30. Sarah'^ Williams (^Imac\ Robert^). Hatfield-Had-
ley, married October 9, 1718, John, son of Daniel and Han-
nah [(Letvis) Crow] Marsh of Hatfiekl, b. March 9, 1679, d.
September 2, 1725 ; married second, July 28, 1732, James
Grey of Hadley. She died June 1, 1759. By 1st marriage :

I. ]\Iartha* Marsh, b. 1719, married Moses, son of Jona-
than and Sarah (^Parsons) Graves of Hatfield ;

II. Anne* Marsh, b. , married Elisha, son of Icha-

bod and Mary (Belding) Allis of Hatfield;
HI. John* Marsh, b."l723, died July 3, 1726 ;
IV. Judith* Marsh, b. February, 1725, d. Nov. 1, 1726.


By her second marriage :

1. James* Grey, b. September 24, 1733 (Boltwood
gives 1753, which must have been a typographi-
cal error) ;
II. John* Grey.

31. Mary^ Williams (Zsaat^, Robert^). Newton, Mass.;
married Joseph, son of Jonathan and Mary {French) Hyde of
Newton, b. May 27, 1672, d. April 24, 1759. She died Mch.
31, 1749. Children :

I. Esther*, b. April 24, 1707, m. Jonas Livermore of

Watertown ;
11. Amos*, b. Nov. 16, 1714;

III. Joseph*, b. Nov. 16, 1714 (twin) married Susannah,

daughter of Daniel and Mary ( Cooledge) Liver-
more of Watertown ;

IV. Ichabod*, b. August 24, 1717, m. Mary Hoskins ;
V. Eunice*, b. May 26, 1720, married Thaddeus Bond

of Needham ;
VI. Hannah*, b. April 21, 1724, married Jonathan, Jr.,
son of Jonathan and Experience Dyke of Newton.

32. Ephraim'^ Williams {Itaac^, Robert^). Newton-
Stockbridge, Mass. ; married April 1, 1714, Elizabeth, dau.
of Abraham and Elizabeth {Biscoe) Jackson of Newton, b.
August 8, 1680, d. April 12, 1718 ; married second, May 21,
1719, Abigail, daughter of Capt. Josiah and Abigail
{Barnes) Jones of Watertown, b. September 14, 1694. He
died at Deerfield, Mass., August 1754. All his children
born at Newton. By first marriage :

I.*b. February 23, 1715 ; killed in battle near

Lake George, N. Y., September 8, 1755. His
estate went to found Williams College ;

II. Thomas*, b. April 1, 1718, m. Anna, daughter of

Timothy and Hannah (Sheldon) Childs of Deer-
field ; m. second, Esther^ Williams ( William'^,
William^, Isaac^, Robert^) ;


By second marriage :

r. Abigail'*, b. April 20, 1721, m. Rev. J(jhii, son of
Jonathan and Mar}' Sergeant of Newark, N. J. ;
m. 2d, Gen. Josiah, son of Capt. Ilenry and Lydia
{Hawley^ Dwiglit of Great Harrington, Mass.
II. Josiah*, b. April 17, 1723, married Hannah Sergeant
of Newark, N. J. ;

III. ElizabetlA b. July 2d, 1725, d. 1729;

IV. Judith^ b. July 18, 1728, m. Rev. Ezra Tliayer of

Ware ;

V. Elizabeth"*, b. Nov. 18, 1730, m. Rev. Stephen, son of

Judge Zebulon and Mary {Delano') West of
Stockbridge. No children ;

VI. Elijah*, b. Nov. 15, 1732, m. Sophia^ daughter of

Oliver'^ and Anna*'' ( Williams-William'^, William^,
Isaac^, Robert^) Partridge of Hatfield-Stockbridge.
Oliver"* Partridge was son of Edward and Mar-
tha* ( Williams- William^, Isaac^, Robert^) Partridge
, of Hatfield :

VII. Enoch*, b. March 3, 1735 ; d. 1738.

33. Sarah-' Williams {Stephen-, Robert^). Roxlnuy,
Cambridge; married Robert, son of John Sharp of Roxbury,
bapt. July 23, 1666, married 2d, Thomas Nowell of "Boston,
or near there" (Trask), d. about 1694, married 3d, Solomon,
3d son of Solomon, Jr. and Mary {Danforth) Phipps of Cam-
bridge, b. January 10, 1674, she d. April 22, 1707. Children
l)y first marriage:

