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Crist, L, M, 1B37-1929.
jHiSTORY OF Boone County





With Biographical Sketches of Representative Citizens and
Genealogical Records of Old Families





Indianapolis, Indiana

This work is respectfully dedicated to


long since departed. May the memory of those who laid down their burdens

by the wayside ever be fragrant as the breath of summer

flowers, for their toils and sacrifices have made

Boone County a garden of

sunshine and delight.


To write a history is but to commit to words in type events as they have
transpired, and to be pure history, it must be colored as little as possible by
the views or personal opinions of the writers.

In presenting this history of Boone county, the author has attempted
in every instance, to refrain from the expression of his opinions and to
give the facts, indeed, it will be noticed, by the careful observer, that the same
incident is given, in some instances, in different language, in more than one
place, because coming from different sources of seemingly equal authority.
I make no claim to originality, but have, with great care and much labor,
sifted every possible particle of information, hoping from the mass to collect
the best and most important facts and events for preservation.

It has been impossible to publish all of the matter placed at my disposal ;
much has, no doubt, been omitted which should have been published, and
much, perhaps, has been published which the reader will consider super-
fluous. Much information, in the possession of those who should have been
glad to furnish it, has been omitted for lack of interest of those parties and
their failure to furnish me the facts, though often requested so to do.

The author desires to express his appreciation of the assistance of each
and every one that has aided in the work and especially the press of the
county. Strange N. Cragun and Ben F. McKey. Also the author desires
to pay tribute to the careful and faithful work of Messrs. Harden and Spahr,
who published a history of Boone county in 1887.

The earnest endeavor on my part to give a complete history of the county
to December i, 1914, will, I trust, be appreciated.

Thorntown, Indiana.


All life and achievement is evolution; present wisdom comes from past
experience, and present commercial prosperity has come only from past exer-
tion and suffering. The deeds and motives of the men who have gone before
have been instrumental in shaping the destinies of later communities and
states. The development of a new country was at once a task and a privi-
lege. It required great courage, sacrifice and privation. Compare the pres-
ent conditions of the people of Boone county, Indiana, with what they were
one hundred years ago. From a trackless wilderness and virgin land, it has
come to be a center of prosperity and civilization, with millions of wealth,
systems of railways, grand educational institutions, splendid industries and
immense agricultural and mineral productions. Can any thinking person be
insensible to the fascination of the study which discloses the aspirations and
efforts of the early pioneers who so strongly laid the foundation upon which
has been reared the magnificent prosperity of later days? To perpetuate the
story of these people and to trace and record the social, political and indus-
trial progress of the community from its first inception is the function of the
local historian. A sincere purpose to preserve facts and personal memoirs
that are desen-ing of perpetuation, and which unite the present to the past, is
the motive of the present publication. The work has been in the hands of
an able writer, who has, after much patient study and research, produced
here the most complete historical memoirs of Boone county ever offered to
the public. A specially valuable and interesting department is that devoted
to the sketches of representative citizens of this county whose records desen-e
preservation because of their worth, effort and accomplishment. The pub-
lishers desire to extend their thanks to the citizens of Boone county for the
uniform kindness with which they have regarded this undertaking and for
their many services rendered in the gaining of necessary information.

In placing the "History of Boone County, Indiana,"" before the citizens,
the publishers can conscientiously claim that they have carried out the plan
as outlined in the prospectus. Every biographical sketch in the work has
been submitted to the party interested, for correction, and therefore any
error of fact, if there be any, is solely due to the person for whom the sketch
was prepared. Confident that our efforts to please will fully meet the appro-
bation of the public, we are,




CHAPTER I — First Inhabitants — Dominion of European Nations — American

Control — Meaning of Names 25

CHAPTER IT— Mound Builders— Indian Occupancy— Territory Acquired by White

Man 37

CHAPTER III — Geology and Topography — General Features — Rivers — Lakes^

General Natural Features — Soil and Climate of Boone County 63

CHAPTER IV— Public Domain and Its Survey 75

CHAPTER V— Organization of the County— Official Acts Connected with Its Or-
ganization — Organization of Various Townships — Where They First Effected
Their Settlement — Early-day Mills — Early Roads — Pioneer Schools and

