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^^KIHbII Sll


^ '



La Salle College

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


More than a teacher. He is a teacher of teachers.
Paradigm of the scholar. La Salle's mentor and friend
for nearly half a century. He is Joe Flubacher.

He came to La Salle as a freshman in 1931. Since
that time he has accompanied the collegiate family
through calm and crisis. The small, all male school
that he entered in the wake of the Depression has
grown to an ever-expanding coed institution. Yet Joe
Flubacher still fondly recalls the time when College

Hall was a dormitory and the teacher staff numbered

Throughout LaSalle's expansion, Dr. Flubacher has
emphasized the "human aspect." He speaks of the
warmth and kindness of his former teachers, the good
Brothers. He takes utmost care to show the same
qualities to his own students, many of whom have
subsequently joined LaSalle's faculty and staff. The
eternal waiting line outside his office attests to his
concern for the students and to their respect for him.

The human dimension is always a part of the
syllabus in Dr. Flubacher's courses. Economics is a
human science, he says. No course of his is complete
without a thorough discussion of ethical and philo-

sophical foundations.

Ask him why he teaches and he simply says, "Be-
cause I enjoy it." He enjoys his students and col-
leagues. And vice versa.

More than a teacher. A philosopher and friend.
Perhaps that's why Joseph F. Flubacher, Ed. D., was
chosen to share the first Lindback Award for Dis-
tinguished Teacher with Dr. Roland Holroyd in 1961.
It is the reason that we dedicate this book to him.

An Explorer for nearly half a century. The Law of
Diminishing returns does not apply to Joe Flubacher.


La Salle College is a myriad oi colors. Rich, rull
autumns. Stark, bleak winters. Hallways and offices of
orange, green and red.

But the dominant colors are our own blue and gold.
They glisten as our banners and shine upon our fields. We
even wear them on our T-shirts. It's more than a matter of

Blue & Gold. Just a part of what La Salle is all about.

Feel free to explore.

Dr. Hank DeVincent and Br. Patrick Ellis at the DeVincent Field

Dr. Richard Geruson. Economics


! -:^





We all have a fc:
■haf we hide away fore\f
And we take it oi
and show ourselves
; :^ : Biyone has gone.
Some are satin,
some are steel,
some are silk.
-16 are leathf
;y're the fa.
;' the Strani.
• try them




rO IQ /

' "99

f #







La Salle is a

chance to explore


In the middle of a busy city, La
Salle College is a breath of fresh air.
Its quiet woods and walkways
provide an intense contrast to
Philadelphia's skyline.

But La Salle offers more.

The La Salle student is challenged
by the classics, confronted by
current situations, and forced to
look deep within himself for

By finding himself, he learns of
other people. By changing himself,
he continues the vitality of Christian
Brothers schooling.

And when it is over, the La Salle
graduate is ready to explore the
world. With confidence.

La Salle is more than a
preparation for life. It is its






first How; Rich Combatti, Rosalie Winkler, Lee Mogavero,
Donna Skalicky, Allison Peacock, Pat Baker, Nancy Bruawski
Second Row: Linda Johnson, Virginia Barishek, Brian Pierce,
Ellen Reznick, Paula Krebs, Beth Harper, Rob Gitman, Diane
Barber. Back Row. Kevin Foley, Len Spearing, Joe Clayback.
Mary Higgins, Joe Mahon.

Al DiGregorio, Business Affairs; Joe Girone, Student Affairs: Don Rongione, President; Phil Keohane, Academic Affairs; Julie Trego, Public Affairs.

Senate; Top Row: Tom Beckett, Greg Nowak, Chuck Capone, Mark Faber, Ed Barr, Carol Louden,
Mitch Katz, Frank Haaz, Lori Kradzinski. Lower Row: Joe Girone, Pete D'Angelo, Dave Sowerbutts, Joe
Brostowicz, Rich Geruson.


