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HAT the Union is to the North Side and the Illinois to the West, the Calumet
is to the South Side. Organized in 1878, it occupied for the first few years of its
existence the residence of the late General Anson Stager, at the corner of Michi-
gan Avenue and Eighteenth Street. As the Club grew and these quarters became
too restricted for its needs, a site was selected two blocks below (on the corner of
Twentieth Street) and a magnificent building of lordly proportions was erected.
It is four stories high, with fronts on both Michigan Avenue and Twentieth Street. The hall is
superb, reminding one (with its broad fireplace, handsome staircase and stainod glass windows,) of that
of an old English manor house. To the left of the hall are the drawing rooms, with windows the whole
length of the Michigan Avenue front, and to the right the offices, the cai'e and the billiard room. On the
second floor are the card rooms and the ball room, where from time to time during the winter months en-
tertainments of various sorts are given to the lady friends of the members. The third floor is devoted to
private apartments, and the top floor to the dining rooms and kitchens. The Club possesses a fine picture
gallery, in which great interest is taken, and to which donations are constantly made.

A feature of the Calumet is its Annual Reception to Old Settlers, where the first inhabitants of
Chicago meet and talk over their early experiences, and are royally entertained by the Club.

The admission fee to the Calumet is one hundred dollars, and the yearly dues eighty dollars.
The Presidents have been Messrs. Anson Stager, Edson Keith, and J. W. Doane. For 1888, the
Board of Management is as follows : President, Mr. H. J. Macfarland ; Vice-Presidents, Messrs. Alfred
Cowles and J. J. Knickerbocker; Secretary, Mr. E. Walter Herrick; Treasurer, Mr. George L. Otis;
Directors, Messrs. George F. Baldwin, E. L. Brewster, Alfred Cowles, E. Walter Herrick, J. J. Knicker-
bocker, H. J. Macfarland, Wm. Monro, Norman B. Beam, A. F. Seeberger, Moses J. Wentworth, and
J. C. Whitney.



Adam, A. B.

Coleman, Seymour

Goodman, Wm. O.

Keep, William B.

Newell, E. G.

Stevens, F. L.

Adams, Isaac A.

Colvin, W. H.

Gore, George P.

Keith, D. W.

Nichols, C. W.

Stiles, George N.

Adcock, Edmund

Council, Charles J.

Gorton, Frank S.

Keith, Edson

Norris, C. S.

Stiles, Josiah

Adsit, Chas. C.

Conrad, John H.

Grannis, W. C. D.

Keith, Edson, Jr.

Nye, Jas. W.

Stone, H. O.

Adsit, James M., Jr.

Conrad, G. E.

Grant, George R.

Keith, O. B.

Stough, O. J.

Aldrich, P. C.

Cook, George T.

Gray, A. R.

Kelley, Addison D.

Oakley, J. W.

Strobel, Chas. L.

Alexander, G. M.

Cooper, John S.

Gray, Charles H.

Kellev, Charles B.

Olmstead, Edmund

Stubbs, J. B.

Allen, Benj.

Corneau, D. E.

Gray, Franklin D.

Kelley, David

Orvis, O. 1).

Studebaker, P. E.

Allen, Charles L.

Corwith, C. B.

Green, A. W.

Kelley, Wm. E.

Otis, Charles T.

Sweet, S. H.

Allen, Charles W.

Corwith, Henry

Green, M. T.

Kellogg, Wm. F.

Otis, George L.

Allerton, Samuel W.

Corwith, Nathan

Grey, Wm. L.

Kellogg, W. H.

Otis, Joseph E.

Taft, O. B.

Andrews, Joseph H.

Corwith, Nathan, Jr.

Griswold, H. F.

Kelsey, Chauncev

Otis, Philo A.

Tenney, D. K.

Armour, J. O.

Cottrell, J. O.

Groff, Edward L

Kent, S. A.

Thomas, B. W.

Armour, P. D.

Counselman, Charles

Grosscup, P. S.

Kettle, B. A.

Packard, E. A.

Thompson, C. C.

Armour. William

Cowles, Alfred

Keyes, B. A.

Page, William R.

Thompson, W. A.

Austin, F. C.

Crane, W. N.

Hale, Clinton B.

Kimball, C. Fred.

Paltzer, Charles A.

Thomson, A. M.

Averill, A. J.

Crawford, Wm. R.

