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,- I


A preliminary attempt
to register the rural leadership
in the United States
and Canada



[See Addenda, page 309]

Published at Ithaca, N. Y.
November, 1918






The collecting of data for this register has been in progress nearly
four years. The number of persons solicited for inclusion in the volume
is 7061; the number responding and entered in the book is 2746. It
will be seen, therefore, that the volume contains many less than three-
sevenths the number of names the Editorial Office desired should go in,
and the Office list itself is undoubtedly too short. Only those who have
responded to requests are included in the volume. Effort has been
made to complete the entries, often by follow-ups and several requests;
when the persons do not respond, it is assumed that they prefer not to be
included. It has been a difficult time in which to collect the information
because of the distractions and the changes in addresses due to the call to

The field covered by such a register has no definite boundaries. In
general, it has been the desire to compile compact information about
those persons who are now contributing through their achievements
to the betterment and advancement of country life. In many cases
the decision as to the entry of certain names has been somewhat arbitrary,
inasmuch as the persons are only incidentally or secondarily connected
with rural subjects. It has been the aim to include those persons who
are regularly and prominently engaged in rural work as farmers, teachers,
investigators, business men, ministers, lecturers, farm agents, authors,
editors, rural organizers, administrators, if their efforts are of such a
nature as to make them public characters. The volume is designed to
be only a compilation of information, not of biographies or recognitions
of merit. Each entry is a curriculum vitce, without enlargement or appraisal.

If the book proves to be useful to those interested in rural affairs,
it is the expectation of the Compiler to reissue it from time to time in
extended form.

The Who's Who volumes of many kinds have become indispensable
works of reference, comprising authentic biographies and finding-lists
of living persons, providing sources of information to those who desire
to secure additions to their staffs, and affording a means of identifying
something of a person's relationship with his work. The English Who's
Who is now in its 70th year. Who's Who in America is in its tenth issue.
In Germany, a ^corresponding compilation is Wer isCs?; in Italy , Chi ?;
in France, Qui Etes-Vous?; in Sweden, Vem ar Del?; in Norway, Hvem
er Hvem?. There are directories for different professions and regions
in North America, becoming standard to the interests concerned. The
rural field, however, is unsupplied. For some years suggestions have
accumulated for the preparation of a Who's Who that will aid to organize
the rural work, give it proper recognition, and record the human resources
in the country-life movement. Such biographical compilation must con-
stitute an important element in the survey of rural affairs and resources
now so much in the public mind.

Record should be made at this place of the excellent book of 100 pages,
"A Biographical Directory of American Agricultural Scientists, "by Charles
S. Plumb, published at Knoxville, Tenn., in 1889. It is a pioneer. "The
publication of this book," the preface announces, "is the result of the
establishment of the agricultural experiment stations of the United States.
At the present time there are in the vicinity of 300 persons on the work-
ing staffs of the state agricultural experiment stations. Who these persons
are, and what they have done, is a subject of more than idle interest to
many." The thirty intervening years have brought great changes and
extensions in rural leadership; and in the meantime, the idea of the Who's
Who publications has grown in the public mind.

It has been the intention to include all officers in the colleges of agri-
culture, above the grade of Instructor, whose titles indicate that they
are engaged in agricultural or rural work, whether these colleges are sepa-
rate institutions or connected with universities. The grade of Instructor
has been omitted because the incumbencies are usually only temporary
and variable in character. It is not purposed to admit persons holding-
chairs of chemistry, zoology and botany as such, unless the title or history
or connection indicates that the applied branches of the work, as agri-
cultural chemistry, economic entomology, plant pathology, agricultural
botany, are emphasized. The foresters, meteorologists, landscape archi-
tects, veterinarians, connected with colleges of agriculture are entered, but
not those holding chairs in other institutions. The same is true of those in
home economics. Certain practitioners are admitted who have been
prominently identified with rural work. Care has been taken not to invade
the field of Cattell's "American Men of Science."