Near Left: Bruce Rosetio,
V.P. Business 2nd
Semester. Below, AAC:
Walt Baker, Phil
Keohane. Bruce Rosello,
Rich Donnelly. Bruce
Winutor, Bard Moser,
Tom Mund.



The Yearbook for 1979



A person on my floor
who will go nameless
(Steve Greenfield) told
me editors have it easy.
All they have to do is
edit. He'll never get his
name in this book. You
hear that, Steve.
Putting this book
together has been an
experience. Staying in
the office until
Thursday morning 5

a.m. Finding the

photographers at the

Hideaway and hearing

them say, "You mean

THIS monday?"

Yelling at the staff. The

staff yelling back. And

the awful fulfillment

when it was all over.

There is nothing I can

say. The Book says it


A: Don Poisenberg, John Rossi, Mickey "Styx" Wagner, Len Spearing, Andrea
Barkocy and AJ DiGregorio. B; Marlene Tossier, Kathy Schroder, and the
Student Life Office, Eileen Goddis, Frank Dehei, Brian Pierce. C: The Psuedo
Staff, Rich Combotti, Pat Walsh, Bernodette Lynn, Ellen Reznik.

Mary Rush, BusineSS Manager


Executive Board: Reed
Goldstein, Dan Kelly, Bob
McBride, Maria Palidino, Paul
Perrello, Alan Carr, Joanne
Colmery, Joyce Varley, Dennis


Radio in Philadelphia


Student Programming Association

BOARD-C/ockwise from
front center: Karl Miller,
Vice President; Joan Bove,
Secretary; John Rossi,
concessions; Dennis Snyder,
Films; Joanne Schmader,
Diversion; Joe Brostowicz,
Major Events; Francis Celli,
Treasurer; Nora Barry,
President. At left, Joanne
Schmader. President 2nd

(.'lockwise from front center; Nora Barry. Wendy Samtar. Joan Bove, Cindy
Ryan. Bethanne Doyle, Jeff Wolper, Jerry Doherty, Bart Falco, Joanne Schmader,
Francis Celli, Joan Hannum, Alex Rotinov. Joe Brostowicz, Paul Bogart, Dennis
Snyder, John Rossi, Karl Miller, Jerry Kanefski.

Nora Barry, President 1st semester




Theatre La Salle

l-Joe Baron

2-Anne Thomas

3-Joe Colon

4-Tricia Williamson

5-Jim McCrane

6-Joanne Panzitta

7-Joseph Cicala

8-Pam Melon

9-Joan Howe
10-Dennis Asselto
11-Jeanne Evans
12-Paul Howe
13-Mike Gilbert
14-Iohn Murray
15-Steve Sharp
16-John Barton
17-Paul Lodes
18-Kevin Madden
19-Van Haze Grimes
20-Chris Moran
21-Bob Tomczak
22-Paula DeBerandinis
23-Bill Wakely
24-Sue Chubyk
25-Mark Williams
26-Tom Jiemba


Foreground: Janis Wright, Bob Romanski. Sitting:
Beverly Bey, Anita DiCristfaro. Standing: Gloria
Arrington, Al Meyer, Mike Smaluk, Ann Smith, Pat

Evening Division


Front Row: Nancy Gallagher, Anita
DiChristofaro, Connie Dunston. Back
Row; Joan Siemiontkowski, Al Meyer.

USAES Official Delegate Anneva Smith


Mary Schnepp, Vice-President; Nancy
Gallagher, President; Kathy Doug-
herty, Treasurer.

Society for the
Advancement of

Bart McQuoid, Vice-
President; Janis
Wright, President.


Bart McQuoid, Vice-
President; Anneva
Smith, President; Nancy
Ann Gallagher,


As the voice of the Evening Division, the
Evening CoJiegian keeps the night student
informed and entertained. It also provides an
opportunity for would-be writers to put their
creativity and their comma-splice education to
the test, meeting the rigors of deadlines, seeing
their very own thoughts in print, and realizing
the brutality of public reaction. No other activity
demands so much. Or returns so much.