Churches — Customs and Manners of the First Who Established Homes 79

CHAPTER VI— Organization of Territory— Right of Occupation— Origin of the

Name. Hoosier 120

CHAPTER VII— Early Life— Early Recollections— Early Entertainment— Social

Gatherings, etc. 135

CHAPTER VIII— Military History of the County— Mexican Soldiers— Soldiers of
the Civil War from This County — Those Who Served in the Late Spanish-
American War 168

CHAPTER IX— Bench and Bar of Boone County— Lawyers, Past and Present-
Early Courts — Brief Sketches of Oldtime Attorneys 211

CHAPTER X — Agriculture — Agricultural Society — Agricultural Agent — Farmers'

Clubs — Drainage — Native Forest

CHAPTER XI — Educational Development of the County — Early Teachers — Con-
gressional Fund — Concentration of Schools — County Seminary 258

CHAPTER XII— Church History— First Churches— Churches of Today 323

CHAPTER XIII— Newspapers of the County 357

CHAPTER XIV — Medical Profession — Early Doctors — Their Experiences — Char-
acter of the Pioneer Physicians — Superstition, etc 365

CHAPTER XV— Banks and Banking 384

CHAPTER XVI— Cities and Towns of the County 391

CHAPTER XVII— County Buildings 431

CHAPTER XVIII— Politics of Boone County— Official Roster 442

CHAPTER XIX— Railroads— Traction Lines— Telegraph— Telephone 453

CHAPTER XX— Civic and Benevolent Societies 459

CHAPTER XXI— Boone County Cemeteries 502

CHAPTER XXII— Early Life and Early Settlement in Each Township 515



Advance 400

Agriculture 225

Growth 226

Productions 226

School Work 242

Clubs 242

Farmers' Short Course 243

Agricultural Agent 235

Annual Report 236

Seed Corn Testing Week 237

Orchard Demonstration 238

Milk Testing 238

Alfalfa Tour 239

Field Demonstration 239

Contests 240

Agricultural Society 228

First Fair 229

Report 230

Al-Si 232

Anakims. The 35

Apotheosis of the Pioneer, An 515

Archway 503

Auditors 450


Banks and Banking 384

First Bank in County 385

Banks of Cities and Towns 386

State Bank of Advance 1038

Bench and Bar 211

Court Room of Early Days 211

Judicial Circuits 211

Bench and Bar —

History of Courts from Organiza-
tion to Present 212

Circuit Court 214

Early Judges 214

Early Attorneys 215

Twentieth Judicial Circuit 222

Bonsall, Mabel 500

Boone, Betty 164

Boone, Daniel 530

Boone's Oldest Male Resident 152

Boy Wanted 149

Boyd, Adaline (Burk) 512

Bravery of a Kentucky Girl ISO

Burckhalter, Marietta Mills 426

Business and Manufactures 531

Boss Manufacturing Co., The 1039

Dairy Cream Separator Co., The- 910
Poland-China Hogs, Dr. Tucker's-1042

Center Township 113-518

Location 113

County-seat 114

Early Settlement 115

Churches 115

Schools 116

Roads 117

Century Mark Passed 383

Cemeteries, Boone County 502

Churches 322

Methodist Episcopal Ministers,
Zionsville 324



Methodist Episcopal Ministers,

Lebanon and Whitestown 355

Methodist Episcopal, Lebanon 322

Christian or Disciples 324

Presbyterian 3-5

St. Joachim 327

First Baptist 328

First Christian 329

Seventh Day Adventist 331

United Brethren '■'''^'^

African Methodist Episcopal 332

Methodist Episcopal, Jamestown.. 333

Methodist Episcopal, Salem 335

Methodist Episcopal, Thorn-
town 335-49

Presbyterian 337

Missionary Society 323

Christian 347

Civil War 168

Causes Leading to it 168

Call for Volunteers 172

Knights of the Golden Circle 172

Organization of Companies 175

Facts About the Conflict 176