Hale, G. W.

Kimball, Mark

Pardridge, Edwin

Thrall, W. A.

Crerar, John

Hale, W. E.

Kimball, W. W.

Parker, Samuel W.

Tobey, Edgar P.

Bacon, Henry M.

Cromwell, Charles

Hall, F. G.

Kimbark, Charles A.

Paxton, George P.

Tobey, Orville H.

Bacon, Roswell B.

Crouch, Robert B.

Hall, G. A.

Kirnbark, S. D.

Peacock, C. D.

Towne, Arthur F.

Balcom, Uri

Crouse, John N.

Hamill, Chas. D.

Kirkman, M. M.

Pearce, J. Irving

Trego, Chas. T.

Baldwin, Geo. F.

Cudahy, John

Hamilton, D. G.

Kirkwood, William

Peck, Clarence I.

Tuley, M. F.

Ballard, D. P.

Culbertson, J. A.

Hamlin, Harry L.

Knickerbocker, J. J.

Peck, Ferd. W.

Tuttle, Frederick

Barker, Jno. H.

Cummings, C. B.

Hamline, John H,

Knickerbocker, J. C.

Peck, Walter L.

Tuttle, Frederick B.

Barker, S. B.

Cummings, D. M.

Hanecy, Elbridge

Knight, W. S.

Perry, L. S.

Tyler, W. O.

Barnes, Charles J.

Curtiss, Chas. C.

Handford, P. C.

Phelps, Erskiue M.

Tyrrell, John

Barrell, James

Cushing, F. W.

Harper, W. H.

Laflin, Arthur King

Phillips, Charles H.

Barrett, O. W.

Custer, J. B.

Hartog, John H.

Laflin, Geo. H.

Pike, Eugene S.

Ullmann, Daniel

Bartlett, A. C.

Cutter, John M.

Harvey, T. W.

Laflin, Louis E.

Pitcher, L. W.

Bartlett, Charles S.

Hately, John C.

Lancaster, E. A.

Porter, Alfred S.

Valentine, Alister J

Bass, George

Dandy, John M.

Hayden, Albert

Lane, Ebenezer

Porter, Gilbert E.

Van Osdel, John M.

Baxter, T. M.

Dempster, Wesley

Hayden, H. S.

Lapp, Peter

Porter, H. H.

Van Schaack. H. C.

Beecher, Jerome

Denton, D. H.

Heaton, E. S.

Law, Bobert

Powell, Samuel

Van Schaick, A. G.

Beman, S. S.

Dexter, A. F.

Henderson, C. M.

Lay, A. Tracy

Preston, William D.

Viles, James

Bentley, Cyrus

De Veny, S. Charles

Henderson, Edgar F.

Lefens, T. J.

Price, Cornelius

Bigelow, A. A.

Doane, J. W.

Hendersou.Wilbur S.

Leiter, Lev! Z.

Price, Jas. S.

Wadsworth, E. R

Bigelow, N. P.

Dodge, George E. P.

Herrick, E. Walter

Leland, Warren F.

Pullman, George M.

Waggoner, I. H.

Birch, Hugh T.

Downs, A. O.

Hess, C. J.

Lester, John T.

Wahl, Louis

Bishop, B. W.

Drake, John B.

Hibbard, Wm. G.

Libby, A. A.

Quick, John H. S.

Walker, Edwin

Blackstone, T. B.

Drew Charles W.

High, James L.

Libby, Charles P.

Walker, Geo. C.

Blair, Chauncey B.

Dupee, Cyrus

Higinbotham, H. N.

Linn, W. R.

Randolph, Bobt.

Walker, Wm. B.

Boddie, M. M.

Dyer, W. C.

Hill, D. K.

Listman, C. F.

Bathborne, W. W.

Walker, Wirt D.

Bogue, Charles H.

Hill, H. L.

Little, Josiah

Bay, Frederick A.

Waller Charles J.

Boice, H. M.

Ennis, Alfred

Hill, Lysander

Loomis, John Mason

Raymond, Charles L.

Walsh, John R.

Booth, A.

Hills, C. F.

Lord, Edgar A.

Ream, N. B.

Walter, Joel C.

Booth, Frank

Fairbank, N. K.

Hinde, T. W.

Ludlam, B.

Reed, Wm. Kelsey

Warren, Robert

Booth, W, Vernon

Fargo, Charles

Hodges, L.