1^ eueninG



Evening Collegian"

Joanne McLoughlin,

FRONT ROW: Tom Stackhouse. Jim Gavin, Mark Talamona,
John Melli, John D. Rossi, Mike Boggi. SECOND ROW: Dave
Dunn, Cyrus Mohebbi, Ed Phiefer, Louese Vasso, Ed Smith,
Bob Goldschmidt, Steve Vasso.

Gamma j
Sigma Sigma

FRONT ROW: Karen Finocchiaro, Alicia
Smith, Eillen Rauscher, Kathy Hillmann,
Helen Parise. SECOND ROW: Kathy
O'Brien, Sue Moreton, Joanne Sprissler,
Therese DiLello, Elise Parker, Jane
Splendido. THIRD ROW: Julia Branca,
Romona Canon, Debbie Zallo, Mary Claire
McTamney, Ann Marie Felici, Cathy
Hearney, Daria Starosta. FOURTH ROW:
Kathy Franks, Mary Ann Stefany, Valerie
Konieczny, Katie Gibbons.


FRONT ROW: Bill Larkin, Vince Melchiorre,
George Rizzuto, Bob Marzullo, John O'Keefe,
Bill Fox, Larry Dimitri. SECOND ROW; Joe
Kulkbrenner, Bill Reed, Mike Brennan, Bob
Kauffaman, Tom O'Mara, Greg Rillcy. THIRD
ROW: Dan Brennan, Rick Morrow, Pat
Mulligan, Rick Mauro, Ed Whalen. FOURTH
ROW: Buddy Robinson, l^al Delaney, Dave
Dorman, Bill Quinn, Duane Kelly.

Delta Sigma




Saraceno, Gerry Dawson,
Tom Elmer, John Fenton.
STANDING Jerry Lezynski,
Bob Fischer, Mike Gallagher.
David Greenfield, Michael
Steelman, Pat Petillo, Joe
Conroy. Jom Ford, Tim
Whelan, Ed Waddington,
Mark Lahoda, Sean
Domineske, Tim Clay. Chris
McDermott, Bro. Gerard
Moyneaux — Moderator,
Peter Farano, Jake Griffin,
Steve Olsherski.


STANDING John Bradley, Caroline Wistar, Mary
oan Simmons, Shawn Wilmer, Joe Halpin, Ed
Turner, Pat Graney, Rosaleen Gembala, Mary Jo
Wysock, Mr. Thomas Riddington, Michael Valante,
KNEELING Andrea Finna, Benedetta Mercier, Kim




FRONT ROW: Marlene Tessier, Rich

Watson, Roy Hilzinger, Antoinette Cavalieri;

SECOND ROW: Dr. Trainer, Frank

Travaltne, Barb Kelly, Stu Kline, Rich

Dellacquila, Barb Buck; THIRD ROW: Rita

Morrin, Karl Fetscher, Marina Pavluk, Kevin

Foley, Nancy Nolan.


First Row: Ernie Huggard, Albert Condello, Joseph Licolli, Br. Wilham Matin
(moderator), Kevin Martin, John Bradley. Second Row; Brian Pierce, Tony Capponi,
Michael Velente, Walter Wolaniuk, Wendy Strang, Chris Felix, Ron Sliwinski. Third
Row: Joseph Zucconi, Ray Bonanni, Dave Monahan, Blase Drotar. Fourth How: Dan
Rakus, Ed Turner, ]im Sussman, Robert Woodruff, Jay McCloskey, Joe Cheechio,
Peter Newsome.