In the United States Department of Agriculture and the experiment
stations the entries are of those corresponding in rank, as closely as possible,
to grades above Instructor in the colleges of agriculture; and for the
Department the same theory of inclusion applies as for the Colleges.

All agricultural agents having regular charge of counties or larger
districts are within the purview of the book, but not assistants or merely
temporary agents. It has not seemed feasible, in the present stage of its
development, to make record of the home demonstration movement.

There has been no effort to include persons because they hold public
office, or are officers in societies.

It is not the expectation to enter persons because they are successful
farmers. Such an effort would have made a book of far different intention,
and also of unmanageable bulk. Such farmers should be known to the
public and should have recognition. For many years the Compiler has
felt that such lists or directories should be issued under public or semi-
public auspices in each state or province. Undoubtedly the list of farmers
should be much extended in subsequent issues of this book, comprising
those known for their public service. By the word "farmer" is meant
all those who till the soil for a livelihood, as general farmers, fruit-growers,
floriculturists, stock-raisers, poultrymen, beekeepers, and others.


The pieces of information requested of respondents are as follows:
name; occupation or profession; title, if in an institution or in public
work; place and date of birth; parentage; how reared, whether on
farm, in town or city; marriage; family; higher education, of academy
grade or above; advanced degrees; college fraternity or sorority; subse-
quent academic history; kind of farming or other specialty; connection
with honorary, learned or fine-art bodies or academies (not in regular
membership associations) ; appointment on state or national commissions
or other public boards or agencies; political, legal or military positions
or offices; delegate offices to foreign or important conventions or bodies;
decorations, medals, awards and prizes; elective officership in prominent
agricultural societies, cooperative associations, and others; notable
travel; authorship of books (not bulletins and reports); naturalization,
if born abroad; editorial positions.

We should have as good record of the rural range as of the urban
range. Rus and urbs together make up the public welfare.



A. A. A. S. .American Association for the
Advancement of Science

A.B., B.A Bachelor of Arts

Acad Academy

adj adjunct

adv advisor, advisory

A.E Agricultural Engineer

agr agriculture

agrl agricultural

agron agronomy, agronomist

agrst agriculturist

agt agent

Ala Alabama

Alta Alberta

Am American

A.M., M.A Master of Arts

A. & M. .Agricultural and Mechanical (Col-

an animal

anat anatomy

arch architecture, architect

Ariz Arizona

Ark Arkansas

assoc associate, association

asst assistant

auth author

b born

B.A Bachelor of Arts

bact bacteriology, bacteriologist

B. Agr Bachelor of Agriculture

B.Arch Bachelor of Architecture

B.A.Sc Bachelor Science of Agriculture

B. C British Columbia

bd board

B.D Bachelor of Divinity

B.Di Bachelor of Didactics

B.Ed Bachelor of Education

biochem biochemist, biochemistry

biol biology, biologist, biological

B.L Bachelor of Laws

bldg building

B.Litt Bachelor of Literature

bot botany, botanist, botanical

B.Pd. or B.Ped Bachelor of Pedagogy

B.Ph Bachelor of Philosophy

B.S. or B.Sc Bachelor of Science

B.S.A. . . Bachelor of Science of Agriculture
bur bureau

c child, children

Calif California

C.E Civil Engineer

chem chemist, chemistry, chemical

chg charge

chm chairman

co county, company

col colored

coll college

Colo Colorado

com committee

comn commission

comnr commissioner

comp comparative

Conn Connecticut

coop cooperative, cooperation

d. daughter, died (used only in parantheses)