Beibold, Leonard E.

Washburn, Frank

Borden, J. U.

Fargo, Charles H.

Hodges, L. M.

McAvoy, C. P.

Bew, Henry, C.

Wells, Breuton R.

Botsford, Henry

Farnum, A. H.

Hough, A. J.

McAvoy, J. H.

Bobinson, j. K.

Wells, C. S.

Brega, Charles W.

Farwell, Granger

Hough, W. C.

McClellan, H. W.

Boloson, R. W.

Wells, M. D.

Brewster, E. L.

Ferguson, Charles H.

Howard, Wm. B.

McKinlock, GeorgeA.

Roys, Cyrus D.

Wentworth, John

Briggs, Clinton

Field, George D.

Hoyt, Douglas

McLaury, T. G.

Wentworth, Moses J.

Bross, William

Field, John S.

Hoyt, Henry W.

McNeill, A.

Sard, Wm. H.

Wheeler, A. W.

Brown, H. E.

Field, Marshall

Hughes, Edwin

McVicker, J. H.

Sawyer, E. T.

Wheeler, Chas. W.

Brown, Jas. P.

Fisher, L. G., Jr

Hughes, John B.

McWilliams, J. G.

Schimpferman, W.H.

Wheeler, Francis T

Bi'own, S. A.

Fisk, D. B.

Hughitt, Marvin

Macfarland, H. J.

Schmitt, Anthony

Wheeler, G. H.

Bryant, H. B.

Fisk, Eugene D.

Hughitt, Marvin, Jr.

McLeod, Kenneth

Schneider, Eugene

Wheeler, Hiram

Buck, George

Fitch, Henry S.

Hulbert, Thos. L.

Magiu. F. J.

Schwartz, Charles

Wheeler, H. N.

Burley, A. G.

Fleetwood, Charles

Hull, Morton B.

Mair, Charles A.

Seaverns, George A.

White, C. B.

Burley, Frank E.

Fleming, Robert H.

Hutchinson, C. L.

Marklev, John A.

Seaverns, GeorgeA. Jr

Whitehead, E. P.

Burlingham, E. P.
Byford, Henry T.

Forsyth, Robert
Frost, Charles S.

Isham, E. S.

Marsh, 'M. M. S.
Marten, R. B.

Seeberger, A. F.
Seeberger, C. D.

Whitney, H. H.
Whitney, J. C.

Fry, I. H.

Martin, S. K.

Shedd, E. A.

Wicker, Charles G.

Callahan, A. P.

Fuller. Leroy W.

Jackson, H. W.

Mattocks, Walter

Shepard, J. H.

Wiley, W. H.

Carson, John B,

Fuller, Wm. A.

Jansen, E. L.

Mayo, John B.

Sherman, F. T.

Williams, Abram

Case, John Bi.

Jay, Milton

Mead, G. W.

Sherwin, J. P.

Williams, Norman

Cass, George W.

Gage, Albert S.

Jeffery, E. T.

Merriam, C. W.

Shipman, Daniel B.

Williams, W. B.

Cassidy, J. A.

Gardiner, C. 8.

Jeffery, John B.

Merriman, H. P.

Shirk, E. W.

Willoughby, C. L.

Caton, Arthur J.

Geddes, Alex.

Jenkins, J. E.

Michener, W. W.

Shortall, John G.

Wilmarth, Thos. W.

Chandler, E. E.

Getty, H. H.

Jenkins, T. R.

Miller, J. A.

Shissler, Louis

Wilson, F. P.

Chapin, S. B.

Gibbs, F. C.

Jennings, J. D.

Miner, Noyes B.

Silverthorn, A. E

Wilson, Hugh R.

Chapman, C. A.

Gibbs, W. B.

Johnson, F. E.

Mitchell, M. C.

Singer, C. J.

Winterbotham, J. E.

Cherrie, K. M.

Giles, C. K.

Johnston, William J.

Mitchell, Walter B.

Singer, H. M.

Wood, George E.

Chumasero, John T.

Giles, Wm. A.

Jones, J. Russell

Mixer, C. H. S.

Slaughter, A. O.

Wood, S. E.

Clark, John M.

Gillette, E. W.

Judah, Noble B.

Moore, J. H.

Smith, Byron L.

Wrenu, John H.

