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Annual report of the town officers to the citizens of Lancaster, N.H. for the year ending February 15 .. (Volume yr.1902-1905) online

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Lancaster (N.H.)
Annual report of
officers to the
Lancaster, N. H.


the town


Annual Report

of the

Officers ^^

of the

Town 01 Lancaster

State of

^^ for the ^^

Year Ending Feb. 1 5

Printed at the Gazette Office






Yeah Ending Febhtjary 15,




Alien CoijRty Public libm

900 Webster Strwt

PO Box 2270

Fort W»y!T«, fN 4«801-2270

State of New Hampshire.

To the inhabitants of the Town of Lancaster (luahfied

to vote in town a.ffairs :

You are herein- notified to meet at the Town Hall
in said town on the second Tnesday of March next, at
nine o'clock in the ft)renoon, to act upon the following-
subjects :

1. To choose a town clerk for the ensuing year.

2. To choose three selectmen, a treasurer, and
other necessary officers for the en'suing year.

8. To see what sums of money tlie town will vote
to raise for- the following purposes :

First. To meet current expenses of the town and
appl.y on the principal and interest of the town debt.

Second. For building and repairing highways and

Third. For building and repairing sidewalks.

Fourth. For breaking rock and building macadam
roads and streets.

Fifth. For lighting streets.

Sixth. For observance of Memorial Day.

Serentli. For school books and supplies.

Eighth. For the support of the reading room.

Ninth. For the extension of sewers.

4. To direct how the sums raised for any of the
above purposes shall be expended.

5. To direct how the school money shall be divided.

G. To see if the towai wdll vote to instruct the select-
men to appoint a special police officer for night service
in Lancaster village, for the ensuing year.

7. To see if the town will vote to adopt Chapter
78, Ballot Laws of 1897, so far "as they are applicable
to town elections.

8. To see if the town will vote to exempt from
taxes all moneys hired by the town at a rate of interest
not exceeding four per cent.


5». To see if tlie iown will vote to raise any ad-
ditional money for the completion of the new Town
Hall, and if .so, what sum.

10. To see if the town will vote to buy a buryhig-
ground for dead animals, and raise the money therefor.

11. To see if the town will vote to authorize the
selectmen to move or dispose of, the old house in rear
of the Library building-, or if not so voted, to see if the
town will vote to make necessary repairs and raise the
money therefor.

12. To transact any other business that may
legally come before said meeting.

Given under our hands and seal, this 22nd day of
February. 1902.

I. W. (^uiMBV. ^ Selectmen
T. T. Baker, ) of'

F. H. SpAULiUNfr, i Lancaster

Selectmen's Report.

A town report i>s of c•olls^ider^^ble interest to taxpay-
ers, naturally, and of course this one is no exception.
The business of the t(i\vn tiiis yeai-. with the exception
of the buildin*:- of the Connecticut river brid«ie. has been
of an uneventful character. No extraordinary expenses
have had to be met. Our usual snow storm of the win-
ter did not occcur in 1 901, so that there was but a.
small cost for breaking- roads. We also escaped the
heavy rains during the summer and the roads have been
better, at less expense, than usual. On the whole every-
thing seems to haA'e moved along quite smoothly and
possibly fairly satisfactorily. As far as we know there
are no outstanding bills against the town.


As last year, we give below the valuation table of
the two last years, 1900-1901, for comparison. The
decrease of 1901, was caused by the reapprisal of real
estate, in the fall of 1900, and the falling off in the mon-
ev-at-interest and stock-in-trade.













92.100 00

•1^ plies *.)()() 00 900 00

Sewers 50000 (iO 00

Macadaui streets 500 00

Repairing bridge 500 00

Total amt. town tax .^80.0()() 00 5,000 00

Sidewalks 700 00 500 00

Memorial day 100 00 100 00

Lighting- streets 1.375 00 1,375 00

School books and supplies 1)00 00 900 00

Night police if voted 000 00

Sewers VA) (H)

120,937 93 127,030 25


It is very handy to have a few really available assets
to carry on the town's business with until the new tax
begins to come in. We leave the following legacy to
our successors :
Due on Police Court tines
Rel)ate from State tuition, about
State on glanders' horse killed
Taxes bid off by town
Liquors, fixtures, etc
Amt. due from county
Amt. in hands of overseer
Rent due on school lots.
Due from C E Mclntire, coll. ■97-'1)^<
Due from F F Kellum, coll. ^99-'00
Cash in hands of treasurer
Due from Geo H Colby
Due from Chas Hill. contributit)n on

(.'omi. bridge pier
Due from Jett L Bass, coll. 1901
Due from " " " '' sewers

From the above footing should be deducted
the balance due on the Town Hall loan

1400 00

42 00

5 00

319 41

002 22

S3 50

10 45

138 00

18 86

119 19

0,434 88

.18 00

25 00

517 74

105 00

.f.S,S45 25

1.459 75

f 7.3S5 50



Below we give the actual indebtedness of the town,
outside of the Town Hall and Connecticut liiver Bridge
amounts, to show what the natural condition of affairs
would be. The following- is the suniniarv of the liabili-
ties and assets:

Bonds .f :24, ()()() (M)

Notes 7..~i(M) 00

Outstanding orders 209 2't

Shoe shop liability 1,000 00

Total habilities .1;;?2.70i) 25

Less available assets T.^iJS') 50

Net debt 125,828 75

Debt 1901 ,ii;2s.(j52 -11

Debt 1902 25.;12;{ 75

Decrease |:i.:i2S (>G

We have succeeded in hiring all the money we need-
ed this year at three per cent, pei- annum. All the notes
are on five years" time, so that the town can meet its
bonds, which have a four per cent, rate, and not be bur-
dened with the notes for a few years. To show the full
indebtedness we give the several items separately, as
Natural debt, as taken from

foregoing summary .f 25.828 75

Town Hall notes 14,509 75

Conn. River Bridge notes (5,290 25

Total 14().128 75

PR()IM 00

(J M Stevens «.V: Son, insurance on librai'V l)uilding. -i 00

;50 00

50 00

50 00

50 00

50 00

50 00.

.50 00

1 850 00


the direc-


f amount:

111 50


W r Pntnam, Hnker Hill wall ().") 00

J H Moore, court house for town ineetin- S .lo

W C Putnam, Baker Hill wall 1 (> 80

B Sc M R K., frei

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Online LibraryLancaster (N.H.)Annual report of the town officers to the citizens of Lancaster, N.H. for the year ending February 15 .. (Volume yr.1902-1905) → online text (page 1 of 10)