D.C.L Doctor of Civil Law

D.D Doctor of Divinity

del delegate

Del Delaware

dem. . . demonstration, demonstrator, demo-

dept department

dir director

distr ' district

div division

dom. domestic

Dr.P.H Doctor of Public Health

D.S., D.Sc Doctor of Science

D.V.M Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

econ economics, economy, economist

ed editor

educ education

E.E Electrical Engineer

engin engineering, engineer

ent . entomology, entomologist, entomological

exec executive

exp experiment

exped expedition

expl experimental

Expos Exposition

ext extension

fed federal, federation

fert fertility, fertilizer

Fla Florida

flor floriculture

for forestry, forester, forest

F. R. C. V. S. . Fellow Royal College of Veteri-
nary Surgeons

Ga Georgia

gard gardening, garden

geol '. geology, geological

govt government

grad graduate

H. I Hawaiian Islands

hist history

hon honorary

hort. .horticultural, horticulturist, horticul-
husb husbandry

la Iowa

Ida Idaho

111 Illinois

inc incorporated

ind industry, industrial

Ind Indiana

Inf Infantry

insp inspection, inspector

inst institute

instr instructor

inter international

invest investigation, investigator

irrig irrigation

Isls Islands

Kans Kansas

Ky Kentucky

La Louisiana

lab laboratory

lands landscape

L.B Bachelor of Laws

lect lecturer

L.H.D Doctor of Letters

Lieut Lieutenant

Lit.D Doctor of Literature

LL.B Bachelor of Laws

LL.D Doctor of Laws

LL.M Master of Laws

m married

M.A Master of Arts

M.Agr Master of Agriculture

Man Manitoba

manag manager, management

Mass Massachusetts

math mathematics

Md Maryland

M.D Doctor of Medicine

M.Di Master of Didactics

M.D.V Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Me Maine

M.E Mechanical Engineer

mech mechanics, mechanical

mem member

M.F Master of Forestry

Mich Michigan

Minn Minnesota

Miss Mississippi

M.L Master of Laws

M.L.A. .Master of Landscape Architecture

Mo Missouri

Mont Montana

mos months

M.Pd. orM.Ped Master of Pedagogy

M.Ph Master of Philosophy

M. R. C. V. S. .Member Royal College of
Veterinary Surgeons

M.S., M.Sc., S.M Master of Science

M.S. A., .... Master of Science in Agriculture
M.S.F Master of Science in Forestry

nat national, natural

N. B New Brunswick

N. C North Carolina

N. D. North Dakota

Neb Nebraska

Nev Nevada

N. H New Hampshire

N. J New Jersey

N. Mex New Mexico

N. S Nova Scotia

nutr nutrition

N. Y New York

O Ohio

off office

Okla Oklahoma

Ont Ontario

Ore Oregon

p a Pennsylvania

path pathology, pathologist

Fed. B Bachelor of Pedagogy

Fed. M. or Pd.M Master of Pedagogy

p. E. I Prince Edward Island

Penn Pennsylvania

Ph.B Bachelor of Philosophy

Ph.D Doctor of Philosophy

Ph.G Graduate in Pharmacy

Phil Philosophical

Ph.M Master of Philosophy

physiol physiological

P. I Philippine Islands

poly polytechnic

pom pomology, pomologist

princ principal

prof professor

pub publisher, publishing

Que Quebec

rep representative

R.I Rhode Island

s son

Sask. Saskatchewan

S.B Bachelor of Science

S. C South Carolina

Sc.B. Bachelor of Science

Sc.D., S.D Doctor of Science

sch school

sci science, scientist, scientific

S. D South Dakota

sec secretary

sect section

sem seminary

serv service

S.M Master of Science

soc ^ . . . . society

sociol sociology

sta station

S.T.B Bachelor of Sacred Theology

substa substation

superv supervisor

supt superintendent

surg surgery

teach teacher

tech technical, technology

Tenn . . Tennessee

Tex .............................. Texas

treas ........................... treasurer

Univ ..... ......... ........... University

Va ........................ .... Virginia

ve g ................. vegetable, vegetables

ver t ......................... vertebrate

vet ............. veterinary, veterinarian

V.M.D .... Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

voc .......................... vocational

vol ............................ voluntary

V.S .................... Veterinary Surgeon

Vt ............................ Vermont

Wash ....................... Washington

W. Va ..................... West Virginia

Wis ........................... Wisconsin

Wyo ........ , ............. - - Wyoming


zool ................... zoology, zoologist


Aamodt, Arne Wergeland, co. agrl. agt.,
Bemidji, Minn.