Clarkstown 400

Clinton Township 88-521

Location ^8

Early Settlement 89

Churches : ^^

Schools 90

ElizaviUe 91

Commissioners, County 446

Corn (White Man) 139

Coroners 452

Courthouse 431

Dedication 431

Hon. Chas. Fairbanks' Speech 436

Crawford Home, The 439

Dover —




Eagle Township 108-522

Location ^^

Early Settlement 108

Early Ministers 109

Churches 11°

Schools 110

Eagle Village 108

Early Life in Boone County 134

Traveling in Early Days 135

First Roadways 136

Early Recollections 141-514

Talks of the Old Days 153

Interesting Things Relative to

Early Times 156

Education 258

Engleman, Joseph 61

Essay by W. H. Mills 1S9

Essay on Forestry 253


Fayette 401

Forest, Our Native 247

Oak 248

Tulip 249

Walnut 250

Elm 250

Linden 250

Beech 250

Flowery Trees 251

Tree as an Engineer 255

Plea for Trees 255


Gadsden 402

Geology and Topography 62

Period. Post-Tertiary 63

Wells 65

Coal 63

Gospel Temperance Meetings 480

Governor, Vote of 425

Growth of County in 84 Years 148



Harrison Township 103-521

Location 103

Early Settlement 103

Roads ^ 104

Churches 104

Schools 105

Hazelrigg 402

History Unique, A 483

Hoath, Lydia M. 499

Hoosier, Origin of 129

Horse Breeders' Association 241


Indiana, Map of 72i

Indians 40

Indian Wars 58

Treaties 42

Reserves 50

Indian Village 51

Death of Tecumseh 53

Treaty of St. Mary's 55

Close of Reserve 56

Indian Controversy 57

Harmar's Expedition 59

Indian Lore 505

Indian's Plea for Prohibition, An 476

Infirmary, County 239


Jackson Township 100-522

Location 100

Early Settlement 100

Churches 101

Schools 102

Roads 102

Jail, Boone County 438

First 438

Second 438

Third 438

Present 438

Jamestown 402

Jefferson Township 98-520

Location 98

Early Settlement 98

Churches 98

Schools 99

Roads 99

Judson Baptist Association 349


Lebanon 396

Location 396

First Settlement 396

Present Condition 399

Libraries 440

List of Commissioned Officers, Civil

War 179

List of Non-commissioned Officers

and Privates, Civil War 181


Marion Township 84-520

Location 84

Early Settlement 84

Roads 86

Schools 86

Churches 86

Towns 87

Masters, M. D., Luella M 501

Matthews, Mattie 499

Mechanicsburg 404

Medical Profession 365

Pioneer Physicians 365-381

Fees 369

Pioneer Ideas and Beliefs 370

Sketches of Pioneer Physicians— 378

List of Early Physicians 382

List of Present Day Physicians 382

Memorial Day 173

MilledgeviUe 403

Mills, Col. Anson 413

Mills, James P 421

Mills, Sarah Kenworthy 421


Miscellaneous 530

What They Say of Us 533

Then and Now 535

Faithful Ox, The 538

Tom and Dick 539

Autochthon, Story of 234

Mondamin (Indian) 138

Mound Builders 37


Names and Ages of Survivors of the
Civil War and Spanish-Ameri-
can War, living in Thorntown — 208

National Cemeteries 175

New Brunswick 405

Newley, Jesse (Millikan) 498

Newspapers 357

Lebanon, Newspapers of 357

Thorntown, Newspapers of 362

Zionsville, Newspaper of 362

Jamestown, Newspaper of 363

Whitestown, Newspaper of 364

Northfield 405


Organization of County 79

Location 83

Survey 1. 84

Organization of Territory 121

Organization of Various Townships. 83

Orphans' Home 439

Our Foremothers 523

Our Title to Indiana 41

Outlook for Boone County 543


Passing of Pisa, The 251

Perry Township 105-520

Location 105

Early Settlement 105

Churches 106

Schools 107

Roads 107

Pioneer Home of James P. Mills 42?