Joe Homick, Roman Dubenko, Zorian Dubenko, Len Pyrih, Paul Halas, Martha

Lubynsky, Taras Trypupenko, Jurij Trypupenko, Colleen Isajin, Irene Labanka,

Anna Melnyk, Chris Chyzowych, Maria Maday



Members: Dave Dunn. Brian Gauhan, John Melli, Dennis McCauley.
Steve Sauermelch, Mark Anthony. Mark Bitting. )ames Cain, Michael
Cannato, Joseph Devine, Tony DiCicco. Louise Vasso. Michael
Grinnius. Fred Karcher. Jon Marshall. Ellen McCairns. Bob McKinley,
oe O'Neill. Tom Stackhouse, Joe Talecky. David Wasserbach


Members; Ike Lopez, Sook Wook Rang. Nanette Sisoa. Rachada
Thapanadililok. Zita O'Reilly. Ed Borja. Indra Tanudjaja.
Maureen Wong. Anthony Tsui. Butch Dee. Tim Lee, Maria
Kouses, Jun Zosa, Gil Shin. Beradette Burromeo. Jim Colbert,
Ramona Cannon. Dong Park. Enobong Mbong. Hung Nguyen


Joe Stanton. Rosemary Novak. Tom Mund.
Cathy Moser, Carl Pfefferle

Geology Club

FIRST ROW; Christine Bartuski, Romona
Cannon, Ginny Hedrick. Andy Badulak,
Dolores Brandolo, Precambrian Gneiss,
Margaret Thomas, Mark MacLeod, Fiore
Mannello. SECOND ROW; Carmen
Badulato, Bob Monahan, Phil Rotstein,
Caroline Graff, Michael Cramer, Jack
Morrison, THIRD ROW: Orest Fidak, Ed
Kolodziej, Mary Kay Nicolo. FOURTH
ROW: Eugene Dennis, Ted Sobreski, fim

La Salle Singers

Terry Jackson, Joanne Collins, Alicia Smith, PhyUis Golde, Patti
Kraft. Mel Kueny, Joe Colon, Cathy Mose, Peter Palermo, Alan
Stasson, Julie Trego, Mike Russi, Dave Propis, Allison Peacock,
Rosanne Rongione, John Syras, Bill Hafmann, Neil Cohen, Steve
limms, Barbara Moser, Ellen McGough, Conductor

KNEELING; Cheryl Yurkanin, Chuck
Raudonis, Tom Rakszawski, All Shaffer,
Karen Heist, Joe DiBiase. FRONT ROW
STANDING; Eric Faunce, Linda Gauder,
Patty Pownall, Sara Shaw, Gerry
McBrinn, Ken Gustin, Liz Gates, Betsy
White John Marshall, Roe Stankovich,
Dr Mittal (Moderator), Rob Heist, Dr.
Wiley (Moderator), Peggy Umberger, Mike
Wejand, Joe Saldxon, Brook Shields, Tim
Kowalczyk, Sandy Armellini, Mark

Math-Computer Science Club

Philosophy CJub

Caisson CJub

STAND!NG; Brian Hoffman,
Thomas Mund, Dr. Eugene
Lashchyk. SITTING; Donna
Quinn, Patricia Dupell, Patricia

TOP ROW; Julie Trego, Tom
Rowe, Raymond Lopresti.
FRONT ROW: Tim McCrann,
Ed Kolodziej, Maj. Lucius
Shuler, Jr. — Moderator.


OFFICERS: Pete Sarcewicz
(treas). [ane Paone Sec), Mark
Keegan (Pres.), Anthony Bosco

IBERS. Bart Falco. Bifl Koacfa. Anna Marie
Becker. Perry Cherubini, Colette Coyne, Margie
Meyers, Mike Hartnett. Jim Styles, Denis Williams,
Kurt Kessler, Gerry Bednar, Moanie Cohan, Dave
Gunseruth. Mike Catulli, Ann Seiberlich, Dave Cage,
Gene Eline, Tom Pioterowski, Mary Mullin, Nadine
Wick. John McEloy, Rita Beckett, Jeff O'DoneU, Tom
McGrath, Jerry Donchez, Bernie Lynn, Pat Graney.

Historicol Society

English Club


Wargaming Club

Marilyn Hause, Bruce Compton,
Phil Keohane, Mary Ann Hines.
Zwolak, Ed Kapuscinski, Roman
Dubenko, Neil Schleidlen.