Field asst. and instr. hort., Minn. Exp.
Sta., 1910-7. b. St. Paul, Minn., Dec. 5,
1886; s. Aug. A. and Julia (Hagen) A.;
reared in city and on farm. Student,
Univ. Minn. Alpha Zeta. [Aamodtj O . S.,

p. 309.

Abbe, Cleveland Jr., meteorologist and ed.
Monthly Weather Review, Weather Bur.,
U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington, D. C.

Instr. physiography, Geo. Washington
Univ., 1895-8; prof. nat. sci., Winthrop
Normal Sch., Rock Hill, S. C., 1899-
1901; aid U. S. Geol. Survey, 1903-6;
asst., acting and chief ed. Monthly
Weather Review, 1908-10, 1914. b.
Washington, D. C., Mar. 25, 1872; s.
Cleveland and Frances Martha (Neal) A.;
reared in city; m. Frieda Dauer, 1903;
c. Ernst Cleveland. A.B., Harvard Univ.,
1894; A.M., 1896; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins
Univ., 1898; student Imperial Univ.,
Vienna, 1901-3.

Abell, Max Flavel, asst. prof, farm manag.,
Conn. Agr. Coll., Storrs, Conn.

Asst. farm crops, Ohio State Univ.,
1914-5; asst. farm crops, Cornell Univ.,
1915-7; instr. farm manag., Conn. Agr.
Coll., 1917; asst. prof., 1918. b.
Solvay, N. Y., Oct. 13, 1888; s. F. L. and
Annie Rose (Palmer) A.; reared on farm.
B.Sc., Cornell Univ., 1914. Alpha Zeta.

Abbott, Fortis Harold, co. agrl. agt., farmer,
Montpelier, Vt.

b. Brookfield, Vt., Oct. 31, 1891; s.
Irving N. and Mary E. (Steele) A.;
reared on farm; m. Sadie M. Chambers,
Mar. 6, 1915; c. Nathan M. B.S.,
Univ. Vt., 1913. Alpha Zeta.

Abbott, John Blackler, co. agrl. agt.,
Waltham, Mass.

Deputy state chem., Purdue Univ.,
1907-8; asst. soils, 1908-11; assoc.
soils, 1911-4; state co. agt. leader,
N. H. A.&M. Coll., 1914-6; asst. prof,
agron., Mass. Agr. Coll., winter 1917;

agrl. agt., Middlesex Co., Mass., 1917 .
Mem. exec, com., N. E. Fed. for Rural
Progress, 1915-6. Farm operator, b.
E. Bethel, Vt., Jan. 5, 1883; s. Lewis H.
and Louise (Jones) A.; reared on farm;
TO. Myra P. Ashwell, Aug. 5, 1908; c.
Thomas Lewis, Ellen Louise. B.S.A.,
Univ. Vt., 1907; M.S.A., Purdue Univ.,
1909. Sigma Xi.

Abbott, Mark Moore, co. agrl. agt., Inter-
national Falls, Minn.

Mem. Ford Peace Party to visit Europe,
1915-6. b. Watkins, Minn., Jul. 12,
1894; s. I. M. and Maria (Cole) A.;
reared on farm. B.S., Univ. Minn., 1916.
Sigma Gamma Delta.

Ackert, James Edward, assoc. prof. zool.
and parasitologist Exp. Sfea., Kans. State
Agr. Coll., Manhattan, Kans.

Prof. vert, zool., 111. State Normal
Univ., summer 1913; asst .prof, zool.,
Kans. State Agr. Coll., 1913-6; assoc.
prof., 1916 ; parasitologist Exp. Sta.,
1913. Fellow A. A. A. S. b. Woosung,
111., Aug. 31, 1879; s. Abram and Eva
(Nowell) A.; reared on farm; m. Florence
Mae Tanner, Aug. 15, 1914. A.B., Univ.
111., 1909; A.M., 1911; Ph.D., 1913.
Sigma Xi; Phi Kappa Phi; Gamma Alpha.