Politics 442

Prehistoric Works 36

Prosecuting Attorneys, Circuit

Court 451

Prosecuting Attorneys, Common

Pleas Court 451

Public Domain and Its Surveys 74

Canal Land 75

Michigan Road Lands 75

Swamp Lands 76

Seminary Lands 11

University Lands 77

College Fund Lands 11

School Lands 78


Recorders 450

Railroads 453

Indianapolis. Cincinnati & LaFay-
ette 453

Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville

(Monon Route) 453

Raiment 129

Report of County Supt. of Schools— 532

Representatives in Congress 445

Reunion, Thorntown Academy 303

Rosston 406

Royalton 406


Schools 258

Early School Houses 259

Teachers 260

Congressional Fund 273

Consolidation of Schools 276

County Schools 277

Concentration of Schools 281

County Seminary 283

Thorntown Academy 286

Schools, Lebanon 317

Presbyterian Academy 319

Secretary of State, Vote of 445

Sheriffs 450


Skeleton, of Indian Chief 504

Slavery, Question of 130

Societies, Secret 458

Underground Railroad 132

Woman's Relief Corps 468

Temperance 472

Woman and the Church 482

Woman's Franchise 484

Woman's Christian Temperance

Union 485

Ananias Club 490

Spanish-American War 203

Names of Those That Enlisted 204

Roll of Honor 208

Story of 1830, A Real 509

Sugar Creek Township 94-519

Location 94

Early Settlement 94

Schools 96

Churches 97

Roads 97

Sunday Schools 493

County Conventions 495

Surface and Soil 80

Drainage 80

Drift, The 81

Areas of Different Soils 83

Surveyors 452


Telephones of Boone, The 455

Terhune 407

Thanksgiving Story 162

Threshing 148

Thorntovifn 407

Early Settlers 408

Schools 408

Committee Reports 409

Traction Lines 454

Lebanon-Thornton Traction Co.— 454
Terre Haute, Indianapolis & East-
ern Traction Co. 454