Clark, Stewart

Gillette, James F.

Moore, Willinm H.

Smith, Charles W.

Wright, James

Clarke, Charles E.

Oilman, Willis E.

Keen, Geo.

Moseback, Win.

Smith, F. C.

Wyatt, S. W.

Cobb, Silas B.

Gleason, W. H.

Keen, W. B. Jr.

Munger, A. A.

Smith, Pliny B.

Coburn, Lewis L.

Glessner, J. J.

Keep, Albert

Munro. William

Sprague, A. A.

Young, Caryl

Coffeen, William

Glover, Samuel J.

Keep, Chauncey

Murdoch, Thomas

Starkweather, C. H.

Young, Otto

Coleman, Joseph G.

Goodman, James B.

Keep, Henry

Murison, Geo. W.

Stearns, M. C.


Avery. Stephen
Armour, C. W.
Barnard, E. J.
Boshamer, C. S.
Coan, C. C.
Collier, Clinton,

Cooper, E. M.
Corwith, Gurden
Crawford, H., Jr.
Davis, Henry, Jr.
Fairchild, Ben). F

Gage, James P.
Hardin, S. H.
Running, J. O.
Johnson, E. N.
Johnson, O. W.

Layng, J. D.
Loomis, H. G.
Makenzie, James
May, Edward
Merriam, A. B.

Miller, N. C.
Miller, Roswell
Pearsons, H. A.
Sawyer, Philetus
Spruance, L. J. C.

Stewart, C. T.
Watson, Wm. Jr.
Watson, Wm., P.
Wicks, E. D. L.
Williston, Horace


Lieut. General P. H. Sheridan, U.S.A.
.Maj. (i.'lH'i-Hl .1. M. Schofleld. U.S.A.
Maj. (ic-m-ral A. H.T i-rry, U.S.A.

Maj. General Geo. Crook, U.S.A.
Judge J. M. Harbin.
.|IH|L!<> Walter y. Gresham.


Judge Thomas Drumiuond.
Judye H.W. Blodgett.



HE Chicago Club is the oldest organization of the kind in the City, and among
its list of members figure the names'of a large majority of the gentlemen who
are most prominent in business and social circles. The present Club, which
had its origin in the old Dearborn Club, with headquarters on Michigan
Avenue near Jackson Street, was incorporated in 1869. Its first club house
was at the corner of Wabash Avenue and Eldridge Court. After the fire the
present building was erected on Monroe Street, just opposite the Palmer House, an
admirable situation, in the very centre of the business portion of the city. The in
terior is excellently arranged .for the comfort and convenience of the members, with
parlors, library, reading room, cafe\ dining room, private supper rooms and sleeping
apartments, all furnished with quiet and unostentatious elegance. The dining room
and kitchen are at the top of the house, the cuisine being noted throughout clubland.
The members of the Chicago claim, with pardonable pride, that in the excellence
of its service and the perfection of its internal arrangements their Club is unequaled
throughout the West. Unlike some of the other clubs, the Chicago is very strict in
the exclusion of residents as visitors to the Club. The initiation fee is three hundred
dollars, and the annual dues eighty dollars, payable semi-annually.
From 1809 to 1871, Mr. Ezra B. McCagg was President, and the three years following Mr. Philip
A. Hall filled the office. Since 1875, Mr. Nathaniel K. Fairbaiik (who has been most instrumental in
furthering the interests of the organization) has been its presiding officer. Mr. Robert T. Lincoln is the
present Vice-President, and Mr. Frank A. Marsh the Secretary and Treasurer. The Executive Committee
is composed of the following members: Messrs. Eobert T. Lincoln, Frank A. Marsh, Henry Field, Will-
iam H. Kellogg, George H. Wheeler, Erskine M. Phelps, Arthur J. Caton, Gustavus A. Schwartz and
Perry Trumbull.




Adams, Inane K.
Adams, Geo. Everett
Adams, Abbott L.
Adams, Joseph
Adams, John R.
Adam, Alexander B.
Aldis, Owen F.
Allen Chas. W.
Allen, Cotton Haydeu
Allerton, Samuel W.
Ailing, John
Armour, Allison V.
Armour, George A.
Armour, Philip I).
Armour, William
Armsby, Jaiiiee K.
Ayer, Benjamin F.
Ayer, Edward E.