Adair, Shields B., co. agrl. agt., Rome, Ga.
Farm supt., 10th Distr. Agr. Sch.,
Sparta, Ga., 1910-1; farmer and stock-
man, 4 yrs. b. Elberton, Ga., Sept. 27,
1891; s. Samuel B. and Fannie A. (Thorn-
ton) A.; reared in town and on farm;
TO. Ellen L. Davis, Dec. 2, 1914; c.
Sarah Elizabeth.

Adams, Bristow, prof., ed. publications,
chg. information serv., N. Y. State
Coll. Agr., Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y.

Assoc. ed. Pathfinder, Washington,
1894-6; artist Bering Sea Fur Seal Comn.,
1897-8; ed. American Spectator, 1902-6;
assoc. ed. Forestry and Irrigation, 1903-4;
for. asst. and for. examiner, U. S. For.
Serv., 1906-14; present position, 1914 .


Sec. Soc. Am. Foresters, 1914. b. Wash-
ington, D. C., Nov. 11, 1875; s. Crawford
Cadwalader and Ada Gertrude (Harrison)
A.; reared in city, farming in Va., 1886-
91, in Calif., 1899; 771. Luella Farmer,
Apr. 23, 1902; c. Eleanor, Gertrude,
Everett Wallace, Bristow II. Art educ.
Spring Garden Inst., Philadelphia, Cor-
coran Art Sch., Washington, Barron
Studios, Stanford Univ.; B.A., Stanford
Univ., 1906. Sigma Xi; Alpha Gamma

Adams, Charles Snyder, co. agrl. agt.,
Reading, Pa.

Teach, math., Perkiomen Sem., 1909-
10. Dir. Reading Fair Assoc., 1915 ;
adv. in Berks Produce Exchange, b.
Jacksonwald, Pa., Oct. 30, 1888; s.
Albert H. and Deborah T. (Snyder) A.;
reared on farm. B.S., Penn. State Coll.,
1914. Alpha Gamma Rho.

Adams, Daniel Snyder, co. agrl. agt., West
Chester, Pa.

Teach, rural sch., 1908-12. b. Jack-
sonwald, Pa., Apr. 10, 1891; s. Albert
Hartman and Deborah (Snyder) A.;
reared on farm. B.S., Penn. State Coll.,
1917. Alpha Zeta; Phi Kappa Phi.

Adams, Edward Francis, farmer and journa-
list, 954 Ashbury St., San Francisco, Calif.
Editorial writer, San Francisco Chroni-
cle. Served in Civil War. Auth.: The
Modern Farmer, 1899; Critique of Social-
ism, 1905; Inhumanity of Socialism, 1913.
b. Augusta, Me., Dec. 30, 1839; s. Thos.
and Catherine (Lyman) A.; m. Roah
Elmira Shattuck, Jan. 30, 1860; 2d,
Delia Ray Cooper, Dec. 25, 1868. Grad.
Western Reserve Coll., 1860.

Adams, Frank, irrig. manag., Off. Public
Roads and Rural Engin., U. S. Dept.
Agr., and prof, irrig. invest., Univ. Calif.,
Berkeley, Calif.

Irrig. invest., U. S. Dept. Agr., 1900-6,
1910 ; chg. coop, irrig. invest, in Calif.
(U. S. Dept. Agr., Calif. State Dept.
Engin., Univ. Calif.), 1910. Ed., Trans-
actions, Commonwealth Club of Calif.,
1906-8; chm. sect, on conservation, 1911-6.
b. Chicago, 111., Sept. 19, 1875; s. Edward
Francis and Delia Roxana (Cooper) A.;
reared on farm; m. Amy Belle Hill,
June 20, 1906; c. Helen, Francis Edward,
David Hill. A.B., Stanford Univ., 1901;
A.M., Univ. Neb., 1906.