Treasurers 450


Union Township 111-520

Location 111

Early Settlement HI

Churches 111

Roads 112


Ward 428

Washington Township 91-522

Location 91

Early Settlement 91

Churches 92

Schools 92

Mechanicsburg 93

Roads 93

Whitestown 428

Location 428

Early Business Men 429

Worth Township 118-523

Location 118

Early Settlement 119

Schools 120

Churches 120


Zionsville 429

Location 429



Adair, D. W. 651

Adair, James W. 651

Adams, George E. 583

Adler, Phil 892

Adney, Roy W 585

Airhart, Dr. Joseph O. 832

Allen, George 648

Allen, Thomas F. 648

Armstrong, I. N. 901

Ashley, Robert T. 654


Ball, M. D., James R. 593

Barker, Isaac N. 851

Barker, Murray S. 850

Batterton, James W. 1030

Beard, Eliza A. 848

Beard, Jarrett S. 849

Bechtell, Jacob A. L..102S

Beck, Larkin 940

Belles, Isaac H. 916

Billingsly, Robert D. 660

Billingsly, Samuel 663

Booher, Benjamin 1006

Bowen, Samson 930

Bowers, Reiter Cragun 909

Bowman, Henry 721

Bowman, William H. 720

Brandenburg, William 987

Brendel, M. D., J. F. 630

Brosar, Walter H. 1040

Brown, Caleb O. 640

Brown, John S. 640

Brown, John T. 792

Brush, D. D. S., Forest G. 865

Brush, Henry C. 866

Brush, James 866

Burns, David M. 896

Burns, Andrew 896


Caldwell, Thomas V. 886

Callane, Richard 911

Callane, W. E. 911

Campbell, George W. 608

Campbell. Mark 611

Carter, Henry 765

Carter, Newton 764

Carter. Samuel R. 1044

Cason, Samuel L. 856

Chilson, Edna A. 1014

Clark, Andrew J. 606

Clark, David M. 606

Clouser, Martin L. 694

Cobb, Jacob S. 872

Cobb, William 618

Cobb, William F. 618

Colgrove, Riley 1015

Comley, George M. 771

Conrad, Ira E. 629

Conrad, Rufus 946

Conrad, William 629

Coombs, Ben F. 846

Coombs, George 846

Coons, M. D., Henry N 602

Coulson, George 830

Coulson, Jonathan E. 830


■Cowan, Hon. John M. 876

Cragun, Strange N. 907

Crist, George Weller 680

Crist, James Weller 680

Crist, Leander Mead 680

Crist, Mark B. 935

Crose, David 860

Crose. William B. 860


Daily, Americus C. 1018

Daily, Charles D. 1046

Darnell, William H. Hi

Darnell, William J. 723

Davenport, Milton S. 988

Davis, Edgar W. 743

Davis, Isaac T. 970

Davis, John H. 932

Davis, John W. 743

Denger, Charles H. 646

Denger, Peter 647

DeVol. William J. 840

Dodson, Vasco 734

Dodson, William H. 734

Dulan, John A. 931

Dulan, Thomas W. 931

Duvall, Jacob 810

Duvall, John A. 810

Dye, James M. 786


Ellis, Thomas 977

Ellis, William H. 977

Endres, Dominick A. 822

Everett, George A. 725

Everett, John 725


Farrow, Hon. John A. 705

Farrow, Thomas 705

Felker, Adam H. 782

Godfrey, Charles 798

Goldsberry, John J. 1054

Goldsberry, Thomas 1056

Halpin, Dennis 652

Hamilton, Gilbert H. 919

Hamilton, John 919

Harbaugh, Thomas G. 789

Harmon, James 787

Harris, Elwood T. 716

Harris, Mathew T. 716

Hart, James F. 779

Harting, George H. 690

Harting, Hiram B. 691

Harvey, M. D. 91Z

Hawkins, Benjamin F. 1041

Haworth, Samuel 880

Hazelrigg, Maj. H. G. 1047

Head, Manson 796

Head, S. C. 797

Heath, Samuel S. 1008

Hill, Joseph 697

Hill, William L. 696

Hinshaw, Frank 587

Hinshaw. T. H. 587

Howard, Charles C. 693

Howard, John 714

Howard, Richard W. 714

Holler, Andrew 759

Holler, James E. 758

Hollingsworth, Samuel 906

Hooton, Ashpbell P. W. 627

Hooton, John 628

Huber, Harvey W. 727

Huber. Valentine 727

Huckelberry, Irvin T. 747

Hussey, John S. 768

Hussey, William 768

Hutchinson, William H. 1034



Imel, Ralph W. 604

Isenhour, Bert 900

Isenhour, James 657

Isenhour, Jonathan 657


Jackson, Elisha 938

Jarrell, Nancy 1048

Jones, Benjamin 733-41

Jones, Thomas J. 741


Kern, Jacob 757

Kersey, James H. 752

Kibbey, James H 670

Klingler, Abraham L. 659

Klingler, Francis 659

Kohn, Daniel 766


LaFoUette, Harvey M. 729

LaFollette, Jesse 730

Lane, Emsley J. 666

Lane, Levi 1003

Lane, Samuel B. 748

Lane, William U. 666

Laughlin, Samuel H. 775

Laughlin, Vincent 776

Laughner, J. T. Frank 852

Lemon, William 745

Lemon, William N. 745

Lewis, Martin 1028

Longley, Rev. Abner H. 396-994

Loose, Frank E. 888


McDaniel, Harry 975

McDowell, Henry H. 836

McGee, John 732

McGee, M. D., Joseph A. 732

McKey, Ben F. 890

McRoberts, Benjamin B. 990

Maish, John W. 613

Maish, Joseph 614

Maple, Arthur 922

Miller, Jacob S. 668

Miller, John D. 668

Millikan, William W. 820

Mills, Anson 952

Mills, James P. 962

Mills. John M. 634

Mills, Sarah K. 962

Moore, James B. 739

Moore, John Stanley 806

Morrison, John W. 676

Morrow, Loring W. 835


Nelson. Dr. A. F. 1026

Nelson, Thomas J. 1027

Newby, Granville 738

Newby, Presley 738

Nicely, James M. 1032


Orear, Charles D. 942

Orear, Dr. John H. 942

Ottinger, Roy N. 891