Bakerv William T.
Ball, George C.
Bangs, Edward W.
Baimard, Henry C.
Barker, Samuel B.
Barnes, Charles J.
Barrell, James
Bartlett, Benjamin
Beale, William G.
Beckwith, Corydon
Bellas. Thomas H.
Billings, Albert M.
Birch, Hugh T.
Bishop, Henry W.
Black, John C.
Blackstone, Tim. B.
Blair, Watson F.
Blair, Chauncey B.
Blair, Cbauiicey J.
Blair, Henry A.
Blanchard/Georgo K.
Blatchford, E. W.
Boal, Charles T.
Borden, William
Boweii, Joseph T.
Breese, Jacob B.
Brews ter, Edward L.
Brown, William L.
Budd, Wayman C.
Sullen, George
Burch, Thomas R.
Burke, Edmund
Burley, Arthur G.
Burnet, William H.
Butterlield, Chas. W.

Campbell, Treat

Carpenter, August us A
Carson, James D.
Carson, John B.
Carter, Leslie
Carter, Ernest
Cary, Eugene
Caton, Arthur J.
Cavaroc, Charles, Jr.
Chandler, Joseph H.
Chatfleld, Wayne B.
Chisholm, Samuel S.
Chuniasero, John T.

Clark, .TohnM.

Gage, Eliphalet B.

Kimliall, C. Fred.

Murray, William H.

Sheldon. Edwin B.

Clark, Alson E.

Gage, Lyinan J.

Kimball. William W.

Shortall, John G.

Clark, Stewart

Gale, Stephen F.

King, Henry W.

Nelson, Murry

Shufeldt, Henry H.

Clarkson, John T.

Gardner, Horatio H.

Kirk, John B.

Newell, John

Singer, Charles J.

Cobb, Walter F.

Geddes, Alexander

Kirk, Milton W.

Nickerson, Roland C.

Slaughter, Arthur O.

Cobb, Albert W.

Getty, Henry H.

Kirk, Wallace F.

Nickerson, Samuel M.

Smith, Byron L.

Cobb, Henry I.

Gilbert, Albert M.

Kirkwood, William

Norton, J. Henry

Smith, Ernest F.

Collins, Charles C.

Glover, Henry T.

Kirkwood, Thomas S.

Norton, James S.

Smith, George

Colvin.lWilliam H.

Glover, Otis R.

Knight, William S.

Norton, Lemuel D.

Smith, George T.

Coinstock, Win. C.

Goodman, James B.

Smith, Orson

Connell, Charles J.

Gorton, Frank S.

Lamed, Walter C.

Oakley, James W.

Smith, Perry H., Jr.

Conrad, John H.

Grannis, Win. C. D.

Lathrop, Charles D.

Odell, James W.

Spoor, John A.

Couiiselman, Charles

Grillin, Thomas A.

Lathrop, Bryan

Osgood, John C.

Kpalding, Jesse

Cowles, Alfred

Lawrence, Edward F.

Otis, George L.

Sprague, Albert A.

Crane, Richard T.

Hamill, Charles D.

LeBaron, William

Sprague, Otho S. A.

Cramer, Eliphalet W.

Hannah, John H.

Lei ter, Levi Z.

Palmer, Potter

Stevenson, Donald M.

Crerar, John

Harding, George F.

Lester, John T.

Parker, Samuel W.

Stirling William B.

Cudahy, John

Harrinian, Edward H.

Lincoln, Robert T.

1'armelee, John W.

Stone, Henry B.

Cumining8,Cormb's R

Harvey, Joel T>'

Linn, William R.

Patterson, Austin L.

Strauffer, Benj. F.

Currrn,n, Orville P. '

Harvey, Turlington W

Lloyd, Henry D.

Patterson.Hobt.W. Jr

Strong, William E.

Cutler, John A.

Havemeyer, Wm. A.

Loomis, John Mason

Peasley, James C.

Studebaker, Peter E.

Hayden, Albert

Long, M. David

Peck, Clarence I.

Sturges, George

Dalziel, Davison

Henrotin, Charles

Lyman, David B.

Peck, Ferdinand W.

Switzer, Edward M

Davis, Richard L.

Henderson, Chas. M.

Lyon, George M.

Peters, Boswell A.

Deering, James

Henderson, Wilbur S.

Lyon, John B.

Phelps, Erskine M.

Taylor, Hobart C.