I. Robert* Sharp, bapt. December 19, 1687;
II. Sarah* Sharp, b. August 12, 1689, married Jonathan,
son of Walter and Sarah QMeane) Hastings of
Children by third marriage :

I. Samuel* Phipps, married Eleanor Gardiner of Rox-
II. Elizabeth* Phipps, married John Abbott;
HI. Sarah* Phipps.


34. Mary^ Williams (Stephen^ Robert^). Ipswich; mar-
ried November 28, 1688, Samuel, son of John and Ann
Choate of Ipswich; married 2d, September 16, 1716, Samuel
Story of the same. Children all by the first marriage:

I. MarySb. December 31, 1690;
II. Samuel*, b. January 10, 1692;

III. Sarah*;

IV. Stephen*;
V. William*;

VI. Elizabeth*;
VII. Margaret*, married Benjamin, son of Benjamin and

Abigail (^Harris} Crafts of Roxbury;
VIII. John*.

85. Elizabeth^ Williams {Stephen'^, Rohert^'). Roxbury;
married Benjamin, son of Benjamin and Ann (^Payson) Tuck-
er of Roxbury, b. March 8, 1(370, d. October 8, 1728; she d.
September 11, 1740; children all born at Roxbury, but the
])arents may liave died at Leicester, as the father was on the
list of original proprietors of that place, though nothing has
as yet been found to show that he was there; but some of his
children settled there in his right. Children :

I. Sarah*, b. November 2, 1696, married John, son of
John and Hannah (^Portise) Weld of Roxbur}-;

II. Ann*, b. January 7, 1699;

III. Elizabeth*, b. June 30,1701, married Daniel, son of

Joseph and Sarah (^Faxon) Weld of Roxbury;

IV. Benjamin*, b, March 5, 1704, married Mary, daugh-

ter of Daniel and Rebecca ( Garfield) Warren of
V. Stephen*, b. September 23, 1706, mariied Hannah

VI. Henry*, b. March 3, 1709;
VII. Katharine*, b. May 11, 1711, married Thomas Ran-
dall of Dorchester;
Vin. Samuel*, b. July 15, 1716, married Hannah, daugh-
ter of Peter and Sarah Silvester.


36. Bkthia^ Williams (Stephen^, Robert^). Sudbury;
married May 17, 1698, Eleazer, ouly cliild of Benjamin and
Miiry (Brown) Rice of Sudbury, Mass., b. May 1, 1671, d.
June 21, 1721, she d. July 6, 1721. Children :

I. Mary^, b. 1699, married Henry, son of John and

Grace (Rice) Lokerof Sudbury;
ir. Sarah*, b. 1701;
HI. Bethia*, b. June 2, 170;};
IV. Elizabeth*, b. September 8, 1705;
V. Katharine*, b. August 12, 1707;

YI. Ebenezer*, b. November 24, 1709, married Anna,
daughter of Charles and Rachel ( Wheeler) Rice;
VII. Grace*, b. January 23, 1712, married Charles Jolm-

son of Southboro;
VIII. Abigail*, b. June 17, 1714, married Daniel, son of
Edward and Abigail (Hall} Bugbee of Roxbury;
IX. Ann*, b. January 26, 1717.

37. Stephen^ Williams (Stephen'^, Robert^). Roxbury;
married June 18, 1700, Mary, daughter of Samuel and Susan-
nah (Payson) Capen of Dorcliester, Mass., b. September 23,
1679, d. before 1739, as he married 2d, February 14, 1738,
Elizabeth, daughter of Rev. John and Elizabeth (Minot) D:\n-
forth of Dorchester, b. January 12, 1693; she Avas widow of
Capt. William Lowder of Dorchester ; he d. INIay 13, 1768.
Children :

I. Stephen*, b. March 9, 1702, married Sarah Payson

of Roxbury;
II. Samuel*, b. October 19, 1703, ])robably married at
Dorchester Sarah Searles and d. at Pomfret, Ct;

III. Susannah*, b. October 13, 1706, married John, son of

John and Mary Robinson of Dorchester;

IV. Edward*, b. March 26, 1709, he may have married at

Dorchester Sarah Trott "Tertia vel natu minima"

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