Parr, Jesse A. 591

Parr. Jacob 112

Parr, Nelson J. 772

Parr, Judge Willett H 588

Perkins, Jacob 1024

Perrill. John 882

Perrill, Nathan A. 882

Retry. Frank 1021

Pugh, Ellas 788


Ralston, Hon. Samuel M. 573

Reagan, M. D., Jesse Stanley 707


Reed, David W. 711

Reed, John 711

Richey, James 843

Ridpath, John C. 1049

Riggins, Vallandingham 1036

Riley, James 689

Riley, Lewis C. 688

Ritchie, Andrew W. 800

Ritchie, Morris 800

Roberts, Clarence 808

Rodman. Capt. Carson P. 984

Rogers, Elza O. 581

Rose, Lewis 686

Rose, M. D., Madison Hall 685

Routh, John F. 638


Sanford, William J 1013

Scott, Charles W 1001

Scott, James M. 1003

Servies, Edgar M. 1016

Shapley, Thomas R. ^^^

Shapley, William 778

Sharp, Ira M. 616

Shaw, Albert M. 781

Shaw, C. W. 650

Shaw, John M. 650

Shaw, Nelson 781

Shumate, Capt. Felix 998

Silver, George W. 625

Silver, Samuel 656

Sims, Rev. C. N. 1051

Small, James M. 968

Smith. Aaron J. 595

Smith. Eli 596

Smock, James A. 928

Snodgrass, James 598

Snodgrass, Robert 598

Spencer, Alexander O. 698

Stall, Robert S. 763

Stark, Albert W. - 912

Stark, John P. 912

Stephenson, John 948

Stephenson, Samuel H. 950

Stoltz, George 978

Stoker, Benjamin L. 665

Stoker, Tyrie 665

Sumpter, Edward D. 760

Sumpter, Scott T. 760

Swope, Ebenezer H. 812

Swope, Joseph M. 812


Taylor, Charles A. 750

Titus, Samuel 728

Tucker, M. D., Jesse E. 802

Umberhine, M. D.. Charles D 791


Waddle, Isaac 637

Waddle, Montraville 636

Waltz, John 902

Waltz, Theodore C. 902

Welch, Charles F. 678

Whitely, Enoch 702

Whitely, William 702

Whittinghill. Robertson 870

Whittinghill. William E. 870

Williams, M. D., William H 1022

Wilson, George 927

Wilson, Joseph M. 926

Wilson, William H. 769

Witham, Flavius J. 826

Witham, William 827

Wood, Henry K. 625

Wood, William J 625

Worley, James M. 980

Worley, William F 980

Wright, Samuel 638

Wyant, Williard O 751


Young, James H. 862

Young, John T. 862

r,i>y. s.\Arri:i> m



The rise of a man from farmer boy, ox driver, coal miner, country
■school teacher, to the highest office within the gift of the people of a sovereign
state, is an evidence of greatness — greatness of energy, of ability, of perse-
verance, of heart qualities and of character. Such is the life story of the
subject of this sketch.

Samuel Moffett Ralston, governor of Lidiana, was born on a farm
near New Cumberland, Tuscarawas county, Ohio, December i, 1857. His
father, John Ralston, was a native of Virginia, and his mother, Sarah Ralston,
nee Scott, was born in Pennsylvania. His great-grandfather, Andrew Rals-
ton, was born in Scotland February 25, 1753, and came to this country with
his parents when but a small boy. With the exception of Andrew and a
sister, the entire Ralston family was massacred by the Indians in Pennsyl-
vania. Grown to manhood, Andrew served for seven years in the Revolu-
tionary war as a member of the Pennsylvania Rifle Regiment and was taken
prisoner on Long Island August 27, 1776. When the war was over he mar-
ried Sophia Waltemeyer, of Irish descent, and moved to Ohio, where they
reared a family. Andrew Ralston lies buried by the side of his wife in
Beech Spring cemetery, Harrison county, Ohio.

Governor Ralston came to this state with his parents in the spring of
1865, when they moved to Owen county, Indiana, where his father purchased
and operated a large stock farm. In his early youth Mr. Ralston did not have
an opportunity to secure an education, but early in his young manhood he
realized that if he was to achieve the position in life that his ambitions
sought for that he must have an education, so he applied himself until he was
able to secure a license to teach school. For seven years he taught school


during the winter months and attended summer school during the summer.
During all this time a portion of his earnings went to the support of his
parents, his father having failed financially in the panic of 1873. He at-
tended the Northern Indiana School at ^^alparaiso and the Central Indiana
Normal School at Danville, Indiana, graduating from the latter institution
in the scientific course in August, 1884.

He studied law in the of^ce of Robinson & Fowler at Spencer, Indiana,
and was admitted to the bar January i, 1886, and located in Lebanon, In-
diana, in June of that year, for the practice of his profession. He is a lawyer
of distinction, having taken part in the trials of some of the most important
cases in the state. He has few equals as a cross-examiner of witnesses and
is especially strong in cases involving the rules of equity or the constitutional-

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