Deering, Charles W.

Hibbard, William G.

Lyon, William C.

Phillips, George L.

Tree, Lambert

DeKoven, John

Hills, D. Hobart,

Pickands, Henry 6.

Tripp. Dwight K.

Dexter, Wirt

Hosmer, Kockwood W

Macdonald, Chas. B.

Pike, Eugene S.

Trumbull, Perry

Dibblee, Henry

Holmes, George P.

Macdoiiald, Godfrey

Porter, Henry H.

Tufts, Eugene L.

Dickey, Valentine B.

Hotz, Chris toph

Macfarland, Henry J.

Potter, Orrin W.

Doane, John W.

Howard, William B.

Mackay, Alexander

Prentiss, John H.

Ullrich, Michael

Dodge, George E. P.

Howard, William D.

MacLeod, Kenneth

Pretyman, William

Dole, Charles S.

Howe, Charles T.

MacVeagh, Franklin

Pullman, George M.

Vanlnwagen, James

Drake, John B.

Howe, James H.

Mair, Charles A.

Pullman, Albert B.

VanNortwick, John

Driver, Edward A.

Howe, James T.

Manierre, George

Ducat, Arthur C.

Howland, George

Marble, Andrew J.

Quacienboss, Aug. Q.

Walker, Edwin

Duulap, George L.

Howland, William I.

Marsh, Frank A.

Walker, George C.

Dupee, Horace M.

Hughitt. Marvin

Mason, Edward G.

Raymond, Samuel B.

Walker, James H.

Dupee, John, Jr.

Hulburd, Charles H.

Maxwell, Samuel A.

Ream, Normnn B.

Walker, William B.

Durkee, Richard 1'. H.

Hunt, Robert W.

May, Horatio N.

Rhodes, Charles D.

Walker, Wirt D.

Dwight, John H.

Hutchinson, Chas. L.

Maynard, Preston C.

Rhodes, J. Foster

Walsh, John R.

McAuley, John T.

Rice, John A.

Wampold, Louis

Eames, Frederick S.

Irving, William

McAvoy, John H.

Ripley, Edward P.

Ward, George R. T.

Easton, Charles L.

Ishain, Edward 8.

McCagg, Ezra B.

Bobbins, Henry S.

Warner, Ezra J.

Fddy, Augustus N.

McClurg, Alex. C.

Roloson, Robert W.

Warren, Robert

Eldredge, George C.

Jackson, Hunt'u W.

McCormick, C. H., Jr.

Roloson, Walter L.

Warren, William

Jacobson, Augustus

MoCormick, Robt. S.

Rood, James, Jr.

Washburn, Edw'd S.

Farwell, John V., Jr.

James, Frederick S.

McCormick, B. Hall

Roper, John

Weare, Portus B.

Farwell, Walter

Janes, John J.

McCormick. Wm. G.

Rozet, George H.

Webster, Lewis D.

Fairbank, Nathan 'I K.

Johnson, Hosmer A.

McHenry, William E.

Ruggles, Oliver W.

Wells, Moses D.

Fargo, Charles

Johnston. John, Jr.

McKay, James R.

Hunnion, James B.

Wells, Thomas E.

Fargo, Charles H.

Jones, Samuel J.

McLaury, Thomas G.

Rust, Henry A.

Wheaton, George D.

Farwell, Charles B. .

Jones, Samuel M.

McMullin, James C.

Ryersou, Martin A.

Wheeler, Charles W.

Fay, Charles N.

Jones, Judson M. W.

McVicker, James H.

Wheeler, Eugene

Field, Marshall

Jones, Nathaniel S.

McWilliams, John G.

Sard, William H.

Wheeler, George H.

Field. Henry

Judson. Charles E.

Merryweather, Geo.


Wheeler, Hiram

Fisher, Archie J.

Miller, James A.

Schoyer, Ernest A.

Wheeler, Samuel H.

Fisher, James K.

Keep, Frederic A.

Montgomery, Geo. W.

Schuttler, Peter

Whitehead, Wm. M.

Fisk, David B.

Keep, William B.

Moore, Gurdon G.

- Schwartz, Charles

Wicker, Henry C.

Fitch, Henry 8.

Keep, William F.

Morse. Charles H.

Schwartz, Gust. A.

Williams, Norman

Fleming, Robert H.

Keith, Edson

Morsel Jav C.