Adams, George Edward, prof, agron.,
dean agrl. dept., R. I. State Coll., King-
ston, R. I.

Asst. hort., R. I. Exp. Sta., 1894-1901;
asst. hort., 1901-4; assoc. agron., 1904-7;
prof, agron., R. I. State Coll., 1907;
dean agrl. dept., 1917 ; state statistical
agt., U. S. Dept. Agr. for R. I., 1901-14.
b. N. Kingstown, R. I., May 12, 1874;
s. Geo. L. and Annie (Gould) A.; reared
on farm and in town; m. Marv Gates
Schermerhorn, Oct. 20, 1903. B.S., R. I.
State Coll., 1894; M.S.A., 1916; grad.
student Cornell Univ., 1897, 1899-1900.

Adams, Harvey Snyder, co. agrl. agt.,
Butler, Pa.

Instr. agr., Columbia Co. Summer
Normal, Benton, Pa., 1911; instr. agr.
and bot., West Chester State Normal,

1912. Sec.-treas., Pa. Assoc. Ext. Rep.
b. Earlville, Pa., Jul. 6, 1886; s. Albert H.
and Deborah T. (Snyder) A.; reared on
dairy farm. B.S., Penn State Coll., 1912.
Alpha Gamma Rho; Phi Kappa Phi.

Adams, Richard Laban, asst. prof, agron.,
Univ. Calif., Berkeley, Calif.

Dir. Spreckels Sugar Co. Exp. Sta.,
Spreckels, Calif., 5 yrs.; asst. general
manag., Miller & Lux Inc., Calif., 2 yrs.;
present position, 1914 . Farm help
specialist for Calif., U. S. Dept. Agr.
Auth.: Manual for Sugar Beet Growers,

1913. b. Dorchester, Mass., Aug. 27,
1883; s. Chas. Laban and Emma (Sellew)
A.; reared in city; m. Grace Ella Fuller,
June 22, 1910. B.S., Mass. Agr. Coll.,
1905; B.S., Boston Univ., 1905; M.S.,
Univ. Calif., 1910. Phi Kappa Phi.

Adams, Romanzo, prof. agrl. econ., Univ.
Nev., Reno, Nev.

Princ. public schs., Ireton, la., 1892-4;
prof. econ. and sociol., Western Coll.,
Toledo, la., 1898-1900; prof. educ. and
sociol., 1902-11; present position, 1911 .
Pres. Nev. State Teach. Assoc., 1905-10;
sec. Nev. Comn. on Econ. and Taxation,
1912-3. Auth.: Taxation in Nevada A
History, 1918. b. Bloomingdale, Wis.,
Mar. 22, 1868; s. Mighill Dustin and
Catherine (Wolfe) A.; m. Nellie Cronk,
Sept. 16, 1902. M. Di., la. State Teach.
Coll., 1892.; Ph.B., Univ. Mich., 1897;
Ph.M., 1898; Ph.D., Univ. Chicago, 1904.

Adkins, Charles, farmer, dir. of agr., Dept.
Agr., Springfield, 111.

Mem. 111. Legislature, 6 yrs.; speaker


House of Rep., 2 yrs. b. near Derby, O.,
Feb. 7, 1863; s. Sampson and Eliza Ann
(Mintin) A.; reared on farm; m. Dora
E. Farrow, Jan. 8, 1887; c. Dora Ellen,
Chas. Otis, Ben F., Roy, Howard, Ruth,
Grace, Mary E., Martha.

Agee, Alva, dir. ext. div. and prof, soil fert.,
Rutgers Coll., New Brunswick, N. J.

Prof, in chg. agrl. ext., Penn. State Coll.,
1907-12; dir. div. ext. in agr. and home
econ., Rutgers Coll. 1912. Sec. N. J.
State Dept. Agr., 1916 . Auth.: Essen-
tials of Soil Fertility, 1911; Crops and
Methods for Soil Improvement, 1913.
Assoc. ed., National Stockman and Farmer.
b. Cheshire, O., Oct. 1, 1858; s. Jesse
Thornhill and Lydia (Mauck) A.; m.
Louise Grace Hibbs, Oct. 6, 1887.
M.S., Univ. Wooster, O., 1911. Delta
Upsilon; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Zeta.