Ann Kashatus, Cecilia Korman,
Kathy Dooner. Marcie McNabb.
Maureen Keenan, Jean M. Bullock,
Rocco Cavalieri, Ellen Tronolone.

FRONT ROW: Tim Magrann -
Commander, Tony Cipparone, Jim
Thompson, Mary Neiberj, Tom Beato.
Richard Bernier. BACK ROW: Bob
Verdone, Tom Rowe, Jeff Yanello, Joe
Large. Bill Janus, Jim Neal.

FRONT ROW: Cpt. Larry Wilkins
— Moderator, Garnet Grant,
Anthony Sherman. Gerry Widman.
BACK ROW: David Monahon, Ray
Lopresti. Tom Rowe, Steve
Ehrmann. Lev\;is Belfer.


Black Students League

Counterclockwise from first row: Rose Gillean, Sandy Slaughter, Gwen
Geldon, Dave Thomas, Pamela Walieed, Sharon James, Brian Floyd,
George Battle, Richard Gale.

Kneeling: Joe Collins, Jeff Adellzzi, Joan
Manero, Mike Cuituh, Beradette Coll,
Gina LaRuffa, Helen Parise, Kathy
Notaro, Barbara Lauer. Standing Front
Row: Mike Martucci, Pete Quintieri,
Eleanor Calabrese, Glen Gulotti, Maureen
Sullivan, Fiore Manella. Gerry Witman,
Joanne Monteleone. Carolyn Perrong, Pat
Micoio, Vince Vuono, Mauro Colavita.
Back Row: Albert Melone, Tony Cieri,
Karl, Tom Kijewski, Attilio Crccatelli, Liz
MuUarkey, Frank Cefali.

Italian Club

First Row; Anne Harshaw, Joe Cassidy, Rodger Narchetti,
Joan Ladedah, Angelo Nori, Vince Paccapanaccia. Maryanne
Walsh, Bill Viola. Second Row: Jim McNally, llene Sheinson,
Denise Lange, Carla MuUer, Fred Tursi. Third Row: Artie
Higgins. Jim Diasio, Mike McAleer, Joe Sabotka. Fourth Row:
Roy Hilzinger, Mary Falbo, Petrina Bissichia, Mike Lawlor.
Fifth Row: Pat Dajnowski, Jim Smart, Rick Mauro. Sixth
Row: Bob Groody, Pat Conville, Margie White, Kathy Dillon,
Ed Zajac. Seventh Row: Brian Siegel Eighth Row; Mike
Anato, Joe Tracy.

Human Sexuality

FronI row; Don Kieser, Marilyn Hause, Randy
Weiss. Dr. Shelley Weber. Beth Harper. Back row:
Br. Charles Echelmeier. lodie Miller.

'■, ''.ft.*- , ■ s ,

; ■^'


. '^':^' A


w^mm^^ ^


-^ * .^'.^m^

fe t' ..^^ mWm



F'V ^Pl

t . \

First Row: Sue Cech,
Maryann Brosmer.
Mariann Ford, Kathy
Chancier. Second
Row; Karen Kraft,
Linda Morris, Ellen
McMamera, Jennifer
Donohue Third Row;
Ellen Donahoe,
Monica Trotter. Kathy
McLaughlin, Monica


Marketing Association

First Row; Eileen Gaddis, Kathy Hartnell, jim Curtin, Greg Sutiliffe, Kathy Duffy. Jae Joialson,
Karen Kraft. Margie McDevitt. Paula Cellotti. Sue Moreton, Second Row; Pat Dougherty. Jerry
Dougherty. John Bahm. Third Row; Richard Wiley. Joe Campbell. Harry Douns. Bob Zarrillo.
Fourth Row; Mark Keegan, Antoinette Cavalieri, Rich Dellaequila, Bill Dunn. Steve Connor,
Wendy Strong, Karl Fletseher. Fifth Row; Tom Scott. Henry Junyszek. Tom Borda. Nuehael
Ermolonul. Tom Connelly, Eileen Halpin. Andy Dougherty. Rich Watson.