Scudder, Moses L., Jr.

Willits, George S.

Flint, Edward E.

Koitb, Elbridge G.

Mulliken, Charles H.

Sears, Joseph

Willing, Henry J

Flower, James M.

Keith, Samuel L.

Mundy, Norris W.

Seaverns, George A.

Wilson, Benj. M.

Forsyth, Robert

Keith, W. Scott

Munger, Albert A.

Seaverns, Geo. A., Jr.

Woodward, James L.

Fuller, Melville W.

Kellogg, William H.

Munn, Charles A.

Seeberger, Anthony F.

Worthington, Edw. S.

Fuller, William A.

Kennett, Francis J.

Munro, William

Seeberger, Charles D.

Fullerton, Charles W

Kent, Sidney A.

Murdoch. Thomas

Sellers, Alfred H.

Young, George W.

Gage, Albert S.

Key, John R.


Abbey, Henry E.
Adams, Thatcher M
Aikens, Andrew J.
Alley, William S.
Allison, William B.
Ayer, Herbert C.
Bacon, Don H.
Ballon, Geo. Wm.
Barker John H.
Bartlett, Francis
Benkard, James
Bentley, Robert
Berdell, Theodore
Blodgi'tt, John W.
Bradbury, Geo. L.
Brown, Harvey H.
Buim, John W.
Cable, Ben. T.
Caldwell, Daniel W.
Campbell, James D.
Carriugton, Win. T.
Cathcart, George R.

Chapman, Jos. G.
Chapman, Nelson C.
Chisholm, William
Clark, M. Lewis
Clement, Wallace C.
Cobb, Emory,
Colby, Charles L.
Collins William A.
Crouse, Daniel E.
Curley, Edmund J.
Gushing, Albus R.
Dalziol, Davison
DeCastro, Hector,
Dewey, Eugene K.
Dudley, Ethelbert L.
Duulap. Bobert,
Durand, John M.
Ely, Arthur C.
Farrar, Samuel F.
Kish, St uy vi'simt .
Francis, David It.
Frick, Henry C.

Getty, Henry H.
Gulliver, W.lliam C.
Harriman, Edward H.
Hazeltine, Leonard,
Hebard, Augustus H.
Hegewisch, Adolfo,
Hickox, Ralph W.
Hill, James J.
Hilton, Henry G.
Holland, Arthur
Hopkins. Amos L.
Hopkins, George B.
Houston, A, Ross
Hoyt, James H.
Huntingtou. Henry A.
Jewett, Josiah
Johnson, Lorenzo M.
Jones, Mahlon O.
Kondrick, Charles D.
Lavton, Frederick,
Law. Walter W.
lieamau. Robert F.

Ledyard, Henry B.
Leith, Alexander J.
Lewis, John V.
Lowry, Thomas
Mallory, Smith H.
Martin, Thomas J.
Mason, Alfred Bishop,
Mather, Samuel
McLaren, William P.
Millard, Charles S.
Mitchell, John L.
Moffat, David H.
Neff, James M. W.
Nelson, Ephraim
Newell, Stanford
Nutt, Henry C.
Onderdonk, Andrew
O'Sullivan. Sylv'st'r J.
Outhwaite, Joseph H.
Page, J. Seaver
Perkins, Charles E.
I'hmney. Theodore W.

Pickands, James
Pollock, Wm. G.
Procter, Harley T.
Quinlin, Leonard G.
Ramsey, Charles M.
Rathboiie, Clarence
Reynolds, Sheldon C
Ridgely, Charles
Robbins, George A.
Robbins, S. Howland
Robineon, Daniel B.
Rogers, Henry J.
Sanderson, Edward
Sauuders, Edward N.
Savin, Frank W.
Savin, John W.
Scott, William L.
Seymour, James M.
Sheridan. Gen. Ph. H.
Simmons, Edward C.
Simmons, Zalmon G.
Smith Henrv D.

Smith, William S.
Spears, Hairy D.
Spriggs, George B.
Bwan, Alexander H.
Swan, Frederick G.
Talmage, Archib'ld A.
Thayer, Nathaniel
Thomas, Theodore
Truesdell, John P.'
VanXortwick.Wm. M.
Veiller, Philip B.
Wainwright, Ellis
Warren, Walter P.
Webb, H. Walter
White, Horace
Whittaker, John

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