Agee, Hamilton Pope, dir. Hawaiian Sugar
Planters' Exp. Sta., Honolulu, Hawaii.

Asst. dir. in chg. La. Sugar Exp. Sta.,
1909-11; agrst., Hawaiian Sugar Plant-
ers' Exp. Sta., 1911-3; dir., 1913.
Mem. Fair Comn. of Hawaii, b. Mem-
phis, Tenn., Dec. 9, 1884; s. G. W. and
Elizabeth (Worthen) A.; m. Fannie
Heaslip Lea, May 11, 1911; c. Aane W.
B.S., La. State Univ., 1904. Kappa Sigma.

Agster, Horatio Stanley, co. agrl. agt.,
Anderson, Ind.

Farmer, 1914-8. b. Fulton Co., Ind.,
May 2, 1891; s. Fred and Ellen (Johnson)
A.; reared on farm; m. Catherin Bernice
Coplen, May 26, 1915; c. Richard Tod.
B.S., Purdue Univ., 1915.

Ahearn, Michael Francis, prof, pom., Kans.
State Agr. Coll., Manhattan, Kans.
Asst. hort., Kans. State Agr. Coll.,
1904-9; head coach athletics, 1905-11;
instr. hort., 1909-11; asst. prof, hort.,
1911-3; assoc. prof, hort., 1913-5;
prof. pom. and lands, gard., 1915 .
Mem. Kans. Rural Life Comn., 1916 .
Florist 6 yrs. in Mass, and N. H. b.
Masboro, England, Nov. 28, 1878; s.
John and Mary (Currivan) A.; reared
in city and country; m. Mary Elizabeth
Davis, Aug. 14, 1907; c. James Edward.
B.Sc., Mass. Agr. Coll. 1904; M.S., Kans.
State Agr. Coll., 1913. Alpha Sigma Phi;
Alpha Zeta; Phi Kappa Phi.

Aicher, Louis Cornelius, supt. Aberdeen
Exp. Sta., Aberdeen, Ida.

Supt. Exp. Sta., Caldwell, la., 1910-1;
present position, 1911 ; agron., cereal
invest., U. S. Dept. Agr., 1911. b.
Meeker, Colo., Jan. 16, 1887; s. C. and
Lena (Estell) A.; reared on farm; m.
Edith Nellie Davies, June 15, 1911;
c. Louis Carlyle, Frances, Geo. Wilson.
B.S.A., Kans. State Agr. Coll., 1910.
Alpha Zeta.

Albrecht, Simon, farmer and stockman,
Tiskilwa, 111.

Pres. 111. Swine Breeders' Assoc.; sec.
111. Hampshire Swine Breeders' Assoc.
b. Tiskilwa, 111., Jan. 18, 1877; s. John
A. and Elizabeth (Birky) A.; reared on
farm; m. Sarah Alice Stahly, June 12,
1902; c. Dorothy, Marvin, Beulah,
Kenneth, Chas., Everett.

Alderman, W. H., prof, hort., W. Va. Univ.,
Morgantown, W. Va.

Field agt. making orchard survey for
div. pom., Cornell Univ., summer 1908;
asst. and assoc. hort., N. Y. Exp. Sta.,
Geneva, 1908-11; prof. hort. and hort
Exp. Sta., Morgantown, W. Va., 1911-
Auth.: (with others) Plums of New York.
b. Orleans Co., N. Y., Apr. 6, 1885; s.
Chas. C. and Elvira A. (Root) A.; reared
on farm; m. Margaret B. Chamberlayne,
Sept. 23, 1908; c. De Forest Chas.
B.S.A., Cornell Univ., 1908. Sigma Phi

Alderson, Matt. W., ed. Northwestern

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