St. Thomas More Law Society

Dwight Edwards, Brian Siegel, Beth Gross



We had planned to do the whole Yearbook in
Color. But talk about expensive! And when the
Janitors cleaned the office and threw out the
photos and we missed all the deadlines, it was
all over color yearbook.

So now you can add your own color. The key
is at right. Use crayon, underlining markers or
MAB Seashore Latex. When you are done you
will have a detail of Edmond Quinn's "Clown",
the painting which graces the entrance to La
Salle's Art Gallery. You will also have a
reminder of what they call decor in the dorms.

1 -Black

2 -Red

3 -Flesh


5-Pale Yellow




9-Light Gray
10-Medium Gray
11-Dark Gray
12-Come on, be
creative and
pick a color.
48-That's only

the page number.



Jazz Band

Kirsl How. Rick Sayers. Pete Spina. Steve Snyder, Alex
Charyton, Bill Kanter. Second Row; John Melli. Eileen
Pieper. Mike Rafferty. )ohn Razler, John Higgins, Sal
LoCicero, Ed Zajac. Third Row: Rob Lewcon. Mike
Dachowski, [erry Spiewak, Matt Hooper, Marty Pierette.









^^V fd.}\'^!'^'^





Phi Alpha Beta

Council For Exceptional Children

Denise Nantell. Mary O'Donnell, Aquanetta Lopsale

FIRST ROW: Eric L. Diamond, Nancy J. Mazzola, Craig G. Kriza, Tom Verdi
Second Row; Kathy Foley, Eric Glass, Alan Carr, Brian Kimmer, Deebeanne
Tavani, Donna Anfonucci. Third Row; Don Abramowitz. Rich Naids, Ron Levin,
Steve Goldstein, Bob Lipschutz, Brian McDonough, [oe Singer

Chymian Society

Front Row; Linda Johnson, Ken Gustin. Dr. Ralph Tekel, Mary Montrella. Back
Row; Andy Buchzyinski, John Sliner, Ted Tysak, George Parsons, Dick Placey,
Gerry Gorman, Dom Ruggier, Matt Hooper.

Alpha Epsilon Delta

First Row; Tom Verdi, Mark Wagner, John Draganescu, Lee
Wesler, Joe Singer. Second Row; Joe Girone, Kathy Foley, Kathy
Sweeny, Mark Dehowery, Mary Montrella. Dot Himes, Nancy
Mazzola. Standing; Jim Sussman, Fred Ruthardt, Dave Udis, Neil
Cohen, Jon Oline, Matt Steinberg, Dave Pudles, Keith Leibowitz,
Brian McDonough, Bill Cherrl, Neil Silverman, Dr. Thomas
Lowery, Alan Carr, Mimi Peberdy, Bill Hofman, Brian Kimble,
Carl Shanholtz, Jack Kelly, Steve Goldstein. Don Abromorwitz,
Ron Levin. Jeff Erinoff.


a quiet evolution

The young boy drove his fa-
ther's old car up Olney Ave-
nue. The automobile v\/as now
his — he needed it for school.
The morning sun beat through
the windshield, as his clammy
hands tightly grasped the
steering wheel.

The butterflies in his stom-
ach fluttered harder and hard-
er as he parked in the Hayman
Hall parking lot.

His jeans were too new. He
wore them once, but they still
looked like they were just tak-
en out of the box. How would
everybody else be dressed, he

Brian walked quickly to the
20th street entrance — his

heart pounding harder and harder. He couldn't remember the
last time he was this nervous.

Confidence! All he needed was his confidence. There were
seven hundred other freshmen. They had to feel the same way
that he did. Maybe they had friends here, though. Not too
many people from Upper Moreland High School went to La

Forget about it, he thought. Everything will be
fine, just fine. It was 10:15. His first class was in
fifteen minutes. He would be there in plenty of
time. Not too early, though. Everybody would
know he was a freshman if he arrived too early.

He would wait outside and smoke a
cigarette. Brian was in college now.
You were allowed to smoke outside
the classroom — in the halls.

Walking through the
middle of campus, a
sickening feeling crept
through Brian's stomach. He
looked too young — they
had to know he was a
freshman. The guys were
wearing shorts and sandals.
Everybody was sitting in
the quad talking and
laughing. Oh God! He didn't
know a soul. He wanted to

turn back. No — he had to mm .-^^^^^» — r , . ,

get to a classroom. JsmaJ^^^^^^tk. I -^ ^-^

But where was Holroyd? How could he find out without

embarrassing himself? He should have remembered the
names of the buildings from the tour. He'd look for a teacher
— they were supposed to be really friendly.
,Great, there was a Christian Brother.

"Excuse me," Brian said tentatively.

"Yes, what can I do for you."

"Could you please tell me where Holroyd

"Yes, it's right there. Here, let me see
your schedule." Br. Daniel Burke took the
schedule out of Brian's hand. "You have
class in Olney, though."

"I do?"

"Yes, English 101 with Mr. Me-
redith. You don't have class in
Holroyd until tomorrow — and
that's a double period."

"Oh, OK, Thanks a lot. I appre-
ciate it," Brian said. "I have a
feeling it's going to be tough
finding my way around."

"No, not at all. By the end of
this week, you'll know this place
like the back of your hand."

"Well, I don't know about that,
but thanks again."

"Take it easy."

The President of the College
walked into the cafeteria, as
Brian moved quickly toward Ol-
ney Hall. He feh like a fool. Not


only didn't he know which building was which, but
he couldn't even read his roster. It was going to be a long,
long day.

He recognized one of the girls in his class as being in his
orientation group. I wonder if she remembers me, he thought.
Maybe she doesn't know anybody either. He could strike up a
conversation with her after class. God, that would be great —
meeting a girl on the first day of school. It would be great
meeting anybody on the first day of school.

Brian followed the girl out of the classroom. What would
he say? He could talk about all the work they had to do for
English Composition. Nah, that was boring.

"Diane, how ya' doin'?"

"Hey Bob, how was it?"

Fabulous. She's made friends already. This was going to be
hopeless. Absolutely hopeless.

How was he supposed to do ten papers in fourteen weeks.
He'd have to go into hibernation — and that was only in one

Brian made his way into the cafeteria. He wasn't really that
hungry, even though he skipped breakfast. Maybe if he
grabbed a sandwich he would meet some people.

With his books on his tray, along with a hamburger and a
Coke. Brian searched the cafeteria for an empty table. There
wasn't any — not even an empty seat. Brian kept moving so
no one would know he was a helpless freshman. He took his
tray outside and sat at an empty table. After he finished
lunch he went into the student store and bought a newspaper.
He had to look like he was doing something. Oh God, how he
wanted to go home — back to his friends. Why did he have to
be different and go to La Salle? Why couldn't he have gone
to a state school? All his friends from home went to state
schools. He would have been a lot cheaper — he could have
lived on campus — and he would have known somebody.'

Across the College Union patio, a girl was sitting by

herself, reading a book. She had to be a

freshman, too, Brian thought. The hell with it

— he would just go up and say "Hi.". He had

nothing to lose and if she turned out to be a

snob, he would just keep walking to the other

side of campus or something.

"Hi, how are ya' doin," Brian said

smiling as he sat down at her table.


"Are you a freshman?"
"Yeah, how 'bout yourself," she

"Yep, How do you like it?"

"I really don't know I've only

been here for a couple of hours."

"Yeah, me too, but it's OK, I


The girl continued reading

her book.

"How come you came

here?" Brian asked.

"Well, my parents wanted

me to and my boyfriend goes

here so it seemed like the

logical choice."

"Uh-uh. Well, I better be

going to class," Brian said, even though there was twenty
minutes left before fifth period started. "It was nice meet-
ing you."

"Yeah, you too."

That do{!s it. He had to get out of this place.

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